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A Professional Web Developer with experience in ASP.NET/C#/PHP/MYSQL etc.

Username: RockStone435

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Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Member since: October 2008



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  • $20 AUD
    Profile image for Seller mizou13



    Thanks for the great work Rockstone.Will definitely deal with you again.Highly recommended

    Project Description:I have a form that customers fill out to get an estimate of cost. We are starting to get a few spammers and I would like a simple CAPTCHA to be coded / added to the form. Here is the link for the online form...
  • $125 USD
    Profile image for Seller charlesmir


    3 days ago

    no comment

    Project Description:Prepare website for SEO and some bug fixes.
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller monhart


    12 days ago

    GREAT FREELANCER! Fast, quality work and communication. I am very pleased with the work he did for me. Thank you.

    Project Description:Hi there I have a current website which needs to meet the standards for accessibility features which makes it easier for people with disabilities to access the website. The site is for a charity organisation...
  • $30 AUD
    Profile image for Seller systemdownnn


    13 days ago

    Great Programmer and did what was asked!! got it working !

    Project Description:We have a Site that uses 4 forms for different sections and they have been ok up antil recently where customers have reported error on some browsers like chrome, and safari.. I need someone that is EXPERT to help, perhaps even for future support...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller bodymonster


    27 days ago

    All communication was great and I would highly recommend RockStone435 to anyone.

    Project Description:This is a short description of what I need. Please review the attachment for more details, glossary and description of the website. You must read completely and only bid a price once you fully understand the need...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller charlesmir


    27 days ago

    Well done! just had some hiccups as we havent met the timings, but generally good and will definitely hire again.Cheers

    Project Description:I have a website. it needs to be launched soon. but i need someone to test it Usability & website functionality. Should be able to provide/suggest new features, recommendation...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller doggy1868


    Feb 24, 2014

    I found them to be very professional and helpful. I would use them again and recommend them.

    Project Description:Searchable database (a) Name (b) Address (c) Mobile Tel. Number (d) Home Tel. Number (e) Email address (f) Web site address (if they should have one) (g) Size of herd i.e. option...
  • £125 GBP
    Profile image for Seller Mrmahy


    Feb 5, 2014

    Very good.

    Project Description:The site I'm looking to update is What I would like is to add a post code search so that when a user logs in they can place their post code in a search bar and looks for active auctions within a certain distance...
  • $105 USD
    Profile image for Seller sisar


    Feb 4, 2014

    I really needed the job on time.. he did it. Very good freelancer I’ll hire him again.

    Project Description:I need a custom system to insert record in a database. The system is multiuser. I need a first page to login. A page to let the user make a data entry A page to let the user to see, save and print...
  • $400 AUD
    Profile image for Seller bloatedstoat


    Jan 3, 2014

    Thanks for your hard work. Look forward to engaging you again on future projects.

    Project Description:Hello, I note you completed a project called "REAXML - import Process". Project ID: 4575560 I would like an identical project completed if possible. Would you be in a position to...
    RockStone435 has not completed any projects.
  • $250 USD In Progress

    I need an expert wordpress coder to create a PIXEL PERFECT wordpress theme for my PSD design.This is exactly what i need done:-Convert my PSD file to wordpress EXACTLY-You will need to implement my provided graphics and fonts consistent-It is only one-pager that scrolls to different chapters when you click in the main menu -Implement a vimeo video gallery that plays videos in shadowbox when they are clicked-Implement video from Vimeo -Implement a simple 5 image sliderPlease write "pixel perfect" into your bid so I know that you understand the project. Please also specify the extra cost if the theme is made responsive for mobile devices.NOTE: No new people/with no feedback need apply. Only experienced coders with good feedback please.Budget: $250Thank You!

  • $75 USD In Progress

    I want a script thatGets array of values from my server export file because my hosting provider does not allow to access mysql dbs hosted not in localhost.Export file looks like this:(attachment_1)Program should create a form:imported file name | imported link | input type text(movie title), EX, "Movie title / English title" | input type text(Movie description) | And there should be as many lines as there are links in export file. EX:name 1 | link 1 | title 1 | desc 1|name 2 | link 2 | title 2 | desc 2|name 3 | link 3 | title 3 | desc 3|name 4 | link 4 | title 4 | desc 4|name 5 | link 5 | title 5 | desc 5|SUBMITForm should be with post method i think.Then program should explode the entered title of each entry by / and take the second value (ENG title)then run a function argumented by that title that get imdb link(i have this function, i will send it to you)And scrap all required information from that imdb link, i also have the scriptThen program should take that Eng title and search on youtube for "Eng Title trailer" and take first result"s link Poster taken from imdb should be converted and merged with my logo, i also have the script for this action.And finally it should run mysql_query to add all information to tables(everything to one table except link)Get the id of entry to mysqlAnd run another mysql query and add the link to another table"s row and id to another row.Function should stop if entered imdblink already exsit in my mysql tableThis long function should be applied to all lines on the formEx:name 1 | link 1 | title 1 | desc 1|name 2 | link 2 | title 2 | desc 2|name 3 | link 3 | title 3 | desc 3|name 4 | link 4 | title 4 | desc 4|name 5 | link 5 | title 5 | desc 5|if title 2 and desc 2 aren"t function should run with 1;3;4;5; entries.

  • $800 USD In Progress

    We are looking for a talented and experienced CMS (php/MySQL) developer.The project consists of customizing a full CMS for our already existing DB.It"s about geo-localized deals around cities, so some of the features will be:1) Authentication for admin level (could be multiple admin users).2) Dashboard split into 3 main tabs: Offers, Brands and Zones.3) Offers:a. View posts that are not yet approved, edit all of their available fields and images, and approve or dismiss them.b. Manage and edit active offers.c. Sort offers by their fields (date, alphabetically, brand...).d. Create a new offer from scratch, add all the needed fields/data, assignit to a brand and then choose its zones.4) Brands:a. Create a new brand with all the needed fields.b. Manage and edit already existing brands.c. Manage each brand’s zones.5) Zones:a. Create a country.b. Create a city in a country.c. Create a zone point in a city with the needed fields.d. Manage existing zones.e. Use Google maps to assign specific areas.You will be provided with sketches and description of what exactly we should need from you.Delivery estimated time is a key factor in selecting the best candidate.

  • $700 USD In Progress

    We are hireing to optimize our internal data management.We do made to order cloth: we buy & stock fabrics, we cut it upon order need, we send it to factory, receive the garment, do the quality control, take a picture of the it, wrap it, and ship it. Also, one of our side business is to trade fabrics: we buys rolls we sell cut lenght.We need a basic desktop application whitch has to work on different computer (all connected on internet). We have a website running with Prestashop. My intuition would be to start from a classic open sourced based ERP witch can be sync with our Prestashop, but our staff in Shanghai need a desktop DB tool.Today we have a source csv file to import all orders, with entries like order n°,product n°, prod qt, main fabric ref, carrier ect from our website. We are now dealing with the following process usiong our wonderful Excel VBA program. the idea is to make a stonger architecture based on a database mgt soft.Step 1: - Confirm the fabric reference + lengh used for this piece of cloth- Confirm to witch factory the garment is being sent- Record the date send to factory & the theorical date out- Record/confirm the theorical factory price- Gather cost of fabric usedStep 2:- Date QC ok- Print shirt tags & shipping labels- Confirm carrier & Shipping N°- Input parcel weight & prod ref inside- Confirm shiping date- Gather cost of shipping per product ref upon carrier ruleStep 3:- Shipping & Tracking moitoring: update tracking number with the shipping numberFundamental feature:- Dashboard of all orders in factory with a status management: color code for order delayed, waiting for fabrics, info...- Anytime search of an order, a product, a fabric- Fabric stockmanagement: buy & sell, FIFO/CUMP => need it for cost of good sold- B2B customer management- Reporting per client, per month- Stock valuation, delta ect...- Time spend in factory, shipping ect...We need to work on this step by step. the first one can be basic production management and stock management.

  • $160 USD In Progress

    layout for opencart, 13 pages

  • $35 USD In Progress

    I currently have a php file that imports product data in mysql store db from icecat by EAN and if it is not found by ean it skips it and leaves the current data the way it is. I need someone to make an addition to the php where it will search by Brand/Model # and if not found by brand/model or EAN then skip as it currently does.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    I am a solo-attorney that is looking for a website for my law firm. I work in litigation and small business creation, so a theme based on that would be appreciated.Website will need the following pages:- Front page- About Us/Contact Us- Attorney Profile- Area"s of Practice- Link to social media page- Graphic/Logo for firmFeatures that would be nice to have:- Map to office location- Ability to pay me online through "Lawpay"- Optimized for mobile devices (with the ability to have my contact info added to their phone, with permission of user)

  • $200 USD In Progress

    It requires editing the script to suit my business.This is the script: useruserpass: useruser adminpass: admin22Deputy pdf document with the amendments to beperform.This is a project for someone who wants to start working right now.Opportunity also to enhance your feedback.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Hi I need a basic login and registration form created for a website. The login page will consist of a Facebook Authentication Button (FB Connect). The registration form should contain 2 pages:page 1 ⇒ “About me” section: photo from facebook/upload photo, name, fb likes, movies, music, tv shows,books, events, pages, location. All that should be imported from facebook profile, in case those fields are empty the user will enter the data.Page 2 ⇒ “looking for” section: it should contain age, gender, location rangeAll this needs to be done in PHP and stored in mySQL database.the overall idea of what the pages will look like:LoginRegister (page 1 page 2)Profile (upload, edit)LogoutThis is a simple project that should take no more than two weeks to complete. You can do it OOP style or procedural style. Though I rather OOP I really don"t care at this point as the script will be rewrites at a later date. You will not be designing the website. I have a graphic designer taking care of that portion. Thanks for bidding.Very simple job for who is skilledThanks for bidding

  • $250 USD In Progress

    As we talked about the other day.1. Quotes list: remove Private Notes, add quote amount.2. Invoice list:a. remove Private Notes, add balance, shipping charge.3. Invoice: a. Add RMA button. That opens to a product selection and adds as an order detail at bottom of invoice. Like: (notes in customers) b. Add Amount paid and date, method drop down (cash,visa,master,amex,chk.paypal)c. Add section to bottom. tracking code, and drop shipping ckhkbox, and shipping amount, and mulitble serial numbers.Like:track# 123bn5 shipping amount $50 drop ship []---------------dfg5145dgdfg45455dfgdghhh222----------------------------rma interface= , who ships, ship amount, reason, expected return date, actual return date, restock fee field and restock fee chk box. latefeelist , If pay in # of days is > then now(for invoice and latefee) and paid is false then:(First additonal email &?) and menu button, handle same as rma bottom and ?,Originv#, date, amount, comment. Tied to late fee list.Add to customers, credit hold: if = true then remove from all cust dropdowns.Search add serial# to dropdown (this use to be there)--------Your email-----------1) Full RMA section with ability to enable admin to add RMA serial numbersand fee against these.2) Late Fee invoices list and ability to see contact persons against these.3) Ability go to Invoice detail from Late Fee list and add late fee andcalculate totals as indicated.4) Ability to sum up all fees as indicated in the Excel Sheet.5) Credit Hold Checkbox.6) Adjustments to Quotes and Invoices pages to remove notes area andinclude new fields.I think there might be few more adjustments like inclusion of a checkbox asif Invoice has been paid or not as well as some other minor databaserelated activities to handle the flow.

  • $500 USD Today

    Hello! I am looking for a designer who can design the best mockup for my project. Its going to be website/blog for those people who wants to lose some weight. So here is what I need:1. Landing page with video, text, images, users comment section. 2. Payment Page3. Home page for users who will subscribe to the service that I am going provide via articles, videos, products reviews, etc. Please let me know if you have any questions about this project.P.S. No Reviews No Reply.

  • $250 USD Today

    Create a custom Wordpress themes from scratch.

  • €50 EUR Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $200 AUD Yesterday

    Hi I need someone to build a simple website for business purposes. This is not an academic project. When completed it will be published and go live on the internet. Please only bid if you can provide me with samples of your past work. Since I do not know how to write website codes, the person who builds this website must have some kind of method for me to edit the website content after the website is built, for example, word press, etc. Must be able to have excellent communication skills and respond quickly to my inquiries.

  • $70 AUD Yesterday

    Require a wordpress developer to extend an existing contact form plugin and save the contact details to the Wordpress database and display contact requests in an admin dashboard.

  • $350 USD Yesterday

    See the attached file for the URL of the website that I require the same as.The website needs to function the same as this site and also there needs to be a login area for the client and panel for me to see the orders.On there site you can create an account free of charge and all the relevant documents will be emailed to you. Please create an account so you know what is required and what the process is. Once you complete the order process then you can see what is required.Please go through carefully what the site is about so you understand fully what is required.Deadline for this is negotiable but I would expect a competent developer to do this in 2 weeks.My budget for this is USD500Please - Any questions from developers would be replied to promptly.Thanks for bidding.

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago

    I need Travel Website - (base on existing theme or existing work; not from scratch)Need website, based on wordpress or any application you might recommendIt need done:Main page including Header, Footer, and main body pageSome static pages (obligatory legal pages, etc)All dynamic pages (links from the navigation items) are loaded via iframe from provided links; so that is no big deal to do. for Detailed work description pls check attachement.Pls note. I kindly expect a I PROPOSAL first together with the bid (!!!!!!!!!)I dont have time to waste and if you serious provider, I think its good for both of us, to make clear that we common understood each other not to waste each others time.Generic bids with tons of reference links, but no reference to the project will be deleted without read it. !!!!!If we work together, you should invest this few minutes to describe what will be done, so I can be sure not to waste my time.thank you !

  • $150 AUD 2 days ago

    Hi,I have a current website which is infected with multiple virus on a unstable server.Due to the current infected hosting and web team we are unable to retrieve the current website from the host.We are needing the website to be recreated in HTML / CSS / PHP to be exactly the same as the original website.The website is in two languages (English and Chinese)There can be some styling differences, however all layout, design, images and wording must be the same as the current website.The website needs to be populated with the same content as is on the original website.Currently on the site there is the following:Home pageAbout us pageAwards pageProjectsfNewsOffices Chinese siteHome pageAbout us pageAwards pageProjectsNewsOfficesPlease see link below of current website. Please advise to cost and turn around time to complete this

  • $100 AUD 2 days ago

    I am looking for a freelancer that can complete a very simple one page website with carousel imagery – efficiently to a very high standard.I have started a freelance graphic design business in Australia, "Jock Fairweather Designs" – and need a website to compliment the business.I have already created a base design for this website on Adobe Illustrator and need to convert it into a functional website.I have all content, videos and imagery. I need a project manager and team that can create the website to the exact requirements and then keep the website running smoothly.The freelancer who can complete this project well - will then be invited to build a separate website for my main brand. This website will be a large project $3000 +AUD which will be for a high-end fashion label and will be seen by a very large audience. It will incorporate E-commerce and social media integration and your name will be promoted as the developer.Looking forward to your responses,Thank you,Jock Fairweather.

  • $450 AUD 2 days ago

    We need a new, modernised and updated website to be built for Safaris Into Africa. We require this website to be self manageable with its own easy to manage cms system. the current website is: tabs to include:Homepage (with brochure link, social media links, news section on what they are up to, our aims section and testimonials below video, youtube link on intro video, globetrotter website link)News page (inc latest news and links to mailchimp newsletters)About us Page (inc pages- rehabilitation centres & conservation, schools, photography, biography, documentary, testimonials, specials, faq, terms and conditions, aims/why us, other services, staff)Contact us PageSafaris 2014 page with drop down menu for all safaris within 2014. (all safari details pages to have same structure. include pdf of applicable brochure page and applicable photos and request more info button)Safaris 2015 Page with drop down menu for all safaris within 2015. (all safari details pages to have same structure. include pdf of applicable brochure page and applicable photos and request more info button)Optional Extras Page with drop down menu for all optional extras. (all extras details pages to have same structure)Inclusions Page (accommodation, vehicles, food) (all inclusions pages to have same structure)Overall structure to have header, footer and right handside bar to include newsletter signup option, dvd/ info request option and testimonials- these are all shown down every page.We"d like a site where I can add and modify the pages and content. preferrably a site where we don"t have to pay any monthly additional fees, just the once off payment. Its also important to have quick upload speed and be easily found. We"re able to provide all media if you let us know what it is that you require. Most of the content is already on the current site. simple logo attached fyi.Looking forward to working with you and seeing the end result.

  • $175 USD 3 days ago

    Client has a 45 page (per google indexed pages) website onthe Weebly platform. It is NOT a blog. I need to convert this into a Wordpress site. The theme needs to look extemely close to the current site. I will send the client URL to qualified and budget friendly freelancers only. Please ask any questions.necessary to understand this project. A screenshot of the current site is attached.

  • $24 USD 6 days ago

    Very simple Project.I have this Under Construction website but the contact form is not activate it. I need some one to do it. Thanks

  • $1000 AUD 6 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $200 USD 6 days ago

    Hi,I have a website it has a data base but when I type in a zipcode all the doctors show up. I want only the doctors in the zipcode to pop up. so type in 90401 and you get people more then 25 miles away. It was done with google maps and php. I also want the doctors to be able to upload a photo of themselves.Also would like to be able to high light a premier doctors location. so example if dr x pays me more money then his medical facility will pop highlighted. I would like to pay a flat rate for the job. please let me know if this is something you can do.

  • $30 USD 7 days ago

    This project is for a Filter that be need to sift data that shows on two of our pages. The filter should have the ability to filter by product increment, status of product (used/unused), and merchant assigned. The other page will sort by increment selected , within a date range, default being blank results.

  • $150 USD 8 days ago

    We have an existing php/mySQL software due to upgrade.It is a tracker for enquiries.Need a reliable and fast programmer to finish the job within 2 weeks.Please email for more information.Thanks.

  • $350 USD 8 days ago

    I own a salon and have a website domain through godaddy and also a Facebook page. I have done nothing with either of them and would like bids on the development of both to drive business into the salon. I do have a logo created that I can email that I would like to be used on the website. I have both independent contractors as well as comission based stylists and would like to be able to later include links to their professional Facebook pages as they develop them. I would like to have a page about the salon with photos and a tab to click on for services offered with descriptions and starting prices. I would like another tab to introduce the stylists and list their phone numbers. I would need to be taught or pay to have the site updated as the business grows and more stylists or services are offered.

  • $350 USD 9 days ago

    I"m looking to create a wordpress template from psd files. I have attached the images for viewing. To complete project, files will need to be accompanied by instructions that show how to install the wordpress template.

  • $350 USD 9 days ago

    I need a website designer/developer to transform my psd designs into full functional website. The project is for a charity organization which has 7 teams. the seven teams have their individual home, about, gallery and team pages. It would involve replicating one for the seven because layout and every single concept is the same. the only difference is the text content and pictures. The main website that would house the team secession has home, about, gallery, blog, contact us(form) and team page which would bring a drop down to indicate which of the seven teams to visit. Wordpress can be used for this project or any platform that can make the deployment less tasking. The functionality is as simple as a basic website for charity organization.

  • £100 GBP 9 days ago

    football legends biography and information

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Web Manager

Apr 2010 - Present (4 years)


Working as Web Manager, Responsible for the daily updates of 3 websites. Responsible to develop and maintain medium level scientific information handling software applications to be used by scientists in the organization.

Snr Software Engineer

Jun 2005 - Aug 2009 (4 years)

Marriala Technologies

Worked with the Software Development team for the development of Software Applications in both Web and Desktop Environment. Worked included projects in c#, php, my sql, sql server etc.



International Islamic University




Cisco Certifired Network Associate.


RSS Reader

Code Project

Wrote and article on RSS Reader. Its was a web control which was created to display rss feeds from a source. Written back in 2006.