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  • $53 USD
    Profile image for Seller jmoore00


    14 days ago

    Konstantine is a guru in all aspects of his work. He figures out the most complex issues and knows how to get the job done. I will definitely continue to hire this coder in the future.

    Project Description:This is a private project for RyuMaster to update the payment section of one of my Facebook apps for local currencies so that it works properly and also so that it will also be compliant with the upcoming...
  • $1136 USD
    Profile image for Seller tousphone


    22 days ago

    Skilled Programmer, Great to work with.

    Project Description:1. Setup 2D Environment in Unity3D with 2D Platform Controller Asset. 2. Add in the missing of my Given Movements. 3. Runtime Importing of PNG Spritesheet that will populate programmed movements. 4...
  • $63 USD
    Profile image for Seller ealexandrian


    Mar 20, 2014

    Very good professional and open for details. Would hire again for sure.

    Project Description:I have the Google Sketchup model of a building floor. It will work as a 3D presentation for interested people. The result of your work will be published on a web service (like Sketchfab or into a Unity...
  • $650 USD
    Profile image for Seller iFFcom


    Dec 3, 2013

    Great Job, thank you very much! He made a clean and professional work and I will hire him again!

    Project Description:1) Improvements Enemies. It means kill the errors like the enemy is falling twice sometimes when he die or I shoot into a corner and the enemy die. I also want to have improvements in the fighting system, means I get a hit when the enemy attack me...
  • $396 USD
    Profile image for Seller iFFcom


    Nov 10, 2013

    Great Contact and professionell Developer. Thank you very much, I want to hire him again.

    Project Description:I have a Unity 3D Template for creating iOS and Android Action Adventures. For release the first free demo, I need some small changes and improvements. The most of the work is done and have to be integrated to the actual project...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller Vivera


    Sep 12, 2013

    RyuMaster is a stand-out in terms of skill, communication, organization, and all-round professionalism. Will definitely hire again!

    Project Description:Basically, we are creating a Sims-like 3D dress design game with the elegance of ZARA embedded in a website. Unlike traditional flash 2D dress-up games that work on a drag-and-drop system, this one will work through point-and-click...
  • £3125 GBP
    Profile image for Seller natematthews


    Sep 7, 2013

    It is rare to have an outstanding experience with no prior experience or knowledge about the person you are working with. RyuMaster has been a true professional throughout the project and a pleasure to work with. This was a large project that required good communication, trust and some creative thinking on the part of the developer. RyuMaster exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him.<br/>Absolute professional - as per the project feedback (posted already) I would gladly work with RyuMaster again. He provides excellent communication, top quality results and delivers on time and as promised. I would highly recommend him. <br/>Absolute professional - as per the project feedback (posted already) I would gladly work with RyuMaster again. He provides excellent communication, top quality results and delivers on time and as promised. I would highly recommend him.

    Project Description:We want to redevelop a game similar to Catchment Detox ( into a two player game similar to Sim City. We have the code from the original game, a design plan, new data to be placed in the game, and flags where the code needs to be changed...
  • $1506 USD
    Profile image for Seller aneta9


    May 26, 2013

    Simply Brilliant! Nothing is too challenging, no matter how complex the task is. Delivers results extremely fast. Plus he is a great communicator. Simply lucky to meet him! Definitely rehire again!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller modena


    Apr 23, 2013

    Really helpfull and skilled

    Project Description:Hi, i will purchase a caracter in 3d and i would like you to animate it usig the kinect. I would like to create a digital puppet using the kinect and unity3d When moving in front of the camera the avatar will move on screen, live...
  • $1150 USD
    Profile image for Seller TenRandom


    Jan 25, 2013

    RyuMaster has delivered an amazing work to us. Communication between us has been constant and very enriching, and RyuMaster has been giving us feedback all the way.His work has been truly amazing, and we'd like to work with RyuMaster again in the future.

    Project Description:We need to develop a Flash game similar to these: We will provide you the graphics,...
    RyuMaster has not completed any projects.
  • $200 USD In Progress

    1) Pop Up on Starter Screen with Text (I want to give the User a short guide what he have to do here, for example: make all of the 30 Missions to get a coupon from us) 2) I want to see all the 30 Missions at once inside the Missions menu 3) I want to set up that the game gets every xx meters for xx percent faster 4) I added the buscreator to the third layer (see screenshot) Can you please make him only spawn from the right side? The image is mirrored when he is spawning from the left what is bad for the image I want to use... 5) 2 new Power Ups, the first one is a mirror, means that the control is crazy for a short time so that the ship is on the rise and the player have to tab to get down. For the second new power up I need a idea from you! We all thought, but we had not a good idea. 6) Integrate the Facebook SDK 7) Make a coupon system, the player get a coupon per email when he made all the 30 Missions and we must be sure that each player have just 1 code and not the possibility to send us hundreds of wrong codes. 8) Missions: Make 250m in one Run (exist) Make 750m in one Run (exist) Make 1500m in one Run travel a total of 1500m (exist) travel a total of 10.000m travel a total of 100.000m collect 50 Coins (exist) collect 500 Coins (exist) collect 5000 Coins collect 100 Coins in one Run (exist) collect 250 Coins in one Run collect 1000 Coins in one Run collect a Power Up (exist) collect a shild (exist) collect a sonic wave (exist) collect a heart (exist) collect 5 Power Ups in one Run get a fan from us on facebook invite 20 friends from fb share your record on fb buy a Power Up (exist) Give a total of 5000 coins in the Shop Give a total of 10.000 coins in the Shop Complete 150m without collecting Coins (exist) Complete 500m without collecting Coins Complete 500m without collecting a Power Up (exist) Complete 1500m without collecting a Power Up Colliding with a torpedo (exist) Colliding with a mine (exist) Destroy all in all 50 objects with the sonic wave

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I am searching for a stable Facebook Social Game development firm who can develop my Facebook social game. I will share more details as a message if I am interested in working with you.View: as an example of caliber and type of game that I am looking to be created. Notice the board positioning and game flow (Roll of dice, moving pieces and ending turn, etc...). The Facebook game should look as good as this graphically minimum and have smooth game play such as this.

  • $257 USD In Progress

    Hey Guys,I need a small drift game created.The idea is having a car (ill give you the model) doing burnouts over a background (I will pass on).The car needs to be able to &quot;drift&quot; around on the image and produce both a screeching tire sound, and tire smoke when turning, and have an idling sound when still, and a power sound when going forward.There needs to be an AI car doing burnouts in the middle, and if you are the hit him then both cars are to blow up.If the car drives off the edge of the track it will need to act like falling off the edge. (possibly just shrink and spin the car to make it look like it&quot;s falling).A start button before they play is required. There will need to be a timer, and a lap counter to get the user to do 10 laps around the AI car.I will also require a graphic to pop up saying &quot;Finished&quot; when they have finished their laps. There will then need to be a leaderboard loaded showing the top players. Possibly include all scores and show them &quot;You are positioned x&quot;.Please show any previous work you have. Budget can be minimally extended where required if you have sufficient work to show.Thanks,Sam.

  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    Hi Everybody,We looking for someone who can programming game in actionscript for multiplayer games. But, we have some files which contain some of features that we want. We give you whole list below but some of them are almost have in this file. If you want to see i will send you PMB. This programming properties are;+ Must be comments for each codes,+ Can be suitable for OOP,+ Server programming is writing PHP right now you can going on like this or you can change JAVA,+ Must be suitable for Facebook,+ Client part must be actionscript 3.0,+ It must support to 1000 CCU,Some Details:We have 3 phase first one is welcome page which contains ;‘Advance preloader’ that is should be unique and inventive. Inserting your individual opinions&imaginations are very important. After that we offer 2 options to player; car and character. Following, according to selected combination it take and play the video from ftp . And enterance to lobby..Second phase;In lobby, Unlike the usual poker games, game options will be available on the tables and displays to be seen. As shown in Picture 1You can see numbered sections outlined below:1 - user name, profile picture will be2 - The amount of user&quot;s chip, and local level status3 - user rankings, and the amount of gold4 – user’s table number, max. Stake Stake & min, capacity status5 - game friends (names, the amount of chips in the game, the profile picture)6 - luck Wheel(Wheel of fortune), gift module, game ranking, messages, settings, wishes and recommendations section7 - Take the chip8 – HelpYou can see a link and we would like to you: areas, the features mentioned above, that we would like to work like as this link.Third phase; that means game section;Come and sit at the table where the user selects the character created by 3dsmax and begin the game.Table top displays up to your own opinion.The game will be the formation of texas holdem.We want to be in the game of vitality; You can perform animations.In the game users to send out to each other gifts and chipIn the bottom toolbar, should be a chat section. !can be an advanced chat!Visitors ,who coming to the table, can talk in chat.&quot;How to play a game?&quot; section should be done.&quot;Wheel of Fortune&quot; get here.Lobby view should be the same like the upper part Tables, when it comes to the top of the character, whether served by the user&quot;s profile information.Playing a game format, such as the following links point to get.Should be a bar section in the game.There can be movement in this bar. For example, the bartender to get moving constantly.Should be open to improvement. Can be updateable in the future periods. Because it will continue to develop.PS: in the game, the tournament module will be ( for the competition of players). And should be sounds (voices).Caution!: all of comments and details must be an English... Please not use another one.

  • $30 USD/hr In Progress

    Reshaping flash mini games: architect and image tagging

  • €18 EUR/hr In Progress

    Walk virtual in a 3D environment and show information about the different areas or objects in the environment in another part of the website. With a real link between the 3D environment and the other part on the website that is powered by the 3D environment and shows real-time correct data from the database. We need a good programmer who has knowledge of Unity 3D and some other programming skills to build a real-time link between the Unity WebPlayer/Flash and a database. When walking in the 3D environment there are some triggers that put the right information from the database on the website.The results of the project are:-a simple working demo;-extensive documentation;-all the scripts/codes/database/etc.For an example and more details, please PM.

  • $618 USD Mar 18, 2014

    I have 15 flash games originally created in 2008. Looking to convert or if necessary recreate the games so that they are mobile compatible - on all devices. I would also like the ability to integrate the games into Scoreloop or other sdk.

  • $618 USD Mar 18, 2014

    want application like\&quot;who want to be a millionaire\&quot; it\\\&quot;s a quiz application . to accept English and other Arabic language\r\n\r\nwe need to make more 10 educational applications, educational games,...if you are, profisional, good design layout, and budget cost you are invited this this bid\r\n\r\n1- This application to be used for educational purpose at our school therefore the user for grade starting from 1st grade till 12 grade. so user can chose which grade. and the 6 questions will be in the application. and when approved from our school the user can download full version - full database questions.\r\neach grade will have 4 categories to chose from:\r\n English grammars, scientific English, religion, society.\r\n\r\n2- can you make the application like this link\r\n\r\n - of course the characters to be changed by you your design\r\n3- sound effects same but later basically (speech sounds) to be replaced by other sounds from my side .\r\n4- application cost including design, layout, programming, uploading, updates.\r\n5- for basic application will have only 6 questions, when updating full questions will be applicable.\r\n6- application must be comparable with Arabic text as some text to be in Arabic language. text will be send before completion the job to be replaced with the fake text or English text.\r\n7- our database-for the questions- in not completed yet. so a fake database will be applicable.\r\n8-database to be easy for updating.\r\n10- depending on grade & category of questions example: social category, text and database will be in Arabic.\r\n11- logo and some text will be added on design.\r\n12- application copyright will be belong to us after finish and not allowed to use any part of it\r\n\r\nneed to know if can make it, how much it cost, no hidden fees in the future. \r\n payment will not be approved my us unless you we see something that can make us feel you can do it. we do not want that after we pay and find out that you do not capable to fit our needs.\r\n\r\nwhat is your competitive price

  • $206 USD Mar 18, 2014

    I am searching for flash games developers to make different kinds of games such as: kids games (educational), math games, coloring games, escape games, cooking games, makeover games, hair games, puzzle games, skill games, car games. I need the full programming and graphics of the game.

  • $1237 USD Mar 18, 2014

    BRIEF – As an example to help you understand before any confidential information is supplied about the products, imagine a t-shirt fully 3D rendered and displayed on a human model. Through their web browser our end users should be able to zoom, pan and rotate in a full screen view as large as possible. The end user should be able to choose from alternative colours (max of 10 choices). The end user should be able to upload their own logo or design from a jpeg or other standard format. The flat file should appear as a skin over the 3D object that can be moved and resized. The background colour of the upload (i.e. the white colour) should be removable to make transparent.After the end user has made their choices the next step would be to “add their design” to a basket and the skin (flat layer) files should be passed onto us for production of the item.ABOUT US - We are a small team of skilled engineers and product designers in the UK, looking for a new web interface between our products and corporate customers. This project will hopefully allow us to work closely with you forming a long term relationship; this first project is a test to determine the best solution and person(s) to work with us. To date we have been unable to find the right skills needed.From our research we have found that Unity3D appears to offer the best solution, we would like you to make a 3 part test to show us your ability:1/ A quick draft to get our approval before any heavy work or wasted time.2/ A more detailed second stage visual based on our feedback to your first draft.3/ A fully functional add on that we can test with our clients. Full rendered in “real” looking environment. Detailed dimensions and examples of our test product will be supplied.Once we have seen your first test we will require you to sign an NDA legal document to then take the project to stage 2. For my personal credentials please PM me and I will send you a link to my profile on Linked In.Examples of your work will be required before we make any decisions.Thank you and good luck.

  • $20 USD Jan 20, 2014

    program a small zombie survival game..We spoke earlier about this, you said you was willing to program the game in return for 30% profit.This is what you said &quot;&quot; Well, somehow I feel that it is right project for me. Not that I&quot;m really sure that it will sell fine&quot;&quot;I have sorted out a lot of things for you plus advertisement dealsCould you at least give me a reason why you working on this before you reject it

  • $10 USD Jan 19, 2014

    We spoke about this earlier, Your job is to program the zombie survival game in one week.A lot of features have been removed and a lot of people have left. We are currently 5th on steam with over 500 unique people and 100 people voting to play the game.It will sell. I only hope you&quot;re able to see that.Also you need unity pro so try and download the trail if you don&quot;t have it already

  • $150 USD Dec 3, 2013

    Hello Sir/Madam,We would like to have a strong Enterprising plateform of Web based chess engine for professional usage of multiple users to play at the same time with different classifications against the Chess Bot.It should have the 4 levels(Beginner,Medium,Hard, Impossible) of options to choose by individual human player to play against at will.Do let me know ,if you can develope and its skills,programing langauges.RegardsPrakash Samy

  • $35 USD/hr Jul 14, 2013

    Hi there i need to move the functionality you developed (Create your Bookshelf) on my oscommerce site to our new woocommerce/wordpress site. Are you available?,Giorgia

  • $35 USD/hr Jul 4, 2013

    This is a fairly straightforward touch-based web application that displays information obtained from an existing public events feed. Each event will have a graphic representation that I will provide. The app requires the graphical objects displayed to mimic natural falling movement patterns/physics. Use data will be gathered (number of touches, their location on the screen). The app will be viewable only on certain devices and a specific browser within those. All in all this is meant to be a fun way to access local info.

  • $206 USD May 13, 2013

    To programm an online tiles configurator where you can choose on a layer different patterns and colours. Each pattern and border can have up to 5 different colours. So that somebody can design its own tile floor in individual patterns and colours. Maximum 60 different patterns, plus 24 different single colour tiles, plus 42 different borders and corners (numbers are roughly, could be a few less). All to mix and match. Also it should calculate the needed sqm of tiles if you type in the size of the floor and it should be possible to email the layout and send an email request with contact details. No registration needed for people who want to use it. Should be available within 1 months and be used on a normal html website, no php. Maybe as flash player?

  • $700 USD Apr 14, 2012

    Need Multiplayer flash game development as well as on the website: Have a chat (i like that)- That can be inserted on facebook (to work)- Send your offers and suggestions.The game would be developed over time and get the job and long-term

  • $159 AUD Jan 15, 2012

    Hi there,we are looking for someone that is able to develop games that go onto a website. They are kids game and mainly games with cards and sounds.See the attachment for more information.We are only looking to develop 1 game to start with and then move to the others.Project Price to be discussed with the right canditatePlease do not hesitate to contact me.Andrea

  • $600 USD Jan 1, 2012

    Dear RyuMaster,I think I will be needing your expertise.Could you kindly contact me?Thanks!Pietro

  • $750 USD Dec 4, 2011

    Hi]You have developed a year ago a driving sim for me.Its working and I am satisfied .I would like to add new functionality, add scenarios, some bug fixes etcIts not urgent so we can take our time on this and plan it so it will not be complicated to developPlease let me know if you are interestedif you are interested

  • $400 CAD Nov 21, 2011

    Hi Ryu,I want to develop a project about gesture recognition in a game by using wii controller,I need to connect wii controller to a computer and in a game a character in a game should move according to the gestures i perform by using wii controllerthe game that we are choosing can be any open source game but the input in the game should be given by wii controller so far i have connected wii controller to the computer and it is working finethe development can be in any programming languageI really need the project to be done , can you please contact me in my skype id vnpharisudanI can explain you more clearly if we talk in skypethanks,hari

  • $750 USD Aug 7, 2011

    Hi ,im looking for a freelancer who could assemble a flash game on Facebook.its basically a scratch card game , in which i have the cards already illustrated.basic information-the user will connect to the game , and then will have unlocked / locked cards to scratch (depends on his points).user could earn points by : winning scratch cards, inviting friends , sharing the application , and daily bonus.when choosing a card, user could use multiplier , quick scratch , view pay table and total winnings.when a certain item is reveald in the scratch card, a bonus game will pop up (i have a flash bonus ready)i will need to talk to you via skype for further understandingPlease only experienced bidders ,im looking for top quality freelancer , who will provide solid work, as i got plenty more jobs like this to do.thank you.

  • $100 USD May 7, 2011

    After a failed attempt I am reposting this project in the hope I can get someone to really fix the job this time.I am in need of an Actionscript 3 class. I have some AS2 tutorials which I can not convert to AS3 properly. I need someone to make a class in AS3 using the tutorials. Its a kind of physics class based on the tutorials of TonyPa.The tutorials can be found here: know its not a big project and it should not take alot of time. The problem is I can not do it myself.

  • $30 USD Apr 22, 2011

    I need someone to add some code to my paypal checkout page which requires the user to fill in one field.When the sale is made, an email must be sent to 2 addresses.I am sure code already exists on PayPal&quot;s developers site.

  • $250 USD Mar 5, 2011

    insurance need php expert to create this script

  • $400 USD Mar 5, 2011

    Dear Freelancers and CompaniesI&quot;ll try to explain my project with a broken English skills. I want a website quite similar to this: with different functions. I want people to reserve a slot (or a box) and put 1 image that exists in a gallery (or a folder) I decide. So no image uploading; people will choose from an existing gallery. Instead of full name I want nicknames. No payments as in the script.After this operation complete, the nickname and the picture will show up in the main page. I was thinking an animated gif gallery for example smiling face, crying face or what so ever.In the script above, the number of the boxes are limited. I want it to function like this: more people register and put an image to one of this box; more it extends. I want it to be endless. I also need a facebook connect option; possibly a facebook application out of it.After your job is done, I want to see a a demonstration.I have some other projects in the mind and may need this person in future. This is my first time asking help from a freelancer, please excuse me if I&quot;m doing something wrong here.

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