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Username: SICS

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Location: Palakkad , Kerala, India

Member since: September 2007



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  • $330 AUD
    Profile image for Seller kevinupton


    Mar 6, 2014

    Went well :)

    Project Description:Use this to pay the $330 i have stored in this account. This project is already active however just need to use this money up :)
  • $2250 USD
    Profile image for Seller BMcAlister


    Dec 18, 2013

    SICS is an awesome company! They have been very professional from the start and worked well with me, creating a project timeline, setting milestones, and exceeding my expectations. Not only would I use them again, but plan on starting the next project immediately.

    Project Description:We are looking at having an app created for iPhone (currently) that is similar to the Whisper App that is currently released. We would like most of the features listed on Whisper, including: Home page...
  • $2000 USD
    Profile image for Seller ganesh558800


    Oct 8, 2013

    An amazing team of developers; very professional, efficient and are well-experienced and disciplined within their field of expertise.Great Recommendation and Support. I loved working with them.Will hire again.

    Project Description:App should work on all devices especially Blackberry and iPhone and Android. Should do all web services and design also. Should have good communication skills. Should upload apps to corresponding stores and market...
  • $2061.2 USD
    Profile image for Seller charuuu


    Sep 23, 2013

    Great Team to work with. First phase delivered in time and quality, hope for the same in next phase also

    Project Description:I want to hire Iphone Application Developer. My requirements is to develope E-Commrece App. So if you are Individual Iphone apps developer and having expertience in E-Commerce and you are having bright future with me...
  • $1000 USD
    Profile image for Seller jjohnkreidler


    Mar 1, 2013

    An exceptional company in every way. Understood our requirements, translated them into the best product . Great communication and timely delivery is the key of this company.

    Project Description:Create an application where in a user will create a profile enlisting his calorie intake limit per day. Dring the day, as and when he eats something, he will add this data into the application and the app will determine whether he is eating within the limit or not...
  • $750 AUD
    Profile image for Seller RohithGeorge


    Feb 22, 2013

    Great Development team!Easy and friendly to work with. Very professional in their approach to completing projects!They were on budget and willing to work extra to make sure they provided the project to high expectations. I definitely recommend and WILL be using them again!If your looking for skilled developers to hire, try the SICS Team they are GREAT!

    Project Description:To develop the next big social gaming app! Need developers with years of experience and great coding skills. The app will incorporate facebook and allow players to verse their friends and send games to eachother...
  • $200 AUD
    Profile image for Seller wlave


    Jan 23, 2013

    The team have been amazing. Helpful and professional. They have understood my vision for an app and executed it well.

    Project Description:Hi, I have an app and we are looking at adding a few extra features inside the app. Once I have chosen and discussed some conditions with freelancers I will discuss the project in more detail. ...
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller JannGeorge


    Jul 10, 2012

    SICS provided excellent and professional service, They worked on a project for a complex registration form, database and secure transaction portal. The project was sourced from Australia and completed internationally. This did not pose a problem and the result is exactly what I asked for. I am very happy to recommend SICS and intend to use their services again in the future. Freelancer made it all straightforward and simple. Well done all round.

    Project Description:I am a very small conference and event management company. I have some systems in place but would like to replace/upgrade. I manage 3 to 5 conferences each year from my office. My next conference is in September and I need to start promoting it by the end of June at the latest...
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller kklky


    Jul 5, 2012

    Thanks a lot SICS for doing a quality work, The team was very responsive and committed. I am willing to do the upcoming projects with them. They never let me down.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller samantharayfirm


    Dec 2, 2011

    SICS has a good working model and their project managers communication are excellent. Thanks for the great support and helping me launch the product<br/>SICS has a good working model and their project managers communication are excellent. Thanks for the great support and helping me launch the product

    Project Description:Should now HTML5, Android and IOS (iphone &amp; ipad)
    SICS has not completed any projects.
  • $3092 USD In Progress

    Instant score updates with notifications. Need native apps for IOS and Android. Developer should be able to handle web services and mobile development as well. Good communication skills needed to communicate with client.

  • $4123 USD In Progress

    The application: Is consisting of 13 screensHas cloud back endIs integrated into google mapsProvides possibility to call a number from the appProvide possibility to input and send a textProvides possibility to register a profileProvides possibility to login with Facebook Main functions of the app:Register an entityScroll the list of entitiesContact an entityPost a message for all entities view.Job description:Develop and test android application that fits the criteria written in the project description. OS version for Android:Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)Development of webservices:Yes

  • $1081 USD In Progress

    We need a tabbed based app with dynamically created screens (by the user) and follow coverflow style sliding effect (do not want the twist and turning, just the slide) and a viewflow effect between the sub view while viewing articles, with a sliding drawer at the bottom which disappears and appears on touch.Screen 1: A coverflow effect rss feed with the images from the posts appearing in the coverflow and the title of the post appearing beneath. Clicking on the post takes the user to a page showing the image and text from the post on a background image (NOT opening the link in a browser! unless they click to read the main article in which case open the page in a customised webview similar to a browser). Allow user to add and view commentsScreen 2: Settings page to add new feeds links and or from pre existing feeds in the app and allow users to remove feeds, rows and tabs.Screen 3: Signup page/login screen using username/password, facebook, twitter and linkedin option. Once logged in allow user to update their profile.Screen 4: User activity set of history pages listing their usage history.We&quot;d also like a shaded overlay (alpha opaque) set of instructions displayed the first time the user launches the app and for the app to work well on all device screen sizes (phones and tablets). All source code must be released at each milestone at which point we will release funds. We would like regular updates.We would like our App to be available in additional languages at a later stage (First release English only).We would like to make sure you are all aware of this now and avoid hard coding any text information within the app. And, to utilise Android&quot;s language management xml file structure. We will provide:App OverviewAll images requiredScreenshots.Client server API DocumentationProject must be completed by the 27th of May 2013

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1236 AUD In Progress

    I need to hire a programmer or programming team to develop a project that I would like to create, as soon as possible. It will be a photo sharing app (similar to SnapChat) with the ability to edit photos. Requires experience with coding for iOS. Prefer those who can create the images, screenshots, and graphical UI of the app. Would prefer someone with at least 100 hours on this freelance platform, and a 4 or better star rating and must speak English proficiently. I will need to see examples of your work, and I prefer that you have programmed at least 2-3 apps before. An NDA will be required before all information is disclosed. I will respond quickly to those who reply with the word Photography in the message headline so that I know that you actually read the description. Will respond with more details if I find you suitable, and we can start working! All further inquiries will require a Skype interview

  • $2600 USD In Progress

    Need Android and IOS app for the website itprojects.Developer should have good communication skills.Need estimate for hybrid app and Native app Should provide support to upload to google and apple storeNote : Attention Bidders, Please send your bid fast, i will be selecting the developer soon

  • $750 USD In Progress

    Complete details will be given if you&quot;re chosen to take on this project.*Application requires Facebook integration.

  • $5000 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] /hr Today

    Our website at loads pages very slowly as you&quot;d observe when you visit the website. The site is being hosted on a virtual private server. Can you make it to load faster?To prove to me that you can make it load faster, bid bhy answering the three questions below:1. What could be causing the site to load very slowly if the hosting is not an issue?2. What do you suggest as the best way to make the site to start loading very fast?3. How quickly can you implement your suggestions in 2 above to help the site to begin to load faster?PLEASE NOTE: The script for the site is encrypted, and not human readable, in case you are thinking you could adjust anything on the script.The person who provides the best answer to the above three questions will get this project.Thanks for bidding

  • $773 USD Today

    we have a website that we want to have to be able to open in app format such that it is convenient instead of going to the browser. a simple and intuitive format but with a capability to add video. we want it similar to &quot;newvision&quot; app in the playstore

  • $1546 USD Today

    i want a professional developer/designer to do some editing on my site. There will be a new menu to the site but the rest would be purely edits. the edits will include redesigning and programming. the backend will need some tidying up as well. the site is built on a php platform and this project will be awarded to only businesses or individuals with proven track record. Please we do not need novices for this project. Check the site at more details will be given regarding the areas to polished. All bidders should show verifiable previous works.

  • [Sealed] Today

    We are looking for a very good software developer to develop a mobile application that will assist Farmers in rural areas market their crop and get Agronomy Services. The mobile application will allow a farmer to register and record the GPS position of their farm. After registration, a farmer can also register a farming activity that they are carrying out on their farm. These farming activities should be pre-populated by the admin of the application and the farmer is only selecting from a drop down menu. The farmer should also be able to update the stage of their farming activity. For plants and vegetables, the stages should be:1. planting stage,2. flowering stage,3. harvesting stage.For animals, repitiles, fish and birds, the stages should be:1. Suckling / Hatching2. Maturing3. Ready For SlaughterThe farmer should appear on the map with a different colour code for each activity they are carrying out. Thus each activity should have a colour code. When the produce is ready for the market, the small circle on the map should have a tick or an inner circle coloured orange, or any other way to indicate that a particular activity at a particular GPS position is ready for market. This happens when a farmer updates their activity to 3.Agronomy service providers and producers of inputs used by farmers should have their own interface own the mobile where they can search for farmers doing a particular activity and view them by region. Thus these service providers and inputs suppliers should also register as suppliers on the mobile app.Consumers of products from farmers should register as buyers. A buyer interested in a particular product from a particular region can register that interest in the system and an instant message will be sent to farmers who can provide that product. A buyer can also receive an instant message from the farmer once they update their stage to stage 3.The mobile application should also allow farmers from the same geographical areas to locate each other, especially when they are doing the same products on their farms. They will then discuss and share ideas. Farmers should also be able to sell excess inputs and their products to fellow farmersThe mobile app should also allow farmers to post disease and pests outbreaks. When such an outbreak is posted, instant messages are send to fellow farmers.The mobile app should also allow field officers from agronomy service providers to visit farmers and when they are on the farm, login to the mobile app and enter their assessment of the farming activities while the mobile app records the GPS of where this data was collected. Such assessment will include collecting the following data:1. Farming Activity2. Size of Farm under that activity3. Anticipated output3. General ObservationsThe mobile should have an interface for market observers. This interface will allow certain users to login in and enter prices of different agricultural commodities. This price data collection should be done at pre-defined intervals. If the admin sets the interval at monthly or weekly, then the system should provide a line graphs showing the flactuating prices.Data collected should be uploaded to a website which will be the central repository of all this information. The website should also provide the same functionality as the mobile app.This mobile app should also be able to be used offline. Anywhere where there is data capturing, the GPS should be recorded, unless if the data capturing is done on the website. In that case, the user has the option to use Google maps to pinpoint positionThe mobile app should allow buyers, farmers, agronomy servie providers, and inputs suppliers to be verified by the admin so as to be trusted.This project involves the design of the user interfaces to achieve the stated functionalities. This project should be submitted with Full Source Code and Technical Documation, especially how to deploy this application and website.

  • $1340 USD Today

    Hello everyone, I need to build an APP where the user can see a list of TOURS and ACTIVITIES that he can do in our territory ( i.e. wine tasting, cheese testing, wellness center etc etc. ). For every tour I need to be able to create a page with picture, description, price, included services. The developer is not going to insert all the tours and activities losing time. We will just explain us &quot;how to do&quot; and we will. This is important because every week some tour is changing so we need to be able to make little changes ourselves without ask a professional.Above all, I need that every tour/activity must me visible in the MAP. So that when the user click the &quot;watch around me&quot; button, he can see the tours and activities around his position. The other pages of the tours are the normal pages: contact us, about us etc etc..The App have to be with a beautiful eye-catching graphic and simple usability for the user. We need to put some advertising message inside the App. We will consider only the offers from developers who have already created Apps similar to this.

  • $1546 USD Today

    Chicago Steak Company is looking to create a mobile application that is similar to Kansas City or Allen application. Our website is

  • $1855 USD Today

    Ok so im looking to get my Social network app built.I want it to be a fun community and accessible to the iphone and allow users to post and like/dislike the photos they have posted.I will go more into detail about this project when I find a competent developer.

  • [Sealed] Today

    We are looking for a mobile app developer who can develop a native mobile application that will run on both Android and iOS. The mobile application will be used in the travel and tourism industry to do the following:Allow service providers in the travel and tourism industry to register and record the GPS position of their location. On registration, they select the category of their business or service. These categories will be created in the admin interface of the system. After registration, the service provider will be verified by sending an SMS to their mobile number. The mobile number should be on the phone with the mobile app. Once the SMS has been delivered, the mobile app should read the SMS and verify the service provider. On registration, the service provider will list all the services that they provide.A traveller will also install the mobile app but gets a different interface. There is no need for verification or registration if its a traveller. Verifications are for service providers only. Once installed, the app will then LOCATE service provider in a particular category. As somebody is driving, there app will provide a live feed of service providers on the map.The app should also have an admin interface where service providers who provide false information will be banned or suspended. Travellers can also comment on the service provider and rate them. To be able to comment and rate a service provider, a traveller will have to register and get verified like the service provider. Registered travellers should be able to place reservations through the mobile app and such reservations should reflect instantly on the mobile phone of the service provider who has the mobile app installed.Service providers will also be able to post pictures and video. These will be available if a user choses to view the gallery associated with their location on the map.The mobile app should allow those who install the app to invite their friends in the contacts. The invitations are send to the contact lists through SMS. The mobile app uploads the contacts on the website that will be storing the information for the mobile app, and the website sends the SMS invites through our SMS Gateway. Therefore, the SMS invites are not send from the users mobile phone but from the website.The mobile app should allow Travellers to follow a service providers. Once a traveller is following a service provider, they will be instantly notified of any announcement made by the service provider.The admin should have access to rate service providers as well and put them in different categories based on the service that they provide. The rating done by the traveller is different from the rate by the admin. The admin is essentially assessing the service provider and puting them in the following categories:1. Bronze2. Silver3. Gold4. PlatinumThe mobile app should reflect the period a service provider has been in a category.This project should include a web interface as well. This means travellers can also locate service providers through the web interface and admin can also do their tasks through the web interface.This app should also work offline. This means location data in a particular area should be available offline line. A traveller can chose to download location data on their mobile phone before they leave their hotel.At completion, the full source code of the mobile app and website should be provided together with technical documentation which also details how to deploy.

  • $1340 USD Today

    Create a website and mobile app for a courier and delivery service company. Needs the same functionality as Lyft, Uber or Hailo websites and apps. Needs to have same GPS tracking and functionality.see: aquickdelivery .com and e-go .com .au for similar sites. I like the look of aquickdelivery .com but also need easy navigation like e-go site. Lyft seems very easy to use so overall look like this lyft would be preferable

  • $2061 NZD Today

    I would like to have a module that is install able into Wordpress that allows you to fully integrate the ability for customers to create jobs and lookup the status of jobs from Wordpress in ConnectWise.The module must allow user auth from the ConnectWise credentials and users to be able to create, update, lookup, cancel and report on jobs.We basically want a company to be able to create a customer portal out of Wordpress website.The licensing needs to somehow be monthly per site that it is installed. If not paid then the plugin needs to stop working.The project needs to include full documentation for both us from a design perspective and Wordpress usage from a customer perspective.

  • $1546 USD Today

    I am looking for a skilled web designer to work with to build my website. Please give me info about you as well as your rate. Also, you can send me links so I can look at your work.Thanks! Looking forward to be working with you.

  • $773 USD Today

    Need a Mobile App psd design. The app will allows people to pick and save lottery numbers. The app should look much and already have a basic look and feel that we like for our login page and will provide the psd with all layers for you to use as the base template. We&quot;ll provide sample graphics and text for you to complete the inside page of the app using our existing design.We have 10 pages to complete of the psd designs. We&quot;ll provide the psd of the login page and the rest of the app should use the same look and feel. We will provide all content plus graphic examples to let you know what we&quot;d like the pages to look like.

  • $1030 USD Today

    I want an app that helps people take photos of themselves while jumping. So the app needs to be able to locate peoples faces and then as they jump calculate the exact moment they are at the peak of their jump and then it takes a photo. The photos then need to be able to be uploaded to their phone and also all social media (facebook, twitter, instergram etc etc).

  • $20 USD/hr Today

    I would like an app created that will be sold on I-Tunes. This app would be used on I-pads. The app will help second grade students with reading comprehension. Students will read a short story and then answer some questions. The app would track students overall progress. There will be seventy stories total. I will write the stories and also provide pictures for each story. To get a better idea of what I am talking about it might be a good idea to look at a few of the reading comprehension app on I-Tunes.Thanks for your time and consideration,Jerrold

  • $2061 USD Today

    i would like to build a website that can build small and single one page websites for my customers. I would like to have something like weekly, a website that can creates other websites, but in simpler form. my customer will be abler to fill out a simple form and select a template , buy a domain name and voila, their website would be created as easy as it is to fill out a form.

  • $1546 USD Today

    I am trying to start a fantasy football league. Of course I would need a website. I would want something very simple at first with potential to grow.

  • $5154 USD Today

    Создание социальной сети на базе PHP MySQL детали в личке.

  • $1546 USD Today

    Every year people around the world get laidoff from their job for no reason, and many ofthem immediately get fed up with someoneelse controlling their life.So they turn to network marketing, and theystart their own home business. If they haveenough drive and determination, they makeit work, and they get to live life on their terms.THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOINGRIGHT NOW, AND WHY I‘M SENDINGYOU THIS EMAIL.I am going to live life on my terms, and Ibelieve that you would want to do the same.Check out the system I am using: isn’t some home meeting deal whereyou have to have parties and bring peopleover, or travel all the time.You can sit right in front of your computer andmake a great income online. We have peoplein our company making up to $30,000 in onemonth…...and we have people who just want to makean extra couple hundred a month to pay forextra dates out with their family.Whatever you want to do…Our automated Speed Wealth System willhelp you achieve it. If you want freedomin your life this year...Then check out this system...

  • [Sealed] /hr Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3092 USD Today

    e comers clothing cite 50,500 starting range

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    SICS does not have any work in progress.
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iPhone Competency

Jan 2010 - Present (4 years)

Srishti Innovative Computer Systems

<br />Our iPhone / Android SDK Programmers and iPhone / Android apps or game developer are proficient in developing iPhone / Android apps related to:<br /><br /><br />Business App<br />Event based App<br />Games development<br />Kids App<br />Social Networks<br />Our iPhone / Android SDK Programmers and iPhone / Android apps or game developer are proficient in developing iPhone / Android apps related to:<br /><br /><br />Business App<br />Event based App<br />Games development<br />Kids App<br />Social Networks


Bachelor of Technology

College of Engineering, Trivandrum



ISO Certification

American Global Standards, LLC

ISO 9001:2008 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and<br />aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements


Software Project Architect - Must For Success of IT Project

Krishnadas Pisharam on Ezinearticles

Success of a masterpiece depends up on how it is architected. Any artifact and event need to be architected to take care of its fundamental and advanced need. Information Technology is more familiar with the word product architecture than project architecture. In some cases, project architecture is used in case of product architecture considering that both is same.<br /><br />We all know that software product needs an architect, but can we architect a software project? Architecting a software product involves desig