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MS Access | VB | PHP - MYSQL | HTML5 | CSS3

Username: SajjadHussain14

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Location: Jhang Saddar, Pakistan

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My projects:

  • $72.00 USD
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    Dec 19, 2013

    very good work

    Project Description:Create basic applications involving the use of database management system.
  • $250.00 USD
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    Jun 5, 2011

    Very high standard of work. there was some confusion about what was included in the project specification, but we worked to find a solution.

    Project Description:The full description is in the attached file. This project involves (i) the creation of a database, probably in Microsoft Access 2010, and (ii) the collection of information from websites of organisations...
  • $150.00 USD
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    Dec 24, 2010

    Excellent in every way. Professional written working docs and user manuals. Code as per spec. Will use again.

    Project Description:Need to create a single hotel directory page. Requirement: HTML / XML to display data and images from MS SQL / Access database when users search for hotels by inputing specific criteria i.e. Country /...
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  • $55 USD In Progress

    In MS Access 2007, I need a new and linked table in my existing datebase. The new table has to have customer ID, name, given name in the new table. I want you to show me how and I"d do it myself. The data is somewhat personal and I don"t wish to transfer files.If you"re not really proficient in Access 2007 please don"t bid.Your spoken English or French must be easily understandable.

  • $500 USD Nov 16, 2013

    I need a database for calculating recipe costings.TABLESAs I see it this would consist of; Table 1: Suppliers - NameTable 2: Ingredient category - categoryTable 3: Units - UnitsTable 4: menu sections - sectionsTable 5: Ingredients: Ingredient name, supplier name (drop down from table 1) Ingredient category (drop down from table2), unit (drop down from table 3) cost per unitTable 6: recipes - For the recipe costings themselves I need to be able to add multiple ingredients, anything from 3 to 30 so it needs to be flexible. Also, I need to be able to add other recipes as ingredients. This could be a separate section but again I need a lot of flexibility in how many I can add. Ideally the form would start off with 1 drop down for ingredients and 1 for recipe ingredients with a button or something to add more as needed, I don"t know if that"s possible though.The info I need on the recipe table is; namemenu section(drop down table 4)recipe yieldrecipe yield unit (drop down from table 3)ingredients (multiple drop downs table 5 bringing over unit and cost per unit) Plus field for inputting quantityrecipe ingredients (multiple drop downs of recipes ordered by section/alphabetic bringing over unit and cost per unit) Plus field for inputting quantityRecipe cost: each ingredient and recipe ingredient quantity multiplied by the cost, all added together and divided by the yield amount.Table 7: DishesBasically a copy of table 6, excluding the yield and yield unit and adding a selling price field.REPORTS1. I will need a printable report of all ingredients, ordered by supplier then alphabetical with current prices and an empty filed next to each for price checking.2. A report listing all recipes from table 7 detailing name, recipe cost, selling price and a calculated field for each recipe showing "1-(recipeCost/sellingPrice) expressed as a percentage to 2 decimal points.FORMS I would want a auto start dashboard consisting of;Dash 1 - report 1, report 2, add items subform, edit items subform, other subformAdd items subform: add ingredient (new record form for table 5), add recipe (new record form for table 6) add dish (new record form for table 7)Edit items subform: edit ingredient (new record form for table 5), edit recipe (new record form for table 6) edit dish (new record form for table 7)If it is possible some way of searching for a particular item in the edit forms would be very useful.Other subform; links to edit form for the first 4 tables

  • $155 USD Nov 7, 2013

    I am stuck creating forms for my commissions database. I need help finishing up this little project, and with the right person, I need to expand on the project later.Problem:Commissions are paid to our agency from several carriers, each sending us monthly or weekly statements. Each statement has one line per policy, much like an order form. We have several agents, whose policies are paid from the carriers. We need a database to enter each commission statement into a form, then, each month, we need to run a report showing how much each agent is to be paid.I have attached the database, which will show the basic tables (and where I am stuck) :)Time is really of the essence, as we are now three months behind in generating our reports.Future needs: We would like to expand the project later by adding basic contact management to the database. It would be nice if we could pull up a contact and get a list of their policies.

  • €150 EUR Mar 14, 2013

    I need a database of ALL spanish companies/businesses, about 3.000.000 records, or more.The format required is MS Access, see the attached model empty database for details.As indication, the required data for each company are:Name - requiredCategory - requiredAddress - requiredZipcode - requiredTown - requiredCounty - requiredRegion - requiredPhone - requiredFax - requiredEmail - optionalWebsite - optionalIf possible, it will be useful to have this data too, but not mandatory:Description - optionalLatitude - optionalLongitude - optionalFeel free to contact me at Freelancer to have further details, and with your offer please specify the indicative record number.

  • $500 USD May 23, 2011

    The project is to create a complete online management system for a Playgroup organisation - basic system was originally developed in MS Access, however we no longer have a copy of this. You will need to recreate the database from screen shots and documentation, which is attached below.The project is initially to replicate the MS Access database, and:1) KPI tracking (per group) - see attached KPI"s spreadsheet as an example2) Break Even Calculator - see attached exampleFuture scope of the project will include:3) Financials tracking (per group)4) Ability to link with PayPal or similar to take/allocate payments5) Ability for groups to oder marketing materials online6) Full sign up process for Churches wanting to take on a Little Taks group7) Bulletin board / area for notices and pictures etc to be posted / social networking between group leadersPLEASE ONLY QUOTE ON THE FIRST STAGE OF THE PROJECT. FUTURE SCOPE IS TO BE EXCLUDED, BUT ARCHITECURALLY CONSIDERED.

  • $250 USD Jan 18, 2011

    Goal: To track new business/client applications in a way that has the ability to be published via our web site (preferably) and e-mail newletters. Features:Data Entry: I would like our back office staff to have the ability to enter the following information into the database1. Client Info: Name, School District, e-mail address2. Policy Information: Name of Product (life insurance or 403(b), Amount of Contribution to the policy (403(b) ), Lump sum contributions and life insurance premium 3. Agent Information: Link the agent that made the sale to the client4. Reporting: We would like the ability to run a report for each agent that shows how much “premium” they have written each week and each month. Premium is the total of the policy contribution for 403(b)’s, also know as flex payments, life insurance premium and lump sum contributions. We would also like to run reports that are not based on sales but that would list things like: Client Information if we wanted to pull just e-mail addresses for a e-mail blast.Eventually we would like to be able to use this database to track the status of each application as it is processed with the carrier. Example: Client is entered, application is sent to the carrier, carrier processes paperwork, policy is issued and ready for delivery. This would not be published but would be accessed by the staff here in the office on a drive that we could all log onto. We want something that will allow almost anyone access to information (which can be managed as read only or all permissions allowing for creation and edit functionality).

  • $3000 USD Dec 13, 2010

    I want a new website for my cosmetic/beauty distribution company in Dubai, U.A.E.It needs be creative, modern, dynamic and user friendly with about 10-15 pages.I will use the website to introduce my company and showcase the brands that I work with here. The brands are from USA, Australia and Europe and are "niche" luxury brands which are sold into high end retail stores.I do not need blogs or online shopping carts etc. instead just pages about the company/philosophy etc and pages about each brand.

  • $300 USD Dec 6, 2010

    payroll project that needs to be done by tomorrow

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