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  • $30 AUD
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    Sep 13, 2012

    Even there was a delay in delivery the provider did deliver the project on budget and on quality. Bugs were taken care of fast and the knowledge was there.Communication was feasy and understandable. Thanks again!

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  • $100 USD
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    Feb 6, 2012

    SamvitInfotech are excellent company to work with and I found them to be extremely flexible with finalising and understand the project to completion. I would recommend SamvitInfotech to anyone looking for a professional and skillful company to deliver their project on time and within budget. I certainly will be using them again.

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  • $100 AUD In Progress

    Building a website using commonly used software and integration of video on the site- Design similar to Bujbu(TM)- Template can be similar to Contents include - Key Features ( Similar to Usher format)- FAQ, - Terms & Contact page. Design color theme will be similar to Bujbu appwill be hosted on www.bujbu.compreference is to use a product like "RAPIDWEAVER" or any other commonly used web software SIMPLE YET COMPELLINGLY EFFECTIVEUpon approval uploadable components provided plus uploaded.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hello everyone,Our company is looking for a professional individual to work on a Camera App for the iPhone (and possibly converting it to Android). We are looking to launch the app within 3 weeks. It"s a fairly simple project but should be a fun challenge at the same time. Please (hand) sign the non-disclosure agreement attached and initial each page and we"ll send you the specifications of the project. Then, please submit a quote with milestones for your candidacy to be considered.Thank you and we"re looking forward to working with you.JonathanSpoonfulSoft LLC

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hi, i want to get an Iphone app developed.About the app : It needs to be an app, with who I can find restaurants in cities.

  • $4000 USD In Progress

    I need a mobile software similar to ShopSavvy (, including:- MySQL DB + PHP back-end;- User register;- Geolocation (to show stores);- Store register;- Product Register;- Price Register;- Product barcode scan and product search by name;- Create Product Lists.These are the highlights. The overall details shall be discussed later on.Please, submit works already done for iPhone.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $750 USD Oct 4, 2012

    Hi – I’m after a iOS Programmer/ Developer to help build a customer App quickly. I will provide the design layout and all graphics and just need someone to piece it all together.The App will only be 6 screens.The right person will have the following;-5 Star rating minimum-Someone with at least 300 hours on app programming-Must be able to produce a quality, bug free app-Must speak English and be free to discuss-Must sign a NDAPlease reply with examples of your previous work and use the Headline ‘Hilltop”. If you are short list I will contact you to discuss the job further. Kind Regards,Michael

  • $50 USD Jul 18, 2012

    Hi I saw you have done a project for iPhone to read QR code. I want a QR code scanner written in ideally phonegap to scan QR code . If the it is not in phoneGap it would be OK as well . The app would be very simple just reading QR code and keeping history. Please let me know how much it cost since I saw you have already done something similar.

  • [Sealed] Jun 22, 2012

    Hello,I need an App developed for both Android and iPhone that will do the following:1)Use ZXing library to scan & decode QR codes;2)Validate the decoded stringa.Must have correct URL address in the string;b.Emit beep/tone if scan is successful and string is valid;c.Emit different tone if string not validated ? return to scanning mode.3)On successful scan:a.Save Scan string and datetime stamp to local SQL DB for history;b.Lookup Item in local DB with decoded ItemIDc.If Item Exists in DB, then open User input page, display ItemName in text field;d.If Item does not exist in local DB then attempt to retrieve data from my server using http GET;i.On success read XML result and save to local DB and display ItemName in text field on User input page.ii.Output Error to screen if server unavailable or returns error;iii.Queue GET retrieval to background task if connection not available;4)On User Input Screen - Send button clicked:a.Store ItemID and user?s input string (transaction data) in DB;b.Send transaction data to my server using http POST, packaging itemID and user input string into XML (support http and https);i.Queue data to send if connection not available;ii.Send data when connection is available;c.Store server response, pulling ItemName from XML and storing in local SQL DBd.Output Error to screen if server unavailable or returns error;FUNCTIONALITY:=====================So, the app will:- use ZXing library to scan QR codes and get the result string;- Provide button on scanning window to enable user to switch on/off flashlight- Code to ensure flashlight is switched off when code is scanned or after some interval of time.- Communicate with my server via http or https GET/POST/PUT requests to my server and read response XML from it;- Store item and transaction data in local SQL database;- have a service that is installed and uninstalled together with this app and that will perform communication with server and notifications about new data while application is closed;- have a queue that will hold the collected data if no data connection is available or server is down and will try to send it again when data connection is available;- be in multi-language, develop initially in English and you will provide me some text file where I can translate all things to other languages and there must be a language switcher in this app(not in device regional settings);- store server"s URL as a variable, which value I will be able to change easily by modifying it in source code and recompiling the app;- have a notification when newer version of app is available for download;- be able to send/receive data over HTTP as well as HTTPSUSER INTERFACE:=============================See attached pdf ? screens include:- screens for scanning and data collection steps;- a screen for application settings (several input fields, radio buttons and checkboxes);- a help page and a link to our online help page;- all screens in horizontal and vertical layouts depending upon phone position.IMPORTANT:====================================================================PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU CAN DELIVER EVERYTHING THAT IS MENTIONED HERE====================================================================- I will have full copyright for this app;- I will have all source files;- You will provide 3 month free bugfix period;- I will need your report on development progress every few days;Thank you!

  • $2200 USD May 31, 2012

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1000 USD Apr 17, 2012

    Hello. Looking for an app developer and possibly long time worker. Requirements: App will get the location of the user on load. Use the location to query google maps and google places. Return places based on a category that I will give you.Map places based on a given set radius and also create a list of the places where a user will be able to select. After the user selects a place the application will then query to a database on a web server and bring back certain information about that place stored on that database.The user will then be able to interact with the data brought back. It will be like a voting system.I will give more specific details to the person I choose. I will be out of town for the weekend so send over your work and when I get back we can get started!

  • $1000 USD Apr 16, 2012

    Hi you all.I"m looking to create a small app/game that can use geolocation to find people with the same app near you an share some stuff via Twitter and Facebook.With a small preference setup of the user profile.more details can be given via private message .But the things that you have to know for program are.GeolocalizationMaps IntegrationSocial Network integrationUser profile creatingthe option to have some meeting over SkypeThat the issue. It"s a personal project, I know some xCode but not as much as i need for the app. the budget right know is very limited.Any offers?Regards from Chile.

  • $2000 USD Apr 11, 2012

    For a new mobile application project, we are searching for a Iphone or Android developer.The project requirements are:- Handling a Client-Server interaction using a given API.- Implementing a complex UI for end user.- Interacting with Facebook API.- A fast and professional developer. - Availability at all times and great team player. The project will be explained in private.

  • $500 AUD Mar 15, 2012

    i require a developer to create an app for me on both the iphone and the android.The app will have social media features, sign in with facebook and user sign in, twitter, users must sign up with username and password, one account per phone.This app will be a marketplace where people can post, and review each other.Similiar to freelancer in a way, will require service and support.Uses google maps.Design will be up to you.The concept is simple and project will be to for the right developer

  • $650 AUD Mar 15, 2012

    Hi im looking for a developer to make me an app for both the iphone and the android.This app will have to be able to access the users local network, and access to their router. (This app is only to be used on the home trusted network.The app must be able to make a change to the router settings, have social media - to let people know about the appit must also have the ability to add contacts to a group list, and then send out a group sms, email, or other contact methods. You will have to do all the graphic design, this is a very small product, please only bid if you have reviews.

  • $1100 USD Mar 6, 2012

    This app will allow users to post items that they want to sell on listings divided into categories. The two main categories will be "Stuff" and "Books". There will be a load screen once the app is accessed (see mockup with the Rollins College emblem on it). After that, the home screen will load. The home screen is the mock up that has the two big buttons labelled "Stuff" and "Books". "R-Bay logo design" means that you can create a simple design for our name. As you can see, there will be a search bar that will match whatever is searched in both the "Stuff" and "Books" listings. Each page, besides the load up page, will have a scrolling advertisement at the bottom. The recent posts at the bottom of the home screen will be items that were most recently listed by time and date. It will only show the 4 most recent posts and will be able to scroll. The "Add Listing" buttons above the large category icons will take you to a screen that will allow you to post a listing. When you click:"Books" screen number:1. Will have a button that allows you to return home. The search bar will be at the top and will allow you to search all listings under the "Books" category. This page will also show instructions as to how to find your books. 2. Will have a button to return to the "Books 1" page. It will also show all results for your search. If there are no results, it will say "No matches found". 3. This is the screen that appears when you choose a listing. It will show a picture as well as all the book information and price, as well as a button "contact seller" that will show the seller"s contact information. The up and down arrows will allow you to scroll through the listings. See mockup pictures. "Stuff" screen number:1. Will have five buttons labeling different categories (appliances, electronics, supplies, furniture, and misc.)2. Choosing a category will bring you to a screen that has the name of that category at the top of the screen and a back button to return to the previous screen. It will contain a search bar to search through that category specifically. Underneath will be the 5 most recent posts, able to scroll up and down and click on. 3. This page will display the search results and postings that match your search. 4. This is the screen that appears when a listing is chosen. It will show a picture of the item as well as the information and price. There will be a button to "contact seller" which will show the sellers email and phone number. The up and down arrows will allow you to scroll through the listings."Add Listing" screens: see mockup screens labelled "Add Listing books" and "Add Listing stuff". They are different. You will be able to add a photo from your library or will be able to access your phone camera to take a picture. After 30 days of being posted, the listing will automatically be terminated. The information that you upload will be sent to a back-end-server, which we already have.Once again, scrolling advertisements will be on the bottom of every screen EXCEPT the load up page. We are leaving room for you to be artistic and make it look good yet SIMPLE. Preferred colors are blue and yellow, but nothing too bright and not too much of each color. **We will own all rights to the code that is made. No money will be released until the application is 100% finished and successfully uploaded to the app store. The developer is responsible for uploading the application onto my account.** We are looking to have an iPhone app made and will also need a simple backend server. It is a simple listing site like Craigslist. There are no logins. Users simply post information ..... And after 30 days, it is automatically deleted. Users don"t interact inside the app, they go to email and call each other outside of the appBackend admin to allow us to delete any listings.This will be a FREE app with scrolling ads at the bottom.

  • $750 USD Feb 28, 2012

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $12000 USD Jan 18, 2012

    Application will be a search function that draws from a database of content. It will also include the functionality to take pictures of text and have the words within the text provide content from the database.Links to facebook, twitter, website and blogs will need to be provided within the application.Only serious bidders that can perform the work.NDA will need to be signed before full disclosure of the application and its components.Skype conversations are required and budget milestones will be laid out.

  • $3100 AUD Dec 26, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3000 USD Nov 11, 2011

    We are looking for an app that will create orders on an iphone by:Selecting customers from a database on the phoneScan barcodes (2D or code-39) and compare to items in a database on the phone Make calculations and various other functionsSend orders to a server (insert into existing tables).Receive updates (inventory, price lists and customers) from the same server.Data resides on a Frontbase SQL database on a server and can be accessed via a web service application on IIS on that server or any other method you may suggest (VPN,...).We worked with Symbol barcode scanners before, and we want to create a similar app for use on an iPhone. As all our sales representatives has an iPhone, it will be much easier to develop an app for these devices. We will supply all the tables and other necessary information.

  • $2800 USD Oct 31, 2011

    First, sorry for my englishI want an app for a nightclub.The app should include: about the club, News, Events, Gallery, Offers, Location, table booking, Settings.The user should receive notification when new news, events and offers are available.The Gallery should be editable from the club.Is "Table Booking" is a form in the press on the button sent by email to the club.I am asking for more natural for them there.The design is very important to me.Greetings Alejandro

  • $1800 USD Oct 18, 2011

    This project is to build an iphone application that users can chat with nearby friends. Basic functions include register account, finding a friend nearby (connecting to server and get response), view status or other profile information of the friend, send messages to him/her and receive messages. The server is in place. We will provide testing interface.

  • ₱60000 PHP Sep 19, 2011

    i need flash character animator to do simple flash animation..attached here is one of the scene as reference of what type of animation we want.its a very simple project and i would like to have a test first to be consider.we want serious bidder and willing to take the test.Send me your porfolio through PM.we want all the rights and source file(swf,.fla)

  • $1500 USD Jul 11, 2011

    Hi thereDevelop an app that would allow people to attach a photo or a video to a barcode. I would also like people to have the ability to write text with the attached picture or video if someone wants to describe the picture or video or simply write a caption. Picture someone in Vancouver with postcard that has my barcode on it and they attach a picture they took on there iPhone of themselves with the city of Vancouver in the background after attaching the picture they write a small caption like "Hello from Vancouver, wish you were here". I presume that their will be a need for a server to store all the pictures and videos so that it is accessible when anyone wants to view the attached content on a barcode- Basically the idea is to store pictures and text into bar codes.- Project Includes - Designing and Development of the app

  • $900 USD Jul 4, 2011

    This is a simple app that collects information from the user and produces graphs based on the info input.I"m looking for someone who is very familiar with producing iPhone/iPad apps and knows how set up a back end to swap out banners/full screen ads and activate push notifications.Screenshot mockups will be made available to the successful applicant.This is what I"m specifically looking for in the person I will hire:- You can code well and have a good grasp of design- You have proven experience- You take pride in your work, and you can get the job done without compromising on quality- You have examples of previous work on iPhone apps that I can look atI"ll only interview people who provide examples of previous work that I like, AND who quote this reference: "The FM App" at the top of your email.

  • $5000 USD May 13, 2011

    We need a programmer to work on a list of things to finish my CRM platformthe tasks will be to finish a web based CRM platform that is about 90% complete and finish the website to market and sell it.candidates will work from a Windows Remote computer with windows 2003 server users must have good english to communicate from MSN messenger.since it"s hard to estimate how many hrs ill do$10.00 an hr THIS IS NOT A FULL TIME JOB IT WILL FINISH WHEN THE FOLLOWING TASKS ARE COMPLETE:I estimate a 8 to 10 weeks 1- finish the website contact us, 2- new client entry, 3- billing page, credit card processing, 4- existing bugs5- data security 6- build a time card management inside7- improve some graphics and functionalityyou must:1- be on msn during the period of work 100% of the time2- work from the Remote server 3- be able to receive a task, perform and deliver 4- be very good with .ASP Ajax and c++ C# coding5- understand others programmers coding (as this project is almost finished and it was done by other people)the sample application is at user admin pass adminplease be sure you can handle the tasks, we will be giving incentive bonuses paid by company shares once we achieve milestones.thanks for reading happy bidding!

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