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Location: Yerevan, Armenia

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  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller vvs813


    May 25, 2014

    Very clever, enthusiastic, intelligent, creative. Pleasure to work with. Done a high quality complex job sucessfully. Happy with his work.<br/>

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller webnetos


    Apr 14, 2014

    It was really nice working with Sarguis, He is very helpful n friendly.

    Project Description:Hi. I am learning android and need a simple example which creates a service with an option to start/stop it and it loads xml data from an external web url into a list and displays it in bold I will...
  • $90.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller PavelPV


    Mar 21, 2014

    good job

    Project Description:Среда разработки eclipse . Цена 2000 р. Срок 10 дней. +3 на тестирование и исправление ошибок. Подробности в ТЗ.
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kohli000


    Oct 7, 2013

    Did a great job i will highly recommend him for your android development needs!!!

    Project Description:I have an app which is live on android market. It is simple app where user can connect dots to make alphabets like A, B... It works fine on samsung s4. I have seen few people report it that it force closes at alphabet E and they cant go pass that on Samsung S3...
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kohli000


    Oct 7, 2013

    Excellent developer. Prompt replies!<br/>Very talented did great job.

    Project Description:Fix existing android bugs.
  • $180.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller erhard1010


    Sep 26, 2013

    good coder

    Project Description:Hi, I had a live wallpaper app written. I&#039;ve attached the .APK to show what it does and I have the full source code for this wallpaper. All it is really is a simple live wallpaper, you select the images you want to display as a live wallpaper and they are shown...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller thorapps


    Sep 17, 2013

    Perfect! Thanks!

    Project Description:I have a working android app. I need only a small change on it. I won&#039;t give you full source code, just a partial java file. I have a private class ImagePagerAdapter extends PagerAdapter that gets the source images hardcoded in an array...
  • $2.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cyberbiztoday


    Jul 7, 2013

    Excellent job and very professional guy. Easy to work with Sargis because he understands the need and delivers job on time. Will surely hire again for future projects.<br/>Very professional and helpful person. I enjoyed working with him and will surely do more projects soon!

    Project Description:As discussed.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller XcodePro492


    Jul 7, 2013

    Once again, Thanx for your help my friend :) A+++

    Project Description:As discussed, its for extension! This is for sagius, Thanx for great work &amp; your Help :) Dont bid if you are not sargius. Thanx.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller XcodePro492


    Jul 5, 2013

    Excellent Freelancer, He is genius &amp; knows everything on android :) Always available online, very helpful. Thanx for your help :) If you are new at hiring on Freelancer or have done it before-- Sargius is a good choice for any project on android. A+++

    Project Description:Hello, We have completed our project but we stucked on flipping functionality in app. We want to flip image in app. Our developer said its 2-3 Hour work for experienced developer. Send message for more details...
    Sargius has not completed any projects.
  • $500 USD In Progress

    We offer backgound music services to our clients and need to check channels several times of day. We need a mobile app to do this via smartphone.There are several Microsoft .net webservices and databases to be polledThere are the following requirements:a) we need do be able to add/ remove Customer IDs for displayb) channels can be grouped into a folder ( favorite, asctive, inactive, special group( to be given a folder name)c) folder can be added removed, renamedd) folder can be polled/ refreshed separately; group can have a different checking time than Autostarte) on startup all channels on AUTOSTART will be checkedf) display ( please see screenshots) : Favorite icon, Player status ( active, stopped, fallback), watchdogstatus, licence status, last played song, login with link to website, Channelname, busy icon, start/stop player, restart playerwe will give you access to the webservices, display should be scrollable ( sometime several hundreds of channels need to be checkedg) checking should be done in blocks of three( not more, then web service responds faster)h) there should also be the possiblity to check a single channel- this is at the moment done by double clicking the name but could also be done with an extra refresh button behind every channel.Crucial bit is the space here- it might make sense to have a drop down for each channel for additional information or the action buttons?. possibly login Id with link and channel name can be one to save space. We are open to suggestions- it would be nice if we could use similar or the same iconsWe can deliver the original software with a few customer IDs to check withwe probably have to discuss a few things, so feel free to ask and request further infomation

  • $650 USD In Progress

    UPDATE: runkeeper API onlyApp description:Add beautiful GPS-recording (running, cycling, hiking..) stamps to your pictures &ndash; automatically.
FitGram lets you create GPS-stamped pictures. Just snap a shot and import your GPS recording directly from runkeeper. 
Fitgram automatically adds your runkeeper GPS recording to your shots. All you have to do is take the picture and add your Garmin, Strava or runkeeper account! Manual edit is possible if you are using another service. Easily share your FitGrams via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email and other servicesAPIThe app uses the API of runkeeper and let the user connect to those data. FeaturesThe main feature is to stamp the GPS recording to the photo. But the photo also have to be cropped like on Instagram. The user is able to choose miles or kilometers. Pace vs. elevationWe are facing one big issue about the different activities user are able to record. Runners like to stamp the &quot;pace&quot; on the photos. But pace is only relevant for runners. Strava, Garmin and runnkeeper is able to show if the activity was running. If so the app stamps the pace on the photo instead of the elevation. UIWe deliver PSD files.APKThe deliverables are a signed APK and all project files.

  • $945 USD Today

    Нужно разработать приложение и серверную часть для создания ір камеры из андроид смартфона. Суть: человек запускает программу на своем андроид-смартфоне/планшете, ставит дома и получает возможность через сервер следить за домом. Минимум настроек, понятный интерфейс, хранилище, безопасность данных, смс оповещения.Нужен программист с опытом в разработке мобильных приложений (желательно не только под андроид, но и под iOS), а так же серверной части, который сможет сделать этот сервис, а так же выступить технической поддержкой в будущем.Оплата будет производиться по-этапно, никакой 30, 50, 100% предоплаты.Кидайте сразу ссылки на свои проекты. Пишите желательно не в ЛС (тут это очень не удобно ссделано), а в скайп: priamotok33

  • $500 AUD 2 days ago

    I would like my app idea to be created - the app will need to be run on Android IOS system and will require internet usage. It is basically a sport/fitness app that functions similarly to a GPS watch. Anyone who is interested please contact me and we will discuss how long it will take, pay etc.

  • $100 USD 2 days ago

    Need experienced Android developer to do some maintenance for an existing Android app.

  • ₹4950 INR 2 days ago

    The viewer will display small icons of image at bottom and will zoom in a big frame above it.

  • $250 USD 4 days ago

    Android integration Google maps..

  • ₹100000 INR 5 days ago

    We plan to create an adaptive learning app for physics and maths. First challenge we are facing is to put the complex figure and equations on display in mobile. I have attached the file which contains all type of questions we need to display.

  • €500 EUR 6 days ago

    I need a web and mobile app.The mobile app should get predefined forms created on the web app and give the user the possibility to fill the forms with data and upload them to the server.If no network connection exists the mobile app should store the data and upload them when network connection is again present.The mobile app should also be able to store the gps coordinates of the user and take a photo with the phone&quot;s camera.Also it should have the option of sending the gps position of the phone every n-minutes to the server automatically without user intervention.(live gps tracking)Data that are collected (including GPS and media) should be can be viewed via the web app using Google Maps , tables and charts.the positions of all connected phones (that are transmitting live gps positions) should be displayed in the web app.The web app must be also view-able in mobile devices.The web app must be developed in php and mysql as the db layer

  • $50 USD 7 days ago

    an android demo, there are two button &quot;open key light&quot; and &quot;close key light&quot;, we can open the light of the key when we click the button &quot;open key light&quot; and we can close the light of the key if the button &quot;close key button&quot; is clicked.

  • [Sealed] 7 days ago

    We are interesting in working with an experienced application developer to build an android enabled application - as a first stage - that has the following major functions:1) Allows users to create a profile (Linked to facebook account if possible)2) Ability for user to create an alert which can be sent to other users using a pre-defined form (alert sent via app, but also via SMS if possible)3) Ability for user to create an event which is sent to an application server and viewable to all other users who are within a certain geographical radius of the event based on their current GPS co-ordinates.There are a number of minor functions that are required on top of these which will be discussed during consultation with the preferred developer.All expressions of interest are welcome, samples of previous work a must. Further details will be given during consultation with preferred developer. Kind regards,Ben C(New Zealand)

  • $750 USD 10 days ago

    Hi!I looking for a professional or team of professionals who develop an app for me as the graphics as well.APP description:Users can take his/her photo or use one from internet or one of photo album of his/her phone.Users can than erase the parts that they don&quot;t want, as for example, remove the background and leave only the subject of the photo.Features:-Users can add a new background (from a gallery of backgrounds)-Users can add shapes on the image (rectangles, squares, circles, etc)-Users can add objects (sunglasses, hat, hair, etc...)-Users can add stamps (from a gallery >> 30 different ones).-Users can add filters to the pictures-Users can add text-Users can share the outcome (facebook, instagram, twitter, email)-Users can send invitations to their contacts-Users can rate the appOther important things:-App must be available in two versions: light and full.-We must use 3 ad networks (Revmob, Chartboost and Applovin) on light version-it must be available for Android and iOS-it must be ready in 4 weeks(maximum).-Graphics must be all designed, including icon.Notice that I&quot;m Brazilian and that the minimum monthly paid sallary is equivalent to US$ 280 here. So, be kind when quoting your price.

  • $950 USD 10 days ago

    Mobile App for Android. Simple functionality (Swipe left, swipe right). Social Media login.

  • ₹2500 INR 10 days ago

    i want a application for my website

  • £125 GBP 11 days ago

    I am looking for a simple 3 page reminder application - I can provide links to apps similar in IOS but I want it coded for Android.It will need 3 pages, ability to send a reminder to phone and a place for adverts. I am happy to make artwork etc, so therefore am looking for a cheap quote of no more than £100-£150 - BIDS ABOVE THIS AMOUNT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

  • £150 GBP 15 days ago

    I need a poc,Mobile app needs to listen for GCM notification, and the notification will have following details1. Longitude2. Latitude3. Radius4. Expiry time5. Text messageOnce the app receives the notification, it should create a geofence based on the above msg details, the data should be stored in sqllite. If the user enters or exits the region, a local notification should be displayed on notification bar. Also, the geofence should expire automatically when it reaches the expiry time given in notification.What I need1. andriod mobile app2. No UI required, Just displaying a notification in notification bar.

  • $1250 USD 18 days ago

    Необходимо разработать приложение для Android 4+, которое решает задачу определения местоположения и предоставления информационного контента. Приложение должно позволять:1)Регистрация пользователя приложения на интернет сайте – ввод анкетных данных, логин-пароль.2)Определение местоположения по данным GPS и GSM (по вышкам).3)В зависимости от области положения осуществляет показ информационного содержимого ( данные с интернет-сайта).4)Показ местоположения на карте google или yandex в форме маркера.5)Показ на карте ближайших точек (маркеров) доступа к информации.6)Приложение работает в фоновом(сервис) режиме с целью информирования пользователя о наличии доступной информации в форме статуса/сообщений от приложения.7)Параметры настройки приложения: a.Включение/выключение GPS.b.Выбор базовой карты google или yandex.c.Включение/выключения режима информирования пользователя о наличии доступной информации.d.Изменение регистрационных данных – смена пользователя или новая регистрация.Заказчик совместно с исполнителем интегрирует приложение с интернет сайтом – разрабатывает формы и протоколы взаимодействия приложения с сайтом. Исполнитель предоставляет работающее приложение и исходный код приложения. Разрабатывается прототип приложения, соответственно отсутствуют требования по оформлению (дизайну) приложения.

  • £95 GBP 21 days ago

    Hi Developers, I need an android image editor app created. The most basic function that I require is for this app to be able to take photos using the phones/tablets built in camera; and then once the photo has been taken, I need the app to allow users to add text and a few photo effects to the image. Once the user has finished editing the image, the app will save the image online and to the users device.Like I said this is the most basic functionality that I require from the app. Once this has been achieved, there a number of extra features that are essential. This will be discussed in private.Please note that this project is very likely to be ongoing, as I will need to add and remove features over an indefinite period of time, so please bare this in mind when submitting your bids, but at this moment the job is for what I have outlined above.Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

  • ₹45500 INR 21 days ago

    The project is for &quot;Parsing and downloading of youtube videos&quot;The functionality would preferable be separated into a parsing part and a file downloading part. Where the input to the parsing part is a youtube video url and the output a url to the actual video file. The output url is then the input to a file downloader. The downloader shall be able to handle multiple downloads and save to the applications documents folder. The downloader reports finished downloading, downloading progress and eventual errors through a delegate or similar event handler pattern.The parsing and downloading part shall be contained in a separate xcode subproject importable to other xcode workspaces.To demonstrate the prioct a sample project is created with a basic youtube player App. This contains search functionality. Where you can preview video and then have button to download the video.

  • $35 USD 22 days ago

    I expect that the media player app must be like the reference app. I want the app must consist of all the features that the reference app contain. Reference app :

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