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  • $90 CAD
    Profile image for Seller geobym


    8 days ago

    Very good. Will hire agiannnn!!!!!

    Project Description:I want the topic to be about the relationship between Canada and Russian and how the Russian sanctions will effect businesses in Canada. Also what will happened to Canadian companies, businesses and economic with the harsh sanctions that are happening in Russia...
  • $49 USD
    Profile image for Seller ravvvvvvv


    22 days ago

    Shimvijay is a very talented and skilled writer and has over delivered on my product. he is kind, polite and hassle free.a pleasure to work with and a recommendation for anyone wanting an eBook done

    Project Description:I am looking for an eBook on affiliate marketing, which i will be marketing through the "Make money online niche" so i want this to be taken in to account when producing this guide. I want this guide...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller WritingProfessor


    22 days ago

    It was nice working with Shim. He was very receptive to feedback and quick to revise when necessary. Lots of research went into the project. Exceeded the deadline but with good explanation. Good job!

    Project Description:I am seeking a skilled and experienced writer to write an ebook on Personal Finance. The ideal candidate should have a Bachelors Degree or an MBA in the area of Finance or Economics or should have experience working in the area of Finance...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller defigio


    25 days ago

    Good communication, very pleasant guy to work with. I can tell he put a lot of work into the project!

    Project Description:Hi Shim Thank you for accepting this project! I will take the 30-40 page book in Word format (please use Arial 12-point font) for $200 USD, and I understand that I will not receive a cover for this book...
  • $105 USD
    Profile image for Seller vash75


    26 days ago

    Perfect! I'll hire again.

    Project Description:Please see the attached proposal
  • $315 USD
    Profile image for Seller mikepe05


    Feb 25, 2014

    Very nice outcome! Review request was handled without any problems and I really appreciate the work. Thanks a lot!

    Project Description:as described
  • $415 USD
    Profile image for Seller rainity


    Dec 18, 2013

    thanks Shim for your attention and patience

    Project Description:I need some help writing concise occupational descriptions based the on-line Occupational Outlook Handbook. These descriptions are being compiled for a new website that is currently in the process of being put up...
  • $194 NZD
    Profile image for Seller DCBC


    Nov 13, 2013

    .The task was done in a very professional manner and with good skill level

    Project Description:On me website I have at the top 25 steps. I want to convert that information to content to go in an illustrated e book and be promoted and also go back at the top of the web...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller drdent


    Oct 27, 2013

    Very good work, prompt responses and tweaks. Would recommend.

    Project Description:We are looking for someone to prepare a list of dental conferences and dental Continuing Education (CE) events from now to the end of 2015. Expected records include any ADA conferences, any AACD conferences, Pacific Dental Conference & more...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller vinyl34


    Oct 17, 2013

    Shim did quite a good work for us, thank you.

    Project Description:Doctors Survey Introduction Survey with 23 questions targeted only to doctors that are currently active, including residents. The first questions refer to the use of internet by doctors and the second...
    Shim & Evin has not completed any projects.
  • R2150 ZAR In Progress

    I would like an eBook written and designed with the title: "Would you like to find the right version of the right document in less than 30 seconds?"It is about Doorways document management system DocPointOur target group is project based businesses, e.g. oil & gas, mining, engineering, energy & process orientated businesses, construction etc.The tone of the book must be factual but easy to read for someone that know a little bit about document management.I have attached a document that specifies many of the benefits with the document management system that we are writing about, and also a document I ran through Google Translate from Norwegian which is from a product sheet on DocPointI want the people that read the eBook to recognize the issues that are faced in their business when it comes to document control. They will know quite a bit about it, so we do not want the finished eBook to "fluffy" but definitely build out and structure the information given in the attached document.If further descriptions, details or concept descriptions are needed I am happy to supply this.The document is quite condensed when it comer to information and arguments, so would like a better flow and readability.I have attached some logos and pictures that we have that could be used for the design of the eBookAlso thinking that the points at the end could be used both as bullet points in a more "graphical" was and that the conclusion of the document can mention these points more in a text or paragraph way.

  • £30 GBP In Progress

    2000 - 2500 word essay about European Cinema. Citations and references must be used (Harvard style).Question: ‘Although disparate in their aesthetics and influences, [shocking European films] share an aggressive desire to confront their audiences, to render the spectator"s experience problematic [and a] desire to attract exposure through transgression’ (Caroline Verner: 34). Via close textual analysis of one or more significantly shocking European films (such as Irreversible, Salo, Romance, Sitcom) discuss the techniques through which the spectator is both confronted and encouraged to engage with transgression. To what extent do you think this transgression is intrinsically ‘European’?

  • $147 USD In Progress

    A start-up interested in going into training services in Nigeria.We want to do a detailed market analysis on the top 20 most sought after training courses(Software Proficiency,technical skills acquisition,commercial skills) in the Telecommunication, Aviation, Business and Oil & Gas Industry in descending order, the training fee for these courses, how many people research on the individual training pa day using Google and other search engines tool, duration of these training and the relevance of this training to the industry. Project Objectives:To effectively access the market and highlight viable training programs with a good market.Understand Keywords used on search engine for these trainingEstimate ways of getting across to potential traineeSet up a Business Plan showing market strategy and Business expectation over the period of 6 months, existing competition and possible challenge to success of the proposed venture.Our Customer Focus:Corporate TrainingIndividual trainingTraining Focus:Software Proficiency TrainingTechnical SkillsCommercial SkillsWe are most interested in the Top 10 most sought after software training in Nigeria by corporate organizations and by Individuals with shortest training duration,High training fees and High relevance to the Industry.Only Qualified persons with proven records should apply to this bid.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We are looking for a different version of an existing eBook of ours that instead of being for the teacher and educator is for the student. It should be titles "A Students Graduation Survival Guide" and should be everything a student needs to know to make sure tha they graduate and have a successful graduation ceremony. For the project the first milestone will be the Creation and Approval of an Outline. And the Next Milestone will be the first draft. and the final milestone will be for the final draft.Subjects should include:- Making sure your passing all your classes- making sure you know your height and weight- making honor roll and getting you honor cord- how to write a valedictorian/salutatorian speech- how to deliver a speech- how to dress for the ceremony- how to dress for the after party- how to get announcements sent to your friends and family- how to walk across the stage- how to shake hands with the diploma distributor- how to file into the auditorium- how to behave at the ceremony- how to apply for collegesand a generally logical timeline from start to finish.please use the book attached as a guide and a comparison for the writing style we are interested in.

  • €125 EUR In Progress

    ObjectiveTo build a database of company data using publicly available informationScope-FT Global 500 list of companies ( leading professional services firmsoPwCoKPMGoDeloitteoErnst & YoungoMcKinseyContentsFor each company, the following data is required:-Full name of company-Country of registration-URL of careers page within company website, or main company website if no careers page exists-List of countries where company is present-Tagline (if used)-Mission (if available)-Corporate values or beliefs (if published) FormatExcel spreadsheet with names of companies in the first column and the data for each company laid out in rows (see example in attached spreadsheet).Countries should be listed with country names in English, with a comma separating each country.Values should be listed in separate cells across multiple columns (see spreadsheet example).Cells should be formatted with text wrap so text is visible when spreadsheet is opened. Text should be in Arial 10 point.

  • $599 USD In Progress

    I want the NAMES and EMAIL ADDRESSES of (1) the CEOs, CFOs and CIOs of the 100 largest companies in China, India and Russia(2) the CEOs of the 30 largest internet and web startups in China, India and Russia(3) the PARTNERS of the 30 largest venture capital firms in China, India and Russiaif it is possible to get the names and emails of each person I have requested that would be a total of approximately 1,000 names, preferably supplied in microsoft excel format

  • $6 USD/hr In Progress

    For selected companies you will have to find the key individuals, their titles and their email addresses. This may require extensive web research

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    HiI want to undertake a small research project relating to SaaS companies head-quartered/owned in India.I want to;- Identify the top 100 or 200 by revenue- The owners/corporations- How they serve UK/EU/US markets (e.g. do they have a UK company, US company)- Suggestions how to target/market/advertise to these firmsMy firm is based in the Isle of Man (IOM). The IOM is British Dependency, has close ties to the UK - but is not *in* the UK or a member of the EU. You can read more here or www.whereyoucan.imWe work with companies who service Indian firms who have customers in the UK/EU. They have efficient corporate structures so the Indian businesses can bring revenues back to India in a legal, tax-efficient manner.I want to develop a "niche" offering for Indian companies looking to do (online) business in the West.Can you let me know if;- This is of interest- A budgetary costCheersJoeYou can reach me or skype @ "wimanxjoeh"

  • $130 USD In Progress

    I need some help with writing a book on "how to find a job". I have written about 40 pages already, and the total page count will be 125 (arial font, 12 pt). The 125 pages will not include appendixes. The chapters of this book are as follows:Intro: A Personal JourneyChapter 1: The Current Job MarketChapter 2: Preliminary PlanningChapter 3: Your Personal Career GoalsChapter 4: Cultivating a positive attitudeChapter 4: Ways to Find a JobChapter 5: Marketing toolkitChapter 6: Networking & ContactsChapter 7: Creating Contacts: The Most Effective MethodChapter 7: Closing the DealAppendix: WorksheetsI will upload the chapters or partial chapters that already have been written to the winner of this project. I am looking for an informative, step-by-step book that will help someone to find a job. The main focus of the entire book is to obtain a job by contacting people in companies (not by searching the internet). I have used this method over and over again to acquire jobs easily. I can work with the writer to design the program - so that you do not have to think of this yourself. The book will be put through copyscape or equivalent.

  • £30 GBP In Progress

    Research writing as discussed.

  • $459 AUD Yesterday

    Hi,I need an a freelancer who to take a 3 interviews each in Canada and Brazil, either Face-to-Face or via the phone. The interviews are about 10 -15 mins. Fluency in the native language is a must. Please get back if feasible. This is urgent project.Thanks

  • $69 USD Yesterday

    I have a pdf ebook that I need converted to epub format.

  • $949 USD Yesterday

    A business book but presented as a fictional description of a CEO"s journey to understanding what he needs to do to make his company work. The book will present some new organisational structure ideas through the CEO"s journey, and will be accompanied by some "how to" guides on implementing and operating the new oganisational structure.

  • $399 USD Yesterday

    Create a non-profit,internet base organization , veterans advocate ,deigned to provide secret unone goverment information to help you file the nessary pappers for your disability information . Information on the Independent Living program. and how the money is used to help the vet gain home onwner I dentify veterans as those wh need help appling for there benifits. Identify vets as spectial economic needs.

  • $736 USD 5 days ago

    helloi need a Business Plan for opening building material in Dubai your study will includesbest suppliers locally competitors seller and prices compare dedicated item wanted (attached photo)you have to know gulf countries market , uae , ksa ,Qatar , Oman , Kuwait , Bahrain what the needed of this items export and import volume of this items shop rent , storage prices

  • $105 AUD 5 days ago

    I"m looking for a few paragraphs on magical beliefs from each of the below listed cultures/countries/locations, especially focusing on what kinds of rituals or beliefs existed, and utilizing the below listed information.Vanuatu: Black Magic on Black Island/Ambrym IslandMayan rituals, magic and shamanNigerian magic & shape shifter beliefsNew Orleans: Voodoo & SpiritualismSiberia/Russia: Healers & hypnotists, magic men- RasputinIndia: Focus on Indian charmers, & magic menAfrica: Voodoo & Hoodoo, Tribal witch doctors, etcSalem: Halloween & MagicChina: Shaolin Temple & Magic Men of China

  • $147 USD 5 days ago

    What I am looking for is to clean up the lists. Find names where possible, and then remove those where not possible. I have two or three lists between 2 and 14,000 in size. Its relatively simple but boring work. Just googling to see if you can find the first names. I had a server crash, and could only recover emails not names, so I would like to get as many names before re-importing them.

  • $4736 HKD 5 days ago

    This is an ACADEMIC project that requires you to create HYPOTHETICAL INTERVIEW DATA & PERFORM CODING ANALYSIS. I have 6 companies which will be the focus of my hypothetical case studies. I"ve made certain pre-set conclusions for each company which will serve as the basis of what I want to "conclude" from the results of this entire study. Problem is since this whole project is hypothetical, I need to hire someone to "make up" hypothetical data for each company to support these fixed conclusions I want to make.So what"s your job? 1) CREATE 6 HYPOTHETICAL INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: 1 transcript for each company, so 6 transcripts for 6 companies in total. The interview transcript must me made to look as if it is "real" (i.e. interview really did take place even though this is an entirely hypothetical project) but written up in academic format. The content of the transcript will be based off of additional guidelines I will send you once I confirm your hire. Assume each transcript is based off of a 1-hr long interview. 2) QUALITATIVE CODING ANALYSIS ON THE 6 INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Once the transcripts are done, you"ll need to perform coding analysis. The coding analysis MUST use academic social-research methodology (e.g. thematic analysis, grounded theory etc.). The results of the coding will be pre-determined on my end so your only job is to "backtrack" your analysis process/data to justify what I want you to conclude. Info on the job: - Maximum payment for total project will be HKD$6,000- Complete within 30 days- Must have previous experience with qualitative social research (I will request for sample works if your bid is shortlisted)- Previous knowledge on "Six Sigma" concept is preferredPLEASE ONLY BID IF QUALIFIED!

  • RM499 MYR 6 days ago

    I need an 4000 words in critical appraisal for two published paper based of the UK university standards academic. It need to be done for at least a week.

  • $149 SGD 6 days ago

    30 pages report about real estate industry in singapore

  • $21 USD/hr 6 days ago

    the four biggest mistakes In 2013 there were several mergers and acquisitions that brought higher revenues and growth rates to the big 4.The firms have all gone through a long and arduous journey to become as large as they are.Although all of the firms share common goals, each of them has a different strategy for meeting and/or exceeding those goals.They will most likely continue to grow and succeed, taking on more clients and creating more mergers and acquisitions.

  • $210 USD 6 days ago

    I would like to make a clickbank style info product. Content subject will be similar to: only apply if you have experience in sales copywriting. BIG BONUS for a good product. an Even bigger process for someone that can also build the website in wordpress.

  • $736 USD 6 days ago

    I"m needing a 60,000 word new adult romance book written about two college students with cancer. I have a basic scene ideas of what I want but you"ll write the entire story sprinkling in whatever you think is realistic and romantic.If all goes well I would love to do more.My Usual Requirements:- Will need to switch from the girl and guys point of view throughout the book.- Swoony dialogue- Some humor- Will need a love scene (won"t be much in this books case)- Sign a NDA

  • $21 USD/hr 6 days ago

    the four biggest mistakes In 2013 there were several mergers and acquisitions that brought higher revenues and growth rates to the big 4.The firms have all gone through a long and arduous journey to become as large as they are.Although all of the firms share common goals, each of them has a different strategy for meeting and/or exceeding those goals.They will most likely continue to grow and succeed, taking on more clients and creating more mergers and acquisitions.

  • $4210 USD 6 days ago

    Develop and conduct a Pharmacy Cost of Dispensing Survey (Survey) to study the cost to pharmacies of dispensing prescriptions to Medicaid recipients. Seeking a vendor who has experience and expertise in cost analysis, statistical analysis, report generation and analysis, and is able to prepare and administer the survey tool to be completed by each pharmacy

  • $42 USD/hr 6 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $23 USD/hr 6 days ago

    A firm is urgently seeking an approach/methodology/template to quantify the monetary value of its daily total media exposure (press clips, news mention, logo insertion etc.) in newspaper, radio and television. Freelancer with experience in media/Public relations research/analytics is urgently required.

  • $315 USD 6 days ago

    I need a 3 to 5-page Conceptual Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Business Development Strategy (Summary). I will provide reference material that includes information on Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), and Foreign Military Financing (FMF). I will also provide bullet information to help structure an outline to include product/system to be marketed, geographic areas/territories, prioritization of countries (militaries), US precedent sales, and other known information. Lastly, I will provide a comprehensive "how-to" document titled the "Green Book" from the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM).

  • $5000 USD 6 days ago

    My business name is Charles Multi Services. I"ve been in business for over 3 years. I offer tax services, filling immigration paper, naturalization, teaching English as second language. the offering a grant. I want to get the grant to open my door to more people in need. to hire more teachers and to move to a different location. Integration Grant Program Distinguish the lawful permanent resident population you serve from other immigrant populations. Distinguish your proposed citizenship instruction services from that of other providers in the area. Discuss your organization’s experience with citizenship instruction, not just experience with English as a Second Language (ESL). Explain how the grant-funded services will differ from your existing services. Explain clearly how the program will expand the availability 

  • $42 USD/hr 6 days ago

    I am starting a new business and need assistance in writing the business plan.

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