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  • $5000 USD Jun 13, 2012

    we are prop trading firm who are looking to hire an experienced programmer to build an ultra low latency API in C++ which will connect via FIX Protocol to several ECN brokers, I require a FIX adapter to be included in the code to route high frequency trading orders in a more efficient manner. If you feel you qualify then please respond with a detailed background of your professional experience.

  • [Sealed] Nov 20, 2010

    Requirements:•Extremely proficient in C/C++ and Linux environment development•Experience in trading application development, API and FIX Protocol•Experience with FIX engine development, including testing connections/compliance with FIX Protocol •Database experience, MySQL/PostgreSQL•Network experience: Multicast/Application to Application message handling/communicationProject Deliverables:Note: All deliverables in the project should be C++ based1)Low latency FIX Engine that handles message traffic to/from server. Should include: ->a) Flexibility to easily add/remove fields and configure FIX messages for specific destinations ->b) Capability to configure multiple destination connections /message traffic sources ->c) Metrics/Timestamps to measure application performance/efficiency ->d) Unit Testing to test/update compliance with FIX Protocol ->e) Seamless integration into C/C++ trading applications ->f) Callbacks for trading applications that provide translation into FIX Protocol 2.Low latency Market Data management system (Quote Manager). Should include: ->a) Optimized management of subscriptions to multiple quote sources ->b) Ability to subscribe to multiple data feeds and properly build/manage quote books ->c) Flexibility to easily add/remove quote sources ->d) Callbacks for trading application that provide specific/tailored market data information/updates3.Database: MySQL/PostgreSQL Should include: ->a) Optimized insertion/deletion of FIX Protocol messages ->b) Windows/Linux GUI application capable of monitoring/querying messages within database ->c) Profit/Loss calculation/management of trades and positions4.Windows Monitor Application: Should include: ->a) Visual representation of all transactions ->b) High level account breakdown of profit/loss and trades/positions ->c) Subaccount breakdowns of trades/positions and profit/loss when trading through multiple subaccounts. ->d) Management of orders: open orders/executions/cancelling orders ->e) Trading application controls. Interface for sending messages to trading applications5.Trading Application Infrastructure ->a) Base shell/wrapper that supports seamless porting of new trading applications ->b) Includes event based callbacks from FIX Engine and Quote Manager . ->c) Includes calls to FIX Engine and Quote Manager to retrieve specific market information --Examples: --->1) FIX Engine: sendOrder, onAcknowledgement, onCancel, onReject, onExecution --->2) Quote Manager: onBidUpdate, onAskUpdate, onBestChange6.Training/Support ->a) Documentation for reference ->b) Training to understand how to develop trading applications within the trading system ->c) Explanation/comments on all classes, members, and method functionality ->d) Windows based trading monitor GUI manual/reference guide. Training on use/adding functionality.Any bidder should have previous experience with FIX Protocol and designing low latency trading systems. More information and breakdowns of requirements will be provided. The information above is attached to this posting in the file FIX Project.docx.

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