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Mobile Phone Developer - Android Programmer

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Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

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My projects:

  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller geraldlum


    Apr 20, 2014

    Great service! This is my 1st project with TechniVN and I'm sure we will have more projects in the future.

    Project Description:Hi I need to port my ios game to android and it must be compatible for all devices with errors. It is coded using cocos2d-x (c++).
  • €140.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller superclansgmxde


    Mar 26, 2014

    ***** Five star work.

    Project Description:This project is about creating 3 different apps for Android. The budget is limited to 140€. Bids above will not be considered.
  • €140.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller superclansgmxde


    Mar 13, 2014

    Outstanding work as usual.

    Project Description:Hi, this job is about creating 3 different apps basically with the same function. They all have to do with 3 existing messenger apps that are at Google Play. The reward is fixed to 190USD. I will provide background image, logos, and buttons if required...
  • €400.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller dallmeier


    Mar 10, 2014

    perfect work

    Project Description:Screen layout definitions: - add separate page for layout and stream definition - sidebar in main screen as alternative - test and evaluate both layouts Compensation for required changes during last...
  • $1200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dallmeier


    Mar 5, 2014

    everything fine as usual

    Project Description:Define different layouts for overviews with high and low aspect ratio. Move profile selection to new fragment, selection of streaming paramteters and layout per profile. Replace color scheme and button...
  • £95.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller pixelcraft


    Feb 26, 2014

    Hope to hire again.

    Project Description:Project description as discussed and agreed via email and Skype.
  • $680.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller AAAProjectTeam


    Feb 18, 2014

    Good Freelancer!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • €350.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller liverpool123


    Feb 13, 2014

    really happy with the work he did for me, He has perfect English, he was able to understand everything I wanted him to do and he was able to deliver everything I wanted and on time. Very good freelancer, I would defiantly re-hire him again and I would recommend people to work with him.

    Project Description:I want my app to be connected to a Sql database and the main functionality is being able to asses information about the subject and to then set reminders for example in 2 weeks time to take medicine and...
  • $42.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller HURIMOZ


    Jan 24, 2014

    Good job, I look forward to working with you again.

    Project Description:I'm looking for an Android developer to integrate Google Analytics to my app.
  • $55.54 USD
    Profile image for Seller HURIMOZ


    Jan 15, 2014

    Thanks for your help

    Project Description:I'm the owner of Huri Translations, a consulting company located in Mo'orea, French Polynesia.I'm looking for someone who can just revise the Polynesian Keyboard app and update it to the latest Android API...
    TechniVN has not completed any projects.
  • $800 USD In Progress

    Need someone to complete this project. original freelancer after 3 months decided it was too hard for him to complete.I need someone to complete this app.Thanks

  • $500 USD In Progress

    The project include development of android mobile application for managing money and product. The details are in attached files. Additional details can be discussed here or at skype. I am open for comment/suggestions. I need programmer that can dedicate full to it, complete it in 5 days, and deliver the final project until December 11.

  • $99 USD In Progress

    I want a template of an Ebook for android OS mainly Galaxy S2,S3 and S4 with the following details:1. and interactive template that has the main features ( search, highlight, chapter subjects in tabs...etc)2. a user friendly and attractive layout.

  • $349 USD May 9, 2014

    Custom VideoViewPurposeVideo streams shall be decoded and displayed using the Android VideoView class. It is necessary to display additional graphical and textual information. Therefore the VideoView class shall be extended.OverviewThe new class - PanView - shall consist of three main building blocks: The main area to display the video stream. The functionality is identical to the underlying class. A rectangular drawing area, limited by a line with attributes ovOuterColor and ovOuterStroke, which is defined by top, left, bottom and right coordinates. This area lies within the bounds of the VideoView and serves to draw rectangles, lines.. as it is possible on a Canvas. Specifically the methods drawRect, drawCircle and drawColor using a Paint shall be available. A layout with widgets (read from a XML-layout), that can be positioned freely (in one of the four corners) as a group inside the boundaries of the VideoView, based on custom attributes.Central video dispaly and the two variable areas for drawing and additional widgets.DetailsThe following functional requirements shall be fulfilled: The PanView shall extend the VideoView class. A drawing area shall be available inside the boundaries of the video display. The area shall be defined by "top", "right", "bottom", "left". The area shall be set by reading custom attributes from the layout XML. A border shall be drawn around the area, taking into account the stroke of the line (i.e. the inner area needs to be used for drawing operations). The PanView class shall offer methods to draw rectangles, circles, lines and bitmaps. The drawing area shall be normalized to the interval [0 ... 1], all drawing commands shall only accept this value range. A method shall be available to inflate a RelativeLayout and to display it in one of the four corners, defined by the attributes "bnXPos" and "btnYPos" For the buttons an "OnClickListener" and "OnLongClickListener" shall be implemented inside the PanView class (NOT in the activity). For the drawing area an "OnTouchlistener" shall be implemented, delivering touch events only for the drawing area and calculating touch coordinates in the interval [0 ... 1].Hint: it may be necessary to work with a SurfaceTexture, as trying to lock the canvas leads to an exception because of SURFACE_TYPE_PUSH_BUFFERS in VideoView class).StyleablesThe extended VideoView shall be configurable by using styleables , described in "".The follwoing properties shall be editable, using the listed tags:

  • $15 USD/hr May 6, 2014

    hi" my name is tayyab i want job . i am read in 1st year plz hire me .and my age is 17.

  • $100 USD Apr 28, 2014

    A simple chess program in prolog. It"s just counting characters in a map and finding shortest paths.

  • $147 USD Apr 25, 2014

    I want an app that can find products based on your route wherever you are traveling. I don"t know if this is something that we have to integrate with Google Maps or not, but maybe we don"t need to. Please message me for more details. This app should work first for all android phones.

  • $750 USD Apr 4, 2014

    We are looking for an Android developer to create an Android 2.3+ compatible application that will grab some data from an API endpoint, store the data on the device, and use the Star Micronics SDK to print a receipt on a Star TSP 143L.Be sure to read the attached description as it goes into much greater detail. Bids need to have the keyword in the attached document in order to be considered. Bids with examples of previously built apps that are currently in the play store will be considered first.

  • $250 USD Apr 4, 2014

    I want you to make live wallpaper for me. Detail I will discuss with you later when you reply me.

  • $100 USD Mar 31, 2014

    An Simple app with 1. To Detect out going call ringing status2. To Detect out going call answer/reject status3. based on the above the phone should vibrate when phone is ringing and stop the vibration when call is answered or rejected.

  • $1500 USD Mar 19, 2014

    To develop an android apps like Homedine iPhone apps with different visibility. This apps is to display home cook dishes and to sell.

  • $150 USD Mar 17, 2014

    Hi I need to port my ios game to android and it must be compatible for all devices with errors. It is coded using cocos2d-x (c++).

  • $900 USD Mar 6, 2014

    A project for android iphone and web1.A client and server application between the client and the hair dresser.2.Internet and cellphone app3.Client will be a able to look for a hair dresser in his area 4.The client can have his favorite hair dresser and make an appointment and see the open spots.5.The hair dresser will see his schedule and all of the clients including name and number(preferably connected with facebook)6.Everything will be in real time, the hairdresser will have a tablet/computer that will update constantly.7.The client will be able to search for a hairdresser in their area and at the time that they want and set an appointment.8.Every hairdresser will have a profile with number of clients that came through the app and star rating. The hairdresser will have an option to put a pricelist and sales.9.Every profile will have a picture of the hairdresser and his place.10.The design will be interactive and easy for the client11.Location will be based off cellular data not GPS.12.The whole project needs to be easy to translate, because eventually it will be in several languages.

  • $2500 USD Jan 6, 2014

    Project:We would like our out of office Technicans to process Service Jobs and to pass them on to the main office. These Service Technicans not always have an internet connection. The App must therefor run standalone and when connected to the internet be able to sync the data with our server.App Requirements:- Authentication (sign up, login, logout)- Download up to e.g. 10 Service Jobs with data for offline work (pictures,text,film,sound,pdf etc.)- Choose 1 of the 10 Service Jobs or generate new Service Job- View and edit Service Job (e.g. contact data)- Take photo with time, date etc. and option to add text, handwriting or voice recording as photo description- Scrollable view of the photos (toggle between latest and oldest)- Signature Function within the App for signing document - PDF Function to generate PDF documents with text, picture and signature- Save Service Job- Upload/ synchronise Service Job on user demand with server- Delete Service job from mobile device on user demand.Candidate Requirements - good English - Objective C, Java - well commented code - quick realisationWe are looking for a skilled developer with examples of previous apps (preferably free) that we can review. The developer will be working from PhotoShop PSD designs of the app screens. The well commented program code will be checked by our programing team. Our service portal is a SQL database, programmed in html, ASP and javascript. The sync function to our server must be implemented by App developer. Currently we are using a Server Plugin to upload the data to the server.Other Functions will be needed later in a 2nd step. We want to work with you long term.

  • $10 USD Dec 16, 2013

    Java app getting testing failed. Need to check for issues.

  • $250 USD Dec 14, 2013

    Hii.. i want to make an audible application for android...

  • $150 USD Dec 13, 2013

    searching for android developer to create application for facebook.1. Android application2. Facebook loging3. Switch view - Mobile and Desktop4. Added share with function5. Including - Google Analitycs and Adsense6. Donation to remove ads

  • $199 USD Oct 9, 2013

    Your job will be to create a full android application based on a web application.The web platform from which you should create the android application is a gps tracking software that has many features that provides users to monitor vehicles, view hisoty, reports, add expenses, chat ect. Based on the features the software has you will have to implement several features to the mobile application:1. Clean and easy login - All users should be able to access the mobile application with their existing username and password.2. Main page (landing page after login) - All vehicles should be listed here that the user has under their account (vehicles and users are added through the admin of the web application) - By clicking on the vehicle an expandable dropdown should show with the following info (last message, location, speed, fuel level if any)3. Monitoring - Enable the user to view all vehicles on a map.4. History tool. - A simplified version of the history feature on the web application5. Reports. - A simplfied version the reports feature from the web applicationSo the andoird app will use all the data that is already provided. It will just represent some info from the full version in a simplified form.All interested and chosen freelancer will receive a demo account.Thanks,

  • $699 USD Sep 19, 2013

    PLEASE NO PRE-BIDS. I BELIEVE IT"S UNFAIR WITH OTHER PROGRAMMERS.ONLY BID IF YOU DID A REAL ASSESSMENT OF COST AND TIME.THE DESCRIPTION IS VERY CLEAR AND YOU CAN ASK ME QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING TO MAKE SURE.I am looking for an Android app that will book moto cargo/freight delivery services for consumers. The product will take after taxi apps with a few modifications.Contents of the project:1) GPS based Client Android Interface + Website2) GPS based Driver Android Interface4) Web services back end for the Android apps (that can later be used for the iPhone version)5) Simple Webpage Admin to see the database of trips and be able to cancel and delete tripsCustomer: Android app which will be very similar to 99Taxis in which they can see nearby drivers in the map but with the ability to enter details about the service they need (where to deliver, time and receive quotes back about the cost from the drivers nearby). The customers should also be able to does all this via a website! Customer needs to register in the first time they use the app.Drivers interface: allow them to manage their service inquiries (by rejecting or accepting and also by quoting the service via SMS, push notification, email etc), ability to look at the trip details such as end destination, etc.), manage their full day operations and look at all the freight logs with their details. They should also be able to set their statues as being available to take a new service as well as being off-duty or busy. Drivers must register in the first time they use the app.Priority will be given to companies with prior experience with Taxi mobile applications.

  • $499 USD Sep 11, 2013

    The project start with detect the face and the eye using front camera, then detect the eye blink to make a call. I"m using Java Eclipse with android opencv 2.4. And i did the detection part(face and eye) and i need help in blink detection and making the call.

  • $599 USD Sep 11, 2013

    i need an app application for my site And here is a sample app that i wanted to be duplicated.

  • $6998 HKD Sep 8, 2013

    I am looking to build an app that provides live information and statistics for EPL matches. I would like the developer to have interest in the English Premier League. So please tell me what team you support, who your favorite player is, and why. If you are an avid Fantasy Football player, this would also be very helpful.The app will only be pulling a twitter feed and pulling live statistics from other sources. I do not anticipate developing this app to take more than 100 Hours. Or approximately 12 days of work. I can pay 8,000 HKD.

  • $299 USD Sep 6, 2013

    Project Description:We need a combination of Android application and website.The android application will contain a simple "Share my camera" buttonThe web application will allow to see what the camera in the Android device is seeing.Both things should be simple prototypes (we just want to see how it could look). So spend time making the thing work - we don"t need a polished looking and feel or anything like that.To share the camera we think using the Google Hangout API is what makes more sense (even if of course this requires the website viewer to log in to G+). But we"ll be happy to listen to any solution.Target Android SDK is 15No specific requirements for the website; use whatever you are more comfortable with.You can use any library you want both for the app and the website.

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