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  • $50.00 USD
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    McAdamsx [ Incomplete Report ]

    13 days ago

    Brief not followed

    Project Description:I need a database of Australian & New Zealand Companies - see attached file product design engineering services engineering design Examples
  • £736.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller LauraHF


    18 days ago

    Great work as always, I will continue to work with this company!

    Project Description:I require 500 email addresses for the contacts provided. I have names, occupations, company\'s and locations. The email address must be personal (i.e. not info@ )There are six lists of 500
  • £842.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller LauraHF


    May 19, 2014

    Great work, as always

    Project Description:I require 500 email addresses for the contacts provided. I have names, occupations, company's and locations. The email address ust be personal (i.e. not info@ )There are eight lists. I also require the...
  • $90.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller spoolchick


    Apr 21, 2014

    Excellent job. Great communications. I appreciated the detail with which they worked on the research. End result was exactly what I was looking for. Would definitely use them again.<br/>

    Project Description:We are looking for information on our direct and indirect competitors specific to the Wholesale / Resale computerized embroidery and screen print industry. These companies will be true wholesale and provide logo decoration on apparel only...
  • £927.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller LauraHF


    Apr 8, 2014

    Great work as always and a pleasure to work with!

    Project Description:I require 500 email addresses for the contacts provided. I have names, occupations, company&#039;s and locations. The email address ust be personal (i.e. not info@ )There are eight lists. I also require the...
  • £70.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller LauraHF


    Mar 28, 2014

    Excellent as always. Thank you

    Project Description:I need someone to compare multiple (6) spreadsheets each with 500, one with 100 contacts against a master list. I need you to be able to see if they are on the master and if so remove them from the individual sheets...
  • $206.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller clifton2007


    Mar 18, 2014

    Very good work, well done.

    Project Description:We have need data sourcing from the web. From the &#039;Pitchero Club Rankings&#039; (list of sports clubs) on each of these pages:
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller panklitos


    Mar 3, 2014

    Second time that i work with this freelancer and everything is perfect.

    Project Description:I have an excel file with Id, Title and Actors. I want to see how many times each actor appears in the dataset and on which ids. Thanks
  • $33.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arwa123


    Mar 3, 2014

    Good work, did exactly what I wanted but after one revision!However, the delivery passed the deadline with one day, with no response from him, so the only concern was the communication!

    Project Description:Hi dears, all the details could be found in the attachments! the deadline in 3 days! March 2, 2014 It&#039;s a simple data entry job! Good luck!
  • £395.51 GBP
    Profile image for Seller dominicbarnes


    Feb 21, 2014

    Great 1st Project.

    Project Description:data input
    N-office Solutions. has not completed any projects.
  • $54 USD In Progress

    Need experienced product Listing Specialist Copy and list products in categories Must e efficient

  • ₹1400 INR In Progress

    Need the mailing addresses of MBA coaching centres in India of only TIME and IMS. The addresses of coaching centres can be found on the websites and . Earlier few people got me excel sheets and pdfs found on internet but they were out of date when we checked. Hence kindly give the current accurate addresses. We verify from our end and wont accept even if single descrepancy.Please put the address in an excel format, with coaching centre name, city, address with phone number

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi thereI have set up an online market place for people to teach and learn over web cam: - and I&quot;d like help finding and contacting potential tutors in specific subjects (i.e. music, language, yoga, etc, etc) in certain locations (we&quot;ll roll out over the coming weeks in various cities) with a view to getting them to sign up to the site and start teaching.Hours would start at 6hrs per week, and have the potential to increase for the right candidate.I look forward to hearing from you,RegardsPaul ButterworthFounder, Utorial+61 449 158 138

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Search to find out home baised address of Licenced health professionals vendors who have large practices and ,or are vendors on Amazon ,ebay, search engins etc. After you get the job I will give you the key words to search with.

  • €4 EUR/hr In Progress

    I have up to 120 daily manu plans with ingredients, that I need to modify in terms of amounts.I have 7 different calory balances that a daily menu needs to reach by adjusting the amount of ingredients up or down. I have created an elaborate excel tool that helps with this, so it is really just a trial and error in excel following a few basic rules. I have created an extensive video tutorial what needs to be done: project can be described as:1) Copy some content from one excel to the other2) adjust the amounts of individual food items up or down and see if certain numbers improve or become worse3) Play arround until you are very close to the desired numbers4) Copy these settings to somewhere else5) play around to get the numbers really close again...6) repeat the above.Basic rules (will make sense after watching the tutorial):1) if you have bread and honey and you increase the amount fo honey, try to increase the amount of bread in a similar fashion (3x as much honey is 3x as much bread)2) Someone will have to eat this... so dont give the person 1.5 L of fruit juice to dring for breakfast... the optimal amounts are given by the program... try not to go higher than 3x that amount or lower than 0.3x that amount3) If you cant get it to work after some trying.. leave that one menu out.. we dont need all calory balances for all menus.This is Excel intensive.. so please dont bid if you are not familiar in excel.This wil take many hours.. I will require the menus in batches of 5 menues per shipment continuously.

  • $69 USD In Progress

    I need a list of elearning training companies. I&quot;m looking specifically for Elearning companies that sell online video training/courses on their own site, but courses that contain either a live part (i.e. Q&A calls) or personal feedback aspect. To help you I included a some examples below, and also included several search keywords that could help. Requirements:- Put all businesses you look at into an google docs sheet (columns are mentioned below)- The company needs to sell an elearning product on their own website (not on a marketplace like udemy, skillshare, ebay, amazon etc)- The elearning product should contain video. - The delivery method should include online access (not only DVD).- The language of the course should be english (dutch and german are allowed too)- The training includes some live parts, i.e. live Q&A calls, live webinars, live lectures or workshops, coaching call, etc.OR the training includes 1 on 1 coaching that is or is not live (i.e. review your paper)- The topic of the training does not matter (i.e. starting your own business or writing a book doesn&quot;t matter)- They sell less than 8 online courses on their site- Both self paced (anytime access) and scheduled training (i.e. 8 week programs) are ok.- Include in the google docs sheet if the companies provides: Q&A calls/webinars, live teaching webinars, personal feedback / review. - Some good examples: , ,;m looking for- 100 companies from the United States- 50 companies from Canada- 50 companies from the UK- Up to 100 companies can be from an unknown countrySo 300 companies in total I require the following information from each company organized into an google docs sheet: Company name, company website url, and course website (one of the courses) self paced (Y/N), Q&A calls/webinars (Y/N), live teaching webinars (Y/N), personal feedback / review / 1on1 coaching (Y/N). Once i&quot;ve selected you i recommend providing an sample of 5 results so we know we understand each other.Some suggested search keywords:(&quot;video course&quot; OR &quot;video lesson&quot; OR &quot;video t&quot; OR &quot;training video&quot;)(buy OR &quot;order now&quot; OR &quot;checkout&quot; OR &quot;add to cart&quot; OR purchase OR paypal OR subscri)(&quot;Lifetime access&quot; OR &quot;online delivery&quot; OR &quot;video content&quot; OR license OR streaming OR &quot;online learning&quot; OR ((instant OR immediat) Access)) (&quot;calls&quot; OR &quot;virtual classroom&quot; OR &quot;live webinar&quot; OR &quot;live online&quot; OR &quot;live meeting&quot; OR &quot;live Q&A&quot; OR &quot;personal feedback&quot; OR coaching)(please not that this are too many keywords for a google search).

  • $147 USD In Progress

    I need a LinkedIn expert for multiple services including, but not limited to - LinkedIn maintenance, Qualified client connections, LinkedIn group maintenance, lead generation through LinkedIn, etc.In your bid, please mention1) what all have you done through LinkedIn for previous clients2) what all services are you offering for LinkedIn - past experience necessary3) Your bid - Keep in mind that this will be a long term work, 6 months or soANY BIDS WITHOUT THESE WILL BE IGNORED!

  • $4 NZD/hr In Progress

    I have a large list of data that needs sorting out into categories. More information given on acceptance of job.

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    I require analysis of the Australian Stock Exchange companies based on agreed criteria. I require someone with previous experience.

  • $4 USD/hr In Progress

    This project requires you to search for contacts within a list of target companies in our CRM and populate their contact details. - We will provide access to our list or companies once we select the freelancers we wish to use. - We will provide instructions on what to search for and how to search for the information- All the information you find will need to be entered into the CRM

  • $74 USD Today

    I am looking for someone that can visit a list of websites for e-commerce merchants and give me the following information for each:1. The site&quot;s return policy2. Shipping charges3. Hours of operation - this could be the hours that you can reach the customer service by phone, the hours of the brick and mortar store, etc.The current list we are working with is 47 websites (which are attached)Please reply with a total price as well as a timeline for completion.Thank you!

  • ₹1700 INR Today

    I need someone to add products to me website.The website is in Wordpress. All you need to do is add details of the product on my website, I will provide the details which you need to rewite & post on my website.Also need to search & add pictures.

  • $105 USD Today

    update Pricing through 2015 on Airbnb site. Update pricing all the way through August 2015. Should be $100.

  • £421 GBP Today

    add 4000 products that are in a spreadsheet to magento adminproduct contains:category, sub category, image, title, short description, long description, product code,and pricethanks

  • $6 USD/hr Today

    I have an Excel spreadsheet with ~850 rows and 5 columns. The spreadsheet is a text export of products information from my website. Unfortunately, when exported, special HTML characters show up in the spreadsheet. I need you to go through every cell in the spreadsheet and replace the stray characters with the proper symbol. For example, &quot;Blanton&#8217;s Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey&quot; should be changed to &quot;Blanton&quot;s Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey&quot;.Additionally, there is a column that needs to be filled in/corrected based on a list of options. I can explain in further detail once you start.

  • $473 USD Yesterday

    Hello,We have 4500 products that need manually inputting into our opencart website. Unfortunately due to the nature of one of our plugins (chain product options plugin) we cannot do this via a spreadsheet. We therefore need somebody to understand how products are created and then manually add each product and their product options (Size and Material). The size and material need to be added in a specific way as our plugin does the following:1. Customer selects size2. Based on the size it then displays the available materialsSo say for example:A4 Size is selected in dropdown one.Only plastic and metal are available in A4 so these two options show in dropdown two.A5 Size is selected in dropdown one.Plastic, Metal and Vinyl show for this size.I can do a screencast to show you how to do the options. Please only bid if you are serious as we need this doing asap and quickly.

  • $4 USD/hr Yesterday

    Please give me an estimate on the following data entry:1. Go To Choose &quot;South Carolina&quot; for State then click &quot;Search&quot;3. Click on First Person&quot;s Name &quot;A&quot;Hern, John Means &quot;4. Copy Details from Member Directory and insert into Excel Spreadsheet fields (fields in CSV) file.We only need the following fields inserted into our spreadsheet:Name, Company, Address, Address (cont), city, state, zip, email, phone, fax, WebsiteMust be accurate! Data will be verified.Please give us a quote on doing 5,000 entries.Thank you for your bids!

  • $157 USD Yesterday

    If you do not live in Italy do not bother applying for the job.We are seeking to employ a web researcher to do research on Christian denominations in Italy.The applicant must be living in Italy.Must be able to translate to English.Must have a good understanding of Christian denominations in Italy.Must be willing to do telephone research as well.

  • RM5263 MYR Yesterday gangga from malaysia. My business title is during a 5 year already in online my business plans is coming year open one shopOnother planing is will be develop on this business...but i have a bit finance problem...will done quiqly,doveloping

  • $263 USD Yesterday

    I need a freelancer to write down a business plan for a social network that includes:- Costs analysis.- How to start.- Marketing strategy.- Viability of the project.I will provide you the initial idea and some other details so you can your work.

  • $157 USD Yesterday

    Private message me for more details.

  • $210 AUD Yesterday

    Hello;I am looking for someone to write out a small business plan for me, I am looking to start my own skincare range online, 2-3 products to start off with, I am already in contact with suppliers and packaging just waiting to receive some samples of the product. I also have a business partner and we both aren&quot;t all that good with writing up a plan and need some help,

  • $526 AUD Yesterday

    We have an existing web-site that requires extensive updates. Updates involve the insertion of images into web-site. Approximately 50 - 100 images per page following set formating criteria. All images will be provided by us.

  • $210 AUD Yesterday

    I am trying to gather some information and put a presentation together. The research will entail the following:1. the size (revenue generated) of the beauty industry in the whole of Europe - breakdown by country2. in each country,a. the number of businesses in the health and beauty industry (clinics, cosmetic surgery professionals)b. population that uses such services and the demographic breakdown - age groups, sex, etc..c. average spendingd. the best way to contact (or market to) these peopleThis research will be compiled into a presentation and marketing plan in order to promote beauty products to these businesses

  • $3 USD/hr Yesterday

    we need an assistant who will do some online research for us.You will get paid 2$ an hour. This will be a full time job, 8 hours per day!! What you need is a good internet connection, a skype account and experience with google drive.A gmail email address is recommended. For more details please contact us

  • $210 USD Yesterday

    joomla module that can automatically assign numbers to users and alert them accordingly when its their turn to contribute to the project

  • €526 EUR Yesterday

    A script called .nfs something is created and executed in a joomla application. We need the procedure to remove this virus. We also need to revert from vers 2.5.9 to a previous version.

  • $210 USD 2 days ago

    I created my first website twenty years ago and when you type \&quot;comicshop\&quot; in Google France my website is second only to the world\&quot;s largest comicshop in the world. I am highly qualified and I want to work only with highly qualified people. This project is assisted, in order to ensure the quality of your work.I am difficult, but fair.1/Fixing bugs in scrapping/importing script (java, php)from a freelancer who made a terrible job, in magento. Sync does not work: items are not modified when delay for example changed from source. Easy work, if you know Magento well enough.If you want to you can develop the SCRIPT from scratch, in php only2/Migrating Magento 1.7 to 1.9, including custom made scripts and loyalty points, for example.

  • $10 USD/hr 2 days ago

    We need a expert in Excel. Will pay from $10 to $15 dollars per hour US. We are based in California - our indian web designer has been with us for 6 years and work with him almost daily - from India. We do not want a normal outsourcing company to bid on this job-expert excel individuals ONLY working from home with high speed internet connection. You must be familiar with gotomeeting or teamviewer so we can share screen ANYTIME while working and teaching my son and i excel while you are sorting the db for us.... Only individuals who can work from home a few hours at night or in the morning now and then. We can work around you busy schedule. Work for us only when you want to fit us in. . Good english skills a must. Have skype available and gotomeeting for online instruction and communication. Must have a high speed internet conncetion from home. Once again no outsourcing companies .... please. Attached is my sons resume... he will be overseeing this work also and get instruction on excel from you.In your reply please add this text at the very beginning so we know you have read the full description. &quot; EXCEL EXPERT AND TEACHER&quot;My son is a Senior at a university in San Diego graduating in 7 months with a CS degree. He works for a Fortune 500 bio tech company as a paid intern. He is going to devbootcamp this coming summer – check it out. Fast pay makes fast friends !!!!!!!!!! We normally use Yahoo IM and Skype or gtalk or teamviewer or gotomeeting.Thanks, Robert Reynolds Palm Desert , California

  • $473 USD 2 days ago

    You will be given a document that lists 6 cities, and a couple of areas within these cities. Each city will have a set number of points that you will need to locate, and enter into a google form that we provide.The data we are looking for is - Name (and type) of establishment - A reason to go there (subjective like &quot;it has a good pad thai&quot;) - Location like GPS coordinates, Lat/Long - A URL with more information (or a map e.g. for a beach) - And the target audience (business travellers, &quot;staycationers&quot; and weekend getaways). The total amount of points (for all 6 cities) is around 250. You can find the information anywhere, websites such as &quot;;, but make sure that we can confirm the location e.g. via an URL.

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Information Technology Enabled Services.

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N-office Solutions

We are an ITES and consulting firm based in central province of India with excellent infrastructure and resources, We are located in one of emerging Information technology hub of the country, established in 2008 with a motive of providing multiple services at one place, we are one of the most prominent company in the native market, thanks to the tireless and committed efforts of our employees, we are now into the third year of our operations.



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Municiapal Corporation



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