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MCITP and RHCE certified Engineers with 10 years experience in the industry

Username: VRTECHYS

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Location: Cochin, India

Member since: May 2013



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My projects:

  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Martinjames2016


    4 days ago

    Vr Techys, He done a excellent job and was very patient in understanding my needs to the mark. If you need to set up a Google Cloud / VM server.. He is the best person on Freelancer!!!

    Project Description:I'm currently looking for a cloud computing expert to set up a mysql phpmyadmin database (migrate existing database) and also set up 2 VM instances with cPanel's for file hosting with Google's cloud hosting service...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dgreaves


    21 days ago

    Excellent, very professional, trustworthy and did the job as asked, will use again if required.Thanks

    Project Description:Install Plesk On Brand New Root Server
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller PeterZauner


    May 15, 2014

    VRTECHY did an excellent job. His expertise enabled him to complete a task that other freelancers were not able to do. Very friendly, good communicator. Will hire him again.Peter - Syndey, Australia<br/>

    Project Description:I am operating a freelance business via my website. I would like to start accepting credit card payments through my PayPal business accounts. PayPal offers several options for this but I don&#039;t have to time to research them in detail and I also have only limited experience in web site design...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller satyamadala


    Apr 24, 2014

    Excellent work done by him. I will suggest to hire him

    Project Description:We have one linux server where we need to resize the root partition. It is in LVM. Please contact me on 9494994999 to proceed further. We will made the payment once the issue is resolved.
  • $179.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller musicmancanora


    Mar 19, 2014

    very good consultant in the area of I.T. Will use again for future project. Impressed with his ideas and solutions

    Project Description:Hi i basically i need some research done and a plan made on how to create my own cloud for my own clients and remote desktop virtualisation. One that will work with both MAC and Windows. Open source solutions...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller DeviantArtist


    Feb 22, 2014

    Great work and in time.<br/>

    Project Description:Documented project Setup OpenLDAP with Kerberos (Single sing-on). Server/desktop 2+1: Ubuntu 12.04 virtual server OpenLDAP, Ubuntu 12.04 Kerberos server, Ubuntu 12.04 client for authenticating. Timeframe: 15-20h...
  • $156.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller Shlomoros


    Feb 4, 2014

    very very professional and helpful WILL HIRE MANY TIMES AGAIN

    Project Description:Setup Nginx + Varnish on existing server configured best for my server and configure all existing sites with varnish make sure now major downtime
  • $66.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller eugeneneo


    Feb 4, 2014

    Good Services and prompt response.

    Project Description:As per communicated previously with 3 x instances on 1 AWS Ubuntu Server
  • $368.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kuberkhajana


    Jan 21, 2014

    Exellent professional

    Project Description:FIRST MILESTONE Installation of Zimbra open source mail server on Ubuntu with following features: a) First test domain, when successful then change configurations to main domain b) IMAP &amp; POP features...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller futurama101


    Jan 16, 2014

    exceptional work,, did task on time,,, will hire in future

    Project Description:install wp multsite, vps admin panel, jquiry and other debian software to make sure server perfoms fast and quick.. install other important debain software suitable for security and perfomance
    VRTECHYS has not completed any projects.
  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I have adfs 3.0 set up and configured for dynamics crm 2013 and TK Dialogs ( on MS Server 2012R2 this is mostly OK but Single Sign On still not working. I need someone to have a look and make it work.

  • $94 USD In Progress

    I need people to be able to login to a mikrotik hotspot trial account (30 min free wifi) with their facebook account. So they either like a page or share a status in order to make use of the free internet access.It has been done before, here: i need someone to build the same functionality for me.

  • $170 USD In Progress

    use existing PSD design to develop website using Premium Theme and 2x pluggins and Javascripts website must be at least 70-90 % identical to PSDUse lots of elements if possible.Make website a wow-factor, elegent beautiful Fully setup site ready to be liveDisable blog comments, Remove ability to commentMake sure the site is clean and remove un-necessary texts Insert the web data text words and images i will give youInstall core Plugginsinstall Google page speed Mod _apache install SEO Yoast, install Google Analytics Yoast and other core plugginsenforce SSL connections all the time

  • $70 USD In Progress

    install virtualmin, wordpress server, all core pluggins, make sure site is mobile friendly, customise module according PSD design .... will provide Theme,, Make sure SSL cert is working 100% that all website connections have forced https connections

  • $525 USD In Progress

    Setup a Linux media streaming Server using Http 5 so it can be viewed on all platforms and most browsers (Computers, Mac, Linux, Androids OS devices, iphone, ipad, Blackberry, symbian, Java Phones, WindowsMobile , Tablet pc etc..). Provide a means to load the Media Music Videos or Movies into the ServerProvide a means to categorize the Videos or Movies. Many Directories and Sub-directories can be Created by AdminProvide 2 Streaming Options. 1. Provide A Play List Version So videos to be played can be added to the play list by the adminitrator and Streamed to audienceViewers has no control over what is played. They will be directed to a web page where they just click and viewlike a TV Station.2. Provide A VOD version so users can make their own selections but will need a username and pass to do so. Admin can create Username and PasswordA Linux Test Server will be made available for configuration.After Project is complete we need a complete script that can be used to install the Software in another machineYou can use your own streaming Software of Use any Open Source such asXBMC, Subsonic, plex, MediaTomb, Tonido ,Flumotion, VideoLAN, Firefly Media Server etc.

  • $157 USD In Progress

    Hello there,I&quot;m looking for a guy who know how to implement login data to Joomla via LDAP. The LDAP contain all login data for users and I need this data as login instant of the user system in Joomla.Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.

  • $26 USD/hr In Progress

    I am using Parallels Plesk Panel and OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.My Server is Cloud Servers C188 which is under the link: got the error is: RebootingAlso, Error: Error: Unable to delete virtual host: websrvmng failed: Starts or ends with hyphen In rdidna module Exception type: at input, Boolean allowUnassigned, Boolean useSTD3ASCIIRules) at input) at IIS7WebSite.get_bindings(IIS7WebSite* , list >* )Error: Some of the selected domains or aliases were not activated.Error: SysUser::delete() failed: SysUser->_systemRemove() failed: usermng failed: Unable to get the object (C:\pagefile.sys) security info: (32) The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.So, I would need to see if you could help us to fix this problem.The other issue is, I would need to do the testing doe the ID- to our website to test in the server; after you completed the problem.Finally, host up the site after the testing is fine.Please let me know if you could follow this work so that we could do for it.

  • $111 USD In Progress

    it&quot;s easy and small projectI have a VPS ( Windows ) installed on it Quickbooks 2012I want to configure it to use as quickbooks database storage and use the program multiuser from more than placealso use it on the same timeNote: Also I can buy a VPS Linex if it work.Please don&quot;t bid if you didn&quot;t make it before

  • $277 USD In Progress

    Hello everyone!This is what i want!I want a windows 8 live CD/USB.I want to be able to use windows without installting it on a harddrive.For some one experienced the project should only take an hour or so. There is no license or key required for this project, microsoft is offering a stripped down verision of windows 8 for this purpose but im having a hell of a time to make it work.

  • £111 GBP 7 days ago

    This is an assignment that needs to be completed for a university student, it consists of a network design which should be made on microsoft visio 2010 and a 2000 word essay which should be done on microsoft word (with references)Scenario: An insurance company Call center employs 275 staff. They have recently expanded and as a result need to move to a new building. A building has been identified but has no network.. This means that before they can make the move a whole, new network service needs to be designed and implemented in the new building. See building map file for further details. The organisation has the following requirements for their new network: - • That the service be available between the hours 8am and 6pm • That the service provides 99% availability during these times • That the network is secure and has an internet connection • That the network provides a reliable service • The network should provide high performance for the end users • The new network should have sufficient capacity to support the business for 5 years. As a key member of the Networks Team you have been tasked to design a network for the new building. At this stage a logical design is required which shows the measures that you would put in place to ensure that the new network meets the current business need and is future proofed. Products: • A diagrammatic representation of the logical design professionally produced using an appropriate tool e.g. Visio • A report (approx. 2000 words) providing documentation for the design including a discussion of: o The design you have developed for this scenario including the hardware, topologies, protocols and software choices you have made o The security issues you have identified and what processes and policies can be used to mitigate the risks o The ethical and legal issues that need to be considered in network design and management

  • ₹6666 INR 7 days ago

    We have FortiGATE Firewall Fortios v5.0,build0252 and we want to configure it with our ADS(Active Directory services)

  • ₹6666 INR 7 days ago

    We have FortiGATE Firewall Fortios v5.0,build0252 and we want to configure it with our ADS(Active Directory services)

  • $27 USD/hr 10 days ago

    We are currently seeking an expert Microsoft System Center 2012 consultant to help us finish up some last remaining configuration and setup with Systems Center for our private cloud. Systems Center is already installed and working, so this work will focus on proper configuration for things like deploying task sequences, WSUS updates, setup of proper permissions, accounts, and more listed below.Must have extensive knowledge in architecting and deploying Microsoft’s System Center solutions for server infrastructure in a datacenter environment, with an understanding of how to set up and properly configure things like:-Configuration Manager -Client Deployments-Virtual Machine Manager, VM Migrations-Task Sequences for Process Automation-WSUS Deployment and Scheduling-Proper Security Policy and Permissions for AD accounts, as well as Group Policy- and more. You MUST speak good English, be willing to talk on Skype, work at an hourly rate, and do the work remotely over a teamviewer session while on a Skype call. Experts only please, as we need to ensure everything is configured with best practices and industry standards in place. We are willing to pay for the right person to get the job done right, and look forward to hearing from you!

  • $35 USD 11 days ago

    Good morning,I am looking for experienced virtual private server 2008 R2. HELP ME :a lot of things I&quot;ve already configured alone. Configure my web domain asp and aspx 4.0. configure ftp, configure SMTP to receive and send email (with user and password) and configure email pop3 domain, check asp and 4 (database access and sdf ms sql compact 4) are working properly!We need to make we linked together and I&quot;ll explain what&quot;s missing.I repeat some configurations I have already made​​: I need an expert to help me!greetings

  • $166 USD 11 days ago

    We like to install the latest version of RED5 streaming server on our windows server. OS is windows server 2008.1) All default provided features of RED5 should be enabled. 2) We can send and broadcast N number of channel/application from flash media encoder to RED5 streaming server.3) recording and playback .Full instructions will be required to setup and configure in .doc with screen shot.

  • $55 USD 12 days ago

    Hi, I need to be instaled on my windows 2008 server a full email service(send/receive email)

  • $10 USD/hr 12 days ago

    Hello,I Need an expert in Citrix XenApp.I just installed XenApp 5.0 on my Windows Server 2008...I configured it well, but I have some problems that I couldn&quot;t solve.I can access it internally but I can&quot;t externally.Could you help me and finish the configuration through Teamviewer?

  • ₹6666 INR 12 days ago

    We have FortiGATE Firewall Fortios v5.0,build0252 and we want to configure it with our ADS(Active Directory services)

  • $34 USD 20 days ago

    I need a simple OpenVPN setup on a VPS. No complicated setup, just need the openvpn server installed and working to route traffic through.

  • $7 CAD/hr 20 days ago

    I currently have a dedicated server that has some users setup on it. I need to be able to put more restrictions and be able to control it more. To start I need to install active directory and make sure that it doesnt effect the current users. I also want to make sure that some users have some permissions. I need you for a weekend so we can do all of this together. send me your hourly rate.

  • ₹526 INR/hr 20 days ago

    we are networking experience does your team have to create a private network under linux, with HA Proxy and database replication.I want to organize a priovate network for all my Digital Ocean servers - current 4. I am going to send you a link I want to design HA for OpenERP with replicationand HA for the LS application that we are building as all in the same DC and all have private (LAN) addresses I&quot;m envisaging a HA proxy for both systems but for the application building to talk to OpenERP internallyI have done a little work of this before, but do not have the time to do this.Also, I would like to know how your would charge for network support for up to 10 serversI should also have mentioned that I also have a PBX server and a mail serverI have installed Zimbra, but the is a problem with the MTA (mail Trasport Agent)i had sketch out the Private network design for your to look at itpls find attachment

  • [Sealed] 20 days ago

    hello,i&quot;m looking for someone to install and configure POSTFIX, and ROUNDCUBE on my NGINX / CENTOS.I already have NGINX and CENTOS installed, running a subdomain, and a domain.POSTFIX needs to be configured with the web admin panel enabled, and supporting my two domains (subdomain, and domain).They are both running off the same IP.

  • $34 USD 22 days ago

    hello i need reset mi VPS and reinstall, just reinstall all server but i need not delete mi websites and databases just remove all other things and re install the VPS.thanks

  • ₹1600 INR 22 days ago

    Hi I am looking for a person/Company who can Configure our Linux Server (Ubuntu, Apache and Tomcat Server). We need to host the application which is developed using Java and MYSql Database.Please contact me @ [Contact details removed by Administrators for breaching the site\&quot;s Terms and Conditions]ThanksShiva

  • $21 USD/hr 23 days ago

    HiNeed Windows 2012 active directory upgrade to 2012 R2 assistance.We want to start using Hyper V 2012 R2 and gen 2 machines.Looking for someone who speaks this fluently!

  • $39 USD 27 days ago

    Hi there,we need someone who has experience enabling company email accounts to be hosted on gmail or google mail using pop3 email. Our understanding of it is that we can point the mx records for our domain e.g. to the google email servers and then use ms outlook or outlook express to download the emails(e.g. info at abc dot com) from the pop3 accounts. We also need to forward an email account like info at abc dot com to info1 at abc dot com and store emails on both. If you have experience doing this please give us a quote. We can let you log in to our computer using teamviewer in order to set up the accounts. Please use the word &quot;expectation&quot; in your reply to show that you have read this description.

  • $105 USD Jun 18, 2014

    We need somebody to configure site-to-site L2TP.Server side: CentOS 6.5Client side: MikroTik RB951Ui-2HnD

  • $34 USD Jun 16, 2014

    I have an urgent SharePoint 2013 project.if you know I think It would not take long. Please bid on this project only if you are confident enough.i will give more details on selected bidders,Thanks

  • $40 USD May 14, 2014

    I need people to be able to login to a mikrotik hotspot trial account (30 min free wifi) with their facebook account. So they either like a page or share a status in order to make use of the free internet access.It has been done before, here: i need someone to build the same functionality for me.

    VRTECHYS does not have any open projects.
    VRTECHYS does not have any work in progress.
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System Administrator

Dec 2010 - Apr 2013 (2 years)


Technical design, planning, implementation, and the highest level of performance tuning and recovery procedures<br />Server Administration(ADS, DNS, DHCP, FTP, Terminal service, WDS, WSUS, ADRMS,ADFS,ADLDS,CRM 2011, Lync 2010,WSS3,Sharepoint 2010, )<br />Network Administration<br />Backup management(Symantec Backup Exec)<br />In<br />Infrastructure monitoring(Nagios /Centreon)<br />Client support<br />End user support <br />

System Administrator

Aug 2008 - Dec 2010 (2 years)


Server Management (ADS, Terminal Server, Citrix Server, FTP, Database Server, TS Web Access)<br /> Administration of Oracle 11 g Database<br /> Active directory implementation / Management<br /> Backup system implementation / Management<br /> Application Virtualisation for ERP <br /> Maintaining the IT infrastructure<br /> End user support<br /> Branch Connectivity<br /> Remote Assistance for Branches<br /><br />

System Administrator

May 2004 - Jun 2008 (4 years)


Installing and configuring windows 2003 server. DHCP, Terminal Services<br />Desktop Support<br />Client Installation and trouble shooting<br />LAN support<br />


Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering





Microsoft Certified Enterprise Administrator