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.NET(Dotnetnuke,MVC,Sharepoint) PHP(Drupal,Joomla)

Username: ValueCoders

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  • $9.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller a8le

    a8le [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 15, 2014

    Freelancer seems to be knowledgeable and friendly but seems to pick up too many projects. Finding time to work on with him was an issue.

    Project Description:Hi, Its been a while since I used or coded DNN. I have been trying to get back into it, but I am lost. I am at the point where I am willing to pay someone to help me do a few things: A. Help me setup my development site on my home computer using a collaboration tool like: Team Viewer...
  • $850 USD
    Profile image for Seller eddy2772


    Dec 6, 2013

    We continue to work for another project.

    Project Description:All tasks in attached files
  • $206 NZD
    Profile image for Seller BryanNZ


    Nov 20, 2013

    Good done well done

    Project Description:Skin a DNN website from a supplied PSD file using a supplied DNN template. You will need an eye for detail and be able to match the design supplied in the PSD file accurately. The successful bidder...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller stephandeby


    Oct 25, 2013

    Great work on upgrading the Joomla site. Highly recommend this developer.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller stephandeby


    Oct 17, 2013

    Great working with you again. Very professional skin design.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • €350 EUR
    Profile image for Seller PWM360

    PWM360 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 10, 2013

    This freelancers in the begining after reading what I ask for this project said a low price and few days. Then asked for more explanations via skype. I gave them, then they said that would be more money and about 10 working days. I accepted and paid them. After 10 days i asked for the project. They still didn't have anything to show me and said they would need more 5 working days to deliver the project with quality. Then, after that the 10 more the 5 working days they didn't reply to me,i sended several messages. Two more days passed and they finally replied, but just to say they were in a festival and they will return to working in the project in about one week from today. I still didn't see any work done! I've my clients very unhappy that they even don't want to work with me anymore because this freelancers doens't respect deadlines. I don't want to work with them anymore. I've to respect deadlines.

    Project Description:Hello, I need a DNN module to install in different portals that allows search based in several tags at the same time. DNN 5.x have tags but i doens't exist a module that allows you to search for a page that have two or more tags...
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller steveperkins


    Sep 26, 2013

    Was a challenging project, completed with good communication and humor.

    Project Description:Hi there freelancers! The challenge and the reward, restore our site and roll it forward to current patch release; We have previously had a full website running under Dotnet Nuke 5.2.3 which through...
  • $501.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller alakparov

    alakparov [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 19, 2013

    A freelancer is unable to complete the project. Constantly ottyagivyutsya time and need additional money. This office is engaged in extortion having a very low technical level. They never fulfill promises, constantly trying to cheat.

    Project Description:Necessary completions, with an explanation. 1 - Self distributed program - program regardless of the users create their own duplicates, and automatically sends them together with the body of the letter hidden from recipient...
  • $3250 USD
    Profile image for Seller elfmang


    Aug 12, 2013

    These guys are very experienced professionals that communicate very good. I will be hiring them again in the near future.

    Project Description:Create a web application using, javascript and sql. The goals for this application are customer management and Proposal management. Please see the attached design doc for more details. Please...
  • ₱8033 PHP
    Profile image for Seller clienthosts


    Aug 8, 2013

    Great group of people who know dotNET and DNN framework. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:Take PSD and create DNN 7 skin using RWD (Responsive Web Design) to work in browser and redirect for mobile device.
    ValueCoders has not completed any projects.
  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    I want a portfolio site to be created.If you have developed some portfolio sites please send me the urls so that I can check your work.If you did not develop yet you can send me some examples you like as long as you are able to replicate any of those.It"s not a urgent project, you will get a week to develop it.

  • $216 USD In Progress

    I want to costumize my checkout process in the page I want something like the checkout process. Summarizing should be like this:1)the shipping option have to be displayed in the product page for the costumer to choose. The costumer click in the checkout button on product page, then open a box in the page with the register form and a link to login (if the client is registered). The client fill the form with name, last name, email and password then click in a button to create the account.2)The client is transfered to a page with a shipping and billing adress form and the cart details with the shipping option before choosed added. There are two buttons: "Order" and "Cancel".3)After click in order the costumer is transfered to a page with the payment methods options to finish the process.My e-commerce plataform is the ixxo multi-vendor based in php, html and css.

  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    The following proposal is for the design of a web based database management system for a non-profit that holds events to raise funds for various charities. The objective is to design a front end User Interface that allows for the staff of the non-profit to easily access and manage information for the events, as well as allow the organization to easily maintain communications with their stakeholders throughout the year. It is also an objective to allow stakeholders which would include: Staff, Volunteers, Sponsors, Auction Donors, and Guests to easily input AND retrieve information through a web based portal. We will be leveraging the existing web infrastructure and building on the DotNetNuke 7.x Content Management System that utilizes a SQL database. The DataSprings modules have been purchased and are deployed on the site. The design should allow for deployment to other sites for other events. Please read the attached design document before responding. If you have worked with Datasprings Modules for DotNetNuke in the past, please inform us. I REQUIRE AN ESTIMATE OF THE TIME REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT.

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    We need a programmer to handle DOTNETNUKE, CMS system that is already existing.We need to arrange existing pages and construct new ones.See example of www.cornerbet.comIf this project is succesfull we may have more websites to work with.

  • $1352 USD In Progress

    The goal of all chess puzzles is to checkmate your virtual opponent no matter what moves they make (i.e. a forced mate), in the requested number of moves. Some chess puzzles are created from actual chess games played online, and some are purely composed chess problems, sometimes even with positions that cannot be reached in a real game of chess. All chess puzzles are automatically verified, so all solutions are guaranteed to be correct and complete.Chess board should be interactive similar to play against computer. I mean, once I do a mover, the computer will play his move and then I continue (applicable for puzzles more than 1 move required). If I play wrong move, the computer would tell me immediately it is wrong and take my move back.Please look into the attachment for the full details.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $700 USD In Progress

    Optimizing AJAXplorer by adding the following features:1. Enhance metadata feature2. File versioning3. Right Click to add folder, rename folder and select folder icon4. User Group PermissionPlease PM me for details.

  • $449 USD In Progress

    Add database and search module. Need joomla expert to add editor for documents and searchable database to allow registered users to search download and import and export data. Coding must be provided. Done in timely manner.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    Design / Develop a sleek responsive interface using cutting edge commercial modules for DNN7.PLATFORM: DNN 7.2 (Fresh Install)INSTALLED SKIN: Nevo Responsive Skin, MODULES: 1) Nevo modules: Nevo Slide Show (layered)2) Product catalogs by 6.0 (blogs, news, events, product catalogs, RSS feed, Journal/Fb/Tw)EasyDNNgallery 5.5 (image, audio & video gallery)EasyDNNrotator 5.6 (images, video & html rotator)3) Custom Forms:Dynamic Forms by Data Springs: Form by DNNSharp: PageSetup banner graphics and transitions using module 1 (3 sets, graphics to be provided).Signup PageSetup 2 columns for 2 different membership kinds (Member, Vendor) with links to popup paypal integration using Dynamic Forms (module 5).Meetup PageLinks to meetup groups / registration pages (3 to start: New York, Chicago, London)Organizers sign-up form (pop-up) for Organizers wishing to inquire about forming their own meetup groups on behalf of the association using Dynamic Forms (module 5).Product Reviews (12 Pages, each page dedicated to a specific product category screen scraped and aggregated from 3 main public sources).> Please bid based on above high level requirements bearing in mind that screen scraping and normalizing the data is time consuming (< 2500 records in total from all 3 sources, detailed instructions to be provided on request).ONLY BID IF YOU ARE 1) VERY EXPERIENCED WITH DNN7 AND 2) AN EXPERT IN WEB SCRAPING.

  • $618 USD In Progress

    Please see the attached files for details. This is an update to an existing software. This will require experience with .Net and SQL. This is a small project that has everything outlined in the addendum.

  • $1159 USD Today

    We need a highly skilled Magento plugin developer with experience with API&quot;s and scraping in Amazon and other retailers.Our software needs to integrate into our Magento system and extract information on a constant basis such as product pricing, stock availability using the Amazon API and screen scraping if necessary.The amount of products this needs to collect data on will need to be able to handle at least 100,000 products at any one time.When the information is collected the software/plugin will automatically make changes to: inventory, stock & pricing. As close to &quot;realtime&quot; as physically possible.A lot of our products are listed on eBay using the m2epro plugin. Experience with this is absolutely necessary. We would like price matching as well (please see below)We would also like to incorporate &quot;run-rates&quot; into our products somehow. 3 day / 7 day / 30 day would be required so we can see products that are not selling or losing sales. We would also like to incorporate a &quot;competitor price&quot; field into Magento so we can see the average price of the top 3/5 eBay sellers for this product. An expert in this field will be required as 80% of EAN&quot;s are not always listed in eBay so you need to come up with a way to AUTOMATICALLY match our product with the correct product on eBay. Keywords / Product images / descriptions / price averages etc..... please see for example: wisepricerIf you do not understand any part of this please do not waste our time and bid on this job. We require this within 10 days maximum and this time is a strict deadline.

  • [Sealed] /hr Today

    I need a joomla expert for help me, I will share more details with selected freelancer. Please do not bid if you are Indian developer. Thanks

  • $983 USD Today

    We currently have a very successful website called the We are looking at launching another website of the same size in July 2014. Here are the details: 1. The website will have about 30-35 landing pages2. We are looking for 30—35 unique landing pages. 3. Create sample website is the following: CMS WEB Project1. CMS TEMPLATEMaster Template Customization (Deliverable)We will require you to enhance, customize, refine the interface, navigation system and over-all global layout structure. Site map creation (2 level down) needs to be included. This process makes the site ready for content implementation.Review Points – we require unlimited review points until the final “yes” or approval stamp is given. 2. CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONCreation of Computerized Silhouette Illustrations (Deliverables)We will provide you a list of titles to create the illustrations for the fictional characters (Bob and wife and his family). This site will be about immigration. It will focus on a family who wants to immigrate to Canada. Each page will have a story line to tell with these fictional characters. Each simplistic illustration will be based on our topics. For example; Bob is traveling, Bob got visa, Bob and his family were sponsored by their uncle, bob got married and is now doing a spousal sponsorship and so on. We will create the concept and the storyline. Then we require you to create the illustration. We are looking at about 150 unqiue illustrations. Of course the site will have other generic illustration for cosmetics and appeal like my current site Review PointsI want unlimited review points on the illustrations until the final approval stamps. 3. LANDING PAGE CREATIONDesign & Beautification Process (Deliverable)We will require the design of 30-35 landing pages for our website based on our supplied content. Landing pages content will be similar size as We do not want a limit on the words. Review PointsUnlimited review until final approval is given4. INTERACTIVE ELEMENTSCreation and Design (Deliverable)Interactivity adds a nice touch to the overall site. Each page should have some sort of interactivity similar like the (theflags roll-over effects). These interactivity do not need to be extensive. It can be something simply like the flag rolling at the landing page. But again the landing pages need to be very appealing.Review PointsUnlimited review points until final approval is given In all the following is needed: Custom Website Design HTML/CSS Coding Content Page Package Average Complexity (Similar complexity to most pages from and including headers, sub-headers text, bulleted lists, icons and images, possibly video (videos will be provided by us). WordPress/Joomla Content Management System Drop Down Menu Basic SEO

  • $11 USD/hr Today

    This job is for ongoing developments to a joomla site running a reasonably complex custom joomla MVC component.Please specify your standard working hours and the amount of time you can devote to this project each working day. Please start all job applications with the phrase &quot;I have read the job description in full and I am prepared to start immediately&quot;Ongoing Position: Full Stack Web Developer with strong skills in PHP, Joomla MVC, MySQL and AJAXProject Stage: I have specificationsProgramming Languages Required: phpSoftware Frameworks that will be used: joomlaOther Skills: mysql ajax jquery

  • ₹46391 INR Today

    you will have complete online ecommerce storecategory,product,contact,add to cart,payment method integration ,ebay integration, facebook integration, ajax layered navigation,slider,css sprite,optimezed website, seo freendly site, wishlist, custom module and added community module as per the functionality like custom option product selection etc...feature product, bestsellers product,promotional product,new products,sale products etcalso from the backend side managable site...

  • $2319 USD Today

    I&quot;m looking to hire someone to get my online store,website build.Want to build a completly new php.1. Store front and back office.2. The site has to be available in multiple Languages.3. I want you to be based in Bangkok to do this. (so that we can discuss in-person)4. Need to be able to build a completly new website, to my specific design needs.More details on the project can be discussed.

  • $668 USD Today

    Note: I am ONLY looking for contractors who had experienced integrating quickbooks pos with woocommerce. To apply, please show proof that you&quot;ve done such integration before. Anything else will be ignored.Hello everyone,I currently have a woo commerce shop and I am looking to purchase qbpos either 8,9,10 or 11. I have found a plugin which integrates it at you have used the above plugin successfully, I am looking to hire you to do the same for my online shop. Alternatively, if you have done such integrations but with other methods, I am open to it as well.Happy bidding!

  • $1154 USD Today

    We need an online quote and booking system that will process a quote based on the information the customer enters. Below is a summary of what is needed. It may be helpful to view the images that will provide you a flow of events and requirements.1. The customer selects parcel destination and adds parcel details, such as weight, length, width and height. (with option to add additional parcels)2. Rate quote verifies the parcel weight and dimensions. (volumetric calculator L x W x H in cms. divided by 5000 = Volumetric Weight in kgs) Max weight is 70 kg, max length is 270 cm and max girth is 419cm (length + (2 x width + 2 x height)3. Rate quote displays 2 options for customers.(disclaimer link with &quot;terms of carriage&quot; and &quot;prohibited items&quot;4. Customer selects delivery service.5. Price and delivery service exported to customer data6. Customer chooses parcel collection time (this info is exported to customer data with all other info)7. Customer conjfirms information and either selects paypal or pay the driver option.Please note:The price that the customer will pay is based on a volumetric calculation combined with the destination.We will provide the prices and destinations.All information entered will be captured in the database. This will include the quote amount, destination, parcel details, volumetric weight, customer address, destination address, delivery type, collection dates and times.Please see sample quote steps and diagram attached.Additional information such as insurance option and &quot;do you need a box&quot; will be added to the total.A confirmation email needs to be sent to the customer and us. We will need to be able to makes changes in the database as needed, such as increase in prices, etc.All information needs to be captured so that we can enter this in worldship.We also need the following as outlined in the step and diagram; run sheet for driver, PayPal and Pay Driver options. All information as a .csv file.Any additonal ideas or suggestions are welcome.Please provide proof that you have the expertise to complete this project.

  • $863 USD Today

    Looking for a creative developer familiar with the Shopify eCommerce platform and themes.I am an experienced project manager (formerly a Google employee) that pays quickly and gives clear direction.I will give you the Shopify theme to be implemented. You will install and implement theme.Need someone who can follow creative direction in customizing an existing Shopify theme to meet my needs.This project can lead to additional ongoing work and maintenance of site.Please respond with your rate.

  • $705 USD Today

    We have a SaaS ERP system and we need a separate e-commerce website to handle package selection, payments, cross/up sell store. We need to integrate this with the SaaS system to capture relevant data via Web Services to populate their tenant in the cloud. Ideal applicant should be able to undertake the following:1. Design the UIs (Pages) for the e-commerce (we will be providing the concepts, wire frame)2. Integrate the payment gateway system of our choice (we will introduce the IPG provider)3. e-mail notification mechanism4. Incremental development approach to fine tune the setup.The project ownership needs to be ours and source code and any documentation need to be a property of our company. Thanks.

  • $5154 CAD Today

    Need Developer that can edit and re-build app store currently build using Flexera App Store Software.

  • $1216 USD Today

    I have a tshirt business that i want to start online. this online store should be design so that my customers can go on my site choose a design or upload their artwork, select shirt colors and sizes, see their price and paid for them also.

  • €2319 EUR Today

    We want to open a e-commercer website to distribute (sale) products for babies in Spain and Italy. The webpage will be initially in either one languague (Spanish). Number of ítems expected during the first year (

  • $2319 CAD Today

    Connection between WooCommerce (WordPress web store) and Sage 300 ERP.1) Has a new order happened on the web store? Tell Sage 300 about it so that our internal team can start to act and fulfill the order. -- New sales order record -- New customer record -- Other things we should be syncing?2) Has new inventory been received? Tell WooCommerce about it so our in stock / not in stock appears correct for customers on the web site.3) Does a B2B customer have an account that with overdue payment? Are they over their credit limit?4) Communicate the customer&quot;s account status to WooCommerce from Sage 300 so that we can tell the customer to take issue a payment.5) Has the customer&quot;s order been shipped? Sage 300 knows because the shipper uses Sage 300 for order processing. We need to tell WooCommerce so the customer can check their order status on the web site.Is this kind of data exchange possible? Is there any kind of data mapping tool that we can use to add or modify field mappings between the systems?

  • $10 USD/hr Today

    We need a website, that will have a social network, this social network is for a specific field that we will provide when discuss with the developer, basically it will contain the following:1- Login/Sign Up (Social integration)2- User groups, as every group will have different permissions.3- Mostly the normal facebook features, from uploading photos to videos, also others will be able to like and comment on the posts.4- A message board, where a user can post ads.5- Blog/News section.This is a basic idea... we have more details, but we will NOT provide the design.The same developer must be the one handling Web/Android/iOS, they will all be connected and the mobile version will be a stand-alone application that can be downloaded from store but connected to the web also.One last thing, don&quot;t post the usual stuff, if you dont know how to do it, please do not post.Also, this is a low budget project, so, please keep it as low as possible cause we wont have an agreement other than that.

  • $206 USD Today

    Hello We have a simple requirement for development of an entry level Store, where we can display our products and let user filter the products using filters like price, color and pattern. No E-commerce required at this time, Already have a web site as a ref and would like to convert it to DNN.

  • $4123 USD Today

    Hello Guys, I need auction engine for my one of the client.If you are interested then please contact with me in details,If you having experience then contact with me .No Bar in budget.Waiting for your reply.Happy Bidding!!!Regards,Oneiric Team

  • $983 USD Today

    Dears I am looking for someone that can make a plugin for the VertrexFX Backoffice to block connections , that are coming to the terminal through certain criteriaThe VertexFX API will be used for this project following are the help links for the BO API method needed for this plugin : need the conditions to be ANED or ORED , the disconnection will be made according to some criteria to be chosen from

  • $1159 USD Today

    Server & client socket chat application. Chat program will work on LAN & WAN.

  • $26 USD/hr Yesterday

    build new website application for disaster recovery planning.

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