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Syed Wajahat Ali

.NET,Web and Mobile Developer

Username: VjCoder

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Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Member since: March 2013



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My projects:

  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller batmannjoker


    Jun 16, 2014

    Great value for money. Work was delivered as expected. Exactly what I need

    Project Description:. write a program which is able to hold three simple sets of data and able to churn out in real time searches
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller compengin22


    Feb 27, 2014

    Great Guy, Knolwadgable and willing to help - looking forward for other projects with Unity and C++<br/>

    Project Description:I need some tutoring (hourly rate) with C#. I have to develop a very simple C# Chess Game (no IA just graphics and movments) and I need help doing it. Again I need online help through skype or smth not...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arthursychov


    Feb 21, 2014

    Great easygoing guy provided all info needed.

    Project Description:Hello, I have two questions regarding Android platform capability. I need an expert to answer my questions and say if my vision is possible to program in Android. We can make this as a quick chat...
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller RobinMcM


    Feb 8, 2014

    Excellent work, hit the play button and it just worked, linked the system to the Security cameras and it works instantly.. very pleased with the work.

    Project Description:Project outline Image Submission • Face Recognition and biometric Submission • Number Plate Recognition and Face Association i.e. Who gets out of a car • Movement Analysis i.e. where they go to...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SocialExp


    Jan 10, 2014

    VjCoder did the job that I asked for and was of a great help. I would hire him again in the future.

    Project Description:I have an existing project - that is small - with already all actors in the scene. A character controller is moving towards a moving target and should kick it once they collide. Everything is working except the collision part that makes strange result...
  • $61.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller goldbar25


    Dec 7, 2013

    Highly recommended. Easy to work with. He is very strong in SQL.

    Project Description:I need someone with strong sql skills to take an online test for me.
  • $30.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller sametoxxo


    Nov 22, 2013

    A++ he is very good to help you with every detail, fast, reliable, and nice person; THANK YOU AGAIN!!

    Project Description:i have to do this project in 3 days, after this i have two more project; please take a look and let me know; thanks; 30$ for each project
  • £25.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller upinsmoke68


    Nov 14, 2013

    good work

    Project Description:I need a Use Case Diagram, Class Diagram and Sequence Diagram This is to show how a Logitech Squeezebox can work when being used with a simple mp3 function style based GUI (Graphic User Interface) with basic buttons such as play , pause, stop, skip...
  • $15.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller horeamihut


    Sep 2, 2013

    great work! thank you!

    Project Description:i need quick help in c# for creating a windows form application, with a local database, very simple. i need help in teamviewer and skype. i will pay 25$ for this job, ONLY BID IF YOU CAN ASSIST ME WITH...
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pol1976


    Jul 22, 2013

    great, all good

    Project Description:hi, we are seeking someone to develop .net app. Using face detecttion and recognition. We need enroll and recognition pearson using web cam.
    Syed Wajahat Ali has not completed any projects.
  • $666 USD In Progress

    Oil Eyes is a card recording and searching stand alone program without needing at install any other add ons nor runtime working environments to function. The main function which the programmer have to ensure exactly correct is to record then search cards. Within a round there are many games to be played and within each game by default there are four to six card dealt.When cards are dealt the program will use the unswapped cards of the last two games to search all the cards of the previous alternative round if alternate round is switched on. The main searching criteria are next cards distance and spacing and if the previous three criteria matches there will be a promptThere are customized searches within the game to give various different promptsOnly if I get a program which has the recording and search portion including the customized searches 100 % giving me results exactly as I want in oil eyestxt and the program other parts being workable and useable will I give the full paymentIf the program other parts have some parts not working in specification of oil eyes or are unsatisfactory I may give half paymentHowever recording and search portion including ALL of the criteria must match exactly giving results exactly as I want if not I can give only compensatory payment of a fifth because the program then will not be worth anything to me too oil eyes

  • $25 AUD In Progress

    Need good and relevant answers for the following questions within 250 words and should cover discussions asked on the questions if it doesn&quot;t then no half payment. You might need to read some papers, just googling will not help much. Needed within 6-7 hrs, as there are just 2 questions.1.Describe the concept of master/slave computing, and explain why it isof fundamental importance in parallel programming. In your answer,include the following: a diagram illustrating the concept; explanationof how the concept is expressed in both distributed memory andshared memory models; a brief example of use of the concept in ashared memory program.2. Briefly explain what is meant by the term data parallel programming.Discuss why it was important in the early days of parallel computing,and why it is becoming increasingly important today. In your answer,use examples from both hardware and software perspectives.

  • $133 USD In Progress

    That is lyk the 3rd time i post same project Am working on a web application for employees My word is divided into several parts As a start i want a login form for a web application made on [ vb 2010] it contains the following Username [ should be combo box ] Password And forget my password option The username and password should be stored in sql database Please let the users be named &quot; admin , user1...&quot; I will not pay for ny1 before i get a working form whenever i do that people just dissappear And when i get an error they dnt fix it If u r willing to work the whole web application with me Am gonna pay 70$ [ or we can discuss it ] but i need to rcv the working web application form in less than 4 hours to my email zglamorousqueen@hot...I want the whole form and not screenshots or wat so ever Plz only serious people reply I have no time for kids

  • €250 EUR Today

    Extend existing screencapture utility

  • $250 USD Yesterday

    I need a accounting software with stock, billing, taxes, barcode, advance reports with complete source code in c# only

  • £33 GBP Yesterday

    This is a very small university assignment that needs completing.SCENARIO: There is a gym business that runs a number of ‘performance improvement’ training courses during a year. They would like a system that will allow members to enrol on these courses. TO DO:Part 1: A UML Class diagram must be created to show this (diagram must be created on starUML and a description of the diagram must also be given, in word document preferabley) Part 2: Write 2 SQL queries (NOT PHP): One that inserts a new courseAttendance and one that deletes a courseAttendance and include an explanation of your code.Part 3: Create a poster (1 side A4) that will show the key points of SCRUM. Your target audience would be a first year university student.

  • $22 USD/hr 2 days ago

    Introduction: yieldWerx Semiconductor develops and supports a Yield Management solution, enabling customers ranging from fabless semiconductor design houses, to full blown wafer fabs & assembly test houses, in improving their business processes, the quality of the data being collected, and the integration with external data sources. Our customers spread across the US, Europe, and Asia load data from billions of units each month into yieldWerx and rely upon its data analysis capabilities in identifying low yielding lots, equipment anomalies or test parameters trending towards being out of control. These types of customers want yieldWerx to notify them before problems become critical, and lead them to exactly where to look for the problem vs. having to look for a needle in a haystack and identify the problem & its root cause.Job Description:We are seeking highly skilled Desktop application developers for our data analysis software product. As a Senior Developer, you will be responsible to analyze, design, develop, modify, configure, integrate, and maintain both databases and applications. The person should have practical experience of international client/server and distributed database driven product development, maintenance and implementation.•Build or maintain the existing product with .NET 4.0 / C# / SQL Server / Windows Forms•Strong relational databases concepts•Develop new functionality on our existing software products•Lead/mentor developers and share knowledge through knowledge-sharing presentations.•Participate in a small, experienced, energetic team on a rapid, agile development methodology.•All other responsibilities as assignedSpecific Technical Skills that are required•Three (3) to Five (5) + years’ experience with .NET, Windows Forms, C# 4.0/SQL Server (2000/2005/2008)•Deep knowledge of the .NET 3.5/4.0 Framework, C#4.0, including Visual Studio 2008, strong knowledge of software implementation best practicesMajor focus on the following:•Must have worked in Windows Forms•Must have used Windows Services•Should have Multi-threaded programming know-how•Must have used Design Patterns in any of the implementations•Working experience in design and development in 3 tier architecture•Have utilized various libraries such as component development library•Design application interface using custom user controls•Ability to design and optimize SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 stored proceduresMust have the following capabilities•Able to design, understand dynamic databases•Hands on experience in dynamic TSQL and static queries•Well versed in optimization techniques•Solid understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP) and computer science foundations, such as memory management and low-level algorithm performance•Ability to adapt quickly to an existing, complex environment•Ability to quickly learn new concepts and software is necessary•Candidate should be a self-motivated, independent, detail oriented, responsible team-player and exhibit exceptional relationship management skills•Passionate about building high-quality systems with software implementation best practices while leading and mentoring a team of developersEducation: •Minimum Bachelor&quot;s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related area is preferred.•Microsoft certifications will be a plus.Other Skills Required:•MVC5, Web API 2, Signal R, Entity Framework Code First***The applicant must be located in Pakistan***

  • £555 GBP 2 days ago

    I want to simplify the user flow on my existing website (written in .NET 4.0 with MS SQL DB)www.route2bliss.comI want to1) change the layout of one template page (country page to show items in one area and itineraries in another)2) create a new database category (&quot;example itinerary&quot;) to display on such pages3) remove the basket functionality4) reverse the flow so people sign up/sign in at the end of the user form rather than beforeI can provide- wireframes- flow descriptions (or use cases)When an NDA is signed I can also share the source code (Tortoise SVN)I&quot;m particular keen to understand a reasonable cost and time frame.

  • $750 USD 3 days ago

    Need to develop sample application VB6 using Luxand Face SDK or Neurotechnology verylook SDK or may any other vendor Face SDK,Description:1. Person stand on front of webcam then click button to enroll live image in SQL database with ID, 2. Person stand on front of webcam then automatically or by press button identified match with enrolled image in database and show ID.3. Delete unwanted person from database.4. webcam windows image show 10X10 cm Please contact..

  • $1000 USD 3 days ago

    Project: Face Recognition SystemPre-Working Information,-All the codes in this Project must be %100 unlicensed and there shouldn’t be any extra cost.-It has to recognize faces from several cameras and from video files.-In addition, along with the face recognition, the ability of gender recognition will be a matter of preference.-The system should create records for the introduced faces. Also from this database; in case of request, it has to show the labels of the introduced faces in the screen.-The face recognition has to show a high success between 0.5 meters and 30 meters. -The cameras those I will use, will be minimum 1.3 mp and maximum 5.0 mp.-The engine can be dll, activex or ocx. The language of the engine can be C, C++ or C#. Besides, it has to be compatible with Delphi 7, XE 4 and XE 5 (any one of them is sufficient).-The system must be able to recognize multiple faces at the same moment. From those multiple faces, the system has to sense introduced ones (from database) and has to show them with a green frame. And the others should be shown with a blue frame.-All the codes those used have to be open. And also all of them (including the engine) have to be delivered without any license requirement. -The deadline will be the 25th day from the start. At Working Information, -At the beginning of the project, you have to inform me about the algorithm and the software. After that, if I find it acceptable, in 3 days, you will be paid with the %25 of the money.-And then, you have to create a demo and you have to send it to me. I will check and test it. After that, I will tell you some of errors those I found (if I find any) and maybe I I will request for something. Just after your corrections, you will get 2nd %25.-When all the works are done, you have to send me all the codes, well-working exemplary application, codes of the exemplary application, engine codes (dll, ocx and activex).-I will check the final system. At this point, I can ask a few corrections. After corrections are made, you must send me the final working system, and I will pay you rest of the money (%50).

  • $100 USD 5 days ago

    Need your help with a database design assignment. Due soon so I Can work on some of it if you cannot complete it all in time.

  • $1527 USD 6 days ago

    I need dev to fix feature on my app c#

  • $40 USD 6 days ago

    I need a one page applicationUser Selects a project (retrieve projects from basecamp using api)user seletets a Todolist (retrieve list against the projects)then it has only two fields (content, due date)after user put the data in the field user clicks the submit button this will create a new Todo in basecamp todolist of that projectThere is no need to create database, or anything complicated you can store the accesstoken on runtime in a variable

  • $205 USD 7 days ago

    simple html markupsimple implemetationgood documentation..... 8000 words... good englishno plagiarism.... deadline : 3 weeksAmount : usd 180...

  • $100 USD 9 days ago

    Write some Software for machine learning to read some data and predict the output, will give u the details later.

  • $30 USD 11 days ago

    if you have a project done can you put it in a tool so it dynamically generate UML diagrams ?I want someone to help/guide me in doing UML diagrams

  • $30 USD 13 days ago

    Need help writing queries can&quot;t share database but i will give you screen shots od diagram

  • $40 USD 17 days ago

    Its a very small Mysql information analysis and visualization assignment based on 1 week course work. Bid only if you can do it the specified budget or less than it. please check the attached pdf for details.

  • $27 USD/hr 18 days ago

    I need a programmer to help develop a new web based application that will be written in c# .net, aspx , HTML5 , jquery , mssql (or mysql) database. The goal of the application is to manage customer data and other info with multiple logins/roles/permissions etc. I will share more details with potential candidates. This is for a long term project for a very stable application with very good growth potential. Please give hourly bid and write your timing availability. I will ONLY consider coders that reply to these questions:1- Do you work alone or with a team2- Can you show me sample applications that you have written before?3- can you also develop apps for mobile?

  • $1500 USD 18 days ago

    We currently have a downloadable PDF on our web site. It&quot;s a job application for insurance adjusters and has about a hundred items. We want it converted to a stand-alone application with an electronic signature, several areas for file attachments and the ability to add more entries for certain categories (eg: work history). An E-signature will be required. Please specify which electronic signature component you are proposing. The application will need to save all data and files into a SQL2005 database. An administrative back-end will be required where our HR person can log-in, view and download complete job applications in PDF format. When there are new applications available a notification will be required when the admin user logs into the back-end.Must run under IIS7.5 on Windows 2008r2 server. Prefer c# code but will consider others. If other than C# please specify which you are proposing.Source code will be required.Files attached: Our current downloadable PDF application.Note: This is an enhanced version of our &quot;Online Employment Application for an Insurance Adjuster&quot; job posting.

  • $250 USD 21 days ago

    `Need a windows app to capture the screenshot when a hot-key is pressed while a video is playing. Multiple frames of the screenshot is to be captured. The subtitle associated with the captured screenshot can be parsed from a pre-generated subtitle file (downloaded from a subtitle database). There will need to be a single screen UI to browse the screenshots captured and associated subtitles. I can provide more details and mockups.

  • $250 USD 24 days ago

    Hello Guys,I need a new application I have tried to create a document for your better understanding.Its a small tool and I need it developed asap.Please come up with a reliable proposal and specific skills.Professional Bidders who display a proper understanding in their proposal get the project.Fast Bidders with unnecessary extra skills display please don&quot;t waste time.regardsMike

  • $1250 USD 24 days ago

    Hello Everybody,Required Dental Clinic Management Software with source code.1. It can be either windows or web platforms.2. It required to handle Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Electronic Dental Record(EDR), Billings and Appointments.3. While you bid please mention technology used to develop this software with screen shots and full functionality that software have.4. Shortlisted bidders required to show full demo about the system.5. Shortlisted bidders required to setup 10 days trial software in my computer.6. Strictly follow freelancer rule for escrow payments.Thanks.

    Syed Wajahat Ali does not have any open projects.
    Syed Wajahat Ali does not have any work in progress.
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Aug 2011 - Sep 2011 (1 month)

Oil & Gas Department Islamabad

Worked as an internee in Systems Department in this company learnt a lot from their in fields of networking and programming.


Computer Engineer

University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila



Science art exhibition

St Marks School Rawalpindi

Won first prize in science art exhibition made a working model of fan charged with hand pump

First Position in Open House 2013

University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila

Got first position in my Final year project on Open House...




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