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Location: DanDong, China

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My projects:

  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SandeepDVN


    24 days ago

    Project is not even started.We only have created a milestone and automatically after dispute all money has stolen by her.We want our money back.

    Project Description:Concept Like other people's photos to earn coins. Use these coins to get likes to your own photo. Get featured on the app for extra coins. Upload Photos Like Photos Get Coins Use Coins to get Likes...
  • £23.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller bethplunkett22

    bethplunkett22 [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 12, 2014

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:I have a demo of a game on corona already made called helicopter, that has a helicopter flying through the sky dodging static blocks. I however would like this game to be made more advance, maybe even change that its a helicopter and blocks...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gngrbrdmn4


    May 9, 2014

    This individual did an awesome job on my project. She is very professional and pays attention to the details.

    Project Description:I'd like a small app created for the android platform that can be played on a phone or tablet. The idea is simple where the user is in a first person position using a crossbow trying to hit an archery target where certain areas are worth various points...
  • $4.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller visor92

    visor92 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 11, 2014

    I know I said I will leave a good word for you, but I cannot cheat and lie to potential customers. Promised that he'd finish this simple project in 1.5 hours; took him at least 5 more hours to complete. Final product did not work, despite being promised it will. Threatened to not send source code unless I promise I would leave a 5-star review. Very difficult to work with, and I am a patient person. I advise against hiring him for Android-related projects.

    Project Description:I am designing a video game. I need some help in making a timer. It is simple. This is a relatively simple project that should take only an hour or two to complete. More details will be given.
  • $10.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller matthewklinko


    Mar 18, 2014

    Great work<br/>

    Project Description:Hello I need some iOS applications, please contact me Hello I need some iOS applications, please contact me Hello I need some iOS applications, please contact me Hello I need some iOS applications,...
  • $10.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller matthewklinko


    Mar 17, 2014

    Great work! I recommend that anyone looking to any iOS work please consider this developer first!

    Project Description:Please PM me for details, full details will be given then , thank you for your time and looking forward to talking to you.
  • $102.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mikevartanyan


    Jul 1, 2013

    no comment

    Project Description:I have a game with 4 levels. I need to set up a score system that keeps track of how many times a user completed all 4 levels.
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MyNetworkPlace


    May 17, 2013

    Do for you a favor do not hire is a thief he does not do what my projects requirementsTook more then $185 NOT COMPLETED has not delivered anythingplease review my proof &amp; last statement projects in PDF file

    Project Description:I will provide a master layout PSD file i will sent you after u contact me I like you design in Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5 master final output to app for Android &amp; Iphone ( turn in me the master Adobe...
  • $80.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller FDX


    Mar 15, 2013

    Great guy, delivered everything as expected. Will work with him again!

    Project Description:I want to create a game where you need to defend your house from zombies, it will be single player.. and it needs also an inventory.
    VolarMirim has not completed any projects.
  • $277 AUD In Progress

    I require an application that does allows a user to type up some notes for a meeting. The notes for the meeting will come up AFTER the meeting has completed.This means that the app needs to know what events or meetings are in the users calendar. When the user is at a meeting, the app will send a notification at a specified time (e.g. 1 minute AFTER the meeting - user is able to configure this in settings menu) to the user and ask the user to write up the meeting notes.The user will only have a certain specified set of time to write the notes (e.g. 30 seconds - user is able to configure this in settings menu). This is a timer and will force the user to type the notes quickly.After the 30 seconds, the notes app will stop the user from adding more notes to the meeting notes and will show the notes in a read only mode for 1 minute (user is able to configure this in settings menu).The screens are as follows:Screen 1 - Loading screen with dummy image that I can replace with my own image. After the loading image, it will go to screen 2.Before going to screen 2 a message box pops up asking to request access to the CalendarAfter access to the calendar has been provided, Screen 2 is shown. Screen 2 - Main view - shows the calendar list view of all the events and meetings for the userUser can select any meeting to add extra notes at a later timeThe user can select multiple calendar event items and can send to email, dropbox, google drive or microsoft one driveThis screen allows the user to go to a &quot;year&quot; view - similar to the calendar app on iOSScreen 3 - Notes screen - allows the user to add notes for a selected event / meeting. This screen allows notes to be shared via email, dropbox, google drive and Microsoft OneDrive.Screen 4 - Settings screen - Allows the user to change the settings for the timer, the notification and the time for read only mode **** I will speak to the selected freelancer in detail after selection ****

  • $150 USD In Progress

    HiI have developed iphone/ipad application over 3 years, so I have many apps in AppleStorePlease contact with me to discuss about your app!My skype: nvbaoanhHope to cooperate with you in this project!Thanks and best regard!

  • $500 USD In Progress

    I need a scrabble game for ios, android and facebook this but it will have diffrent functions

  • $50 USD In Progress

    I have a application but there are some bugs in that application and I also want few addons.Its a comparatively easy task and will not require much time.Candidates who are having rich experience in IOS development need to apply.I have to complete this task urgently.

  • $333 USD In Progress

    a mobile app for iphone and android. we will provide all the design and artwork/

  • $250 USD In Progress

    1./ Your program output to Iphone app and Android Apps?2./ I must have master your apps for me update on yellow highlight my self “no web service to update “I need a “Master” and out to iphone or android apps for me can update and submit to app store and google play3./ When you final my apps .ipa & .apk i must have your program for me use to edit update my apps. if your answer yes for 123 then you are hired I like you design app in for me can edited and update my Images and URLs in apps you give me the master program you are using to design my app for me can for future updateNote important: final payment you must delivery master for me can edit url & images 1./ we can using teamview software can show me where to edit url images and url to my mobile site in your program apps .ipa & .apk2./ You must provide me your master App and program to output to Iphone & Android appRead me required: app android wheel turn animation sample

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Looking for android games. 2/2.5D spots type games like table tennis, tennis, badminton etc.. is preferable. I need ready source code with ecplise build. I prefer cocos2D and and engine

  • $34 USD In Progress

    I want to learn how to convert phone gap code (www) to ios...i create a new project for phone gap successfully but i want to learn how to convert any phone gap code folder name &quot;&quot;www&quot;&quot; to run it on iphone..See the attached images &quot;Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 1.21.50 PM&quot; this is the project i create it run fine but but when i want to add files &quot;Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 1.23.11 PM.png&quot; file of phone gap code to current ios project it not working...Is there any body help me how to figure out this issue...Thanks

  • $210 USD In Progress

    i hope to in that project identify what is Android Technology .how if we use it currently. android mobiles

  • $155 USD Yesterday

    Hi Freelancers!I need to translate four files from English to Korean. I&quot;m looking for a native translator so you must be from South Korea or a Korean living somewhere else. Kindly post something about yourself and your experience.The topic of the text is financial. The total length is about 8100 characters including spaces.You will get four files in a plaintext format, to explain some important things:- the uploaded files are a text file which can be opened in any text editor (PSPad, Notepad, Komodo, Netbeans)- it can be opened in MS Word if you really want to, but REMEMBER that it MUST NOT BE SAVED AS DOC OR DOCX file (save it as plaintext in UTF8 encoding). SAVE THE FILE IN UTF-8 ENCODING!- if you can differentiate between formal and informal language (such as du/Sie in German), please use the FORMAL versionFILES:- ONE of the files is in SQL syntax, you must keep everything except the text as it is. Change only the text. If you need to use an apostrophe (&quot;) in the middle of your text (such as don&quot;t), escape it with a backslash (such as don\&quot;t).- TWO of the files are in the following format: &quot;add_comment&quot; => &quot;Add comment&quot;, - Please only edit the actual text and NOT THE KEY so the result of this example would be (if you were translating into German): &quot;add_comment&quot; => &quot;Kommentar hinzufügen&quot;, - ONE file is a plaintext without any formatting so you can translate it as it.To sum it up: two files with tags and formatting (DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING EXCEPT TEXT), one file with SQL syntax (DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING EXCEPT TEXT) and one file with no syntax. Save all files in UTF-8 encoding.SAVE THE FILE IN UTF-8 ENCODING!

  • RM18333 MYR 6 days ago

    wan to buy source code of flappy bird ~ other game are interested too ~ please contact me~ tell me about the game or apps and the price

  • $222 CAD 19 days ago

    Hello,As you can see in the tittle we are buying iOS & Android Games.- Poker MULTIPLAYER Game - Slot Machine, - Blackjack- Scratch & WinBid your offer and we will contact you. Thank you.

  • $555 USD 20 days ago

    I am seeking to secure a an experienced and knowledgeable individual to create and program a sports related voting poll similar to sportsnationView link to get a better perspective on desired voting poll: you for your time in this matter.

  • $222 SGD 20 days ago

    Integrate Android game and bugs fixing.

  • $1000 USD 20 days ago

    Hi there,I’m looking for a TOP QUALITY source code for a mobile game.Preferably one that be deployed on android AND IOS.I will then require the code to be reskinned with new graphics.If you could send me examples of games on play or Itunes and I can have a look at games to see if they could be developed.I’m especially interested in 3d games like temple run etc.PLEASE SEND MESSAGES URLS OF GAMES YOU HAVE ACCESS TO.

  • £222 GBP 20 days ago

    Hello there I am looking for a Freelancer that is able to build games for app store for mobiles like iPhone and so on. I have an idea in mind and I think it would be fun to create it so I am asking for a Freelancer that has experience in this field. Should you have experience in this field explain in a short message why you think you are perfect for this role and what your skills are.If you get picked then I will go over the details with you and what I need done and you can tell me how you will go about doing it. This could lead to an ongoing thing as I might need more games made in the future so if your interested I will look forward to working with you.Now I don&quot;t have a lot to budget at the moment but I will discuss more things with you in a private message should you be chosen.

  • $100 USD 21 days ago

    Hello,I just purchased a source code for ios - this is it here would like to add a couple of things to this game and also change 2 of the in app purchases,

  • $100 USD 21 days ago

    I would like you to make an iphone game for me. Small game, like 2048, piano tiles and flappy bird...

  • $2500 USD 23 days ago

    This project is to build a iOS game, the game will be 2D and will have all the artwork done before the project starts. So i&quot;m looking for the coding end of this and thats it. The app will involve geometry based strategy as part of the game. I&quot;ll also need an addition of the app that can be limited to amount of levels or some other way that we can discuss later.

  • $6666 USD 28 days ago

    We are going to create an interactive children&quot;s story application. Please see attached pdf for visuals, interface and interactivity instructions and elements. The app is for ipad, although extra merit will be given to bids that take into consideration making the application scaleable and porting the application onto android.The project requires a developer with strong front end skills as there is a lot of slick animations and transitions. The app needs to be responsive, slick, visually stunning and professionally made.All applicants should outline in their proposal how they suggest building this app (technology, language, framework etc).All coding will be checked by my in-house developer so no lazy coding or cutting corners!

  • $1444 USD 28 days ago

    I have filed a provisional patent application for a block sliding game. It is an educational game that teaches basic optics while solving a puzzle. You can think of playing klotski with some knowledge of physics. Further details will be provided under a non disclosure agreement.

  • $15 USD Jun 18, 2014

    I have finished my ios mobile application and I am searching for someone who have ios developer account and can upload my ios app to ios app store.

  • $222 USD Jun 16, 2014

    Hello,We are looking for a simple android source code with video instructions (preferred) showing how to reskin the product using android SDK.We will be given master rights to distribute the code as we like.All files to be included - Picture, content, music (where applicable), etc...Ideally a simple car avoidance type of game but we will consider any if the price is right.In your response please provide a link to the game/application and mention that you agree to the above. Otherwise you will not be considered.Thank you.

  • $666 USD Jun 16, 2014

    Looking to create an online casino with in app purchase, facebook connect, multiplayer.first few games are video poker, black jack and slots

  • $88 USD Jun 16, 2014

    i have an apk. I need source code from it. The source code should be error free and should be able to run in an android device when running from eclipse.Strict budget $90Only bid if you are sureAdditional Project Description: 06/15/2014 at 12:28 IST I will provide you the apk. You have to make source code of it and show me the video that it can run. Then i will pay you

  • $222 CAD Jun 16, 2014

    A basic slide puzzle game from A to Z on Android.Many levels, with pictures, and numbers.The design is important. It should be simple, nice looking.There are a few sounds when moving left, right, up and down.We are looking for creativity, a solid source code, a simple but nice looking design.Please if interested, we&quot;d like to see any demos related.We&quot;d like you to tell us a clear plan, suggestions, and how you could do it.Please refer to the attachment to see what we expect graphically.Those images are not intended for any use.

  • $666 USD May 26, 2014

    Hello.I want to have Iphone or Android app source code.Here are the link for this app on App Store: you have this app source code then please bid.My budget:100$.

  • $777 USD May 6, 2014

    你好,我想寻求一个程序员开发一个智能手机应用 - Android和iPhone。 我自己有的导航网站,我想给用户友好的应用程序所需。 职位要求: 优选的应用 - hao123的。导航网 程序员 - 最好从中国的程序员和开发之前类似的应用程序。 要求:需要在多语言和地域选择声明该应用程序(例如,位置可从选择上海到广州) 作业结果 项目目标:开发简单和用户友好的应用程序,以指导用户易于使用的网站。感激Hi, I would like to seek a programmer to develop an smart phone application - android and iphone. I do have my own website, required an application for user friendly.Job request:Preferable application - hao123Preferable programmer from China and developed similar application before.Request: This application required to state in multilingual and geographical selection(For eg, location can select from shanghai to guangzhou)Job ResultProject objective: To develop simple and user friendly application to guide user easy to use website.Thank you

  • $133 USD May 5, 2014

    Make an Android live wallpaper using an APK as an example. I will provide the example APK and a list of settings that the wallpaper should have, I need a working version of the wallpaper that I can edit with Eclipse.

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mobile app/game

Jan 2004 - May 2008 (4 years)

dandong guanghe


IT master's degree

Shenyang Normal University







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iOS program helper