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Location: Bhakkar, Pakistan

Member since: November 2007



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My projects:

  • $155 USD
    Profile image for Seller davydliu


    7 days ago

    Great skills, but awful communication. Wasted time on reversions because of misunderstanding on the design principles. It would be perfect if the freelancer can spend more time on discussion.

    Project Description:Matchia is a multi-cards matching with two ways to play - either match regular playing cards or the more challenging set cards. The project was almost finished except for GUI part. I am looking for a set of graphic designs (including App icon, game background, buttons and tab bar icons)...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller deJan


    12 days ago

    Nice work.

    Project Description:Design UI for a device. Project details will be send to qualified bidders only.
  • $263 USD
    Profile image for Seller karlosantini


    15 days ago

    Verry good work!! All the recommandations

    Project Description:I need designe for my game's main menu, background screens, textures and other. I will explain everything on e-mail once you contact me.
  • $526 USD
    Profile image for Seller sinefil64


    Mar 24, 2014

    He is great designer.Thank you for everything

    Project Description:We want to Soccer and Basketball Bet News Android app Design -9 pages, light green color -Elegant design -Convenient interface -Simple to understand -Register(fb or twitter),News(Main menü,Like dislike...
  • $155 USD
    Profile image for Seller deJan


    Mar 13, 2014

    Great job.

    Project Description:We need experienced worker to make enhancement on existing design for mobile application. The data/images that needs to be enhanced is not more than 3-5 screens and maybe few icons. Only experienced...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller hungtranhuy


    Feb 14, 2014

    aamir100 is extreme professional and skillful freelancer. He consulted me, design sample pages, finish all of pages then correct each details till I satisfied. I will prioritize him for our upcoming designs.

    Project Description:Hello, I have a mobile application which published on main Appstore such as Apple Appstore, Google Play store. Its name is ABongDa, and it focus on football field. I need some graphical design theme based on current layout which will be better looking than current one...
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller joarley


    Jan 23, 2014

    Excellent and fast!

    Project Description:[As we agreed, you can start on January, 13th.] You probably remember you re-skinned this game for me: I want to create a new one with the theme "NFL Greatest players quiz"...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller druggo


    Jan 13, 2014

    Great work!

    Project Description:We are in need for an icon and a logo for our upcoming iOS game * The icon should be a Ansi art version of the Guy Fawkes mask, for examples of ansi art: for example of the mask:...
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller joarley


    Jan 5, 2014

    Excellent as usual.

    Project Description:See details of the project attached. The images to re-skin are in the dropbox folder. When I have the details of the iPad images I will send you. Thanks and let's do this again! Regards,
  • $186 USD
    Profile image for Seller jimmyraman


    Dec 11, 2013

    great freelancer. very prompt and delivered on time. also understood the brief very quickly. Cheers.

    Project Description:Project Description: Need to create about 50 simple illustrations based on key words. for example: simple images for the following: a) Give Sadkta b)Give Zakat c) talk politely to your...
    Eye Design has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I"m looking for a freelancer to redesign an existing android simple game.I"m an Android developer and I"ve made a little game similar to 2048 which I hope is better in term of features (lot more coming soon).I would like to improve the design without changing all the application. Only changing the look and feel, colors, font, icons and backgrounds for the main layout and dialogs.Let"s have a look at the current version ( At the end I require all the images for at least the Xhdpi format, the color codes.Thanks.

  • $252 USD In Progress

    I need some one to produce all the graphics needed for a radio iphone app.I"d like at least three themes to select from, then all related graphics for the iOS app to be designed around the chosen theme.A basic logo will also need to be designed.Previous experience with developing graphics for iOS apps and familiarity with the iOS Human Interface Guidelines is preferred.Basic layout mockups have already been done and are available in XML or png to the successful person.The end result will be a graphical package for all relevant images necessary I can send to the coder.

  • £157 GBP In Progress

    I need a symbol for each of the following conditions.Impotence | Weight loss | Hairloss | Premature Ejaculation | Acne | Asthma | Allergy | Quit smoking | Antimalarials | Jet Lag | Travellers Diarrhoea | Cholesterol | Influenza | High Cholesterol | High Blood Pressure | Diabetes | Contraception | Period Delay | Cystitis | Unwanted Facial Hair | Dianette (both an acne treatment and contraceptive

  • $555 AUD In Progress

    This is an emergency application for androids and apples that allows people to enter their medical details which can be printed onto a double sided business card easily. Can you help design a user-friendly application which will allow people to enter their own information and update it when necessary.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Hello I need an app game to be reskinned I need it to be done as soon as possibleIf you can do this feel free to bid

  • $166 USD In Progress

    HelloThe ios app is here: I need something very similar but not exact copy.You have to provide the full UX/UI with unlimit mockups for app until we are satisfaction.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Website development and graphics work

  • $150 AUD In Progress

    Hi there,I need four different screen shots designed for an iphone app i am completing. The app is called MathBreak. All the details of how i want the app to look like are on the attached file. Im after something catching and classy as this app is aimed at teachers and parents.

  • $50 USD In Progress

    I NEED A VERY HIGH QUALITY UK DRIVING LICENSE TEMPLATE. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO EDIT THE DETAILS AND CHANGE PHOTOS QUICKLY IN PHOTOSHOP / CORELDRAW.The driving licence should look exactly like a real driving licence and all the details should be fully editable. An image of what a new version UK driving licence looks like is attached.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    This is the first part of an ongoing project that will go on for years.We need to get developed a series of people icons to compliment specific parts of business training presentations, and ebooks. To start there are 17 illustrations/drawings that need to be completed. Go to to get an idea of what we like.These are for a business training website where people purchase downloadable modules- so have to be professional and have the same style running through all of them.The icons/scenes we need are as follows* two people talking to each other - like the example above* a person accepting an award - one person shaking hands and giving a trophy to another person* a person in a classroom showing a whiteboard with a * person eating over sized bit of cake or pizza* wise man - confucious - google who confucious is* man at work at desk with another man standing behind him with a clip board* lots of people in a class room watching teacher and all smiling* a person starting a running race, and also crossing the finish line* female corporate trainer talking at a podium on a stage with people in the audience*man riding a bicycle*same man as above driving a car with a "L" sticker on the back of the car * corporate boardroom meeting with someone standing at the head of the table* person taking meeting in boardroom as above with steam coming out of his ears with frustration*person typing at on a computer at a desk*two people talking and smiling*person at desk day dreaming* picture in the same style and colour of eye, hand, ear, nose, and mouth - on a horizontal line.While quality of work and price are vital to winning the project, equally is speed of completion.

  • $526 USD Today

    I am interested in about 24-30 unique pages in a coloring book style about a funny, curious small child and their pet that gets into interesting situations in early childhood themes with very simple clear illustrations for kids ages 3-6 to color with thick lined, minimalist images for coloring with just a few highlighted items with eye catching expressions of surprise and joy to hint at the situation: mealtime, bath time, bedtime, getting dressed, getting into mommy\\\"s closet, playing hide and seek, planting in the garden, visiting the farm, visiting the zoo, visiting the library, visiting the beach, fishing or camping, visiting school, visiting the park, examining musical instruments, riding in a car, visiting a dinosaur exhibit, visiting the big city, visiting snow, ballet class, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, visiting aquarium. Examples of the very simple style I\"m seeking are below. Please show examples of your work - especially if you\\\"ve worked on coloring books before.

  • $789 USD Today

    Dear freelancer,For our game project we need the following:20 unique characters from the middle of the body.10 men, 10 female, style would be like Caricature.It"s like the style from unibet poker figures.Each figure will be discribed with its own personality looks.4 envoirments /rooms with a table in the middle.Design style like unibet poker.Look at there website our see screenshot below to find a right freelancer who can fit our needs.Regards.

  • $263 USD Today

    Hi,My name is Jacob Doty and my partner and I are looking for a few graphic designers that would be willing to take on multiple reskin projects as my business grows. You will be given a theme with theme details in which you will need to reskin apps that we have source code for. Our current main source codes are a slot machine, a flag quiz, and a mountain rider game. Links of each can be sent to individuals interested. This opportunity is for multiple reskin projects from our clients. We will try to provide as much detail that you need to create a matching idea to our client"s theme idea. We are looking for designers who are always readily available on Skype and E-mail, have a Dropbox account, Can get projects done quickly, and agree to our job payments.We plan to have plenty of jobs for you to work on when you join the team and continually get more as time goes on.- What we pay for our jobs.Slot Machine Reskin = $50Flag Quiz Reskin = $50Mountain Rider Reskin = $150Please list some of your previous work or a portfolio for me to view.Thank you,Jacob

  • $7368 USD Today

    Argent Studios is looking for an animator to help and create a high quality animation for the OVA Shoulei: Chap P"deum.Shoulei: Chap P"deum is about a boy named Syaorin Luai. Syaorin has finally graduated from the amateur class of the Saha Guild and is now ready to take his training to the next level and finally become apart of the Mayakon War. He"s assigned to one of the newest squads headed by Talon, a boy only two years older than him, and becomes familiar with his fellow squad members--Krystal, Luna, Rashi, and Jin. But their synchronization and cooperation with each other is off. There"s tension between them that hinders their training, and it"s not until they conduct their first mission that they finally realize that they"re not each other"s enemies; they"re comrades.The style of animation we"re looking for is something fluid, HD quality (1080pi), and appealing to the eye. The style of the art should be similar if not exact to this: are 7 significant characters featured in this short. There"s only one location the entire film; the city of Prom, Shoulei. There will be music, sound effects, and voice-acting, though we"ll cover the sound design part of the project.You"ll be working with a small team of animators (3) and will have the work divided amongst yourselves. The pay will also be divided and paid before production on animation begins. The animator we"re looking for should specialize in key animation/in betweening.

  • $147 USD Today

    I am looking for someone who is familiar with line illustration and simple drawing.Attached, is a detailed job description. I would prefer if you have worked on female anatomy previously as some of the drawings can be difficult if you have no experience/expertise on the subject.I need all these photos to be completed by April 27, 2014Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, the more questions you ask the less misunderstandings we will have.I look forward to working with you.Please reply back with the 3rd work being drawing.Cheers

  • $52 USD/hr Yesterday

    Hi,I am looking for a senior designer who can take detailed wireframes and turn them into PSD designs.The simplistic design language of the app will closely follow the specs here: Please do not bid if you are not comfortable or appreciate this type of design language.There will be approximately 10 pages that will need to be created in total. This will be a 1-2 week engagement. Hope to build a long term relationship with the selected freelancer.Thanks and look forward to seeing the talent out there.

  • $526 USD Yesterday

    we require the artwork for the reskin of an old iOS code that we have. The designer should have previous game artwork to show and please reply with Marlo is King in your reply to be considered. The job entails icons; launch images, game elements, game maps and buttonsI look forward to your bid, similar jobs will be available on an on going basis

  • $263 USD Yesterday

    I need someone to design a character profile template and illustrate 30 anime characters using the template.I need at least 2 views front and back, with another set showing close ups of the characters crotch, butt, and chest. There also needs to contain various information about the character. Age measurements ect.Who ever can design the layout I like best using sakura haruno will be offered the job..Message me for submission details.

  • $84 AUD Yesterday

    I need 8 simple icons - only one or two colours per icon. they will occasionally be printed in A4 size, so the files should be a suitable type.I have attached some very rough drafts but some concepts will need refining.I hope what I have attached is enough to give you an idea. I can provide more detailed explanation once i have worked out if I can afford the job :)

  • $394 USD Yesterday

    Hello,I am creating my first free game. It is an arcade game like farm.It has a player and some animals.I plan to build it as Facebook application first. Here are preliminary requirements and what I will need :1. Game format is HD 2048 × 1536.2. Probably one background image for all scenes. It should look like american ranch.3. 4 animations for animals and a player to 8 directions: 2,3,4,6,7,8,9. Numbers are like phone digits. 2 mean left, 4 - right and so on.4. Other images and dialogs.5. Facebook images.I am looking for an individual with experience in game design. Please send me your previous job(s).My budget is not big.Regards,Valery.

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    I want to make a game like candy crush saga,but i also want the different design and graphic.If you can do this,please bid this project.You must have some sample projects!

  • $1184 USD 2 days ago

    iPhone app,hardware,like bracelet,fitbit,jowbone‘s app

  • $526 AUD 2 days ago

    Hi there,I am looking for an experienced game user interface designer who can create a new GUI for my game from scratch for the game I am creating for the Iphone and Ipad.You should have excellent communication skills, speak good English, have good time management skills and overall be an excellent listener, a responsive and creative individual who has good attention to detail and above all enjoys what you do. You should also have excellent design skills and talent.Further details will be given regarding the game and what is needed once potential freelancers have been contacted but in general there will be approximately 13-15 GUI screens that will need to be created from scratch.Please don"t waste both our times by copy and pasting generic introductions from yourself. I want a real person replying to this ad not someone who just copy and pastes their introductions on every job they reply too.I look forward to hearing you and thank you for your time,Peter

  • £1184 GBP 2 days ago

    HelloI want a website building that will allow users to post their items for sale.I want to be able to charge users for using this website.Please let me know if you can build such a site for me.Thanks

  • $789 USD 2 days ago

    i wand application make ( contact ) between the Arabic calligraphers and customer . so if a customer ant some word to send it to another friend or wand this words to be on sitting room , office , on mobile .and make easy to bay the money by ( itunes card , one card , visa , master card ) my project almost cleard by microsoft power point .

  • $52 USD/hr 2 days ago

    Hi,I need to make mockups of app.The idea is the app for finding coffee house around me.Candidate should have experience in making mobile apps and making mockups.This is urgent project so I will award freelancer soon and make this job to be started.Thanks.

  • $147 USD 2 days ago

    We are done of paying those designers who cannot seriously develop a design that will at first glimpse amaze the user by its features and by its looks, as it has to unique and out of the crowd too.Is there someone who is a Pakistani and still he is able to prove me wrong as this is not anything that I will have on the hold.If you are an individual who thinks that his designs can compete with the international designs then we will be honored to provide you a job as by the help of it we are willing to have some quality and out of the crowd User Interfaces (Web and Mobile Apps) which can offer the UX while bringing. We will pay you loads of money on the monthly basis.Any on who is from the roots of Pakistan can apply for this as here we are honorable willing to hire someone who can full fill all of our demands. Any one from the UK, UAE, Ukraine or US can also apply as we have got our people there too.It would be very tempting of you if you are also a responsive front end developer who has got the extensive experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and BootstrapApply to this with the best that you have done.

  • $526 USD 2 days ago

    15 illustrated pages with scenes and characters, and who Color

  • $526 USD 2 days ago

    We are looking for a 2D graphic artists to create 20 background images and 100 character images. Each character will need 4-5 copies of the main image to show some movement. ( image with 4-5 images of the same dog but legs moving to show movement)See the attached images to see what styles we are looking for. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • ₹7368 INR 2 days ago

    We are an app development team who have a series of apps in our pipeline and on a lookout for interested 2d designers/artists/animators to join us. Their responsibilities: - Get involved with the design of the characters and other assets. - Assist in the animation of the characters in the app. - Should be ready to learn new software for the kind of design/animation involved. Due to the smaller scale of the game, and the basic simplicity we need, deadline is 2 weeks from starting date.Details will be briefed to the chosen candidate. Please contact us with your work samples/profile and charge (negotiable to an extent). We will entertain those who have the time to dedicate to this. Thanks!

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