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  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller play2joomla

    play2joomla [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 14, 2013


    Project Description:i need to change background colour of my website, i need to done this asap. thanks...........................
  • $29.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller oliverbross


    Sep 2, 2013

    Excellent freelancer, very knowledgeable and efficient.

    Project Description:Hi, I need to get the following scripts installed and properly configured on my xymon monitoring server: - Partially installed, need to finish config and test...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller raulss


    Jul 8, 2013

    This worker is not reliable, has delayed several months and has not completed the work, does not have good communication. I do not recommend it.

    Project Description:I am looking for a developer who can develop a script to check if it exists or not e-mail addresses of any email provider public o private. Basically a site like (ask me) The script must be developed to market the service to third customers...
  • $8.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller monitrix

    monitrix [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 10, 2013

    Please Avoid this Freelancer , Commited But after Commitment taking much time...this freelancer even requested to release milestone even he didn't started.PLEASE AVOID PLEASE<br/>

    acutegroups's reply:

    &quot;He is very confused Employer, He don&quot;t know what to get done. Something else was discussed and completed,He getting the project from freelancer and outsourcing it as employer.&quot;

    Project Description:Hi, I need quick worker for approx 30mins to 1 hour for quick wordpress task.. cost would be be approx $8-$10. Only apply if you can work quickly and asap. Ready for communication via skype. Only experienced people...
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller semaju


    Jun 9, 2013

    Great professional. Always online for Any extra clarification.Recommend to everyone.<br/>

    Project Description:Server problems. I&#039;m running Agen Live it. ElasticSearch has only installed. Now always uses the entire capacity of the server and makes him fall. ERROR: Zend_Db_Statement_Exception SQLSTATE[HY000]:...
  • $59.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Vipin85Gupta


    Jun 4, 2013

    All good ... good communication... and a very good response time.. recommended...

    Project Description:Please bid on this project only if you are comfortable with linux commands e.g. running a “firewall” script on a “gateway” machine There are about 12-15 questions I will share what exactly is required...
  • $59.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yoyo123


    May 11, 2013

    very good provider !

    Project Description:Hello, We have 2 server Server A with 1 domain (and Apache, php, mysql) Server B with 5 ip adress. On server B, i want to install Postfix with dkim, spf, domain key and and Sender id, and Ip rotation I want to send email from server A via Server B...
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sam1960

    sam1960 [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 4, 2013

    The person messed up my website ! is incompetent and unethical.<br/>

    acutegroups's reply:

    Totally Incorporate employer.Never given the required details.

    Project Description:My website: work needed to be done: Replace footer with this footer style:
  • $16.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ademeker


    May 3, 2013

    Thanks a lot<br/>

    Project Description:Please do not bid if you do not know what this is, of if you have not installed/configurated kannel before. I am looking for an expert to be able to install Kannel on a windows PC (Vista or XP)
  • $31.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Pjoff

    Pjoff [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 17, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:Hi! Need some fast job done. I need : - Add categories wordpress - Add facebook like box. - Some simple design modification ( Removing / adding boxes ) - Add simple plugins / widgets ...
    acutegroups has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We want to optimize the speed when users watch the video on Chinese video websites. We want to setup a caching server to cache the contents. We need to use WCCP version 2 for the connection between caching server and our Cisco router, but please let me know if there is other solutions.The scenario is user access internet via cisco router, cisco forward port 80 to caching server if the content is on the caching server then user can get content from there. If the content does not exist, then get from internet and cache it in caching server.Here is a very detailed instruction on how to setup squid to cache youtube videos. Here are the list of websites we need to cache. the iPhone, iPad and Android apps of these websites. Payment:40% milestone to start the project40% milestone when the server can cache at least 4 websites.20% milestone when project is finishedrelease all milestone when all tested.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hello!I am looking for someone to program a console application that will log a user into a site, and delete all their comments that do not have at least 15 points. You will utilize the API library here: the POST method when sending the API request to login. This should take no more than 1 hour of work, so I am only prepared to spend $15.

  • $68 SGD In Progress

    I facing some bugs on my current site, which include the logo not following the theme options, and also, it is not entirely mobile optimized. I also need to link all images to its page. This is urgent i need to get it resolve within today. Thanks

  • $64 USD In Progress

    1.the theme that i use generatet following bug ( see attached file &quot; wordpress-tee-failure)link goes to this side: this problem( you get backend access that y can the that the masssage dont appears)2.see this link. this side (and all the other side form same type)the shopping cart will be shown, Target: Dont display the this side. but the noral shopping process should be work as normal..y get admin and ftp access to the side.plz tell me your changes for piont 2 (changes in which files)

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Require a OpenVPN GUI for our customers to connect to our vpn servers.- Username and password with option to save- Update button is required to update any changes to cert and server files. This will call to a website address to check for updates.- Server selection- Utilize UDP protocol only- Allow port selection(maybe drop down selection)- Install the Driver as soon as the program is loaded it must check if its installed or not if not then install drive- Must show the OpenVPN connection status.- Must work on all Microsoft OS 32 and 64bits- Source Code Must be provided.- Look similar to you can do this please let me know ASAP. Thank you for looking

  • $50 USD In Progress

    We need to install openwrt on the mikrotik router to do GRE and IP-in-IP tunneling for openwrt and connect it to openvpn server

  • $75 USD In Progress

    We need to setup a Kannel Server on a Linux VPS.The project must include Kannel setup to use MySQL as in/outScripts must be developped to add/edit/delete SMPP providers, add/edit/delete SMPP routes (to an HTTP link)access to logs etc.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Using MATLAB /C++/NS2 TCL codes to implement cluster base wireless mesh network while Fuzzy logic is used to select optimal cluster head for the network. In addition a cluster based routing is implemented using the clustered structure formed with with fuzzy logic assistance to route packets from source to destination with the soul aim of increase packet delivery ratio, throughput, reduce end-to-end delay and decrease overheads. The clustering algorithm performance will be compared with Weighted Clustering Algorithm while the routing protocol will be compared with Clustered Based Routing Protocols. Based papers shall be provided when needed. Further information will also be provided for the fuzzifaction parameters.

  • $277 USD Sep 5, 2013

    I have a bills payment system,and the service provider has provided me an existing website link for this but i want it to be set up in my own domainso what i need is a server to server setup for API.I want to modify the existing website for us with additional features:I can send you the site link with username and password to check the existing site just private message me.what i want to be in the new site hosted in my server is the following:Bills payment portalAdmin side: a.Branch Management 1. Create branches 2. Create users 3. Create balance / Limit b. Admin Tool Box 1. Admin report detail 2. Totals per branch 3. Totals per users 4. Balance inquiry c. Create custom payment system 1. Create bills to accept 2. Create fees 3. Print payments 4. Totals new payment system d. Deposit information User side:1.E-Load2.Prepaid Cards3.Electronic Cash4.Bills Payment5.Customs Bills Payment6.Reports7.Online Help8.Control Panel9.Balance Inquiry* for the custom payment system, i want to be able to upload a logo, create fees EX: Php 5 pesos per transaction,with the following details:Account Name:Account Number:Reference Number: (optional)Total amount to be paid:* There should also be and export options for the total amount paid with complete details* There should be a print options for complete details and amount paid * The custom bills payment balance and transactions are not part of the system, this should have its own transactions search, total amount paid and total amount of fees* There should be a balance setup per branch so that they will not be able to transact one their balance is depleted.* I want balance email notification once the balance is already low in funds for admin and usersRight now each bills has a corresponding amount of fees deducted in the total funds for each transaction using the link provided by the service provider,I want to add an additional 50 centavos commissions deducted and placed in the admin commission* There should be a balance inquiry with total amount of our commissions for admin.

  • $750 USD Sep 5, 2013

    We need a linux server admin to help built our setup, manage it and continue develope. We need a setup for video sites with units for hosting videos, for encoding etc. You should have experience in this area of sites/setups. No placeholder/fake bids. Bid for 3 months work, no advance payments

  • $22 AUD/hr Aug 30, 2013

    Hello, I require someone who is able to setup and build an platform infrastructure in AWS that will be used to do (near) realtime analytics on several different feeds and datasets (twitter, fb, etc.)At this stage, due to time constraints, I would like to delegate the initial setup so i can design and build/manage the application logicThis platform will use the following frameworks/components:1. elastic mapreduce2. elasticsearch3. flume4. logstash5. kibana6. mapbox7. additional application servers will ideally be built using node.js8. git repositories for scripts, etc.9. S310. additional aws services (IAM, Data Pipeline, DynamoDB) where appropriate (easier to manage configure)11. whatever else is needed (open to discussion)I would like to utilise OpsWorks and elastic beanstalk where possible rather than ec2 instances, and optionally (depending on complexity/cost) chef recipes if possible in preference over written documentation (there are plenty of open source examples that can be modified etc.). There is a wealth of documentation and articles regarding how to set all these components so this initial job is predominantly a &quot;follow the instructions and modify accordingly&quot;, and should be similar to architecture presented by : outcome of this phase of work should be a &quot;nice, clean&quot; infrastructure that is &quot;ready to go&quot; for customisations etc, and as stated, this shouldn&quot;t have any hidden complexities.the infrastructure should be setup using micro-tier environments during development but will need to be scaled for production (this should be tagged as a &quot;dev&quot; environmentI am an experienced solution and software architect, and would like to work with someone to collaborate and work with (ie your opinions and experience matter), and engage on an ongoing basis to help complete the application/project, so if you have an interest in &quot;big data&quot;, machine learning, and visualisation, then this first phase is just the beginning.

  • $70 USD Jul 29, 2013

    I need a linux teacher for online training via skype/team viewer.Please email me on:,

  • €30 EUR Jul 25, 2013

    If i wanna upload a product picture via the backend of Opencart, it doesnt work. It shows the Name of the picture and the size but not the picture.If i click on it it and post it to the shop.... it shows only the picture name in the forontend and if i click on the name it comes an error message.

  • $263 USD Jul 23, 2013

    Need a couple of customizations to a woocommerce website.1. Using the WPML plugin to customize the price based on country. We only sell to Canada and the US and each one has a different price because of 2 different warehouses. I need some custom code to make it so that if the user has Canada selected as their &quot;language&quot; with the WPML that they can only ship their product to Canada or if US is selected they can only ship to the US.2. When Canada is selected with the WPML the cart and payment work fine. When US is selected the checkout does not forward the user to paypal. Need this fixed.3. When a user switches between the two countries I need a popup notifying them that their change may effect the price of products in their cart.I need all changes made documented as well because I will need to apply them to a second site later.

  • $147 USD Jul 23, 2013

    I would like to create a wordpress portfolio website. I think looking to the layout the requirements are very clear. but if there are any more questions i&quot;m available for clarifications.Many thanks

  • $2368 USD Jul 9, 2013

    Please just for people who has experience in the development of an electronic billing solution (with digital signature). Details will be provided by internal Preference Spanish speaking people.

  • $68 USD May 20, 2013

    Booking calander:Fix the size of the calander(not the calander in the wp admin menu): width:380px, height:230pxHave 4 colum in a row,1 hour in a row (more info in the pic attached).Show unavailable times when you book an appointment: background color:red (more info in the pic attached).Highlight selcted time! If a service is 2 hours, highlight 2 hours with the color light blue(more info in the pic attached).

  • $315 AUD May 17, 2013

    Hi i am looking for a wordpress site similar to bitocoincharts.comNumber of pages would be around 8-10.Most of the contents should come from rss feeds and api. The content should be keyword rich and google friendly.Need email subscription option.Need adwords banner support and should be easily up gradable.Please refer to website, most of the contents are from third party sites and the site also provides api.I need some one who understands wordpress, bitcoin, api, SEO, adsense, analytics and believes in long term business.

  • $147 USD May 14, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $30 USD May 12, 2013

    We want to install ssl certificate in server cpanel meant for web hosting. Server already running and ssl cerficate is ready. This is urgent

  • $4210 USD May 10, 2013

    We need develop video delivery system like these. bid If you have done similar project before.We are looking for ONLY reliable programmer who can commit long term development.No copy and past message please.

  • $30 USD May 5, 2013

    We want to install ssl certificate in server cpanel meant for web hosting. Server already running and ssl cerficate is ready. This is urgent

  • [Sealed] May 5, 2013

    I am looking for technical content writer for my knowledge base. I just need a batch of developer and system administrator related articles created for now. However, this overall project will expand rapidly once we have everything stood up.My requirements are as follows:

(i)Articles should be unique and should not be copied from anywhere. They should be able to go through copyscape. If, any plagiarism is found (with the exception of commands and configuration content), writer would not be paid.(ii)Writer will complete all technical knowledge articles listed below. These articles should include clear and concise instructions, with screenshots and commands when appropriate, to guide the reader through to successful completion of the task. Articles should explain in enough detail that even a novice could follow the instructions.(iii)The articles should be written in proper English. English mistakes cannot be tolerated. Poorly written articles will not be considered.
(iv)Any screenshots should have size and resolution appropriate for web content.(v)You should know what you are writing. Articles should be free from technical errors. Quality of the content is TOP priority for me.1)How to setup nodejs2)How to setup apache (with directory structure and virtual hosts), mysql, php3)How to setup python with mod_wsgi and apache4)How to set the hostname of a machine5)How to add users based on distro6)How to setup nginx (with directory structure, virtual hosts, port forwarding), mysql, php, fastcgi7)How to install django8)How to deploy django applications9)How to install web.py10)How to deploy applications11)How to install ruby12)How to deploy ruby on rails application13)How to setup apache tomcat14)How to deploy tomcat applications15)How to use public key auth with ssh16)How to use and install fail2ban17)How to install git18)How to install redis19)How to install mongo20)How to install couchdb21)How to setup piwik

  • $21 USD/hr May 3, 2013

    Job DescriptionI have a dedicated server and need someone to administer it for me. It is on GoGrid. The purpose of the server will be to host our Xcart websites . I need someone with server experience to do the following:1.Monitor sites effectively2. Work with or MailXchange Server3. Linux System Administration experience4. Configure server security and ensure performance is optimalContractor requirementsI am looking for a contractor that has the following skills:1. Prior experience in setting up and configuring servers, especially with MySQL2. Ability to explain recommendations clearly and with details on costs and benefitsI will need you to be available during US business hours for the discussions with me, but you can otherwise work on your own time.My current sysadmin is leaving us for full time work and he will be giving you details.How to applyPlease respond with a cover letter that includes the following:1. Your background in sysAdmin, and how much time you&quot;ve spent in Xcart/MySQL2. a portfolio of your work with particular emphasis on transferable skills to X Cart Ecommerce.Job ID: 41051049Desired SkillsMySQL Administration, PHP, Linux Server Administration, Mail Server Administration

  • $80 USD Apr 19, 2013

    Hello sir i am professional in this field, and ready to do your work, for more detail please check Private Message We can start

  • $525 USD Apr 13, 2013

    We have server (up & running):- Dynamic IP (with ddns host)- SSH available from outside- Ubuntu 12.10- Running (no configuration) asterisk (apt-get install asterisk ...)- TDM400P card (4x FXO)- 6 core AMD pc# Desired infrastructure #3 x incoming land lines + 1 Skype Connect (SIP) account with few (~4) numbers.5 x local SIP accounts for attending (In future more, maybe 10)Features we need:- Calls transferring- MOH (music on hold)- On incoming call ring on 3x sip accounts, if all busy play message (all lines are busy, please wait or call later...)- After hours message- Digital fax support- For outgoing calls use random line 1 or 2, separate extension for skype outgoing- Important: on incoming / outgoing call make curl request (for logging, we like to have in mysql DB all incoming and outgoing call)In separate order we might request for:- Call recording- Adding FXS/FXO lines (currently we have no hardware and no PCI port available)

  • $525 USD Apr 10, 2013

    medium[dot]com i want a script like this &quot;medium&quot;users have own profil pages and they can write an entryand admin will approve or reject the entry and then publish or not

  • $241 USD Apr 10, 2013

    Website must be FAST loading and mobile devices compatible and meet google speed standardHigh quality Front End programmer ONLY.It include homepage + Inside pages.I will need able to change all the TEXT/ Category/ Images on the website.I need ability to edit them.HTML 5 + CSS 3 respoonsive

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