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  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aituaog


    18 days ago

    This guy is very cooperative and professional. His code is very clean, understandable and well commented. I'm pretty familiar with web development so our union was pure synergy.

    Project Description:I need to fix some broken php code on my website and several forms with minor php errors corrected. The forms are located at: 1. On this page, any information typed in the message box does not get delivered and there is a header warning code...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alphhomeboy


    25 days ago

    Once again its been a pleasure doing business with you. Very good work and delivered on time. Highly recommend him

    Project Description:Develop a website that i can link together all my entertainment sites
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller averhuur


    Jun 6, 2014

    very good work and very patient

    Project Description:Hello, This project consist of 3 small projects : 1) I'm looking for someone who can grant me access to my site admin panel, i have lost my login information and can no longer maintain my website...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alphhomeboy


    Jun 5, 2014

    Great working with Kumar again

    Project Description:Hi. I would like to build a basic website whereby we have the map of Africa. You click on the country and it takes you to all the videos from that country. This will play from you tube but on my site (link it to youtube but play it on my screen) ...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alphhomeboy


    Jun 5, 2014

    Good professional work

    Project Description:Hi. I would like to build a basic website whereby people can watch music videos from my site (link it to youtube but play it on my screen) . It should be able to play like a radio station, meaning have day parts...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alphhomeboy


    Jun 5, 2014

    Very professional and easy to work with

    Project Description:Hi. I would like to build a basic website whereby people can watch you tube videos from my site (link it to youtube but play it on my screen) . It should be able to have a genre tab where visitors can select the genre of movie they want to watch...
  • $30.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller pruewatty


    May 30, 2014

    Good to work with and great communication! Would use again.<br/>

    Project Description:Hello, I need some very minor design updates done to my website/e-commerce site updating blocks that sit within the site. It should only be a couple of hours work but no-one on the internal team has capacity at present...
  • £375.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller principle786


    May 10, 2014

    Good job done by these GuysWell done

    Project Description:i need an ecommerce website built, will be very similar idea and pages to need to have a customer file uploading facility, then choose options (same as you will...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Elisa183


    Apr 30, 2014

    massima professionalit&agrave; assistenza e disponibilit&agrave;. Veloce e molto serio. Lo consiglio!utmost professionalism and service availability. Fast and very serious. I recommend it!<br/>

    Project Description:we must change with 6 images written to the home page on our website
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller rajnehiv


    Mar 13, 2014

    Great freelancer. Great support and great on-time delivery. I recommend him to all who need a quality job done. Will hire him again for future projects. A++ &rdquo;

    Project Description:Hello Bidders, The project is to create a bookstore online with epubs and audio books only. The users that buys a book will be able to download it directly to their tablet / ebook reader. The user will...
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  • $800 USD In Progress

    the website needs to have website w/ videos

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    i need a website for people or businesses to post their events ...i need catergories for time, place and description also google maps intergrated

  • $1158 USD In Progress

    CMS construction and site redevelopment

  • $500 USD In Progress

    build an entertainment website with a flash interface leading to two mini sites where people can upload items

  • $400 USD In Progress

    We have a site hosted at We want to insert in a new folder called Whatisnew on, into which 7 magazines&quot; frontend pages shall be uploaded in by ftp into their separate subfolders. We have all the 7 magazines&quot; frontend html pages ready (carrying content as words and even photos as well).Now, we want to develop a single admin area to administer all 7 magazines within.1) i) Check out Ask php coder to insert the text toolbars like as shown in this above-mentioned url into the admin area they shall build for me, which shall allow me to edit the font size, font type, font color, whether bold or regular, or italicize or underline, and so on, of the content in the magazines&quot; News Headline, Subtitle 1, Subtitle 2, and Main Body on their frontend pages.ii) The texttoolbar should allow for insertion of graphics and images within bodies of text.iii) The texttoolbar to show text from frontend in the textbox, so that words from frontend can be directly edited in the backend area.3) i) The Admin area shall be able to create new Main Menu item names and Submenu item names corresponding to the Main Menu, andii) allow new articles posted to be classified under the Chosen Main Menu name and then Corresponding Submenu Name, for each article posted.4) i) Your coders shall post all the content from the magazine pages into the MySql database, from which ANY standalone page for single, article topics can extract to display on the page in full. This means when users click on all News Headlines listed, they get navigated to a standalone article page in page of just that particular topic or headline news, which shows the news content for just that headline. => We have the standalone page layout developed. Just need to integrate this onto the site.ii) Back arrow to navigate user back to the page containing listing of all headlines (and their first 20 words summaries) on the Submenu&quot;s page mentioned in Point 7 below, for checking out on other available news headlines under the particular Main Menu >> followed by the particular Submenu Name.5) Admin area to allow a Site Header to be Uploaded to the respective magazine.6) One Admin area to pick which of the 7 magazines to administer at any one time, so that it conveniently handles ANY ONE of the 7 magazine pages, all in all. It is a unified Admin area.ii) The 7 Magazine pages to have their own names after the last slash on &quot;;7) EACH MAIN MENU >> SUBMENU 1 to be ON DIFFERENT PAGE THAN EACH MAIN MENU >> SUBMENU 2 , and so on, => which means EACH MAIN MENU >> SUBMENU 3 will be on ON DIFFERENT PAGE THAN THE OTHER 2 SUBMENUS ABOVE AND THE REST TOO.So, that means Each Submenu to get its own standalone page for listing of their news headlines and first 20-words of the article topic.8) i) JUST BENEATH MAIN MENU TOP NAVIGATION BAR, I will need you to SET ASIDE a space to display some words and graphics I am going to send to you in word documents.andii) JUST TO THE RIGHT OF NEWS HEADLINES, SET ASIDE SPACE TO DISPLAY CERTAIN WORDS I AM GOING TO PROVIDE YOU.You only have to COPY AND PASTE THESE WORDS IN, FORMAT THEM TO LOOK NICE, Maybe some showing in Bold, Colored text, and add some bullets or ticks to delineate point-by-point some phrases I am supplying to your side to paste in.Same thing: The Words already written up and can just be conveniently pasted into the space mentioned in 8i) and 8ii) above.The GOAL OF THIS PROJECT: Therefore is to develop ONE SINGLE ADMIN AREA that administers the 7 magazines at the frontend.Looking at an estimate of preferrably between $300-$400.

  • $4210 CAD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $350 USD In Progress

    1.) Customise the s eed dating features- When an event organiser is setting u a s eed dating event on the site - the event organiser should be able to ick number of men, number of women etc... he/she need to be able to set numbers of attendees /numbers of men, number of women while setting u the event. The home age of the site should show u coming s eed dating event - it needs to show how many s ots are still available for men/women or if it is full when the event kick off everyone has got to s end 5 mins chatting with either sex then it is automatically moved on to the next erson if you don&quot;t like the erson you are s eaking to after 2 mins you can click next then you will talk to the next available erson or you will have to wait for the remaining 3 mins for someone else to became available If the event is for 40 eo le - 20 males and 20 females Admin can determine how many eo le each erson get to talk to, maybe 5 eo le each - because you can&quot;t talk to all 20 eo le. 2.) REDESIGN the site www.bemyex Thank you

  • $300 USD In Progress

    HI Guys, Now a day daily deals website is quite famous and I have seen many people have listed this project on Freelancer. This is getting more popular in India and USA.I am also looking for a similar project. The features are given below. Sorry I have just copied and pasted this info from someone elses Profile.But this is the similar features I am looking for. The merchant account many not be necessary for the supplier to post the products, however if its a easy then please add this features other wise not required.Please place your bid:Below are the common features which are available in Daily Deals SiteWebsite features- Professional & Best Design- Multilingual- Professional mobile website so that user can access full website from his/her Smartphone- Today&quot;s deals, side deals, active deals, upcoming deals, recent deals- Payment gateway configuration- Social media integration, Facebook login- Facebook widget, Twitter widget- Full AJAX, jQuery based to give best performance and user experience- Multiple cities & deals support- Notification & emails- Google map- Keyword search, price based search, discount based search.- Give a gift- SEO friendly. Change SEO settings on the fly from admin section- CMS based pages for FAQ, About us, Contact us, Buying guide, etc.Admin Section- Dynamic and Powerful admin section- Manage deals (new deals, active deals, approved deals, completed deals, rejected deals, expired deals)- manage coupons (all coupons, purchased & pending, used, purchased & expired, expired)- manage categories & subcategories of deals- manage merchants- manage consumers- manage subscribers- manage partners- manage locations (manage country, manage state, manage city)- website tracking, IP tracking, login/logout time tracking, visitors tracking, IP blocking- Internal email system between admin, merchant, consumers (Inbox, Sent box, mass email, history)- local help centers- graphs, statistics and dashboard- Manage auto cron job timings- Manage Facebook key, twitter key.- Manage time zone- Manage currency- Manage Google map key- Manage Google analytics code- Manage maximum allowed image size in deals, profile picture, etc.- Manage maximum allowed deals per day- Manage default language- CMS based pages for FAQ, About us, Contact us, Buying guide, etc.- Deal review & comments, Facebook Comments- Share deals on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, TwitterMerchant section- Add deal, manage deals, track status- Manage coupons- Manage orders- Redemptions of coupons- Acquired deals- Subscribe- Mail system- Favorite section- graphs, statistics and dashboardConsumer section- My acquired deals- invite friends from Gmail, Yahoo- my favorites- Mail system- My profileThanks,

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    I need a brand new custom built website done with my layout. Easy on the eyes color scheme and a few custom grapchics. Nothing fancy and overly complicated. Nothing that hasn&quot;t been done before.Most importantly the website needs to have a simplified backend to easily add content or replace banners.Please no WordPress cookie cutter offerings. They will not be considered. I will go over the details with interested qualified bidders.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Approximate Budget is for each website To start I need 2 smaller websites built. After these two are designed I will need them duplicated 10 to 100 times each month and edited for the new owners. I would like a set fee to create them the first time around and would like a set fee for how much it will cost to duplicate them 10 to 100 times each month. When duplicating them my software can email you all the details that need to go on them or you could insert a web form into the area I will be having the new owners filling out their info on the website the new owners will order them. These websites will be used for auctioning homes/real estate and will be time sensitive. So I will need to have a guaranteed turn around for when you duplicate them and create them for my customers. Payment:I will be happy to pay you part up front and at the end for the first 2 you create. Being the first ones I want to get them set up right and them start creating the rest after the first 2 are done. Website Examples: How these sites will be set up is I will have a landing page/opt-in page that is redirect to the main one after consumers opt in. This main website will be set up like a terminal to other individual websites with just the individual home auctions. I have set it up this way for marketing purposes and so here are the 2 sites you would be creating.1.The main terminal website of which you can see the start of one I created here: I want to keep it real basic and I know it looks like junk but it’s a start. I would like to add 2 additional pages and eliminate the bidding rules and terms of sale page. The pages I would like to add would be very basic and would explain how the selling method works for buyers and a page for sellers on how to sell their home. This website will be will be duplicated less than the other one as it will be set up once and then modified. 2.The second website will be all the individual websites for the home auctions. You can see an example here: This website will be set up every new time one of my agents or I is selling a home at auction. There will be links form the main website to these individual websites but not from the individual sites back to the main one. The only things I would like to be changed at this time is to add a contact us page, maybe make the buttons and layout a little more friendly for consumers, and make the pictures at the top do a slide show through a photo gallery. You would also be setting up the printable flyer and map with directions with these sites. Here is a good example with how I liked the photo slide show and the directions/map. I need probably 10 to 50 of these sites created every month right now and the numbers would most likely increase every month. I also am open to getting help creating the landing pages. You can find a example here After a consumer opts-in they are redirected to the main site. These sites will be set up for our company and then be set up for other franchises across the US and possibly Canada. That’s where the multiple sites will be done. I will sell them to the new owner in a franchise package and will collect the money from the new owner and pay you for creating them. All the info on the new websites can be automatically emailed to you when they buy or I may be open to setting your web form up to capture the info you need on the shopping cart where they buy. I&quot;m not sure what this will cost. However I know it will take more time and probably cost more for the first ones that having them duplicated over and over each time. So if that is how you will bid please specify how much for the first ones and then how much thereafter that. Customer service and timely deliverability is very important to me. Please do not bid unless you are a pro at both.

  • $526 USD Yesterday

    Good day everyone , i am looking for a personal freelancer who can make a nice website for us , i dont want to hire any company so only freelancers are welcome to bid on my project , let me know your offers i will give you all details

  • $10 USD/hr 8 days ago

    I need you to program a custom online store application which engineers can use to buy electronic circuit board assembly services from us. Please take a minute to read the wikipedia article on the industry in general before proceeding to read and bid.The order flow is principally demonstrated in the screenshots within the zip file. I need you to build the frontend and the backend application for order processing. We will also write the bill and do shipping from within the software. Specifically the major parts of the project are:1) Quotation and Order Process (illustrated in screenshots), file uploads, Order Clarification Messaging System, Credit Card Billing, PDF Bill Print, Confirmation Email2) My Account, Order Status of Current Projects, Past Orders Overview, Message System3) Backend: Account Administration, Dashboard with sales per week / year, Overview over all bills, Open Orders, Packing label printingIt is very important that you provide clean code and use modern programming practices (MVC). You will provide the code via subversion with precise change logging and excellent commenting within the code lines.I am aware that the project is not specified enough for a fixed price offer. This is why I would like you to look at what is required, ask me questions for clarification and then I would like to know three things from you:1) What programming language will you use and what framework is best suited for a modern web application like this? (Java or PHP prefered)2) How much do you think the basic functions would cost and how many hours would it take for you to build it?3) Do you have similar online store projects that you have worked on or could you tell me more about why and how you are qualified to work on this with us?This is a first phase for us, I would like to identify 3 programmers for last discussion while we clarify the project more precisely and create a full project description with all mockups and requirements.

  • £750 GBP 8 days ago

    Build a 12-14 page website with CMS. Controls include - downloads, enquiry form and gallery slider. Required as soon as possible.

  • $1500 USD 10 days ago

    I need to build a showcase site with the following requirement. registered users can create projects. registered users can tag their projects. registered users can post images into their projects. Homepage will showcase popular, new, most viewed projects/images

  • $1000 USD 11 days ago

    A free classified ads website for autotrade (buy and sell), (search/post).Simply the website is dedicated for car classifications (bilingual: English and Arabic) with all the frontend and backend services. The project for the experts who has previous experience in such kind of website. 1- All personal ads are free. The user can join, login, post, search, save his search(s), get notification on specific post, communicate with sellers or buyers through the website, delete or modify his posts, add/delete post(s) to his favorits, watch expirary date of specific post(s).2- Each post has an expiray of one month, after that it should be automatically deleted.3- Each user can upload up to 5 pics for each post.4- There is a dedicated space bars for commercial ads managed by the admin.5- The wbesite design, development, milestone and payment should be agreed in advance.6- To save your time and mine, Please study the below links throughly before you communicate with me. Failure to do so will drope you from the list.7- All categories, menues, process in the below sample website is required, however &quot;video&quot; section is not required.8- Please mention what is the type of technology you intend to use, the code,the databse, the functionalities ....etc.9- The project has 2 phase design and programming. You will start with the graphic design. You will design a template based on my preferred color and logo.10- During the design phase you will discuss on the finer aspect of the functionality and design the database.11- Once the database design is complete you will start creating the coding modules and integrate them with the designs.12- Work will be uploaded on my web server, usually you provide work updates in every 2/3 days during the technical development and every day during the graphics design phase I will test and provide the feedback, you will fix the problems or implement changes (if required).13- Payments: milestone payment, we will set up work milestones and corresponding payments for that . When one milestone is achieved then the corresponding payment will be released.14- The &quot;SEARCH&quot; part is the most important part in terms of design and fucntionality. I need the same &quot;carsguide&quot; search functionality.Here are the samples that will give you an idea about the project1- you have any question please do not hesitate to ask me.Good Luck

  • $1500 USD 12 days ago

    Need to build an online store to go with my brick and mortar store. I need a user friendly platform, so it can be edited with ease. There will be hundreds of products with many different option for the customer to choose. My current website is please look it over and give me a quote as to how much and how long it may take you to create a real classy, user-friendly e-commerce website.Thanks for looking

  • ₹20000 INR 16 days ago

    i have an idea in my mind and i want to execute so if u can help me please contact me on my email id

  • $3000 USD 16 days ago

    I am looking to contract a freelancer to build a simple reveal auction to a defined specification. The freelancer should be familiar with the operation of similar systems. The system will likely use php/mySQL/ jQuery but I am open to considering alternative proposals from c# .net developers.The main features of the project include:- User registration and sign in with Facebook option- Simple Integration with payment platform Stripe- Cut and paste code integration with 3rd party live chat provider- Social sharing throughout site- Auction CMS to manage registered users, user credits, product listing, price setting, bid increments etc.- Reporting of number registrations, products sold, bids/product etc. (All reports are specified in detail in the specification document.)- Responsive front end (in keeping with existing company logo/colours) which displays the products input through the CMS- A small number of static pages (How it works, Terms, About, Contact etc.) and a blog page - Core reveal auction functionality: 1. Price is hidden, &quot;reveal&quot; button shown beside product 2. If user clicks &quot;reveal&quot; then decrement user credits and show price3. Show &quot;buy&quot; button for &quot;x&quot; seconds with countdown timer4. If user clicks buy, go to checkout5. If user does not click buy, decrement product price and continueThe freelancer will be given access to our AWS to complete the installation. We will handle DNS routing after testing completed.A full specification document (written by a software engineer) will be provided to freelancer. This is a fixed scope fixed price contract. The company does have requirements in other development areas however, so an ongoing project relationship is sought if freelancer delivers successfully.

  • £750 GBP 17 days ago

    Create a Website for my village

  • €18 EUR/hr 18 days ago

    Ich suche einen zuverlässigen PHP-Programmierer der einen Onlineshop pflegen kann (hier ist aktuell eine Neuentwicklung bzw. Weiterentwicklung angedacht).Bei Interesse bitte per Mail mir schreiben.

  • $1315 USD 19 days ago

    An online community portal where subscribed members have accounts with virtual points, a portal where members. Can interact with fellow members and at the same time push messages to admin and vice versa.

  • $250 USD 19 days ago

    wordpress blog with different menus. I will email you with all the details. It will basically about Philippine Life Style, politics, business, entertainment, religion, sports and culture.

  • $2000 USD 21 days ago

    We are creating an online grocery store and need to build a digital inventory for it. We require someone who can source and create an inventory list for a particular hypermarket&quot;s items.

  • $1500 USD 21 days ago

    I am looking for someone to build an database program for schools and students which consists of the following:1. Build and designed database and data imported2. Add 150-200 fields to the database and layout3. Build photo ID badges to print on business cards4. On line application with photo from website using word press that stores the data in the word press website database5. Database for 1,000,000 students info and 1,0000 schools info6. Under school list all students7. From excel to post into database8. In database have e-mail a copy of all message to your own address9. Automatic sending of emails, letters, faxes, phone calls to students or schools. Database can easily be set up to send emails to students and schools10. The ability to make individual students and schools records to contain contact and other information11. For different users to access only there records and it to be password protected12. A note section on potential students and schools where consultants can mark, last call, last letter,last email, history, notes, referred by,etc. and what was discussed13. Import excel into database14. Database to web connectivity. You or your school or students can access information from your database via a web browser15. Automatic receipt and processing of in-bound emails is useful for managing students and school information16. Database samples Act! , Filemaker, Procare software, ChildCare Sage, SuperCool pim for address book, startrack address manager business, ez home and office address book, orbund education management system, my school, praxischool software,17. Database ability to print letters, labels, envelopes, reports, birthdays, judges letters, teachers letter, 8x10 certificate with student name from database18. Database need school, students, and parent information tracking, word processing, letter merge and email, photo name badges, etc.

  • $750 USD 24 days ago

    hii need a freelancer to build an online store.i prefer an open source like magento.

  • $750 USD 24 days ago

    Require to create an online pet store. Only a few exclusive product to upload. Design of the E-commerce website and the cart function. A fully functional E commerce pet store. Singapore

  • [Sealed] 25 days ago

    I wish to have a website created that is like Alibaba. Implementation, huge design makeover, add and change functions of existing script. (Script will be provided)Please take a look at the Alibaba B2B website and quote me your correct price.Do not bid a lower amount than what you actually is requesting.Look through it thoroughly and make sure you are able to do this.You may also look other B2B websites like Tradekey etc.Only experts with past experience in such projects; thanks.And to make sure you&quot;re paying attention and not bid spamming, it would help if you could post the following in your bid. &quot;I read and understood your project&quot;.

  • [Sealed] 26 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $526 USD 26 days ago

    create html that works for all template email in AOL | GMail | Hotmail | Outlook 2003 | Outlook 2007 | Yahoo and dont want to display &quot;images are not displayed. Display images below &quot;

  • $1052 USD 26 days ago

    we will need a retail store website where visitors or buyers can order for items and pay online with interswitch VISA DEBIT CARDS or MASTER DEBIT CARD. Our references are and anticipate your soonest response. Reach me on [Contact details removed by Administrators for breaching the site\&quot;s Terms and Conditions]

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Jan 2006 - Present (8 years)

My duties involve designing,validation ,project management, team guidance, costing ,analysis,bidding and many more..................



University of Lucknow



University of Lucknow



AAAS Diploma


The diploma contained all type of Animation designing techniques and approaches to create a high level websites having PHP, ASP.NET, Flash, XHTML, Ajax etc skills.

Web Graphics


It includes training on .. Photoshop , Dreamweaver , Flash ....


THE future of IT technologies in India

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India is looking a global chage in its economy which have a great demand of it professionals as well as implementation of projects in new emerging areas................