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Username: aerobace

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Location: Naples, Switzerland

Member since: July 2013



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  • $1666.00 USD
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    Apr 14, 2014

    I would definitely recommend Vincent, as a result of his work we are continuing to use his services. He completed the project to the deadline and above the required standard.

    Project Description:Introduction: We are looking for a proven and expert consultant or team of consultants to help us with our project. Project Aims: This aim of the project is to create a web application User Interface (UI) which using a dynamic algorithm effectively calculates and prioritises a list of jobs...
  • ₹3555.00 INR
    Profile image for Seller JerryBotha


    Jan 13, 2014

    Vincent is professional and always pleasant to work with. He is a solution finder and assisted with a complex project.<br/>Vincent is an absolute pleasure to work with, he delivers projects successfully and is a great communicator. He was able to figure out a very complex requirement and deliver a great product. We can not wait to do future projects with Vincent.

    Project Description:We need to be contacted by programmers that pride themselves in being to finding unique solutions and with real programming skill and work around problems - much more than a copy paste artist. The initial engagement is for one week of professional time...
  • £100.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller ScottB333


    Jan 10, 2014

    Great job. Very professional.

    Project Description:Hi, I am looking for an Excel / Access macro that will download part of an online database by running random searches on an online form and copying the results. This is something on a short time frame...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ancoras


    Dec 6, 2013

    Great Freelancer! Perfect work. Perfect communication.

    Project Description:Details follows.
  • ₹50440.00 INR
    Profile image for Seller JerryBotha


    Aug 22, 2013

    Technical very strong, solution finder and a professional.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ancoras


    Aug 10, 2013

    Great Freelancer. Very good communication. I got exactly what I want. He is an expert in Access/Database. Will hire him again.

    Project Description:as discussed
    aerobace has not completed any projects.
  • $1500 USD In Progress

    I have a large amount of customer data that needs to be linked an analysed. We receive the information in excel. The data updates every week and is send in through 8 different excel sheets. Every excel sheet has different customer information. Sheet 1 Customer information (name, address...) Sheet 2 has the loan information Sheet 3 has the payment information and so on. We are looking to answer Questions like = av profitability per customer. Then more in detail av prof for a cust that is between 28-38 years old lives in X state and makes x in income and so on. The data is too large to use pivot tables. We are also looking for a program where the data can be uploaded and the queries are answered. We are looking for a person with extensive experience, that can deliver within deadlines, suggest ways of getting the best result and that has extensive experience with statistics. We are under time constrain so this project is quite urgent.

  • £555 GBP In Progress

    We require an MS Access based quoting tool.

  • $33 USD/hr In Progress

    We are a company within the railway business. To monitor the performance of our locomotives we collect data regarding km performance for different locomotoves in a database that monthly generate a performance sheet in excel, attachment 1.From our maintenance suppliers we get a excelsheet with costs and acitivities performed on our locomotives, attachment 2.We want to merge these data together so we can analyse costs per loco type and performance in order to get some KPI, examples in attachment 3.The task is to design som kind of report generator that fits the data together in a excelreport that we can use for further analysis. The example in attachment 3 is only one way of presenting the results.What makes this a bit challenging is that we ahve several different maintence suppliers and several different locotypes. In the attachment 2 you can follow how the costs are presented. There are a lot of data but the most important information is found in column H (locotype), J (typ of work) and S (costs in SEK).We would like the Freelancer to present an example of how they suggest to present the results and how this can be performed.

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    We want to automate function in Microsoft Visio and Excel.Transfer data from Visio to Excel.We are making drawings in Visio 2D,and want to get materialspecification in excel.We have a library application that contains our different articles.Work description: We want to be able draw the surface of a mezzanine and give hight and loadcapacity. Out of this we want to get a complete drawing with pillar, beams and braces. After the drawing are done, we want to get a material specification that is linked to a pricelist in form of an excelfile. We would also be able to generate a drawing of the finished construction in a 3d format. We have attached in this mail an example drawing of our mezzanine product in visio, a specification we use today which we manually write in our articles, the file that we use to dimension our product in, which contains our different types of beam, and floorboards.The take off file that we have attached shows how our wall system gets a specification out of a drawing in visio,we want something simular for our mezzanine product...

  • $1666 CAD Today

    We need someone to design an Ordering Database for a small games retailer with multiple locations. The database will be used to enter items that need to be ordered from suppliers. The quantities will flow through the following stages: To be ordered, Ordered, Shipped, Received etc. There will be approximately 10 screens and the date has to flow flawlessly between them. If you are a Database expert, take a look at the attached file and get back to us ASAP.

  • $8888 USD Yesterday

    I am looking to have a site serve the Horses owner to mange the farms and horses similar to these sites:speedfarms.comrendaivu.commanage-my-horse.comWith addition functions, and enhance in structure and layout. also it should to work in dual language Arabic & English (RTL) support also smart phones and tablets.Regards,Sultan

  • $2500 USD 3 days ago

    I need site for organising GPS control devices installed on vehicles.It have to be some database, where is collecting data about routes and etc from the GPS devices via IP (GPSs have data sim for mobile internet). I can show other similar sites for example.

  • $277 USD 4 days ago

    I need an access database that can combine both our pay period time sheet and our project billing database. I have attached both so you can see what fields. Right now, our employees use the excel doc to submit their total hours for payment. They use the access TimeTracker to log in billable and nonbillable hours for different projects they are working on. I want the current TimeTracker database to be a one stop shop for entering in total hours and being able to seperate out project billings based on the tables already created. I also want a nice report for the general time sheet that shows the hours worked, vacation / sick used, etc. I can&quot;t figure out how to tie the two together.

  • $777 USD 5 days ago

    Hello Guys, I need a system of delivery of newspaper developed in MS Access. So please apply only if you are expert in Access and read the complete instructions of project in attached files.I am looking for very experience and good profile individual or team. Please come up with your fixed cost and turn around time. Regards,Honey

  • £555 GBP 5 days ago

    We currently have an outdated system for calculating royalty payments to our authors. This is an access database that links to an old accounting system that we no longer use. We now use Brightpearl to record all of our sales data.We need to update this system to include sales data from a new system and calculate royalty payments.Functionality:•To store author details•To store Title details (book and DVD)•Account for VAT in royalty calculations (Books are exempt, DVDs are rated at standard VAT) – this should be covered by only accessing the net price.•Assign a royalty rate to a title•Assign 1 or more authors to a title.•Assign royalty split to the different authors•Assign advance to a title/author combination that is deducted from royalty payments.•Record royalties earned over specific periods. Royalties for previous periods prior to switch to Brightpearl need to be retained. •Our first royalty payments are to be made in September. These will incorporate 1 month of sales processed through the old system, as well post acquisition sales processed through Brightpearl.The existing database table structure and its contents can be used as the basis for the project. It already has the &quot;old&quot; data in. If you can get access to the existing queries / forms they can also be used as a starting point.New data can be input to the system either by connecting to the Brightpearl API, or by a csv export from Brightpearl and subsequent import into Access. Please state in your bid which way you would do it.The export can include: •Date•Product name•Product SKU•Quantity•Item net sale price•etc.Outputs will be as per the existing system, consisting of printable reports as follows:•Letters to Authors•Author Royalties statements•Royalty by Author•Royalty by Title•Title List•Author ListI&quot;ve attached a series of screenshots of the existing system showing some of the forms and reports.Happy Bidding!

  • $17 USD/hr 6 days ago

    Hello...I need an access app for my real estate business.I need to add in a table all the apts on my portfolio, and in another one all the requirements of my clients. If there&quot;s a match between these 2 tables, access should send an html mail, personalized with the name of the client and the link of the apartment that could be good for him.

  • $2000 AUD 6 days ago

    Client requires a production management database developed from a currently used Excel spreadsheet system.They want to track the following information:•Quotes for both existing and new customers with calculation of fixed and variable costs and calculation of prices for varying numbers ordered.•Materials required for production including Stock Held and Ordered / Received•Job tracking with costs, materials and production stages - Labour, Machines, Processes with data from Quote plus time scheduling data.•Schedule to manage workflow depending on job urgency, date required, materials in stock/ordered, available staff hours, machine capacity, maintenance•Calendar of staff availability including rostered days off, public holidays and weekends, and available machine and man hours for each day.•Efficiencies in use of man and machine hours, and targets set and achieved.Some information is stored in a business finance package files that are available as read only files.This includes:•Customer details •Stock Items•Stock Purchases •Suppliers •Employees •Addresses

  • $1555 USD 9 days ago

    I am a CPA that wrote a cash flow model for individuals/families. See a sample at The input currently is an 8 page Excel file ( that we currently rekey into a finalized Excel file that we do quite a bit of manual manipulation to then print to PDF. Our project is to design pages on our site to allow a user to enter these 8 pages of info into a webform. We then need the ability to export this data into an Excel file on our end and then do some additional customizations to get it ready to print. We do NOT need to allow the web user to create a final document. We are content with this process and feel we add additional value with our offline input. This programmer must be able teach us how to better create macros that will need to go into the final Excel file, to speed up some cosmetic issues.Thank you!

  • $1111 AUD 12 days ago

    We require someone to assist in modifying a template in Microsoft Visio for our business. Our team uses a pre-made template & stencils to mark up building plans for wiring layouts but we need a way to generate a bill of materials from this. Most of the work in terms of stencil design, icons etc is already done with what we use, but we need another page within the Visio document which is able to pull down the data off the shapes used and spit them out in a quote format which can then be printed and given to clients. Examples can easily be provided to help you get your head around what we&quot;re doing, but we need help programming the back-end. Once the code is done and the template is working we&quot;ll take over from there, so it&quot;s not something we will need constantly updated.We have looked into an application which does this (Quotepix by Visimation) but this is an add-on for the Visio platform which may be taking it too far and over-complicating what we need, although it is very functional and does what we want. We would be looking for someone to replicate a similar function to this within our existing template and leave it at that.You&quot;ll need to be familiar with Visio, ShapeSheets, Visual Basic, Databases etc.Please contact Mark @ Intelligent Home to discuss further.

  • $1250 USD 20 days ago

    -store information on customer,vendor , stock detail, enquiry, quotation, shipping detail, invoicing, payment detail, etc..-search and sort above info-print out work orders , service orders...-print out search/sort results, print out packing list,print delivery orders, print product test certificates, etc..-multiuser with different security access

  • $500 USD 21 days ago

    c&quot;est un outil informatique professionnel pour la recherche des pièces de rechange mécanique dans une société marocaine OCP

  • $1500 USD 29 days ago

    We are a small nonprofit based in Alexandria, VA looking for a Microsoft Access expert to help us update and periodically edit our Microsoft Access donor database. Currently, our

  • $10 USD Feb 24, 2014

    Hello, Seems you have awared project to someone else and we are no more able to communicate via message system. Please contact me after revoking project to that user if you interested in proceeding with me. Thanks

  • $1666 USD Jan 6, 2014

    Overview:In this project we are looking to get a clean and elegant website that can compare, match, track and notify User’s of data matches. Concept:This web application should be designed to compare, match, track and notify User’s of matches between sets of data. Essentially, a User creates an account and uploads their business’s client lists (Client Lists) with contains their clients contact details. The Admin will upload the necessary .xls files on a daily basis (Daily Admin Lists). The Daily Admin Lists contains contact details and the data that will change daily. The Daily Admin Lists are made up of two separate kinds of lists or types of data (containing similar data in excel format), one list type is daily criminal records and the other is daily motor vehicle accidents. These two lists come from third party vendors. Daily Admin List A and B vary in the fact that the data contained inside their respective spreadsheets are uniquely named columns and structured differently. However, formatting and column structures will always be consistent, as they are determined by the third party vendor (see attached sample Daily Admin List A and B for format and column structure).It is important to note that data for a particular day for Admin List Type A, for example, will arrive in separate files based on predetermined regions. This means that the complete Daily Admin List for A will be spread between multiple files each day. User’s will and should be able to select which regions they wish to compare their own Client List data to.NOTE: the Daily Admin List A and B will always come in the same format and structure as it is owned and published by a third party. Mechanics:The Daily Admin Lists should be matched to each User’s Client List each day in a fast and efficient manner. All data should be secure (bank grade security, if possible). All matches and notifications should contain accurate data. Notification should be flexible and allow Admin as well as Users to adjust what all going into the match notifications to Users.Please carefully read the information attached for details and specifications before bidding...

  • $277 USD Jan 4, 2014

    We require freelancer to make presentation content for our B2B clients. We are an travel content webpage company with a new outlook and a brand new concept.Three presentations.1- The presentation need to show all the new webpage, publicity options and some statistics.2- A mix of global market data, general concept, challenges, positives, negatives, etc.The final product will be a Power Point Presentation which has illustrative diagrams, graphs, objects, pictures and is very colorful and professional3- Presentation with full research about our business and the other similar business.- Presentation needs to be highly salable for our clients- Presentation should be clean and modern- Presentation should be professional Grade- You must be very fluent in English. Native English Speaker would be preferred- You must have knowledge of social-networking and new internet technologies.- You must have perfect english knowledge.- It must be engaging and not boring.- It must be integrated with Prezi and make it dinamicSome exemples: we are looking something better than this. But before awarding this we want to see your previous presentations as well. So when you bidding please send us those links.

  • $666 USD Dec 20, 2013

    Hello,I would like to develop a simple application for inventory for my college using Excel database which is accessed by barcode scanning.Objective:1. I have a set of datas in excel sheet (Sheet 1)(database)2. On the other sheet (Sheet 2), when i scan(using barcode) or type a reg number- respective item name and other details should be displayed.Thats it. Simple. Hope I made it clear

  • $500 USD Oct 5, 2013

    hiii there,i have about 320000 words in English to be translated to Romansh,easy words,website translation actually,please reply to me asap if you can take this task,we can talk about every thing after your reply,thanks,,,

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