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Industrial & CAD Engineer

Username: ahmedhamdypop

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Location: Giza, Egypt

Member since: December 2012



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  • $400 CAD
    Profile image for Seller almohammadi3631


    15 days ago

    very professional, knows what he is doing, trustworthy, great communication and delivers on time.

    Project Description:Hi, The project is an arena simulation project. I need it within 2 days from now, 31/3/2014. For details about the project, please view the attachments. Regards,
  • $61 USD
    Profile image for Seller alyafar2


    Mar 15, 2014

    Thanks a lot.

    Project Description:I did the design but part b (Add Equations to The Design) , part c (Generate Design Table) , and part d (Calculate Mass , Volume and Surface Area) . Therefore , can you please help me do B , C , and D...
  • €200 EUR
    Profile image for Seller mgxx83


    Feb 22, 2014

    Great worker, my idea becomes truth!

    Project Description:Realizzare un disegno prima in 2D, poi se soddisfa i requisiti in 3D, con un software CAD che permetta alla fine di arrivare ad un prototipo in plastica abs. Il disegno è di un oggetto in plastica che...
  • $111 USD
    Profile image for Seller ankit44134


    Feb 4, 2014

    Very quick response.

    Project Description:I need a project on ARENA SIMULATION SOFTWARE. Only people who have worked on this software and can deliver in 1-2 days please bid.
  • €36 EUR
    Profile image for Seller attiliopiccolo10


    Feb 3, 2014

    GREAT WORKER!!!!!!

    Project Description:Good Morning, I have a frame draw in Autocad in 2D and 3D. With the indication of application, force and weight of component I'd like to have the best dimension and thickness of product made in iron, the same also for the product in aluminum for 3 different weight applications...
  • $305.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller andrewuscf

    andrewuscf [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 16, 2014

    He kept saying he was finished more then 2 months past the due date. Did not receive any files? Did not reply to messages. Would not work with this freelancer. Made many excuses and showed no proof of work.

    Project Description:I looking for an engineer that can create a stl and 3d prototype on rhino. I have my own design but do not have the details for the circuit boards and wires. The headset will look similar to this: ...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller Axel4401


    Jan 6, 2014

    Thanks. Great Freelancer.

    Project Description:Hello, Looking for someone to design me a plasma torch. My objective Is to build a small one myself and once I master the small design, I would build it bigger. I'm not looking for a plasma cutter or a welding torch - looking for a torch that is hotter than hades At the end...
  • $83 USD
    Profile image for Seller assignmentshelp

    assignmentshelp [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 29, 2013

    He never turned up..Bad on his part.

    ahmedhamdypop's reply:

    The Employer provided insufficient data for his project, although I made the project with the given data, he did not pay me any money, he acts as a third party between freelancers and students which make the communication and information so bad, I made this project upon the given data within the agreed budget but later he required project costs more than $500, Really this employer deceived me. The man is not recommended, DON"T MAKE PROJECTS WITH HIM

    Project Description:You must look at the contractor specifications. What is needed are 3 parts; This project is for rammed earth for 2 and half days only. Please look at the contractors specifications. 1). Program Of work in a gantt chart I have attached what is needed please take a look at it...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller aplatowski


    Nov 15, 2013

    Fast and accurate. He got the job done before I even gave him the OK to start. Now that's efficient !<br/>

    Project Description:I need a simple bobbin designed in .STL for 3-D printing. I am enclosing a PDF file showing the dimensions. Please give me an estimate of what you think this project will cost.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller gloriaw


    Nov 15, 2013

    Ahmed is a very positive and responsive consultant. It was a pleasure working with him.

    Project Description:Receive some sample BIM files from us, inspect the files, and create a checklist of what we&#039;d need to do to create similar BIM files for our products. Our goal is to start a process to assemble all the...
    ahmedhamdypop has not completed any projects.
  • $277 USD In Progress

    A small hotel open 24/7 aims at developing a model of its daily operations with thepurpose of improving both quality and level of its service. Customers arrive the hotelat random inter-arrival times as shown in the table below: These customers fall into two categories: 70% of the customers are daily visitors who wish to use the restaurant and or gym facility and resident customers who intend to only stay overnight (To simplify the modelling process, resident customers intention will not include using of gym or the restaurant). Upon arrival, daily visitors intend to use either the gym facility (30%) or the restaurant. Length of stay in the gym is Triangle (1,2,3) hour (capacity of 6 people) or Triangle (30,60,90) minute in the restaurant (capacity of 10 people). 22% of the visitors leaving the gym decide to have a quick meal at the restaurant consuming Triangle (20,40,70) minute before leaving the hotel. For the second type of the arriving customers, resident customers fall into two categories: 84% of residents have already booked (Advanced booked) and Non-booked customers. A receptionist allocates resident customers bedrooms with advanced booked customers having priority. The hotel has 6 single rooms and 8 double rooms at the start of operations. 40% of the advanced booked customers prefer single room. The rest of the advanced booked customers prefer double rooms. Length of staying at single bedrooms is estimated to be Triangle (1,2,3) days while the double bedrooms is Triangle (1,2,4) days. Delay at reception (the receptionist process time) is estimated to be Triangle (10,20,40) minute for single bed booking and Triangle (15,20,45) minute for double bed booking. The non-advanced booked customers will be given an option of waiting for a period of time equal to Triangle (3,4,5) days to be able to offer them a vacant room or to find another hotel (25% is the chance of the first option). The preference of the non-booked customers to book single or double rooms is similar to what advanced-booked customers prefer (same length of staying and room booking preference). Required: Write a report that includes: a. From the perspective of simulation an Introduction to the problem which includes aims, objectives, assumptions, key performance indicators and any other relevant information you deem appropriate. b. A table showing entities, attributes, activities, state variables, and events. c. An appropriate flowchart with detailed explanations. d. Obtain the best fit of the customer arrival-times using Input-Analyser e. An explanation of which data collection method(s) would be appropriate to capture the required information for modelling this problem. f. A developed simulation model for 40 customers to imitate the above system (“As-Is” situation). Five simulation runs are required g. At least two experiments (scenarios) to: i. Reduce the overall simulation time. ii. Achieve a reduced queue at each service facility. iii. Increase the resource(s)/ service facility(s) utilisations. iv. Reduce average waiting time. h. A comparison by the use of Excel diagrams of the “As-Is” scenario with the other improvement scenarios. i. Recommendations for further improvement (bullet points) j. Appropriate animation in the “As-Is” model you develop is preferred.

  • $166 USD In Progress

    I need a mechanical engineer with great CFD and report writing skillsBudget is $150

  • $83 USD In Progress

    Evaluate all components. Write a report with suggestions of necessary changes and modify parts in Solid Works. Add a gasket and O-ring to the assembly.

  • $166 USD Yesterday

    LP Modeling project. details are provided in the photos

  • [Sealed] 3 days ago

    We would like the successful freelancer to review our current solidworks design files and remove steps and other small errors in the file that make it currently unsuitable for production via injection molding. The model is almost complete and we expect for someone who has experience this will be straightforward. However if you have a flair for design we are happy to have you suggest small modifications that will improve the industrial design/appearance.You will need to ensure the parts fit together correctly in the assembled model and optimise any design features that make the current design not good enough for successful injection molding such as thickness of material used, steps, tabs and other legacy design. The design is for a small hand held plastic light approximately 25cm x 10cm x 15cm. We will supply the individual .SLDPRT files and the assembled file to the successful bidder.There will be 4 milestones1. Review current design and report on your suggested changes required for approval by us2. Delivery of 1st draft for review by us for any final changes3. Delivery of final draft for review by us and any small revisions4. Delivery of finished product including solidworks files and export into IGS and STL

  • £166 GBP 4 days ago

    I am an Architect based in UK and need assistance with AutoCAD survey drawings. I need someone i can send my draft sketch of survey along with photos of the dwelling and then someone to draft the survey in CAd ... I will need floor plans and elevations.Ideally i need someone with good CAD knowledge...Can you please provide information on your fees etc.ThanksIrfan Akram

  • $1000 USD 4 days ago

    To provide engineering design to distribute Air Compressor to different machine used by Pallet Factory. The engineer will be provided with the Factory layout (in Autocad format), the manual for different machines and he will is expected to design the piping to distribute the air compressor to different factory machines (NailGuns, Pallet Production line, Nailing Table, ..etc).The deliverable is the design on both PDF and Autocad and the Bill of Quantities for the Material required. Attached is a factory and equipment layout

  • $250 USD 4 days ago

    I am looking for a designer to model the pair of sunglasses in the link below. will supply a cleaned up Hi resolution scan of the sunglasses in 5 pieces.- Frame- Lens- Left Arm- Right Arm- Nose ClipI will need these scans replicated into 3D solid models using SolidWorks 2008 or higherThe models need to be solid bodies not surfaces. The models need to be very clean and easy to work with because I will need to be able to modify the design.

  • $1250 NZD 4 days ago

    We are a Medium sized Concrete Precast Construction company in New Zealand. We are in seek of finding a 2D Drafting technician to Create Precast Shop Drawing for us. The task will include Taking information from Architectural Drawings and Structural Drawings To develop a precast layout of the building and then individual component drawings (shop Drawings) for our factory to constructwork will paid on number of drawing producedwork will average 10-30hr a week

  • $50 USD/hr 4 days ago

    We are looking for someone who can design a hardware enclosure for a compact PCB. Please share your design portfolio when you apply

  • [Sealed] 5 days ago

    I need someone to fabricate a wine cradle from steel parts. The bid should also include shipping to my office in FL.The parts list should answer any questions regarding supplies needed. All of the steel is listed with a yellow zinc chromate surface finish; however, another finish may be considered.The design is completed and available in 2D CAD and 3D solid works format.

  • $1250 USD 5 days ago

    Design for a simpler manufacturing my patent invention

  • $1111 USD 5 days ago

    Traditional IE efforts at several southeastern US manufacturing plants to determine process specifications and costing.

  • $16 USD/hr 5 days ago

    Looking for support from experienced Mechanical engineer for project support, he should be expert in gear design, engineer who worked with watch industries he will be preferred, interested engineer can send the details.details will be provide after detail discussion.

  • €1500 EUR 5 days ago

    Construction of an industrial machine in 3d modeling, animation and simulation of the interaction between man and machine.

  • $27 CAD/hr 5 days ago

    looking to hire a solidworks draftsperson for a busy entertainment fabricating companywe are looking for someone to design and draw custom projects for our shop to build.

  • £600 GBP 5 days ago

    We are Business Management Students, competing a small charitable project. We are in need of 200 small chain bracelets, with a simple ingrained pendent. Looking to sell these on simple card packaging. A very simple project, but in need to work with a jeweler of some sort. RegardsCatherine Gower

  • $722 USD 5 days ago

    I have an idea/concept for how to manage the lifecycle of product development,. The concept is DDBD. Design Driven Businss Development. I would like a report (about 20-30 pages) which can clearly explain the process and the reason why it is mor effective than traditional sourcing!

  • $6666 HKD 5 days ago

    This is an ACADEMIC project that requires you to create HYPOTHETICAL INTERVIEW DATA & PERFORM CODING ANALYSIS. I have 6 companies which will be the focus of my hypothetical case studies. I&quot;ve made certain pre-set conclusions for each company which will serve as the basis of what I want to &quot;conclude&quot; from the results of this entire study. Problem is since this whole project is hypothetical, I need to hire someone to &quot;make up&quot; hypothetical data for each company to support these fixed conclusions I want to make.So what&quot;s your job? 1) CREATE 6 HYPOTHETICAL INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: 1 transcript for each company, so 6 transcripts for 6 companies in total. The interview transcript must me made to look as if it is &quot;real&quot; (i.e. interview really did take place even though this is an entirely hypothetical project) but written up in academic format. The content of the transcript will be based off of additional guidelines I will send you once I confirm your hire. Assume each transcript is based off of a 1-hr long interview. 2) QUALITATIVE CODING ANALYSIS ON THE 6 INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Once the transcripts are done, you&quot;ll need to perform coding analysis. The coding analysis MUST use academic social-research methodology (e.g. thematic analysis, grounded theory etc.). The results of the coding will be pre-determined on my end so your only job is to &quot;backtrack&quot; your analysis process/data to justify what I want you to conclude. Info on the job: - Maximum payment for total project will be HKD$6,000- Complete within 30 days- Must have previous experience with qualitative social research (I will request for sample works if your bid is shortlisted)- Previous knowledge on &quot;Six Sigma&quot; concept is preferredPLEASE ONLY BID IF QUALIFIED!

  • $250 USD 7 days ago

    Develop 3D model of a small distillation plant with associated pipes and piperacks, columns, pumps etc., from a process flow diagram (PFD, please see attached PDF file). The model does not need to be accurate as it is for illustration purposes only, hence the materials of construction such as; flange types etc. are not relevant.

  • $555 USD 11 days ago

    I need engineered stamped drawings for a wood pole barn in Galveston County.Please call me [Contact details removed by Administrators which breaches the site Terms and Conditions]

  • $133 USD 11 days ago

    Hello EveryoneI Need a casing to be designed for a commercial device. Details:1. Small in Size(see attached images)2.Fits into the cigarette lighter of a car3.Will be made from plastic4.There will be 2 PCBs inside along with a battery5.Battery will be charged from the outlet of the car6.Need complete Files which can be 3d-printed (STL Files) and CAD/CAM Files.Happy Bidding :)

  • $1250 USD 11 days ago

    I want to make game like temple run 2. I want 3d characters and environments of this game.Thank you.Regards,

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Teaching and Research Assistant

Feb 2012 - Present (2 years)

Nile University

Teach Undergraduate students SolidWorks, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Facility Planning and Management

Quality Engineer

Nov 2011 - Feb 2012 (3 months)

LEONI Wiring Systems

Quality Control Engineer


Master Degree


Very Good with Honor Degree




AXON Egypt

I Got the AutoCAD Certification from AXON Egypt in 2009

Quality Control

BMW Egypt

I Got an Experience for Quality Control and SPC from BMW Egypt


Wave Spring Design


Conference at Belarus in 2010