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Pawan Kumar

Java developer

Username: aitgallon

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Location: Pune, India

Member since: October 2013



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  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gdlbt2



    Excellent work and great communication!<br/>

    Project Description:two additional improvements to the previous code you did for me
  • $55.00 USD
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    Fast and great communication.

    Project Description:I need a program that fits the following scenario: Write an application to assign seats on each flight of the airline’s only plane (capacity: 20 seats). The application should display the following alternatives: Please type 1 for First Class Please type 2 for Economy...
  • $25.00 USD
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    bboyhero008 [ Incomplete Report ]

    13 days ago

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:This is a program to be written in ANSI C. The goal of this program is to read from a large file (230 MB) and sort the file, count the amount of lines in the sorted record, count the amount of lines in the original file, show how many duplicate lines there are and timestamp the time it took...
  • $56.00 USD
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    19 days ago

    nice job good file

    Project Description:answer some qustion about dATA BASE
  • €40.00 EUR
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    Jun 21, 2014

    was very good, very cooperative and delivered the project in the time I requested. has knowledge of c++ and am very satisfied with our collaboration<br/>

    Project Description:Continued from file domesmain To be written plan which will implement the above system. For development will take into account the following requirements: • The cinema will be stored in counterbalanced binary search tree...
  • $55.00 USD
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    Jun 20, 2014

    perfectly done a+

    Project Description:i need someone to correct my program it has little problem.
  • $10.00 USD
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    shallufreelancer [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 10, 2014

    Could not provide the free version. The version was only for evaluation period<br/>

    Project Description:Hourly project for aitgallon for free file downlaod
  • $37.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller chungitemala89


    Jun 9, 2014

    very nice and always confirmed my needs. understood time delay and was a pleasure to work with. will hire for futre projects

    Project Description:Hide Folder Information: Object Code Instructions generate assembly language from the compiler in your C program for more precise control. The objective is to compile and generate assembly files, given a .C file using compiler options...
  • [Sealed]
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    Jun 7, 2014

    Thank You for helping me<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I want the turbo c++ software installed on my machine. So, i need the software and help in installation the same.
  • $15.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller BenchmarkDev


    May 31, 2014

    Great worker and very professional. I would certainly consider aitgallon again for similar projects in the future! Very skilled in C++ Programming

    Project Description:Hello. So I have a weight calculator program that I need help to debug. It does not produce the expected calculations. I have attached a .ZIP and a screenshot of the terminal output. It should accept user input and store the weight then calculate it...
    Pawan Kumar has not completed any projects.
  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    two additional improvements to the previous code you did for me

  • $55 USD In Progress

    1. The assignment consists of three parts: a. Multiple choice. b. Short answers. c. Problems to work on.

  • €55 EUR In Progress

    Sou finalista de Licenciatura e (muito) trabalhador/estudante. Necessito de entregar um trabalho prático para uma cadeira até ao final de Agosto e não tenho tempo para o concluir. Forneço protótipo para aproveitar código.O trabalho consiste na construção de um &quot;pequeno&quot; programa que faça a gestão de uma agenda eletrónica, utilizando a Linguagem JAVA (POO, portanto) e de preferência utilizando o eclipse para Windows.O mesmo deverá também possuir um pequeno relatório e manual do utilizador com as principais classes e métodos utilizados.Mediante apresentação do orçamento, facultarei o enunciado.&quot;Não se estique&quot; no orçamento sff, porque o mesmo é curto.Obrigado.

  • $111 USD In Progress

    Project Description: Image processing Neuron classification .In this we will be giving an 3d image (stack of 71 slices) in that we need to segment the image and analyze the segmented cells and we need to locate the cell body. Find the number of projections(lenght,diameter).

  • ₹1500 INR In Progress

    You have design a simple image steganography software using java.

  • $80 USD In Progress

    Academic project need to be done in java, building a suduko by using CSP and writing the whole project in java

  • $30 USD In Progress

    You are to develop a program which reads timetable information from a text file. The program will repeatedly ask the user for the following information: • Their starting station • Their destination • Their preferred time of arrival at the destination station. The program will then display all the journeys that arrive at the destination 0 to 2 hours before the time entered by the user. These include journeys those where a change of train is required. Detailed Specification • The program should display the starting station, the destination, the station where any change of train takes place, the start and end times, and the duration of the whole journey (in hours and minutes). • You should consider journeys which are direct (no changes) or where one change of train is required. Disregard journeys which require more than one change. • Journeys where passengers have less than 5 minutes or more than 60 minutes to change train should be disregarded. The order in which valid journeys are displayed on the screen is not important. • Develop your own user interface, and incorporate full error checking. Examples: 1. User wants to travel from Perlston to Seatown, to arrive at 11:00. Journeys: 08:19 to 09:13, duration 0:54, no changes. 09:19 to 10:13, duration 0:54, no changes. 2. User wants to travel from Seatown to Perlston, to arrive at 12:30 Journeys: 10:36 to 11:30, duration 0:54, no changes. 11:36 to 12:30, duration 0:54, no changes. 3. User wants to travel from Seatown to Delphinium, to arrive at 12:30 Journeys: 08:45 to 10:46, duration 2:01, no changes. 08:00 to 11:33, duration 3:33, change at Teakall. 08:35 to 11:33, duration 2:58, change at Teakall. 4. User wants to travel from Delphinium to Javaville, to arrive 14:10 Journeys: 09:38 to 13:54, duration 4:16, change at Seatown. 10:15 to 13:54, duration 3:39, change at Seatown. 08:14 to 12:31, duration 4:17, change at Seatown. 5. User wants to travel from Oopcentral to Seatown, to arrive at 16:00 Journeys: 09:40 to 15:01, duration 5:21, no changes. 08:40 to 14:39, duration 5:59, change at Delphinium. 10:40 to 16:00, duration 5:20, change at Teakall.I would like you to do this program in C language for me please. My email is I need it as soon as possible,I think you aready did it for another guy, so you just need to make it a bit different so it doesnt look identical. I will pay you 30 pounds, through internet banking from my account. Please send me an email. Thanks

  • $15 SGD In Progress

    conceptual modeling, transformation of a conceptual schema into the relational schemas, extension of a conceptual schema and database reverseengineering. Using umlet to draw the diagrams.

  • ₹27777 INR 11 days ago

    Developing a Software Using JAVA, with Netbeans IDE Tools

  • $50 USD 12 days ago

    We want to modify a java based desktop application .

  • $11 USD/hr 12 days ago

    Need freelancer for java development project for 2 weeks

  • $25 USD 13 days ago

    Need expert JAVA programmer. I mean EXPERT. 2 hours work. Tight Deadline.Please bid only if you are the best. Please do not waste my time and your bid.BID FAST!!!!!!

  • $25 USD 13 days ago

    Criar um projeto em java para controle de estoque

  • ₹2500 INR/hr 13 days ago

    Need to develop a simple Java application. PM me for more details.

  • $555 USD 15 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for graduate project in Master of Computer Science:1- good idea and new (more than one)2- proposal to describe each, when the professor accept the idea will continue to do the project.

  • $555 USD 15 days ago

    Hi,I would like to build the app it look like as : you tell me how much ? and how long does it take you to get it all done? I can pay by Paypal.Please reply me as soon as you can. skype: [Contact details removed by Administrators for breaching the site\&quot;s Terms and Conditions]Thank you.

  • $16 USD 15 days ago

    Need help writing queries can&quot;t share database but i will give you screen shots od diagram

  • $555 USD 15 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for graduate project in Master of Computer Science:1- good idea and new (more than one)2- proposal to describe each, when the professor accept the idea will continue to do the project.

  • $155 USD 15 days ago

    I need a programmer to write me a software in C++. I&quot;ll include already made software instructions and program included to help you the programmer to finalize the last step to complete the program I require for this task. It&quot;s an easy task guaranteed, good money too!! The choice is yours!! I never forget those that stood by me in times of need!!

  • $155 USD 15 days ago

    The application behaves like a client and a server at the same time.1. The server role. It waits for a message from client. When a message is received it processes it. The 1st message would be a query, asking if a certain file exists on the system The response should be YES/NO The 2nd message would request the file The server should start sending the file in parts. The size of each part would depend on the size of the file. You need to decide what should be the size of each part. Your design should consider lost parts during transmission, out of order parts arriving, and finally some metho to indicate that the file trnsfer is complete.2. Client role There should be a command interface where you are trying to get a file using file name. (for added functionality, consider partial file name, or just file types - .jpg, mpeg etc.) The client should send a message to N servers. The client recevies replies from N-X servers. Some o the replies will be &quot;YES&quot; others will be &quot;NO&quot; Select one of the servers that replied &quot;YES&quot;. Request the file from the server.The file may arrive in parts. reassemle the file.

  • $155 USD 15 days ago

    Task Specification You are to design, implement, test and provide suitable documentation for a program that is used to manage the allocation of rooms and parking bays to guests at the Broadhaven Hotel according to the above scenario. The program will have a Windows Forms graphical user interface (GUI) and be object oriented, using at least three classes. These classes should clearly demonstrate encapsulation and specialisation. The state of the guest allocations will be saved permanently in one or more text or binary files (do not use a database) and reloaded when the program starts.

  • ₹2250 INR 15 days ago

    i need to make a final year project with any topic that includesC / C++ / Java / Javascript / VisualBasic / PHP / ASP

  • $25 USD 16 days ago

    Small database project. Should take a professional less than 2 hours (Approximately 1 hour or so). Future work available if performance is satisfactory.

  • $25 USD 16 days ago

    Need assignment work get done Knowledge engineering subjectNeed some one to complete online quiz of 30 questions . Ans will be provided need to find and type the ans

  • $25 USD 16 days ago

    Fix small application in java.Change vars, and combobox.Database queryWork in my project.&quot;ACADEMIC PROJECT&quot;

  • $35 USD 16 days ago

    I need to manipulate Excel data from Sheet-A to Sheet-B as per attached 2 sheets. There are two types of fields: (1) Fixed &quot;as is&quot; data and (2) data to be manipulated from Sheet-A to Sheet-B. You will use Sheet-A to create Sheet-B.I need a simple and short Windows application program to manipulate this data within 2 days.

  • [Sealed] 16 days ago

    someone who have expert in c++ they can bid on this project i need to redesign my application thank you .......................................................................

  • $2 USD/hr 17 days ago

    Hello Guys,I&quot;m learning C++ and sometimes I&quot;m quite frustrated with the min. of documents which can be found around some functions.So If possible I would like an experienced programmar to help me out with answering my questions and explaining the solution.Stackoverflow etc.. is nothing for me.You can keep track of the amount of time spend on me and I can pay you on hour base.Thanks.

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C++ developer

Jul 2010 - Present (4 years)




University of Pune



Core Java certificate