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Muhammad Akram Karimi

Microwave and Telecomm Engineer

Username: akramkarimi1036

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Member since: April 2013



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  • $100.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller assignmentshelp

    assignmentshelp [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 2, 2013

    All requirements were not met.

    Project Description:Please follow instructions and be unique with the work. For details please check the attached files. I need this to be done in 4 days ( 6 December ) All information is in the file attached...
  • $40 USD
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    Nov 10, 2013

    Thanks for your help !!

    Project Description:I want formal report for this assignment . This assignment talk about pid control and I finished the coed for the plc diagram. it should be around 1500-2000 words .. plagiarism free solutions .. please submit the solutions in 24 hrs ....
  • $39 USD
    Profile image for Seller tilmizyusuf

    tilmizyusuf [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 9, 2013

    He is untrustable. Promised me to finish but never did.

    Project Description:basicly designing an amplifier all requirements are given in the file i am looking for someone who can do this for 20 dollars
  • $57 USD
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    hannafat [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 21, 2013

    the freelancer does not complete this job and took my money

    Project Description:Design a 16-bit multiplier for low power design using AMS 0.35um process. design the circuit and layout in CADENCE. I don't know what else are the details needed. Will provide more if asked.
  • $10 USD
    Profile image for Seller Googler89


    Oct 17, 2013

    this guy is so awesome he delivers the project in time and he is sooooo on budget I would hire him for future project, A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++i recommnd you guys Award him your projects and he will do it so well ++

    Project Description:Please see file attached see the attached file please and tell me your bid .................
  • $89 USD
    Profile image for Seller khabmj


    Sep 3, 2013

    Great Quality. Excellent Freelancer. Always a pleasure to work with him. highly recommended.

    Project Description:Custom Project!! This is an extension of the previous project that i have done with a freelancer. no need for other bids.
  • $22 NZD
    Profile image for Seller isaac58


    Aug 30, 2013

    He communicate very well and understand very well the challenge of the job

    Project Description:design and implement a direct buck converter to step down 230vac to 115vac using dspic30f4011 only people with power electronic expertee and who has done similar job should apply.
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller khabmj


    Jul 15, 2013

    Great Freelancer. Excellent MATLAB and Circuit theory skills. Highly recommended

    Project Description:N/A
  • RM556.6 MYR
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    Jul 4, 2013

    Efficient and helpful. As always

    Project Description:Shipment of completed project
  • RM650 MYR
    Profile image for Seller wzhn89


    Jul 4, 2013

    A job well done again though it could've been delivered on time. Nonetheless, no major issues about it. Hire him for your projects :)

    Project Description:Tests should include: 1. Able to achieve desired output (220~240Vdc) 2. Able to run on mcu controlled PWM driver (do not have to include the MCU in shipping) 3. Verification of results (clean and clear...
    Muhammad Akram Karimi has not completed any projects.
  • $533 USD In Progress

    Hi I have an evalution board of Texas instruments evmam1707.which as far as I know is competible eith OMAPL137.What I need is a project which will configure the audio in and out from linein/out to work with DMA and sample buffers so later on I will able to read the samples in real time from the line in ,and provide buffers of samples to the lineout to be played in real time.

  • $269 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $666 USD 7 days ago

    Looking for an expert in Differential Equations.

  • $777 USD 7 days ago

    I want to build a skate with an electric motor and remote controller.I need someone to tell me which electric motor and battery in the market is the most efficient, as well as build the system for the remote controller and for smooth acceleration.I will handle the making of the structure to hold the electronics and the motor in placE. I just need someone to build the electronic boards and stuff.I will provide the money for the parts, for the service, an for the shipping.

  • $500 USD 7 days ago

    The project seeks to communicate two microcontrollers Launchpad MSP430G2 by I2C protocol with the C in the IAR Embedded leguaje program. The lanchpad has two buttons and two LED"s, the idea is when you press a button on the number lanchpad 1 A LED turns on Launchpad 2 and vice versa,

  • $1111 USD 7 days ago

    An arduino based sofware will control a motor ( brushless, step, servo ? )A touchscreen interface will control the following :1- How many times the Software run since "this time" and reset 2- To control the motor : Rpm Control, and how may turns needed. Detailed Explanation :Motor will be attached to a mechanical system,needed to be turned 4 or 5 or 6 times 360 degrees , "How many turns" must be selective from the software via touchscreen.Turning speed Rpm and acceleration must be controlled . Acceleration is important at the beginning of the softwre run, slowly accelerate and slowly decelerate, Hardware Needed to be used:An appropriote and reliable motor A small touchscreen ,A pcb or arduino one board,All electrical equipment,Power source Software Needed to be used :It has to be in Arduino ( so i can understand what is written )

  • $222 USD 7 days ago

    I"m looking for someone to take an open source firmware for an STC-1000 temperature controller and adapt it to a different temperature controller. The firmware needs to allow the user to create different temperature profiles. Each profile has a specified temperature for a specified time period before going to the next temperature and time period.Here"s a link to the open source firmware that does a better job of describing how it works than I can. would prefer to be able to modify the firmware through a USB Microchip ICSP PIC Programmer instead of an Arduino. There is an attached picture of the processor of the target controller that I need the above firmware adapted to. I can provide more pictures and information at a later time.

  • $111 USD 7 days ago

    I need some one to program the Adc in my circuit from the PIC18F4685 microchip microcontroller to display the voltage values ( status of battery from a laptop). Urgent, need it today itself. I will give more details to the expert programmer who have very well knowledge of it.

  • £2000 GBP 19 days ago

    I am planning to build a small instrument that involves control of a stepper motor at a fixed speed, a DC motor, a laser diode and detector. I want to record the signal from the detector , relation to the stepper motor movement. i want some help to design/source the electronics and and to develop some software to run the whole thing from a laptop.

  • $16 USD/hr 22 days ago

    Lab Instructions: is the Lab Report Format.I have some of the lab work completed. Just need help placing it all into the right format for the lab report. Need to get an A+ on this lab

  • $200 USD 22 days ago

    hello , this is a project in signal systems and transforms .. i need an expert in telecommunication engineering , details will be discussed in private . thank you

  • $25 USD/hr 22 days ago

    We are planing to create an energy meter (or analyzer) which should be capable of measuring active, reactive and apparent energy in a power line system using Rogowski coil, current transformer and shunt sensors. The data will be sent our gateway by using RS 485 with modbus protocole. We are planning to use ST Microchips branded microchips in our project l,ke STPMC1. If you can visit, "smart energy and metering" there are lots of useful data and design resources you can find.Inform us about your thoughts about this project.regardsGüçlü Ceyhan

  • $144 USD 22 days ago

    Download the attachment and if you can do it then bid it

  • $150 USD Dec 23, 2013

    You suck! Your momma is a mother of a cheat

  • $444 USD Dec 20, 2013

    I your need help to build an easy plan for me to rebuild a microcontroller(easy curcuitboard like arduino) that can divide the feeder rotary encoder job, printing and cleaning proses with two stepper motor. Other example is at ""Thanks

  • $150 USD Dec 11, 2013

    I am looking for someone with just enough knowledge to lure me into a trap where I pay him a substantial amount of money and get a piece of garbage in return. From our previous dealings, I believe that you are the man for the job!! Being that you believe in Allah, I am sure that I will get exactly what I want from you.

  • ₹3333 INR Dec 5, 2013

    Write an assembler program that takes several words from standard input (keyboard, one word per input line) and outputs them sorted alphabetically, also one word per line.The number of input words is not limited. Hence, your program should store the input words in a linked list and sort them directly in the list. You are not allowed to use any auxilary arrays for temporary storage in your code. You can store the strings dynamically and organize pointers to strings in a linked list and swap the pointers by, say, the bubble-sort method instead of swapping the corresponding strings.You may use strcmp system call for comparing strings. Exp. SEGMENT .dataarray:DD 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16len:EQU ($ - array) / 4query:DD 0prompt:DB "Enter query: ",0out1:DB "Query found at index ",0out2:DB "Query is not found", 10, 0SEGMENT .textmain: push array ; pass param by reference push dword len ; pass param by value call printArray ; print array movedx, promptcallWriteString; print promptcallReadInt; EAX = querymov[query], eaxpushdword array; pass arraypushdword 0; left indexpushdword len-1; finish indexpushdword [query]; pass querycallbinSearch; EAX = query indexcmpeax, 0jl.L1movedx, out1; query is foundcallWriteStringcallWriteInt; index of query in arraycallCrlfjmp.L2.L1mov edx, out2 ; query is not found call WriteString.L2ret;--------------------------------------------------------------binSearch:push ebpmovebp, esp; compose stack framepushebx; save used regspushecxmoveax, [ebp+16]; leftmovebx, [ebp+12]; rightcmp eax, ebx; temination condition?jle .L1; NO - proceed with algomoveax, -1; YES - return -1jmp.L5; exit.L1:addeax, ebx; eax = left + rightshreax, 1; eax = (left + right)/2movecx, eax; ecx = eaxshlecx, 2; ecx *= 4addecx, [ebp+20]; ecx = address of a[mid]movebx, [ecx]; ebx = a[mid]cmpebx, [ebp+8]; a[mid] ~ queryje.L5; YES - return eax and exitjl.L4.L3:deceax; eax = mid - 1pushdword [ebp+20]; pass params to rec.callpushdword [ebp+16] ; pass leftpusheax; pass rightpushdword [ebp+8]; pass querycallbinSearch; EAX = search resultjmp.L5.L4:inceax push dword [ebp+20] ; pass params to push eax ; pass left push dword [ebp+12] ; pass right push dword [ebp+8] ; pass query call binSearch ; EAX = search result.L5:popecxpopebxpopebpret16;------------------------------------------------------printArray: push ebp mov ebp, esp ; compose stack frame push eax ; save used regs push ecx push esi mov esi, [ebp+12] ; set up array pointer mov ecx, [ebp+8] ; array length.L: mov eax, [esi] ; eax = arr[i] call WriteInt ; print it out mov al, " " ; print a space call WriteChar add esi, 4 loop .L ; loop back call Crlf ; start new line pop esi pop ecx pop eax pop ebp ret 8

  • $700 USD Nov 30, 2013

    the project used for measured and control the pf using microprocessor

  • $600 USD Nov 23, 2013

    To control DC motor whose specs are,6V/12V supply voltage,15 to 30A powerNeed a micro chip controller that can,1, Reduce the speed of the motor from 60RPM to 2rpm,2, Handling functions like CW AND CCW (clockwise and counter cwise)3, time based forward and revers motion: Soft start - CW for 2seconds - soft stop- pause1sec - soft start CCW for 2seconds – soft stop – number of cycles4, Alternatively proximity/touch sensor based CW and CCW (the board should be capable of giving the choice to select either sensor driven or time driven5, ON/OFF using remote.6, Number of cycles be relayed to any mobile phone.

  • $120 USD Nov 11, 2013

    (1). Write VHDL code for entity **1-of-2 multiplexer**, synthesis and implement the design. Present your synthesis result, check summary report and identify the recourses used. Write another architecture description then compare the implementation results.(2). Write VHDL code for entity **BCD-7-segment converter**, synthesis and implement the design. Present your synthesis result, check summary report and identify the recourses used. Write another architecture description then compare the implementation results. (3). Write VHDL code for entity **decoder**, synthesis and implement the design. Present your synthesis result, check summary report and identify the recourses used. Write another architecture description then compare the implementation results.(4). Write the top entity **Two digits 7-segment display multiplexing logic** VHDL code using the above entities as components for the described architecture. Synthesis and implement the design. Present your synthesis result, check summary report and identify the recourses used. (5). Write a behavioural VHDL architecture description. Synthesis and implement the design and then discuss the results.

  • $98 USD Oct 26, 2013

    Please find the attached file for more details more than 3 days offer, Please don"t offer 7 , 10 days, 3 days or less only bids thanks

  • ₹30000 INR Oct 17, 2013

    Networking Cape for BeagleBone BlackDesign a Data Communication/ Networking Cape for BeagleBone Black with ‘8’ RS232/ RS422/ RS485 D-Sub9 ports with full signals.Beahlglebone comes with one or two RS232 port. We need to develop an interface through which we can simultaneously connect 8 devices via serial interfaces RS232/422/485. We need to probably use the UART signals available with beagle bone and maybe multiplex them. Also we need to develop the firmware for the same..We want to learn how to design the circuit, develop it, create firmware/ drivers for Linux and adequate testing of the same.

    Muhammad Akram Karimi does not have any open projects.
    Muhammad Akram Karimi does not have any work in progress.
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Design Engineer

Jul 2013 - Jan 2014 (6 months)

MicroTech Industries Pvt. Ltd.

I was given a research based project of "Remote Firmware Upgrade" with the objective of designing a novel architecture to update the firmware of all the smart energy meters in Pakistan installed by MicroTech, whenever they are commanded to do so.<br />Moreover, there should be no interruption in proper functionality of the meter...<br /><br />I did the project with utmost success and made a prototype of the architecture running on actual smart energy meters.

Embedded System Designer

May 2012 - Sep 2012 (4 months)

Mentor Graphics

=>Worked on many Embedded Platforms like:<br /> 1) imx53 <br /> 2) SMA9M10<br /> 3) OMAP137<br />=>Ported RTOS(Neucleus) on the platform (OMAP-137)<br />=>Application Development using Neucleus(RTOS) "Mobile Radar Based Defense System"


Masters-PhD (Microwave and RF)


B.Sc(Telecomm. and Automation Engineer)

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore


F.Sc(Pre-Engineering) GOLD-MEDALIST

Government College University, Lahore



Step7 PLC Certificate


=> Had hands-on experience on SIEMENS PLC workstations 300 and 1200 series.<br />=> Simatic Manager version 5.4<br />=> Ladder Logic development for multiple real application based projects

Clean Room Trained Personnel

KAUST-Cleanroom authority

I am authorized person to use following tool in cleanroom:<br />1-Photolithography<br />2-Profilometer<br />3-Reflectometer<br />4-Sputtering Tool<br />5-Etching Tools (RIE especially)


Stabilization and Control of Quad Rotor Based Air Rover

UET Lahore

This is the fully professional documentation of my project "Stabilization and Control of Quad Rotor Based Air Rover"...<br />This documentation includes 5 Chapters:<br />1- Introduction & Problem Statement<br />2- Resources<br />3- Implementation<br />4- Experimentation and Results<br />5- Future Horizons<br /><br />While its appendix includes all the code written for the embedded platform STM32F407VG and some other auxiliaries as well. <br /><br />Whole project was complied by me personally using professional documentation writing software "L