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Location: New Delhi, India

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  • $701.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller flabastos


    May 14, 2014

    Alifinteractive was very professional, hard working and delivered the work as required.

    Project Description:This is a project for an craft online community (embroidery, hand stitching) that will run on Wordpress + BuddyPress. The selected theme (OneCommunity) will be provided in a development/test environment...
  • $1000.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller hendrykw


    May 14, 2014

    Thanks for your help

    Project Description:Our new online store which is running Opencart requires maintenance job which are : 1. Installing Opencart extensions required by us 2. Fix bugs on the existing website 3. Write a script to read XML file from other website and update price on our database 4...
  • $700.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller autumnfire


    Apr 1, 2014

    Job well done on Opencart. Thanks again

    Project Description:I need a small Joomla 2.5 store set up asap 4 products - Residential Pricing needs to vary depending on region Shipping is caculated flate rate on some products and others it is so much per item...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller hendrykw


    Apr 1, 2014

    Thank you for your help with this project !I do appreciate

    Project Description:Our site is running CRELoaded/Oscommerce and what we need to do : 1. Modernize the look of existing website to look like this : 2. Modernize the front page looks with top navigation bar looks like : 3...
  • €567.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Mindwerk


    Mar 21, 2014

    Worked very fast and did always answer fast. Very satisfied.

    Project Description:Hi Mein deutsch ist noch nicht so gut, so ich hoffe das es ok ist das ich auf englisch schreibe. Antwort in deutsch ist kein Problem. I have a customer who needs a webshop. He has his own graphic designer and he already has his data in a mysql database...
  • $375.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rapollon


    Mar 19, 2014

    Very professional group of developers. Always a pleasure to work with.

    Project Description:Wordpress theme modification
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mcsde


    Feb 24, 2014

    100% as we ordered

    Project Description:a script only to contact exhibitors list , each one by his email address . like this example : no need for cms , we can edit it in the html...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller armanmal


    Feb 21, 2014

    My project was on budget, Alif kindly agreed to take it, with the perspective that my upcoming projects will be done by him. He did everything earlier than expected and kindly agreed to assist me with some minor changes when I start to use my e commerce web site also supporting with technical issues if there will be any during web site work.I give the highest rate, because this freelancer is professional and knows correct business attitude.

    Project Description:PLEASE READ PROJECT ENTIRELY. If you think project is interesting for you put your bid. Project is low budget but with future partnership cooperation opportunity. Please BID exact amount you will...
  • £357.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller studioeleven


    Feb 18, 2014

    Very impressive freelancer, will definitely hire again.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mcsde


    Feb 12, 2014

    Highly recommended , on time and on budget with a great customer service ( communication )

    Project Description:Simple contact form lead to random serial number with ID Card created to use it in a exhibition , to avoid registering in the exhibition desks , so the user can print his card directly after registration process and use this card to enter the exhibition ...
    Alif Interactive has not completed any projects.
  • ₹15789 INR In Progress

    I need to build website like "" in wordpress with all the features which are in brainyquote and also need some extra feature likerating systemcomment systemSocial Share ButtonsImage Generate Buttonquotes Submit ButtonTell a Friend Button by ajax we will show related quotePlease let me know the price

  • $700 USD In Progress

    Hi, I want to build a language learning website.could you please contact me to discuss regarding it.Thanks,

  • $145 USD In Progress

    We are looking for someone to build a simple but professional eye catchy eCommerce website. (responsive)You must be creative with design and must have good level of coding knowledge.Can use woo commerce for the shopping cart plugin within WordPress.Competitor website - mrhightech

  • $1600 USD In Progress

    Hi, I need an existing Joomla script modified to be like the website Features required:In addition to all the features in, I would like it to have social media integration such that visitors can log in with their facebook and identify doctors who they go to. Other visitors can then search up the doctors in their region and see doctors which their friends are seeing too. Lastly I will also want the website to accommodate for doctors/dentists in all postcodes and suburbs of Australia and USA so visitors can search like in, hence minor geolocation programming required (I"m sure there are scripts out there with all the postcodes for Aus and USA loaded already?).The Joomla script:I will be using is - as you can see there are many review options available. I particularly like the layout for the restuarants option but I need the search/browse page to have appointment times like ZocDoc.comIf you can use the social media extension for Joomla,, to achieve the social media integration that would be great. If not I don"t mind purchasing JFBConnect extension ( information in the document attached.Information I need from you before I commit to hire you:1. Can you modify Joomla scripts like the script to achieve what I want. Please make sure you read my additional attached document carefully outlining all the features I want. I am not looking for quick responses, rather people who have taken the time to understand my project.2. How do you intend on making the appointment booking function for visitors to book and for clinics to publicize?3. Can you make a login clinic area where clinics can publicize their available appointments?4. What kind of payment systems can you integrate into the script such that clinics can pay for each appointment made? I can already purchase an ADD-ON script from to have the clinics pay each month a subscription fee to publicize appointments, but I also want the other option.5. How do you intend on creating the search function for postcodes/suburbs in Australia and USA in the joomla review script as above?6. Can you do the project in great quality with

  • $1237 USD In Progress

    creating a buy and sell site some of the stuff is already started such as template and partial back end

  • $350 USD In Progress

    PHP development of shopping FEED IMPORT BUG It was working When it stops and why for what reasonsIt stops during shops feed updates, and stops because of an error while preparing the new data to become live. The automatic process is intended to fill with both new and existing data a temporary table in the database. As part of preparing that temporary table, a temporary key column is deleted, then a new key column is supposed to be created. It is in the creation of this new key column that the error occurs. In order to become a proper key column, all values must be unique, none can occur more than once. However, there is usually a duplicate, and so the preparation of the table fails.What you did to fix the problemI was not able to fix the problem. I tried many times to remove shops which are associated with the duplicate key, which can sometimes allow an update to succeed. But then on the next update, there is another duplicate in another shop. I also tried re-creating the shops on dev and started with only one shop. This was successful. Added two, three and four shops to test and they were all successful. It appears that the chances of having a key value collision increase proportionately to the number of item records in the shops database. There is probably some threshold number of records at which the chances of having a collision are at or near 100%.What they shall do to fix the problemFix the key value generation method to guarantee that there will never be any collisions.What that means? No value in the key can be the same as any other, and the way in which those values are created has to be changed so none are the same.Method shall be possible for duplicate?A primary key is a specific thing in MySQL (and all DBs, I think) that requires all unique values.Or the value shall be how?Explain more here please what are the suggestions?The only suggestion I have is to use an auto-incrementing (this is a known term, a thing in MySQL that any DBA should know well) column.All value must be unique this criteria shall be changed, correctWell, the criterion that all values be unique cannot be changed so long as the table requires a primary key. If the values are not unique, then the column cannot be a primary key. Having a primary key is important for making fast look-ups on that table but not required if it is possible so we can import can you check.Imports often fail with the following error:Exception raised Error Number: 1062,The duplicate key error happens because we try to import a new shop, and one or more of the products in that new shop have ID values that are identical to values that already exist in the database and belong to a different shop. So, we can prevent the error by not trying to import the new shop. In other words, each time this error happens, there is another new shop that we can never import. It also means that the error was not introduced by adding affiliates to model.php, and so reverting to older versions will not solve the problem. I think the bug is in the method by which these ID values are calculated. The method fails to guarantee that there won"t be duplicates.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Hi,I have a website that am currently using the posts/blog side for my ecommerce needs (not really working out). The theme developer is currently backed up and therefore not taking in new jobs. I need woocomerece to function fully just as you would find in any woocomerce theme (e.e Mystile theme-woothemes). That means the shop page, product page, sidebars etc. The main thing is that i need to maintain the theme as is, on the post side, to the ecommerce side. I need product pages to open like the posts page with the related items opening up below and having an infinite scroll, just like the posts page.The shop page should be able to use woocomerce short codes. Kindly check, I need my ecommerce side to function exactly the way woocommerce will function, with the only difference being the products page and the posts page maintaining the same structure. Please let me know if you can do this. My site is Check out the way woocomerce is currently displayin.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Magento Store design and development .Project Requirement:-Store design with proper Template being able to handle approximately 500K SKUs-Proper Hosting based on data volume and number of Items.-All store setup including but not limited to hosting , payment ,security , backup ,.....-Item finder based on search on item titles.-Customized Extension to upload and update all items , with special capabilities on Matix items.-Customized Extension exporting item titles for search engine submission.Freelancer Requirement:-Previous experience in creating and maintaining stores with high volume data.-Magento Extension design-Magento maintenance and site upgrade

  • $128 USD In Progress

    per our conversation this is the project.

  • $103 USD In Progress

    I need someone who specialize in opencart to make some changes and install opencart reponsive ecommerce theme that I bought.

  • £255 GBP Today

    Hi,I am looking for an opencart extension that creates a new page.On this new page there is a box where a customer can enter a coupon code that has already been inserted into the coupon code database.Once the code has been entered and the Apply button pressed the product Name that the code applies to is shown on screen and any options such as colour or size can be selected.Then the customer can checkout, the product is added to the cart with any options and the discount from the coupon is automatically applied.

  • $833 USD Today

    Project Description: Important Note:If you respond with a standard message and do not read this brief and talk about it, you will be ignored as a candidate. I would like you to thoroughly consider the application. We will not be flexible on price or time once you start but we do have more work if you perform well. Our website, should be redesigned as per the attached spec.The website should work on all major browsers such as IE 8/9/10/11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on both PC and Mac,The design should be pixel perfect as per the spec in Desktop, tablet and mobile sizes.THE PROJECT SHOULD BE FINISHED AND COMPLETELY TESTED BY JULY 15TH.

  • $555 USD Today

    Portal: Need to develop a modern and extraordinary looking portal website, using multi-features suitable for high-level business for attracting investors, clients, sponsors, customers, affiliates, and members. Overview of Functionality: Basic functionality Media integration, with access for client and customer testimonials; 2.Ease of use functionality for competition: users will able to upload video via Facebook and YouTube, etc., and live streaming of videos; 3.Within the sponsor’s section, each sponsors will have login access, using their password/code; 4.Within the sponsor’s section, each sponsors will have an Analytic view of activities attached to products/sponsorship—value for money spent;5.The membership section--users will be accessed membership section via a card, using an area code and password.6.The customers section will be accessed via a card, using an area code and password. The portal will have the following:1.Blog 2.Forum 3.Selfie section for customers and members4.App section for selling apps 5.Multilingual functionality 6.News section functionality, example: like Weather functionality8.Local traffic functionality9.Phone to site location-GPS mapping 10.SSRS functionality 11.QR Code Generator functionality 12.Google map(Only single map for contact us) 13.QA functionality14.Portfolio and magazine-type page-flipping, example: (Flip book Jquery effect)15.E-commerce section for selling products and services16.Management-type access: admin should able to manage their teams; admin will be able to assign operation, track the operation, and set status of the operations etc. Using the following technology: Joomla CMS 3.3.1 version, which support Bootstrap, and responsive design. Functionality will be integrated with Joomla’s CMSs. XHTML Coding

  • $666 USD Today

    Hello to all, I am looking for an individual professional developer (no companies, managers, etc.) who can assist me in PrestaShop projects. Every project"s budget will be discussed before starting.You should know very well PrestaShop, especially core modifications, themes development and module development.Please bid only if you know this stuff very well and if you speak well English.Best regards.

  • $833 USD Today

    We need home page for our new autopart distribution business. As quality as this one would be accepted: you!

  • $277 USD Today

    I need a professional glamorous website put together that I can sale hair on.

  • $1055 USD Today

    We need to build a website for our new company and new brand.We would like to accept the same quality as this one :

  • $500 USD Today

    Looking to convert a static website to dynamic using PHP & MySQL

  • $833 USD Today

    hi i want to build a consumer electronic referral site. i want to be able to have a website that finds the best deals on the internet for certain electronics and then when you click on the item you are forwarded to said site for example ebay, amazon, tiger direct etc etc. it would basically be an affiliate referral website.i would want an easy back end using cpanel and have analytics embedded into each page. the site would need to be SEO optimized. see i want to offer coupon deals and have a dynamic search where customer can filter search by price,brand etc. site would need to have a forum, social network integration and ability to post articles for electronic item reviews. we would love a homepage mockup before we award to avoid any misunderstandings before starting project. would prefer a site that auto updates deals and products.please see these sites as reference. we would like to incorporate ideas from both websites. ( really like this)

  • $555 AUD Today

    I have an existing wordpress site for my photography business, but I need it to look more slick, professional and savvy. I"d like to retain it as a wordpress site so I can update the content myself from time to time. The majority of content will remain the same for now, but potentially add in a FAQ page. the site is

  • $222 AUD Today

    I need to create a website for my graphic design portfolio.I have chosen a Wordpress template.I have the images that I want used on the site, and I have a design brief written of what images and copy need to go in each section and page. Overall, I just need someone who can put it all together for me.I am a Graphic Designer but am not great with digital unfortunately.This is the Wordpress theme that I want to use you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.Looking forward to working with you.Thanks

  • $333 USD Today

    I am currently running my business web site —> on WordPress using a theme called TrimTheme and I want to migrate it to the WordPress Avada theme as soon as possible (project completion within 7-10 days).There will be ongoing work, but the initial job is for the migration.The site currently has 18 posts and 9 pages.For the initial migration, I would like to use the Avada theme pretty much as is with only a slight customisation for the Client sub-pages (see below).The following gives you an idea of my initial thinking as to how I would like the site laid-out.First, Install Avada with demo content and all standard sliders.Site homepageI would like the home page to be a combination of and with Header (This may require slight customisation).Services homepage Us Me home page sub-pages (1 page for each project) I may need you to create a custom page for the client sub-page that contains a logo (25mm x 25 mm thumbnail instead of the large image), a project description as on this page, project details as on this page and an option box for a client testimony such as the What Client’s Say on this page —>** NOTE ** You must have extensive experience in using the Wordpress Avada theme.The ongoing work (under new job posting) will involve:~ Avada theme customisation~ On and Off-page SEO work~ (For the company that delivers great work) - migration and ongoing work for another web site.Thank you in advance for considering this work.Regards,Brett

  • $777 AUD Today

    Looking for someone to update our current website ( or design a new website. Styles we are looking for are 1. < like this simple, easy to use style2. 1. http://arcadiahotel.businesscatalyst.com3. >Website needs to have a table booking option that will then create a calendar version for the venue (name, date, number of guests, time and seating preference)>Website needs a function booking system similar to this (>main menu on top must include (home, about us, whats on, specials, menu, functions, gallery, contact us)>bottom of every page must have address, contact number, email like (>we must be able to log onto website and update information and photos easilyFreelancers that present and example of how the home page will look will be more successful at receiving this project. Looking for something price effective as can get it done in Australia for $1500, however can not cut corners.

  • $722 USD Today

    I need someone to create a Musician Social Network. I want the website to be a place where mainly small, but big time artist as well are able to go and share there stories about themselves or there group. Upload there music for others to listen too. A place where they can build a fanbase and possibly learn from other artists. I would like the site to have a range of different genres from Hip-hop to rock. ALL GENRES. Artist should be able to share there tour dates, location, photos of album covers, concerts, etc. The Real Artists

  • $1666 USD Today

    We have a site that we want to upgrade and essentially build version 2 of. The original site was built using GeoPlaces and we have done some other sites using GeoTheme and prefer it.The site is and we want to rebuild it with GeoTheme and improve it including features that were originally wanted, but were not included due to inability of the contractor and such. Among the problems with the site currently: inability to consistently post images to AsSeenInMichigan Facebook page as well as main site. The mobile experience is also seriously lacking and needs to be able to register/ login, upload images/ posts to site. Also to view Event and Place listings along with the Business Directory. If you could take a look at the site, to see what we are looking for. Then if you are interested, please contact me so we can go into further detail and get a quote and go from there.It is important that the applicant is experienced with GeoTheme, Facebook integration and mobile development.I look forward to hearing from you,Mike Crabill

  • $1000 USD Today

    I am in need of a uniquely styled website that is easy to use, functional and can be used for many types of sites. I have several blog/info sites that I would like to get created and monetized ASAP. I prefer to use Wordpress for my Content Management. I would like to have several options for ads to choose from as well. Thank you.

  • $1666 AUD Today

    Hello, I am after the following:Events website to be built - 9 pages in totalSearch fields via vicinity, postcode and nameLinked with Facebook - Require this to be built as wellPhotos and comments section, no login for photos but must be checked by me before they go live, must be directly linked so when a photo is posted on Facebook I can upload it directly to website.MUST be able to be updated by myself 24\7.Site must be owned fully by myself at handoverPremium Wordpress using CMS so I can updateWeb Hosting required and must be able to host and backup 20,000+ names and no downtimeFreelancer must be located in Australia given the fact that I require 24\7 backend access for daily updating using CMS system. If I can have this access with the site being built elsewhere then I am open to discuss.Thank you

  • $2000 USD Today

    Dear Web developer, In few words, SoiParis is a high street social network between local business owners and consumers in Thailand. The platform mainly focused on maximizing marketing efficiency for local businesses owners using adequate features.All designs have been done and the web developing progress is around 80%. Also, all the difficult parts such as the database, functions or chat are done.My Thai Developer will come to meet you and share the work with you if you decide to take the project. Also more projects from me will be proposed in the future such as IOS and Android mobile apps.The languages used are PHP, Javascript, Jquery and MySQL for the database.I do not believe it a hard work to do now as all the difficult things have been done. The salary is negotiable depending on experience and delay.Thank you.Xavier

  • $444 AUD Today

    looking to clean up a few exisiting pages on wordpress website.

  • [Sealed] Today

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PHP Team Lead

Apr 2010 - Dec 2011 (1 year)

iTechnology Planet Pvt Ltd

I was responsible for handling a team of more than 15 members and also was responsible for understanding the client requirement and share the requirement with team members and also was responsible for looking after the whole development of the projects.

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2009 - Apr 2010 (1 year)

Magnon International Pvt.Ltd

I was responsible for understanding the client requirement and also was responsible for looking after the whole development of the projects.

Software Engineer

May 2007 - Jan 2009 (1 year)

Rated Interactive Media Ltd

I was responsible for understanding the client requirement and also was responsible for looking after the whole development of the projects.


Master of Business Administration (Information Technology)

Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences



"A" Level

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology

"O" Level

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology