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Writing ,Translation,Accounting

Username: alllam802003

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Location: abo hommos, Egypt

Member since: March 2013



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  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller shqahtani



    it was really great working with alllam802003

    Project Description:Dear Allam, I have an IT blog and I need someone to handle the publishing meaning I'm offering a part time job for someone to collect TECH news articles form English websites and publish them into my blog...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yousofalsatom



    The job in general has been done in a good way ..

    Project Description:I have an article about Scrum and I would like to get it in Arabic
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller onethrone2013


    2 days ago

    Far exceeded my expectations in terms of professionalism, creativity and strong writing abilities! Takes work very serious and ensures all fairness. Very prompt and will raise the bar!

    Project Description:Please read attached script. This is an interview of our CEO of our company and we need someone to re-write this and make it more professional and better articulate his thoughts. Our company will be shooting a commerical and will leverage the final script re-written by the freelancer...
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ahujasahil1987


    5 days ago

    Nicely re-written articles for weight loss niche. He is responsive &amp; a willing writer who would listen to you.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi I don&#039;t believe in exploiting people at all. Hence I begin with telling you clearly that I need 2 articles re-written for $5.00 where you will get 4.50$ for your pocket and 0.50$ freelancer&#039;s fee...
  • $6.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MahmoudTaha82


    17 days ago

    very talented, on time on budge, sure I will hire him again<br/>

    Project Description:Hello, i need to review an Arabic document, do u have the capability ?!
  • $6.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller creativeace


    19 days ago

    Outstanding performance!<br/>

    Project Description:First thing - three articles, $2/hr, total 3 hours, $6 hourly fee bid ONLY if invited thanks
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller VigsG


    24 days ago

    Very fast responses, very good communication to understand requirements and delivered on time and excellent work. Thank you.

    Project Description:Write an article for 25th anniversary magazine for a school. I have an outline of points, need further development on writing and make it inspirational with a very good command in English. No word requirements,...
  • £20.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller osana


    Jun 21, 2014

    thanks again for your input

    Project Description:Private project for alllam802003
  • £20.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller osana


    Jun 18, 2014

    Very good communications, research and writing skills. Many thanks.

    Project Description:Research and write a 4 page article ( approx 2000 words ) on Child Road Safety in the UK This article is to be read by parents and teachers of young children emphasizing the importance of educating their children in good road safety policies i.e...
  • €15.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller kassab


    Jun 17, 2014


    Project Description:AS AGREED BEFORE ....
    alllam802003 has not completed any projects.
  • $40 USD In Progress

    Evaluate the emergence and importance of the digital revolutions in modern society

  • $110 USD In Progress

    I need 2 book summaries of popular non-fiction books in the areas of self help or business. The titles of the book will be provided upon project acceptance. The summary will need a idea by idea breakdown plus a final summary with the key ideas/concepts you discussed. The summary should have a word count of approx. 4000-5000 words in total.

  • $55 USD In Progress

    I need book summaries of popular non-fiction books in the areas of self help or business. I am flexible with titles you suggest (maybe ones that you have read already), subject to approval from me. The summary will need a idea by idea breakdown plus a final summary with the key ideas/concepts you discussed. The summary should have a word count of approx. 4000-5000 words in total.

  • $452 USD In Progress

    HelloHosam bid for all the unpaid workThis is a private project please don&quot;t bidThanks

  • $45 USD In Progress

    I want a writer who will rewrite 27 sentences (health & auto insurance) and each sentence must be rewritten 29 times. No spinning at this point. I can detect if the variations are spun.After rewriting the sentences, I want you to spin each sentence including the rewritten ones. I will provide the spinning software.The following is a sample of one of the paragraphs to be rewritten:1. There is no doubt that #AREA# auto insurance is a very competitive market.2. Merchants will try to come up with discounts in order to attract customers.3. You must be always aware of these deals because it will allow you to save a good amount of money.4. There are many bargains to choose from by #links#.5. And since you have some knowledge about #AREA# auto insurance, you can now compare quotes and choose the cheapest rate within minutes. The #AREA# corresponds to one of the US states and #links# correspond to a set of keywords. The keywords are provided on the spreadsheet for reference when you rewrite the sentences. The sentence with #links# must not necessarily makes 100% sense, 70% will do.I need this gets done within at least 48 hours.Attached is the spreadsheet you will be working on. I want you to fill up the blank cells. The topics are about auto insurance and health insurance. Beside each topic are their keywords (#links#).The budget is $50 and that&quot;s all I can pay.

  • £20 GBP In Progress

    The aim of this assignment is to assess your knowledge and understanding of the topic together with your ability to produce a written report and communicate relevant information and concepts. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ONLY WRITE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS FROM PESTLE IN THIS REPORT ABOUT TESCO FOOD WASTE. THE ARTICLE IS ATTACHED AS A FILE.•Produce a report 2500 words long.The word count does not include citations, references, bibliography or appendices •The article used will be attached as a file, and other relevant information to help you complete this report will be attached as a file. •The purpose of the report is to ‘Outline how changing external influences affect organisations’. The articles should be selected on the following bases:a) they identify a change in the environmentb) discuss an organisation with respect to this change. The report must clearly explain the environmental change referred to and justify the actual or anticipated effect of this change upon the organisation.•Produce your report in a clear structured way. Follow this format:-The second page lists the contents of the report. It should identify each article by reference to its title, newspaper used (with date), reporter (if given) and page number.-The third page of the report must contain an introduction to the business environment in the UK and PESTEL, plus any additional theory contained in your report.-Subsequent pages contain the findings of the report. Each news item covered in the report should be identified with a clear heading followed by an explanation of the case and the PESTLE factor (ENVIRONMENTAL), plus analysis and evaluation, where possible. The higher marks are awarded for work which is analytical and evaluative.-Your work should have a conclusion which highlights the more important elements discovered in research.-On the last page of the report, list references for the citations used. -The final section is the appendix in which the cuttings of the three news items are filed, in order and numbered.-The appendix must also contain a log of the meetings held, in the execution of this work.What should you include in your report?a.Clearly summarise the information given in the article, from the perspective of the firm. Consider how an external change has, or may, affect the organisation.b.Introduce any extra information that you think adds to the summary and analysis.c.Credit is given for relevant terminology and theory that you introduce to help your analysis.Tesco - Environmental (because of environmental campaigners)This should help with task of identifying changes in activities of the organisation.

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress

    I am in search of a writer that can write 100% unique articles. Articles must be error free, I will submit these articles to article directories.Payment will be released when all of articles will be published.If articles are not published, no payment in that case.Articles must be of 500 words with SEO flavor. I will guide the writer for keyword density.I will escrow the payment.Only those writer should apply that can write SEO based articles. I will provide the keywords for which articles are required.I will pay $2 per 500 words article.This long term project

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress

    Urgent writer needed. Only native writer please. Newbie are welcome to apply.Work details and rate will be discussed in interview. Must need to have 15 hrs per day availabilityWaiting for bid.Thanks.

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress


  • $3 USD/hr In Progress

    Instead of 5 can you write 10 articles. I am posting a file with brief description about each topic. Please check if you can do this.

  • $35 USD Today

    Hi, I have a website that needs to be rewritten. In total it has only 2000 words. Kindly quote your price accordingly. I will provide the website URL in PMB for you to check, before you place your bid. Please inquire within.Marcus

  • $200 USD Today

    Dear Allam, I have an IT blog and I need someone to handle the publishing meaning I&quot;m offering a part time job for someone to collect TECH news articles form English websites and publish them into my blog. I want to pay in a monthly bases. please confirm if you want the offer of not.! :)

  • $15 USD Yesterday

    I need a person who can rewrite articles from the internet I will provide the link to articles on the internet and you will need to rewrite those articles.If the articles is long articles , you can make it smaller (mimimum 500 words) , if its smaller you will add content to make it 500 words The article should pass copy scape.There is scope for regular long term contract work with me at better rates if work is done satisfactory with this jobJob Time to be done in a weekThanksJeff

  • $45 USD Yesterday

    Need 3 simple business plans with roi

  • $10 USD 2 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for someone to rewrite an article for me.$5 or Less. This isn&quot;t hard or should take a hour tops since it is just being rewritten. Just make sure I can feel as if it&quot;s not rewritten but written for the first time.After that depending on what me and my partner thinks I will hire the writer full- time and move on from their. Thanks

  • $35 USD 2 days ago

    Write an effective and professional sales letter to deliver leads based on our service(of course). We offer an advertising service to promote the business. The email should go to website(business) contacts via email.Please note you must be experienced in delivering leads, we know the basics of selling and writing so you must be a successful in doing that (writing that will complete a sale).More information about what we sell after you have request it. One letter must be written, this is the project, from beginning to end!

  • €19 EUR 3 days ago

    My project is based on translating articles written in english to french or arabic .

  • $83 USD 3 days ago

    بحث تربوي لايزيد عن ٣٠ صفحة بعنوان : الكفاءة في المؤسسات التعليميةيشتمل على :- تعريف الكفاءةتطور مفهوم الكفاءةآنواع الكفاءةالفرق بين الكفاءة والفاعليةالعوامل المؤثرة في تطوير الكفاءة البشرية : أ- المعوقات . ب- المقترحاتطرق قياس الكفاءة في المؤسسات.كفاءة المدرباتبالشروط التالية: آن يكتب بصيغة آكاديميةآن يكون لكل من محور من محاور البحث آكثر من مرجعآن تشمل المراجع كتب ورسائل علميةأن لا يتجاوز عمر المرجع سبع سنواتالعناية بالصياغة اللغوية ٫ ومراعاة علامات الترقيمذكر (اسم المرجع ٫وتاريخه ،رقم الصفحة) عند نهاية كل نقل للتوثيقان يكون حجم الخط ١٨ غير غامقنوع الخط : Traditional Arabicفي موعد اقصاه ثلاثة اسابيع من طرح المسابقة

  • $100 USD 3 days ago

    Hi thereI am sending again the document that I did already sent two days back. aiming to find translator from arabic to english. So I need you to translate from arabic to english total words are 12440 words of arabic ( this means about 32 pages)الوعي البيئي مقدمة: تعاني مجتمعات الخليج العربي النفطية من تغيرات اجتماعية واقتصادية وسياسية وثقافية على جميع المستويات؛اذا يتعرض المجتمع الخليجي بشكل عام والقطري بشكل خاص لتغيرات شاملة في شتى المجالات نتيجة التحضر السريع وتتضح تلك التغيرات جليا في اتساع نطاق المدن؛ واستخدام أساليب حديثة للحياة؛ وتحول نمط الحياة من البسيط الى المعقد؛اظافة الى ظهور كثير من المدن الصناعية الجديدة التى تزخر بالوافدين من مختلف انحاء العالم والذين يختلفون في اعراقهم ولغاتهم وثقافاتهم ومن المعروف ان هذه المظاهر الجديدة لم تكن موجوده في هذه المجتمعات الخليجية بصورتها الحديثه حتى عقود قليله ماضية؛ حيث تمت هذه النقلة الحضارية منذ بداية سبعينات القرن الماضي، واتضحت اجهزة المجتمع الحديثة بمؤسساتها الاقتصادية والخدمية، وظهرت معها ابعاد عديدة للتغير ومجالاته .ومن الطبيعي أن تطرأ تغيرات عديدة على ألانساق الثقافية المادية واللامادية وتتمثل الانساق المادية في جوانب المدينة الحديثة والجوانب الحضارية المتعلقة بها ،وتتمثل الانساق اللامادية في العمليات التي تصاحب هذه التغيرات المادية وتحاول التكيف والتعامل معها كالتغيرات التي حدثت في أساليب التفكير وأنملط السلوك فقد اهتزت بعض القيم واختفت قيم أخرى، كما ظهرت سلوك وقيم جديدة صاحبت عمليات التغير المادي وغير المادي.وفي هذا الصدد، يمر المجتمع القطري كباقي المجتمعات الخليجية الأخرى. بتغيرات اقتصادية واجتماعية تشمل جميع قطاعات الدولة من اجل التطور وتمنية المجتمع>t وارتساع رقعة مدينة الدوحةو وغير ذلك من اوجه التطور العمراني وقد تغير شكل مدينة الدوحه في غضون عقود قليلة من السنوات، حييث تحولت من مدينة ساحلية بسيطة يعيش أهلها على صيد السمك والرعيضمن بناء احتماعي بسيط الى مدينة حديثة متحضرةتعيش جميع التحديث والتطور الذي مسجوهر البناء الاجتماعي وانعكس على جميع مجالات الحياة.وعلى الرغم من التغير والتطورالذي حدث في الأبنية الانتاجية والمهنية والتعليمية والبيئية، الآ ان ذلك لم يصاحبه تغيرات جوهرية في المنظومة الاجتماعية والثقافية.فلم تكن عملية التطور المادي تتماشى مع التطور في الجانبين الثقافي والاجتماعي وهما عدة ما يكونان أكثر أجزاء المجتمع مقاومة للتغير.

  • $20 USD 6 days ago

    We need the writer have a better understanding on Senuti and iSkysoft TunesOver, then write contents to compare these two programs. List at least 5 comparison points and write advantage and disadvantage of each program on these points, and tell why to compare in these points. Make a chart to compare these two program with specified metrics. About 600 words.

  • $10 USD/hr 7 days ago

    Hello, We require a 2 hour 9 minute Audio transcribed and delivered in a MS Word document, 1.5 spaced and spell checked.NOTE: This project is to TRANSCRIBE it is ***NOT for speech to text conversion***. You MUST manually transcribe! The audio is in English, to be transcribed in English. The speaker talks at a normal pace. I will discuss the price in private. If you do good work, there is more similar work available afterwards.Thank you for looking at our project. We are ready to award right now.

  • $60 USD 7 days ago

    Hii have a file sharing website and to open a tread or advertise my website on one forum website i need to have a business plan for my website so i need to hire someone to do this job for me.the plan required the flowing must do the prep work..Let’s start with the name of your businessWrite a very brief statement that tells what kind of business you are in.Create a “Statement of Purpose” for your business. Some people call thissection a “Mission Statement.” Think of it as an explanation of what yourbusiness is, what it does, and any features or assets that make your businessspecial or unique (i.e., stand out from the crowd).List the services that your business will provide.Develop a list of potential clients who might be willing to pay for a Web site.You may wish to serve a variety of markets or you may want to target a particulargroup only.Define your business goals clearly. This is often one of the most difficultsections of the plan to determine.List your coordinates.Describe the legal construction of your business. It can be a soleproprietorship, partnership, or a corporation. It may also have special featuresdepending on local requirements and regulations…Define who is running your business and their position in the company.The format of this section may change depending on the legal construction…i can provide the information for the person who will get this gig.Thanks

  • $155 USD 8 days ago

    I need a some one who has lots of free time to can write content for Pharmacutical website.It must be original work and not just a re-write of a source.The ideal canditate must have good writing skills.we will be communicating with you mainly through email and instant messaging.Please apply with an example of your work.

  • $250 USD 8 days ago

    We are looking for a person, who can promote our web-site on Arabic web-sites and platforms. Candidate must know Arabic and can be able to translate from English to Arabic.

  • $5 USD/hr 8 days ago

    * with a SPECIFIC audience in mind, evaluate a consumer product. ( iphone 5 ). The essay that you write should arrive at a judgement based on the criteria you establish and the evidence you collect. *Must be primary research and if secondary research is used, work cited page must be include ( only for research that&quot;s not common sense )* 720-1000 words* audience: college level reader or higher* needs to be done with in the next 24 hours.

  • $66 AUD 9 days ago

    Project Description: We are an IT Service provider company, restructuring and redesigning our website and need contents written. Please bid if you are a creative writer and if you have already written website contents for some IT service provider websites (examples required).Initially we need 10-12 pages (Mostly about our services) of around 500 words each, however this is very important that you are able to work with us on long term basis because as you go with us and learn who we are, you will be writing more contents, blog posts and technology related articles for the same website.Questions: How will you learn about us in order to write contents about our company website?What other service providers have you worked withIn your word what value does a managed it service provider offer to small and medium business

  • $15 USD 12 days ago

    need some one who is native Arabic speaker and who can make the required editing on my English paper, my professor write the comment in Arabic and you will make the editing in English

  • $90 USD 13 days ago

    Hi Thanks for checking out this gig, i am looking for an author to help write some small books for me on various topics Research and writing is required these will cover topics like Health, Wealth, Business, Personal Development.each book to be around 5000 words Thanks for applying and look forward to connecting soon

  • $20 USD 15 days ago

    You must write a text about our company and our product. We develop WordPress themes. We will work only with a native speaker!

  • $10 USD 16 days ago

    We need 2 articles a day. We need a person who can rewrite articles about current up to the minute news and developments African business and investment on such topics as: •asset management in Africa•Mergers and acquisitions in Africa•SMEs in Africa•European/American/Asian and Chinese business deals in Africa•Infrastructure development/Infrastructure finance in Africa•Banks and financial institutions in Africa•Mobile phones in Africa, Information Communication Technology (ICT)•Mobile money in Africa•The growth of African businesses•The growth of particular investments in Africa•investment funds in and into Africa•Debt restructuring•Capital flows•Banking•Finance•African economies•African stock exchanges•Fund launches, •Investor profiles•CEO profiles•Articles charting latest trends, strategies and challenges for fund managers and investors who are involved and interested in Africa. Images should be included with the articles where possible. •Latest bilateral and multilateral trade agreements within Africa and between Africa and other non-African countries. Articles should be between 300 – 600 words. This is an ongoing project. You must also provide the source of the article and the date at the end of each article so that we can check it for accuracy. You must have good command of English language, the articles have to be grammatically correct and must be true to the original article, etc. We will pay $5.00 per article after we have checked it for accuracy. You will be paid at the end of each week for the articles that are accepted for publication. Send us one example of an article when you bid for this project.

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finnancial accountant

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Arabic company for restuarants


Bachelors degree in English commerce

Alexandria University



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