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Location: Kolkata, India

Member since: September 2005



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  • $915.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller inovous22


    4 days ago

    these guys are great to work with.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $440.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller djosephs


    7 days ago

    Excellent team to work with. Top quality and great communication.

    Project Description:Creation of Lex The Lexicon website.
  • $90.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller succora


    18 days ago

    Great experience, excellent to work with would gladly hire again.<br/>

    Project Description:continue your great work on my site.
  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller netac


    19 days ago

    Thank you ! For sure i look forward to working with you !

    Contest OUR JOB: EXPERT IN REAL ESTATE SEARCHING The property hunters take charge of looking for properties for their customers. They deal with the different steps of the buying process: searching, visiting, selecting the properties and assisting their customers in negotiating the price until the final signature. The property hunters are used to make buyers' live easier and to protect their interests. This profession complements the real estate agencies which only sell their own customers' properties. YOUR MISSION Create a landing page respecting those rules  : The main goal of this redesign is to improve our conversion rate. We consider a visitor as converted when : -he fills the form -he calls the free number -he fills the « we’ll  call you back » form We buy adwords campaigns to attract visitors on our landing pages, depending on the keywords we want a specific landing page (more on that later). Current problems we are facing : - visibility  ; some people understand that we also do renting or selling, but we only help buyers ! - market : We only work on the French market - target : We are not a real estate agency – we offer advice! We already have landing pages : · · But we want something lighter, more modern, combining dreams and seriousness, beautiful pictures (royalty-free warm pictures that you will find) and clear explanation, something very visual – but no animation Our DNA is - Transparency - Simplicity - Reactivity - Availability - Objectivities - Independence - Defend buyers interests You will provide wordpress and drupal templates with the new design. Some of the text and the images will be available in fields of the template in order for us to change it more easily. Graphical ideas **COMPLETE BRIEF & TECHNICAL SPECS IN THE ATTACHED DOC***    Feel free ! Be creativite ! Be inspired !
  • $1245.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller roychau


    19 days ago

    Thanks very much for the help! ambar delivered everything we want and the fee is reasonable!<br/>

    Project Description:iphone app back-end android
  • $2700.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller greatwa


    20 days ago

    I am more than happy to work with Ambar so far and we already cooperated in some other projects for a while:)<br/>

    Project Description:We are a small Web Development &amp;amp; SI company in Macau. We are planning to outsource some individual projects to qualified partner liked you. SOW: 1. We are building a simple self registration web portal for user can self register username and password; 2...
  • $420.00 NZD
    Profile image for Seller letsprosper


    20 days ago

    Very supportive to a first time user of freelancer.

    Project Description:Create masonary project pages. Key aspects: 1. Needs to have some fixed image sizes. 2. Business card size images need to float about the fixed image sizes. 3. Each project needs its own page/content entry...
  • $3820.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mupley


    22 days ago

    Excellent work as always. Highly recommended, these guys are coding geniuses!!!<br/>

    Project Description:This is to evaluate and update an existing website. The website uses PHP, MySQL database, HTML templates and forms, Java menus.
  • $631.30 USD
    Profile image for Seller shoplancaster


    29 days ago

    Same great service, great communication, and provided exactly what we requested. Hiring again for another project! Thanks Shome :)

    Project Description: Quote for new change request: 1. Add Product Tabs : As we need to change the whole looks of the product menu.We need 4hrs and $40 for it 2. All Multiple Seller pages - Please remove the empty sidebar...
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bfarinella


    Jun 20, 2014

    Was a pleasure to work with<br/>

    Project Description:Confirm that what is needed can be done in the website.
  • $1397.81 USD
    Profile image for Seller bfarinella


    Jun 20, 2014

    Great to work with, Will work with again.

    Project Description:Need to design a tool/application to do the following: Needs to run on the server side (Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013) no PST file mining. Needs to be directly from the Exchange DB/User mailbox ...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dowlingj


    Jan 22, 2014

    This is the third project I have awarded to Shome and his team at SSD Kolkata. They ported my website from Wordpress to Drupal and reproduced the look and feel of my Wordpress them exactly, I was very impressed. They are punctual, they communicate clearly and I will use them regularly going forward. I have recommended Shome and his teams to my friends who are building websites here in Dublin. I would recommend them to everyone on Freelancer.

    Contest Brief:This job is uploading two backgrounds and designing two page layouts. Our website is It has a Drupal CMS and four different page layouts. The theme is Omega. We want to upload two new backgrounds to the site. These backgrounds are attached. We also want two new page layout designs, we can forward a Google Doc with details of the designs. There is no need to develop content or install extra modules.
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller CarbonSft


    Dec 3, 2013

    I can see previously used and changed template here but really great job done anyway. The budget was tight. Thanks guys!

    Contest Brief:Hello everyone! Here is a contest to DESIGN ASP PAGES (7) for my web site. All you need to do is to design these 7 pages. Please bring a totally new look to these pages. Kind of a mockup is attached. I want it to be professional, good looking, with nice colors and controls. Overall look and user friendly is a major criteria. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* To post entry only screenshots are required! To get rewarded you will be obligated to deliver all designed pages as Visual Studio Express Web 2012 project. You don't have to implement business logic. No code behind required (except one to show all design, if any). Winner will be invited to a new project to implement business logic of the site. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* You need to: * use logo on everypage (probably as a part of master page) * design master page * create CSS * desing colors and fonts * desing controls * all controls must be ASP/HTML. Other APS extension (like jQuery, AjaxToolkit) are allowed but pending approval * forms' validations must be designed * colors must fit logo * design async refresh/upload when it is stated to You can: * move controls, * change type of contols (unless it does what it should) - e.q. replace file upload control with other file upload control, show list as a grid, etc. * change colors, fonts, master page, layout of menu, headers * provide whole new CSS to bring brand new layout * replace buttons with links and links with buttons
    SSD Kolkata has not completed any projects.
  • $10 AUD/hr In Progress

    move renta2way website to new webhosting company

  • $10 AUD/hr In Progress

    As discussed

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi guys, I need to develop an app that I can use to help manage all the paperwork involved with my construction business. I need to be able to log on, creat a job and enter all the required details for that job. Then the employees / workers need to be able to log in and select the job they are working on, from there they will have access to the files, plans and documents that I have associated to that job. They will need to be able to open, read, sign and edit some of them when required. Once the works are completed I need them to be able to open forms and tick and flick the required criteria for certification and the client will need to be able to sign the certification digitally. They send all required parties the docs required. I would love to talk to you if you can help? Thanks, James.

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    As per our previous discussions

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    General on-going Drupal work. This will include theming, design, troubleshooting, and possibly custom module development.The work will continue for 2-3 months. It will be paid hourly. I will make requests individually. You can estimate the hours and completion date for each request. I will create a milestone payment based on each item requested and your estimated hours. I will release each milestone as it is completed.

  • $10 AUD/hr In Progress

    database project, based on discussions with the vendor

  • $1368 USD In Progress

    The purpose of the project is to create a review site for all kind of building related suppliers such ach architects, contractors, plumbers, carpenters, roofbuilders, etc…Think of it as a tripadvisor in the building world. People can leave their reviews of the experiences they have and people that have to start their building project can retrieve this information.The site also needs room for general content such as building related news and adspace since this will be the business model of the site. Content as well as easy lay out should be accessible through a CMS and a Forum should be available where people can share their experiences.Finally it is important to mention that only registered visitors will be able to post reviews as well as post on the forum. All visitors will be able to read.In a first phase the website will be 1 language (dutch)

  • $577 USD In Progress

    Confidential add-in as described in chat. Will be broken into 2 milestones. 1.Ribbon2.Settings3.Create Pane4.Drag & Drop5.Database Designand Meeting Calculation

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;Write some Software&quot;

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    As discussed in agreement

  • ₹3000 INR Today

    Project ID: 6220974 here u will get the alll information with proposal.. socket programming in the over LAN simple Data Entry form

  • £300 GBP Today

    I need a social media apps for Communicate with people around the world in regarding Issues in Palestine. Provides information-- let&quot;s other sign petitions or open petitions.-gives information about boycott products like buycott-news feed-lets user contact each other- sign via Facebook or normal sign up-cost for user to download as the profit will go towards to help people in Palestine - donation for user to link -advertise future demonstration and let&quot;s people connect to say they are coming or not - also future additionsPlease help me with the project. please let me know the costRegardsAmirSkype: amir---hussain

  • $15 USD Yesterday


  • €500 EUR Yesterday

    morrocan , i wanna bye some objects but i don&quot;t have any mone , this why i wanna work whith you , ncuncuincurcbnrcnrncjnrfjfrnjknvrjkvrnzjrnvjvrnjvnjvrnjvnjrnvjnvrvrvrvrvrvrjvrnjvrnrvjnvrjnvuhurhvuzfji&quot;jfif&quot;jif&quot;j&quot;oufhiu&quot;fgh&quot;éuhjf&quot;iojf&quot;éof&quot;ojfifji&quot;jif&quot;jf&quot;ijfijfi&quot;jf&quot;iojé&quot;ifjf&quot;uhfiugf&quot;ygfygf&quot;yhbffbyfvé&quot;yfv&quot;tuv&quot;ftévdugduybgsyé&quot;uhsuo&quot;shu&quot;hdudhduh&quot;&quot;udhduo&quot;hdud&quot;hd&quot;uhd&quot;uod&quot;huo&quot;dhd&quot;uohud&quot;hud&quot;oh&quot;uhurhurborbu&quot;énuornrob&quot;ubrubrrbébr&quot;éubruobrubréuorb&quot;r&quot;uo&quot;ébru&quot;br&quot;uboruu&quot;gr&quot;ryvéyvutvtufqyrédqryédqeréyfqézigszéq;oéq&quot;d;dôdq;dow^f&quot;;ofixjf,hf&quot;&&quot;xugfn&quot;vny&quot;fhu&quot;ifxnin&quot;ncbyg&quot;,ox&y&quot;bfncyfy&quot;ubnf-&quot;xedgyugndyqs,lqdkhf cu&quot;inhcf&quot;bgtfx,odéx,o

  • $100 USD Yesterday

    Hi,I have a website and I like to change and give it a great look. very professional and easy to navigate. I read the reviews and I saw some of the last projects that you worked on and I thought you would be a perfect fit for this project. Take a look at the website and let me know if you have any questions and are interested in working on this project.thanks,Kevin

  • $1052 AUD 2 days ago

    I need someone to create an iOS, Android app. The app should be functional and professional.Basic Requirements:Subscription (also via FB,Google)Messaging/Chat between subscribers Ability to chat/message to post authorsWorld map localization GPSPost requests/en queries to categoriesPlease message me if you have any questions.

  • $789 USD 2 days ago

    Traveling AppAn App that allows the users to interact and receive information from the cloud/internet of a specific host.The App has six following functionalities:1. Promotions.The client receives information about trips and similar information that is updated by internal personel via web. The client can filter information alphabetically or Region for example. This module should also be able o let the user o call directly from the smartphones call function to any of the numbers listed on the trip agency information.2. NotificationsThe client introduces information about his upcoming trip, the info is sent to a CRM via web. Normal text, selection, multiple selection fields apply. Confirmation message returned upon succesful upload of info.3. ReservesInformation is inputed which lets the user reserve a specific service offere (dates, destination, airline, etc). Confirmation message returned upon succesful upload of info.4. Personal information about the client is taken from module six (6 explained below) and according to a type of card information is shown. Simple if-else depending on information saved on module 6.5. The user is sable to quickly make a report about a lost card , the information is taken from module 6 and is sent to a CRM system. 6. Personal Info.The client is able to input personal information which is used on some of the other module for easiness of administration. This module is password protected so password for this step is needed in order to access and edit information here.An Andriod Version is also needed which can be programmed/converted once this one is done (or simultaniuosly). Eventually also a Blackberry one.Please bid realistically, this is a simple app by all means and all information/design is already done, programming is needed.

  • $150 USD 3 days ago

    To enhanse my knowledge towards your company.

  • ₹600 INR 3 days ago

    Hello sir I am Prabhakar Bharti working on Optisitsm Technologies Pvt Ltd, as web developer .I need work .

  • $789 USD 3 days ago

    Design and flow work will be handed by us, only programming needs to be done.An app that allows the user to input information about the visits he does to different establishments. The information is stored as text and sent to the cloud as an email or database information . This information is sent daily.Main Menu has:1. Daily Visit Report: 1.1 Daily Visit 1.2 Hidden Client Visit (TBD)2. Create or Modify Daily Visit Report3. Settings (email to send info to and other)The app also sends a report at the end of each week as an Excel file that is filled with the information stored locally from each of the daily visits, and is also sent to an email which is configured inside the app. The Excel file is already designed with all fields, but the information should be editable before sending.The Daily Visit Report is filled with information as follows:1.1.1 Type of Visit: selection Field1.1.2 Name: Text Field.1.1.3 Number: Number Field of at least 10 characters1.1.4 Phone: Number Field of at least 8 characters1.1.5 Geographical Location. 1.1.6 Information: Selection field 1.1.7 Quantity and type: numbers field.1.1.8 Material: Numerical Field. (depends on type of material chosen o edit Visit menu)1.1.9 Training: Multiple selection field.1.1.10 Multiple Selection Field1.1.11 Information Material: selection field1.1.12 Report Fail: Multiple selection field1.1.13 Contact Person: Text field1.1.14 Specialist: Multiple Selection field1.1.15 Date and time: syncronized to smartphones time and dateAll options of multiple fields and selection must be editable from menu 2: edit reportAn Andriod Version is also needed which can be programmed/converted once this one is done (or simultaniuosly). Eventually also a Blackberry one.Please bid realistically, this is a simple app by all means and all information/design is already done, programming is needed.

  • €526 EUR 3 days ago

    I’m in need of a simple app for Iphone which main function is a Google Maps with our locations marked out on it.This app will be published in several versions for different regions and therefore needs to be easy to change name/logo and data for locations. The goal is to make it simple design (google maps is 99% of the app) and simple to use without anything unnecessary. Good delivery will assure more similar work!*Loading screen*Main function is a full screen Google Maps with our predefined locations marked out, using a custom symbol.*Each location shall open a small info-window when clicked. The window shall contain Name, Address, Image, A number and Description from database.*Location data shall be stored in app and/or on remote mysql (you design the database, we will fill it and setup the host for it)*Database data fields: Name, Address, Location(coordinates), A number (integer 1-10), Image, description, Activated (boolean)*All fields except Location(coordinates) and Activated can be empty!*Internationalization (Several languages in each app, separate translate files)*If we don’t prefill Location Coordinates we need a script to auto-fill this using the address against Google API (address to coordinates). This can be a script we run on server using python, php or similar. We use LAMP serves.*Graphics*Logo*Loading image*Location marker symbol*Geo location (GPS my location)*Directions functionality (from my current location to chosen location)Add a custom location (show only for user with option to send to us as inactive)We need full rights to all source code and any custom libraries you useWe need full rights to all graphics, delivery includes PSD/AI filesApp should have easy interchangeable Name and LogoApp should be ready to have ads (easily activated/deactivated)Menu above/below map:*Info page with static text (can be loaded from database)*Show my current location*Show directions*Add location

  • $10 USD/hr 4 days ago

    As discussed and agreed.

  • $631 NZD 4 days ago

    I need to develop an app for musiciansHere is a run down -1. An artist pays a monthly subscription based on the number of fan&quot;s they have associated with their account (ie. 0-2500 $35, 2500-5000 $65 etc.)2. The app will enable the artist to distribute their music (add the album or single tracks to a shop front available through their website or an online shopfront)3. The app will give the artist statistics on the selling, distribution of the music4. The other part of the app is for the consumers, a consumer signs up and all their details are recorded to the database behind the app5. When a consumer purchases music not only are the statistics recorded, an update is sent to the artist saying (user Joe Bloggs has made a purchase of your item &quot;Sing to Me&quot;)6. The artist can send a personal email from the app to the consumers7. The app ranks the consumers based on the tally of their spendings8. The artist can interact with their consumers via email or txt message if they wish to do so

  • $1578 USD 5 days ago

    I need a very simple mobile app. I maintain a personal wordpress blog for which I would like an app created on all of the following platforms Please provide a separate individual price for each OS:1. iOS2. Android3. HTML5Blog URL will be furnished upon request Type of Work Mobile App Design The features he desires in his app are as follows:1. push to notification [for the blog subscribers who download the app]2. social media icons integration3. website content (only static content) updates to show through feedI will need the timelines and fixed bid with the total price. I am expecting to receive your answer no later than within 24 hours of this request.Thank you!

  • €526 EUR 5 days ago

    I want to build an app which will display news from my Wordpress website with RSS feeds.The app is about a news-website in the greek language and it needs to have:- RSS feed in different categories- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube videos feed- An ability to browse the site like being in a web browser- Area to add Adsense code- Publish it to app-store, googleplay and windows store

  • $150 USD 5 days ago

    To program tasks for actions within system/script including or enabling cron jobs to run on or in the server .Further Details will be available upon interest/request.

  • $1052 USD 6 days ago

 We are looking for Team or Individual who can help us to develop news app. Simply check for “News Republic” on app store for how the process work and check the attach file for concept of design. We want the home page to be shown like square boxes with full colors (window 8 concept). And we want “Notification” to alert the readers.Please Do not forget to mention about tools you use to develop this app.Thanks,

  • $15 USD/hr 6 days ago

    Project Description: I like to get an Andriod and/or iOS application developed. The application will be like an INSTAGRAM for Pets with some other features. Need someone who has good experience developing such applications. I will be happy to add more information to move on if you are interested.Please answer following question apart from any additional strong points you like to mention.1. Have you developed such mobile apps from scratch? Mention if just worked on one part only.2. What is the maximum number of users of your developed apps?3. Where can I find examples of mobile apps you&quot;ve developed? 4. How will we communicate during the development process? 5. How will you test my app?6. Will you submit my mobile app to app stores? Note: You will need to sign NDA if I decide to give you the project. You will need to hand me over the complete source code. I will own all the rights to the app, we will sign a document that establish confidentiality and state that I own the app&quot;s design, source code and all of its content.You should be ready to give demo/presentation and knowledge transfer of the work done anytime I ask. I will be working very closely with you.

  • €473 EUR 6 days ago

    The software (first on iphone) is a kind of “Doodle: easy scheduling” but offers another action that “doodle” doesn’t. The software is not destined to organize professional meetings, but actions in free time: like Sport meetings, party meetings, etc., and let allow the participants to see who is joining the meeting. Like who joins the soccer-training tonight? There will be some important differences to the “doodle”. For details, please contact us.

  • £1052 GBP 8 days ago

    All bids will be considered if they explicitly state1) Previous Drupal sites that bidder created/worked on (Drupal only)2) Future plans for Drupal 8 (I’m open to suggestions)I’m open minded about the look of the site, as long as it seems fresh and clean. IntroductionThe main purpose of this site is for disabled people to review disabled products, a bit like travellors review hotels on It would eventually also include reviews for other websites and groups, and more general information helpful to the disabled. I would like to use GitHub and probably a small version of a main objective is to train me more in Drupal. I have a degree in Software Engineering, but require more training using webEx etc (I can be available from 9am CET to 11:30pm CET). High Level RequirementsThere will probably be 6 main tabs-Home page (landing page)A short summary of the site, and highlights of the other tabs etc.-ProductsDisabled products that have been reviewed. This will include info/pics about the product itself and separate review/s of the product.-Clubs/SocietiesLocal and National Clubs/Societies for the disabled, and reviews of them.-Advice/NewsThis will be an area for general advice and news for the disabled.-Useful LinksSelf explanatory, though probably includes reviews as well.-About usThe standard fare.Also needed would be automatic notifications (username and password reset etc.) + directed mail shoots.There will be much ongoing work to make sure different contributor user types have the correct privileges etc.Attached is a very initial data structure. I’d welcome improvement/suggestions/rewrite etcInitials StepsFirstly I’d like totally change the look and feel of the current website ( to something that is fresh and clean e.g. and make sure everythings up to speed with github repository etc then we can tackle the above requirements different user roles would also be something we would need to look at.

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Dec 2008 - Present (5 years)

Software Sales and Development

We are a website development company based on PHP and .NET including many other aspects regarding the business demands . Our company is Microsoft certified establishment. Our policy toward our work has always depended on the quality aspect for which we have got a big satisfied client base all praise for us, along a n excellent growth rate in our business .Our workplace culture is great which helps to encourage all our staffs associated with us for much better result with the going time.


Bachelor in Commerce



Microsoft Certified Partner


My company received certification from Microsoft.


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