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Username: ananthhh

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Location: Palani, India

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  • $450.00 USD
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    Feb 21, 2012

    Perfect solution. On-time, on-budget.. Would use again!

    Project Description:Attached are two files to act as an example of a larger project we have created. The first file, dev.php creates a basic page that has a link. the div below contains a graph. When the link is clicked,...
  • $1150.00 USD
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    Feb 1, 2012

    Communication very good, prompt replies to messages, understood programming needs with only minor revisions needed, adapted to changes well, overall a great person to work with. Will continue to working with this freelancer.

    Project Description:Seat Assignment Module: This is an update for an existing train trip site, using existing mySQL table/field names. Success with this update will lead to immediate additional update projects. Projects...
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  • $250 USD Mar 12, 2013

    We are looking for a Java web developer to work on a new web site. The site is part of a e-assessment site for an e-learning company.The site should be coded using the following technologies and frameworks.JSP and JSTLStruts 2, Spring and Hibernate Eclipse, MySQL and TomcatThere are about 20 pages that need to be coded. The code should be well structured and well commented. The coder should be able to follow coding guidelines and naming conventions. We have produced a number of projects in the past using these technologies therefore we have portions of code that should be useful to the coder from previous projects.The XHTML/CSS, Javascript and graphic design will be done by other programmers.The coder must be available to work on this project on a full time basis and have good communication skills and also must provide be able to provide daily updates. Must actions and submission errors will have user feedback. The coder will be given all constant values for validation messages, user feedback, values for forms etc as the project progresses.We have designed the database structure.Please contact us for more information and prototype of the web site. This prototype should be used to give an idea of how the finished site will function.

  • [Sealed] Aug 29, 2012

    Bot description for MT4:From price (P), the bot will place a total of 4 Limit Orders (LO’s); A, a, B and b.“A” will be a Buy Limit Order (BLO) placed North of P at X# of pips, “B” will be a Sell Limit Order (SLO) placed South of P at the same distance of P to BLO “A”. Now, “A” will have a SLO “a” at Y# of pips from “A”, and “B” will have a BLO “b” at the same Y# of pips. “a” and “b” have no take profit (TP) or Stop Loss, and “A”, “B” have only TP.“B” hedges “b” and “A” hedges “a”.So far it looks like this:---------------------------------------------> BLO “b”….....................................................>TP for “A”--------------------------------------------->BLO “A”- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >P (Price)--------------------------------------------->SLO “B”….....................................................>TP for “B”---------------------------------------------->SLO “a”The behavior will be:If price triggers only ONE LO into a MO (“A” or “B”), and takes profit, then cancel all LO’s and start all over again.If price triggers TWO LO’s into Market Orders (MO’s) (“A” and “B”), then if one MO is in profit, take profit, cancel related hedging LO (“b” or “a”) that was in profit, at this point we will have one losing position (MO “A” or “B”) with corresponding hedging LO (“a” or “b”), the bot will place, again, the 4 LO’s, therefore we will have 4 new LO’s, 1 old LO and 1 MO in the red.The only time the bot will ignore the old MO and hedging LO, is when the hedging LO is triggered into a MO, that is: MO’s “B”-”b” and “A”-”a”. So, if we have MO’s “A” or-and “B” in profit, but the corresponding hedge is also a MO, the bot will ignore them and will continue working.Also, if the equity or Net Asset Value (NAV) falls beneath a specified percentage from the high watermark, the bot will stop placing new orders, and will only leave the hedged MO’s.The input parameters will be:1- Pair2- Lot3- Distance from P for LO’s “A” and “B” (pips)4- Distance from “A” to “a” and “B” to “b” (pips)5- Take Profit for “A” and “B”6- Stop Bot if Equity falls beneath X% from the high watermarkNotes:This is a “semi automatic” bot, in order to make some profit the parameters need to be changed manually according to market conditions, therefore, while the bot is working it has to let me change parameters 3, 4, 5 and 6.Also, when the bot stops because parameter 6 is reached, it has to leave all orders left hedged to prevent even more loss.Questions?

  • $75 USD Mar 16, 2012

    Update existing application to work with SQL Server 2008. It currently works with mysql. I need to have the database fixed so that it will work. The programming is done and might also need some .NET plug in help. You should be familiar with .NET and SQL Server if you are going to bid on this. Also have the ability to create custom reports.

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