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  • $941 AUD In Progress

    To describe the eCommerce site that I would like to get built is to sell small electronic goods, that is posted out to customers. I have attached a rough idea of how I want it started, the attachment titled "Index Page of Play site" is the first page I want customers to see when they come to the sited, and the button in blue labelled "Play" is like a home page button but for the "FEATURED" products or specials. In the diagram there is a large rectangle with an iPhone in it, this is the banner, in this I would like it to periodically scroll through 3 - 5 different advertisements for OTHER products, announcements or specials which can be toggled by the tiny arrow button inside the banner to skip through and when clicking on the banner, this should take the user to the specific product link.The buttons at the very top are the categories being: Play, Fun, Quirky, Secret, Girly & Nerd. (Possibly add categories in future)1) Once a button is selected the products in the grid below should change according to items that listed as such at grids of 4 x 3.2) However if a product is selected from the grid format, the user will be taken to a page 2 layout, which as per the attachments, file: "Play Site - Page 2"The specific product selected will be featured in the main window, in this instance it is an iPhone for example, the main display window/box has 2 arrow buttons on either side which will allow the products to be toggled, reference this template I"ve found: 3) However below the main product in the main window are other related products in that category BUT unlike the site I want those other products to carousel like the ones they have further below that but in a very large presentation. Instead I prefer the small view able products to be carousel-able, reference: In this example it is ONLY the product that is displayed without detail, this is what I would like. 4) In the main window there are 3 orange ticks, with the following to be links: Description, 3D view and review. When description is selected, I would like a black pop up window in front of the page with an ability to provide a text description of the product. If 3D view is selected I would like the same pop up window affect but a 3D function to be able to rotate the product, reference: or like with the review link, again another POP up window with a text review from our site and possibly a link to a youtube video.5) For each product that is displayed in the main window, I would like a facebook, twitter and Pin interest button available on the bottom left corner to allow linking of this SPECIFIC product that the customer is interested to appear on those networks.6) On the bottom of all pages, I would like a "Leave an offline message" box on the bottom of the screen like: During Checkout, an ability to change "currency"8) On he main page I would like some sort of follow us on.. "social" network feature, as I"m hoping that social networking will be the prime source of customers at his stage other than SEO but I"m open to ideas and suggestions that you may have to improve the site.

  • $400 USD In Progress

    [4:43:37 AM] whitecollar18:[4:44:14 AM] whitecollar18:[4:53:24 AM] whitecollar18: so our budget depends on our satisfaction:Job ok: $85Job excellent: $150Job totally amazing: $250[4:55:38 AM] Robert: Can you make it a little legitimate please? We generally design these type of backend theme for around 300USD for 5 pages.[4:56:47 AM] whitecollar18: ok 1 more:Job totally nice and 100% satisfaction: $300[4:58:35 AM] Robert: How about this - Job excellent = 300USDJob totally amazing = 350USD Tob totally nice and 100% satisfaction = 400USD[4:59:37 AM] whitecollar18: well, depends, if you are suggesting to do a $300 job then no, if you are going to make it $400 and perfect then yes.[5:01:14 AM] Robert: Ok so lets conclude at 400USD. We will make sure you are 100% satisfied.[5:15:18 AM] whitecollar18: tell me if you do jquery[5:15:19 AM] Robert: Ok, please provide these informations -[5:15:46 AM] Robert: Yes we do jquery a lot[5:17:17 AM] whitecollar18: ok we will need some jquery in this like background ajax posts or automatic reload of new items, well see. We dont need any PHP/coding though, that will be done by me.[5:18:08 AM] Robert: To add jquery AJAX, we will need some PHP coding as well I guess.[5:18:20 AM] whitecollar18: all php coding done by me, so you can tell me what you need[5:20:34 AM] Robert: Well I will need information about what page we have to work on, we have to see all coding, check which portion to load via AJAX and then will complete all jquery coding and will send you information about PHP code[5:20:39 AM] Robert: that you can complete[5:21:47 AM] whitecollar18: thats fine. but anyways jquery is at the end of the design after 99% is finished.[5:22:19 AM] Robert: Yeah, lets finish this first.[5:22:32 AM] whitecollar18: ok but jquery is included in the price[5:23:10 AM] Robert: jquery that is needed in HTML is included. jquery for AJAX is not included as we have not seen current coding yet[5:25:17 AM] whitecollar18: but told you all PHP coding will be done by me, so the jquery on your side is like jquery for html[5:26:17 AM] Robert: As of now without seeing current coding I cannot say what we have to do. I can imagine we have to design 3-5 pages, convert them to HTML +CSS + jquery and submit you for 400USD[5:27:27 AM] whitecollar18: fine

  • €5555 EUR Today

    english / germanenglish:General Features* Voice Files to easily create translations* Themes or simply changeable designs* Pretty good SEO* Suitable for millions of users* Pretty fast database* Backend with different types of admins ( Means: One can just confirm Products the other one is just allowed to answer messages…)*Backend to create and/or edit different pages and menusPage for Seller* Confirm/create User Account* Facebook and Google login* Generate products for selling* Products with different characteristics - Dropdown Menu- Shortlists- Radio buttons- Checkboxes- Choose many places in Google-Earth so that you can follow the object Time/Place- When you chose your selection the other informations can change* Products are uploaded by the admin and can only be changed by him* Productchanges have to be confirmed by the admin* Products are not allowed to include Email Adresses or Telephonnumbers (Automatic Failure)*Timetable for selling (Means: How much Time left till sold)* Monthly price* Yearly Price* Change product / Change to not activ anymore* Date of Creation has to be there ( Also in the database )* Database easy expandable* Receive Messages and responsePage for buyers* Create User Account, Facebook log in and google log in* Searching page:All features selectable ( Includes to select more than one feature even when the seller is only able to select one. ( For example seller is only able to select one option(Blue – But buyer can now after he chose blue go for another one, yellow red …)))* The result of search has to be listed by the different characterstics * Lookin for the nearest adress or the nearest place of a seller ( Searchin all the adresses of the sellers)* Send message to the seller (email or phone-number not allowed)* Messages have to be confirmed by an admin before they go through the outbox* Several products are selectable and then request to the admin ( Admin gets the list of the wanted products)german:allgemeine eigenschaften:* eine sprach datei mit der sich leicht Übersetzungen bilden lassen* Themen oder leicht änderbares design* sehr gutes SEO* geeignet für mehrere Millionen user* sehr schnelle datenbank* backend mit mehreren admin und rechten (sub admin kann zb nur die nachrichten überprüfen und ok geben – anderer admin kann nur produkte bestätigen ändern und ok geben)* backend zum erstellen und bearbeiten von content seiten & menüsSeite für verkäufer:* user erstellen (ein user kann mehrere produkte verkaufen)* und FB und google log in* produkte zum verkaufen erstellen* produkte mit vielen eigenschaften- drop down menüs- auswahllisten- auswahllisten mit mehrfachauswahl- radio-buttons- checkboxen- Mehrere orte auf Google maps angeben mit zeit wann bei welchen ort- wenn eine auswahl getroffen wird können sich die weiteren angaben ändern* produkte werden vom andministrator online gestellt und können geändert werden* produktänderungen müssen durch administrator bestätigt werden* in produkten dürfen keine email adressen oder Telefon nummern sein (automatischer fehler)* zeit angeben wie lange verkauft wird* monats preis* jahres preis* produkt ändern / und inaktiv stellen* erstelldatum muss da stehen (auch in datenbank)* datenbank leicht erweiterbar* nachrichten erhalten und antwortenseite für käufer:* user erstellen und Facebook log in und google log in* such seite:- alle eingenschaften auswählbar (inkl mehrfachauswahl auch wenn verkäufer da nur eine eigenschaft auswählen kann [beispiel verkäufer kann nur eine eigenschaft auswählen (zb blau – käufer kann aber auch nach blau, rot und grün auf ein mal suchen)])- das such Ergebnis kann nach allen Produkteigenschaften sortiert werden- suche nach in der nähe einer adresse oder nur in einem ort (durchsucht alle adressen der verkäufer)* nachrichten an verkäufer verschicken (email und Telefonnummern nicht erlaubt)nachrichten werden durch admin bestätigt und erst mit dem ok eines admin gesendet* mehrere produkte auswählbar und anfrage an admin erstellen (admin bekommt liste mit gewünschten produkten)

  • $5555 CAD Yesterday

    We need an iOS app to be developed. Please contact for details.

  • $13 USD/hr 3 days ago

    Hi There,I need to start accepting credit cards and guest check out for my joomla website also a user friendly mobile template. ThanksMika

  • $3888 USD 4 days ago

    Hello,need ti build wholesalesr website for travel business B2B B2C Multilanguage with RTL/LTR, XML, CMS based, Own Inventory, XML Integration, Multi Currency, White Lable for affilate marketing, booking engine, mobile booking engine, CRS with Extranet, Flexible API Integration, GDS Connectivity, Previlage Managment, complete back office...etc..PLEASE DONT ADD BID IF YOU DIDNOT HAVE WORKED OUT SUCH SITE BEFORE.... WE DONT WANT TO BE TEST FOR YOUR ABILITIES; BUT WE WILL TEST YOURS............NEED FIXED PRICE WIT FULL DETAILS OF THE WORK:::

  • $5000 AUD 4 days ago

    Build a customer relationship and job management software program that is cloud based. All details will be given to the chosen applicant upon hiring.

  • $3888 USD 5 days ago

    A website that is a platform for companies who sells carparts and who wants to buy carparts. It has to be professional website with 3 parts, sellers, administration and the front website. I need someone with enough experience in software develop and will focused till the end of this project, this project will need i think approximetly 500 hours. All 3 parts needs to be perfect connected.

  • £5555 GBP 5 days ago

    We were due to approach a number of agencies to do this work and it was suggested we try this too, hence our advert. We are not going to release all the details publicly, but safe to say all the briefs will be sent to you prior to quote. I am prepared to judge you by your previous work in the first instance. We need something fast, but something substantial yet beautiful…in fact the best piece of wok you have ever done! Sp please get in touch and we will take it from there.

  • $16 USD/hr 6 days ago

    I am looking for a clean, professional site for REO Repair and Maintenance, we specialize in REO Rehab and Repair projects for Banks, Asset Management Companies and REO Real Estate Agents. I want a home page (we have an existing logo that can be modified for this application), about us, services offered/coverage area page and a contact form that will get the potential clients complete project information and description. I have an existing site I can show you to give you an idea of what I want conceptually. I want the site to be hosted from my existing bluehost account.

  • $3888 USD 6 days ago

    We are looking for a global business chat integrated with a robust B2b,B2c & C2c - Multiproduct & Multiservice Site- PLEXGRIDBasic overview of the application for understanding.1.Types of User ( For example: Business or Normal)2.User Registration follows the specific requirement (similar like other website)a.User nameb.Passwordc.Emaild.Phone number (provides the service provider and country)e.Location3.Authenticated the provided location with this IP address (It should match). Process the email verification.Section2: AFTER REGISTRATION1.It creates a Profile specific to the information provided during registrationa.User can add more details to enhance his profile (i.e. percentage complete).b.Mobile verification (send sms with the code user need to add that code into profile to verify)2.Registering for the type of service depending on the business rule (will be explained in details later).Overview:a.User specify the location of target business area (example: enquiry, buying, selling etc. on that location)b.Specify Industry/Product.c.Specify Business Target Area (based Geographic location)d.Option to trade/ship via Plexgrid (buying/selling).e.Pays the fee based on selected criteria.f.Based on service registration his chat, video, email control gets enabled and gets access to the application based on this.Section2.1 User Profile1.Both user are capable to do search based on location, industry/product , search criteria.a.If user has not avail the service for that searched region it will just show how many match the criteria (it don’t show business details) on that region and around that regionb.If user has paid for the service on the search location and industry/product he get full detail on the listing.2.For paid user there should be a section which give details regarding the service he availed and chat/video/email feature gets enable with in that section. Which automatically works based on available service for that profile.Phase 1 Development:Concentrate on user registration, user profiles, business rules and search. Chat/video integration as per business rule can come on later phase of development.Note: The segregation of selected region for business will be completely depended on existing user base. For example when user registered for target location (combination of location, industry or product):1.Country A has only 2 company and surrounding countries X has 5 company at that point he will get access to Country A + Country X2.If country A has 1000 company matching his criteria then you drill down to states/county/city/postcode based on a mean threshold of count of industry/product available on the provided location.The threshold value decided whether to move up or move down the location level should be customizable.B2b as in as in /alibaba.comMore as we discuss

  • $5000 USD 8 days ago

    I need a Practice management system which has the following modulesCalendarOnline Patient appointment bookingAppointment Reminders with Emails and SMSMobile Phone Accessibleability to sync calendar with mobile phoneTo/Do listPatientsTreatment Notes with ability to attach pictures or videos or other file word, excellettersInvoicing/ReceiptsBusiness ExpensesAbility to attach receipts to expenses using mobile phone ReportsAble to manage multiple locationsAble to manage multiple Practitioners

  • $13 USD/hr 10 days ago

    Dear Sir I need MLM software that will support Unilevel plan, and will be similar in functionality to the software (login: 1 ; password: istruct123 ). If you have already made similar software please send a demo. This software will have to be later in Poland translated into Polish. I understand that software code is open. What would be the price of such software have given the link? Maybe you have any other suggestions on this topic? My email is @ Regards Andrzej

  • $3888 USD 10 days ago

    Hi,Need to get an internet based online appointment system for doctors.Need an experienced web designer / JSP and MySQL CSS to make this reservation /admin module .If you do not have any JSP skills do not apply. Unless you can keep up with the time deadlines along with maintaining the code quality... do not apply.We as customers will be the owners of the code source and after sale we need services and debug so the amount will be split 60% after the Job done and 40% after testing. IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THIS TYPE OF PROJECT (Online doctor appointment) THEN DO NOT APPLY.A brief snapshot (not an actual requirement) of the requirements are as under:1) An web based online Dr appointment by patients visiting the website. The visitors need to make an appointment for the Dr according to his availability and specialty.2) There will be the search functionality based on specilation,first name ,last name,area,city,designation,state.3) user recommendation to doctor or testimonial for doctor.4) email notifications to be sent to all stakeholder (dr,client and admin) 5) report generation, search by various parameters like Dr name, Dr specialty, day availability, etc 6) ability to add specialty, clinic, doctor name, booking slots, availability chart, doctor details,etc 7) payment gateway integration.8) good user interface both at front end and back end.9) Different user consoles for super admin, receptionist ,Users and doctor10) Booking Cancellation Functions - Patient can send request for booking cancellation to admin or can done by itself. also.11) customization in addition to the above based on the system flow and logic designNeed to select a good developer.non serious and developers not having mastery of making a this type of project may not apply. Kindly mail in ur samples of the online appointment bassed that u have done in past.Before the development I need to be involvement in design (whole project design) overview.At the time of development at each stage I need the update and demos and any time the requirement can be change.Need to complete this project at the fastest speed possible.

  • $2777 USD 11 days ago

    We need to design a web site for simple event management, slightly more complex than but much simpler than full-fledged project management sites such as Like and, the system will have three classes of users: the administrator (that performs manual account creation in this case), the “primary users” (who create and manage events) and “secondary users” (who participate in events). The administrator can invite (and create the account for) primary users, and each primary user can invite (and create account for) secondary users. All users will have log-ins and personal information (that is, the site will not be open such as primary user can have multiple projects. For each project, the primary user can initiate polls for event availability in a calendar, and secondary users will be able to reply if they can participate or not on each potential date (graphically in a calendar, as in In addition, the secondary users should be able to give specific feedback and/or requests by answering a set of predefined questions.The primary user should be able to review the poll results and determine whether or not to honor or disregard user requests. Then, an external script will be called to generate an optimal plan for the event (this script will not be provided, but the website design should adhere to a simple API to post and read data). A set of optimal plans will be returned to the primary user for inspection and selection.A much more detailed project specification (including graphical mock-ups, and partial Qt prototypes) will be made available to the selected freelancer.Preference will be given to freelancers with previous positive experience from similar projects, a proven eye (from your portfolio) for aesthetics and user experience, and price.

  • $4444 USD 14 days ago

    In the beginning of your post, type "I am the real deal" to ensure you are a real person. Also, your English should be 4.5 or above. I want excellent English comprehension. If you have a large amount of review, and excellent score, we can talk about a milestone, otherwise, don"t expect for any funds until I"ve determined we hit the beta stage.Thanks!The goal is the construction of an independently sustainable crowdfunding website, with a complex registration process, with the ability for backend management of users, crowdfunding projects, and disbursement of funds.Registration would include terms of service, and a list of specific questions, used to generate both a public and private profile. Registration would have the ability to upload documents, and integrate this information to be viewed from the administration panel. Certain questions if answered a certain way would contain a component that if selected, they would require clarification, or upload of documentation.Login/registration pages should contain basic functions like password reset, forgot username, etc., and a method for retrieving username.Once profile is created user should be able to login to that profile, and browse available projects generally, but geographic location, or by category. The should also have the ability to begin creating a project, or link to other projects. More details of this will be explained if the job is awarded. Creation of a projectUsers should be able to create new projects, answering questions relating to the projects, with the ability to link in their accounting information in order to facilitate payment. Many questions with easy integration of YouTube Video via provided link. Project cover photo, ability to upload documents. Some will be visible publicly, while others will not. The generation of the user profile with public biography, a list of project that have been facilitated, and ability to for them to add information like links to social media pages and the suck. Once a project is created it should generate a page for the project, with the option to make a donation, and, link profiles. There should be an integrated search function that allows projects to be searched by geographical location, State, County, City. Administration PanelThe Administration panel should be able to view user registration data, suspend profiles, cancel or suspend projects, and MUST APPROVE EVERY PROJECT prior to it going live. The admin panel should also be able to generate reports on the status of any project, or all projects, including financial data.The administration panel must also approve the disbursement of funds in a project. Upon approval the system should distribute the funds to the approved designee, except for any fees due.There should be a system allowing for users to message one another.Payment processing capability should automatically deduct site fees, and transfer them to the company’s account for deposit into relevant bank accounts.This will include a mobile version with the browse and donate capability, as well as the ability to text a donation to a phone number. This is a general overview of the most complex aspects of the website. All small details needed to make the site polished that are not listed in the general description shall be included. There should be a method for displaying supported projects on the profile page, and for generating a rank between 1 and five stars depending on donation amounts, and projects donated to. There will also likely be some changes, modifications, or additions, as site testing commences. Once site it completed, before final payment is released, the SITE WILL BE TESTED BY AN INDEPENDENT THIRD PARTY FOR VULNERABILITIES, and SECURITY FLAWS.Thanks!

  • $22222 USD 14 days ago

    I need a large complex site with fast code. php might not be fast enough. Might need .net or c++. Minimum 6 month project, maybe longer. Complex portal that will interact with EDI, automatically scrape manufacturer websites, completely custom solution. I need a company with perfect feedback, great samples, references, portfolio and worked on similar projects before. Please list and explain such things in your tentative bid.

  • $4444 USD 15 days ago

    We are looking for a reputable Web Design Individual or Company to work with our charity In Kind (No Cost) to create the first every full Charity Lottery where all the money generated will go to charity. This project will save millions of lives throughout the world. The website would use an online lottery script/The specs of the site are as follows:The project will initially be based online. A specialised website will be created to sell online lottery tickets making the number selection simple for the donor. The draw will be held offline utilising a studio attendance and celebrity guests. We are thinking of allocating ticket sales as follows:10% Admin Costs60% Towards lottery Prizes30% Sent to create an endowment fund to give grants to other charities.As ticket sales increase the lottery will expand to offline stores and other games such as scratch cards and Bingo.

  • $5555 USD 16 days ago


  • €3888 EUR 17 days ago

    Hello,I am looking for the Develpment of the following:- a Responsive Website (mobile first) to let registered users book services from other users- website must also be downloadable as IOS and Android stores, wrapped inside web apps (with PhoneGap framework or simiilar)- website must run in LAMP enviromentWEB APP SPECS--------------------------------------Webiste will have 3 type of users:- Service Provider Users- Client Users- Admin usersService Provider Users need:- ability to manage a personal booking calendar to offer their services on hourly basis and hourly tarifs- ability to receive payment for the booking via Paypal Standard (each user will receive payments directly in his personal paypal account)- a public profile page with some personal details (name, picture, short bio, nationality, etc...), contacts, provided services, booking calendar with hourly availability- ability to manage their personal profile, offered services and availability on booking calendar- ability to make a live check-in to advertise their availability in the current day. If they will not check in they will not be available for the current day- quick access to list of booked hours (per day) and contacts of user that have booked each slot of their timeClient Users need:- to list (randomly) Service Provider Users for each available service- to check Service Provider Users profile page and availability calendar- ability to book Service Provider Users on hourly basis (actually each booking will get a slot of 2 hours)- ability to pay in advance via Paypal Standard the service they are booking for- a way to manage their contact details- a way to register themselves in the website to make a booking- a way to rate Service Provider Users after they will have get the service (rating will not be available to Service Provider Users, only to admins)Admin Users need:- to manage all Users profile (both clients and service providers)- to ban/block single users- access some type of statistic on bookings and transactions (example: per service, per user)- determine from start and end date for the booking system to be activeWebsite-App will also have some static pages.WORKFLOW--------------------------------------- I will provide mockup design and assist webdesign issues (especially css): all I"m looking for is DEVELOPMENT- I will provide server access where to develop, to encourage collaboration during development and follow the job steps- more detailed infos will be provided to the winning bidderTIMINGS--------------------------------------- I need bids to be made in the next 48 hours (to partecipate a tender)- tender results will come in a week or two- if tender will be won, time for finishing the project will be 90 days from startNOTE: only professional developers that likes to work in team should apply, no beginners please.

  • $3888 USD 18 days ago

    I am looking for an experienced company that can create a ticketing platform for events, such as ticketmaster or eventbrite. This site must be able be user friendly for both frontend users (venue that want to list event) and for backend users (venue that is listing events). This will include needing to develop widgets for venues, accurate payment distribution, shopping cart, and widgets.If you do not have any experience in building event ticketing sites, please do not apply.BIG BONUSES PAID FOR PAST EXPERIENCE IN BUILDING EVENTS PLATFORMS** PM with references only dealing with EVENTS TICKETING please. **Sites for referenceseevents (dot) comcrowdtorch (dot) comeventbrite (dot) com

  • $3333 AUD 24 days ago

    As a Senior Web Developer you will bring a breadth of technology help guide decisions on the future technical direction of the product for an exciting start up based in Brisbane, Australia.What You Need for this Position- PHP 5, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery- Working knowledge of integration with 3rd party APIs- Excellence in programming, debugging, and implementation skills- 5+ years of PHP and MySQL development experience- Skills in writing creating/setting up map overlays - latitude and longitude- Flexibility and dependability- Excellent communication and collaboration skills- Bonus points for: MS-SQL, iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3 What You Will Be Doing- Working alongside a UX Designer and Tester you will be writing code for a new website (front end will be a responsive WordPress Theme) for the accommodation industry 100% designed in house (no frameworks or major 3rd party api"s).- Creating a matching engine ie so that Party A"s specified parameters match with Party B"s parameters and return an image gallery of results showing all party B"s that match onto the page.- Creating Facebook Sign up integration and will pre-fill fields into a profile page- Making the site transactional with membership sign ups- Preparing the website for live environment- Documenting technical specifications- Prioritizing tasks and daily activities- Creating 4 step workflows for when guests sign up and create their profiles.- Creating a dashboard for users which includes a calendar of availability.To apply, please provide 2 referees, along with your resume, and links to your website/s and work.

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