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  • $220 USD
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    Aug 8, 2012

    He tried a lot and worked a lot, but sometimes his fixes broke other things, also after he declared everything done. But he kept on trying, and made thorough reports which was good. But i needed to use extra time on him to show what he broke. Finally he solved (nearly) everything.

    Project Description:We need help to finish a Magento shop: 1) Category pages, but ONLY level 1 and 2, the text in the boxes for sublevel categories should be the text from the field "Meta Description" from the given subcategory , not the main description as it is now...
  • $130 USD
    Profile image for Seller proserven

    proserven [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 11, 2012

    Person is not a programmer, just a middle man, I wasted a month trying to get a Joomla app for my project... but not luck

    Project Description:BIDS FROM SERIOUS PROGRAMMERS - When compromise to Bid's price there will be not re-negotiation. - Needs to create a app for my website. After user registry in the site, we need to gather more information in the registered area.....
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller sohomoto3


    Jul 11, 2012

    Perfectly orchestrated! My client's are very happy.

    Project Description:Graphic design work 1. 1st one is ia.nmiwebsites.comlogo. They just want the colors changed. same color as gold you see here RGB 250, 182, 9 I will send you the logo and the logo pics to you...
  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller ictus5

    ictus5 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 11, 2012

    They dont do what they say or show. Bluffing is what they do, they have missed multiple deadlines and keep standing me up. They dont read notes and make me believe they have done work and updates to something they didnt do. I verified with to conform what I see that they claimed is completed task, but I was right there is nothing changed and done. They will demand money for something they didnt do. They will come up with different excuses like been sick and changing developer, etc. I disputed and won. They asked me no to set this project to incomplete and would show me something at the end of the day. Many days have passed and there is still no show. The risk is yours if you want to hire them.

    Project Description:I am looking for a wordpress programmer expert not just technically but also good at design as well. and be able. Communication skills in details is a must, be able to give me a daily report of the progress...
  • $140 USD
    Profile image for Seller sohomoto3


    Jul 5, 2012

    I have and will hire again

    Project Description:I need help creating 1 Fabrik form for a Joomla 2.5 site to start and then have various others if this goes well. The form needs to be various pages and needs format changing for both the front-end and the submission email sent to the company...
  • £450 GBP
    Profile image for Seller chelseadogs

    chelseadogs [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 5, 2012

    The 7 day deadline arrived and I saw no results, nothing had changed, none of the work had been done. After 14 days passed and I STILL saw no results and had been lied to being told the work was 70-90% done. I said to anub that I need to find other developers to do the work as no results had been shown. 10 minutes later, they destroyed my website causing the Magento downloader page to display. They tried to blame a previous developer for putting a timer on my website and that they were working to fix it. In a skype conversation anub then admitted that he needs to use these "tactics" so that I release some money to them!! Absolutely unacceptable, cost me a lot of money to hire a developer immediately to fix this problem and get my site back online asap. Anub has been an utter nightmare to do business with and I will NEVER work with anub and his team again.

    anubhav07's reply:

    Before ask deadline check the payment you given to us .she not paid a single USD and create a story that previous developer not did anything so once you show me work let me pay to you and we work for her till 10 days and once we move the changes to her server she immediately change the password with incomplete changes and blame us .In 10 Minutes how we can destroy the site and we not accepted anything on any communication .check her profile she gave the project at the same time to some other developers and make us fool .*****so beware such client and ask milestone before do any projects ****

    Project Description:I need a Magento expert to do a couple of things on my site ( 1. Move the site to amazon web services hosting (2 past developers were unable to move the site to new hosting so please...
  • $265 USD
    Profile image for Seller GIOVINNISTARS

    GIOVINNISTARS [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 26, 2012

    This PROVIDER TOOK UPON him self to not send any designs, ignore everything i wanted on my site, and created a mock up site that looks poor in quality and claims the job i wanted is completed, despite telling him all the features are wrong. Fearing i wasn't going to pay, this provider deleted my index files to my original website. A new user name and password to my hosting was creating specifically for this web developer, no one else have every had access to my site besides this developer. My hosting company confirmed he deleted my index files. Anubhav07 is unprofessional. keeps begging for funds, promised site completion 2 weeks ago, and its been 2 months no site, i have release funds to him, and still no working progress of anything.. FRAUD, STAY AWAY

    Project Description:Web cam site 1. Needs state, city, country category field added, the site only allows the state category field to be added when models add in their state when filling in their profile on the site. 2.add...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller sohomoto3


    May 3, 2012

    Another great day! Thank you for saving the day again!

    Project Description:Joomla edits. Fix home page attributes. Insert a video into about us page, reformat about us page. 1)He wants the color changed on the Hover circle r=206 g=215 b=57 2) fix the home page links i must have done something and messed them up...
  • $70 USD
    Profile image for Seller sohomoto3


    May 2, 2012

    He carefully performed the tasks exactly as requested.

    Project Description:I will provide you with the Joomla 1.7 template. You have to change : 1) All global fonts to ITC Avant Garde 2) All global font colors to resemble the brochure I will supply you with. Changes to all global font colors as they relate to the sizes in brochure ex: <h1> <h2> <p> etc.....
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller uct


    Apr 22, 2012

    A++++ designer. Highly recommend to everyone!

    Project Description:I have three websites these 3 websites need minor adjustments no more then an hour of work on each site. Each of those sites need new banner and change in menu bar colors and some moveout of images...
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  • $6 USD/hr In Progress

    Looking for an SAP expert in the following modules SDPPMMMust be also have experience in DRP for both SD and PP modules.Must also have experience around setting up customer pricing for contracts for the SD module.If you have the skill sets for SD and PP and have experience around DRP and customer pricing please let me know.I will require your expertise for consulting purposesThanks

  • $400 USD In Progress

    T-shirt Website

  • $250 CAD In Progress

    There are 3 parts we need to work on this project. I will proivde html templates for the email and the profile form. I need a programmer to handle the script and php coding. Please let me know if you"re interested.(1) Setup and send out emails with using MailChimp:Enter about 1,000 subscribers data to MailChimp system. Send out a custom email to each subscriber and ask them to update their profile. The email needs to include a link to their profiles.(2) Link from email to the custom profile form page(!hosted on my domain, NOT mailchimp server)Write a custom profile form with all fields(around 15 fields). The subscriber data has to be pre filled when they click from their email to the form. Also, the form must be hosted on my server with my client"s domain. Once they update their profiles, all data will go back to MailChimp server.(3) Collect dataI need to know which subscribers have updated their profiles. We can definitely use MailChimp system to track the result. I need to have the final result on a xcel file.

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Dear Freelancers, I am seeking a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER to design a TOP QUALITY PSD TEMPLATE for an existing WEBSITE that we are REBRANDING. Site will be 100% DYNAMIC with Nice Navigation and Layout, and you should deliver the PSD DESIGN of:•HOME PAGE PSD•PRODUCT PAGE PSD•INTERNAL PAGE PSDSite will be DYNAMIC WEBSITE, the designs should be FRESH, MODERN, and CREATIVE. I have 5 OTHER SITES I am redesigning, so if you do good work I will provide you the other work also. BUDGET: $50.00 PER TEMPLATE SETTIME FRAME: IMMEDIATELY REQUIREDPlease send details of your OFFER and when you can finish, must be finished within 1 DAY of starting!Thank You

  • $90 USD Oct 10, 2012

    1.integrate a security wrapper and verification process with opencart, and (any current or future) payment system. (we have docs for the program from its supplier, Some of the secured files, plus directories and dbs are on the site already. 2.install a cellular top-up service provided by, requires some code being written, but several other sites have the same top-up service so some of the code is easily obtained.The info files you need are attached.You need skype to communicate with us.DO NOT ASK FOR $ UPFRONT. We are a non-profit and our federal government does not permit prepayment for contract work.

  • $100 USD Oct 7, 2012

    This is a simple website that , has a registration form, member area that members can login , all appear on one page. Simple admin area.Registration table updated each time a new member enrolls.each time a new member enrolls , his name will appear on the table to the left as u can see, when 2 new members adds to the table the first name on the list is deleted and the other names shift upward.admin can send commission to members commission member counts will be on admin area, every new member increases the count.admin can suspend a given user name such that he cannot login . just do this , if u know php i will let u do the remaining script to the site i have attached a mock design to guide u.

  • $40 USD Sep 20, 2012

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION:1. the website is up and running. you DO NOT have to add content. The website is a JOOMLA+T2 FRAMEWORK site in one language only. 2. you will have to MAKE A LANDING PAGE with a picture, a video that will play auto, top&bottom menu links, and add 4 banners 250x250.3. the website uses T2 FRAMEWORK, it has a few profiles and layers. You will DISABLE the profiles and layers and CVHANGE THE default to BLACK. you will need to edit the css/template to achieve the color i need. 4. you will MAKE a new BOTTOM MENU and add there some exisitng articles.5. you will move some MODULES TO OTHER POSITIONS, and you willl probably resized some blogs/tables.6. create 4 difirent banners/boxes in the bottom of each page where i can add banners at any time. 7. remove the copy right of T2 framework and page, install and setup a form module, and an easy shopping cart module.(you will not add content/products, just make the extention module working.8. some other minor issues i cannot state right now, if any..PAYMENT; 100% WHEN THE PROJECT IS FINISHED AND I AM SUTISFIED WITH THE JOP.MILESTONES: no MILESTONES, DON"T BID if YOU WANT MILESTONES IN ADVANCE. I WILL NOT CONSIDER BIDS WITH MILESTONES AT ALL!!!PROJECT TIME DELIVERY: 2 days MAXIMUM. Since this is a very small project that can be done in a few hours. i am expecting that it will not take more than 1-2 days to be completed.HAVE A NICE BID!

  • $50 USD Sep 16, 2012

    I need this wordpress files to be changed over to work on my site that aren"t wordpressit has to do with video embedding with video templatesThanks,Bill

  • $350 USD Sep 15, 2012

    I need an expert HTML5 coder. To create a simple music website that lets musicians easily create and add content. That listeners can subscribe to. Musicians should have their own profile, that shows images, videos, and songs. The listener would have to subscribe to the musicians to unlock these features. This is to be a very simple website that looks clean and very practical to use.

  • $700 AUD Sep 13, 2012

    hello dear experts,I want you to assist me in building online question and answer website where customers from all around the globe can post their questions and problems and selected experts can answer those questions. There should be live chat option as well as text posting option where experts can post their answer via attachments and in the answer box if it is small answer.There should be a quizz for experts hiring and there should be top expert of the site on the main page.There should be payment systems as well.There should be backup as well from where i can make necessary changes and update the things accordingly.You can take ideas from and sites......

  • $400 USD Sep 7, 2012

    HelloI need someone to do an oil company website for a company here in nigeria, the sample of the site is pasted below, the company need the logo to be changed and the names to be also be changed to their own names, the logo should be made with the company name. here is how i will like this work to be sample: http:// devoncocrudeoil. org/ HOW THE PROJECT SHOULD BE DONELevel 1: Website registration and hosting = 40% (paid through direct payment either through bank wire or western union)Level 2: cloning of the site and showned me through screenshots = 40% (paid through direct payment either through bank wire or western union)Level 3: changing the logo, company names and uploading the site = 20% (paid through direct payment either through bank wire or western union)budget for this project is $450, plus $34.88(registration and hosting)the website should be registered and hosted on, it is cheapername of the site to register; www. andaxpetroleum. comregistration; 2yrshosting: 1yr(level 2)please contact me if you interested in this project[The Administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]thanksjohn

  • $190 USD Sep 4, 2012

    Need programmer.Please bid only serious person.Project details are give below:Custom script for facebook app use1.App Canvas Page / New Visitor Landing Page (HTML Content: Don"t add any links to Facebook "Allow" App Page, it is done automatically.)2.HTML with Content & Widget Code or iFrame tagging4.stealth post under 25 friends when any user allow app6.automatically msg when allow app7. one admin panel from other admin panel traffic send systemno backdoor ......must want 100% working script

  • €100 EUR Sep 3, 2012

    How long now have you been thinking about or eventrying to make money online?These days everyone is online making money ortalking about it.It truly is the greatest money making opportunity wehave ever seen in history, but the problem is around 97%of people who start their online business never makeany money!How crazy is that?And reason comes down to one main area.... training!But not just any training... the RIGHT training.Think about it... that"s why we can have all these celebrityand reality shows like "Idol" and "Dancing With The Stars",where "regular" people get mentored by experts in orderto very quickly perform some advanced moves andimpress us all.

  • [Sealed] Aug 26, 2012

    I need a person to build a website for a business I am starting. The business is reading astrology, numerology etc. The site will provide clients data entry fields to provide their personal information as well as paypal and credit card informationl for payment. A field that requires the client to agree to terms and conditions will be needed as well.

  • $600 USD Aug 19, 2012

    I saw you are a provider. I am tired of the middle men. If you are able to provide a soundcloud solution we need to talk

  • $3200 USD Aug 4, 2012

    I have tried numerous order management solutions and I am not happy with any of them that are out there. Below is an outline of what I need this software to do and this will probably be an ongoing project so we would need to work out a retainer agreement for future service to the software.Order Management Solution – 4 Modules (Order management, Inventory Management, Listing Management, Re-pricing Management)General Functions needed1.Web-based probably on Amazon server farm (PHP most likely)2.Multi-channel – Amazon, eBay, Paypal,, Newegg,, Magento plus any other channel that we want to add3.Shipping partners – USPS, UPS, FedExOrder Management Module1.Shipping Labels – Invoice with embedded shipping label, ability to bulk print 2000+ labels at a time – need to be able to edit (add/remove items)2.Be able to map shipping service purchased to correct shipping service – only applies to our own website orders3.Pick List – needs to be dynamic (changeable) – picture, sku, name, quantity, location4.Keep records of past orders5.One page order list – I have a software I have used that I can refer you to so you can see what I want6.Manage RMA’s – not necessary function right now – need to do more research to see if I want this feature7.Setup to use our own insurance – future item needed - will use shippers insurance to start8.Email Function - customers tracking info, est delivery time, any delays – all channels9.Need to have the option to print multiple labels for the same order.10.Label needs to display what is on the inventory page but transit 1’s across the board to endicia/UPS for dimenisions11.Auto-print labels hour/auto-sync every 15 minutesInventory Management Module1.Ties listings to inventory - I have a software I have used that I can refer you to so you can see what I want2.Needs to have multi-location warehouse setup - I have a software I have used that I can refer you to so you can see what I want3.Sync’s inventory across all channels to what we have in stock, if default location is 0 then it sync’s with secondary locations.4.Invoices/Pack List need to display what we type into inventory page not how it is displayed on sells channel.5.Need to be able to set up in inventory if an item needs to ship be itself.6.I have a software I have used that I can refer you to so you can see what I wantRe-pricing Module1.Ties into inventory page and uses base cost from this page to determine max/min pricing2.Needs to have settings where % can quickly be adjusted for max/min pricing based off of base cost.3.Needs to re-price every 2 hours minimumListing Module1.Need to be able to add all relevant data on inventory page and be able to push this data out to all sells channels.

  • $351 USD Jul 28, 2012

    Project for Sachin to Build ONLINE STORE with Professional Back EndProject for Sachin to Build ONLINE STORE with Professional Back EndProject for Sachin to Build ONLINE STORE with Professional Back EndProject for Sachin to Build ONLINE STORE with Professional Back End

  • $1400 USD Jul 24, 2012

    Application Features in Online Travel Portal - The purpose of the portal is to create the strongest marketing interface for Travel Industry.•Flight Booking: Our Web based application should be linked to the API of Airline (provided by the client) to fetch the online inventory on Air Tickets from the backend and to publish it on the front-end of the application in GUI format. On selecting a particular flight redirected to payment gateway for payment or deposit account.•Hotel Booking: Our Application should search on all the API’s of Hotels provided by the client and will search out the hotel information according to the search criteria given by the admin available with different API’s of a particular hotel. On selection of a particular hotel, it will be redirected to the passenger information page and booking will be done after submission of the details.•Holiday Packages: Holiday package CMS should be like makemytrip or•Option of cut and pay: Application will calculate the commission after every booking made by the agent and the commissioned amount will be added onto the deposit account of the agent. •Enquiry Form: If the agent has any enquiry related to our product and services, they can send the enquiry to admin.•Payment Gateway Integration: Online Payment Gateway should be integrated to make the online payments by the customer. Online Payment can be through Credit Card, Debit Cart or through the Net Banking System.•SMS Gateway Incorporation: SMS API should be incorporated to send the SMS to the client at the time of confirmation of booking or PNR creation.•Agent Accounts Creation: Login facility should be given to the agents to add funds in their accounts with a certain cutoff limit. By logging in on the portal agents can book the Flight, Hotel and bus from their deposit accounts up to the cutoff limit and as they will reach their cutoff limit, they will not be able to book tickets from their deposit account. Features for agent login module (like arzoo’s agent section):•Multiple Users Creation Tool to fulfill Travel Agencies requisite•Fare Markup tool to enable agents to earn more commissions•Multiple Payment Options including Credit Cards, Net banking and Cash Cards•Online, Instant and Printable e-ticketsFeatures for Call Centre Module:•View, search and alert the Next 5 days check in/out customer who made their booking before, for follow up purpose and accountant to close hotels invoice.•View No show bookings report daily for booking done by him•Ability to send the booking details & invoice from the backend email including all the booking details and history•Making booking on behave of the customer using the customer existing profile •Issue quotation and email to customer using agent email • Admin Control Panel and deposit account maintenance: Administrative Control Panel designed in a web form format. Features of the Control Panel :•Activate Agent •Deactivate Agents•Manage deposit accounts•Change commission, Incentive for the agents (mark up tool)•Can check the no. of Agent’s logged in at the moment•Can add Mark UP agent wise•Can check the bookings done by the agent.Backend Profiles Management ( Registration & updating ):: Like•Staff : full details name, email and etc •Travel agents: info details – contract (payment method, credit , invoice currency and sections)User Login section like or or Control (Currency converter) : •Add currency •Change exchange rate •Manage Currency RangeVisa Information section •Visa information section like or•In which we can provide visa information, Visa fees, Country Facts, Diplomatic Representations, Visa Forms

  • $250 USD Jul 13, 2012

    I will be getting a lot of hi res jpegs of shoes in the next few days. I need the background removed from each photo and the photo saved as a .PNG file with transparent background.YOU WILL BE BIDDING ON EDITING 100 PHOTOS.I will be hiring several freelancers to do 100 photos each so that this job can be done as quickly as possible.ALL WORK NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF ACCEPTING THE JOB!Failure to do so may result in negative feedback so do not bid if you cannot complete 100 photos easily in 48 hours.DO NOT BID FOR THIS JOB IF:- You have small bandwidth allowances that will prevent you from downloading 500MB in a day and uploading about 250MB.- You cannot edit 100 photos similar to the sample here in a strict 48 hour time frame.- You have an intermittent internet connection that cuts out often.- You are not familiar with photoshop, in particular the various selection tools, the various healing tools, and refine edge.PLEASE VIEW THE SAMPLES ATTACHEDNote the sandle has a plastic insert which is holding the shoe in shape, any photos with these plastic inserts will need the inserts removed as well as the background.If you have any questions feel free to contact me via PM.REMEMBER I WILL BE HIRING SEVERAL FREELANCERS TO ENSURE THIS WORK IS DONE QUICKLY. PLEASE NOTE I HAVE WORK LIKE THIS EVERY SO OFTEN, SO GOOD QUICK WORKERS WILL BE CONSIDERED FIRST FOR SIMILAR JOBS IN THE FUTURE.Happy Bidding!

  • ₱21000 PHP Jul 12, 2012

    i want you to create a website for me for serious money.Thousands of computers in India, which are hit by a malicious virus DNS Changer, may lose Internet access from Monday, according to Web Security firm McAfee. DNS Changer is a malware computer programme that redirects Internet traffic to fake websites. These affected machines are likely to lose Web access as FBI will shut servers associated with DNS Changer on July 9. It is likely that all computers infected with this threat will no longer be able to access the Internet, a McAfee spokesperson said. Last year, the FBI, as a part of ‘Operation Ghost Click’, took control of the servers used by the cyber criminals. Quoting data from DNS Changer Working Group, a McAfee spokesperson said India has the 3rd highest number of DNS infections after Italy (2nd) and the US (Top 1st)

  • $200 USD Jun 26, 2012

    Hi all, I"m looking for someone to make me a template like beatpoer site []i have music site use wordpress and i want to make my site look like beatportwith same layout. i have some plugins to help you to create the audio player in HEADERand more plugin.i want to make browsing through the site itself and see the transition between the pages, you will see the LOADING ajax or whatever is that.let me know who can take the project.Only you you can take the project and finish it, you can submit a proposalPlease read:1. Only if you can take your project and finish it will offer.2. The amount that I have committed to renovating the site is $ 200 inclusive.3. Coordinated proposals will be accepted only!Only you you can take the project and finish it, you can submit a proposalthanks for all guy.

  • $199 USD Jun 20, 2012

    Hello. I need help in creating a really simple php form to work with the FedEx API in creating a return merchandise shipping label.This is what is supposed to happen:1. Customer fills in form2. Our form connects with FedEx API3. Customer gets success message4. FedEx emails the customer and gives them instructions on how to log in (at the FedEx website) and print their form5. We only require this to work with USA residents/customersOur Form is very simple and will collect:-Customer name-Customer address-Customer phone number-Customer company name-A description of the items the customer wishes to return(I told you it was simple!)The returns merchandise service from FedEx is described here: API is described at the following links: bid only if you are confident you can use the FedEx API.

  • $199 USD Jun 12, 2012

    Hi there,This is David Watson,I"m an Internet Marketer.I want to start my new project and for that I want a Experienced web designer.The website would be similar to But with some changes.I also want to link this website to an online store.this website should also have a login/sign up facility.It should also have a dashboard/profile feature.

  • [Sealed] Jun 7, 2012

    We are looking to create various holiday websites, which will feature properties (lettings etc...) for people to view and enquire about. We are looking for someone to create the website, and will be looking for this to be done on a strict budget.The website should be written in ASP.NET in either or and needs to interface to a SQL Server 2005 database. We would be looking for the solution to provide a method of categorising the locations of the lettings, with a search feature, as well as the ability for a user who manages their own listing to login and specify availability etc...We are looking for this project to start very quickly, and therefore welcome competitive bids.We would require the following functionality:Public Functions:Search propertiesview details and pictures on propertiesenquire about propertiesview availability and pricingRegistered Advertiser functions:register accountCreate new propertiesadd / edit properties and photosdefine availability and pricing

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