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Amazon API Specialist

Amazon/Ebay/Sears/Volusion/Networksolution API/PlayTrade API

Username: arnab0143

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  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller scoyne2


    16 days ago

    Exceptionally fast, amazing communication! I will be using arnab0143 again!

    Project Description:This project should be done in PHP. I will supply the program an ASIN and a list of keyword for Amazon. I need the current page ranking for that keyword on For example, I provide ASIN B00E7TNVGU...
  • $441 USD
    Profile image for Seller gristur1


    Mar 13, 2014

    Great job overall. He could not do 100% what I wanted him to do with Ebay API, but he tried his best. His Amazon API knowledge is great. I am very satisfied, especially given the price. Nice guy too.

    Project Description:I need a relatively simple tool that allows me to bulk update my products prices on Amazon using ASINs as unique identifiers. The product database is in Excel format. For each product ASIN from the table,...
  • $273 USD
    Profile image for Seller nehiac


    Feb 26, 2014

    Good programmer

    Project Description:I am looking to have a solution built that will download amazon orders and display in a list.. unshipped orders can be clicked on to see details as well as modify addresses, as needed. A transmit button will be clicked and post the order data to an existing script...
  • $221 USD
    Profile image for Seller mrobin2


    Feb 11, 2014

    He had great experience and knowledge with Amazon MWS. Created exactly what we need and what was described. I highly recommend.

    Project Description:Active Product List Download Project Scope: We are looking for a simple php script that will access our amazon seller account and download all of the products that we are selling on amazon. We know we can do this by requesting a report and downloading it manually...
  • $473 USD
    Profile image for Seller webshopperpro


    Feb 3, 2014

    Arnab got the Job done in time and on budget

    Project Description:Hi, I need a basic Amazon Feedback and Order Manager software to Automate seller & product feedback request, Need to customize email templates for different category and negative feedback removal
  • $473.83 USD
    Profile image for Seller jwoodwor


    Jan 21, 2014

    I am very happy with this project. Arnab0143 took my requirements and created exactly the tool I needed, finished well before my deadline, and within budget. 5-star service -- I couldn't ask for more.

    Project Description:Project Description: We need a program where we can upload a list of Amazon ASINS and get back the following data: 1: Product Name 2: Sales Rank 3: Amazon Product Category 4: Current Buy Box Price...
  • $400 USD
    Profile image for Seller AmazonEnemy


    Jan 3, 2014

    What an experience!! He went above and beyond cramming to get the project done in the small time frame I required and then spent hours helping install it on a server. Cant wait to work with him again!!

    Project Description:I am looking for a program that will allow me to upload an Excel spreadsheet with a list of merchandise containing the "title" and/or "Model #" and/or "UPC #" and a price, and using the Amazon API return...
  • $175 USD
    Profile image for Seller mybringback


    Dec 9, 2013

    Quick and helpful!

    Project Description:I have a huge list of ASINs that I would like to pull detailed information about. I'm would like to acquire as much information as possible for each, such as but not limited to; how many new sellers, lowest...
  • $1000 HKD
    Profile image for Seller walletgain


    Nov 15, 2013

    Quick and easy to communicate. Highly recommanded!

    Project Description:I would like a PHP script that use Amazon MWS service to query Amazon for the lowest price, and the buy box price ( shipping included ) for an item when provided with the ASIN. The script will only run once per day and will store that latest price and timestamp in MySQL table...
  • $220 USD
    Profile image for Seller todd2010


    Oct 29, 2013

    Arnab did a great job again, he always puts in the extra effort to make sure the client is very happy with his work. I would definitely work with him again.

    Project Description:Set up a query to pull all of the ASIN numbers for an Amazon seller, will need to be able to find the Amazon seller id, enter it in query and then it returns all of the ASIN numbers.
    Amazon API Specialist has not completed any projects.
  • $368 USD In Progress

    automatic repricer set price by buybox +-change

  • $175 USD In Progress

    Create a program that pulls all reviews of an item on Amazon based on the ASIN of that item, supporting input lists of up to 500 items at once, with the ability to download them as a CSV. The reviews should be displayed with each review occupying a single line. The first column should be the ASIN, the second column should have the star rating, the third column should have the review title, and the fourth column should have the actual review. If there were a list of 200 items and each item had 20 reviews, the csv should have 4000 rows of reviews. Half of the funds will be released upon display of a working demo that meets all of the other criteria, and the other half will be released upon installation of the program on my machine.

  • $333 USD In Progress

    I need a developer familiar with the Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS). Please refer to project consist of creating a service that allows to retrieve the information of certain products such as Best Price, amount of reviews, rating from certain products at By providing a file that contains the UPC and a the Given Price for certain products, the service will have to search for such UPC at and retrieve the following information: Best Price, # Reviews, # Stars, Prime?, # offers. Once this information was retrieved the service has to compare the Given Price provided in the file with the Amazon Best Price. In case the Given Price is below, at least xx% from the Best Price, then such product need to be marked.

  • $440 USD In Progress

    Hi Arnab,I"m looking to build a tool to perform bulk lookups of products on Amazon and eBay (and possibly other sites) using data such as UPC, title, sku, MPN, etc. I"d like to input my inventory spreadsheet and have returned to me the corresponding product information (including ASIN, Amazon URL, Sales Rank, Product Rating, New Price, and many more). I"d at least like the Amazon data, but having eBay data (sold listing average price, # of sales within last 30 days, etc.) would be really nice. For now, a standalone tool would work, but eventually I"m interested in integrating this with a Ruby on Rails application to power a pricing engine for consumer goods. I"d love to talk with you over Skype or a phone call sometime to get a better understanding of your capabilities and elaborate on how the tool"s intended use.Thanks,Chris Palmerskype: chris.mark.palmer+1-317-506-6059

  • $200 USD In Progress

    PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE NOT WORKED WITH AMAZON API BEFOREI have an amazon store and my vendor has given me the email below., i need to connect the api at my to my amazon store my amazon store needs to update the out of stock information, only..., BELOW IS THE EMAIL-- can you do this????That is how you connect STC to Amazon or your web site. Using their API you update the products you have loaded at Amazon. It would go like this:1. Get a listing of the products you have at Amazon.2. Bounce those products off of STC Stock information feeds or a dump of your shopping cart database.3. Update through Amazon API the stock information collected from step two. i.e. In Stock = X number, Out of Stock = 0 for Product xxx-xx4. Run their Amazon script several times per day using a cronjob.There is nothing specifically for Amazon at STC since they already have their own API system and STC provides the stock information feeds every 15 minutes. Using their scripts you update what you have listed with them from the information showing in the STC data feeds or your shopping cart database dump.Following the above you shouldn"t sell anything out of stock because Amazon will not show something that you list with 0 quantity.

  • $144 USD In Progress

    We work for a company involved in the retail industry in the US and UK. We need solutions to check prices of products in major marketplaces like Amazon. I am looking for a web-based amazon API tool that does the following: I upload a list of UPC/EAN codes in CSV, and the API tool will look-up what is the cheapest price for each reference that is sold by amazon or at least fulfilled by amazon, and is currently in stock (even with a 2 day fulfillment delay). The results are to be downloadable in a CSV file. Please note that I have previously hired someone who made a very good tool (for amazon USA) that is functioning very well, but he is no longer available to make revisions to the tool. This job is for amazon UK. Once you are awarded the job, I will provide you with the source files of this API tool so that you can use it as a basis for the development (if you want).a few specifications:- The tool must operate within the allowable API calls-per-minute limitations.- We need to be able to upload a large list of references to run automatically every 24 hours. So the tool should auto-launch the list at the designated launch hour (I want to be able to choose and change the launch hour when needed). Important: the tool must not get stuck on a bad line that returns an error. it should skip that line and continue processing the rest of the lines.- The tool needs to be able to also lookup from time to time the following additional values: (column b) sales rank (column c) category . So there should be checkboxes to activate/deactivate these optional fields. - From time to time I want to temporarily deactivate the condition of "sold by amazon or at least fulfilled by amazon" so that the tool gets me the lowest price of any seller with a delivery estimate of 4 days or less (any seller with estimated delivery of 4 days or more should be excluded)- The tool will be hosted on my cloud-based web server. I will provide amazon API credentials.The tool needs to function properly all year long. Therefore I am looking for someone who is committed to be available to intervene in case the tool ceases to function properly. I am willing to pay a relationship fee of $10 USD per month for a commitment to make sure this API tool keeps functioning. Please note that this maintenance fee is intended to include maintenance on other self-running automated jobs that you may do for me in the future after this job is complete.Thanks

  • $131 USD In Progress

    I have a database with 10,000+ Amazon products that include SKU, ASIN, and Price. The script needs to check each products price under the NEW category using the ASIN. This script needs to work off Amazon API. I will set a certain % markup that the script will base price changes off of. The script should be able to process 20,000 products per hour (AWS allows 10 ASIN per call and 2,000 calls per hour) and will run 24/7 all day everyday. Once the script has completed checking all products, a TXT file in the format of the attached file should be created in a certain folder on my server. The TXT file should only have products that changed in price. I should also have the ability to extract all products from the database into a single TXT file when needed.To summarize the script:Markup Percentage set to 20%1) B008H2ETBE at price $11.99 is in database.2) Script checks B008H2ETBE using API and finds the price is $10.99.3) $10.99 x 20% markup is $13.19. Script adds ASIN B008H2ETBE at a price of $13.19 to the TXT file. Script updates price in database to $13.19.4) Script proceeds to next product.This is a very simple and straightforward script. I DO NOT want this to work off of web scraping. It should run off the Amazon API and be accurate. Please only bid lowest price and only if you have done a similar project before.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We need a script to help us competitively price our products on Amazon. The script should help us to achieve the featured buy box seller spot while remaining within certain price limits. For each of our product we have in a MySQL table there would be a minimum and maximum price, the script would stay within those parameters and price our items as competitively as possible while retaining the highest profit margin.

  • $350 USD In Progress

    I need an Amazon re-pricing system for my book inventory. I need to be able to reprice up to 50 books. I do sell the same book under more than one condition so I need repricing that will change the prices of up to 50 out of an inventory of 800 books. I don"t know a lot about how these things work so it needs to be simple and easy to use. I have no idea what skills are needed for this project so I entered something above in the skill set to activate the posting. I just need it to work. I would like this within a week if at all possible. Thanks

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Need an application which will take a list of UPC codes, then search the Amazon database, and return relevant information such as ASIN, price, sales rank, category, etc.No need to reinvent the wheel if software is already written.Functionality with Excel is a must.

  • $21 USD/hr 2 days ago

    We need someone to work with some Amazon MWS XSD files to generate MySQL database schema, XML templates, and some PHP classes that tie them all together. An example XSD would be: describe any existing Amazon MWS API and/or XSD/XML experience you may have.

  • $421 USD 4 days ago

    Serious bidders ONLY. This is not a difficult job, but PLEASE read the following and make sure you can deliver on ALL the key points.I use Excel to track my Amazon sales and have developed a spreadsheet for the purpose. Until now, I have downloaded copy/pasted several of the reports I use, into my various worksheets but that is time consuming and can lead to errors.What I’d like for you to do is create a workbook consisting of the following sheets.1.There will be an “Amazon Fulfilled Inventory” worksheet, which is automatically updated with new data when the user requests it.2.There will be a “Manage FBA Inventory” worksheet which is automatically updated with new data when the user requests it.3.There will be an “Amazon Fulfilled Shipments” worksheet. Unlike the two mentioned above, what I want to do is generate the “Amazon Fulfilled Shipments” report, and add any new orders to the existing data in this sheet. This will give me a “master list” of all of the orders that Amazon has ever fulfilled. There should be no data omitted and there should be no duplicate data either.4.There will be a “fee preview” worksheet. As you should know, if an item is out of stock, it will not appear on this report. So what I am after, is to have a “master fee preview” list that will get updated with new information if it becomes available, but will NOT lose any existing data when an item goes out of stock. In other words, I’m looking for all of the information of the ”fee preview” for every SKU I have, whether that SKU is in stock or not.This will hopefully at some point become a commercial application that others can use, so I will also need a form that seamlessly requests from the user whatever MMS information the application will need in order to communicate with Amazon. One last thing. I am not an expert by any means, but I do want to learn more about this platform, so I will want the person that writes this code to please use many more comments within the code that they normally would, so that I can understand what is going on.As this application develops further, there will be additional work for whoever wins this bid. Thank you for your consideration.I look forward to working with you.

  • $263 USD 6 days ago

    I am looking for a good programmer to write a script that will scrape for listed price when given the ASIN.I would either like this written in PHP or as a Visual Basic script in Excel.

  • $147 USD 6 days ago

    I am looking for a good programmer to write a script that will scrape for listed price when given the ASIN.I would either like this written in PHP or as a Visual Basic script in Excel.

  • £210 GBP 6 days ago

    We"re looking for a developer who can take sales data from our amazon seller central account, going back several years and put this data into a spreadsheet (or multiple sheets, if there is a lot of data).We need the name, address, phone number, email address and all the items they purchased in the data.The time period is from 01/01/2007 to the current day.

  • $252 USD 7 days ago

    I am looking for a PHP developer to pull product pricing information and a few other columns (see output.xlsx for details) from Amazon using APIs. I will provide a list of ISBN numbers in excel file (only one column) and the php code should be able to pull information from amazon and generate the output in the excel format as attached.This should be an easy job for someone familiar with amazon APIs. Please do not apply if you do not have work experience on elance in the similar kind of tasks. Timeline is very short, I need to get it done within 24 hours after selecting the developer.

  • $210 USD 7 days ago

    Hi,we currently trade on amazon and have a MS Access database that we use to record our sales in. We export the amazon sales report daily via the export functionality and import the orders into our Access database. We would like our MS Access database to utilise the amazon API so it would automatically import the orders from Amazon into a table in our database. Can you please let us know if this is something you can do for us, and how you would do it? We would also like to know how amny days it would take you to do this piece of work.ThanksYasar

  • £17 GBP/hr 8 days ago

    Hi, I could have some job related to integration, currently I am looking for experienced developers. I would be grateful if you could reply to my email address,

  • $526 USD 10 days ago

    This project is to design and write a software to monitor the listings on Amazon seller central and see if there are any new Product reviews on the products which a seller is selling. The software will then automatically send emails to the seller when it detects any new reviews. Please note that that the software should be able to handle multiple seller accounts.Once implemented the software will become the property of our Company and the programmer will not hold any rights to it.

  • $789 CAD 11 days ago

    Need a software which can work on amazon website fetching data as required. We have diong it through one small software putting up URL (amazon URL) and getting data in CSV files. It can fetch single URL or fetch CSV file with mutiple URLs with filenames and then saves each URL data as CSV with given filename.It can fetch upto 9000 itemsAn example of URL is - link shows 8,636 items in 360 pages. So software should be able to fetch required data from all pages in this URL.We are looking for is:1. We can fetch with an option of List Price, Price, ASIN, Product Title2. It fetches Data fast and saves as CSV files3. It can fetch single URL or we provide link to csv with mutilple URLs4. We can open this software mutiple times to run many URLs or CSVs See attached files.

  • $263 USD 12 days ago

    Hi,we currently trade on amazon and have a MS Access database that we use to record our sales in. We export the amazon sales report daily via the export functionality and import the orders into our Access database. We would like our MS Access database to utilise the amazon API so it would automatically import the orders from Amazon into a table in our database. Can you please let us know if this is something you can do for us, and how you would do it? We would also like to know how amny days it would take you to do this piece of work.ThanksYasar

  • $684 USD 13 days ago

    We have 2 opencart websites and an Amazon account.We are about to purchase a new copy of Sage One.I require a PHP script that I can host on my server that will automatically download information and orders from OpenCart and Amazon to our Sage One account.OpenCart website 1:Download all products to Sage One. Add new products to Sage One as and when they are added.Download customer and order information to Sage OneOpencart website 2:Download all products to Sage One. Add new products to Sage One as and when they are added.Download order information as one customer to Sage OneAmazon:Download customer and order information to Sage One, matching SKU.Please do not bid if you are not familiar with Sage One, Amazon and Opencart.

  • $252 USD 16 days ago is a search engine that compares and matches amazon and ebay listings using the title of the listing.I am looking for someone to create something similar to the above that can work on auto pilot finding deals with a price difference and then creating an ebay listing to throw up online if i select it. Set it and let it run in the background. log in every day to see what listings it has found and then select the ones that i like or meet my criteria.and let the software create an ebay listing for me. Is this possible?if so reply with any comments and win this programming job. i dont mind if it"s web or desktop based. some more details:================search on amazon will be based on criteria i can input, these are:1 input a selection of seed search terms search terms eg, blue amazon, green amazon etc OR just search based on category or sub-category (optional)3 Search is based on bestselling, top100,top1000,top10,000 etc4 choose a Price level from minimum to maximum 5 items must be "free shipping"6 items must be "sold by amazon" The tool will then search ebay using the title and/or UCN and/or EAN to find matching listingsAny listings that meets my criteria and has a price difference the tool will add them to a central list.The central list will contain images, item description,price,customer reviews etc from amazon and ebay all on one line. I will then select the best items from the list and the tool will create a quick ebay listing for me using the description, image, customer reviews from the amazon listing. The tool will run every day automatically. You will be paid promptly.I would appreciate a simple easy to use GUI, and other user friendliness or other clever options besides the simple flow I have presented.Thanks for bidding.

  • $736 USD 16 days ago

    We are looking for someone that have done or familiar with Amazon Marketplace Web Services (AWS). We are an amazon seller and currently used a 3rd party software to pull orders, processing shipping, and confirm order with tracking numbers. Because this software is not generic and it not 100% suite our need. The UI can be either .NET or Flex. If you have done this kinda job in the past, please contact us for the project detail. Thank you for looking.

  • $526 USD 18 days ago

    Using"s advanced REST API, create an ASP.NET page which will allow the use of URL Query Parametersto call each and every available REST API query to return appropriate XML as result set. Each Query should appear on the ASP.NETpage with input boxes for the available possible Query String Parameters. Then you add these query string parms to the URL with the API Secret or Token and execute the query either in real time at that point in time or make the query string shown in full so I can run them in batch later.Any questions let me know. There are perhaps 15-25 individual REST API queries each of which returns XML. Then shred the XML andstore into a SQL DB in individual tables created in advance or on the fly with appropriate primary unique keys based on Catalog ID, Company ID, Product Code ID, Product Descriptions, etc.including every data element returned in ALL of the XML-based queries.

  • $233 USD 19 days ago

    I want to contact some of the top reviewers on amazon so need an easy way to get their publicly listed contact information. Instead of checking one by one it would be easier to have a script that pulls it out. These are the two pages: need someone to write a simple scraper script in any language that will generate a basic report by going through the list of reviewers on each page, drill down into each profile and then extracting these fields:These are the columns I need:NameLocationEmail Address (if it is there)Website (if it is there)URL of the amazon profileIf you are interested please let me know:1. Your relevant experience2. How long it will approximately take?3. When you can start and finish?4. A fixed price quoteThanks,Jason

  • $555 USD 19 days ago

    Description:1)The system should be able to work for any site of Amazon, like USA,UK, DE...2)The system should be able to work for different accounts.And the accounts will have no relationship.3)The system should automatic import data from Amazon everyday.4)The data should import to the Microsoft SQL Server database.5)Be able to search all the options.6)The report should able to search for specify date.7)Be able to view one single SKU’s status for specify date.8)Be able to refresh the data anytime.9)If [Days to restock] > 60 days, the whole line should be colored in RED.10)If [Days to restock] < [Delivery cycle], the whole line should be colored in BLUE.

  • £1333 GBP 21 days ago

    We require an all in one system to manage our daily orders.We require a system that can, at our request, connect to our own OpenCart website and our Amazon, eBay and account, to download and display our orders in one easy to view and manage interface.You must have a knowledge and ability to understand API&quot;s from Amazon, eBay and Play.comThe system must have 4 pages:Inventory Management:This page does not need to communicate wtih either OpenCart, Amazon, eBay and as it will be used for our reference only. It should allow us to add our full inventory, with columns for Name, Description, SKU, OpenCart Quantity, Amazon Quantity, eBay Quantity, Quantity, Wholesale Quantity and Backup quantity. It should be easy to search and fast to update quantities without requiring multiple pages to be edited.Order Page:This page must download and display all orders that have yet to be shipped from OpenCart, Amazon, eBay and There must be an option to print all of these orders. The orders must print in the form of a packing sheet for each order.We will provide a layout design for you to work off for the packing sheet.Once orders are printed their status should change on our system to &quot;Fulfillment&quot; and be moved from the order page to the picking page.Picking Page: This page must display all orders that have already been printed. We must then have the ability to open and view each order.Each order should download the SKU from OpenCart, Amazon, eBay and and have a text box to allow us to scan the SKU at our location with a barcode scanner. Once the SKU has been scanned, it should turn green on our system so that we can track which items are missing from the order.There must be an &quot;Order Complete&quot; button that will then move the order from the picking page to the completed page. It must also update either OpenCart, Amazon, eBay or PayPal accordingly to mark the order as dispatched.Completed Orders Page:This page must display all orders that have completed the previous steps and serve only as a reference for us.We will provide more detailed requirements as the project is completed. We require ongoing support and modification for at least 2 weeks after the project is completed to ensure the system works as we require.

  • $555 USD 25 days ago

    I would like to code an automated products upload/delete/update from ebay Amazon and Rakuten from a mysql database that will be populated with the relevant product fields.Stage 1 will be Amazon , stage 2 will be Rakuten and stage 3 will be ebay. Budget below is for stage 1 only. I am looking for basic functionality without any UI or special needs. This is not aimed to be a finished product but only a script that will be implemented inside a current system that was code in-house. I prefer it to be in PHP.More marketplaces and product engines may be included in the future and a maintenance contract will also be considered.

  • $222 USD 27 days ago

    I need to get my active amazon product details to database using MWS API....Just need Title, Image, ASIN / UPC , Price, Shipping Price etc using API...Only apply if you have worked on AMAzon APi projects before...In application answer this questions1. Which MWS API will you use to get active product details : Payment, Orders, Product or Reports?2. Have you done any similar project beforeI dont need any interface...just basic working XML script that gets all product details and put it in database...if you are expert or have done similar projects, its about 5-10 hours of work MAX.

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