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Sencha Touch, ExtJS, Phonegap, Dojo, HTML5 , Backbone, Node.js

Username: atech0

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Location: Bhopal, India

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  • $1578 USD
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    vw600860vw [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 25, 2013

    The freelancer does not follow requirements and lacks comprehension of details made perfectly clear in the requirements and in message exchanges.We were asked to do work that was stated in the requeriments should be freelancer's responsibility (and we had to paid for it) but even as we know it was unfair, we do it anyway in order to speed development. Even after we gave him the exact design to be followed, the freelancer's work never match it.We share our concerns with the freelancer a number of times, to no avail.Following rules, we dispute the 50% milestone made and won it, because the bidder didn’t even answer it. The project was expected to be finished in 30 days, but after more than 50 days the project doesn't even reach 30% of completion (and what we saw was incomplete and full of mistakes) and seeing more than 20 days had passed without developer’s notice despite our messages, we fill this incomplete project report.

    atech0's reply:

    This Buyer is very smart , He change the whole requirement of project after development of 15 days of development , He never paid the front up amount and keep asking for work, We have developed the app 70% of his requirement. Please be aware with this GUY he will try get free work, He will not pay you any thing and ask for source code, same this happened with us , after 15 days he was asking for source and when we keep requesting for pending upfront payment he keep avoiding to pay that.You know what He change the 70% scope of working after 15 days. BE AWAREAny one can see my previous record of successful project, It all says about me.Thanks for reading.

    Project Description:We are looking for an experienced Android developer that can develop a sales mobile app (Android 2.2+). The app needs to use the SQLite database and be able to read and write to text files in order to import or export data from/to a Windows computer...
  • $2266 USD
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    Jun 14, 2013

    One more time they did a excelent job.

    Project Description:We need to create a admin module to add/edit information in 33 different tables. The menu must be dynamic, each table should have a grid and a edit form.
  • $750 USD
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    May 17, 2013

    ExtJs is relatively new, I do not think there is anyone that master this technology to 100%, however atech was capable enough to meet all my requirements and open to receive and provide solutions and meet the target. I think they and I have learned a lot with this project.

    Project Description:1.- Convert a CSV file (Citizens) into a Mysql table (Citizens). 2.- Create a ExtJs grid with filters and create a report in another mysql table (Citizens Mailing) and export this record in a CSV file (Citizens Mailing)...
  • [Sealed]
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    Jan 7, 2013

    Great job developing the app. Thanks!

    Project Description:Hi, This project is for the design and development of a mobile phone insurance app for Apple and Android marketplaces. The main purpose of this app will be to help customers learn if they are eligible for mobile phone insurance, based on a series of questions...
  • $5064 USD
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    Dec 20, 2012

    Well done , what a project! you have done well, thanks for your fantastic work. no doubt we will be working more in the future.

    Project Description:Create an application for the tablet, iPhone app and android app which will be a useful utility for tradesmen in Australia and New Zealand (metric). The application must allow for eventual adaptation to the US or other international markets...
  • $544 USD
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    Apr 19, 2012

    Johndodding (the employer) agreed in their Employer Contract that if their project went into arbitration, they would respond to the arbitrator's questions fully and on a timely basis, or they would forfeit the arbitration. An arbitration occurred and johndodding did not do this. ASP.Net,PHP,iPhone,Android (the worker) agreed in their Worker Contract that if their project went into arbitration, they would respond to the arbitrator's questions fully and on a timely basis, or they would forfeit the arbitration. An arbitration occurred and ASP.Net,PHP,iPhone,Android did not do this. All funds in escrow were returned to johndodding (the employer).

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $280.8 USD
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    May 24, 2011

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $4250 USD
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    May 17, 2011

    Amazing codes that we.are looking to use on all of our projects.

    Project Description:We are in need of a group of people to develop a website where folks can sign up and vote on many pictures that have been uploaded. They too can upload the photos that will be voted upon. There is a prize pool that folks can win on a monthly basis and this is totally driven by the voters...
  • $17 USD
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    Apr 14, 2011

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $1700 USD
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    Feb 25, 2011

    Excellent coder. Completed project on time, made requested revisions very quickly - did not need constant clarification with our requirements; very professional. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:iPhone App. This project is intended to produce an iPhone version of an already-existing Android app called SpoofPro. If you have an Android phone and wish to bid on this project, it would be a very...
    atech0 has not completed any projects.
  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    The project consist of customizing/building Evostream server to suite our business requirements. The detail architectural flow and requirements is contained in the attached slide - (Video Distribution Platform V1.pptx)Also attached is the Evostream server user guide and Evostream API definition.In summary, the server will be hosted on the Internet and can only be accessed by Mobile App (which we also need to develop). We want a moderated back-end server that deploys "ALL" evostream API in a GUI based interface where we can push contents to our subscribers mobile apps. Each content category will have moderator who pushes contents to users who already subscribed to that content category. The mobile app architecture slide is also attached - (Mobile App.pptx)I will provide more detail when a freelancer is available.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3600 USD In Progress

    My project is Otlob is arabic for call or reach, and obviously this means my website is a portal where patients can reach doctors. is an online medical website that serves to organize a database of medical specialists of all specialties in order for patients to reserve an appointment or book a doctor for a personal house visit or clinic. Every doctor onboard will have his/her resume uploaded on to the website according to his/her specialty, location, price, and user recomendations.There will also be a section for doctors to search for job vacancies. Summing this up, my website is a mix of the yellow pages for doctors with the ability to book an appointment like you would on and being able to rate the doctor like does. I do already have a script for the website describing in exact detail what it is we need,but the objectives would be:** We already have a design, we just need to code it. Using PHP, and Codeigniter framework.1. Create a two-way communication mutual online system medical service through a digital communication platform. 2. Doctors will be able to register on the website detaling their working hours, update their resume, fixing their schedule. While patients have the ability to search for specific doctors based on a selected medical field and location. 3. We need a dynamic CMS ( backend) for nontechnical users this will enable our team to update the websites latest news, press releases, and add a database of doctors that grows everyday through our recruitment team4. Patients will be able to see a detailed schedule of all doctors available today, tomorrow, and later as booking is based on a 24/7 online system. we will also need to form a patient database as patients login to be able to book.5. English and arabic versions 6. Mobile compatibility7. Search engine optimization and google analytics8. Social links9. Accessibility that satisfies the W3C AA standards, capability of running on different platforms and devices, technologies of PHP 5 and latest version of MySQL database must be installed. 10. Proper Query String URL for google reader. 11. The BACKEND is crucial. MUST HAVE: 
the way things work online for us. is that once a booking/ signup has takin place i should receive a message or an alert that a booking/ sign up has taken place

plus i send out automated emails from the bakend. 

i also send out SMS"s to the doctors and users from the backend

for every booking there needs to be a booking number for each booking. 

 history of all bookings and data ( users and doctors)

. report formats like downloadable reports / charts etc ?

“Also in the admin can u go in and edit doctors availability, manage their account etc

“i need to have access to accounts ( edit, Delete)

“also there needs to be levels of administrations. admin and sub admin( subadmin cannot edit or delete accounts)

“all doctors singing up to the website need to be on either pending / or approved status to be visualised on the website

. also there are three types of accounts

“free / highlighted/ and sponsored

“according to type of membership

. database for nurses ...12. 
we have two profiles

“one for users and one for doctors

“they can have access to their accounts to check booking history and edit their accounts.

13. there will be live chat to communicate between us and users

 “a support desk

“ and also we need high security on website
: Captcha / SQL injection etc 14. login via Facebook

, sharing doctors on Facebook/ twitter, and a like button

“with a counter
“for both FB and Twitter
15. availability to upload pictures of doctors
“with a gallery on the sponsored doctor page.16. responsive, should work on latest browsers and mobile version.If you are interested. If you do need any further details please dont hesitate to contact me.

  • $14 USD/hr In Progress

    social media project i need fall commitment for this project 5 days per week at least 9 hours a day i need a project on april

  • $4500 USD In Progress

    We need to build a content management system to help event managers manage their events. We also need an iPhone app to display the content that was entered in the CMS by the event manager.- The web app should be written in PHP using Symfony or Laravel framework.- The app should be submitted to the App store and should be accepted.Please check the attached file for more details

  • $18 USD/hr In Progress

    Job Description for Assistant DeveloperThe assistant developer will work directly with our lead developers on all software projects including our iPad app, iPad Helper (for Windows and MAC), our iPhone/Android apps, and other photo related software projects.The ideal candidate can work effectively remotely with the guidance of our lead developer. The ideal candidate should be open to communicating daily with the lead developers and/or the main office in Los Angeles. The assistant developer should be proficient in the following languages: C#, ASP.Net, Javascript, HTMLThe assistant developer should have significant experience in the following areas: .NET (WCF, WPF, Windows forms, MVC3), Facebook SDKExperience with the following would be a bonus but not necessary:Canon SDK, other photo/video related SDK, programming for iOs, programming for Mac, programming for android.The assistant developer will be hired first to work on the following as a test project. After successful completion of this initial project, the assistant developer will be considered for hiring on a 20 hour per week basis with the potential for more hours per week if they prove to be an asset to our development team.The first project is two pieces:1)-We have a website where users can create events: Helper software downloads event data from server and provides a REST API (implemented using C# WCF 4.0) to share or print images or videos-Users use ipad app that connects to the software API by wifi and and select the files they want to share or print.-When photos are shared, they are posted directly on facebook/twitter/email or a unique url like this is created: the web backend panel, user has options to configure the page html, background, addthis, plugin, etc-We want to integrate option to add facebook plugins (like box and activity). This includes modifying the web service database, business logic, and user interface backend.2)The second project consists in adding to our software an option to print filpbooks from videos files.This will be done by collecting video frames at specific time intervals, and draw these frames on images with selected page size, ready to print and crop.Then we need to integrate these flipbook images in the helper software and server (currently supports regular photos, videos and animated gifs).We expect to implement this in a way that a video or multiple image animation is generated and made available from the software api. This animation can be previewed in the ipad app, but when the user selects print option, it should print multiple frames arranged on the page. The printing API is already implemented for regular images, we just need an option to show a preview animation, but print multiple pages with the frames arranged.The server database and web interface will also need to integrate these changes, adding an option to enable or disable flipbook option from client account.Facebook plugin:

  • $16 USD/hr In Progress

    We need a rewrite of our application.We received a rather negative codereview and are looking for sencha touch experts to rewrite our app using sencha touch best practices.

  • $2500 USD In Progress

    [Project Description hidden]

  • $3000 USD In Progress

    [Project Description hidden]

  • $4210 USD Today

    Project website redesign and developWhen a new user lands on the homepage, we want to present profile shots of employees and partners (Above fold). If you mouse over the headshots, it shows the name and position (Title). If you click, it plays a pop up video of the employee talking about Hospice and Home Health and what it means to them.Copy below the fold.Purpose:1.To demonstrate the brand difference between Novus and other Hospice/Home Health providers.2.To assist individuals and their families who are facing difficult decisions about healthcare issues such as extreme or terminal illness, end-of-life and other healthcare related issues through education and options.3.To create a virtual meeting place for discussions and Q&A for our core audiences.4.To educate and inform professionals about Hospice and Home Healthcare options including the hand-off and ongoing relationship between Doctor, patient and Novus.Who it’s for: 1.Professionals – Doctors, nurses, hospital/facility administrative staff and case/social workers.2.Patients3.Patient’s Family MembersHow they’ll use it:1.Professionalsa.Review Novus service offeringsb.Communicate with Novusc.Training (Phase 2)2.Patientsa.Learn about hospice and home healthcareb.Get questions answered3.Patient’s Family Membersa.Learn about hospice and home healthcareb.Get questions answeredCore functionalities:1.Introductory video about Novus2.Individual videos to demonstrate personality3.Video tutorials4.Blog5.Contact formsMain Menu:1.About Novusa.Meet our Staff – Nurses, Admin etc.2.What is Hospice3.What is Home Healthcare4.Find a Consultant5.Servicesa.Medical Needsb.Personal Needsc.Social Needs6.Blog7.Contact UsSub Menu:1.Our Partner Network2.FAQs3.Speak to a Representative4.VolunteerSimilar Websites: is very similar to what I envision the Novus website being. Instead of written text describing what the employees and partners think about HS, we will be doing video.)Features that fit the definition:Online formsOnline discussion groups or training modulesChat ??Laptop/DesktopSmartphone/device enabled (IOS, Android);

  • £12 GBP/hr Today

    hi we need someone to hook up our linnworks system to our magento websiteour magento website is multistore - UK store and IRELAND store. UK store needs linked up with linnworks API so stock is deducted from warehouse in UK & Ireland store needs linked up with other linnworks API so stock is deducted from warehouse in Ireland

  • [Sealed] Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $13 USD/hr Today

    I have a PSD template that was converted into a WP theme. Just need the content from the template loaded in; very simple job I just do not have the time right now. Thanks.

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    About the Project:We are building a visual and musical iPad application that allows its users to easily compose great sounding music, combined with a visually exciting fireworks display. Focus is on simplicity of use, visual appeal, and great sound. Job Requirements:We are looking for an Objective-C developer that is interested in music and has experience working with UIKit, cocos2d (preferably v3) and/or SpriteKit. Agile software development experience required. Design experience is also a plus, but not required. We will interview candidates for knowledge of Objective-C, UIKit, and Agile software development, these are the key required skills for this position.Freelancers will be working as part of a small existing product team using Agile software development methodologies. When applying or bidding for the project, please provide code examples for review. Scope of Project:The work will be ongoing as the project proceeds, and continued involvement will be entirely dependent on the quality of software produced by the freelancer. A minimum of 20 hours will be rewarded to our chosen freelancer, and additional work will be based on the quality of the results, up to 100 hours of work.

  • €3999 EUR Today

    Website met boekingssysteem. NL/ENG. Project moet midden juli af zijn.

  • $2526 AUD Today

    I would like to develop a website/app that operates like a taxi service. eg You enter your details, job details sent to registered providers, payment through the website, job completed. More details upon request. thanks

  • $1473 AUD Today

    Project Description:I am looking for someone to develop an android mobile application. Currently a similar app is available, but I would like a similar app build for the android market with a few changes. If you know how to develop android applications message me and I will provide the name of the application that is currently available, so you can give me quote.

  • €2631 EUR Yesterday

    Erstellt werden soll ein Online-Handelsplatz für digitale Produkte ähnlich Themeforest.Verkäufer sollen die Möglichkeit haben, Präsentationen ihrer digitalen Produkte hochzuladen.Käufer sollen die Möglichkeit haben, digitale Produkte zu kaufen.Affiliates sollen die Möglichkeit haben, digitale Produkte zu empfehlen, um Geld zu verdienen.Eine genaue Liste aus Features wird noch ausgearbeitet. Gehen Sie für ein erstes Angebot zur besseren Vergleichbarkeit von einer komplett identischen Funktionalität wie Themeforest aus.Der Entwickler muss deutsch sprechen.

  • $2631 USD Yesterday

    Due to confidentiality concerns, the full scale of the project cannot be disclosed without a signed nondisclosure agreement by the participating programmer. However, the general gist of the program my partners and I are aiming to create relies heavily on interactive individual & business profiles, location services, chat functionality between users, and immense privacy settings for obvious reasons regarding issues within other social networking sites. We have a keen business model, an advertisement strategy, easy access to a diverse user population, and a marketing strategy which applies to a large demographic, we simply don"t have the App yet.

  • $2947 USD Yesterday

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4210 USD Yesterday

    I Need a good programmer to modify and programm new functions to an already excisting chatapp like whatsapp.... for more info contact me

  • $15 USD/hr 2 days ago

    I"m a Freelance Designer / Front-End Developer, currently looking to hire a Professional Front-End Developer, first and foremost well-versed in Wordpress, Wordpress Theme Building and Customization, PHP, modern web design techniques (RWD, bootstrap, web fonts and web font services like TypeKit, etc) and Javascript + jQuery, to assist me in various on-going client projects and help take the load off, so to speak. Ideally, I"d love to a build a lasting working relationship where I"d be able to quickly communicate my ideas to you via a static mock-up, something built via, or hand-off an HTML document, instruct you on the desired outcome and have it be brought to completion in an effective and speedy manner. Current project I need help with - I"ll need someone to design a splash page for a responsive multi-site Wordpress build and Customize a theme for me to take from there.Looking forward to this!Thanks

  • $2631 USD 2 days ago

    I need a website created that can communicate with SMS. In addition to flash SMS also provide capability of web access to phone over the air (WAP?) to support basic debug of customer issues and to check status of handset settings and allow bulk change of settings over the air rather than just relying on individual SMS messages. Initiate web access via SMS potentially. I need to check the handset can support this.The flash SMS obviously needs a level of security that would prevent inadvertent changes. Perhaps also supporting a whitelist of numbers from which the handset can accept flash SMS messages.Location information from triangulation – request location via SMS and/or WAP, return data or location via SMS or WAP.Will need a reliable source, no downtime and has to be of high quality. Require an example of similar work completed.Downloadable ringtones

  • $13 USD/hr 2 days ago

    I want a website like Freelancer and Elance (mixture of two)presently, I have a virtual Assistant site and will like to turn the site into freelancer website but with a twist. I will like people to submit projects/job as ticket format where a freelancer or member of the site can take the ticket and work it as free or with a fee.But the the main idea behind the site is for people to help each other with knowledge they can share without charging. but if a member of the site needs help so bad they can submit a ticket with fee option for someone with at least 3 solid good feedback to respond and help with the ticket.Tickets could be services or Technologies or more...which will be discuss more....1.Members of the site will have to receive 3 ticket with good feedback on their portfolio of previous projects before they can take up a fee ticket.2. options to assign tickets(Projects) 1 without pay option and one with pay option.3.Site need to be similar like Elance or Freelancer sites with the different twist. I need this job to be completed before I make payment please agree to this before bidding. You can check my feedback.

  • $2368 USD 2 days ago

    I need software or an application built for a website. I need people to upload photos and music then the website will create a video for them. A video they can upload to social media and or download to their computer.

  • $2526 USD 2 days ago

    Need my website converted into a mobile application and submitted to the apple store and need to make sure you can also develop for droid and google play?!?!

  • $2631 USD 2 days ago

    The Independent Personal Training (PT) Industry is a huge deal in Brazil at the moment. Just in São Paulo we"ve met tens of Personal Trainers (PTs) looking to generate more business and who are ready to move away from the more traditional websites which are nothing more than just static advertising and which lack any functionality for real-time interaction with their clients. This is what we are hoping to address with our new mobile Android application.We currently have a project, which we can share with you, including a tentative backend structure for the application for those interested in working with us to create this Android application.We are deciding whether to pursue a phonegap/jquery/backbone option or a native Android app. Any input on the limitations of using a phonegap app vs a native app particularly around user experience site would be greatly appreciated(e.g. can you achieve an AirBnB Android experience using phonegap?).

  • $2631 USD 2 days ago

    ISIS is a web application developed by Datarays, ISIS is a student management system, used to exchange data and information between teachers, parents and students.Teachers add grades, agenda and remarks and parents can view them, also parents can check their account financial statement, etcFollowing are a screenshot of web pages that should be developed trough a mobile application The mobile application will be exclusively for parents and students and public viewersAll webservices needed will be developed by Datarays stuff according to an object model that we agree onPlease check the document attached

  • $5052 USD 2 days ago

    Create a website and mobile app for a courier and messenger service company. Almost the same functionality as Lyft or Uber websites and apps. All GUI and workflow elements will be provided by us.

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ASP.NET | IOS | Android | HTML5 - Sencha Touch, PhoneGap

Jan 2006 - Present (8 years)

A7Technologies Inc

Our expertise includes ASP.NET, MVC4, PHP Frameworks, Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, HTML5 - Sencha Touch 2, PhoneGap & ExtJs4. Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS).


MBA - IT Systems

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