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Location: HOCHIMINH, Vietnam

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  • $474 USD
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    Sep 10, 2013

    5/5, it says it all. A serious and honest worker. Thank you very much.

    Project Description:We need to develop a firmware + bootloader code for a tag device based on the STM8L051F3. The code needs to be in C, not assembler. I work with Atmel devices and need to make the transition to ST but I miss time to do it and I need help to make this code fast...
  • [Sealed]
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    Sep 5, 2013

    Excellent worker, great communication, will work with again..

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
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    Jun 7, 2013

    It was a pleasure to work with you. He impressed me on how he found a good solution to my needs and to help me. I will work with you again.<br/>

    Project Description:Project on ST micro controller (STM8L051F3). I need to develop a system based on the STM8L051F3 microcontroller. I know Atmel’s uc pretty well but this time I need to develop on the ST uc. The problem...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller robinbek


    May 14, 2013

    Bao was a great asset, he did the job and then some, I will use him again. He code worked the first time and he was there to walk me thru it.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $45 USD
    Profile image for Seller assignmentshelp


    Apr 27, 2013

    Great Work..I was not expecting so good work to be frank but he was above my expectationsI will work with him blindly now !!

    Project Description:I WANT THE QUESTIONS IN THE ZIP FILE TO BE DONE IN 24 HOURS ( 26 April ) There are 10 simply problems, you need to solve all of them and show works for each one Price : $ 30
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller purecubemedia


    Apr 21, 2013

    Highly Recommended :)!

    Project Description:Hello, I need boolean expression for 4 bit signed magnitude comparator say num 1 is A = SA A2 A1 A0 and num 2 is B= SB B2 B1 B0 where S represents signed bit..just to give you an idea of what i am talking about....
  • $80 USD
    Profile image for Seller Videomatic


    Apr 8, 2013

    Mr Baobui is a real Pro on his Domain , availlable , fast an communicative .

    Project Description: Hello mr. Bao , I need some consultancy for design a net-datalogger using Ti CC2530 . I saw you are working on something similar , may be you can help me to take the right decision ...
  • $1000 USD
    Profile image for Seller wallsjnz


    Feb 20, 2013

    Bao has been a pleasure to work with - knowledgeable, diligent, honest and friendly. Our preferred method of communication ended up being IM via skype and this worked very well overall.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller HkumarN


    Oct 24, 2012

    Bao developed my project diligently and he was always professionally responsive to my change request. The SW application he developed for me is working great and I'll gladly hire him again.

    Project Description:This project requires to generate a repeating pattern of signals with one I/O of the STM32F205ZG, and then detecting the pattern in an input port of the STM32F205ZG (the I/O which generates the signal...
  • $2500 USD
    Profile image for Seller chjoly


    Oct 9, 2012

    Bao has done an exceptional work on this project. I would recommend him anytime.He is dedicated, qualified and easy to work with.

    Project Description:Looking for someone to build the architecture and firmware of a controller of an LED Matrix of 196x64 LEDs. This should include pwm emulation, fpga interfacing, speed optimization and color optimization...
    baobui has not completed any projects.
  • $888 USD In Progress

    We are looking for someone to do the design for a relatively simple PCB that we need to be made.The PCB contains gsm module with interface USB / RS232.Need to create a prototype that has been approved.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I have a simple project- MPU - STM32F100RBT6 (STM32L DISCOVERY board)- ACCELEROMETER (I2C interface) - Freescale- GSM MODULE - SIMCOM 908 (RS232) - make call/send sms on motion detection.I have done some work on it. But I am not an expert in SW design. So I have hacked it to work ;-)I need someone experienced to work on the design from start and provide me working source-code.Only people with direct experience should apply. Please send me some information about work done using STM32 design.Thank you

  • €750 EUR In Progress

    Hello. We need to develop battery powered device which is receiving information from outside sensors. From the sensors you get impulses (+Vdd/0). The length of the pulses (the time from +Vdd to 0V) must be stored with timestamp for further processing. The memory used for the information should be at least 2mb. The data must be easely downloaded throught USB or similar connection. The device should be as light as possible, to consume minimal power and sleep when does not receive information. Footprint should be as small as possible for embedding.

  • $350 USD 16 days ago

    Hello,I&quot;m Fariz from Indonesia.I want invite you to help me make pcb schematic and design.I have sierra wireless airprime q2687G/RD series, and i want to make product with usb interface. using Silabs CP2102 or FTDI.I hope you can help us.thanks/Fariz

  • $2222 USD 16 days ago

    We are looking for developing wifi thermostat which can control room temperature through remote location by internet connection.

  • £1388 GBP 17 days ago

    Hello! We are building a prototype that requires some electronics:- manage electronic valves to control fluid flows over a pipe- heating water on demand (to controlled temperatures)- coinslot machine that enables a timer- and a few minor perks more.Its not really difficult, quite basic electronics.We are looking for someone that builds and ships the built prototype (and it&quot;s documentation of course). We cover the labour and materials. Details can be shared once the candidate proves experience over a telephone / skype interview. Thank you!esteban

  • £444 GBP 17 days ago

    I need help with writing a code in Avr that controls shift register for Rgb leds. i wrote the code but figure out where im going wrong. Willl need supervision and code written form me

  • $55 USD/hr 17 days ago

    I need to take a camera module similar to iPhone 5 front camera and design a stand-alone HD video recording system that will include a printed circuit board with custom programming, inputs, outputs, battery, storage, etc. Manufacture will be in China.

  • $2500 USD 17 days ago

    Abstract:Seeking person with some hardware, firmware skills. Goal is a small, battery powered driver circuit capable of receiving an infrared signal and generating the desired output. Total reward is $2500.This project will be divided into 3 phases. 1: development and delivery of a functioning breadboard circuit powered by external power supply. Use of a development board, Arduino, etc. is acceptable.2: Review of prototype. Then development and delivery of a functioning PCBA including rechargeable battery and power management circuit3: Review of prototype. Then development and delivery of final design including A: Circuit diagramB: Gerber filesC: Firmware code, programming C is preferredD: Compiled code, such as hex filesE: Bill of materials. BOM must include price and supplier for all non generic parts such as ICs, switches, potentiometers, power management circuits, voltage regulators, etc.Client will be responsible for all prototyping costs. A prototype budget will be provided. Service provider will be responsible for supplying their own tools, development software, and hardware such as IC programmer. Client will provide some similar circuits for reference. Service provider will be required to sign an NDA and sign over intellectual property rights of the resulting design.Specific requirements:1: Target size for finished PCBA, including battery is 75mm x 75mm x 6mm. Thinner is better.2: Target cost, including battery, for 50 units is $16 each3: Circuit must receive 10 different commands via a common IR standard that can be broadcast by a universal remote, i.e. RC-5, RC-6, NECIdeally button 1 on a remote would correspond with command #1, etc.4: Circuit must output 8 channels of 100V AC +/- 20% at 2500 Hz, +/- 30%. 1 W total output5: Outputs 0-7 correlate to IR commands 0-76: IR command 8 places circuit into a sound reactive mode where:6A: Circuit receives input from microphone6B: Circuit outputs channels 0-7 as a continuous gradient relative to the volume of sound received from microphone6C: Softest sound translates to channel 0 and loudest sound translates to all channels 0 through 7 6D: User controls volume sensitivity with a linear potentiometer7: IR command 9 silences sound reactive mode and stops all outputs8: Tactile switch or button toggles between on, sound reactive mode, and off9: Slider switch powers off circuit entirely10: Power is supplied by a small Polymer Li-ion cell, such as #6051 or #6020 at batteryspace.com11: Circuit charges battery via micro USB port12: Target battery life is 100 minutes of active use13: Use of a common IC, such as a PIC, ATiny, or ATmega, is preferred.14: Final component placement on PCBA is at client&quot;s discretion, such as microphone, potentiometer, buttons, switches, and battery locations.15: Client to specify connector for 8 output channels16: Service provider to specify a universal remote for use in this projectPayments: Upon receipt of prototype and deliverables for each phase, service provider will be paid within 15 days.Phase 1: $1000Phase 2: $750Phase 3: $750Service provider may either submit prototype expenses for reimbursement or provide client with a shopping list and client will purchase.Timeline: Timeline is flexible. Target is 10 weeks:Phase 1: 2 weeksPhase 2 development: 2 weeksPhase 2 prototype: 4 weeksPhase 3: 2 weeks

  • $5555 USD 19 days ago

    The company &quot;Fantastic Sourcing&quot;, associated with university partners, currently working on a home automation project that we will try to be financed by the European H2020 program. This project is constituted by a set of sensors and a central box which is transmited process information from the sensors.To do this, we seek an independent contractor with whom we will may be to subcontract the development of the motherboard central box to provide a first prototype.

  • $1333 USD 19 days ago

    Background:\r\n\r\nA completed Orcad Schematic Design was laid out by a DipTrace designer. This designer is no longer available. The reference designators are common, but there is no common netlist to verify the layout. This layout needs to be updated, DRC\\\&quot;d and/or possibly moved to Cadence, using the existing layout as a template.\r\n\r\nThe Work Required:\r\n\r\nIn addition to DRC and updating the layout per the DRC results a few small changes need to be made. The changes to be made are due to RF and power considerations. Small adjustments must be made to trace widths, vias and some of the part locations. These placements may to be nudged closer to each other for better RF and bypass performance. A cursory review shows that all parts are present and generally placed correctly, therefore changes should not be drastic to the present layout to make it right. \r\n\r\nI have several new designs immediately after this one is completed. I prefer to keep all new designs 100% within the Cadence/Orcad design suite. \r\n\r\nI wish to form a long-term relationship with the designer. Therefore, applicant must be able to work in Cadence & to some degree in DipTrace. The applicant must understand and propose how to verify that a DipTrace Layout complies with an Orcad Schematic. Moving the layout and re-doing it in Cadence will be considered as part of the work as well.\r\n\r\nBoard Characteristics:\r\n\r\nThe board has 417 components with a total of 1007 component pins. The layout is not tight. To accommodate the planar transformer the board has 10 layers with all other signals that only need to occupy 2 layers. Outside the planar windings, the remaining layers are generally ground or power pours. The board is unique, but not at all complex. Except for high current connectors, all component pads/pins are SMD. The board is large, about 900 cm2. \r\n\r\nProcess to Complete Job:\r\n\r\nOnce you have the files, I would like the applicant to provide a fixed price bid. Following may be a good way to characterize the process; it is OK if you only wish to do steps 1-3 or to bid 1-3 and 4-5 separately.\r\n\r\n1.Placement or placement correction\r\n2.Final Routing with consideration for RF/impedance & power\r\n3.Full DRC, review and revise as necessary, back annotate all\r\n4.pSpice Model & Simulation\r\n5.Corrections Based on Simulation\r\n\r\nFinal payment would be made for each phase once acceptable files are received. I propose 25% in advance with 1 or 2 25% payment increments at predetermined point(s) and the remainder (50% or 25%) upon completion and acceptance of files. Payment will be made via Freelancer.\r\n\r\nDeliverables:\r\n\r\nDeliverables will include, updated schematic files, conforming to updated layout files. Full logs of DRCs will be shown. Component libraries including schematic symbols, layout symbols (with silkscreen & solder mask) and if 4 & 5 are completed, written analysis of the design will be provided along with pSpice models for each modeled component and circuit including board parasitics . Full Gerber files, corrected BOM file(s) and Assembly drawings will also be deliverables. I will work with the applicant to perform all phases together and expect to have a really good time doing this. The next follow-on board is even more exciting than this one.\r\n\r\nI will send you the files once you demonstrate you have these skills via portfolio & Skype interview and sign our NDA - attached. Thank you for your interest in this project. It will be great to work together on this project and several other projects will follow on shortly.\r\n\r\nWarm Regards,\r\n\r\nScott

  • $666 USD Mar 17, 2014

    Program a STM32F401 microcontroller to provide the timing signals in the attached requirements document. There is one external signal that starts the process by generating an interrupt. The internal timers must be used to generate specific signals on 2 output pins. At the same time, data coming in on 4 input pins must be DMA&quot;s into memory. An interrupt must be issued when the process is complete.This project is mainly just configuring the internal timers and DMA channel to generate the required signals and save the data.Deliverables:1. Source code and all files necessary to compile and run the software to confirm the timing signals are correct.2. I would prefer a Keil uVision 4 or 5 project file with all source code files in a compressed folder.3. Oscilloscope pictures demonstrating the required timing relationships between EXT_INT, CSN and CLK_OUT signals would be desirable.

  • [Sealed] Mar 4, 2014

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $120 USD Feb 3, 2014

    I need a dongle emulator or work around for Creative Golf 3D software. My budget is $120. I need the software to run in full version mode without the dongle. This is the link to the software download: email me at and let me know if you can help. Thanks!

  • €100 EUR Jan 4, 2014

    the project which i am doing is&quot;Evaluation of a 3 axis accelerometer and gyroscope&quot;.. i hv STM32F407 microcOntroller board and GY521 breakout board(MPU6050) my microcontroller acts as a master and mpu 6050 acts as a slave and interfacing has to be done to establish the so called &quot;communication&quot;between these two via I2C bus and code has to be written in software Cocoox Coide .MPU 6050 consists of accelerometer and gyroscope sensors which reads sensor values....when interfacing is done.....This is what the project is all about.Using DAC i have to read the values on the oscilloscope

  • $1000 USD Nov 4, 2013

    I have some fuel dispenser related files in .mhf format (I got these through the programming laptop, the company guys, use to program various boards of the fuel dispenser, by copying them on a flash drive).What I want is someone to convert these files into editable format (and if possible, rewrite the code too, so that it can be loaded back in the motherboard).Do, let me know if you can manage it.

  • $1111 USD Sep 29, 2013

    Goal of the project is to develop, code and deliver a working prototype of a simple PCB allowing two ways communication from CAN to WiFi interfaces.(CAN2WiFi PCB) Project requirements:1. Using WiFi module: RS-9110-N-11-22 required working SPI and USART interfaces2. Using STM32F4 processor, PICOBLADE-5 by SWD programming interface,3. handling two CAN buses4. CAN buses with SPOX-4 connector (GND, CANL, CANH, VOUT)5. VOUT 5V 1.5A, processor controlling ON/OFF - two separate voltage output for two short-circuit proof buses. Short-circuit detected by the processor.6. Status indicators, 4 LED controlled from the CPU, 1 LED power supply7. uSD card connector on the SPI8. 7-36V power supply, voltage measurement9. compact size PCB (no more than 76.2 x 43.2 mm with mounting holes in the corners 4xM3)If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask.Best regards,K.J.

  • $45 AUD Sep 5, 2013

    Hi, there are two electrical power transmission questions that need to solved.

  • $500 USD Jul 28, 2013

    can i discuss the project details in skype

  • $30 USD/hr Jul 24, 2013

    HI, This is Dr.Atef from Egypt. We need your skill to develop a special vibrator that will be used in dental field with the following details:1- Small vibrator motor (6V) (if you don&quot;t have a source for it i have one)2- A USB battery charging circuit with led lights indicators for (low battery, charging, full battery) (i have sources for usb charging circuits)3- 2 lithium ion batteries 3.7v*2 with a voltage regulator to output the required 6V for the motor4- LCD screen that shows many data like remaining usage minutes like a countdown from 20 minutes till 0 5- a smart power on\off switch that switch on and off on long press and pause and start vibration on simple press (after switching it on it is supposed to turn off after 20 minutes automatically) 6- the device is supposed to be used 20minutes only per day and no more so that i need an embeded SD card that can be removed and connected to PC software and this card contains data like: duration of usage each day, whether has or has not been used everyday

  • [Sealed] /hr Jul 6, 2013

    We need Schematic and PCB Layout for an expansion board with a Raspberry module and some SMD devices with connectors. Design will be done under Altium. We contract the service in 2 parts, first the schematic and in a second step the PCB layout.See overview attached.

  • $2000 USD Jun 26, 2013

    [Project]GSM/GPRS Tracker with sensors for Low Power Application. Module will be dormant most of the time, wake up periodically to check for an incoming SMS, and if an incoming SMS is there, answer with the location of the tracker. [Components]- GSM/GPRS + GPS (SIMCO908)- Compass (AK8975)- Accel (LIS331DLH)- Battery Level Monitor (LTC2942-1)- Microcontroller TBD- GSM/GPRS + GPS Antenna TBD[Requirements] Please see attached block diagrams.[Taks + Milestones]1- Discussion on Components and FW functionality. Draw by hand HW block diagram. Schematic Capture. Board Layout. (MILESTONE1 $ TBD)2- Spin Two Boards, Debug (MILESTONE2 $ TBD)3- Code FW discussed in basic FW block diagram in (1). (MILESTONE3 $ TBD)[Deliverables]- Schematic Capture- Board Layout- Source Code for FW- PCB (physical board, HW)[How to Bid]Place a total bid and indicate three milestone payments as indicated above.

  • $555 USD Jun 11, 2013

    I need to get a power adapter with an integrated USB charger manufactured in China. The manufacturers require engineering drawings. I have a sketch of what I want, with a full functional description. This is a simple adapter with a straight AC pass-through and a USB charger integrated in the middle. The person doing the engineering drawings need not be a certified electronics engineer but must understand formal Engineering Drawings and must understand what to display on these drawings for manufacturing.

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Team leader

Oct 2010 - Present (3 years)


Team leader and project manager in the field of electronics and embedded system


Apr 2002 - Aug 2010 (8 years)

HCM City University of Technology

Teach and do research in electronics and embedded system design.<br />


MsC of Embedded System Engineering, University of Leeds,


Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication

Dai hoc Quôc Gia Tp. Hô Chí Minh



Embedded System Programming


This certificate is for an embedded system programming course in Singapore


A PLL-Based Phased Array Method to Minimise Phase Quantisation Errors and Reduce Phasing-Lobes

2010 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium.

In this paper, PLL are used to drive an array of ultrasonic transducers to reduce phasing-lobes. Altera stratix II was used for testing.