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Bhavesh Tailor

Flash Actionscript & XML Programmer

Username: batailor

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Location: Mumbai, India

Member since: July 2009



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My projects:

  • £20.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller andrew123vw


    20 days ago

    Great guy, project promptly completed

    Project Description:Hi We have an existing flash animation we need re-done with German translated text substituted in place of the current English We do not have the original .FLA file, however have been able to recover...
  • $115.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller blakemills


    20 days ago

    Excellent! Will work with again

    Project Description:We have 2 SWF animations that need to be created. Requirements: - Use vector text and images where possible.
- Use bitmaps at screen resolution of 72dpi.
- Prepare all bitmap images with good optimization...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yougame

    yougame [ Incomplete Report ]

    20 days ago

    He did not do anything at all. Mark incomplete and cancel.

    Project Description:This project is to create 5 flash slides with animated text. If you do good job, we have over 200 more slides to create so you could get a lot more work. Each slide must be 5 to 9 second long. Slide must use the format from attached template.fla ...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller datab


    25 days ago

    Nice and professional work. I'm gonna hire him again on my next project.

    Project Description:Hello, We have to add full screen and sound on/off features on this FLA. (I attached it) Thank you.
  • $36.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller devagency


    26 days ago

    Bhavesh had great communication and did a very good, fast job. I recommend him!<br/>

    Project Description:I am using a Cover Flow plugin to show properties on the home page of a real estate website. The plugin displays a Flash version when viewed in Ineternet Explorer, and a HTML5 version in all other browsers...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller s0mebody

    s0mebody [ Incomplete Report ]

    27 days ago

    Kept on saying he will send the game soon. It went from friday to monday and now tomorrow. I have not seen any progress at all. I dont wanna wait any longer without any assurance that I will get the game soon. Thus, I am cancelling this project.

    Project Description:I need a flashgame to be created similar to this one: It will be very similar to that, just a change of images of the characters. Maybe we can also improve the design of it...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller YahavIL

    YahavIL [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 29, 2014

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:We have a Flash project which is an Icecast mp3 stream player (actually, its 3 variations of the same mechanism) which uses the URLRequest method to play the audio stream (
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sobbycv


    Apr 10, 2014

    Great work and really helpfull in making changes according to my needs and meeting all requirements within the timeframe

    Project Description:I need a Flash page turning software digital flipbook with thumbnails to be seen on top and photos/pages can be flipped
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jsantana


    Apr 2, 2014

    One of the best provider you can find on freelance. Excellent support and communication.

    Project Description:I need to reproduce this play gallery in order to embed it in a 1158 x 450 pixels inside a joomla site. I&#039;ll provide 3 set of images before and after. Pls bid if you other projects completed with this skills...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Christian59


    Oct 3, 2013

    Second Time I work with Batailor.I will do it again for sure.Very professional, an expert 4 sure.Christian

    Project Description:Hi all. I need someone to tuen a .fla file. The file works but there is 2 things to change. For aflash pro it is a matter of 1/2 an hour. I need this to be done today. fast done fast paid. No milestone, job done, job paid...
    Bhavesh Tailor has not completed any projects.
  • $150 USD In Progress

    I need a flash file that can wrap a gif image for sharing on Facebook. It need the same functionality as a gif fileFor example, when this link is shared in Facebook: embeds a .swf file that embeds the flash file and the file is able to be played on facebook. This is the .swf file that uses: it as a reference. It needs the same functionality as this example:Ability to specify the location of the gif image like the example. Set height and width like exampleMust provide working example with example of it being able to be shared in facebook.

  • $50 USD In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for a webpage that asks users to take a photo of themselves, then saves that photo to the server with the users IP address as the file name. After the photo is taken the camera continues to record video, saving this back to the server until the window is closed.If the webcam is unable to successfully take the photo/video then the user is re-directed to a fallback URL.The script for webcam control needs to follow this method:

  • $150 USD In Progress

    Create the following artworks for us. Some require in flash. Best quote & job done, will get repeated hire in future.Here you go: MREC: Leaderboard: eNewsletter Spotlight: Promotion feature: Thumbnail : 500 x 500 pixels Title : 130 characters including space Artwork : 650 x 1014 pixles (Example : Click through link : Where to link to when members click on the artwork Facebook: Twitter: Instagram, Pinterest & Blog shout-out:

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Good programming skills on ActionScript/Flash required, good communication inside GMT-6 Zone via SkyPe/Email and strong sense of commitment is a must for this project... the target platform for this game will be Adobe Air on Android and IOS...DETAILS: I want to develop a language learning game, it won’t be anything too complicated, just clicking/touching logic and no complex animations or 3D at all… I need it to have multiple levels with 6 question each, each level with its questions will be declared within an XML file, the idea of the structure of that XML is described in the attached files…Every particular question inside each level will behave different from each other…General remarks:Keep score and level position on SharedObject…A reset score/levels button (but with the confirmation screen) should be added in the first screen on the gameEvery correctly answered question will raise up the score by 100 pointsA help button from main screen (just leave a Blank MovieClip for this)** Question 1 (“Initial Sounds of words”): 1.A - Load the 3 words from tag from the XML and play audio file from tag, show the 3 words in the center of the screen as the image “S3”1.B - Expect the user touching the first letter of the 3 words, If correct play “OK” sound (from audio folder), change the color of the letter to dark/green (leave it as variable somewhere in code) and also show the “OK” Image on the right of the screen (As Image S3)If wrong play “Wrong” sound (from audio folder) and show the “Bad” Image 1.C - When done touching the correct letters load a small MovieClip that loads an image from Tag from XML and also load the text as shown in S4 picture, show this movieclip only for about 4 seconds…1.D – After showing for 4 seconds the movieclip, put a “Reward” on the top/left of the screen as shown in “S2 Picture”, prices will be cumulative when playing each level, will reset after playing question 6 and going to the next level.** Question 2 (“Final sounds”):Same behavior as Q1 but on 2.B – Expect the user to touch the last letter from each word, Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies** Question 3 (“Touch all letters except the first one!”):Same behavior as Q1 but on 3.B – Expect the user to touch all letter from each word except the first one!, Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies** Question 4 (“Touch all letters except the last one!”)::Same behavior as Q1 but on 4.B – Expect the user to touch all letter from each word except the last one!, Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies** Question 5 (“Discover the magic word”)::Same behavior as Q1 but on 5.B – Expect the user to touch one word (the correct one will be loaded from XML as Tag is declared) Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies** Question 6 (“3 Words linking”)::6.A - Load the 3 blocks into the screen from XML as shown in “S6” picture..6.B - Expect the user to touch one word (the correct one will be loaded from XML as Tag is declared) Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies like other questions6.C and 6.D … Just like other questions6.E – After showing the last MovieClip “Reward won”… Load an external SWF file animation and show it for about 5 seconds, as shown in picture “S7” (Like a small window only in that area)… and then load the next question from the next level, reset the rewards won in this level and keep track of the advance in the game within a sharedobjectIMPORTANT: I Will provide template and source code of other functional applications like this one previously created by other developer that will speed up development of this…Further details/source code/paperwork could be provided upon winning the bid

  • $70 AUD In Progress

    Hi there,I need to insert a 360 degree product exterior virtual tour inside a panoramic virtual tour.Using panoramic and 360 objectVR software I have created two virtual tours. They are in two folders The first folder contains the panoramic virtual tour files. The second contains objectVR files. They can be found here ... woud like the interactive ObjectVR to be displayed in the SAME window as the panoramic virtual tour. Currently in the virtual tour there are two thumbnails to the right. I would like you to add a third thumbnail. This new thumbnail, when clicked, should open up the ObjectVR in the panoramic virtual tour window. There may be an issue with the navigation buttons between the two groups of files because they are different. If possible I would like the buttons in panoramic virtual tour to also work for the objectVR. The original objectVR buttons can be removed.Please see the attached file showing what the project should look like.The finish files MUST be desktop iphone/ipad/mobile compatible.Only bid on this job if you have virtual tour experience and are 100% certain that you can complete this job. When you bid, please explain your experience working with virtual tours/ virtual tour software. I have a $70 budget for this project although there is a possibility of ongoing work.

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress your mouse over the left-most word, then below, you will see some words appearing.I want to change 2 of them.I checked that they are texts. I tried to edit one of the words like this: (This is wrongly edited.png)You see, one word appears in a wrong position.Although the texts are written in Korean, no problem at all. We will work through screen sharing, so that I can directly copy-paste the new word to you while working. Or, you can simply teach me how to edit the text. Or, you can just put any English word to there and later teach me how to change them. I am easy to work with. Don&quot;t worry.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hi:I need some flash task done. Its mainly very basic image sliding, fed in fed out task but in a little different layout. Please check the attachment to get he idea what need to be done. I will provide all graphic elements. You will only have to develop the flash animation and linking.Do not post generic bids. a small brief on what you understand by checking the attachment is preferred. I will hire only you have more than 5 good ratings.Low but reasonable bid is most welcome.

  • $842 USD In Progress

    The Application Features are:1- Dynamic Logo, Color Scheme, and Options.2- Capture photo from Windows 8 Camera.3- Application built on Flash or Windows 8 App.4- Editing photo by adding some accessories (Glasses, Hat, Bag ...).5- The ability to adding & removing accessories as PNG files from settings.6- Exporting photos as image.7- Printing final photo.8- Sharing photo on Facebook profile.

  • $174 USD In Progress

    We are looking for someone to design a map for us - we are a small real estate company looking for a dynamic way to showcase our portfolio of properties on a map. Our web address is and we are currently using a GoogleMap as a placeholder. Our goal is to have a simple map with our properties located on it using some sort of star or pin method, and give the user the ability to click on a property pin and have information regarding that property pop up underneath the map. An example of the type of map we&quot;re looking for can be found here:

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress


  • $200 USD Yesterday

    I need to create a similar program to the one on this page but without a lot of the functions (i.e. create a simpler version of this program).1) Choose your paper type: - here there should be 2 options: A4 or US letter (8.5 * 11 inches)2) Personalize it – I need this optionOnce complete the user should be able to print, download or email the high res version of the image that was created.It should have all of the functions that that program has EXCEPT the following options:1)Choose your card size: - don’t need this option2) Enter quantity: don’t need this option3) Add a custom back to your design (2nd tab) – don’t need this4)Envelopes & Additional Options - don&quot;t need5)Accessories & Extras - don&quot;t need6)Shopping cart – the final product can be printed for free by users so no shopping cart is required7)Special Requests - don&quot;t needThis program will be used on a Wordpress site and should be able to be imbedded into the page/post or inserted any other way.The program should not slow down site (i.e. performance is important).

  • $350 USD Yesterday

    Hi all,I have a flash action script tool, that was saved as an iPad app.The app is quite complex, it&quot;s shows animated piano lessons, and video guitar lessons, taken from my server. It allow users to register, login, and show them different version of the lessons if they are free users or registered users. It was working fine, and we wanted to add an option of in-app purchase (before, users could register only from the web). As we added the in-app purchase we&quot;ve encounter several bugs that are needed to be solved. Unfortunately, the current developer left the team due to personal issues, so we&quot;re looking for somebody to finish the job.This is the current list of bugs (just in general so you&quot;ll have an idea about the kind of fixes needed to be done):1. Removing adobe AIR default &quot;waiting for connection&quot; msg, when connecting to the server. 2. Typos - fixing 3 of them.3. On registration page - user should be able to choose Piano OR Guitar, currently it allow him to choose Piano AND Guitar.4. The Piano lessons stopped working, the player won&quot;t launch. We have on GIT earlier version in which it works great.5. The Guitar lessons sometimes loads only with sounds, while the video is not shown.6. Profile button - should be disabled if the user is not a registered one.7. A button that should direct to the register page, directs to an internet page for some reason. After all is fixed, I&quot;ll ask you to do the process of uploading the app to apple.Please bid for this project only if:1. You work only as a freelancer. I don&quot;t want to work with somebody which can only work on this project after his regular day job. I&quot;m looking for somebody who can start and finish in a matter of 3 days. If you can&quot;t commit - don&quot;t bid.2. You have an iPad to test your changes. If you don&quot;t have an iPad, don&quot;t bid.3. You have experience with action script AND saving works to iPads, please send me some examples.Thanks for the time reading this,Dror.

  • RM106 MYR Yesterday

    This is the assignment just take a look at it.

  • $150 USD Yesterday

    Flash banner designs needed according to google adword for a forex company

  • $25 USD 2 days ago

    Hi there, i&quot;m looking for some help with a small flash slideshow widget. The flash widget will serve as a custom Facebook player (like the YouTube one, embedded directly into the user&quot;s feed).Scenario: a user scrolls through his Facebook feed, sees this widget, clicks on it, loading screen appears, then the first slide appears. User clicks anywhere, the second slide appears, and so on until the last slide. When he clicks the last slide, the first slide appears (in a loop). That&quot;s it!Functionality: - Flash widget must work inside an iframe and must be the full width and height of the iframe- slides all have the same size, they must be 100% visible and must occupy the max space available on screen, regardless of the flash player size (full bleed- flash swf must get parameters (flash.swf?param1=one&param2=two) and according to these parameters, it must fetch the slides dynamically from a remote location (JSON)- after loading all the slides, if the user does not click the slide, a white transparent overlay with a message must fade in (after X seconds). When the user clicks the faded overlay, it disappears.- at a N seconds interval, the swf must &quot;touch&quot; a URL (based on the swf params) with all the clicks from the last N seconds

  • $200 USD 2 days ago

    HelloI am looking for a flash AS2 coder who is able to make same as this AS3 project witch simulate the log-in screen as showing here :- should be done in AS2 also i need some modification to set pass code in case the user forget the pattern .the pattern saved encrypted in php and mysql .will provide more info once we start the projectThank you very much

  • $800 USD 2 days ago

    Looking for a talented developer to create a quiz module that can be embedded onto different websites. Details as follows:1. Module should be compatible with desktop and mobile format when embedded2. Data from quiz should flexible (formatted to csv)3. Questions range between 8-10 varied with text and imagesExample quiz below: provide samples and past projects for consideration.

  • ₹25000 INR 4 days ago

    Its online T-Shirt customize application.

  • $600 USD 4 days ago

    ok, here is the point: i am doing a livestream and the livestream has its original language, for example english. Now there are 2 ladys each doing a simultane translation for another language and these languages should be given as a posibility in the player to be chosen by the end user.....There is a good link by adobe: unfortunatelly i do not exactly understand the workaround

  • $270 USD 4 days ago

    Please read the attached files requirements-floats.txt Thanks!

  • €150 EUR 5 days ago

    we need a individual flipping catalog, on attachment you will find the concept

  • $10 USD/hr 6 days ago

    Hi all, I am looking for the freelancer who can work per hour to help us out with brochure and banner designers for our event, as well as video editing.>> Just to add, if you work with flash it is a huge bonus for us, as we would like to do some flash banners tooI need someone with sense of the design, who is creative and can come up with new ideas and designs, who does not require to be told every single details.Anybody out there with those skills, please bid.Thanks

  • RM1800 MYR 6 days ago

    We are doing course ware project which require the freelancer to design and develop the course ware by using Adobe Flash.

  • $600 USD 6 days ago

    We seek a freelancer to install existing flipbook software or a custom-built application on our server that will convert selected pdfs into attractive flip books.Our requirements for the flip books are:-High-quality page-flip animation-Intuitive page turning-Zooming-Printing (can be turned on or off through script)-The application must run and be hosted on our Windows 2008 server-The application should integrate with our current page script in dot net-The application should close on the server after an upload/conversion is complete.We currently use an aspx webpage that allows us to navigate to a pdf, which is then converted to swf and viewed in a web-browser.We simply want to change the pdf conversion from the current one to a flipbook.We welcome your guidance about customizing pre-existing software or building a dedicated application.Successful bidders should have already created flipbook applications or use the relevant software. It&quot;s helpful if they are conversant in dot net.Our coders are expected to:-develop and fully test the application locally-supply the source code for the final project-document the code completely-install the application on our serverWe can send more project details to qualified bidders. Kindly request them so you can place an accurate bid.

  • €180 EUR 6 days ago

    I need someone to implement a custom Theme for the Feathers Framework ( basend on the default MetalWorksMobileTheme, i give you an image (png) with the graphic and i need all the MetalWorksMobile components plus some more. (stars, bordered popup, victory box) (see attached image)

  • $10 USD/hr 7 days ago

    hello i need flash expert and ready to work now small add coding to some banners job can finish in 30 minute i need to finish it asap more details will be via pmbudget 10-15 usd

  • $60 USD 9 days ago

    We have an older flash project that runs very well. We have images that are displayed and we would like to change the images. We are also looking for someone that knows flash very well and can possibly make it run even better. This is a small project for someone who is an expert in flash animation.

  • $700 USD 9 days ago

    Project Description: GAME AS THIS LINK (game to be rebuild to be as school quiz with bank questions)1- You’re given 4 attempts to choose the correct answer from the offered 4: A, B, C or D,2- If you guess right from the first try, you’ll travel the longer distance, and thus get ahead of your opponents. 3- The questions are either pictures of flags, monuments and other landmarks, or trivia questions about world countries.4- Your race starts in Qatar, and it ends when you go through all the continents and get back there. 5- Be the first to come back to Qatar in order to win the game.6- You can spice it up with little tricks – use helps to travel faster or use traps to slow down other players.7- By collecting compasses you’ll be able to take shortcuts on crossroads.8- Levels 59- option to start any level8- questions bank (for every level)9- game size must auto fit desktop or tablet pc10- English words to be replaced by Arabic Note: No slot machine are allowed in this game YOU must REPLACE THEM WITH OTHER

  • ₹1500 INR 9 days ago

    Need To change the font fonts flash 10mn work for expert

  • $25 USD 9 days ago

    Hi, I need help decompiling/compiling .swf (flash file) file.The reason I need to decompile / compile it is to edit one line of code.

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Software Developer

Apr 2006 - Mar 2007 (11 months)

Tata Interactive Services

Lead Developer for various e-learning projects with XML that supports multi-languages.<br /><br />Manage a team of 4-7 developers for executing multiple projects.

Flash / Web Developer

Jan 2005 - Mar 2006 (1 year) /

Worked as flash / game developer for one of the top known online gaming portal.<br /><br />Handled the game concepts and design the game flow scripts.<br /><br />



University of Mumbai



Flash MX 2004 Developer