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Bhavesh Tailor

Flash Actionscript & XML Programmer

Username: batailor

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Location: Mumbai, India

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  • $45 USD
    Profile image for Seller yewow


    Mar 15, 2013

    Very patient in serving customer for all changes required, great job.

    Project Description:I need to create an abacus learning material, it would be very simple with some options are. abacus function abacus test with some random math formula abacus need to have customize function that length...
  • $220 USD
    Profile image for Seller clarxion


    Mar 15, 2013

    Batailor done a great job, and he understand what I need in no time. Communication was good to, and the script result done properly.

    Project Description:I would like to do an interactive map for Sales Presentation on Indonesian Map. Basically it will display a retail store list when clicking on parent list. For example, I want to display which store on Dept Store A list, when I click Dept Store A, the map will display store icon on map...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller tnguyen16816


    Mar 14, 2013

    It was a challenging project but he was able to figure it out.

    Project Description:Fast forward on my flash mp3 player only works in some versions of chrome and no versions of firefox and IE. Need someone to fix so it will work on all the latest versions of all 3 browsers.
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller creativecow


    Mar 8, 2013

    Great and fast. Woh.. nice job!!!

    Project Description:An update into flash lightbox must be made. users will be able with next prev arrows into lightbox to move and guide to the next sub-gallery of the main gallery, and no need to close the lightbox, select...
  • $88 USD
    Profile image for Seller creativecow


    Mar 5, 2013

    Very good. My second time doing work with batailor. very good and fast programmer. For sure make work again with him into flash sites!!!

    Project Description:An custom made flash project is made. Update into gallery section must be made. 1st fix is to add a new gallery category. we allready have 3, we want to be four. So update into action script code in fla file, must be made to retrieve the new category photos...
  • $33 USD
    Profile image for Seller creativecow


    Mar 4, 2013

    1st time working with batailor. very good, quick, and great in communication.more projects coming :)

    Project Description:Allready bought In that project, we will add a newsletters subscription area, in left side, below intro text. In left side of flipping book, you will see an area with text...
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller hlang98923


    Mar 2, 2013

    Excellent developer. Provided ideas for improvements on the original specifications. Completed the project in less than 24 hours, way ahead of schedule. Will definitely hire again, should the need arise.

    Project Description:My company requires someone to design and develop Flash based advertisements in different sizes for our campaigns. Texts will be provided. Each ad will have 3 - 4 screens ad. Total 25 ad templates will need to be developed...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller hyperborean


    Mar 2, 2013

    Excellent performance.. I am absolutely satisfied with the outcome.. Instant reply and accurate work.. Well done..

    Project Description:As previous project, similar update with a new file.
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller Storekaktus


    Mar 2, 2013

    Did the job in no time! Thanks.

    Project Description:I need to finish up this little game in actionscript 2. Its a game about roasting different food in a pan. The user is coosing 1-5 to deside how warm the pan is going to be, and push "roast" to check if its right or wrong...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller thebestcodes


    Feb 25, 2013

    good coder

    Project Description:N/A
    Bhavesh Tailor has not completed any projects.
  • $150 USD In Progress

    Create the following artworks for us. Some require in flash. Best quote & job done, will get repeated hire in future.Here you go: MREC: Leaderboard: eNewsletter Spotlight: Promotion feature: Thumbnail : 500 x 500 pixels Title : 130 characters including space Artwork : 650 x 1014 pixles (Example : Click through link : Where to link to when members click on the artwork Facebook: Twitter: Instagram, Pinterest & Blog shout-out:

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Good programming skills on ActionScript/Flash required, good communication inside GMT-6 Zone via SkyPe/Email and strong sense of commitment is a must for this project... the target platform for this game will be Adobe Air on Android and IOS...DETAILS: I want to develop a language learning game, it won’t be anything too complicated, just clicking/touching logic and no complex animations or 3D at all… I need it to have multiple levels with 6 question each, each level with its questions will be declared within an XML file, the idea of the structure of that XML is described in the attached files…Every particular question inside each level will behave different from each other…General remarks:Keep score and level position on SharedObject…A reset score/levels button (but with the confirmation screen) should be added in the first screen on the gameEvery correctly answered question will raise up the score by 100 pointsA help button from main screen (just leave a Blank MovieClip for this)** Question 1 (“Initial Sounds of words”): 1.A - Load the 3 words from tag from the XML and play audio file from tag, show the 3 words in the center of the screen as the image “S3”1.B - Expect the user touching the first letter of the 3 words, If correct play “OK” sound (from audio folder), change the color of the letter to dark/green (leave it as variable somewhere in code) and also show the “OK” Image on the right of the screen (As Image S3)If wrong play “Wrong” sound (from audio folder) and show the “Bad” Image 1.C - When done touching the correct letters load a small MovieClip that loads an image from Tag from XML and also load the text as shown in S4 picture, show this movieclip only for about 4 seconds…1.D – After showing for 4 seconds the movieclip, put a “Reward” on the top/left of the screen as shown in “S2 Picture”, prices will be cumulative when playing each level, will reset after playing question 6 and going to the next level.** Question 2 (“Final sounds”):Same behavior as Q1 but on 2.B – Expect the user to touch the last letter from each word, Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies** Question 3 (“Touch all letters except the first one!”):Same behavior as Q1 but on 3.B – Expect the user to touch all letter from each word except the first one!, Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies** Question 4 (“Touch all letters except the last one!”)::Same behavior as Q1 but on 4.B – Expect the user to touch all letter from each word except the last one!, Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies** Question 5 (“Discover the magic word”)::Same behavior as Q1 but on 5.B – Expect the user to touch one word (the correct one will be loaded from XML as Tag is declared) Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies** Question 6 (“3 Words linking”)::6.A - Load the 3 blocks into the screen from XML as shown in “S6” picture..6.B - Expect the user to touch one word (the correct one will be loaded from XML as Tag is declared) Same Play “OK” / “Wrong” behavior applies like other questions6.C and 6.D … Just like other questions6.E – After showing the last MovieClip “Reward won”… Load an external SWF file animation and show it for about 5 seconds, as shown in picture “S7” (Like a small window only in that area)… and then load the next question from the next level, reset the rewards won in this level and keep track of the advance in the game within a sharedobjectIMPORTANT: I Will provide template and source code of other functional applications like this one previously created by other developer that will speed up development of this…Further details/source code/paperwork could be provided upon winning the bid

  • $70 AUD In Progress

    Hi there,I need to insert a 360 degree product exterior virtual tour inside a panoramic virtual tour.Using panoramic and 360 objectVR software I have created two virtual tours. They are in two folders The first folder contains the panoramic virtual tour files. The second contains objectVR files. They can be found here ... woud like the interactive ObjectVR to be displayed in the SAME window as the panoramic virtual tour. Currently in the virtual tour there are two thumbnails to the right. I would like you to add a third thumbnail. This new thumbnail, when clicked, should open up the ObjectVR in the panoramic virtual tour window. There may be an issue with the navigation buttons between the two groups of files because they are different. If possible I would like the buttons in panoramic virtual tour to also work for the objectVR. The original objectVR buttons can be removed.Please see the attached file showing what the project should look like.The finish files MUST be desktop iphone/ipad/mobile compatible.Only bid on this job if you have virtual tour experience and are 100% certain that you can complete this job. When you bid, please explain your experience working with virtual tours/ virtual tour software. I have a $70 budget for this project although there is a possibility of ongoing work.

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress your mouse over the left-most word, then below, you will see some words appearing.I want to change 2 of them.I checked that they are texts. I tried to edit one of the words like this: (This is wrongly edited.png)You see, one word appears in a wrong position.Although the texts are written in Korean, no problem at all. We will work through screen sharing, so that I can directly copy-paste the new word to you while working. Or, you can simply teach me how to edit the text. Or, you can just put any English word to there and later teach me how to change them. I am easy to work with. Don"t worry.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hi:I need some flash task done. Its mainly very basic image sliding, fed in fed out task but in a little different layout. Please check the attachment to get he idea what need to be done. I will provide all graphic elements. You will only have to develop the flash animation and linking.Do not post generic bids. a small brief on what you understand by checking the attachment is preferred. I will hire only you have more than 5 good ratings.Low but reasonable bid is most welcome.

  • $842 USD In Progress

    The Application Features are:1- Dynamic Logo, Color Scheme, and Options.2- Capture photo from Windows 8 Camera.3- Application built on Flash or Windows 8 App.4- Editing photo by adding some accessories (Glasses, Hat, Bag ...).5- The ability to adding & removing accessories as PNG files from settings.6- Exporting photos as image.7- Printing final photo.8- Sharing photo on Facebook profile.

  • $174 USD In Progress

    We are looking for someone to design a map for us - we are a small real estate company looking for a dynamic way to showcase our portfolio of properties on a map. Our web address is and we are currently using a GoogleMap as a placeholder. Our goal is to have a simple map with our properties located on it using some sort of star or pin method, and give the user the ability to click on a property pin and have information regarding that property pop up underneath the map. An example of the type of map we"re looking for can be found here:

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress


  • $84 USD In Progress

    DEVELOP AN EXCELLENT-LOOKING FLASH ANIMATION SWF FILE, WITH 7 MULTIPLE FRAMES OF COUPLES ROTATING SEQUENTIALLY FROM ONE TO THE OTHER, like the following: OR OR , for use on my Dating site"s index.php page, for showing to the site audience, as well as for my internal pages" TOP HEADERS.You can use THOSE SIMILAR IMAGES SHOWING ON , WHICH YOU CAN READILY COPY AND PASTE OVER INTO YOUR NEW FLASH FILE, AS MY PICTURES NOW !!! Of course, I would expect some touch-ups and refinements to make these more SPECTACULAR-LOOKING AND PROFESSIONALLY ENHANCED IN APPEARANCE.I would like 7 frames showing on the FLASH ANIMATION SWF FILE.Please Check the EXAMPLE SCREENSHOTS of GOOD FRAMES THAT I MEAN.Use the REST OF THE GOOD EXAMPLES READILY FROM this Url: TO BUILD YOUR FRAMES.Once done for my Index.php page, you may need to resize it a bit to work as the TOP HEADER for my internal site pages as well.Note: If you think you will be stuck with using EXSTING IMAGES with BLURRY LINES CROSSING OVER THE ORIGINALS from , then don"t bid, cos it is not so simple !See the examples below.

  • $63 USD In Progress

    as we discussed for the 5 sets of banners...

  • $150 USD Today

    We have a Flash project which is an Icecast mp3 stream player (actually, its 3 variations of the same mechanism) which uses the URLRequest method to play the audio stream ( doesn"t work for us because it require the stream to be reloaded every x minutes to avoid memory hog.We need a developer to switch the audio processing to netStream Progressive Download so it won"t need to be reloaded every x minute, and adjust the events from the old URLRequest event to the new netStream.we have an example of a netStream player code but no idea how to implement it.Must be PROVEN experience with flash, actionscript and NetStream.

  • $20 USD/hr 4 days ago

    Looking for an Expert Flash Dev who is familiar with the Facebook Flash API.Please bid if:- You are an expert with Flash animations and ActionScript- You are also an expert with Flash Facebook SDK- You are an individual (companies and teams not wanted for this job)To be considered for this work, answer two simple questions via PM:1) Why are you a reliable person?2) What makes you an expert Flash dev?Please mention the word accuracy in your bid or private message, so I know you read this. Please bid for 4 hours to start with. Random bids will not be considered. 4 hours of your time and then we see how the results are (the right dev will have many days or even weeks of work from this in the future).

  • $555 USD 4 days ago

    design a flash application tat compact with Android phone, The application is about LRT (MRT or Train) guide. A Mobile Based Multimedia Application for LRT system and virtual Tour Guide, The apps will guide users to reach from 1 destination to another. The Application also allow user to know the information of each station for example place to visit and price of the fare. more nformation pls read the PPS attached

  • $25 USD 4 days ago

    I have an existing .fla file and need it updated with an updated theme, and updated pictures... the animation in the .fla file can stay the same.Would need the .fla file back, and the .swf file as deliverables.designer would have to pick the best pictures (~7 should suffice) from the following link, would need to include a zip file of the pictures selected for the flash file.and would really like a quick turnaround ~ 2 hours

  • $30 USD 4 days ago

    I want to get in touch with a flash developer. that"s all.thanks

  • $250 USD 4 days ago

    Need to change a link in a flash file but I do not have source file.

  • €600 EUR 4 days ago

    Hello. I need a project of webcam live effects . It must display the image of user"s webcam, and allow to add effects on the fly. At least 30 effects needed.I also need to send it over a netstream to a streaming server (I will help on this)I will need the source code in AS 3.For some photo effects idea, you can access this page:,

  • ₹80000 INR 4 days ago

    Project – CBT, WBT, Training Module, Software DemosEdupotion e-learning s services: which is the future of all e-learning courses. We are a Delhi based company that has a vision to help students from all nooks and corners to excel in all subjects by a comprehensive training. Our high quality Online Educational Content has been able to help quite a number of students in reaching their goals. Interesting courses and innovative ways of training have made it possible for us to extend our services to students in the U.S. and the U.K. primarily. In addition to this we also provide all sorts of Software and IT services that include software development, management and testing as well. Our Online Educational Content has proven to be extremely helpful for students primarily in U.S. and U.K. Our innovative e-course structures and modules have made it possible for students who follow these courses to [earn in an effective way. The course material is interesting as it encourages students with a positive curiosity that makes students seek knowledge on their own. NIIT Technologies: Global IT services and software solution providers like application development management, BPO Services, SAP Solutions, SAAS,NIIT Technologies is a leading IT solutions organization, servicing customers in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. The Company offers services in Application Development and Maintenance, Managed Services, Cloud Computing and Business Process Outsourcing to organizations in the Financial Services, Insurance, Travel, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing and Distribution and Government sectors.The Company’s deep domain knowledge and new approaches to customer experience management with robust outsourcing capabilities, and a dual shore delivery model, have made NIIT Technologies a preferred IT partner for global majors in these chosen industries. Profound and enduring customer engagements have become a hallmark of NIIT Technologies. Skill Vantage Learning Solution Pvt. Ltd. Project – CBT, WBT, Training Module, Software Demos Role: Animation Co-ordinator.Environment: Photoshop, Flash, sound forge, Captivate, Windows XPDescription: Skill vantage is a Pvt. Ltd. company which was created to plug the learning gaps, may it be in corporate, educational institutions or Government organizationsWe help organizations manage and improve their knowledge capital. The services and the solutions we offer has been listed in the other pages.MBD ALCHEMIE PVT. LTD Web Site: Project – CBT, WBTRole: Animation Co-ordinator.Environment: Photoshop, Flash, sound forge, Windows XPDescription: An Academic revolution, a unique, integrated learning concept that is built to Teach, Evaluate, & Enhance, a comprehensive learning program. A one point solution. To learn & excel. An unparalleled platform for education. MBD plays the role of the catalyst that transforms Base metal (Raw Talent) to Gold (Achievers) Turn 2 Gold with. AlchemieETERNAL SOLUTIONS Project – CBT, WBTRole: AnimatorEnvironment: Photoshop, Flash, sound forge, Windows XPDescription: Knowledge has always been created and spread in various forms. Right from the days of Gurukul, as we can remember, Knowledge has been imparted using various methods of training. Content, as Knowledge information is generally referred to, has been used to reach out to information seekers in different Academic circles. Eternal Solutions seeks to provide complete Knowledge based Content services to its customers. We believe "KNOWLEDGE LEADS TO SOLUTIONS…" We leverage our experience and expertise in training, content authoring and delivery to provide Knowledge based content services to our Customers.

  • $600 USD 4 days ago

    The application should work as follows: the user must break an easter egg. From 10 to 10 breaks, a user wins a prize (there are several prizes). If the user doesn"t win, a message appears on the screen. If the user wins, he can download and print a voucher. There can be only one win/IP. We provide the graphics. We need it by 22nd of April.

  • [Sealed] 4 days ago

    Flash Form to integrate in FacebookI need a simple customizable flash form that should be displayed in Facebook.Needs be customized on the fly•2 text field (header & intro text) ((Font style, color, size), Display Y/N & text))•2 Input field (name & email) ((Font style, color, size), Display Y/N & text))•1 Button ((Font style, color, size) Button Color & text))•Video (Youtube ID, Display Y/N)All the customization information’s are stored in a mySQL-DB The flash form should pass all GET vars that he become to a defined PHP form . Source code need to be delivered.

  • $12 USD/hr 8 days ago

    Hello there,I am looking for a developer proficient in Multimedia Fusion 2 to build a small game. Project is urgent and needs to be completed in no later than one week.More details upon request.Look forward to working with you! :)

  • $150 USD 8 days ago

    Dear friends,I wanted to develop a small flash interface which can do the following.1) Display input image (always portrait image) 1.a) Image path given as parameter of swfobject from server 1.b) Example image attached "82.jpg"2) Read input xml file from server 2.a) xml file path given as parameter of swfobject from server 2.b) Please open the attached example xml file "82.jpg.xml"3) Display the coordinates given in the xml on the image 3.a) To better make sense of the xml sheet, please see the image "face+coordinates+name.png"4) Allow user to move the coordinates 4.a) Please see the attached "pm_interface_coord_correct.vsd"5) Once done, write the xml back to the server6) Double check the xml is written successfully.7) "POST" to ASP.NET server 7.a) The server is ASP.NET, but I can help you with the aspx part.8) Display loading animation based on the input face image (you can be creative here)This interface will be used in the website "". I request you to please use the "" once, so that you will get a hang of it. All flash interface of pinkmirror is of 900x600px size. I am looking for an expert who got a good sense in developing interfaces which is intuitive and less effort for users to use it. It will be very helpful for me to decide who will help me with this project, if you can please showcase your previous projects related to this project.Few things I would like to indicate is,1) The project may be iterative to make it perfect. You have to please be cooperative with me until the successful completion.2) Rare bugs and issues may be reveled over time of 3~9 months of intensive use. I request you to be available to fix those.3) The interface should work in any desktop browser such as chrome, firefox, ie, safari, etc.4) If the project goes well, several more projects to follow.Happy bidding, Happy work, Happy life :)

  • ₹20000 INR 9 days ago

    Hi,Please read posting entirely.I am looking for someone good with facebook API, specially creating simple educational games, using drag and dropExample games: - Word and Definition Matching using drag and drop functionality - Configurable crossword Puzzles, for which combination can be changed time to time, through configuration or xml Developed games should work using configuration or xml. I would expect complete instruction how that should be changed. E.g. You develop a crossword game, I will create multiple crossword games with various combination of words and questions, number of questions or words can vary. Use "24x7coach" as your first word in your proposal.Once the user plays the game, he/she should be able to score it, review results (right/wrong), compare with answers.Apply only if you have done similar works and can do this with low cost but with quality. Mention your samples in your proposal. More details can be provided for shortlisted candidates.thanksGopi

  • $8 USD/hr 13 days ago

    HIHello all i have slider that build in flash and i want change the images of that slider.I will provide you source file.its more than 20 mint but i not know flash.if any one can help please contact can also check the attach source file.thanks

  • $500 USD 18 days ago

    Start-up animation production company seeks talented developer to convert flash game into app for Android and iOS.Game is supplement to TV project being pitched to networks, studios, and production companies in the US, Canada, and Europe.Must have samples of work available via attachment or link.Start-up is NYC based, but talent will work remotely. Job will start immediately upon candidate selection.

  • €500 EUR 19 days ago

    We are planning to offer a web application that will give access to famous songs and lyrics to our customers, for karaoke style usage.We are interested on the flash actionscript part of the application only with the following specs* ability to synchronize text with music.* text will be stored in a standard format.* text will be displayed word by word as the music plays.* play stop pause record buttons.* must record voice from the users microphone* after the user records his song the application must store the sound file on the server.* songs to play/record must be given to the flash application by parameter or some other more efficient way.Please only bid if you are 100% confident you can code this site and if you can get things done in a timely manner. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid request does not have complete details. Should a dispute arise and this project go into arbitration "as is", the contract"s vagueness might cause it to be interpreted against you, even though you were acting in good-faith. So for your protection, if you are interested in this project, please work-out and document the requirements onsite.## Deliverables1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): 3) For web sites or other server-side deliverables intended to only ever exist in one place in the Buyer"s environment--Deliverables must be installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer"s environment.

  • $500 USD 19 days ago

    I need someone to followup the work of an un-responsible freelancer - tarekahmed ( !!!I awarded him ( and he has built the databases and a dummy flash. His first and second round development is very fast which was impressed me so, I don’t mind to give him a full-paid. However, he was sick during last Christmas and we both agree to postpone the deadline to Feb. He did reply me in the earlier Feb but after the deadline of feedback from (2x-Feb), he didn’t reply my email, Skype or internal message through even I offer him an extra award.1) Amendments (see attached PDF which he has done some points already;2) Batch upload Excel to the database;3) De-bug or further amendments.

  • $100 USD 20 days ago

    To design a website. I will provide the content for the website. I will also provide the domain.You will need to1. use either HTML5 or Flash2. needs to be 6-7 pages3. provide pictures 4. design business logo.5. design the contact form. The key details I can provide.6. provision for webmail in the domain selected.7. professional business lookIn the end, I want the website to be published. The website need not be flashy with animation. Simple and professional is good.

  • $200 USD 20 days ago

    ok i run a small site that i would like a video made to put on the site and also on you tube to explain what we do . an odd job ? post it on our site and the bidding starts we find you the best bid---------------------------------------looking to earn extra cash ?find quick jobs on to earn extra to win the work.i dont have high --------------------------------------------------thats basically what the sites about i need a cartoon/anaimated ad explaining this some how.thanksi dont have high budget for this has to include our logo on the site

  • $250 AUD 22 days ago

    The project is to design and develop a short educational Arabic game. I am working on a big educational project that focuses on teaching Arabic to children in a fun interactive way. So I will select a few freelancers for this project but I will then select one or two freelancers to work on the remaining project. Which I anticipate to be over 100 games. What I am looking for.* good communication skills.* creative ideas (I already have games in mind but I would also like some more ideas)*works quickly and efficiently.*competitive prices as I need to budget for this project.*knowledge of the Arabic language is NOT essential as I will provide that information. But it will help if the freelancer had some knowledge of Arabic.What you must include in your proposal or I will not consider you for the job.*what experience you have or anything that may help me consider you for the job.*if you have any knowledge of Arabic*your time frame to complete one game (app runs for 5minutes) if you have any questions please ask . Thanks

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Software Developer

Apr 2006 - Mar 2007 (11 months)

Tata Interactive Services

Lead Developer for various e-learning projects with XML that supports multi-languages.<br /><br />Manage a team of 4-7 developers for executing multiple projects.

Flash / Web Developer

Jan 2005 - Mar 2006 (1 year) /

Worked as flash / game developer for one of the top known online gaming portal.<br /><br />Handled the game concepts and design the game flow scripts.<br /><br />



University of Mumbai



Flash MX 2004 Developer