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Mathematical modeling, and Engineering simulation

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Location: KANPUR, India

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  • $5 USD
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    15 days ago

    After the auction the freelance don't know how make the work.5$ to close the dispute&hellip;..Stay far away<br/>

    Project Description:Model express in mathematics and physical formulas to an Hydraulic plan and his energy. In particular i&#039;d like that every aspect connected to the frictions and the real operations is analyzed. The input of system is an periodic acceleration and the movement of a mass connected to a Hydraulic Piston...
  • $63 USD
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    19 days ago


    Project Description:Please have a look at the attachment and let me know
  • $28 USD
    Profile image for Seller nezaralsultan


    26 days ago

    Excellent work and on time and budget. Will re-hire for similar projects.<br/>

    Project Description:Need to write Physics lab report as per the attached Lab procedure as well as the manual instructions. Also to show full calculations, analysis, errors, discrepancies and uncertainties, graphs, data Table, etc...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller Xarraar


    28 days ago

    Mr. Chandra is part of our team. He has been very co-operative and understanding person.................<br/>Always a pleasure dealing with Mr. Chandra.....................<br/>Superb Performance......................

    Project Description:As discussed....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller faisalasif91


    Feb 15, 2014

    Great work, Highly recommended ..will work again for sure

    Project Description:I have some airfoil dat .. need the polar curve and graph (jpg format also ok), you just need to modify One airfoil and compare one to another small work. neeed right now ,dont bid high for this small...
  • $260 USD
    Profile image for Seller nikhiltechnology


    Jan 26, 2014

    Good work asaspected !!<br/>Good work done as expected<br/>Good work done!!<br/>good work done<br/>nice to work with him<br/>good work done, I will get all the issues resolved today<br/>good work!!<br/>good getting all the work done!!<br/>Good job!!<br/>Good work again!!<br/>Good work, keep it up, I have more work for you<br/>Good Job!!<br/>Good work as per expectation !!

    Project Description:Mat-lab Network Simulation with file transfer Multipath routing showing file transfer between two PC
  • $885.5 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Newwaychopper


    Jan 9, 2014

    This project is not finished only a progress payment ha been made of $150.00.this is supposed to come from funds for solid model drawing which is an extension of the rotorhead project please fix this it is difficult to make progress payment through your system without this happening thanks George

    Project Description:Design Fully articulated Rotor system:-suitable for experienced Aeronautical / or Aerospace engineers or those with a high degree of mathematical and engineering skills who can understand all the requirements...
  • $21 / hr USD
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    rbt79 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 5, 2014

    The project has not completed according to specifications<br/>

    Project Description:The details for the simulation project is given on the attached paper.
  • $79.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller easy1221


    Dec 26, 2013

    very good

    Project Description:This is simple discussion. Prove or disprove: It is feasible to implement a cost effective MMIX CPU with today&#039;s technology&quot;
  • $113 USD
    Profile image for Seller arshadsamra


    Dec 16, 2013

    great job...

    Project Description:The process must be according to this: Process 1-2: The working liquid is pumped from low to high pressure. Process 2-3: The high pressure liquid enters a boiler where it is heated at constant pressure by an external heat source to become a dry saturated vapours...
    bchandra1955 has not completed any projects.
  • $30 USD In Progress

    I need a simple literature review of purely-analog electronic implementation of fractional-order elements. I just need you to identify the papers available in literature, and indicate a summary about the paper you&quot;ve found. Of course, you need to indicate what papers are already available.No need to format the paper properly as a technical report since it will only be for my personal use. I just basically need to know what is out there?The output of your work will just be an MS Word file. If you can work on this research, please bid.

  • $214 USD In Progress

    A Reaction Wheel Pendulum is a standard topic in most physics courses because it includes some physical subjects such as the simple harmonic motion, the period of oscillation, the acceleration of gravity, the center of mass, the moment of the inertia and momentum. The reaction wheel pendulum adopted in this project has a motorized propeller at the center of wheel so it can lift the pendulum after given voltage. This concept of pendulum system is useful and can be applied in real life. The reaction wheel pendulum system has many applications such as measurement, scholar tuning, coupled pendulum and entertainment.The control problem in driven pendulum system is controlling the pendulum behavior, such as the stability, rise time and overshoots with adjusting the given voltage.LQR controller is Linear-quadratic (LQ) state- feedback regulator for state-space system, appropriate matrix Q and R to enable system to achieve optimal stability by modifying weights in the matrix Q and R corresponding variables. The purpose of this project is to design LQR for stabilizing a reaction wheel pendulum. The pendulum with this controller reaches a steady-state angle with desired transient response.

  • RM833 MYR In Progress

    Reaction wheel pendulum or known inertia wheel pendulum as is similar to inverted pendulum but this reaction wheel pendulum using a dc motor which is attached to its reaction wheel or disk.In this project there are two main things which need to control there are - swing up control and stabilization control when the pendulum is at an upright position by using Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR).This is the example video of Reaction Wheel Pendulum...

  • $450 USD/hr In Progress

    As discussedi want to contact to you Mr Chandra sir;i want to meet to you for our carriermy name vimal singhmy contact no 8960630836plz send me a call or your addressi want to meetplz sirThank&quot;s

  • $55 USD/hr In Progress

    Need to discuss about Advance Finance and management..................................................

  • ₹5263 INR In Progress

    want t solve ode using boundary conditions manully .draw graph in mathematica

  • $14 USD/hr In Progress

    HiVERY URGENTLY need some expert with knowledge of Vectors in mathemeticsPlease get the details from need to get Ques.tion b and d first of all done so get them done and rest later on.It is based on quaternions.If agree to this then only reply back. the deadline to do them is in few hours from nowThanks

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    Mat-lab Network Simulation with file transferMultipath routing showing file transfer between two PC

  • $98 USD In Progress

    Simulation and writing project Please see attachment for complete detailSolution must be accurate Power and Energy DivisionMSc Renewable Energy EngineeringMSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

  • $6 USD/hr In Progress

    As discussed complete the assignment

  • $105 USD Yesterday

    Hi freelancers,I need help with this assignment. The details are attached.Regards,James

  • $105 CAD Yesterday

    Project description document is attached with this project Please have at it and let me know

  • $184 USD 2 days ago

    I have drawn a detailed model in Sketchup of a Road bike and I need this to be converted into an Autocad 2D drawing for the frame builder. Notation and format must be similar to the file attached. The freelancer should supply DWG and DXF files.

  • $98 AUD 2 days ago

    Looking to get this project completed with all the working I need. It is a 3rd mechanical engineering project for mechanics and materials. I have the results and it should be fairly simple, should take no more than 2 hours. Willing to pay $100. A background in mechanical engineering is required. This project needs to be done ASAP and work can be started immediately, finish it as quickly as possible and you will get paid. The project is in a word document below and I have the measurements required to answer all the questions. Download:

  • $247 USD 3 days ago

    I need to convert the attached code from Gauss to MATLAB. There are two different sets of code but they are pretty similar.The programmer should be able to -re-write code-reproduces the results in the test Matlab-modify the documentation (if required)The code is not very long and I am on a deadline. I will award the project quickly and expect back quickly.If work is done successfully, I will have similar conversion required in the near future which I can award again.

  • $526 USD 3 days ago

    I would like you to create a labview based controller interfacing with an arduino MEGA 2560, That will have multiple PID&quot;s, servo valve controls, Heater Element (Amperage)Controls, Liquid volume measurement, Pump switching etc. I have an example I would like to copy here is the link to what this user has created.I have also attached some screenshots of his work, At this stage I am looking for just the front end screen controls to be made (as they are custom tanks etc), and advice on which shields, sensors, microcontrollers and why we should use on the arduino to make it all work, and then we can continue on from there.i am not expecting you to supply any hardware, just the programming neccesary to make it work, and the diagrams on how to wire it up.Here is the link to the forum of the original creator attached is the photos of how I would like the labview control to look

  • $242 CAD 3 days ago

    A matrix system that allow me to track employees a employee management system , the training they have, dates of training expiration dates. Must be able to add people and edit history..Must be able to do with multiple customers. this is for a health and safety management system.

  • $79 USD 3 days ago

    Make a model of a village with regard to solar data and energy demand. Solar data will be given. Energy demand will need to be estimated with respect to the given situation.More details will be given upon interest.The model and all the graphs should be made in Matlab so knowledge in this software is necessary.It is advantageous if the freelancer has previous experience in energy demand and supply calculations in households.A variable analysis is also included in this project.

  • $200 USD 3 days ago

    The details are in the attached files.It needs to be done in Matlab.

  • $289 USD 3 days ago

    Hi !! I need matlab coding done for a project in sensor networks. Implementation, coding, results. Basic algorithm and objectives of work will be provided.Thanks.

  • $59 CAD 3 days ago

    This project is a continuation of ANSYS-workbench project. The project has a cylindrical piezoelectric layer in a 3 layers cylinder or fiber. Sketch (to imagine and simplify the model):Draw a rectangle.Draw 2 circles. (separated by a distance d from (centers)Solid model:An isotropic composite matrix material (plate like)

  • €33 EUR 3 days ago

    ATV Quad mechanic and small engine machines in Ireland

  • $13 USD/hr 3 days ago

    Looking for support from experienced Mechanical engineer for project support, he should be expert in gear design, engineer who worked with watch industries he will be preferred, interested engineer can send the details.details will be provide after detail discussion.

  • $79 USD 4 days ago

    Hi freelances,I need help with this assignment. 1750 words.The details are attached.Regards,James

  • $52 USD/hr 4 days ago

    Hi MUST BE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER AND/OR ARCHITECT LICENSED TO PRACTICE IN ONTARIO, CANADA TO BIDWe are a professional design firm with over 25 years of experience and over 3000 projects successfully completed throughout Ontario. We have offices in Sudbury an Toronto. Due to a rapidly expanding client base and size of projects our clients are developing we are currently looking to retain the services of a Professional Engineer and/or Architect licensed to practice in Ontario.CanadaWe are open to the type of business relationship to establish with this individual, whether it be as a sub-consultant, contract work, employee or even potential partnership.A bit about us and our staff. Our staff includes Architectural and Civil Engineer technologist with of 60 years of experience in various facets of the construction industry including Municipal Building Inspections, Civil Inspections, Design and Code Consulting. The bulk of our work is residential including single family and multiple family residential. We also due a limited amount of commercial work but will be pursuing these types of projects more aggressively should we be successful in finding the right individual. The work involved will not be complicated from and Engineering or Architectural perspective but it will be plentiful and will hopefully become more interesting and larger as we progress. We are a equal opportunity employer and would welcome applications from any visible minority.If interested please submit your resume, type of work you are potentially seeking/interested (contract, employee, partnership) and some of the projects you have worked on.Thank you for your time

  • $38 USD 4 days ago

    I need a project with two spreadsheets: one to describe the pendulum movement and all the physics that implies, and another spreadsheet of &quot;half&quot; a pendulum (a water-wheel, for example). No macros allowed.The real objective is to determine the Force difference when the velocity is increased at all the angles.What I want: an Excel spreadsheet of a non-frictionless pendulum movement, it&quot;s oscillation, restoring force, amplitude, period, centripetal force, potential energy, kinetic energy, velocity, etc, regarding it&quot;s mass and, of course, it&quot;s length. On top of this, the change in pendulum&quot;s velocity if an external force is applied (and, of course again, it&quot;s period), during a specific arc. For example: suppose that top is 0 degrees and bottom is 180; Let&quot;s say that I apply a specific acceleration (or force) when the pendulum is at 90 degrees and I keep this force applied until it reaches 120; then I stop. What would be the bob&quot;s velocity change? What would be the centripetal force after this external force? ( I was thinking of a simple spreadsheet, where these external values would be incremented manually on each cell, with the values being added. If no external value, then 0 would be added). The objective of this is to determine the external force needed to maintain the pendulum in a complete 360 turn; it&quot;s centripetal force at various angles; it&quot;s velocity.So it&quot;s going to be a spreadsheet based on the angles (0-360, in ten degrees increment) and the resulting force at these different angles. The other spreadsheet would be a multiple pendulum, where the weight is placed on top (180 degress) and dropped at the bottom, just like a water wheel. In this spreadsheet, we can vary the number of buckets, but I would ask for the analysis of just 6 buckets and another of 8 buckets (when half of them are filled, of course). This analysis will have to consider the amount of time spent from top to bottom, so we can do a simple integration to get the energy.The analysis should contain a variable counteracting force (like a pulley, a generator or something), and what would be the wheel&quot;s angular velocity based on it&quot;s length, and the resulting kinetic energy and torque at the shaft, the counteracting force and the top-bottom time. ***MILESTONE RELEASE POLICYWhat I need is the project to be done. Completely. Fully. Working. In all it&quot;s extent. Period. I don&quot;t want half of a project, or a partial schematic, or partial code, or partial something whatever. What I want is the FULL complete project and this is what I am willing to get and, of course, pay for.Accepting a project signifies a freelancer&quot;s agreement and obligation to deliver services that match the employer&quot;s project specifications. This includes abiding by the delivery deadline and delivering the required output in full. Milestone payments are intended to be released upon verification that all requirements relevant to the milestone payment were met. Partial output does not signify partial payment unless agreed upon by both parties beforehand.By this, I am creating one full milestone only, to be released when all that I asked for up here is delivered. This is why I tried to be so criterious about each part. No exceptions will be made. *****PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS.

  • $80 USD 4 days ago

    design the Optical Communications Systems using Matlab Simulink Models, a full report.please, check the attachment file. you should do all the requirements in the report the numbers of pages more than 25 pages.and the report should include a references.,

  • $1473 AUD 6 days ago

    Kombi van licensed as Van has been converted with seats in the rear, with seat belts. Need an engineer report to convert to passenger vehicle.

  • $251 USD 6 days ago

    Project description is provided in the handout

  • $252 USD 6 days ago

    Review for factuality and accuracy 3 prewritten articles aprox 2000-3000 words each. Reviewing accuracy of picture elements. Articles in Prezi format. Subjects-introduction to Pex tubing, LEED program (USGBC), Hybrid water heaters overview

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Jun 1978 - Mar 1998 (19 years)

Hindustan Aeronautics LImited

Here I worked in the area of transport and fighter aircraft design.<br />Took care of experimental tests in wind tunnel to assess the aerodynamics of the aerospace vehicles. <br /><br />Worked to set up a state of the art avionics lab for fighter aircraft LRU integration in a ground based facility.


Master Technique Aeronautique et Spaciale (ENSAE, Toulouse)



Indian Institute of Science


B.Tech,( Aerospace)

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur



Best Project in B.Tech


Topped in AEROSPACE Engineering<br /><br />And<br /><br />Got BEST PROJECT AWARD