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Mathematical modeling, and Engineering simulation

Username: bchandra1955

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Location: KANPUR, India

Member since: December 2009



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  • $48.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller acimshah


    23 days ago

    Was a pleasure to work with you.

    Project Description:Explanation/workout required for the attached document
  • $10.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller DiponkarSaha


    Jun 22, 2014

    nice work<br/>nice work

    Project Description:Few Autocad experts are required in my private farm who can deliver drafts within a very short time. They will be paid on hourly basis. So Autocad experts with Civil engineering background are cordially invited to my project...
  • $29.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller worldcitizen324


    May 28, 2014

    Good freelancer, will hire again.

    Project Description:Hi freelancers, I need help with this heat transfer assignment. All the details are attached. Regards, James
  • $42.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller evv87


    May 14, 2014

    He is an amazing free lancer..i worked with him for 3 projects and he did the work exceptionally well in less time promised than the committed time. i would definitely hire him and would recommend him

    Project Description:solve my project
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sarathsimhadri


    May 13, 2014

    Response was good and provides the best solution in the given time.

    Project Description:Enhancing the heat transfer coefficient of boiling in tubes
  • $100.00 USD
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    May 11, 2014

    he's a saviour, I approached him at the deadline of the project and did it so easily and quickly. His has an expertise in matlab and thermal systems. it was so good working him and Thank u Mr.Chandra.

    Project Description:optimization of thermal systems. heat recovery from exhaust air using heat pump
  • $260.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nikhiltechnology


    May 5, 2014

    Good work.<br/>Good work done as expected<br/>Good work done!!<br/>good work done<br/>nice to work with him<br/>good work done, I will get all the issues resolved today<br/>good work!!<br/>good getting all the work done!!<br/>Good job!!<br/>Good work again!!<br/>Good work, keep it up, I have more work for you<br/>Good Job!!<br/>Good work as per expectation !!

    Project Description:Mat-lab Network Simulation with file transfer Multipath routing showing file transfer between two PC
  • $105.75 CAD
    Profile image for Seller digitized1


    Apr 25, 2014

    Very professional freelancer nice working with him.

    Project Description:Project description document is attached with this project Please have at it and let me know
  • $62.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller worldcitizen324

    worldcitizen324 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 18, 2014

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:Hi freelancers, I need help with this assignment. The details are attached. Regards, James
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller attiliopiccolo10


    Apr 1, 2014

    After the auction the freelance don't know how make the work.5$ to close the dispute&hellip;..Stay far away<br/>

    Project Description:Model express in mathematics and physical formulas to an Hydraulic plan and his energy. In particular i&#039;d like that every aspect connected to the frictions and the real operations is analyzed. The input of system is an periodic acceleration and the movement of a mass connected to a Hydraulic Piston...
    bchandra1955 has not completed any projects.
  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello. It is a machine design, shaft gear calculations. I have already finished some parts, and drew the design. Just the parts in yellow should be calculated. There every kind of information, formulas.. you need in the attachment

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Few Autocad experts are required in my private farm who can deliver drafts within a very short time. They will be paid on hourly basis. So Autocad experts with Civil engineering background are cordially invited to my project. Happy bidding :)

  • $10 AUD/hr In Progress

    Few Autocad experts are required in my private farm who can deliver drafts within a very short time. They will be paid on hourly basis. So Autocad experts with Civil engineering background are cordially invited to my project. Happy bidding :)

  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    Below are the information for the Kalman filter assignment. The question 1 consist of a theoretical part where from the y and z positions and the y and z components of velocity, the state vector and measurement vector needs to be writen. For a kinematic propagation model, the matrices needs to be determined, measurement model, propagation covariance and measurement covariances as well.Every aspect needs to be mathematically developped (for an easy understanding)An example of the of what is required is given page 37 (slides 162 to 164) but it need further explanation.of the &quot;Sensor & data fusion&quot; ch4-6-2014&quot; Question 2 consist of creating a Kalman filter in Matlab following the algorithm example given in page 28 (Slide 145) or page 48 (Slide 184) Justifying the use of that method over the algorithm 1 (The Matlab code must be also explained briefly). Then using the data given on the file SDF2013a.txt prove that it is working. Question 3 Add rate to the measurement vector previously found and justify teh revised filter design (including initialisation) and evaluate the effect of the change on the position estimates obtained with the data of SDF2013b.txt. Assume the range rate measurement model is R(dot) = - z(dot)sin alpha, where sin alpha =0.13100062Question 4. The north-south motion can be approximated by simple harmonic motion with angular frequency omega = 2 Pi / Tday, where Tday = 86164 s (1 sidereal day). Use this to develop a model for a dynamics-based propagation model of the z and dz/dt components, modify the filter of part 3 with this change, and then use the new filter to re-process the data of SDF2013b.txt. Show and discuss the results.

  • $80 USD In Progress

    design the Optical Communications Systems using Matlab Simulink Models, a full report.please, check the attachment file. you should do all the requirements in the report the numbers of pages more than 25 pages.and the report should include a references.,

  • ₹500 INR/hr In Progress

    Have multiple works to be done. This involves writing and re writing. Editing and checking. Want plag free content, must know the referencing styles. bidders with reviews will be preferred.

  • $214 USD In Progress

    A Reaction Wheel Pendulum is a standard topic in most physics courses because it includes some physical subjects such as the simple harmonic motion, the period of oscillation, the acceleration of gravity, the center of mass, the moment of the inertia and momentum. The reaction wheel pendulum adopted in this project has a motorized propeller at the center of wheel so it can lift the pendulum after given voltage. This concept of pendulum system is useful and can be applied in real life. The reaction wheel pendulum system has many applications such as measurement, scholar tuning, coupled pendulum and entertainment.The control problem in driven pendulum system is controlling the pendulum behavior, such as the stability, rise time and overshoots with adjusting the given voltage.LQR controller is Linear-quadratic (LQ) state- feedback regulator for state-space system, appropriate matrix Q and R to enable system to achieve optimal stability by modifying weights in the matrix Q and R corresponding variables. The purpose of this project is to design LQR for stabilizing a reaction wheel pendulum. The pendulum with this controller reaches a steady-state angle with desired transient response.

  • RM833 MYR In Progress

    Reaction wheel pendulum or known inertia wheel pendulum as is similar to inverted pendulum but this reaction wheel pendulum using a dc motor which is attached to its reaction wheel or disk.In this project there are two main things which need to control there are - swing up control and stabilization control when the pendulum is at an upright position by using Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR).This is the example video of Reaction Wheel Pendulum...

  • $450 USD/hr In Progress

    As discussedi want to contact to you Mr Chandra sir;i want to meet to you for our carriermy name vimal singhmy contact no 8960630836plz send me a call or your addressi want to meetplz sirThank&quot;s

  • $55 USD/hr In Progress

    Need to discuss about Advance Finance and management..................................................

  • $29 USD Today

    I need this task to be done in 12 hours from now. All information is mentioned in file attached.Price : $ 20

  • $55 USD Today

    Hi, I am here to hire someone who got knowledge on control system and system modelling. Its a part of a thesis. So you have to be very professional and accurate what u r witting and modelling in MATLAB and Simulink ..PM me for more details. Thanks.

  • $544 USD Today

    Homeowner seeks experienced design engineers in PV solar system design on a per job basis. Systems ranges from 5kw – 400kw.specific job for this post is a 5kw system on a residential house in US (California).

  • $98 USD Yesterday

    Provide appropriate engineering input and a technical overview to design activities undertaken by design/drafting staff residing within or outside the project team Contribute to cost estimates in small to large sized projects in collaboration with all other disciplines Ensure that the deliverables provided to the project are technically accurate, within specifications, scope, budget and schedule, suitable for the intended purpose and in compliance with quality procedures and project plans Perform design work and ensure the drafting of the pipeline alignment sheets, detailed crossings plans, and related pipeline facilities is accurate Create material requisitions and, if necessary, review quotations for compliance with technical specifications

  • $5000 USD Yesterday

    Take a new concept in child monitoring, conceptualize a working plan, construct a prototype. ..using materials that fit provided specifications.

  • $255 USD Yesterday

    Create a mass produce able design from a prototype

  • $44 USD/hr 2 days ago

    I am looking for a Industrial / Product Designer to create a kitchen appliance. The scope of work will consist of designing the initial concept / design, converting them into a CAD Model and mechanical design for manufacturing. If interested please get in touch with portfolio or examples of work in the specific field. More information will be provided later on along with an NDA. Thank you Vish

  • $7777 USD 4 days ago

    This role will develop and drive Aerospace assessments and marketing strategies to position ourselves towards capitalizing on core/ new services initiatives and technical platform opportunities, from idea generation to commercial viability in the Aerospace sector. Externally (70%), this forward-focused role will build and maintain key relationships with senior executives in the commercial Aerospace industry to understand changing customer dynamics, future trends, evolving aerospace technology and associated requirements in commercial aircraft design and development.Additional benefits included. Mandatory Interview/Applicant process

  • $255 USD 4 days ago

    I am here to hire someone, who has got knowledge about vehicle suspension system and control. I need someone who is professional at his work and attitude. The person should have knowledge on programming as well. Because he needs to perform numerical analysis using MATLAB and SIMULINK. It&quot;s a master&quot;s engineering thesis. So, quality is one of the important thing. PM for more details. I will tell you the full project title and all the necessary details. Deadline: 4 weeks i.e. 28 days from the date project awarded.

  • $694 USD 4 days ago

    Implement and optimize an Extended Kalman Filter (Nonlinear) applied on a gyroscope (measuring rad/sec) and accelerator (measuring sin(theta in rad)) readings. The non linear version is required to estimate the impact of acceleration due to centripetal forces. The job is to formulate the motion, create the optimal filter formula, run a matlab simulation to show the results. And also recommend the sampling rate. The input for this job: gyro and accelerator readings in stand still. The output of the job are Matlab formulas.

  • $23 USD 5 days ago

    Need someone to carryout structural mechanics numericals

  • $55 USD 5 days ago

    Project Description:Project Scope.1. look at the PDF document2. review exiting part files and assembly3. drawn new parts which are sketched in the PDF4. put new parts into assembly.5. provide concept sketches in plan view, side view, isometric view and sections. Just include basic dimmensions - not workshop detailed drawing details.we requirepart files and an assembly fileplus general arrangement drawings with for instance a plan view on 1 whole page, an iso view from 1 direction A on 1 whole page,an alternative iso view on a whole page and some sections - all 1 section per page.

  • $98 USD 6 days ago

    Please find the attached files. read through the instructions.doc, rest of files are in matlab.zipi am having problem in just few lines of code so it should be a really quick and easy project. will write good review for you as well.if you are able to solve the problem attach a screenshot in messages i will award you and release the milestone instantlyThank you

  • $148 USD 6 days ago

    It is a digital communication project using matlab.The details are attached.

  • €98 EUR 6 days ago

    im looking someone to complete my gui in matlab the algorithms are already done.Please ask me for details.

  • $298 USD 6 days ago

    We have some drawings that we wants to convert from paper 2d drawings to both one 3D .part and one 2d Catdrawing. The catpart (3D) will be used in a setup later on.So one 2d drawing should be converted to a new 3D .catdrawing and one .catpart.Only catia V5 r18 or higher is accepted.Its clamping tools for turning/milling/drilling/hardening machines.Mvh/Andreas

  • $84 USD 6 days ago


  • £97 GBP 7 days ago

    It is a coursework which has 2 parts :1. Concrete structure design2. Steel structure designYou have to design both elements according to Eurocodes for a location in the U.K. I need it before 25 July 2014.If this sounds familiar please look at the attached PDF file. I have a previous coursework with similar questions to guide you, if you need an idea on how to do it.

  • £150 GBP 7 days ago

    I run a website that is centered around recruitment in the Space industry and need some help creating some industry specific content. Articles (doesn&quot;t have to be technical) concerning spacecraft missions, astrophysics, industry and recruitment.Obviously, it would a great benefit if you have some form of background in Space/Aerospace/Defense, or a keen enthusiast. At the moment I will pay for a small number of articles to begin with and if the quality is good would look to increase the budget for more.Let&quot;s see what&quot;s out there....Thanks!

  • $261 CAD 7 days ago

    In this project we study the movement of a spring pendulum. Déterminer les équations différentielles avec la deuxième loi de Newton.Vérifier les équations différentielles en les comparant avec les équations obtenues par la méthode de Lagrangien. Esquisser ces équations sur Graphmatica.Résoudre analytiquement les équations différentielles.Calculer les données et les conditions initiales qui respectent la méthode d’approximation ( compatibles). Esquisser ces équations avec Graphmatica.

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Jun 1978 - Mar 1998 (19 years)

Hindustan Aeronautics LImited

Here I worked in the area of transport and fighter aircraft design.<br />Took care of experimental tests in wind tunnel to assess the aerodynamics of the aerospace vehicles. <br /><br />Worked to set up a state of the art avionics lab for fighter aircraft LRU integration in a ground based facility.



Indian Institute of Science


B.Tech,( Aerospace)

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur


Master Technique Aeronautique et Spaciale (ENSAE, Toulouse)



Best Project in B.Tech


Topped in AEROSPACE Engineering<br /><br />And<br /><br />Got BEST PROJECT AWARD