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Quy Le

iOS and Android applications development experts

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  • $145.20 USD
    Profile image for Seller ZigsGFX


    3 days ago

    They did exactly as I wanted and worked quickly. I highly recommend their services.<br/>

    Project Description:URL Blocker for an app to block social apps.
  • $855.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller securaxl


    7 days ago

    Excellent work from a professional team. Great communication, and great design. They were extremely helpful and patiently updated the apps until completion. Thanks!

    Project Description:Hello, I am looking for an Iphone &amp; Android App that looks and has the functionality in the .jpg files. Must provide all copyright to source code, APK files, etc. for Android &amp; iPhone. Here are more descriptions...
  • $850.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gisellesg


    Jun 10, 2014

    Thank you for the good work. It was easy to communicate, fast response and good outcome. Highly recommend him to other project managers.<br/>

    Project Description:Part1: Coding the app Part2: Making the content editable by the owner. So a CMS is needed. Considering the owner is not a tech savvy person the CMS needs to be easy to operate.
  • $1210.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller TechBusters11


    Jun 5, 2014

    AAA++++These guys are awesome! Very clear communication, very quick workers and always on hand to help talk through issues. No job/fix is ever too hard for these guys :)<br/>

    Project Description:Business Locator App as discussed previously.
  • €1000.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller danielmauch


    Apr 22, 2014

    Perfect work as ever<br/>

    Project Description:like here:
  • $475.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller GrantCC


    Apr 20, 2014

    They completed the project before the deadline and were happy to make the final few changes that came up at the end of the project.<br/>

    Project Description:I have an iOS app that needs to be finished off. This requires: - 5 new screens to be created based on a existing screen. - Create new graphics (bars) for titles. - Make the expandable sections expand to the length of text...
  • $305.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stotion


    Mar 28, 2014

    Excellent coder. I'm happy with the result of my app.I was uncomfortable about the initial deposit.Excellent English skills. There was never a gap in communication.<br/>

    Project Description:I&#039;m reskinning one of my apps. Here&#039;s the PDF of the new artwork. And I would like to add an alarm so that when the timer reaches the end of time, the default system alarm will sound...
  • $550.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dravaah


    Mar 3, 2014

    Beepig delivered a fantastic end result, EXCACTLY what I was looking for, well within the timeframe. These guys are extremely talented and really know their stuff! Will use again in the future!<br/>

    Project Description:I have a working app for iPhone and iPad, where the point is that the user can load/take a photo and then place a fake magazine cover on top of this. At the moment when the user hits save, the image is...
  • $2000.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller annemarina


    Feb 27, 2014

    Very helpful. Great quality product.

    Project Description:Project for user Beepig only. Hi, Thanks for your previous bid re: iOS application development. Do you have capacity to develop this application now? Brief is as follows: It will require the following...
  • $748.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Choreographer


    Feb 17, 2014

    Amazing team, amazing communication - definetly will hire again on the next project! Thanks<br/>

    Project Description:I need a Freelancer, who can develop, a app&#039;s design, with my sketches, or his own suggestions. From Monday to Friday - ONLINE. App is for Lithuanian market, should be in two languages as a different app, on Iphone and Android...
    Quy Le has not completed any projects.
  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    As discussed with provider.This project includes iPhone/Android and CMS Admin site.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Developing a App for storing and managing recipes with images on a mobile phone

  • $16 AUD/hr In Progress

    ** Requirements Document to be Provided **- iPhone App & Android App to display information from the web back-end we have provided.

  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    Project Description: The Delivery APP &quot;APP&quot; - This is a native APP - Not a mobile websiteThe APP provides a platform to connect customers with businesses with a delivery service. Customers can use the app to find local businesses that will provide products for home delivery. APP&quot;Customer&quot; downloads and installs the APP on their mobile device. Customer opens an account by entering Name, Cell number, Email, Address, and adds a photo of themselves and of their licence. Customer is assigned a ID # in system.Customer opens the APP and chooses &quot;Place Order&quot;. enters their location. Customer is then shown a list of SUPPLIERS in their area. Each service has their own menu. Customer can adjust the geo-fence up or down, default is 50 miles.The customer chooses SUPPLIER and the desired items and submits the order. Only SUPPLIERS with Active drivers are shown to customer.If only one driver responds then order is processed and a estimated delivery time is shown. If more than one driver responds then a list of drivers is shown. Customer picks a driver order is processed and a estimated delivery time is shown. If no drivers respond then the message &quot;No One available at this time. Try another Supplier. Click Here&quot; The customer then is shown a countdown clock showing how long until delivery will be made. Customer can confirm the delivery is completed.Customer can rate the transaction out of 5 stars or report a problem. &quot;Driver&quot; downloads and installs the APP on their mobile device. Driver opens an account by entering Password Name, Email and adds a photo. Driver is assigned a ID # in system.Driver opens the APP and selects ACTIVE or NOT ACTIVE. When a qualified order is placed the APP will show an alert notifying that an order is available. Shows the order information and an estimated drive time to the location. (from Google maps API)Driver can accept or deny the order. Then enter a estimated delivery time. If accepted a countdown clock showing how long until delivery should be made is shown. On this screen a icon for a &quot;Web RTC&quot; connection to the customer. The Driver can use this to communicate directly with customer.Once delivery is made clock stops when Driver GPS coordinates match delivery location coordinates or when Driver hits Completed button.If order is denied, the customer is notified and sent back to list of suppliers to choose another.WEBSITESupplier Admin Supplier opens an account by visiting website and entering Password, Company Name, Email, Address, and adds a square logo. Supplier is assigned a ID # in system.Supplier enters menu items and credit card info.Supplier enters mobile numbers of their drivers.Backend Web AdminAdmin is accessed by visiting website.Functions of backend admin are:1. View statistics - Orders placed, revenue etc.2. View Supplier Accounts3. View Driver Accounts4. View Customer Accounts 5. View problems6. Set GPS geo fence default radius (50 miles)Back end functions:Credit card payment system. Supplier pays an order fee for each order. Example $1.00 per order. Payment would be processed after first order - $10. That would leave a $9 credit in DC account for future orders. System tracks Driver delivery on time percentage - ex 85%. This number means that the Driver &quot;actual delivery time&quot; is on average within 85% of estimated delivery time.System takes rating feedback (out of 5 stars) from all customer and averages rating for Supplier.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    employee agrees to make app for my social exchange site

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Looking to create an iPad/iPad Mini app that creates and manages traffic collision reports that user creates. The app should work in both portrait and landscape mode and include iCloud backups. The user will also have the options to print the report or email it as a PDF. A &quot;report&quot; consists of 3 form pages (consisting of drop down boxes and text input boxes), as well as a section where a user can type narrative in a word-style document. When opening the app, the user will have 4 options:- Create a new report- View incomplete reports- View completed reports- Settings-------------INCOMPLETE REPORTSViewing incomplete reports shows the user a list of all the reports that have been created but not completed. The user can select a report and open it for editing. I have attached a screen shot of what this page should look like (1 - Incomplete Reports.jpg):--------------COMPLETED REPORTSViewing completed reports allows the user to view a list off all the reports they have marked completed. The user will be able to search for a specific report by keyword, date range, or report type. (2 - Completed Reports.PNG)----------------SETTINGSThe settings section include a few default settings that the user can select. (3 - Settings .PNG)----------------NEW REPORTWhen creating a new report, the user is first brought to a screen that lets them pick some options for the report. The first option will let them decide if they want to use their current GPS coordinates in the report.The second option lets them select the type of report they want to create. Different selections will auto-populate different text in the narrative portion of their report. The last option here lets the user enter dates and times that need to be included in the report. After the user makes all of the selections, they are taken to the first page of the report.PAGE 1:Page 1 of the report includes many selection boxes and text input areas. Any area that has not been complete will be highlighted red. Once the user has completed that area, it will be highlighted blue. The user will have the option to scan a 2D Barcode on the back of a Driver License and have the information obtained by the barcode imported into the PDF. I have done some research and found a company that can provide you with an SDK for the barcode scanning functionality ( I will provide the information contained in the barcodes.Along with the drop down boxes and test input boxes, there is also a section on Page 1 that allows the user to use their finger to draw black lines on a small box. I have attached a screen shot of what Page 1 will look like (4 - Page 1.jpg)PAGE 2 & PAGE 3Page 2 & Page 3 of the report will only have option boxes and text input boxes. incomplete sections will be highlighted red and completed sections will be highlighted blue. Screen shots of Page 2 and Page 3 have been attached.NARRATIVE PAGEOn the narrative page, users will be able to type the narrative portion of their report. They will need to have the options to adjust size of the text, make it bold, italic, or underlined. A sample of what the narrative page should look like has been attached (7 - Narrative.jpg)ADDING OR REMOVING PAGESThe user can add or remove pages to the report by clicking a &quot;Pages&quot; link that will be in the title bar. Pressing this slides down a section that will allow the user to add a new Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, or a blank page. Screenshot attached (8 - Add Pages.jpg)-------------During the development process, I would like to receive regular updates to the app via TestFlight. I have a maximum budget of $1,500 for this project and will not be able to accept any bids above that amount.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress have the designs, need somebody to program it. # iPhone Record AppRecord facilitates the retrieval part of an audio recording by embracing touch to record, using metadata for easy sorting, and immediately storing recordings in the cloud. **Goal: **To streamline the retrieval process of past audio recordings. **Process**: Redesign the recording process. In order to record, a user places his or her finger on the screen (the screen will turn red).When a user removes his or her finger, the recording is paused and will be resumed upon contact. By actively choosing when to record, a user is essentially editing as he or she records.When a recording is resumed, a marker is placed at the break, which will allow a user to easily skip through content upon later review.A user can also double tap the record button to have the app continue to record without contact (for longer recordings) and touch the screen to add markers. Upon completion of a recording, a user is prompted to input metadata.*Metadata* consists of a title, a set of tags, a description, a location, a duration, and a date.A* recording* consists of recorded sound, a set of markers, and metadata.A user can sort and search through recordings using by any field of the metadata.Recordings are immediately uploaded to iCloud or Dropbox, and available to share on different platforms like Evernote and social networks. Can share snippets of audio recording.A user can edit and trim recordings.[An additional, but essential feature (especially to charge for) is transcription, which is linked to the actual recording. ]Flow* Upon opening the App a user is greeted with a record button in the middle with a little swipe up button on bottom. * A user can tap anywhere on the screen to start recording or he can press the button to continuously record * To stop recording * If touch to record, let go. * If continuos, touch the sound waves. * Markers are left by: * either by taking finger off touch to record * tapping on the screen during continuous record. * To complete a recording either press the check mark or ???. * A user will then be prompted metadata.* After completing a user hits done (or check mark, I like done) and is directed to sort screen. Things to take care of* Make sure tags are linear sorted * Might not need search unless can transcribe (maybe title). Title search is key. * Settings panel, or plus button* Change background to gradient or Gaussian blur photo.* Have tags and date initially greyed out. Upon tap turn white, Sort of like solo in logic pro. * Auto add markers based on pauses* swipe a recording* favorite a recording - same job as tags, but more intuitive. * List view 88px* in list playback, 166px **Key Features*** Touch to record.* Markers to easily skip through content. * Sort via Metadata: Tags, title, keywords, location, date, etc. * Search through recordings.* Recordings are immediately uploaded to a cloud storage service and are accessible among different platforms. * Trim a recording.* Cloud integration and share.* App learns most frequent tags and allows a user to touch relevant tags. * Can listen at faster speeds. * Calendar view* Passcode lock* Integration with Evernote, Day One (if possible). * SUPER INTUITIVE* Compress dead space, automatically. **Additional Features*** Transcribe text* Can add tags via speech. Tag adds marker. * A web app to read the metadata and comment on markers like Soundcloud. * Can make each recording a collection of parts, visualized as circles. * Same product features for video. * Ability to import audio to mark it up and edit. * Can make it social to share snippets of audio, different product. * A constant recording of the most recent 60 seconds as a buffer* integration with external recorders like

  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    Other things that need to be added or should be taken into account:-The design of the app should look unique and pleasing. - QR/Barcode-The application should be able to integrate with the website, the web services are already developed-A point system where users can gain or lose points based on the information they give -A quiz where users are shown questions with multiple choices to answer.-Being able to upload a profile picture from the users gallery, social media or taking a picture with the mobile/tablet-Search option to look for information on the database -Automatic activity type recognition, being able to determine whether the user is walking/driving/using public transport etc.-Being able to use application as navigation and find out what the fastest/cheapest way is to travel (just like Google Maps) -Integrate/share the application in as many popular social media as possible-Ability to invite people and follow them (for updates about information/news)-Include a hash tags (#) and at (@) script on the website-Members can follow/add friends/build team or join a team. And invite

  • $27 AUD/hr In Progress

    I have an existing application that is built in IOS4(xcode4) and needs to be upgrades to IOS7 (xcode5).Currently there is deprecated warnings and the application doesn’t preview as it is expected to.Need to deploy it via With Ad Hoc distribution or a very quick turnaround. Within a day or two at most

  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    I need a Freelancer, who can develop, a app&quot;s design, with my sketches, or his own suggestions. From Monday to Friday - ONLINE.

  • [Sealed] Today

    Iphone app that displays table of data sourced from a webserviceWe have a detailed spec for this app, which will only be shared with the winning freelancer. All copyright and IP ownership and all rights, including all source code, will rest with us and by accepting the project, the freelancer agrees to transfer all such rights, ownership, etc.. to us &quot;the employer&quot; - including an future work derived from the development. The app is visually quite simple. It consists of just 3 screens. Main, Settings, and About. There are 3 buttons (icons not words), one for each of these screens at the bottom of each screen. Details on the About screen will be supplied during the development. The Settings screen will contain the following data: Web Settings: authtoken: U0Ss3jxxxxxxxA6fEnVB subdomain: xyz Port: 5000hostname : : fred:12345Disable Auto Sleep:On/Off (default = on) Auto Connect:On/Off (default = on) Snapshot Minutes:nnn (default = 60) The main screen will be data sourced from 2 SQLite tables that the app will maintain PLUS extra data that will come from a webservice, and then be added to the SQLite table. The layout of the main screen is a table that I have attached a description called: c-too.jpgImportant: The cell that is shown as red in the attached file, is user selectable which cell. The contents of the selected cell are to be used to update the badge.. so that number is displayed on the iphone desktop as a red number on the icon. Note - user selectable. The most important and difficult part of this project will be to port some parts of the ngrok client that provides the tunnel to the webservice. i.e. a webhook. Open source code is available for Mac OSX and other platforms.. This app does not require to make a ngrok client for IOS. Only some parts of that program are needed. For example: This app is *NOT* required to provide a web interface or forward traffic to another port.. like ngrok client does. The parts of the ngrok client that are required are only: to establish the connection, keep it open, and when data comes in.. store in in SQLite file so it can be used to get the table on &quot;main&quot; page dynamically updated. See: and for details.

  • $16 USD/hr Yesterday

    BairesDev is looking for a SR iOS developer to work remotely for clients in USA. If you have more than 5 years of experience working with iOS and want to join one of the fastest growing companies of Latinamerica get in touch with us.This project is for individuals only. If you are a company, please do not apply.

  • $12 USD/hr Yesterday

    I need a very Senior iOS Developer for a 1 and a half month project, $12 / hour

  • $3333 USD Yesterday

    Mobile Library 1. We need turnkey application, backend, API, design, and technical support. At the same site for the mobile applications we have not provided. If it is desired, please let us know, it can run in the future. 2. Functions: Read, search, shopping, filter tuning reading, listening to the sound, my library, lists of genres, a showcase, a preliminary review of the book, bookmark (I read now), a list of chapters, list of new and recommendations, content update portrait orientation for the iPad, the basic navigation. 3. Ios iPad / iPhone

  • $1666 USD Yesterday

    I need a professional app developer who can build iPhone & Android App for my wordpress music website.Design and functionality will be like an existing app (I will provide the app name if you need on message).Some of requirements:1. Facebook Login2. User should be able to create MP3 Playlist3. Filter out posts which is NOT on certain categories.4. Synchronize MP3 to be used without internet connections.Please DO NOT bid if you don&quot;t have experience of building the app for Wordpress!

  • $1666 USD Yesterday

    Please read the attached brief describing the application. Although this is listed as an app, we could also be interested in having the interface be a responsive website. We look forward to your suggestions on how to best create this connection between text message and online interface.

  • $3333 USD Yesterday

    I would like to make a fitness and gym app txt for more info

  • $833 USD Yesterday

    We are in need of an accomplished mobile action script (as3 Adobe Air) developer to build on top of an existing game template. The game is a slot machine application. The initial game mechanics and user interface have already been developed. Your job will be add the following functionality:1) Add facebook login to applicaiton startup2) When the user successfully logs in to facebook and authorizes the game, the game will call our web page api to register itself with our server3) Facebook integration: When a player wins, the game will post a status to the users facebook wall.4) When the user activates the slot machine, the game will contact our api server and will receive the result of the spin, then the game will stop the wheels on the slot machine according to the result from the api call.5) The game will award the user the number of credits, also provided from the api call.5) If the game receives the &quot;top prize&quot; from the api call, the game will display a web page (url provided by the api)6) The game will display mobile ads in banner format at the top of the screen (ad network yet to be determined). These ads will change ever 60 seconds.6) If the player runs out of credits, a full screen add will be shown to the user. After the full screen ad, the game will return to the slot machine and then additional credits will be given to the user.The requirements listed above are very high level. You must have demonstrated experience with Adobe Actionscipt 3 and experience with developing games for BOTH Android and iPhone using action script (Flash Builder).Thats it for Version 1. We have several other enchantments that will be part of phase 2. If you do a good job on version 1 you will be strongly considered for the next phase of the project.

  • $833 USD Yesterday

    Description:- An application to find restaurants and their menus based on users collaboration.- The application can randomly suggest the restaurant based on the criteria entered by the user- The application should support RTL languages with support for different localizations. Localization file should be provided- iOS and android apps, and HTML based mobile webpageUse Case Scenarios:Please have a look at the prototypePrototype from fuuid UI It should support RTL scripts. When running an RTL script, the website should be mirrored.- Localization should be considered (different languages including RTL languages)-&quot;; API integrated: should provide all source code upon completion- Moderator page that allows us to moderate entriesSuggested DB ER Diagram:

  • $277 USD Yesterday

    Hi i just need a simple app which willlet the user calculate how mich fees will be charged by ebay and paypal to them if they sell an item

  • $1666 USD Yesterday

    Hello Freelancers,This project is for iOS developers who are familiar with the CoreBluetooth framework and bluetooth low energy devices.Summary: We would like an iPhone application developed that will sync with a bluetooth low energy / BLE / bluetooth 4.0 fitness device and graphically display stored data from this device. It will also recommend a fitness plan for the individual, with daily and weekly goals computed based on the user’s desired fitness plan intensity. We have written the firmware for the fitness device, and will provide the services and characteristics UUIDs and/or work with the chosen developer to modify the GATT structure.In addition to correct functionality that I will detail below, the entire application should graphically look good. A style that I am looking for would be similar to the &quot;Details page.jpg&quot; attachment. The FitBit app would also be a good source of inspiration.The chosen Freelancer should be great with communication. Regular status updates and prompt replies to questions are required.Detailed description of application requirements follow:The data that is received from the fitness device is essentially a collection of time stamps. The hardware is counting the number of times a user performs a certain action (for example, takes a step) and records the associated time this action occurred. The application should pull all the timestamps since last sync, store this information, count the total number of timestamps pulled, compute derived metrics based on this data, and do this in the background periodically even if the app is not in the foreground on the iPhone.In all screens, the desired text, number of buttons, layout of buttons, computed metrics, etc, may change. The attached screenshots are to represent an idea, not a concrete layout.This application is to be a tabbed application, with 4 tabs - home, details, me/user profile, and settings.When the user first opens the application, it will ask them a series of questions to set up a local user profile. These questions can be seen in image &quot;initial setup.tiff&quot;. The answers to these questions are saved to the local user&quot;s profile, and can later be seen in the Me tab. See “user-profile.png”. It will then ask them to pair their fitness device, and the application will remember this device and automatically attempt to connect to it in the future when the application is opened, and during the periodic data collection mentioned above.The questions that the user answers during this setup will determine the daily and weekly goals the user will have. The goals are purely based on one metric, the number of timestamps per day. I can go into more detail about the goals after the Freelancer is chosen, but the idea is that the more timestamps the user accumulates per day, the worse they are progressing towards their goal. Lower is better. So in my example home screen “Main page”, the user’s goal was 50, but they are currently at 60. This is why the text is displayed red, and the bar graph shows green to yellow to red.The home tab displays the total number of timestamps for that day. It also shows a bar graph of that data in comparison to their goal, and some quick metrics at the bottom. These are all calculated metrics based on the one primary one, the # of timestamps.The details page shows detailed weekly graphs of the metrics by default. We would like the user to be able to see a detailed breakdown of any desired day, week, month, or year. We would also like the number of goals met out of the total days being displayed to be shown, and the total number of timestamps for that period of time. The graph should also be able to be changed to display the other calculated metrics as well. This can be seen in the images “details page”, “details page graph metric 2”, and 3.Settings page will allow pairing options for the connected device, and the ability to reset the collected data.Profile page was described above.

  • £277 GBP 2 days ago

    My app on appstore called Finches need to fix some bugs. The developer is not to find anymore and i want you to see thorugh the source code and see if you can fix some problems.the finch die when it fallsfacebook and email link to addbuy finches button not work properbuy lives not work properlymay be some other bugs you find in the appyou can download the app from appstore and find the bugs you can fix and let me know in your estimate.

  • $3333 USD 2 days ago

    A client of mine is looking to create an application where users can track moods, health, happiness, etc. Users would receive a push notification daily to answer a set of questions (rating each from 1-5). Questions would correlate to one of 3-4 factors, which would then be visible on a graph & calendar. Over time, users could see whether or not their moods, lifestyle, and health are improving or not. The client has a Magento eCommerce store where they sell nutritional products. If possible, we would like for the app to link to the customers Magento account, where they could purchase product directly from the app using the stored information within Magento. Push notifications would be required to notify the user when they are getting low on product and it&quot;s time to reorder.

  • $833 USD 2 days ago

    Simple game.A randomised 5 x 5 grid of numbers appears.The user is given a random target number between 12 and 18.The user has to draw straight lines through the numbers on the grid that add up to the target number.The aim is to get as many combinations as possible in 30 seconds.Player scores are populated onto a central league ( Game Center)Users can post their score direct to facebook/twitter if they make it into the top 10.

  • $277 USD 2 days ago

    A simple set of drop down ListsWho is eating?Just AdultsAdults with kidsWhat are you in the mood for?ChineseIndianAmerican (BBQ, Steakhouse etc)EuropeanLocalFast foodHow far do you want to travel?Less than 5 milesLess than 10 milesLess than 20 milesLess than 30 milesUsing the information selected, the app should automatically search for restaurants that meet their criteria, and list them detailing distance and trip advisor rating. It should also include a link to any menu from their website, a &quot;call&quot; button to automatically call the restaurant and a &quot;directions&quot; button to populate your maps app with the postcode.

  • $833 USD 2 days ago

    I need a programmer to program an ios app. Design, layout, graphics etx are already designed. I need someone to do the coding and turn it into an app.

  • $5555 USD 2 days ago

    We&quot;re looking to hire experienced developers to build a chat room client for iOS & Android.About us- we are a team of UI designers based in New York. Scope, specs, and UI for the project have all been laid out (including screen mock). We would love to share more about the project with qualified applicants- Please include portfolio and references to apps you&quot;ve built in the past.

  • €555 EUR 2 days ago

    It will be a very simple list of events in places that can be shown on a map (eg Google maps)...The users will be able to create these events and all the other users of the same applications will be able to see the events that i created for example.Step by step explanation (i will be the user):- The first time that i will open the application, it will prompt me a screen that will ask me some personal information (Name, Surname, User Name, Password, City of Living & Rank) in order to create my account.- After that when i open my application the first screen will have 3 buttons: &quot;Find&quot; button (to find an event)&quot;Create&quot; button (to create an event)&quot;Options&quot; button&quot;Find&quot; BUTTON:- If i press the &quot;Find&quot; a new screen will appear. There in the top will exist a &quot;find&quot; field, where i text the city which i want to search if i want to search for another city (The application will search by default my city). Under this field will appear the list of the events initially in my city as stated above and if i want to search for another city then the list of the events in city that i typed in the &quot;find&quot; field. In the bottom will exist two buttons. One named as &quot;List&quot; and another as &quot;Map&quot;. The &quot;List&quot; i explained it. If i press the &quot;Map&quot; then instead of a list all the events in the city will appear on a map.&quot;Create&quot; BUTTON:- The &quot;Create&quot; button in the initial screen will take me to a creation screen with the next fields:Place, Address, Post Code,City, Begining Time, End Time, Days of Repeat (At the Days of Repeat, it will give an option to the user to choose random days of the calendar, or repeat days into a week (eg every Monday, Friday and Saturday) and repeat option for in the day (let&quot;s say at 5 o&quot;clock and at 8 o&quot;clock in the same day), Presenter(s), Price & Name of Team (The last three fields will be not obligatory)&quot;Option&quot; BUTTON- Finally the &quot;Option&quot; button will have the options:1. Personal information (to change these will need username and password)2. Change the language between Greek / English3. Sent recommendations to me for improvements (in the form of a poll)4. Sent invitation mail to other people in order to download the application.

  • £1666 GBP 2 days ago

    I have a requirement for the following to be made similar to the following apps:They are two applications:Contractors App Box: Grid: are looking for in-app purchases as well.

  • $277 AUD 2 days ago

    Write Iphone application and UI for business services - Business concept.App should have- home page, login, user site, photo click, email send and email confirmation -

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