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Panacea Infotech Pvt Ltd

Bespoke Web Development, Mobile Application Development, E-commerce, Payment Gateway Integraiton, Me

Username: best1

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Location: Pune, India

Member since: November 2004



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  • $4000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Pavlakis19


    5 days ago

    This is by far the most professional team i have ever worked with on any project. Great communication and prompt replies, quality work, very organised and polite. I would strongly recommend them.

    Project Description:• Member profile: Create profile, Log in system, Dashboard with an overall situation of its profile, Budget System with expenses, who pays etc, Invitations system (both manual and fb integrated),...
  • kr1000.00 SEK
    Profile image for Seller bigsound007


    7 days ago

    Very Professional!

    Project Description:Hi, I am a entrepreneur and webdeveloper from Sweden. Have no time to fix this project by my self. Derfore I post this project here. First of all you must have skype and this is a serious project, so please not give me automated bids! I`m searching for a cheap long term contact...
  • $3000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller addskygoose


    15 days ago

    Good job, guys!

    Project Description:We are searching for a web-developer or team to create an advertisement site to help customers and suppliers to find each other. All registered users should be devided into 2 types with different privileges...
  • $1280.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller firbest2


    17 days ago

    Professional work done, looking forward to have a long term business relationship..A+++<br/>

    Project Description:PHP Developer: Requirements • Have an understanding of Magento cart. • Working hours 9am to 6pm GMT Mon to Friday • Knows to use PHP • Knows about HTML 5 Responsibility •Handing all technical things on our website...
  • £7075.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller Timmy1986


    18 days ago

    Very good team. I have been very pleased to work with them. I will definetely hire them again. the project has been realised beyond our expectations and in the right time range. Thanks

    Project Description:The website we are looking to create is a web-store that will sell products you have customized on the website. We would like to use an E-commerce solution such as Magento or Prestashop with a preference for the former...
  • $1950.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tousauke


    20 days ago

    excellent work, they superseded our expectation

    Project Description:online job board design and development . needs to be simple and secure , easy to manage for the job poster and the candidate. strong back end functionality
  • $3817.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller cqqlin


    Jun 24, 2014

    Thanks for best1's efforts to build our online store. Hope to start the next development phase soon.

    Project Description:Hello world, We are a new founded, growing company whose business is renting(main), selling second-handed textbooks. For that purpose, currently we are in need of an online-shop system for - all that...
  • $4650.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller cluxford


    Jun 19, 2014

    Excellent work. The team was focussed, in regular communication and very very professional. Have already hired them again since and will be formally engaging them in other projects very soon.

    Project Description:*** Please note, we have no view on the cost or timeframe to complete the app as laid out in the attached detailed 12 page brief. We do have a reasonable (in our view) but fixed budget for version one of the application, and a need to have it deployed by end Nov...
  • $1735.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller omed51


    Jun 16, 2014

    they are great team and work very good!!!

    Project Description:develop an app for iphon and android. if you can contact me on Skype then i will tell you precise what iam looking for. my skype is omed.zadran1
  • $2000.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller janeadamson


    Jun 16, 2014

    We are still working on getting our website up and running but this is purely because of the time is hasn't taken us to provide data and photos. Professional and helpful service.

    Project Description:Design new website in wordpress with approximately 25 pages
    Panacea Infotech Pvt Ltd has not completed any projects.
  • $11 USD/hr In Progress

    This is a monthly contract for 10hrs a month and 12 months contract.Job Required:1) Web Designing2) Error fixing

  • $2500 USD In Progress

    Project Summary: This project is to create a platform in the website templates but instead of programming, translation, design and other services, this new platform that will allow users to include their personal pages on facebook , youtube, blogger, twitter and others. And their &quot;skills&quot; will be the profile followers such as: daily visits, visitor profile and other levels of segregation. On the other side, visitors can filter the entries by that criteria, for example: I need a website to promote my brand to be followed by women 25-34 years unmarried without children, an algorithm will have to get pages indexed in platform pages which fit this profile and display them. This is a prototype for a larger project, who is doing this work will be rehired at other times for upgrades later.

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    Hello, I would like you to develop our company website, with 3 languages, magento ecommerce, seo friendly, responsive, social media integration, google analytics code integration. Please, consider I can provide you with every layout. Basically layout are divided in two categories: - &quot;public pages&quot;, open to everybody, where often you can find the login section- &quot;logged-in pages&quot;, where the user finds a bar, containing some &quot;personal information&quot;, that we should consider to make evolve in the future (next project&quot;). Also, there is a blog section, where you should please propose a cms (a wordpress inside the blog, a magento blog?). Wait for your feedbackPlease, tell me if everythink is ok.

  • $3090 USD In Progress

    Hello my friends, We already have a ranking-web (oldrankinghome.jpg) where people post they records sending a picture or a video. Now we want to improve the ranking and we believe it will be better to start a new project rather than upgrading the old one. We will only need to import the records from the old ranking to the new one. To get a clue of what is that ranking about, search on youtube “powerball ranking” and you will find videos that people send to us using the ranking-web.I make screen capture of the old ranking and add some features of how it should be the new ranking:Login (signin.jpg)- the user can sig in using the ranking account, facebook, twiiter or google account.- they can create a ranking account, with verify email.Private Area (private_area.jpg)- The user can modify their personal information for first time ( city and country, need it to send a record), or modify them. They cant modify city, country or clan.- The user can upload a picture or and a video, choose the category, input the record (a number) and send it (sendrecord.jpg)- The user can change the avatar picture- There is a history of the records the user send, and a chart of their evolution.The Home Rank Page (futureranking.pdf)- The ranking will display the filters the user choose, - 1- Select the category- 2- Select the filter- 3- optional: compare ( a mixture of point 2 filter)Mobile App- For android and iphone, the user is able to send a picture or video to us.Administration Area- For the first record, the administrator must aprove the record.- The pictures that the user send - are wathermarket and save it in our server. see the posibility to saved it in a google plus account.- The videos the user send, will be manualy uploaded to our youtube account. see the posibility of automatic upload waiting for aproving for publish it.- The webpage must be able to be an iframe to be embebed in other-webpages, or be alone.- An option to change the language and automated translation by google depending of the location.- Put adsense in strategic places.Of course there are details not included, but 99% of what i need is hereI[m open to clear any doubts and questions,

  • $4850 USD In Progress

    Hi, We saw that you did some Tee software. Can you tell us more about it. We are looking for exactly this solution for our local market. Please let us know which platform you used and everything we would need to know to chose you as our programming partner for this software solution.

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    I would like to build a collaboration website that is similar in nature to popular crowdfunding websites like kickstarter or However, my website will not be based on crowdfunding but rather crowdbuilding. That is to say, the site will allow a user to post a project or idea, similar to freelancer, but instead of hiring freelancers to complete the work with money, they will instead compete to become part of the project. For example, I want to build this website. Freelance website builders would offer their services in exchange for a percentage of the invention, project or idea. The whole idea is to allow someone that has a good idea to post the details about their idea and allow other individuals who have skills that can compliment the idea to become part of the team to bring the project to life. It should also have an option to allow people to fund the idea, if they do not have skills to contribute. Buying in or contributing can give contributors a piece of the company/project. This is a great platform for people that don&quot;t necessarily have money to invest but would like to work on a side project using their skills. Users that post projects that they would like to complete should post different things that they need to bring their idea to reality. For example: I need a welder. I need a business manager. I need a woodworker. I need a 3D printer. I need a project manager. I need $1000.00When collaborators/contributors create online profiles, they will add to it a list of skills they have. When someone posts an idea/project and posts the skills they need, the website should match them with users that have previously said that they have those skills. All the matches can then solicit for the chance to become a contributor. The user that set up the project can decide who to choose based on their skills/experience and whatever else appeals to them along with what the contributor says that they&quot;ll accept in exchange for the work.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    * It should be designed for mobile. * It should be enbeddable in a phonegap app.* Platform with 2 type of users: 1) merchants and 2) customers.The merchants will:1. Have a profile with basic contact info and rating/stars based on customers feedback.2. Have multiple stores. ( all the merchants are located in 1 mall, and one merchant owns multiple stores). A store offers many products.3. Be able to post daily offers.A customer will:1. See the offers posted by the merchants.2. Be able to create a shopping list.3. Be able to rate merchants.** Backbone.js and require.js a plus

  • $350 AUD In Progress

    As discussed and detailed in the contract, please design the app mockup for skedis asap.must be completed and refined and polished by 28 july maxiumthanks.

  • $3000 USD In Progress

    Update and add new features

  • $3000 USD In Progress

    This project is for Panacea - Best1 onlyI need a website similar to . It will be focused in house services and repairs. I need:- Clean and easy to use site;- Backoffice Area (where I can administrate the website);- PayPay and PagSeguro (Brazilian - I can help with it);- User Admin area;- Others caracteristics similar to Elance.The site can be built in English, but I need a easy way to translate it to portuguese as I live in Brazil.In the attached there is the discution we´ve had with all the requeriments.

  • $1546 USD Today

    We are pivoting to a B2B model and need to modify our ecommerce site to work for business customers (rather than consumers) - please check out to review the consumer build. We&quot;re using svn to coordinate the work of our distributed team - the scope of action items has been organized into projects and sub-projects.[*more details to be provided shortly]

  • $5154 USD Today

    Build an online E-Commerce Store Which is Secured, Has Social Media Integration and Shopping Cart with Payment Gateway Integration

  • $1546 USD Today

    I need someone to build me a website that look very appealing and nice to use. I want this website to be a game hosting website were people can choose a game and a server will be hosted for them. They should also be able to pay from this site. I will also need to know how and were i can host these servers from.

  • $3000 USD Today

    I need a B2B (Business to Business) - Marketplace store.I&quot;m thinking of someone being able to maybe do this as a Magento Extension(?).Features:Vendors:Multi-Vendor store (Admin should be able to limit their products)Vendor charges monthly fee and per sold article (%)Vendor has own profileVendor limits the shipping area (maybe with a map? or postal code?)Import his product database easily (via .csv?)Vendor should have his &quot;own store&quot; inside the shopProducts will be identified by EAN-Code and the shop should not list the same article multiple times Vendor can view advanced statistics/graphs about his sold products etc.Customer:Customer pays monthly fee (fixed)Referral System (Referring a Friend - No Fee for a month)Customer has NO public profile (Vendor should not be able to directly communicate with customers)Shop features:As stated above the main feature of the shop should be that the articles should be listed not the shops. The shop should be similar to Amazon (with the difference that it is B2B)

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    There is an ongoing CakePHP project that requires maintenance and new feature development. Developers should have experience with Twitter Bootstrap, CakePHP, jQuery, and SVN as a baseline. Furthermore, developers should be comfortable working with APIs to integrate data pulls. Developers must follow CakePHP coding conventions - poorly formatted code will be considered just as wrong as non-functional code. I will be doing code reviews on your daily check-ins and will expect you to learn from your mistakes.

  • $1500 USD Today

    i need some one with great experience in building websites using php and c# language and has great design also for making website for small and medium companies with also enabling to design logos and broacher&quot;s and salary will vary upon the project size and time ,the important thing is timely delivery matter if interested send me some of your previous work we will reply to you within 4 working days about confirmation on selection,regards

  • $2500 USD Today

    *** Disclaimer You MUST live in the US. Right now I have a website called This is a pornographic website and I am an ex porn actress. I would like to take this site from the porn web guys (I own the domain) and re-create it to something much more R-Rated, rather than X rated. 2 other websites that I run through Big Commerce right now are and I am VERY particular, selective and love clean and beautiful interfaces with user friendly systems. The back end of this website would be very complex.Imagine if and I all had a baby together, that&quot;s what I would want this website to be. I want this website to offer:-A webstore with our own checkout system, not 3rd party-Personal Messaging System with fans-Fan Forum-A way to cell phone calls, texts, face times, Skypes etc-A membership program just as Delta has for members so like, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond and a way to keep track who&quot;s earned what and how many points they&quot;ve recieved to reach the next level.-Photo Albums of photos (nothing more than R rated)-Videos to access directly on the website with commentary available that is run soley off the website, not through Youtube or anything like that.-A way for me to Micro blog on there (not through Twitter)I could go on for days. I don&quot;t want to put everything out there as this is all confidential. I came here to find someone that is not porn affiliated. As many of you know, those porn websites and sloppy just not good in general.Again, this is not a porn website and yes this is Bree OlsonWhomever I hire, if you do very well, I&quot;d like to bring you on long term to do the upkeep of such an extensive website.

  • $2500 USD Yesterday

    I need a website built based on I need this site reverse engineered and setup in HTML5 or WordPress. The functionality needs to be the exact same, but the colors, logos, etc. will be changed.It needs to have all the exact same functionality, layout, and a very similar design. We will be adding additional features, tabs, and content later so the site needs to be simple enough for another developer to see it and add the new features when needed.

  • $773 USD Yesterday

    We&quot;re looking for a Magento expert who is used to creating bespoke themes and/or working with Bootstrap.We have a simple website selling e-cigarettes and e-liquid with a handful of products at the following URL: like the simple Bootstrap look and feel and want this ported to a Magento store. We will specifically require you to:1. expand on the design to add categories and product pages (TBD)2. incorporate a top navigation mechanism3. setup some discount options within Magento4. setup shipping handling (we are in the UK and use Royal Mail)5. advise and help integrate a label printing setup6. create a checkout process (TBD)7. setup stock management and sub-products (most have color or nicotine options).8. integrate our payment gateway ( must remain responsive and stay fully tablet+mobile compatible.

  • $8000 USD Yesterday

    I am developing a online application that allows for a customer to order a customized sheds and get it delivered. There many small details to the scope of work and it will take time to understand everything to get a quote. So this is my suggestion. I would like to separate the project into different parts. For each part we work together to customize the HTML for each page of the ordering process. After you have gone through this process (working with me to customize each html page) you will have a very good idea of how the programming needs to be done and you will be able to provide an accurate quote. I have already started creating the HTML for the ordering process. So it is something we can review while we are discussing the scope of work. Most of the programming involves 4-5 different roles (admin, dealers/sellers, delivery drivers, accounting) that assigns different tasks and notifications to different users. There are 2 things that are a bit more complicated.1. During the order process, a user selects options to build the shed on page 2, but on page 3 the user will drag and drop icons onto a blank diagram to build the shed. The icons represent the options that were chosen on page 2. Then this diagram is inputted into a PDF to be downloaded.2. During the delivery process, the application must be able to calculate the distance (miles) from two locations. If the locations are 50 miles are less, the delivery is free. If the locations are more than 50 miles, then there is an extra charge of $3.00/mile. So if 2 locations were 53 miles away, the cost would be: $9.00 (3 extra miles X $3.00/mile = $9.00)The full scope of work can be viewed here:

  • €27 EUR/hr Yesterday

    We need to develop a social networking app for IOS, Android and Windows. In the first phase for IOS. The application that will be similar to Tinder in terms of features but not for dating purposes, but for connecting similar minded people with similar intrests and activities.Features:- Ability to signup/login- via FB or email. Get a list of users- View their profiles-Ability to chat with them, similar to Whatsapp - In-App purchase-.As the first step we need someone to create the IOS application.We would like the work, in this first phase to be done fast, so that we can make a testlaunch and then improve and develop the app for Android and Windows.When interested I will be happy to provide with further information.

  • $2577 USD Yesterday

    A dynamic website because it will be an online store.

  • $1546 CAD Yesterday

    Hello Freelancers,I need some small additions done to my already existing project. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It also important to mention that it is NOT written in Swift, just Objective C. The job will require you to add some minor features to the app (two to be exact). You can read about the things you will be completing in the PDF provided below.Thank you for your time.

  • $1546 USD Yesterday

    Hello,We are looking for a professional developer to build a iPhone/iPad Game.I need to clone &quot;Piano Tile&quot; game.

  • $1546 USD Yesterday

    We sell a single service. Our site will require the following pages: Home page, Learn More, About, Sign Up, Payment Confirmation, Scheduling page, and Schedule Confirmation page. We will need a schedule tool so customers can select a date and time for a meeting. Once the date and time are selected, the date and time are no longer available. And an email must be sent out notifying the employee that the time slot is taken. Email should include the customer&quot;s contact info. We intend to use paypal for payments.

  • $1546 USD Yesterday

    Iphone applications, what are there ratings gOing on... and what should be added more

  • $1546 USD Yesterday

    Need a Woocommerce Ninja to design a hotel booking system for a small hotel website.The system only books one for one hotel allowing guests to book direct.There is a variable from the norm though, the reference point for inventory (room type and available dates) is populated from an external source (on another locally hosted server) and not from within Woocommerce, which makes things simpler when you think about it.You need to properly understand the Woocommerce API to do this job and I am not an idiot, a couple of questions will let me know right away whether you know what you&quot;re doing.Do not submit copy and pasted bids and lists of work you claim to have done already.Do not address me as &quot;Dear&quot;. Include the phrase Man City are the champions, suck it up&quot;in your reply so that I know you have read the whole thing.I have been seriously messed around trying to get this project done so please, be serious and available for chat. I am aware that increasingly there are lots of folks on here fishing for jobs that they then pass on to friends, I have a cunning test that will expose this immediately so please let&quot;s not waste each others time.

  • $1546 USD Yesterday

    I need a mobile website for any operating system / device designed and coded.

  • $60 USD Yesterday

    hello, I have a news portal that receives 15k daily visits. use the dedicated windows server, plus the database is on linux server, I would put this database on windows and Improve Performance leaving it faster I have over 700k record in the database

  • $386597 CLP Yesterday

    pagina web proyecto inmobiliario, venta edificio . descripcion, galeria,cotizador.

    Panacea Infotech Pvt Ltd does not have any open projects.
    Panacea Infotech Pvt Ltd does not have any work in progress.
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Business Development Manager

Jan 2004 - Present (10 years)

Panacea Infotech Pvt Ltd


Bachelor of Engineering



Symbiosis institute of Management Studies



Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs Certificate Programme

ISB, Hydrabad, India

It was a sponsored program by Goldman Sachs organized by ISB Hyderabad. <br />In the business plan competition our business plan was selected in top 5 finalist.