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hardware design,PCB design,embedded system,analog design, power electronics

Username: betaenergy

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Location: Ankara, Turkey

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  • [Sealed]
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    Feb 19, 2014

    Completed everything required, good work.

    Project Description:I need a cheap DC motor (anywhere between 0-60 rpm) that is capable of controlling various attachable loads, between 0lbs-2lbs, in the form of washers and other ‘screw on’ loads. System requires torque control of a DC motor 0-12V Requirements: 1...
  • [Sealed]
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    benhmidahaikel [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 18, 2013

    Ce prestataire est un arnaqueur.This guy is scammer, don't deal with him: Ponzi scheme‎

    Project Description:I need an ASIC and/or FPGA miner prototype for scrypt-based coins like litecoin and feathercoin. Prototype has to be solving hashes at least 100Mhash/s = 100 000Kh/s. The prototype must be power efficent (max 1000w) and keeping a low and stable temperature...
  • $150 USD
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    Oct 23, 2013

    Metin from Betaenergy is a phenomenal freelancer. He is fast and produces quality work. Would definitely use again for any PCB required projects.Thanks!

    Project Description:It is a 2.5 Amp Phone/Tablet Multi Charger (AC to DC converter with Pass Through outlets). Looking for an Electrical Engineer that specializes CE Compliance, FCC Compliance, UL Compliance in order to get the PCB ready for Manufacturing and Certification...
  • $26 / hr USD
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    pic32genius [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 17, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute<br/>

    Project Description:We would like to have an SSL programmed on a PIC32 microcontroller. We simply need a simple function we can call to send HTTP transactions to a server over port 443 securely. Once this is complete, we can implement our code on top of it...
  • $147 USD
    Profile image for Seller AllotropesDesign


    Apr 23, 2013

    the work was great and as requested, thank you.

    Project Description:I require a internal components configuration design for an android system that is capable of running two screens at the same time for two different applications (eg: web browser on one screen and touch...
  • $40 AUD
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    mjwillia [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 17, 2013

    Delays, excuses and false promises are all that is provided by Betaenergy. No solution and no work. Betaenergy requested I release the milestone payment moments after accepting the job. DO NOT HIRE BETAENERGY. Just a ripoff merchant.Will not even admit that there is any problem. just keep asking for 3 more hours, yet days later still no results.Again, DO NOT HIRE!Very specific instructions were left for BETAENERGY, no questions, just always ask, 3 more hours.

    Project Description:Write arduino code to: Receive NMEA data VTG sentence from GPS module on the serial port at 38k. Parse sentence and extract the speed in km/h in whole numbers (resolve to whole numbers not 0.1) Use 7seg library to output speed on 7 segment display...
  • $200 AUD
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    jemis [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 16, 2013

    hi yes he did not complete this project and i wish to cancel it because he is wrong person for this project, he did not deliver what he promised.

    Project Description:i am looking for someone that is expert in multisim and matlab, i have 10 projects and each project you complete will be paid $25. so you will easily get paid $250 however the project will be presented...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller salemend


    Mar 14, 2013

    Great Freelancer cannot say enough about him have 2 more projects lined up to send him

    Project Description:WOULD LIKE TO USE : SainSmart Sixteen 16 Channel 12V Relay Module For Arduino ARM MSP430 TTL Logic BOARD (EBAY HAS THESE FOR AROUND $22 BELOW IS AN OUTLINE OF WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR : here is a link...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller gdzone


    Feb 21, 2013

    Good work on a complex project.<br/>

    Project Description:We are a wind turbine company who makes vertical axis wind turbines for small-midsize wind energy. Our turbines capture mechanical power from the wind and create rotational power (torque). That torque...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller DanielKr

    DanielKr [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 5, 2013

    Hi,the freelancer "betaenergy" has yet provided any files/solution though I have reminded him several times. He keeps telling that the solution is on its way and just need a few hours to complete but he is obviously lying. The worst freelancer I' ve hired!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    betaenergy has not completed any projects.
  • $83 USD In Progress

    I need an Electronics Engineer to find me a good supplier that has the lowest prices for CCD&quot;s with driver circuit that I can buy? Let me know if you can do this and I will let you know the specifics of what I am looking for.

  • $1111 USD In Progress

    Hi, i Need modify function this source code project

  • £244 GBP In Progress

    the project is switched mode power supply AC-DC power factor corrected rectifier. physical implementation of the circuit is finished. need to build the circuit on Matlab(Simpower Systems) and get the simulation results. any electronic engineer who can use matlab very well is needed to finish ASAP.

  • $111 USD In Progress

    5 to 6 inch standing i think, function is to press down 24/7 . Somehow be charged; that thing you see hanging its a &quot;&quot;touchscreen pencil&quot;&quot;.perhaps have a timer setting or if it doesnt its ok also.

  • €555 EUR In Progress

    Realtime Video capture Machine- capturing video, simultaneus 4 or more - input hdmi or composite- Software for example Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $177 USD In Progress

    I wanted to do a project on OMAPl138.The project is using the vailable features bring the audio and video from the board.Anybody who has experience with OMAP contact me ASAP.

  • $4444 USD In Progress

    Data design and prototype rig for mining scrypt algorythmAt least 25 Mhs/sSpecifications800 WATTS or LessASIC Scrypt algorithm miner

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Merhaba, beş gün içinde üzerinde 40 kadar düşük akım rölesi olacak bir kart tasarlayabilir misiniz?Altium kullanılmalı, 64 pin 16 bit bir mcu freescale, dc/dc dönüştürücüler ve bir rs232 olacak.Tşk

  • $6315 USD In Progress

    I WANT THIS DONE AS CHEAPLY AS POSSIBLE, BUT HIGH QUALITY.Must have strong experience in building Bitcoin Mining Rigs/machines. I want someone to build me this mining rig. You must have the following1. Access to your own asic chips - project new 20nm or 28nm ASIC 100Gh/s or more if can. See example pdf: ( but is 28nm 100Ghash, I want more Ghash if can and 20nm )2. Boards PCB layout with ASIC chip (for 3000Ghash - 10000Ghash if can more )3. Fans for chip ASIC4. You must have the items to make this machine, or have access to the materials to make this mining rig. 5. It can be an open or closed rig or rack 4U6. Upon completing this unit, and everything is running smooth, I will be contracting you to make another 500 mining machines. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MATERIALS, OR ACCESS TO THEM THEN PLEASE DO NOT BID. READ EVERYTHING BELOW BEFORE BIDDING!_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I WANT THIS DONE AS CHEAPLY AS POSSIBLE, BUT HIGH QUALITY. I know the few companies that are out there making these mark the prices up high for the profit. I am ok with you making profit, but you have to be reasonable. I know a company is coming out with a 2000 GH rig in a few months, but I do not want to wait on them. Their price was in the $4,000 range. I am looking for below that, or around that price? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Some specs--Some items may vary, just let me know what you are thinking and how you can build it. I want this to only mine BitCoin3000 - 10000 Ghash/second for one PCB (if can more 10000Ghash for rack 4U, so great)Easy to useOut of the box functionalityLow power per GigahashCompact designEthernet connectivityWeb interface for configuration and graphic reports of mining activitySupports Stratum protocolBuilt-in LCD to display statistics and diagnosticsNode process: 20nm or 28nm High Performance ProcessPackage: High Performance Flip Chip BGAClock: 1.56 Ghz (overclockable up to 2.1Ghz but the efficiency will drop)Voltage: 0.85VCores: 64 fully unrolled coresEfficiency (including leakage): less than 0.4 - 0.6 W/Ghash/second (at 1.56Ghz) term: 30-90days ONLY !!! Thanks for all ;)

  • $100 USD Today

    Digitale menu board tasarimlari yapiyormusunuz? Yapiyorsanuz sizinle konuyla alakali sizinle calismak istiyorum.

  • $555 USD Today

    Dears ,I need electrical programmers who can do PLC&SCADA .you must use the following programs :1) SIMATIC Manager.2) SIMATIC WinCC flexible 2008 .For more details please see the attached file

  • $122 USD Today

    Need Orcad 9,1 compatible library containing ATMega103L for use in Capture CISThis library was openly published for free by Atmel -- Can&quot;t find a copy...Find one for me.

  • $1250 USD Today

    We are looking somebody who make re-porting of Hardware Abstraction Layer library file from ATMEL SAM3X8E to NXP LPC1768.Both microconrollers are ARM CORTEX-M3, but there are some differences in the peripherial resources and pin mapping.Contractor must have own board with LCP1768 and USB interface.Contractor should provide:- re-ported source and binary code compiled under GCCFull final payment only, after verification of code.Regards,Robert

  • $244 USD Today

    hi there, i already posted this Project separately but didnt get satisfying results. i work on the pcb to facilitate the Task: i replaced the 1st digipot with a true 24bit dac. if you like another type, tell me the digipot only likes 5v max, the voltage should behas been reduced to 5v on all opamps for the new function.big opamp has to be chosen to drive the galvoi use eagle, you can download it for freei would like the device have its own ip and work wireless. the current atmel only allows a transmission of ca 1000 lines per second @30 bytes due to can put out half of the opamps of the new function. push everything together, space is available.fr4 - 2 layer as is.the galvos Need a high accuracy, so you Need to check the design.please: no comments: &quot;i can do that!&quot;. i received 20 offers, and after all, nobody could give good please write to me: what opamps would you choose, what dac (if you want to replace it), what galvo power opamp? you would Need to give me the Impression you know what you are talking about. i already lost three weeks with pretenders, that´s really enoying. i Need an analog specialist for the galvo function, and an mcu pro for the atmel chip replacement Task. please please dont let us waiste time with &quot;i can do it&quot; mails. send me good answers to Show me you really can do it. pcb layout attached.can you also write the firmware? make 2 pcba samples? or even do the user interface? just curious;-)

  • $555 USD Today

    Design electronic circuit used in a IR fluorescent sensor that modulates a laser light source at around 20khz. Flourescent light is gathered through a optical system and focused into a 16 position photodiode array. There are 16 identical photodiode amplifier filter demodulation circuits that reduce light noise and ampllfy the 20khz analog signals from the photodiodes. The 16 analog voltage amplified filtered demodulated signals feed into a digital processor PIC 32 and an algorithm is used to determine when to output a logic signal to another device (0 Vdc). The VOLTAGE gain in each of then 16 photodiode circuits can exceed 2000X and can to be automatically adjusted by the microcontroller. The board has ethernet output, .9/ 2.5ghz Zigbee wireless transmitter, and a simple 2 line LCD interface with momentary pushbutton used to stroll through menu.

  • £11 GBP/hr Yesterday

    I&quot;m a designer and I&quot;m designing a wall mounted LED lamp. I&quot;m looking for an expert to discuss different technical issues and come with possible solutions to different issues I need to solve.If you think you can help me out, then please get back to me.All the best TroelsAlso if you can create technical drawings, then it would be a plus as I need to make those in the end of the project anyway.

  • $244 USD 2 days ago

    Need someone to program a clock with 3 columns (similar to a digital clock : Hour ; Minute : Second) Instead of a number the columns would form 1 unified shape. Each column would take on 3 different colors: Red Green Blue. The color combinations would determine the time to the 1/4 hour. It&quot;s not meant to be an accurate clock, as in, to the minute. It is meant to give a general feel for the hour. More information on how the clock works will be provided with a reasonable bid. The steps I see beyond understanding how the clock tells time include the hardware to use, writing the code and then building (or directing a build) of the prototype. Hardware using Arduino would be easy as I could be directed in building the prototype if needed. I see the parts needed including: the board, RGB LED&quot;s, crystal (to keep accurate time), wiring, power 5V (just need prototype now), ***extra a light sensor or ping sensor for proximity (for varing power modes). Other hardware options exist but want to be able to purchase and build this myself if needed.

  • $2500 USD 2 days ago

    5.1-5.9GHz WiFi antenna circuit board design with 23dBi gain that fits inside a 15.15x15.15x3.15&quot; waterproof enclosure.

  • $122 USD 2 days ago

    Basically I have to create an ARM controller for a home alarm system. I have included a pdf file called PROJECT.PDF where you can find the description of the project required to do.I have also included two other files called OLD PROJECT DESCRIPTION.PDF and OLD PROJECT.PDF. These two files will help you too. If you look at the OLD PROJECT DESCRIPTION.PDF and the PROJECT.PDF they are very similar. The old project was to design hardware for an alarm clock. The old project.pdf contains the project and I need the new project on home alarm system similar to it.Please let me know if you would be able to do it.

  • £30 GBP/hr 2 days ago

    Engineer required for project based around the PIC18F66J60 microcontroller, specifically Ethernet features and a single page web interface. Ideally the coding would be able to measure the average speed of the connection and if necessary utilising a to d inputs or any other features or hardware as required. More details can be submitted to eligible candidates.

  • $100000 USD 2 days ago

    Hi guys I need to develop a wireless charger for the Iphone that charges wirelessly .The charger uses alternative power from the movement.So you use the energy created from movement to charge your phone

  • $244 USD 3 days ago

    &quot;&quot; Electrical & Electronic Engineering only &quot;Hello ,, all ,, i have two assignment for Power system module one is based on matlab so if you are not an Electrical Engineering and experts in matlab .. please do not bid here i have the further data which you will need later to the experiments ... here in the attachment the two assignment please read them carefully before you bid ,, because there are many who bid ,, then they increase the price after reading the assignment :( thanks

  • [Sealed] 3 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1444 USD 3 days ago

    Your job is to develop a c++ code that would use signal processing techniques in order to model some time series data sets that I will provide. You propose the techniques once I send you the data files and you familiarize yourself with it however I would like to see among others tools like FFT, HMM. I will assign the project to the most convincing approach. To initiate conversation please present your experience in this field and/or links to other projects you have made.OS: Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 or 2012.

  • $27 USD/hr 3 days ago

    HelloThank you for taking time to read this to the end. I need an electronics professional who is able to work 4 hours daily in drawing on eagle cad. He will search components and draw small size circuits like USB hubs, power supplies, battery chargers, .... etc.I expect this will go on long term for the right person. I prefer lower rates. Someone who is not very busy with other projects is a great match for this job.Please make sure the time tracker of this website is compatible with your work PC. Start your bid with eagle keyword. I will hire by the time tracker only and on fixed cost, and not with manual time addition.Best Regards

  • $555 AUD 3 days ago

    I want to create a PCB breakout board to link a femtoduino (ultra small arduino) and a xbee device. Effectively the breakout board will have the 0.05inch pitch female pins for the femtoduino to sit on. On the outside of this will be the another set of female pins for the xbee (0.01inch pitch) to sit on. And then I need a few more arduino pins &quot;exposed&quot; on the edge of the board. I have some gerber diagrams of the femotduino and a breakout board for you to work from fro measurements. I also have some power requirements which I would like designed and built in which I will discuss with you once you have won the project1) You must be willing to work on this project over time as this project progresses, we are in prototype at the moment. If I am happy with the work, then we will move into an hourly payment arrangement.2) You are to provide me the eagle and gerber files (and whatever else is required for PCB printing)3) I will own all rights to the design once completed.

  • [Sealed] /hr 3 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for freelancers on a audio product that I am looking to develop for production for the consumer market. This product will be developed based on requirements and specs provided such as specifics parts, chips, and internals needed. I am simply a visionary and entrepreneur, I need the right time to make this happen. Depending on what is needed I may need more than one freelancer, one for the product board, another for software writing and etc. Input is greatly appreciated and will be considered during the hiring process. Due to this being a first time venture I am not sure what our budget will be but a max per hr limit will be set to avoid overages and to allow monitoring of the stages.Freelancer must be familiar with the following:-Designing pcb layouts based on the product specs:-Skilled in audio engineering and the pros and cons of certain layouts or engineering methods-Able to work with other members such as design and/or software coding-A NDA is required as this product is intended to be produced later on for consumer sale.Any questions you may have feel free to contact me at any time.

  • $244 USD 3 days ago

    I need a circuit that monitors a thermostat. The thermostat is a 24vac line. The input will go into the ADC of a digital IO pin of an arduino.The circuit should use a consume a tiny amount of power off of the 24vac line, just enough to monitor it. A the output will need to be probably high impedance and interface with whatever the digital IO pin of an arduino needs, current sync or current source. The output will need to b 0volts or 5volts and have conditioning so it&quot;s a nice clean signal.Thanks

  • $555 USD 4 days ago

    Project proposal 01Based on MSP 430 and Zigbee develop as follows :Module A1.Low power battery operated device2.Temperature and humidity acquisition from a digital sensor (Temperature sensor Type DS18B20 +Humidity sensor( I2C, SPI )3.Transmittal thru Radio/ Zigbee module. 4.API / Commands based operation based on provided list of commands and description: Info, status, batteryp, firmvers, temp, hum, etc.Module B1.Radio communication (Zigbee )2.Temperature acquisition ( T sensor… )3.Humidity Acquisition ( Sensor type…. )4.Power from 110 VAC Line5.On board ON/OFF power switch & Dimmer capabilities6.Menu driven functionality 7.Solid state relay board - 24VDC/VAC switching per proposed schematic 8.Flash memory buffer – 32- 64K9.3x4 “ color graphic display integrationExpected Outcome :1.Schematics and prototypes for Modules A and B2.Complete Code / Firmware module A, B3. Firmware loading instruction Icing on the cake:Zigbee initial config and operational settings loader via NFC ( Android / iOS apps for NFC enabled phone/tablet extra )

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Jul 1998 - Sep 2010 (12 years)


hardware design, power electronic, embedded system, analog design, battery charger

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