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Bhavin Joshi

Drupal / PHP Expert & Coach

Username: bhavinhjoshi

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Location: Rajkot, India

Member since: October 2007



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  • $77 USD
    Profile image for Seller rptjain

    rptjain [ Incomplete Report ]

    29 days ago

    Not completed the project after 15 days. The freelancer took 50% payment in advance and not delivered the project as per the initial discussion.While we cleared our requirements and mentioned that we are using boost module for caching. He accepted the project and told us that – “I am writing code that will execute even when caching is enabled”. But after 15 days and testing many times he is unable to deliver the working module for our website.

    bhavinhjoshi's reply:

    15 days? Why did you not said 1 year? I would have believed it!This guy is really creazy! I completed the project 100% but this buy hold me responsbile for apache configuration which was not part of the project! I canceled a milstone which I comlpeted tasks for! But this guy is really unprofessiona, untrustworthy, crazy and wanted me to work beyond the scope of the project!When it was time to pay, he tricked me and tried to threaten me! Never work with this guy. He never cooperate & pay to developers!

    Project Description:Need a new block region to show popup ad once a day to every unique visitor. When a user visits the first page of website, a pop up should be shown for 10 seconds. Check the snapshot.
  • $587 AUD
    Profile image for Seller AsiaPacPeace


    Mar 1, 2014

    A job well done. Thank you. Will be in touch for more.

    Project Description:Need to install configure and customize World Bank API ( ) into Drupal 7 website.
  • $63 USD
    Profile image for Seller christopheb


    Feb 25, 2014

    I would work with him again

    Project Description:I need someone that will hep me to install the Drupal Module "Cache Warmer". I run Drupal 6, so i will use :[]=87...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller iancope


    Feb 9, 2014

    good work......................

    Project Description:Hello, I'm looking for someone to convert my HTML Template to DruPal. Please see attached screenshots.
  • $19 AUD
    Profile image for Seller stickerprint


    Feb 4, 2014

    Legend of a developer for Drupal. Knows everything.

    Project Description:Add Blog to module to website and add to main menu. Page visible ready to add blog.
  • $43 AUD
    Profile image for Seller stickerprint


    Feb 3, 2014

    Excellent communication. will continue to work with this developer.

    Project Description:Editing RFS Theme CSS: Have removed URLs. Will show on acceptance All webform input boxes to have: thin black border, rounded corners All website buttons to have: rounded corners, more cell padding around them to make them look slightly bigger...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller iancope

    iancope [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 31, 2014


    Project Description:N/A
  • $33 AUD
    Profile image for Seller stickerprint


    Jan 30, 2014

    Very fast and lots of knowledge on Drupal. Will use again.

    Project Description:I need a Drupal site updated to the latest core. I need to be shown how to edit the CSS file through theme editor.
  • $206.1 USD
    Profile image for Seller DDuelas


    Jan 24, 2014

    Gets the job done! Great to work with. Will hire him again shortly. Thank you Joshi!

    Project Description:-modify the views -biuild a custom module that will retrive the details for each of the songs -build and integrate javascript that will have that effect we need.
  • €15 / hr EUR
    Profile image for Seller notiou

    notiou [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 3, 2014

    The project is not completed according to the dispute<br/>

    bhavinhjoshi's reply:

    Why don&quot;t you tell the truth? I completed the module and you wanted me to work indefinately for you and did not want to pay either!Warning: This client is very unprofessional, greedy, mentally retarded and does not pay!

    Project Description:Availability search result changes by price, asc &amp; desc
  • $90 USD
    Profile image for Seller pole3


    Dec 10, 2013

    Excellent worker!! He did what I want and very quick. Excellent atention. I'll recommend and work again with him.

    Contest Brief:Hi, I want to enable a system that entering your email and coupon-code correct (it will be thousands differents), generates a hash that allows downloading different archives (enables download buttons). Also it must sent an email to the user with the link of the download page active. Downloads links must be through hash, so we don't reveal the origin of the archive. Here is an example of what I want: Site without hash (you have to enter email and coupon code): Site before entering a valid coupon (hash at the end of the link): It's a wordpress site.
    Bhavin Joshi has not completed any projects.
  • $773 USD In Progress

    We have an existing website project, based on DRUPAL. It is completed until and upto the presentation of the product to be sold (monthly membership plan). From here on, we need your help to: - integrate the checkout process including gathering of additional user data (address etc.), payment via Paypal and and upgrading / downgrading of the user role according to the amount paid- facilitate monthly recurring payment and billing for all users - the user should be able to print out a bill from his account- integrate the option to cancel / upgrade a plan into the user accountWhen applying, please provide references of your finished DRUPAL projects.

  • $155 USD In Progress

    We have a project created on localhost using Acquia Dev Desktop with Drupal 7Part 1: Migrate to a cloud based server that we will supplyPart 2: Remove all modules that are not being usedPart 3: Update core and contributed modules to latest versions

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi,I&quot;m looking for an experienced php programmer to help me build a web sites. On first phase of the project I&quot;d like to replicate this web site coinmarketcap com adding some improvements. I&quot;ll be listing improvements to selected persons via PM. As you could see the site is really simple, it&quot;s basically a collection of data taken from available sources using API&quot;s. I don&quot;t want to spend time on building from ground up the site so in order to advance quickly I expect you to use already developed solutions available in opensource or yours from your previous project. I prefer to hire a single freelancer not an agency! I might as well hire two programmers for second phase of the project.

  • $896 USD In Progress

    Air ticket quotation form.We want to build a website where traveler can ask for fare quotation from multiple travel agents who are registered on our website. Website should be consisting of following options. (Traveler end details)1.Quotation form (Name, Name on Passport, phone number, number of passengers (drop menu 1 – 12 only numbers), Departure city, Arrival city, departure date (drop menu day/month/year), Arrival date (drop menu day/month/year), email address, and comment box. 2.Only registered user can use up mentioned function of the script. (Registration require email phone number and complete address form. Email confirmation should be require for registration)3.Complete login system for user, (forget password, etc)4.Information submitted by traveler on quotation form, should be submitted to all registered travel agent mailing list. Second Part:Travel agent registration system.1.Registration form (Travel agency name, complete address, phone number, email) validation of email address by sending verification email to applicant (travel agent). 2.Travel agent will receive fare quotation request in their email as well in their log in panel. 3.In login panel they can reply traveler with simple form which will be consist of (drop menu of airline names, price field.) total will be three fields so they can offer three airline options. 4.Travel agent reply will be posted to traveler panel and also into their email address same time.Forum should be also included with simple functionality. No external link of the forum, customer donot need to re login for forum it should be connected. Design:Design should be very simple, only one place for ads on the left side. Main buttons on the site will be these. Travel agent list::::Forum::::Useful Travel info: ::::::contact us::::Register::::: loginFinally: of course admin panel, with ability to control all above functions . Design sec

  • $257 USD In Progress

    Drupal module to synchronize with security android mobile & web data between members of a drupal groupA Drupal 7.X module to write data, from a webform to a (MySQL & || Google App Engine datastore) database (Text, Pictures, Audio files) and then notify the related android application devices (that belongs to the same drupal group) to download the new files to a local database. The mobile and the web database must be always synchronized when an internet connection is available. The data transfers must be encrypted and secure.Full source code must be provided that can be edited to eclipse IDE with ADT.

  • €100 EUR In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for a company who has a 24/7 Drupal support team. I&quot;m look to edit my site via Skype (share screens.)

  • $388 USD In Progress

    We require a developer to build the core of our drupal installWe need to allow two registration types, one business that creates a public profile that they can update fields and quick updates, and another registered optional user with no profile.We then need a search setup to allow public members to search the profiles.the developer is required to setup with drupal7 using views, they must structure the site according to the designs but are not responsible for skinning the template

  • €257 EUR In Progress

    ... there is a drupal instance already (EC2) with preinstalled drupal web services module and MySQL database (RDS). The task is to implement the attached methods (those in red need to be discussed over yet) in a web service (SOAP). There won&quot;t be money in advance! Please apply only if you are skilled! Estimation - max 5 days.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    I am looking someone who can finish a project of online donation. It is a site developed in drupal for harvest of online donations to build a humanitarian project. There is a part which is not complete and there are also some bug to finish.The person to be chosen for this project must be well know Drupal to very quickly make changes.The site is already created and I wouldn&quot;t give access only to people who have a great interest in the project.Please find attached specification and the changes in the projectThank you

  • ₹12886 INR In Progress

    We are looking for affiliates for our product that helps people suffering from baldness / hair fall. you are required to send customers directly our landing page and the compensation is based on CPA i.e. final sale. I am looking for a bid between 1500-2500 INR for 10 sales. i.e.; 150 to 250 INR each sale. we can increase the rate depending on your performance.

  • $1030 USD Today

    I am looking for web developer to create a CMS with social aspects and custom featuresThe Website will consist of these main sections:A Blog (for admin and users)A Basic user &quot;game&quot; with built in leagues & scoring system (Game consists of users selecting which team will win from that week&quot;s choices)Statistical data with Charts & Graphs of the &quot;game&quot; as well as other information stored in different databases (data pulled from SQL database)Forum & comments system (based on layout and style without the ability of users creating subs but allowing topic creation. All blogs will have comments for users based on the reddit system)Simple social profiles/features throughout the site (allow users to &quot;follow&quot; other users. Simple profiles with basic information and &quot;game&quot; related score/content)I am happy to use a current template and/or current heavily modified plugins. I am also flexible on technology and open to wordpress, drupal, Joomla etc.Good english is a MUST and future work is guaranteed for the right candidate at either hourly or fixed rates.Full description of work to be undertaken and milestones will be discussed and agreed before awarding this project

  • $33 CAD Today

    link content type to drupal views, with search filter,all listings are showing on map by Altitude and latitude. this is a quick job.

  • $25 USD/hr Today

    Implement a status view of 8 categories based on user input for values in the different categories within an existing website. All views and graphics have been built, only logic needs to be implemented.High Level Features:- Evaluate user input- Implement logic that shows status based on input- Show status results- Pressing “Complete Day” button shows results for non-complete user inputFor example: A user enters that they have eaten a certain food with 10 grams of protein.The amount of protein this user may consume is based on the equation: their weight (in kgs) multiplied by .8If the amount is then different status messages will show on the status page.A status will only show if less than threshold amount if the user specifies the day is complete. For example, if the amount of protein consumed is 5 grams and they are allowed to consume 10grams, they would not receive a positive message saying they stayed below the allowed amount until the day is marked complete. If they consumed 15 grams at anytime, a negative message specifying they have went over their allotted amount would showThe amount of conditions for each category:Category 1: 20 conditionsCategory 2: 3 conditionsCategory 3: 6 conditionsCategory 4: 4 conditionsCategory 5: 3 conditionsCategory 6: 4 conditionsCategory 7: 2 conditionsCategory 8: 3 conditionsAn excel document with all specific conditions will be provided to the user upon request.

  • $773 USD Today

    We wish to use Open Atrium (OA) as a company intranet for a client. The OA-instalaltion needs to be slightly modified and some features need to be enabled as well as some css/graphic changes (we&quot;re using Sandy theme).Below is also a summary of the most important details:- Login from the main website (Wordpress) to subdomain with OA- On login redirect user to the dashboard of only existing group- Add logout button and redirect on logout to main website- Remove/hide top menu list (breadcrumbs, search, groups etc) for authenticated users (au)- Add user: add an extra field for &quot;Organization&quot; (preferably also so that admin can chose from already existing &quot;organization&quot; names- Use the &quot;organization&quot; name to group members per organization in members overview- Only admin and manager should be able to add users.- Add as group features privatemsg (message sbetween users), atrium folders (manager fulll permissions, au - only up/download + remove/edit own material)- Add &quot;My profile&quot; (i.e. user account) as a feature link with icon- Minor css changes + some new icons (will be supplied)- Add full site backup module (store in ftp folder)Images with instructions will be supplied. Also login to ftp + mysql info. If you have been working with OA earlier this is an advantage.Price for this - don&quot;t really know. Please indicate what you think is appropriate.Time: needs to finished wihin 5 days

  • $25 USD/hr Today

    Expert Drupal developer required.

  • $773 USD Yesterday

    We are looking for a IT project manager. You must have experience of web design, web admin. You must have knowledge of Wordpress, PHP and HTML. Your main responsibility are maintain websites, market research for new products and write propose, coordinate with website designer, developer.

  • $3092 CAD Yesterday

    This project involves building a 30-page layout in HTML/CSS according to storyboards. Must have strong HTML / CSS skills in order to work independently, while following internal project conventions and styleguides. Layouts make use of some interactive components.This project lasts 3 weeks, but there is opportunity for repeat work if you work well.

  • $25 USD/hr Yesterday

    Need someone who can create a couple of banner ads, static ads and knows some html and css to edit an online store website. This is the first of a series of projects as we continue to develop company stores.

  • $25 USD/hr Yesterday

    I need a php + mysql expert for ongoing freelance work. You need to be experienced and able to develop / modify custom php scripts. I am an entrepreneuer+programmer myself but am looking for a good developer to help take some of the programming load off my shoulders. You will be working on some cool projects related to voip / communications. I consider myself a nice person and a fair employer, and you’ll enjoy working with me. Please don’t bid if you have a lot of projects going on at the moment.

  • $773 USD Yesterday

    I am single in freelancer and need 1 more guy to work wid me. Any1? Payment: 50/50 of every project. (Payment after every project)

  • $257 USD Yesterday

    If you are interest, please contact with me. I will send more details in private messages.

  • $33 AUD Yesterday

    Nothing. I need a consultation in order to predict future costs.

  • $51 USD/hr Yesterday

    Have a very large Drupal 7 site which required migrating from old server to new server and need experienced Drupal 7 programmer to complete design and implementation of a custom Drupal script. Script is VERY LARGE and had been developed over 1 year with several interrelated and dependent modules. Programmer must have MINIMUM FIVE YEARS of Drupal Experience and be well spoken in U.S. English.

  • $515 CAD Yesterday

    The requirement: An adaptive theme for a website running Drupal 6.14. The theme/template has to be able to resize for all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and resize all images accordingly too.The person: The ideal candidate(s) must be willing to work with me on exactly how the theme will look. This project will require theming of Drupal, and so an advance knowledge of php and Drupal templates is required.

  • $5154 USD 2 days ago

    For a new web security concept we are searching for a developer who will work on the project on a permanent basis. We are searching for someone who can work a minimum of 40 hours per month on the project. - Experience with latest development technologies, Javascript, Python, Node.js.- Experience with open source technologies.- Secure Coding experience.- Experience with mobile dev

  • $1546 USD 2 days ago

    Hi,I am looking for the person who takes the project for Multi-language Responsive Wordpress developmentWhat function do we need? Administration page: Ordering list (sales management, cancel, banner management, statics (Using themes).. etc.) SNS account linkage (Join and Sign in) Google Map (connect to the search engine) Search engine (Mostly area name and service category Social media linkage, Membership.. Payment: PayPal, Card payment system (US) Membership Free membership coupon management SEO, Message Box, Google web log analysis etc.. Email management system (link to join, listing, message etc.) Message Box

  • $257 USD 2 days ago

    I&quot;m looking to have a mortgage lead generating landing page built.

  • $773 USD 2 days ago

    hi,i need a blog where i can post videos and other funny contents. but i dont want it on blogspot or blogger. i want any cms which i can own and host myself. i have a refrence link you can see which type videos and content i want to would be nice if you prefer any php cms, java or any dotnet cms. but it would be seo friendly. can see these reference videos because i need atleast 4-5 pages with data so i can check look and feel of the blog.if you have any query please let me know.thanks

  • $1546 USD 2 days ago

    Its an urgent job for an expert with E-Commerce abilities, we need to look up for the candidate today, only send your bids if you have the ability to meet the criteria. thanks

  • $1546 USD 2 days ago

    Job web Portal, which contain video cv and test module for each technology

  • $240 USD Jan 14, 2014

    My website: requires some tweaks to some of it&quot;s settings including:- Twitter feed working- Vimeo feed updated- mini-poster scrolling pre-load script applied- Instagram feed update display- Feature video on homepage and artist page fixAnd a couple other smaller additions/fixes.It&quot;s not a huge job, but Drupal coding is outside of my expertise although I am pretty tech savvy and ok managing the backend once things are setup.I would prefer to communicate over skype once the job is awarded in order to get this quickly updated.

  • £50 GBP Sep 26, 2013

    On the main class page ( I want to now have all the classes showing (alphabetically) by default. The three category tabs to be moved from the top to the right sidebar so that you can filter them by category if you want to. Any questions, let me know.

    Bhavin Joshi does not have any open projects.
    Bhavin Joshi does not have any work in progress.
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Independent provider

Oct 2009 - Present (4 years)

Independent provider

I have been working as an independent provider since Octover 2009

Sr. Software Developer

Dec 2007 - Sep 2009 (1 year)

Virtueinfo web technologies

I have started building websites using Drupal. I learned a lot from this job.

Software Developer

May 2007 - Nov 2007 (6 months)


This is my first job. My responsibilities were to analyz client's requirement and suggest the solution. Once I have the confirmation from client, I build the software/website as per the requirements. I built the clone of which was live on<br /><br />This job was a great experience!



Saurashtra University



A V Parekh Technical Institute, Rajkot



Team member

Indian School of Business managment


PC Hardware troubleshooting & networking

A complete 'how to' guide for PC maintainnce, troubleshooting and networking. I converted my training experience as we guilde!