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  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller nightfire012


    6 days ago

    Loved the essay

    Project Description:Write a research paper on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals This is a 3 page essay Please use the following files that have been attached you may feel free to find more articles but please cite them...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller Trickyballa3


    21 days ago

    good job will use again

    Project Description:You may use outside sources for reference only with proper citations. This is to be 5 pages long, double spaced, with 1 inch margins and 12 pt font. MUST BE FINISHED WITHIN THE NEXT 10 HOURS! First question: (2.5 pages) The U.S...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller jpinedo791


    Mar 24, 2014

    Top quality work!! very professional and quick to reply with any concerns or completion of project! will definetly hire again

    Project Description:This is a very small project with a very short deadline, 2 hours!! The topic preferred is homeless community and access to healthcare in the US if possible. Topics can relate to any sphere of the US health care system that is of interest to you...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller wha202


    Mar 11, 2014

    good Quality,Communication

    Project Description:I want you to read Chapter 6 Organizational Cultures and Diversity. and read "You Be the International Consultant: A Good-Faith Effort Is Neede " and answer all the 3 questions on page 191. You have to read chapter 6 and answer...
  • $200 SGD
    Profile image for Seller abdulghafu


    Mar 6, 2014


    Project Description:Research and construct an analysis of the overall competitiveness and investment attractives of a country. More information of the country and structure of the assisgnment will be disclose later. Experience in Porer's National Diamond Analysis and Market entry Strategy...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller wha202


    Mar 6, 2014

    good Was this delivered on time,

    Project Description:I want you to read Chapter 3 Ethics and Social Responsibility and read "You Be the International Consultant: It Sounds A Little Fishy" and answer all the 3 questions. you have to read chapter 3 and answer...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller Normalindao


    Mar 6, 2014

    Thanks for your help

    Project Description:I need a PowerPoint "Response/ reaction " presentation based on chapter 5&6 of the book "Easter Everywhere" by Darcey Steinke. The PowerPoint presentation must have a short- concise summary of the chapter 5&6...
  • £100 GBP
    Profile image for Seller davelinus


    Feb 27, 2014

    I am extremely impressed with Samuel. He helped me out so much with this formal report I cant thank him enough. His standard is top notch, and I will be recommending him to my friend who needs some website work doing. Cheers Sam. You're the best.

    Project Description:Roughly around 3000 words. Exploring thoughts, views and ideas of the philosophers Marshall McLuhan and Jean Baudrilliard. What are their individual influences? What background did they come from? Where...
  • £30 GBP
    Profile image for Seller uzzykhan


    Feb 24, 2014

    great to work with! defo recommend

    Project Description:The purpose of the assignment is to produce a management report which compares and contrasts the business uses of Spreadsheets and Databases with respect to the following: 1. Type of modelling allowed 2...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller tinkrbel9145


    Feb 22, 2014

    Several grammatical errors in the paper. Once I corrected those errors the paper was fine.

    Project Description:Write a 1000-1200 word, double-spaced research essay that explains your topic and uses documented ideas from outside sources. Your thesis should effectively support the ideas from your outside research...
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  • $35 AUD In Progress

    7 question must be answered form an article and the total words 550

  • $30 USD In Progress

    The research proposal and outline are partly based on the position paper, which was last week’s assignment. The Research Paper, due at the end of the course, will be an extension of this week’s proposal and outline. Be sure to start your research process if you haven’t done so already, and compile your sources. These sources will be used for next week’s assignment, the annotated bibliography.The Research Paper will be a longer version of your position paper, just expanded with outside sources. The research proposal and outline let the reader know your topic, research question, and how you plan to expand your position paper. The research outline provides a road map of your ideas for the research paper, including your thesis, organization, and major ideas.The research proposal and outline assignment, due at end of week 4 in the Dropbox, is worth 60 points and should be 1-2 pages.Given a thesis statement, outline, notes, and resource materials, write a well-argued and well-supported research paper that incorporates accepted format and documentation guidelines.Please review the following information. Your final research paper is not due until Week 8, but you should start preparing for it now.The research paper will use the topic as the one you selected for the week 3 Position Paper. One of the issues explored in The Omnivore’s Dilemma will be the basis of your Position Paper. Remember that one of the points of The Omnivore’s Dilemma is that conventional wisdom about societal issues and challenges is often incorrect; consider this in your writing. The week 3 lecture has information about topics for the Position Paper.Your research paper will be approximately 8 to 10 pages, not including your cover and references pages. Your topic will be the same as the one you’re chosen for your Position Paper during week 3. The APA (American Psychological Association) is the style required for the cover page, citations, paraphrasing and References.You will begin writing the research paper in Week 4 (when you will write the proposal and outline); however, you should push yourself to conduct research in your chosen area from the beginning of the course. The Final Research Paper must include the following:8-10 pages of body and a References page.12 pt. Times New Roman font.Double spaced.APA-style title page.All pages should be numbered.Should contain 5 sources (minimum).

  • $3 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello i have a business and economics orientated work. It summs up roughly 26 pages ( without cover ) and around 19 pages without all the bibliographies etc.I would need you to write another 6-10 pages to the predetermined criteria and elaborate further on most of the points. I would also be happy with some additional research and some visual material ( graphs , charts and so on ) which does not necesarily have to be self created but relevant.please let me know if you are interested.Kind Regards.

  • $333 USD Today

    Hi people, So, I have a huge assignment to offer. I"m attaching a bunch of PDF files. They are all of questions about the Hunger Games novel (first one). There are a lot of questions, and I need them answered well. Have a look and let me know if you can do it. Also tell me the amount of time it will take you.

  • $94 USD Today

    - A case study paper and other relevant information will be provided.- It is required to review and critically analyse the case study paper and the information provided. (In the attachment) - Responses to the questions will be within a framework of description and diagnosis of, and prescription for the issues inherent in the case study.- The corresponding questions together with allocation of marks are shown in the attachment.- Reference to minimum five 7 papers drawn from the journal literature or other relevant sources on operations and supply chain management will be required in support of the analysis and answers in the report. - The paper need to be done following APA style.- Simple repetition of wording in the case study paper without discussion/comment will lead to the assignment being rejected.- The report needs to have a length of 2500 to 3000 words. (Excluding the outline and references)

  • $133 USD Today

    this project is about describing teaching methods. \r\n\r\nplease find files attached for further reference and complete understanding

  • $50 USD Today

    I need a complete and detail essay related to microeconomics and supply chain. I can provide the material for the research but I need someone expert in economics (microeconomics specially) not just someone that can read and write.I need a lot of concepts defined by you (and not based on the material i will provide) So if you are a micro economics savvy and know all the basic about it and can write and explain your work then we can work together with several projects. Please message for details about the topic in detail and tell me on your post what"s your experience with the topic. I don"t need exactly someone that knows how to make an essay I need more an expert on economics that can interpret the relations on the supply chain topic i will provide you by PM.Thank you

  • $50 USD Today

    double spaced paper1000-1500 words on the subject of businessmore details will be provided later.

  • $50 USD Today

    3-5 pages minimum in Chicago manual Style.Pick a country that has a majority Muslim population or a significant Muslim minority. Compose in essay format (introduction, body and conclusion) an analysis of the country, based on one or more aspects of the country’s origins, geography, demography, society or politics. The essay should focus on the country’s connection to Islam and the Islamic World. Avoid simply compiling a list of statistics and facts and figures. Craft an essay that illuminates the Islamic nature or character of the country. Superior essays will include a clear thesis and persuasive argument supported by relevant examples from appropriate sources.

  • $77 NZD Today

    I am a TV producer that has a lot of ideas but not enough time to write a prop for an up and coming TV funding round. What I require is for someone to write my synopsis. I will provide a link which will take you to a show called "Something Special". THis show is specifically aimed at special needs children. This show is unique as it uses Makaton sign language to teach children how to communicate. Im wanting to create a show that does the same but utilizing baby sign instead of Makaton and aim the show to preschoolers up to the age of 6 years old who do not have disabilities. Its not a complete copy of the show as Im going to also create short 1.30 - 2 minute video inserts that will be either fully animated or be recorded musical items to break up the show from scene to scene.The show will be bright and colorful and will appeal to children. The outcomes of the show are to aid children in developing communication skills pre verbal and verbal whilst developing their cognitive abilities and gross motor skills. It needs to be 300 words minimum and no more than 330. Basically try and write something that the commissioners will want to have on their channel.Here is the show that Im talking about. Watch it to get an idea of the show. is a link to the baby sign website FYI.

  • $250 USD Today

    Pathobook : Spring 2014 Biol 311 Directions: When applicable, use the following format in bullet format. APA format,A. Pathophysiology B. Risk factorsC. Signs and Symptoms D. Treatment E. Special Considerations The pathophysiology and special considerations can be written in paragraph format, 3-6 sentences only. Must provide work cite page. Module 1 ( Chapter 1-4) Chapter 2 1.Hyperkalemia 2.Hypokalemia3.Hyponatremia4.Hypernatremia5.Hyocalcemia6.Hypercalcemia7.Metabolic acidosis8.Metabolic alkalosis9.Respiratory acidosis10.Respiratory alkalosis 11.Hypercholesterolemia Chapter 312.Lysosomal storage diseaseModule 2 ( 5-9) skin/bone/axial/appendicular/joints13.Burnsa.Emergent (resuscitative)b.Acute phasec.Rehabilitation phase14.Types of grafts 15.Sprains and strains 16.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 17.Rotator Cuff Injury 18.Types of fractures19.Skull fractures 20.Clinical manifestations of fracture 21.Complications of fracture a.Infectionb.Compartment syndromec.Venous thromboembolism d.Fat embolism 22.Amputations 23.Osteomyelitis24.Muscular dystrophya.Duchenneb.Becker25.Wound drainage devices26.Pressure ulcersa.Staging27.Intervertebral disc disease28.Osteomalacia29.Paget’s disease30.Osteoarthritis31.Rheumatoid arthritis32.Comparison of RA and OA 33.Psoriatic arthritis34.Lyme’s disease35.SLE36.FibromyalgiaModule 4 ( 14-17) brain/ANS/Special Senses 37.Dementia38.Alzheimer’s disease39.Delirium40.Bell’s palsy41.Guillain Barre Syndrome 42.Autonomic Dysreflexia43.Increased intracranial pressure44.Bacterial meningitis 45.Risks factors for strokes a.Modifiable and nonmodifiable46.Ischemic stroke 47.Hemorrhagic stroke 48.Subarachnoid hemorrhage49.Tension headaches50.Migraine headaches

  • $250 AUD Today

    Write a 2500-3000 word professional report APA referencing stylePlease view attached documents for details before bidding .Important : Insert " I have read the attachment files " before bidding !

  • $50 USD Today

    3.We are successfully distributing our spare parts in China for 4 years. One of our main clients want to “put some money” un our business. What can we propose to this client? How to structure this deal?I need to write a report describing different ways the client can become part of the company(truth increase of capital or sell of shares or dcc....) (1 or 2 page). and write down the main point to be discussed with the layer.For example we do not want him to have any managerial decision, no bord of director.writing all the main challenges we will need to discuss with him.1 pageMaximum price of the project 50 $

  • $444 AUD Today

    write a 8000 words report/journal on the following topic:Using technology to improve access to emergency mental health care in rural and remote Australia: an evaluation of the Mental Health Emergency Care-Rural Access Program " report needed to be 100% plagiarism freeFully referenced.

  • $100 USD Today

    a 3000 word report on global air freight industrydouble spaced paper.

  • $88 USD Yesterday

    Need a business proposal written for a class. Attached is what I have to start with.

  • $111 USD Yesterday

    I need a 10 page research paper done using 15 sources I will provide 8 or so... Need if by 4/26

  • $88 USD Yesterday

    Hello,I have a very simple project for a class. All you need to do is summarize a 12 page powerpoint we already made in the form of a letter.I will give more details once I contact you.Requirements: I am not releasing any money until I atleast see a paragraph or two and make sure the english is good. If you cannot write clear english and it is broken please do not accecpt my project because I will not release funds if the english is poor. If you copy and paste the power point you will not get the funds released. This needs to be a SUMMARIZED 1 PAGE SINGLE SPACED MEMO LETTER!!Thanks you :)

  • $138 USD Yesterday

    please message me for details on the project. Project is on trust and happiness. I want this paper done ASAP around 2 days time. You need to be certified writer with good rating. around 2500 words.

  • $45 USD Yesterday

    Domestic violence letterassault letter and among other

  • $50 USD Yesterday

    ARGUMENT ESSAYAmy Chua’s memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was described by Amazon as “an awe-inspiring, often hilarious, and unerringly honest story of one mother"s exercise in extreme parenting, revealing the rewards-and the costs-of raising her children the Chinese way.” Since its debut in 2011, this book has caused great controversy. In a well-developed essay, take a position on whether or not you feel Amy Chua is a good parent. You may argue in support of or in opposition to her parenting style. You may also take a qualified stance which allows you to see the pros/cons of her parenting method. If you write a qualified argument essay, you still must lean for/against her. Be sure to use textual evidence from Chua’s memoir to support your viewpoint. 3 pages

  • £88 GBP Yesterday

    Question:What is modernism? Taking an example you have found in a museum or gallery during the last 10 weeks, from three of the following; graphic design (a poster for example), Interior, product, film and animation, animation, fashion or architecture, from the period of modernity, discuss why it is ‘modern’ rather than just ‘a product of its time’ use your choice of examples to illustrate your analysis.Length: 3000 -/+ 10% word review or essayModernist artwork I’ve chosen: 1)Jean Metzinger, 1913, Le Canot, En Canot, Femme au Canot et a l"Ombrelle, Im Boot2)Pedestal Table in the Studio by André Masson, 1922.3)Guernica by Pablo Picasso, 1937You can choose any other work, as long as it sticks to a single domain (graphic design, art, etc) and fits the ‘Modernist’ criteria.You will find attached, the guidelines that need to be respected for the essay. Also, REFERENCING IS NEEDED!

  • $45 USD Yesterday

    This is a 1500 word essay about will need to use the harvard refrencing system. And will need acsess to acedemic journals and articles, normal websites wont do.More information will be given over chat in regards to the title.And obviouly no plagurism, i would want it done in 3-5 days please.

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