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Linux Developer, MySQL Developer & AJAX Developer

Username: birijan

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Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Member since: January 2009



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My projects:

  • $200.00 USD
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    Sep 22, 2011

    I will highly recommend this freelancer with his professionalism and understand of projects. His communications is absolute. I will always use for any of my future projects

    Project Description:I need an experience programmer to copy / duplicate the whole program and store it on a different database. The person must be very good with Linux as well
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller iceblue


    Aug 17, 2010

    birijan did an excellent job on this project. It was completed in less then 1 day and he gave me full instructions on how to use it. He answered all my questions. I am very happy with how this project turned out!

    Project Description:AJAX Content Fetcher I need an AJAX script that will load content, that a PHP script outputs, into a DIV. (I understand that the AJAX script and the PHP script need to be on the same domain) This project is for the creation of the AJAX script only...
  • $50.00 USD
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    Jul 20, 2010

    Very helpful and quick! Many thanks!

    Project Description:I am working on a website allowing people to submit markers with land/building information via a Google Map. I then want users to be able to select certain criteria for a search through the database of all user generated information and then display the corresponding markers for viewing...
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  • [Sealed] In Progress

    As part of my assessment I have to build a non-trivial database system for web enabled application for the business domain proposed here. This will be a sample database application completely done using SQL PLUS (Oracle 10g)The database will include different modules for manage, they are: 1)Client Management – This module will offer Adding new clients; edit client information; manage clients’ invoices.2)Staff Management –This section will allow Adding new staff; edit staff information; manage staff invoices. 3)Project Management – This part will help Adding new project; edit project information/status; assign to staff; change assignments; mark parts and stages as complete/incomplete; mark project as complete. 4)Staff login – This module will enable the staff to View current projects, past projects; download input files, upload output files; send and receive messages to management; create invoices, create time sheet. 5)Client login – This module will enable the clients to View current projects, past projects; upload input files for new or existing projects, along with message; download output files; view/print/save current and past invoices; pay invoices through specified gateway. 6)Documents management – View all documents stored on site, according to categories in which they are stored; edit features of storage. The database instruction:You need to decide about the required tables, views, indexes, etc. . Furthermore, you need to outline the appropriate distribution and storage requirements for tablespaces and datafiles and calculate the storage requirements for these and other database objects. The system must manage different levels of access/security/permissions and therefore you may also need to create roles and grant these to the different users of your system.You need to create objects and provide scripts for creation of following:a)Tables, indexes, views, database triggers and functions or built in procedures.b)The different users of your system.c)The different database roles and the granting of these privileges.You need to provide scripts for creation of the following [Do not create these objects]:d)Appropriately sized and distributed Tablespaces.e)Appropriately sized and distributed Datafiles.You should create your schema in DBS database as follows : •Create a master schema PROJG03. All tables, views etc that you create should belong to this user.•Create others users and assign them roles as per your application requirement.•Use the following assignments for all users (including PROJG03) : default tablespace DBS_SPACE, temporary tablespace TEMP_SPACE and give 5M of QUOTA in DBS_SPACE. When creating tables, to save space, use INITIAL and NEXT size of 8K regardless what sizes are calculated, however calculated values should be put in documentation.Your application will typically use the pre-configured Uniform Server (see instructions in attached document – “Instr_uniserver.doc”) and use PHP to connect to the DBS Database. Several examples of how your PHP code can connect to the DBS database are provided. Other resources, including PHP and Oracle manuals, are available for reference on the course website. Configuration support will be limited to the PHP/Uniform Server environment. Your application must demonstrate: •Ability to query tables and views and display the results appropriately.•Ability to add, delete, and modify records. You need to submit:2.An ER diagram3.Scripts for creating any tablespaces that you think will be applicable to your application (Note: do not create these tablespaces – use the default tablespace for all of your objects).4.Scripts for creating users, roles and granting of privileges as required.5.Scripts for creation of all Tables, Indexes and other database objects (views, sequences, database triggers, stored procedures or functions, etc.) oAll objects should be appropriately sized (INITIAL, NEXT, PCT_FREE, etc). oIndexes should be created on appropriate columns.oTables should translate directly from your ER diagram.6.Object/sizing rationale:oExplain your table/index sizing. Eg: Initial number of rows and expected growth.oExplain why you created your set of indexes and why they will improve performance of your application.oList any indexes that were automatically created and why.7.The application itself (do not attach PHP code to documentation – some screenshots are permitted).

  • [Sealed] Jul 23, 2010

    We need to have the Facebook Connect feature and authentication implemented on a phpbb portalxl forum 3.0.7pl1 website.End result user can register and login on my site with facebook info.

  • $100 USD Mar 7, 2010

    I need one MySQL 5.1 query for the sample data listed below. The query must not use UNION or DISTINCT in the statement. I require a query that will list for me the Surname, First_Name and a third column (described below) of all residents where Active=1 and Reviewed_by is Null who"s last recorded weight is either above the Upper_weight_limit, Below the Lower_Weight Limit or who have lost more than 10% of their weight in the last 6 months or lost >2kg when compared to the maximum weight recorded in the last 36 days.As stated the query needs to return the resident"s Surname, First_Name and a third column. The third column should tell the end user what criteria the result matches. For example:Smith Joan weight>upper_weight_limitJones Frank weight loss > 10% over 6 months When the resident weight satisfies two or more rules (ie weight<Lower_weight_limit, weight loss>2kg , weight loss>10% in 6 months) then I don’t mind if all three results appear or just one. (Keep in mind weights are entered at random dates every 2-6 weeks).PLEASE NOTE I NEED ONE QUERY TO ACHIEVE THIS.The results of the Query should look like this:SurnameFirst_NameReasonBeckhamDavidWeight<Lower_weight_limitSpicePosh>10% Weight LossWangerArsen>2kg loss last 36 daysSeeChelWeight>Upper_weight_limitSAMPLE DATA:Create Table Resident (Resident_ID int(11) auto_increment PRIMARY KEY, Surname varchar(50), First_Name varchar(50), Upper_weight_limit int(3), Lower_weight_limit int(3), Active int(1));Create Table Weight (Weight_ID int(11) auto_increment primary key, Resident_ID int(11), Weight int(3), Date date, Reviewed_by varchar(50));Insert into Resident (Surname, First_Name, Upper_weight_limit, Lower_weight_limit, Active) Values (‘Smith’, ‘John’, 60, 50, 1), (‘Jones’, ‘Tom’, 70, 58, 1), (‘Beckham’, ‘David’, 80, 70, 1), (‘Spice’, ‘Posh’, 41, 34,1), (‘Wiggle’, ‘Jeff’, 41, 34, 0), (‘Wanger’, ‘Arsen’, 78, 69, 1), (‘United’, ‘Manchester’, 99, 88, 1), (‘City’, ‘Manchester’, 60, 56, 1), (‘Pool’, ‘Liver’, 88, 82, 0), (‘See’, ‘Chel’, 77, 70, 1);Insert into Weight (Resident_ID, Weight, Date) Values (1, 58, ‘2009-10-01’), (1, 57, ‘2009-10-28’), (1, 58, ‘2009-12-01’), (1, 61, ‘2010-01-01’), (1, 59, ‘2010-02-01’), (1, 59, ‘2010-03-02’), (2, 58, ‘2009-10-01’), (2, 57, ‘2009-10-28’), (2, 58, ‘2009-12-01’), (2, 61, ‘2010-01-01’), (2, 59, ‘2010-02-01’), (2, 59, ‘2010-03-02’), (3, 79, ‘2009-10-01’), (3, 77, ‘2009-11-05’), (3, 75, ‘2009-12-01’), (3, 73, ‘2010-01-07’), (3, 71, ‘2010-02-03’), (3, 69, ‘2010-03-02’), (4, 40, ‘2009-10-05’), (4, 39, ‘2009-11-05’), (4, 38, ‘2009-12-20’), (4, 37, ‘2010-01-01’), (4, 36, ‘2010-02-01’), (4, 36, ‘2010-03-01’), (5, 40, ‘2009-10-05’), (5, 39, ‘2009-11-05’), (5, 38, ‘2009-12-20’), (5, 37, ‘2010-01-01’), (5, 36, ‘2010-02-01’), (5, 36, ‘2010-03-01’), (6, 78, ‘2010-01-02’), (6, 78, ‘2010-02-01’), (6, 75, ‘2010-03-01’), (7, 78, ‘2010-01-02’), (7, 78, ‘2010-02-01’), (7, 75, ‘2010-03-01’), (10,78, ‘2010-03-01’);Update Weight SET Reviewed_by= ‘John’ where Resident_ID=7 AND date=’2010-03-01’;Thank you for your bids.

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