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  • £30.00 GBP
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    Will use again!! Thank you!

    Project Description:I need all descriptions writing for my brand new website, including meta data and must be seo friendly.
  • $210.00 USD
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    Jun 13, 2014

    Brain center attempts to get the project, then haggle for a higher price after the fact. My paper was poorly done with extensive grammatical errors and format unorganized. I would NOT recommend.

    Project Description:Please see attached for specifications. The company for the assessment is Raytheon Co. I will be uploading more information this week which will assist in the report such as site layout etc... Important this is related to security (physical security)...
  • $34.00 USD
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    Jun 11, 2014

    great work!!! thank you so much!!!!

    Project Description:Please summarize the technological discussions in the Prey Book by Michael Crichton and submit a 2-3 page report here. Do not copy and paste the article. Do not relay the story. You may not discuss what...
  • $126.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller davidblackjr94


    Jun 6, 2014

    Great work!

    Project Description:I would like a Press Kit/Media Kit written in full detail for The Patent Trade Corporation. If you are able to create the design of the press kit, I will pay extra. For now, I am more so focused on the...
  • €40.00 EUR
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    Jun 5, 2014

    Great Work! will hire again

    Project Description:I want someone to write a 2-3 page chapter about SCRUM methodology in business and why startups are following it. No copy paste, i want someone who can spend some time and write a good chapter about it...
  • $105.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller siddikanusrat


    May 4, 2014


    Project Description:Need Academic writers ASAP for Masters of Science final year dissertation where proper documentation and UK Harvard referencing standard will be followed. Mention your qualification in your bid. 1. Masters of Science final year dissertation (Words 15,000) 2...
  • £350.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller eboomya


    May 2, 2014

    quality work!!! recommended!!!

    Project Description:A project management assignment on Heathrow terminal 5 project investigation on Risk management. i hired one of the freelancers here for the proposal and it failed!! i really need someone who can help me get a really high mark for the next assignment...
  • $157.00 USD
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    Apr 29, 2014

    broke deadline

    Project Description:You must prepare a critical analysis report of approximate 2,000 words: 1. A critical analysis of the two blogs included below. Do you agree with everything they say? Can you think of examples that can corroborate their statements? Can you think of examples that contradict them? 2...
  • $200.00 USD
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    Apr 23, 2014

    Very good, made changes as i requested, This is the 2nd time he has done work for me, definitely will be a 3rd time.

    Project Description:Write an essay follow criteria, give draft within few hours.
  • $24.00 USD
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    Apr 14, 2014

    Great work! Thank you very much!<br/>

    Project Description:Please see attachment for the project in details.
    BRAINCENTER has not completed any projects.
  • $150 AUD In Progress

    The Australian Biscuit Company (ABC) is a multi Australian and Queensland award winner for sweet biscuits based in Brisbane, Queensland. ABC currently produces over 20 million packets of biscuits for the Australian retail grocery market per year, with distribution primarily directed to the two major supermarket chains. Two products hold market-leading positions within the Australian market, the Aussie Oat biscuit (similar to an ANZAC biscuit) and the Sunshine Surprise (shortbread biscuit with a passionfruit and orange cream centre).ABC currently has two dilemmas; saturation of the domestic grocery market for sweet biscuits which is stifling home market growth and the Brisbane plant has excess production capacity. The brief: 1You are a Business Development Executive for ABC. You have been asked to prepare a business report for your Business Development Manager (BDM) to assist with the company’s export planning. The company is trying to understand the Mainland Chinese grocery market and buyer in the terms of the cultural environment and consider whether to customise or standardise a product for this market.2Your task is to conduct secondary research and review the cultural environment in relation to Mainland China for three specific elements. Your report is required to address the specific cultural elements of:•Language•Social Institutions•Values and attitudes3The outcome of your report should provide a profile the cultural environment, with supporting analysis, for the Mainland Chinese grocery buyer of biscuits and offer recommendations supported by rationale for either standardising or customising the above products for this market.

  • $88 USD In Progress

    more description once, if you contact me via email, i cant forward the emial

  • $125 CAD In Progress

    fullthrottleondemand 10 releases sorry about this I have to make up a 100 words to do this. I want the releases on a ongoing bases

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Introduction:For this task you will plan a presentation from the information in a research paper you&quot;ve previously written, or if you do not have a research paper from another course, you can research a topic using three to five sources as the basis for your researched presentation.In this task you will prepare the following items: 1. A presentation outline (This outline will include an effective introduction that states your thesis and previews your main points, a body that covers your main points and supporting evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes your points and ends with an effective closing strategy.) Note: Your thesis must be research based. It can be either informative or argumentative. Present on a topic that will not be too familiar to a general audience. A “how to” presentation is not appropriate. 2. An original visual aid (Research within the visual aid should contain a proper in-text citation [e.g., data you collected to create a graph].)3. A visual-aid script (This script covers only the visual aid portion of your presentation.)4. A visual aid rationale (This provides analysis and explanation of the visual aid.)5. Three effective audience questions and answers6. An APA reference pageTask:Plan a presentation (suggested length of 5–7 minutes) for your research topic. A. Create a presentation outline showing the organization of your presentation content. Your outline should do the following:1. Outline an introduction that appropriately catches your audience’s attention.a. Provide an appropriate research-based thesis statement for your presentation.b. Preview your presentation’s main points.2. Outline a body that effectively addresses the two to three main points of your topic. (Based on the time limitations, you will not have time to discuss more than three main points of your topic.)a. Support each point with research and evidence as indicated by APA in-text citations.3. Outline a conclusion that ends with an effective closing strategy.a. Summarize the main points of your presentation. B. Explain a readable, effective, and appropriately designed visual aid (e.g., chart, graph, picture, model) for the presentation.1. Explain how your visual aid (suggested length of 1/2–1 page) supports the main points of your presentation and how you created it.2. Explain how you created the visual aid. C. Create a visual-aid script that covers only the visual-aid portion of the presentation. D. Provide a list of at least three effective potential questions your audience may ask about your presentation.1. Provide an effective planned response to each of the potential questions. E. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.Note: The APA requirement applies to all elements of the task when applicable: the outline, the visual aid, the visual aid rationale, the visual-aid script, and the Q&A. Please note further that all in-text citations must have a corresponding citation in the reference list.Note: When bulleted points are present in the task prompt, the level of detail or support called for in the rubric refers to those bulleted points.Note: For definitions of terms commonly used in the rubric, see the Rubric Terms web link included in the Evaluation Procedures section.Note: When using sources to support ideas and elements in a paper or project, the submission MUST include APA formatted in-text citations with a corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing. It is not necessary to list sources that were consulted if they have not been quoted or paraphrased in the text of the paper or project.Note: No more than a combined total of 30% of a submission can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. For tips on using APA style, please refer to the APA Handout web link included in the General Instructions section.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Here are some details about the project. Further i will send files and other information through email. Its only 900 words project and i need this project within 24 hours.Paper SubjectBiologyPaper TopicGenes and Transgenic MiceStyle APALanguage StyleEnglish (U.K.)Type of WorkLab ReportUrgency 24 hours Academic LevelMasterPaper StandardFirst ClassNumber of Pages3

  • $25 USD In Progress

    it is samll report about just 3 pages from more information just massage me thanks......................

  • $21 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi,I need a urgent Cover letter writing, and the field is in IT. more Networking and technical. but I want something general in this field.. however if liked the work might hire again and keep working.This is one page. and also checking on my CV as well. but shouldn&quot;t need much changingIdeal person:- MUST already has few feedback in writing field- better if English is your first language

  • $35 USD/hr In Progress

    As Discussed

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    I need to write analysis fro qualitative data ,, around 7000-9000 words , UK English academic writing,,, expert researcher in qualitative methods is required

  • $32 USD In Progress

    Hi, I need to have this report done 2500 words till friday. I will give all my money from my account for the freelancer which is 32 USD. Please Check the word document, before you offer your service. Everything has to be as it is in the word document. Every detail is important! Looking forward hear from you!

  • $155 USD Today

    Hello, I need a Freelancer that writes 10 articles about technical product comparsion (Software)400 words each.Im looking for quality and long term business relation, so please dont bid if quality is not your main target as writer (no copy paste writers, no article spinners, no trivial writers)If you do a good job, this can be a regular basis project.

  • £555 GBP Today

    The target characteristics of mergers and acquisitions in real estate industry&quot;? Compare targets and non-targets in the US market onlythis is a dissertation. the word between 12000 and 18000, it need regression.

  • $155 USD Today

    Introduction: By now you have selected and narrowed your topic, conducted preliminary research on your topic, formulated an effective thesis statement, and prepared an annotated bibliography. You have a lot of information gathered, and now it is time to begin thinking about how you will shape your paper to share your information with others. Good organization is essential for clear and effective writing. Effective writing is organized around a central idea or thesis and keeps readers focused. It is important to have an organizational plan in place before you begin writing so that your writing can follow a logical path and communicate effectively with your audience. The anchor of your paper will be your thesis statement. The thesis announces your topic, makes an arguable/debatable claim, and indicates the supporting points for your claim. The plan for your paper is your map for how you will lead the reader from point to point. Your plan may be a visual organizer, formal outline, or other appropriate model.Your writing plan must include the following three sections:Introduction: Give background information and context the reader will need to understand the topic, leading to your thesis. Provide your working thesis statement and preview your main points.Body: Provide support for the main points that appear in your thesis. Construct a topic sentence for each of these main points and clearly demonstrate the research that supports each of the main points. Use in-text citations to cite this research in APA format.Conclusion: Indicate the main concepts you will include in your conclusion. Re-state the thesis and summarize the main points. Do not include new information in your conclusion.You will also include a reference page in APA format with a 1-1 correspondence between the sources on the reference page and those cited in the writing plan.Task: A. Create a writing plan (e.g., visual organizer, formal outline) with an introduction, body, and conclusion to help in the preparation of writing your research paper.1. Include research to support the thesis statement and the main points. B. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format. Note: Since the body of your writing plan will demonstrate where the research fits, you will need to use in-text citations in your writing plan, as well as an appropriately formatted reference list. Note: To ensure a 1-1 correspondence between in-text and reference citations, be sure that each in-text citation has a matching reference citation.Note: When bulleted points are present in the task prompt, the level of detail or support called for in the rubric refers to those bulleted points.Note: For definitions of terms commonly used in the rubric, see the Rubric Terms web link included in the Evaluation Procedures section. Note: When using sources to support ideas and elements in a paper or project, the submission MUST include APA formatted in-text citations with a corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing. It is not necessary to list sources that were consulted if they have not been quoted or paraphrased in the text of the paper or project. Note: No more than a combined total of 30% of a submission can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. For tips on using APA style, please refer to the APA Handout web link included in the General Instructions section.

  • £23 GBP Today

    500 words needed in level 3 uk academic writing within 3 days, can sumitt the basic content

  • [Sealed] Today

    All the information for these themes can be found on is not so much a huge project as all the information is on the website already but needs to essentially be re-written. These are the most popular themes within their respectable categories. All the themes are numbers, if it is not numbered that is the category. Please see attached. This is not a project for an Indian, or Pakistani writer so please do not bid.

  • $250 USD Today

    This task is huge and needs some one with broad educational background to execute. Bachelor/ Masters / PHD or good English background- People with research papers experience.Please do be aware that... we will be more sure on whom we issue this task!!Angie.

  • $133 USD Today

    An academic writing need to be done. a brief description in the attached file. This report based on the computer networking.please find out the attached file and read through it carefully before bidding. any confusion, inbox me..No time wasters please.To complete the task a vmware workstation must be needed

  • $30 USD Today

    Hi,I&quot;ve one report that i submitted to my University but there are some comments that i needs to update accordingly. The subject is &quot;Business Decision Making&quot;. Can you please update the report and send me by today am greatful to you..Plz Note that Report is already done but there are only minor comments to update.. I&quot;ll give you full report plus comments..Thanks

  • $30 USD Today

    all details are attached I do need very good marks for this assignment, very good number of references as well and most importantly need it by 2 bid only if u can deliver on time with quality.

  • $30 USD Today

    all details could be found i attachment , i need the assignment by tomorrow. its only 1000 words. I do need good number of references using Harvard plagiarism will be allowed.

  • $133 USD Today

    Need help to write a Project Management Plan for upcoming small residential project. Must have experience in this area. Must have high level of English technical writing ability. Plan should cover all the main topics; budget, scope, schedule, etc. Will provide more info to successful candidate. Thanks.

  • $51 USD Today

    Looking for someone to write a business article on a company. Please ask me for details.

  • $80 CAD Today

    Hi There,See attach zip file for all the detailsPlease do not bit without going through the attachmentsHave several assignments.. This is the first one. Need A+quality workMAX BUDGET: $80Please dont waste time bidding high prices

  • $133 USD Today

    This assignment will be a case study on CareTech Holdings PLC. Audited financial Statement for the Year ended 30 September, 2013.Below are the tasks that need completing ASAP, in Harvard Referencing, of a total 3000 words. The awarded writer will get a copy of the case study send to them. Thank you in advance! Task 11. Explain the principles of costing and business control systems. 1.2 Identify information needed to manage financial resources. 1.3 Explain the regulatory requirements for managing financial resources1.4 Evaluates systems for managing financial resources in a health or care organisation. Task 22.1 Discuss the diverse sources of income that may be encountered in health and social care. 2.2 Analyse the factors that may influence the availability of financial resources in health and social care organizations.2.3 Review different types of budget expenditure in health and social care organizations 2.4 Evaluate how decisions about expenditure are made within a health or social care organisationTask 33.1 Explain how financial shortfalls can be managed. 3.2 Explain the actions to be taken in the event of suspected fraud 3.3 Evaluate budget monitoring arrangements in a health or social care organization. Task 44.1 Identify information required to make financial decisions relating to a health and social care service.4.2 Analyse the relationship between a health and social care service delivered, costs and expenditure.4. 3 Evaluate how financial considerations impact upon an individual using the health and social care service 4.4 Suggest ways to improve the health and social care service through changes to financial systems and processes.

  • $111 USD Today

    Need some 20 product reviews written and placed

  • $666 USD Today

    15000 words for a dissertation in economics and politics topics and guaranty to get more than 65 .

  • $2500 USD Today

    Hello Freelancers We are looking for professional team to implementing Cyber Safety training toolkit project which will use in training for teachers and students (K-12)Requirements are:•Proposal for project should deliver within 24 hours after acceptance. •training manual (more details will share with bidders)•Three different workbooks (Include different kind of interactive, engaging, as well as fun exercises and Cyber Safety smart assessments).•PowerPoint presentations and handouts •Both English and Arabic copy required •More detailed requirements will provide for winner Deliver must be after 7 days in max.Team must prepare time line for project and must deliver daily report explain the work process Budget is up to $ 2500, milestone will release after deliver and editing

  • $133 USD Today

    Create a 20 slide PowerPoint presentation. Analyze a green technology product and determine just how green this product really is using a decision-making tool called the Profitable and Compliant Profit Chart.

  • $30 CAD Today

    I want someone experienced in University writing to write a seven pages comparative and analytic essay for me on a novel, a short story, and one external source of media. You will have to analyze the gender roles played by men during the mid 20th century in the American society on the basis of their representation in the text, and then use one media source of that time to see how accurately the writers of the novel and story have portrayed the male characters. Essay Format: MLA style-I will provide more details over the phone/email/skype -whatever you prefer.-Payment half in advance, and the rest on the completion of the project.-I want the essay done by 27th July.

  • $122 USD Today

    I have written up my university assignment of 2000 words but I know theres gaps for improvement as well as research and analytical data.. If you do accept the work you must know background knowledge about economics (macro economics and would be able to make graphs on microsoft word and explained). the question are as follows : 1. Economists in the field of International Economics seem to agree that there are about seven themes that recur throughout the study of International Economics, as you studied in your module. Using any five of these themes undertake a critical analysis of their application in real case examples of countries and regions of their applications (max. 1000 words)· The gains from trade· The pattern of trade· Protectionism· The balance of payment· Exchange rate determination· International policy coordination· International capital market 2. Take a real case example of a country whose economic growth is strongly linked to international trade and investment and critically analyse how the country has benefited from it and how you predict the future of this relationship of international trade and investment to its growth can be ( max 1000 words)Both questions should be answered based on research you undertake, backed by references, and should be real cases, not hypothetical. On acceptance I will send you my assignment that needs to be changed please ensure highest quality . I need this assignment done in 24 hours

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Mar 2009 - Aug 2013 (4 years)



Bachelor of bussiness managment

University of Nairobi


Masters in procurement and supply chain management

United States International University


Certificate in computer applications

University of Nairobi