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  • $362.00 USD
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    Oct 22, 2013

    A+Great Work!

    Project Description:We are in the process of developing an incentive-based site. A lot of the basic functions of the site have already been put together and we're about mid-way through development, but we're looking to ramp things up by outsourcing a lot of aspects, so we can push it out sooner...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mmislamimon


    Sep 20, 2013

    Great communication and availability. Excellent technical expertise. Overall great work!

    Project Description:I have a gym management web application, there is some problem on menus and payment section, need to solve the problem and connect the menus with the menu editor. Thats all.
  • $35.00 USD
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    Sep 13, 2013

    "Great communication and availability. Excellent technical expertise. Overall great work!"

    Project Description:Hi I have a running shop sell/buy management website. This website made by codeIgniter. This site has 2 types of interface one sell and another buy. Work Details- 1. one type of report for 2 sections, 2...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mmislamimon


    Jul 26, 2013

    Nice work, project is uncompleted. I will hire you soon to complete the project.

    Project Description:I need a simple and small gym management website. A simple website that control a admin and some employ. Gym members data, their schedule, attendance, their payment etc.. and gyms all profit and loss....
  • $39.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mypizzach


    Jul 25, 2013

    Thank you very much for super Job. I would like to continue working with you.

    Project Description:I am looking for a Web Developer who has PHP/MYSQL/SMARTY PHP knowledge for some modification and Bug Fixes on a existing Website.
  • $40.00 USD
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    Xmusic [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 25, 2013

    Avoid this bidder too many promises and then disappears

    brajkishoriims's reply:

    please close this project

    Project Description:API needed to link cloud based Database System to online service in the music industry. Process required From Website and Mobile Customer comes online Chooses country Chooses Region/States...
    brajkishoriims has not completed any projects.
  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a simple php application run in a hospital I need to extend more information on it, That we can discuss before the starting of the project.I welcome any one confidently want to work with me.I need some one who flexible in CodeIgniter can learn fast and continue coding the existing project I have.

  • [Sealed] Apr 29, 2014

    I need a developer who can add 3 API to my existing website . I need scrapping of 3 websites also.So the main work is to do scrapping and integrating API.Few little things needs to be implemented.I would need an honest developer who knows scrapping and codegniter.I would give 15 days to the developer. So please bid if you can complete in 15 days.I would release payment after 100% work is done and tested.

  • [Sealed] Apr 8, 2014

    Overview - I have an existing website/system built on the WAMP platform using the Codeigniter framework (with Grocery_CRUD), that allows customers to make bookings for couriers to pickup goods, and the website/system will then automatically send an SMS to a courier with the pickup details.Summary -Currently if an SMS cannot be sent due to an issue with the SMS gateway or issues with the customers contact details etc, the website/system will try to send the SMS once only and if it fails to send it will move the SMS to the Unsent Message Queue but not notify anyone.What I require is either:1) A program or application or modification to the existing website/system that will check the existing SMS Unsent queue periodically (e.g. every 5mins) and then send an email to multiple email addresses if an SMS appears in the Unsent queue.OR2) A modification to the existing website/system that will send an email to multiple email addresses as soon as an SMS message is being moved to the unsent queue.NOTES -A) Any solutions are to be written/developed in a similar way to the rest of the website/system. The website/system has been developed using Codeignitor and Grocery_CRUD which should be used if modifying existing modules/files however I am OK if any new functionality is created/written in PHP.B) Code should include comments in English where practical and not be encrypted.C) Both the "SMS Unsent" and "SMS Sent" Queues exist in the MySQL database the website/system uses.D) The SMS functionality - that exists between the website/system & the SMS Gateway - is controlled by a custom written Java application that uses GSMComm v1.21E) I don"t think that any modifications will be required to the SMS functionality as it will probably be a straightforward MySQL Database and PHP coding solution - refer item "C" aboveF) System Details -WAMP Server 2.2Apache v2.2.21MySQL v5.5.20PHP v5.3.9Codeigniter v2.1.0Grocery_CRUD v1.1.7GSMComm v1.21Windows Server 2008R2 64bit

  • $890 USD Mar 22, 2014

    Aanleveren werkers :Make changes to existing project. We have running a project on our servers, please check out demo on : can be requested. What is it? At this point it is a invoicing and accounting tool fit for one company. We want to offer this as a service to our client. The script must be changed to make this possible. Please see other sites that offer this service as an example : use a bugtracker (Bug Genie) that contains all bugs and feature requests. Please note the following planned phases :Phase one : Rebranding & Small changesRebranding (v0.9.10)Superadmin (v0.9.20)Openkvk integration (api) (v0.9.21)Internal credit repository. (v0.9.22)iDeal (sisow) integration (v0.9.23)POSTNL integration (v0.9.25)Simple debt collection agency integration (v0.9.30)Workflow (v0.9.31)Bitcoin (v0.9.32)Small changes / bug fixes (v0.9.33)Account limits (v0.9.40)GO LIVE (beta) (v0.9.401)Phase two : The Add-on store (v0.9.41)Phase three : Payment gateways (add-ons). (0.9.50)MollieSepaPaypalNexmo SMS (API)Phase four : Communications (add-ons) (v0.9.60)Ticket system (changes)Livechat (internal and external)Webmail clientTwitter integrationFacebook integrationPhase five : Debt Collection agency (add-on) (v0.9.70)Client interfaceUser interfaceAdmin interfaceLinkingPhase six : Accounting (add-on) (v0.9.80)Phase seven : API (for all client/admin groups) (v0.9.90)Phase eight : Bugfixes, last minute changes (small) (final) (v0.9.99) Milestoning proces (how we work)20% Milestone is instantly created on project acceptation. This will be released after completion of fase 1 of the project. 10% Milestone is then created, that will be released after completing the following fase. This will continue in this matter until the project is completed.Phase 8 will have a 20% milestone.  Communications between you and usThere will be daily progress reports required. We will be online on freelancer or skype for questions every day for at least 4 hours. Daily contact is a must with this project. Please keep this in mind. We use a bugtracker system. We will provide you with login accounts for use.

  • $125 USD Mar 18, 2014

    Need a PHP and/or MySQL application that can extra HTML from a DB and determine what has changed from any number of versions. Ideally the project will have 2 parts. Part #1 will be the PHP business logic/classes that will look for the changes in a MYSQL DB table. Part #2 will be 1+ new MySQL tables that will store which records have differences and specifically what those differences areExample Attached:Comparing Version #1 to Version 2. You should find that the text inside the is different, as well, there is now an inside of Version #2.This is a very basic example as most of the actual HTML in the DB will have 1000"s of lines of code and can have 10+ variations in image paths, HTML structure, ect.

  • €400 EUR Mar 13, 2014

    Hi i need a software that must integrate with Facebook.The user can register or login with facebook, the system will take all the user informations and store in database, then user go in admin panel and can add a pages, in this way, click a button add page, after can see all his pages of facebook and choose one by clicking "add page", then the user on that page can publish post, photo, link, can schedule for a specifici date and time, for each monday, friday, sunday etc. and can immediatly publish on the choosen page, the user can see the list of his page, then go in the management for a specific page and then can do all the job for publish. The user can add a page similar to his page, for example i"ve a football page, i choose some other football page to monitoring by inserting link and the software automatically get all the feed from the page, and user can order feed by more shared, more liker and more liked and shared, after choosen some post from the other page, can change messagge and shedule for his page. I need a configuration page if i want to set application name, admin email etc.then and last i ned to create a package for user, some free and some a payements, but i prefer unlimited packagem where after user register choose a package, i can choose to give trial or not to some package, then user pay and can pay monthly or each year, in this case have a discount that i choose, each month or each year the user must send a reminder automatically and admin must not be important to let work software

  • $500 USD Feb 23, 2014

    Hello, the project consists of developing a mining pool that auto switches currencies based on profitability and specific criteria based on our own data. In addition we would like an arbitrage bot to coincide with our pool to automatically sell currencies based on our formulas and criteria. This will be a pool very similar in both function and form to We would like for this project to be completed as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • ₹20000 INR Feb 21, 2014

    For our ongoing project we require candidates with the skill of PHP Code Igniter and HTML5 on the basis of contract of 3 months ( who can dedicate full time for 3 months) and full time candidates (Permanent employment) .

  • $100 USD Feb 3, 2014

    We want matlab code for hiding audio file in image and getting it back.If I find it relevant we will order more number of projects after that.

  • ₱30000 PHP Jan 30, 2014

    We are looking for a full time Senior level PHP programmer with CodeIgniter experience.\r\n\r\nPlease contact me at 09178271197

  • $5 USD/hr Oct 27, 2013


  • $170 USD Oct 23, 2013

    I am looking for a bot to notify me when Tickets have been released for sold out sporting events, concerts, plays, etc on There are websites that offer this service right now for a steep rate per month.( I need something similar to what they are offering. I would like to be able to add hundreds of sold out events to the bot and have it check automatically if tickets have been released, and then notify me what has been released (Section, Row, Price of Tickets). I would also like the bot the be able to sort out different prices of tickets to a certain event. For example, there are upper level tickets available everywhere but the lower level is sold out. I need a bot that can notify me of the lower level seats becoming available.

  • $125 USD Oct 19, 2013

    I\"ve this script and need some additional section in it.Demo script: (1). Expenses Section (Example: Reports (All report should be able to export in to CSV and PDF format) (a). Outstanding report (client name | paid amount | outstanding amount) (b). Sales report (total sales| total cost | total profit | total tax) (c). Expenses report (total expenses) (3). Create User with limited access (Access tabs: Dashboard | Invoices | Estimates | Expenses | Items | Clients | Reports | Setting)(4). Item Section need cost prices option so it can calculate the profit in final reports.(5). Dashboard - Right side need additional box (Payment Received Today | Total Invoices Today)I will explain in details on skype.Thanks & Regards,Vinod[Removed by admin; exchanging of contact information is prohibited unless the project is already awarded.]

  • $190 USD Sep 23, 2013

    Dear Colleagues,I hope your all well.Kindly i need this following website edited This already is on a script, however their are features that are not included in the script which i would like. I would like the possibility of being able to upload CSV files from any affiliate network to update transactions carried our by our members. Furthermore i would like the feature to paste transaction IDs from networks and this will manually update member accounts, and approve these transactions.Lastly i would like a list of transactions to be displayed with the possibility of clicking a tick or a cross at the side of each transaction. When the tick is pressed it will credit the members account that carried out this transaction. When the cross is ticked this transaction will be declined. Each transaction will include an IP address of the member that took this out, member name, date and time. I really hope these features can be added to the script as it will simply add further value to my website, i am hoping there is an experienced freelancer that can carry out this work for a small fee.Many thanks in advance. Best Wishes and Regards,James Shaw

  • $145 SGD Sep 16, 2013

    My website : 1) I need a fixed layout irregardless of online customers who may use different form of view sizes or types of web browsers.Eg. users may preferred having their web browser magnify in bigger view. This will cause the layout and information to be out of place. 2) Currently, I"m using YIth Woocommerce Compare Feature Plugin. Problem is once required fields are being input, all will be appeared on the Compare Box. Scenario : I will be selling clothing and home appliances items. Some of my products for eg. clothings do not require all the fields from the home appliances detail. If customers were to select clothing and click the "Compare" button, the product will appear on the "Compare box" and fields are included from the home appliances as well, making it unnecessary lengthy and confusing. So, I"m thinking of having a plugin which is able to select certain fields and to be appeared for certain category.

  • £5 GBP/hr Sep 13, 2013

    Customise the following wordpress theme pages, content finance calculator on home page.

  • $50 USD Sep 13, 2013

    I have a site that uses the uploadify sciprt I require some aditional functionality to be added to it in respect of content layout and amazon s3 integration. I"m in the UK and require someone in a suitable timezone to enable effective communication and completion of the project. Previous experience with the script is essential.NOTE: Any messages that don"t contain the word "uploadify" will be ignored

  • $156 USD Sep 11, 2013

    Budget $125-165I have multiple tasks for our Magento website. Please read tasks carefully below to ensure you can fulfill ALL tasks promptly. Need:- Change URL"s in files from HTTP to HTTPS - I"m told many files on the server have links in the file itself pointing to HTTP when it should be HTTPS. This is causing an issue for some people where it tells them some of the content isn"t secure. I need these corrected and fixed. May take some time to look through the html files to find and correct these.- On pages where we have our email listed I need it to be changed to something where customers have to click to reveal the email. We"ve been targeted by spammers since we put our email directly on our website for customers to contact in case they have questions. So, to avoid the web crawlers from seeing it, I need something done where its not visible right away until a customer clicks an icon of an email or something. Thus avoiding the bots crawling the web looking for plain emails.- Ensure the port the website is using to the public is correct. I"ve been told some larger companies cannot access our webpage. Could be due to other issues, but I"m told a possible issue is the port. Need to ensure its on the correct port and can be viewed by anyone. (unless a super strict firewall I guess)- Ensure there is no spam or malware on the website. I"ve been told that the large companies that cannot access our website say its either a port issue or because the site has malware. I have ran many tests that show nothing, but I"d like an expert to do this as well.- Need our Shopping Cart page edited. Need the buttons for Update Shopping Cart, Clear Shopping Cart, etc to be more visible and spaced apart more. I have another template I would like to model this after. Also make this shopping cart page easier to read. - Need footer added to cart page- Would like a floating cart, where when you roll over the cart, it shows you whats in your cart. I have another template to show an example of this.- Need Coupon Code area somewhere on checkout page.Images included show the example. Site on the left needs to have features site on the right has. I have both templates. But need the site on the left to have new features and update with new add-ons that help the customer shop... since the site is 3-4 years old. Please make sure you feel comfortable completely these tasks before bidding. Budget: 125$ - 165$

  • $250 USD Sep 8, 2013

    Overall Goal: We are in the process of developing an incentive-based site. A lot of the basic functions of the site have already been put together and we"re about mid-way through development, but we"re looking to ramp things up so we can push it out sooner.Project Goals: The goal of this project is to improve the Registration Process of our site.Desired Developer: We are looking for a LAMP developer with extensive experience in CodeIgniter, Twitter Bootstrap, Git, and Jquery. Any experience with Python would be a plus. We will provide access to our development server from which you will be able to do all your work. You will need a Bitbucket account.Description: Currently, the registration process is pretty basic. You enter your email address, username, and password and then you have an account. What it leaves out are things such as mail confirmation and contact. We"ve put together a few "desired scenarios" for how we"d like the user to be shepherded through the processes of registration and login. This project requires knowledge of the following: Full LAMP stack. CodeIgniter. Jquery.For the registration page we need: * Real-time form validation for each textbox. * email address: if already exists, return ajax message saying it already exists. * password: if it"s not the right amount of characters, etc, return an ajax message saying it"s wrong. * password confirmation: if it doesn"t match the original, then return an ajax message saying it"s wrong. * Email newsletter checkbox: to get the ok to add to daily, monthly newsletter. * Automatic "welcome" email once registration form is completed, confirming completion.That would be 4 items to work on in the form field and one automated email to send out once the registration is complete.Below is an example of the types of things we imagine a new user to encounter when registering on our site.Desired New User Registration Process1. User goes to registration page. a. User enters email address, if already exists, return ajax message saying it already exists and then provides the login link. b. User enters password, if it"s not the right amount of characters, etc, return an ajax message saying it"s wrong. c. User enters confirmation password, if it doesn"t match the original, then return an ajax message saying it"s wrong. d. Checkbox to see if they"re ok getting promotional emails from us.2. Once User hits "return", if all is good send a confirmation and welcome email message. a. For the confirmation email, contents will be something along the lines of "your freshly created account is confirmed." with other items such as a link to "forgot password" page, a link to the "support page", and a link to a "getting started" page.3. Re-route to login page to enter login information4. (if they ok promotional emails) Once they"re logged in for the first time, send another email with today"s specials.This will require front-end and back-end skills. We will provide you with access to our development server, it is a CentOS5 machine running PHP5.

  • $25 USD Aug 18, 2013

    I have an uncompleted S3 filemanager project. this php application can connect & list and retrieve files from amazon S3 storage.Completed Parts:+ Base CI classes and directory structure+ Complete html front-end with client side scripts+ S3 Manipulation classCurrent job is making a connection between backend and frontend, S3 file manipulation with built in classes. (upload, download, list, delete, make folder etc) contact me for rest of details.

  • $555 USD Aug 14, 2013

    Need you to provide comprehensive data for Indian Businesses. Data should be as detailed as the data found on and yellowpages.sulekha.comWe need the following data -List Of Indian CitiesList Of Locations in each cityBusiness CategoriesKeywords for each categoryMost importantly we need category wise list of businesses in each city with following details name, address, city, phone, mobile, email, Longitude/Latutude or PINCODE

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Software Engineer-PHP

Aug 2012 - Jun 2013 (10 months)

Synapse India Pvt Ld

Functional (Software Development): <br />Understanding business's requirements and mapping them to Functional Requirement Documentation.<br />Handling various technical aspects like coding of modules & taking appropriate actions.<br />Verifying change requests and defects.<br /><br /><br />Core Competence: <br />Programming: Core PHP, Prestashop,Wordpress, Code Igniter, Zend, Joomla <br />DBMS: Mysql 5.0 <br />Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, and Jquery<br />API: Facebook, Twitter, yahoo, Google

Web Programmer

Jan 2009 - Aug 2012 (3 years)

Grapes IT Solution Pvt. Ltd, (Ghaziabad)

Understanding business's requirements and mapping them to Functional Requirement Documentation.<br />Handling various technical aspects like coding of modules & taking appropriate actions.<br />Verifying change requests and defects.<br />





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