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BEST ANIMATOR(2D&3D)Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones. SO

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Location: kolkata, India

Member since: September 2012



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  • $200.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller pzelic


    3 days ago

    Wow...the quality of the work was amazing. Very professional and easy to communicate with. A+++ and will definately be using again for future work.

    Project Description:Hi guys, I need an awesomely talented illustrator to reskin this great little title Looking for someone who has had...
  • $30.00 NZD
    Profile image for Seller Ampednz


    3 days ago

    Great, Just want I wanted.

    Project Description:A short series of animation that can be inserted in to videos based on a cartoon figure.
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller splogic


    7 days ago

    Great job! Thank you!

    Project Description:Full game UI and elements redesign: 1) Logo and Icon design 2) 4 game scenes full redesign 3) Animation of the main character (6 animations) 4) Game elements redesign (6 elements / 4-6 frames each)...
  • $220.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kdhr70114


    9 days ago

    Thanks for everything!

    Project Description:I need simple, colorful cartoon characters. There are only a few files required... and I have exact dimensions for each PSD (which is how I want the files ultimately delivered) - three different characters...
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller icon2007


    15 days ago

    Good coder, was a bit testy when I asked to make changes and so I ended up settling for the caricature he made for us. Overall he is a good coder.

    Project Description:Some years back we had a picture developed into a funny caricature, we want to do the same with the picture attached this year, we want it to look funny, with small body and big heads along with a caption...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ClarissaB17


    15 days ago

    He made my book come to life, I never imagined it looking THIS good, I am so happy with the work I received and I will most definitely come to this great freelancer in the near future, thank you!

    Project Description:I need a couple of pages of animation characters that feature in my children's book series
  • $105.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abdullah82m


    17 days ago

    Sorry I was very late in the communications. I hope you'll still be interested in further working with me.

    Project Description:I need an illustration of mine to be colored. It is drawn in ink and it features characters from a video game (DOTA) so their design and color is already established.
  • $144.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Beewix


    25 days ago

    The global quality is not enough for used in a game.he has good com, but the quality is less than what I saw in the portfolio.Hands are wrong size and position, the character smile when hitted...<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I want to create a fighting game , a sort of clone of the famous Best of the best Karate Chamionchip. You can find the spritesheet in attachment. What I need is to create new animations based on the sprite sheets but with a High Dfinition look and feel...
  • $198.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller calovera


    Jun 20, 2014

    Excellent Illustrator! I am sure I will work with her again. If you are looking for outstanding work on budget, do not think twice in hire CASTUDIO!

    Project Description:I am looking for an illustrator for making a Brick Breaker Game. I need 8 characters similar to a ball (Like the character of the game &quot;Cut the rope&quot;), buttons, and splash screens like the ones that I am showing...
  • $29.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller danielmedary


    Jun 13, 2014

    Excellent work! Castudio checked in with me multiple times to make sure they were on the right track and delivered high quality very quickly.

    Project Description:I&#039;m looking for a cartoon illustration that would be used for a log cabin vacation rental. The log cabin is called &quot;Lazy Bear&quot;. I would like the illustration to depict a bear laying on a hammock, with...
    CRAZY ANIMATION has not completed any projects.
  • $7 USD/hr In Progress

    I will send you a copy of the children&quot;s book I am working on and I need illustrations to go with it. Currently I used photos I already had of my daughter and my dog and carbonized them. If you go to the below you will see the book.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    $215 USD to be completed in five days.Need to make an animated video that sends a message to teens.Video will grab their attention with sexy female character.Video is presented in 3 parts..1.Rabbit (logo) dancing inside of bedroom of sexy girl sleeping.2. Girl drawn thrown into darkness similar to Alice in Wonderlandwhere she sees scarey negative images.3. Girl rescued by rabbit.There are 3 characters: sexy girl, rabbit and duck.The other images are scarey silhouettes in the dark forest.

  • $10 USD In Progress

    I am looking for a few illustrations to be included in my latest poetry book to be published later this year in the UK. I am on a low budget and please submit bids based on cost per design or indicate how many included in price if not per design. The poetry is gritty and about my life experiences and overcoming adversity. With issues covered like homelessness, poverty, health issues, political poems and many positive, hope and aspirational poems to show the big turnaround I have achieved. If you can help out with any illustrations, drawings, art or designs please get in contact. Designs can be relevant to subjects covered in the poetry or completely different I just want some quality designs to add an extra dimension to book and break up the poetry to make it flow better and enhance the overall quality of published book.

  • $231 USD In Progress

    Hello- I need two analogies illustrated, with and without text in captions. Can be color or black and white. Football Analogy: Seasoned wide receiver coach is surrounded by wide receivers (known for agility and speed, not size) in a try-out situation on the field. The group is approached by a dramatically large, 6’6”, 360 lbs. lineman-type player. Caption for lineman player: “Why not give me a shot, Coach? I have played this position all of my life so I have the experience.” Coach replies, “No, you’re not the right fit for wide receiver.” Basketball Analogy: Seasoned basketball (tall) coach on the sideline of a basketball court with his team of extremely tall (6’6” to 7’) basketball players. The group is approached by a petite player (5’5” /an obviously amount shorter than the group). Coach shakes his head, “No way!” This player says, “But coach, I have been playing basketball for years. I can shoot, I can dribble, let me try out”

  • $35 USD In Progress

    We&quot;ve talked in PM about this. The main guy is wearing a light blue tshirt with grey jeans, and the rest of the drawing is up to your imagination.If it&quot;s not too much to ask, can you do another sample of the dude wearing a white tshirt and blue jeans?

  • $100 USD In Progress

    I need a vectorized fine art logo from a pixel file the final result should be similar to the Quaker oats logo.I will need a full color for printing and a black and withe for vinyl cutting.|No need to bid if you are going to run the logo thru the illustrator auto trace plugin.

  • $85 USD In Progress

    I would like to create a poster which will look a bit like the following (I am looking for a hand-made illustration only (no Computer or Tablet)): I want to create my own depending on the creative inputs of the designer who wants to do this work.

  • $74 USD In Progress

    eu preciso de um storyboard com 6 - 10 quadros

  • $30 USD In Progress

    250 Children book illustration from a set layout.please refer to this site to see the style I am looking for www.creativeknot.comlook at the image of the girl in pink dress and a girl with a red hat.Layout and Sample image attached along with project post.

  • €8 EUR/hr In Progress

    Create characters (and then potentially animations) for a family where children are misbehaving and creating havoc and then alternative illustrations that show how much better family life could be if parents did things differently

  • $1055 USD Today

    The project is mainly drawing illustrations to stories that I have. There are 16 stories and I need 84 illustrations. It should be colored and need the illustration files also. The drawing should be something like below. In the illustration files [Adobe AI] I need all the drawing in layers and in folders as shown in the PSD I have attached here. [Please note that the drawing should be look like in the image not like in PSD]. All the drawings should be 4096 pixels width and 3072 pixels height.Please reply to this project only if you have done similar kind of work. Also Please make sure to attached or share the links to the work that you have done. Please reply to me with the word Makuna to make sure that you have gone through the project well.

  • $200 USD Today

    I have a rough sketch of a kitchen that I would like to be redone and illustrated. It&quot;s the first step in reworking my website.www.atyourserviceappliance.netI would also use the image for my google+, facebook etc.I would like the styling of the illustration to be similar to this company. also would like to work on a logo.

  • $645 USD Today

    I&quot;m looking for an animated video which can depict a smart city theme using video intelligence with camerasIt should picturize something like belowNote: Location can be a shopping mall, Airport, Metro station, Rail station etc - Any large infrastructureIndoor scenes - Public infrastructure-A person enters a shopping mall in a vehicle - his vehicle number plate will be read at the entry of the gate by the camera placed at the entry focussing the vehicle number plate-Same person enters inside the building his head will be counted with an overhead camera at the entrance and it will update people-in , people-out count- once he come more inside the shopping mall, his face will be shown detected- If a person leaves a bag abandoned near an area where same person is walking, then it will be shown detected ( this needs to be shown as some incident near to the actual person he is watching)-There will be some door where only one direction entry is allowes.i.e. exit is not allowed. Some person moves in wrong direction. then it has to be shown as detected by the camera ( this needs to be shown as some incident near to the actual person and he is watching)-There will be some waiting queues where people are overcrowded. It has to be shown detected ( this needs to be shown as some incident near to the actual person and he is watching)- Same person will be counted with an overhead camera at the exit and it will update people-in , people-out count- Some one will be crossing the perimeter of the premises and it should be shown camers capturing it and it should be shown detected and alarm sent to his mobile -Same person goes to the parking log and gets into his vehicle and leaves the building , exit camera should read his number plate and shown detected, boom barrier / Gate opens Indoor scenes - Leisure and Entertainment ( Casino)-Same person enters inside a casino building in a vehicle, number plate should be shownd detected at the entrance-While he plays some game on casino table, there will be a camera facing the table and it should be shown sending some intelligence data to central poing in casino operations office. Data is something like Average bet, his betting patterns etc-Same person exits the casino building in the vehicle, number plate should be shownd detected at the exitOut door scenes - Same person goes on a highway in the vehicle, there will be cameras setup on on gantry and caputures the number plate of his vehicle at point A and again at point B which is some distance part from each other. As soon as he crosses point B, he gets the average speed of the vehicle-Same person goes on a normal roadway and parks the vehicle at a no parking zone or parks the vehicle for more than allowed duration. ( behind the scene: There will be a mobile car with camera fixed on top of it and officer driving, he makes two drives and in 2nd drive he confirms infringement)Then we have to show that he will get an infringement to his mobile along with snapshots and GPS positions of the vehicle at both check times-Same person comes to a road junction and he makes a move while red light is on. Later it should be shown that he gets infringements notice to mobile- Same person walks on public streets, his head should be counted with a overhead camera on top and counts will be shown updatedSome key words for people who want to get more deep insights-Automatic Vehicle number plate recognition ( ANPR)-Point to point speeding enforcement-Mobile car parking enforcement-Facial detection and recognition-Overcrowding detection-Wrongway movement detection-Parking overstay detection-People counting and occupancy estimation-Abandoned object detection-Perimeter protection

  • $210 USD Today

    We want a collection of figures that are similar to either the figure in the attachment (preference)Or have a similar face-shape like the links below but are more business-like. a proof that you are able to do this job please provide us with a graphic of a man and a women in this graphic-style

  • $631 USD Today

    &quot;My Hero is a Faithwalker&quot; is a story that encourages children to walk by faith in the pursuit of their dreams, one big idea at a time. The story features a glimpse of the life and times of Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune seen through the eyes of an outspoken 7 year old named Chaka Elizabeth Bryant. Chaka is a daddy&quot;s girl and it&quot;s her daddy who introduces her to the story of Mrs. Bethune and helps Chaka to see the life lessons in Mrs. Bethune&quot;s story. The 15 illustrations should capture the innocence and hopefulness of a brown little girl as well as the essence of the historical period Mrs. Bethune hails from.

  • £142 GBP Today

    St Helen’s manufacturer requires a freelance freehand illustrator to design industrial drawings for product labels. Most have experience with unique hand drawing in the industrial sector. Our product range is extensive as we require over 100 customised industrial label drawings. The project is to complete approximately 100 customised label drawings. Please apply by providing a CV, samples of your work, costing and timeline. Deadline for response is 30/07/14

  • $526 USD Today Need the animation like the above URL for our mobile apps.

  • $210 AUD Today

    Looking for someone who can offer me their services. Someone who has experience with tattoo style drawings, particularly the styles of La Catrina pictures and Black Dahlia tattoos. I want it to be black and white, something I can make a vector so no gradients or shadings (thick hatching or cross hatching lines are ok)The desired picture is a bust of an attractive girl, similar to the file uploaded. The pose I want something similar to the first picture, or something like the second and third photos. I don&quot;t want to have any nudity.

  • $526 USD Today

    Job Description: We are looking for a talented Graphic Designer who will be responsible for creating compelling and innovative visual design solutions. Here&quot;s what you need to know.Your responsibilities:- Understand business and user requirements- Translate requirements into highly engaging and compelling design concepts- Effectively conceptualize, design and create high-quality visuals in a variety of formats Your qualifications: - Strong grasp of visual design principles, information design, typography, color, imagery and iconography

  • $5263 SGD Today

    Hi all,We are looking to create a video similar to this. assume the following when you place your bids.It is a 6 minutes video2. There are around 5 3D models in the video to model3. 6 minutes of voice over (Assuming English)4. 3D animation constitute about 1 minuteKindly bid in SGD.

  • $249 SGD Today

    To illustrate Ji-mi style of an animal. e.g. Little prince style

  • $126 USD Today

    Looking for designer for a sprite game character with 21 actions.

  • $178 USD Today

    I&quot;m looking for a designer who can deliver designs similar to just need 3 elements and some animation for my iOS game.

  • $400 AUD Today

    Hi I need 2d drawings of windows with dimensions.

  • €1000 EUR Today

    I need a 4 minute animated whiteboard style video thats unique and really cool. similar to this in terms of content but not in terms of style. but in the style of this type of thing.... me know how magic you are, I need budget, timescale for completion and what you would need from me.

  • £52 GBP Today

    I need 9 different fruits to be drawn to be used in bottle design.

  • $90 USD Today

    Hello Freelancer,i need an expert for the VJ Software Resolume.for a nightclub i need a animation of a deer, who jumps right, turns around, jumps left, turns around, and so on in an endless loop.Please put &quot;AWESOME DEER&quot; in your bid, so i know you have read and understood everything.Thank you,Cheers

  • $200 CAD Today

    illustrate a childrens picture book with appealing colour and capturing the target audience - mommies and daddies of young toddler children.

  • $147 USD Today

    1500x500 .jpg, gif, png images for Twitter Header photo that is tied to We would like a similar look to our Facebook Fan Page cover photo. Attached is that image. We will supply images to be used after project is assigned.

  • $210 USD Today

    Hey Guys I need someone to help me to create quick video. I already have the Audio for 2 and 20 seconds. Because it is a kick starter it does not need to be a cartoon and can simply place images that portray my vision. I need it do be done quick.

  • $5000 USD 6 days ago

    Want to have your work prominently displayed to millions of users? Want to earn a boatload of real MONEY? This is your chance to win $5000 cash! We&quot;re also giving out a $500 second prize and a $250 third needs a LOGO for one of our new products -! will be an online auction platform for websites and domains - Similar to an ebay for websites and domains.Let your imagination run wild and show us what you&quot;ve got!The winning logo will be the face of our new product - with millions of users seeing it!Additional Details:You can pick any style, it does not need to be in the same style as the freelancer logo.The logo should be for the text &quot;Freemarket&quot;.The logo can be any color or style.The logo can include .com if you want.The best logos should include the original (for light backgrounds), an inverted version (for dark backgrounds), and monotone version. See for inspiration.The best logos should also include a flavicon version.The best entries will include insight to why a logo was designed the way it has been.-- Update #1 --Thanks to everyone that entered the contest. we have over 1000 entries already!Just some general feedback to everyone:- Please read the contest brief clearly. The winner will follow these guidelines :)- We want the freemarket logo to be UNIQUE. Stay away from logos that look too similar to other well known brands / internet companies.- We prefer not to have a shopping bag in our logo as it represents physical goods which we do not sell.- We prefer not to have an origami bird as it is too close to the branding.- Please explain WHY you made the logo as you did!-- Update #2 --Hi Everyone! We&quot;re excited to see more entries coming in. We&quot;re extending the contest by a few days so everyone can participate and in addition we&quot;re introducing a $500 2nd prize and $250 third prize. Good luck everyone.

  • $100 USD 9 days ago

    i need a logo for a senior(elderly) home care. the name of the business is aurora home care. i want a logo that represent love and care.

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2D&3D animation

Mar 2009 - Present (5 years)

crazy animation studio

I work from home by freelancing to create great designs, as well as providing a service for the general public.<br /><br />I started business in 2002 and went off with a hiss and a roar.<br /><br />I am keen to freelance my design and development skills out to organizations who like to have personal contact with their designer and animation.



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