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Location: Colombo 09, Sri Lanka

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My projects:

  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller roxanngill5



    Great artwork...very professional. He is awesome!

    Contest Brief:This will be a 60 second tv airing on local TV stations once a week. I need a clean simple design that gives off a sense of trust & credibility since this will be strictly news and information for people 55 and over.
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller appslack


    11 days ago

    Great creative and loved to work with. Recommend.

    Contest Brief:I am looking to create a logo for an app development company. The name of the company is APPNATTY The type of software we design is user experience based mini productivity tools. We are both apple and android based. Let's see where the name takes you and what you can come up with.
  • $122.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller writingrio


    Jan 25, 2014

    Project Completed.

    Project Description:Private project for Charlie. Windows application using Delphi.
  • $450.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller writingrio


    Mar 18, 2013

    definitely! Great Guy. Ill hire him again and again

    Project Description:I want a good software designer who will design a software for a Multi Level Marketing model for me. Its pretty simple but i need a very good designer. Please let me know previous jobs you have done and I am ready to award this project to you in a few days...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jsherwood


    Mar 2, 2013

    We have used Charlie2002 and his team for many projects over the last couple years and are always so impressed with the quality of work and communication they provide.

    Project Description:Custom coding and website build. Set up help desk. Set up autoresponder. * New graphics pack will be provided
  • $550.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller deverger


    Feb 20, 2013

    Charlie has excellent communication skills and is great to work with!!

    Project Description:Extend the IVR system to play custom voice, send Quota alerts, do call routing and control with Admin interface.
  • $79.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller superfunvw

    superfunvw [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 15, 2013

    =============================! CAUTION ! [Removed by admin] THIS IS THE WORST CODER I EVER ENCOUNTERED ON RentACoder or FREELANCER !The coder promised to take the project and finish it in one day (the project was quite easy). After almost two weeks from initial promise he said that he has the code but won't let me see it. He wanted FULL payment first. Obviously he was lying about having the code OR he ripped the code from some non-freeware application/library. I tried to explain him that Article 6.1 in Freelancer End User Agreement allows the employer to test the work before submitting payment, but he won't listen. [Removed by admin]. That was good for me because I got the work done with a different coder. Much cheaper!STAY AWAY FROM THIS CODER BECAUSE HE WILL TRY TO [removed by admin] YOU AND HE WILL DRAG YOU IN POINTLESS ARBITRATION.========================

    charlie2002's reply:

    Demanded to release the code without proper milestones after the application was developed and tested fully. His words explain the malice. :)

    Project Description:I need to draw an animation (let's say a GIF) on desktop. So, I need a function that draws on desktop, behind the desktop icons. The main requirement is that the painting should be done flickerles UNDER the desktop icons...
  • $370.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dag3k


    Dec 5, 2012

    Project completed on time. Really great services!

    Project Description:We need a automatic mailer script scheduler that can schedule and send emails from multiple hosting accounts.
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller deverger


    Oct 9, 2012

    Excellent talent!!

    Project Description:Need to make changes to IVR System which Includes database changes and reporting of transactions. Will also need to create interface processing between remote sites.
  • $110.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller deverger


    Sep 14, 2012

    Very professional and excellent communicator. Charlie was able to understand our requirements very quickly and added value to the project along the way. He suggested ideas that made the delivered project even better than expected.

    Project Description:Develop an PHP application that will interface with an Integrated Voice Respose system(IVR) API and access a MySql database. Using an IVR API, the PHP application you build will need to receive a request from the IVR for a phone number...
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wclements


    Sep 12, 2012

    Charlie is a fantastic freelancer. He was fast, professional and has real expertise in technical areas and organization. I am definitely hiring Charlie again. Thank you, Charlie!

    Project Description:We need someone to take a number of images and upload them to our web site. Here's the process: 1. We will provide you with a PDF file that contains roughly 10 scanned 8.5x11 pages (they are generally a sentence hand-written in black marker)...
  • $169.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller zakhomuth


    Aug 13, 2011

    Excellent quality with excel sheets and documentation of the entire processing allowed for easy verification and other information about project details, troubles and progress.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    Silicon Logic has not completed any projects.
  • $30 USD In Progress

    i am going through the head first javascript book and need some help when it comes to parts of the book.This project is for the entire book, you have to connect to my computer and we will go over the book together typing the code, and if i have any questions i will ask you.i dont know how long his could take, it depends on your availability.

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    I"m looking for English teacher from Britain or bilingual person who live here. . I"d like to pay attention to speaking/comprehension words/phrases writing and perhaps grammar. I"d like to learn British culture.[ Removed by Site Administrator ]

  • $140 USD In Progress

    Single page checkout with product selection. CC processing with PHP coded. Design and page html will be provided.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    You know the details.

  • $25 USD/hr Yesterday

    I need software/script:Sending bulk viber messages- upload list of numbers- seinding & received bulk vier messages - Sending images and text messagessend me Demo version for 30 days

  • $18 USD 3 days ago

    Please describe the objective of app for which the logo be designed and also need assets by which we can design it according to its main objective.

  • $35 USD 3 days ago

    Needed a skilled bidder at Freelancer for webdeveloping team. 5%comission granted

  • $2777 USD 3 days ago

    Software with source code. Process images jpeg, bmp for ANPR automatic number plate recognition. Must have at least 95% accuracy. Windows OS. Can be a windows DLL. Can be Active-X. Must be compatible with Delphi.Must be recognition

  • $85 USD 7 days ago

    I need to build for personal use, a simple small program to obfuscate text in a text file with a certain pattern. The program can be written in FreePascal, FreeBasic, C# (.NET) or AutoIt. It can either be command-line or with a simple window.The freelancer would propose one of the four languages to write the program, and what they would use to do it in that language. Preferably, the program would use some REGEX functions or library.Here"s a work flow description:1) The program would make two passes through a text file. 2) The first pass through the text file gets an UNIQUE list of all words matching a "prefix" list (or a simple prefix file) that the user can pre-define as parameters for the program. Such prefix as ABC_ xyz~ or any combination of characters. Words are defined by characters delimited by a character or characters (such as , ; . or ;;; ?? //] ) as parameters for the program. So, take for example, there would be text such as: ABC_sometextword, NotIncluded, ABC_sometextword.notinclude ABC_someothertextword SomeOtherWords xyz~text ABC_sometextword; Given the prefix would be: ABC_ xyz~ (and must be attached as part of the word) Given the delimiters are: , ; . The unique word list would be: ABC_sometextword ABC_someothertextword xyz~textThe delimiters are not included in the word itself to obtain the unique word. Also, there should be a parameter that allows us to select if the prefixes are case sensitive or not.3) Then we create a replacement random text for each unique words. The random text would be text with characters in the set (A..Z, a..z, 0..9), but the first letter must be (A..Z or a..z). We can also set the maximum length of the random text generated, and the program would randomize the length of the text as well.ABC_sometextword = weJDKLIke0rABC_someothertextword = Jjd74kwexyz~text = ieo823j4) The second pass through the ext file replaces the unique words with the matching random text.The output of the example would be what is found belowweJDKLIke0r, NotIncluded, weJDKLIke0r.notincludeABC_someothertextword SomeOtherWords ieo823j weJDKLIke0r;5) We would skip sections by the user defining a starting and ending block of characters. For example, we can define start ignore section with this text "//[[" and end section "//]]" //[[ Do not include this section //]]In the above case, the entire block is ignore for both text passes.6) We can run a wildcard in a folder to process all files, and the output will add an extra extension defined by the user, such as .outobfuscate.exe *.txt .out --someparameters

  • $5000 USD 8 days ago

    Want to have your work prominently displayed to millions of users? Want to earn a boatload of real MONEY? This is your chance to win $5000 cash! We"re also giving out a $500 second prize and a $250 third needs a LOGO for one of our new products -! will be an online auction platform for websites and domains - Similar to an ebay for websites and domains.Let your imagination run wild and show us what you"ve got!The winning logo will be the face of our new product - with millions of users seeing it!Additional Details:You can pick any style, it does not need to be in the same style as the freelancer logo.The logo should be for the text "Freemarket".The logo can be any color or style.The logo can include .com if you want.The best logos should include the original (for light backgrounds), an inverted version (for dark backgrounds), and monotone version. See for inspiration.The best logos should also include a flavicon version.The best entries will include insight to why a logo was designed the way it has been.-- Update #1 --Thanks to everyone that entered the contest. we have over 1000 entries already!Just some general feedback to everyone:- Please read the contest brief clearly. The winner will follow these guidelines :)- We want the freemarket logo to be UNIQUE. Stay away from logos that look too similar to other well known brands / internet companies.- We prefer not to have a shopping bag in our logo as it represents physical goods which we do not sell.- We prefer not to have an origami bird as it is too close to the branding.- Please explain WHY you made the logo as you did!-- Update #2 --Hi Everyone! We"re excited to see more entries coming in. We"re extending the contest by a few days so everyone can participate and in addition we"re introducing a $500 2nd prize and $250 third prize. Good luck everyone.

  • $290 AUD 9 days ago

    Hi guys and girls - my client is launching a new marketing company called "Writer Group" with the idea being that they can help their clients "write more business". They consult business to business in real estate, finance, insurance and financial planning - so strong corporate colors, and a tagline would also be a great idea. Open to both text based and icon based designs.The winning entry will also get first look to quote on marketing collateral being business cards, brochure and the like.As this is a relatively urgent job - the competition will be unsealed for the first 48 hours to encourage collective collaboration in the direction my client wants this to go - and then I will seal it to avoid copying. If my client finds a logo that they are instantly attracted to - we may award the competition early.Feel free to seek clarifications and feedback, and best of luck.

  • $100 USD 9 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] 9 days ago

    Hello,I need someone to look over my projects, do tasks I will assign him/her, you must be good in written English and must have enough time to work for me daily.Thank you!

  • $2 USD/hr 9 days ago

    Hi, I have a logo. I need some adjustments made, maybe some fresh eyes before I decide on keeping what I have. I would like to see it with different shades or colors in the text. I have the .ai file. I also would like to see it animated and in 3d. The logo can be seen as is at (I also want the identical logo as USProDesign not just USPromos)

  • $1666 AUD 9 days ago

    Hello, We need someone to work Full time on our projects.You have to be good in Core PHP, honest and ready to exclusively work for us Full time. You should be knowing best securtiy and coding practices, be able to work on complex modules, should know working on Web Services. You should also be able to show very good and efficient day by day progress with no errors and using best of coding standards. Should also have experience working in Responsive designs.A basic knowledge of iphone / android development will be ideal but not mandatory.You will also agree to sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with us.Thanks

  • $15 USD/hr 10 days ago

    matlab dif.eq circuit and linear eq if you are good at these skills reply me as soon as possible.

  • $75 USD 10 days ago

    Need a spot color logo created for new lanscape design and maintenance company. Need to incorporate two lakes and some sort of landscape theme. Name is Twin Lakes Landscape & Design.

  • $75 USD 11 days ago

    We are looking for a new logo for a park. The new is "De Blauwe Poort" what is best translated as "The Blue Port". It is a small park with a beach, large lawns, small pools and water entertainment (such as a small waterfall). We have no hard demands for the logo. We do need it asap so we will pick a winner soon. This project is done with a small budget so please respect this.If you have any questions please let me know!

  • $40 AUD 13 days ago

    I"m after a logo for a company I"m starting up - IT Zen. I will do mostly business IT services.I"m quite open to ideas, but think I would like natural colours like bamboo green and ocean blue. I definitely want the logo to look crisp and clean. The logo will need to look ok when printed in black & white. I would also like to get it embroidered on pale blue business shirts so it will need to have enough contrast to be visible and I guess can"t be too complex.I want the logo to suggest simplicity and blissfulness. If anyone is creative enough to design a logo that incorporates the bliss/zen feeling, but still indicates that I"m in the computer/technical field that would be awesome. I realise that"s a difficult brief though so would also be fine with something abstract. I just don"t want anything that could easily be mistaken as being for another industry (like massage or naturopathy). Oh, and I know it"s the cliché image for zen but no pebble stacks please! Vector format is strongly preferred.Edit 15/07/2014: Thank you to everyone who has submitted an entry so far. I feel really lucky to have so many high-quality entries.Looking at the entries so far I have realised a couple of things:- The letters "IT" need to be clear- Please provide your entries on a white background. The logo will be used on letterhead, invoices etc so needs to work with a white background.

  • $50 AUD 17 days ago

    I require an extremely modern and cool logo for my app: should be focusing on food, at the moment the app is only desserts but i will be using this icon within the new update which will be savoury foods as well. The app is based on a Paleo diet so the main foods being focused on are greens, meat like beef, pork, eggs, chicken and fruit. The desserts are created from whole foods.Do what you think works, it would be great to include savoury and sweet in one icon but if that doesn"t work then focusing on a cupcake or a little cheesecake would be great. Checkout this link for inspiration:"ve also attached files of other apps i like to show how "out there" I"m aiming for, but without being cheesy, i"ve also attached images of food from the app.

  • $75 USD 17 days ago

    Looking for a graphic designer who can create 3 to 4 pages (flyer, ad, information) sheets for promoting a Stop Bullying campaign with online fundraising game.

  • $30 USD 17 days ago

    I need a unique and creative logo to be designed for my company

  • ₹1000 INR 26 days ago

    Need a very attractive yet professional looking logo for web development company.An object like some bot or something very creative will be ideal.

  • $250 USD Apr 6, 2014

    i have Complete Account Package develop on Delphi 6 with some 3rd Party components, i need to covert those to XE 2 and add new modules ( Bar code , Deprecation , Job Card and Language selection for Application). please contact me at or contact me from skype my ID is : jdslk2009

  • $80 USD Oct 18, 2012

    We have a site that needs to have an election results page as seen on . Most of the HTML is done, as I have pulled it from their site. However, they will not share the code that sums the total number of votes, figures out what percentage of the votes each candidate got and then scale the <td> element by that percentage. Therefore, all I need is the code that ------ sums the total number of votes, figures out what percentage of the votes each candidate got and then scale the <td> element by that percentage. You can grab the HTML from their site at

  • $150 USD Oct 15, 2012

    I need a Software to test security in worldpressHe is a simple brute force software I put a list of path and domains and he must try every domain if path existsIf is available he will start a brute force from that to admin panel)He must work with more processespm for design and more details

  • [Sealed] Sep 21, 2012

    I am looking for someone to build me a very basic site in Wordpress. Its only for information and some photos. Basic contact page and a logo. Quick and easy. Also cheap I hope. Its for a Cattle Transport company in Queensland Australia. Bauer"s Transport Australia.

  • £30 GBP Sep 15, 2012

    Hi i have a vps server but have a couple of issues that need correcting.Firstly when i install wordpress through ftp, there is a permission problem and wordpress cant write files ie: i cant upload plugins or update them and i can upload media as wordpress cant create new folders. i think this is due to the owner of the file permissions.Secondly i need to be shown how to move my sites over to the vps. ie: i cant seem to change the database name in myphpadmin ( a permission issue again i think) but i would need to be shown the correct proccess to completely migrate my sites over. i know most of it but have a few things i need some help with.And lastly just need you too check everything is secure with the server also.The server is :Parallels Plesk Panel v10.3.1_build1013110726.09 os_CentOS 6OSLinux 2.6.32-279.5.2.el6.x86_64Key numberPLSK.02076789.0000

  • $250 USD Jul 22, 2011

    Hello,we need some proffessionally written product descriptions for our new shop.The shop sells all kind of webservices, so knowledge with this topic is necessary to create attracting articles.The writer will be given some keywords what the product contains and has to write an attracting product description for it.ThanksThe Shopcontent Team

  • [Sealed] Jul 20, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $50 USD Jun 22, 2011

    I would like to have a piece of software written that takes a wave file of spoken text and converts it to a .txt file. I do not care about the platform - whether it"s on Windows, Linux, Android, etc. - I just want the software to take a ".wav" file and make it text. I know the technology exists as Android has the voice to text keyboard.

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