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Location: DanDong, China

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  • $750.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller DG2525


    8 days ago

    Amazing person .. great communication and exceptional work. Would recommend this coder to anyone looking for great work

    Project Description:App Requirements Photo Timer starts on action key • A 5 second maximum timer can be started instead of manual mode that the user can use by selecting timer button • Manual picture can still be taken...
  • $5760.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Roulse25


    16 days ago

    Great team,highly recommend.<br/>Great team to work with. Highly recommend<br/>Great team to work with. Highly recommend<br/>Great team to work with Highly recommend

    Project Description:Need someone who can help code an ecommerce app.
  • $1887.44 USD
    Profile image for Seller Dgoe001


    Jun 10, 2014

    Good communicator with clients, ensures that you are kept up to date regarding the progress of the build. Encountered some minor scheduling setbacks in the early stages of development, but bounced back very well and delivered work that was well above expectations. Well worth the wait! Very friendly and takes pride in learning about the precise needs of the client. Be very clear with what you want and this team will deliver. Would recommend having great mockups of UX and UI Design as these guides help produce the best results when working with this team. Great for back and front end development, very skilled, and comes with high amounts of expertise. Just be sure to set in place clear milestones to ensure the project sticks to schedule! Comes highly recommended. Hire this team and you will not be disappointed. They do wonderful work! Thanks Chenjing2579!

    Project Description:Mobile marketplace for selling items in bulk.
  • $1000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tazty


    May 27, 2014

    Great App Developer, we will work with him again?

    Project Description:Job Description: We are looking for a talented Mobile Application Developer who will be responsible for the design, development and deployment of our mobile apps. Your responsibilities: - Review...
  • $257.80 USD
    Profile image for Seller promocm


    Feb 18, 2014

    Great Job As Always

    Project Description:I Am In Need Of Editing my mobile app and make some changes to it the app is completely done an only needs minor changes please bid accordingly
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller Redline18

    Redline18 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 29, 2013

    Stay away from this freelancer. This project has been a disaster. It was accepted 4 months ago and I have yet to get to the first milestone. What's worse is I was stupid and put down $3,000+ to start the work, which he refuses to refund any portion of. I've been shown some work after I voiced my anger with the situation, it was good work, but no where near what should have been complete in 4 months time. Yuri does not keep his word, goes days without responding, and is dishonest at times. After paying $3k down payment, he asked me for an additional $1500 to buy his girlfriend a car! And that was before showing any progress! Stay away. I wish I had. Shame on for not helping me get any money back.

    Project Description:I have an app ready for production and I need a skilled and dedicated programmer to complete it. The basic features: This is an app that will need simple drawing/painting functionality including layers...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller CodeandColor


    Nov 13, 2013

    Duo did a fantastic job on our project and went above and beyond when we asked for some changes to be made. The project took a little longer than we originally anticipated but this was due to holidays and a mismatch of scheduling and we completely understand and were fine with it. Duo was always available for communication and was very thorough in his work. We would definitely hire him again!!!

    Project Description:Hello and thank you for viewing this listing. We are a small startup web company that is looking to outsource some pieces of projects to freelancers for assistance. Each of our projects typically feeds...
  • $412.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller interslice


    Nov 5, 2013

    Understood the project and made minor changes as the project grew no problem.

    Project Description:This project is being posted for an existing freelancer. Sorry. It is to develop an app for both ios and android.
  • $1550.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller turbo2019


    Oct 17, 2013

    Been working with Chang for over a month now and he really is very quick, very professional , and very skilled at his craft :)

    Project Description:Looking for a skilled app developer for socila media apps
  • $300.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller turbo2019


    Oct 14, 2013

    As always brilliant to work with :)

    Project Description:App development for Australian company
    The Best IPhone Expert has not completed any projects.
  • $526 USD In Progress

    I would like to get a selfy photo app built. Requirements Photo Timer starts on action key Voice recognition to switch between photo and video Direct link to FB , Instragram for posting Ability to edit photo with text overlay prior to saving or sending

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Mens Fashion app for swipe access

  • $5000 USD In Progress

    Somos Pharmakon y queremos desarrollar una aplicación para que los usuarios que hacen sus compras en la farmacia de forma tradicional, ahora las hagan a través de este medio, queremos que la app cumpla con: usuario pueda pagar mediante una tarjeta de crédito, que detecte su ubicación para que los medicamentos sean enviados a algún domicilio registrado o bien a la ubicación del usuario, queremos que detecte códigos de barras y de esta forma identifique el producto, que seleccione de la red de farmacias la más cercana y de esta forma envíe la solicitud a un par de ellas y que cuando alguna farmacia este dispuesta a surtir el pedido se cierre esta &quot;oferta&quot;.entre otras cosas.

  • $7000 USD In Progress

    WHAT I NEED: iOS, Android Mobile App & Admin BackEnd and FrontEnd Website - - **** Programmer must be willing to fix bugs within 60 days of completion. Ideally I would want this done within 4-5 Weeks. ******The premise for this mobile application is relatively simple. The app will primarily be used for users to set up their own profile and keep track of important personal accomplishments, upcoming events, and to interact with other members on the app.First, users should be able to quickly register their own user name and password. Once doing this they should (if they choose) be automatically logged-in under that profile upon opening the app.Secondly, members will be asked a few questions to set up a profile and this data will also be used to help them track some things for them. It should include fields (some optional) such as Name, Gender, Location, Anniversary Date, Hobbies, Upcoming Events, etc.Ever app Dashboard only needs a menu with 3 or 4 sub-sections. (1) My Profile (2) Inbox (3) Calendar (4) Search(1) My Profile: A place to view & edit your personal information (see above) and change the privacy settings on your account.(2) Inbox: A clean easy to navigate page showing Received Messages and Send Messages that can be expanded upon clicking.***(3) Calendar: *IMPORTANT - A page where the admin of the app can constantly update upcoming events. When posting an event there should be fields for (a) Event Name (b) Event Date/Time (c) Event Location (d) Event Description (e) Contact Details. Also when a member is viewing different events he should have the ability to click an icon that will add it to his/her personal calendar. Also it should have an icon that will allow him to share this event via Email or Text Message.***(4) The Search Page: a way for existing members to search (with optional Search Filters) for other members (who choose to be listed publicly) and also send messages directly. After finding other members you should be able to click on their page and Add Them To A List or Send Them A Direct Message. Search filters should include Location (GPS feature?), Age, Gender, Anniversary Date, etc...I would also like the same features to be available on a regular website that is all based off of the same database. The admin(s) should have have permissions to assign other members permissions (manager status) so they can also add Events to the Calendar themselves. The website design does not need to be super flashy. Clean, professional, and functional. A Logo Design may also be needed for this project.Programmer must be willing to fix bugs within 60 days of completion. Ideally I would want this done within 4-5 Weeks. ******Thank you for your time. This is a strict budget and please only send offers if you are a serious team with experience in similar apps.

  • $14432 USD In Progress

    The app is a shopping/ecommerce app with a gaming element for a fashion brand targeted young women in the age 15-25. The app can be used by anonymous users to browse existing clothing collections shown on boards (a board consists of items placed on a rectangular canvas like photos on Instagram or +google) and every single item that appears in a collection can be added to a shopping basket in the app. The basket can be pushed to the regular web-based checkout flow at an online store and is converted to an actual order.Registered user can locate a store on a map and claim that store. Once a user has a shop the user can create own boards/collections and share them with friends on Facebook.LoginAn anonymous user can log in to the app via Facebook or via an email/password combination. Login requires a profile in the backend system. A profile can be created by entering the required information in the app.StoresRegistered users can browse a map via GPS and find virtual stores (store GPS coordinates are saved in the backend system). Stores can be claimed by a user. By claiming a store the user turns into a store owner. As a store owner the user can create own collections/boards and share them with friends on Facebook.Game element/points/earningsThe store owner receives virtual points every time she creates a collection, shares a collection or every time an item that appears on a store owners collection is sold. The backend system has an advanced and secure system for calculation points and a secure system that allow points to be converted from point to actual currency (value vouchers).StatsA store owner has access to a stat page with graphs that shows the most import numbers (followers, views etc.)Optimized and easy to useThe overall goal is to create an iOS and Android app that are extremely fast and easy to use. Every single function must be optimized to perform as good and fast as possible and the interface must be crisp, clean and very easy to use for the average user. Many of the features in the app requires internet connection (wifi or 3G) in order to communicate with the central backend system - however the app should not crash if the phone loses it’s internet connection during the use of the app.Overall minimum requirementsThe app has to work on iOS6+ on iPhone4+ phones. The Android app has to work on Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on Samsung S3+ or phones from other vendors with same computing power and same minimum screen resolution (1280x720).Every single screen in the app must be tracked by Google Analytics.Backend systemA high performance, highly secure and very flexible backend system has been built on Amazon AWS cloud services. The backend system is built according to REST API guidelines and the system is documented on a Github repository.Versioning, source code and rightsThe system belongs to the customer. This means that the customer has the rights to the concept and idea. The developer can not sell the idea or the source code to anyone else.The source code and the rights to use the source code belongs to the customer. During and after development the source code and every file included in the app must be accessible on Github in a private repository that the customer makes available.DesignThe customer delivers Photoshop files for the iOS version. It is expected that the developer contributes to the overall UI experience and makes the app modern, beautiful, fast and easy to use.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Your team is invite to build a item seeking game to be sold on Apple appstore and Android playstore. It should work well on phones and tablets.-Major graphics include characters and game scenes will be provided by us (as png files and psd files).-Game story line will also be provided by us.Please read the attached pdf file carefully for details and graphics samples.Altogether 45 item seeking game play (stage) for the whole game, which are based on 15 scenes provided. That means player will come to each scene for three times. The position of items should be varied between 3 times. There&quot;ll be dialogue between characters before entering each stage.In-app purchase items:1. Remove Ads2. Unlock 31 – 45 stages3. HintsYour team should design all codes and sounds. Additional graphics including GUIs will also be designed by your team.Your team must also :- Add specific SDKs for banner ads and nag screens ads- Add specific SDK to analyze user activities- design app icon- design banners with descriptions to be place on app stores as screenshots- design an Ad interstitial for promotion use- provide bug fix service for 3 months start from app launching- the app should contain a “more games” button ready for promoting other apps

  • $2631 AUD Today

    I am looking for someone who can take my Photoshop design and turn it into a website using php and mysql.The website will have:User registration and login.Database of products specific to each userAbility to compare prices from multiple sources and then to purchase the products (eCommerce side handled by 3rd party)User review of each productSearch productsAn administration section would also be required.The iPhone/iPad and android app would need:Ability to login and register to the websiteAbility to scan a barcode and search for products with same barcode in the product list. If product not there then the ability to take a photo of the label and upload it.Please contact me for more info, this is my first project so not sure what other details are required.Thanks.

  • $2631 AUD Today

    I need a person that will deliver a pitch perfect app in a very small period of time on all mobile platforms. Experience comes into hand. This app is a very big job and needs to be done in just under 3 weeks. I need someone motivated and experience with lots of knowledge and a very lucrative past experience. Please enquire within.

  • $1578 AUD Today

    I have an idea around an application that involves a game to play in the road when travelling.It is educational from learning animals to counting.I would like it to be an app avail for tablets I devices and androids.The game involves setting up the game entering players names and then creating the setting for the game. For instance Africa travel would be different to USA or China.Points are rewarded plus bonus points for extra effort and the game is won either on a timer basis for example 1 hr the winner has the most points or when you reach the target points. This is a game for all most all ages if you can see and speak then you can participate so from 2 yrs old up.Would you have any interest in supporting this development?ThanksPhil

  • $5263 USD Today

    A business partner developer/designer (legitimately talented for both) of mobile apps for iOS, if not Android as well. Willing to talk equity as well, and we have a app launching soon.

  • $21 USD/hr Today

    -Looking for someone to develop and design a &quot;drink special&quot; mobile application. -Must know how to work with &quot;stripe&quot; eCommerce integrations-Must be able to link with pricing program &quot;Parse&quot; -Have basic wireframes already drawn out. Only 14 slides so far. -Must be familiar with integrating QR reader into application-iOS only, will not be coding for android-Will be able to discuss in more detail after &quot;NDA is signed&quot;

  • $4210 USD Today

    Project Description: App Description:We are looking for someone who has experience with IOS and Android app development. We will send the full description of the app, wireframes, and all other development resources once we feel that you are the right person for the job and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is executed. Contractor Fee and Rates:Provide a lump sum fee to perform the scope of work and expected milestones stated above. Include any exclusions as part of the objectives of this RFP. Please also provide an hourly rate for any additional work that may be asked in the future as part of the app development.If we like your job profile, we will discuss the details during a Skype call.If you have Android development experience and think you can manage to do both iOS and Android development within the same release, please provide a lump sum fee for the cost of work for the development as well.Milestones after selection:1. Skype call – Q&A2. Signed NDA if selected3. Icon – Create and deliver the icon of the app. 4.Hello world app. The purpose is to test the work relationship with you and how you’ll deliver the app for testing. Once this is completed successfully, we will move to the real project.5. Develop App (milestones agreed upon after selection)

  • $1578 USD Today

    We are a software development firm that has an immediate need for an experienced iOS developer. Required skills include:Fluency in Objective CUnderstanding of iOS operationBasic understanding of mobile app architectureBasic understanding of APIs for web servicesMust speak and write English fluentlyDeveloper will be provided with a detailed wire frame and full set of deliverables. UI screens and all graphics will be provided. All requirements for server side web services will also be provided. Developer would be working remotely from home and must have own development computer.If you feel you are qualified, please reply to this ad and we will send you the wire frame and full set of deliverables for this app. You will then reply with your detailed bid, and estimated time for completion of the app. Must be available to start immediately. If we select you and are happy with your work a potential permanent position is possible.

  • $4210 USD Today

    App Description:We will send the full description of the app, wireframes, and all other development resources once we feel that you are the right person for the job and an NDA is executed.Milestones after selection:1. Skype call – Q&A2. Signed NDA if selected3. Icon – Create and deliver the icon of the app. Finished 512 x 512 iTunes Artwork version of the icon. 4.Hello world app. The purpose is to test the work relationship with you and how you’ll deliver the app for testing. Once this is completed successfully, we will move to the real project.5. Develop iOS App (milestones agreed upon after selection)Qualifications (must have requirements):Native iOS development- Optimized for iOS7- Compatible with iOS6 and iOS5- Compatible with iPhone 4 and newer, iPod touch and iPad (no special iPad version, Universal App)- Localization experience (AKA) not hardcoding textual representations in the UI. We are only planning the initial release for the US market but we would like the app to be scalable for growth- Experience integrating mobile applications with existing RESTful APIs. We have an RESTful API and you will need to use it.- Experience with User Profile and Security Management e.g. User registration, User Authentication, Update Profile etc.). NOTE: The data model for this is already in place. Integrating the mobile application with the API would be the majority of the work.- Experience with social sign in and/or registration via provided 3rd Party APIs e.g. Facebook/Twitter- Experience working with 3rd Party API’s such as Facebook/Twitter- Experience with push notifications- Working with IPhone geolocation- Experience with Find Friend functionality (find friends using Contacts, Facebook, Twitter) - MVC design patternAdditional Qualifications (not required):- Database, preferably MySQL but any type of SQL experience is Good.- UX design experience. We are no artists and are always open for suggestions on how to make things look good and make the users experience memorable.- Android development experience. If things go well there will be more work to come and deploying the app on Android is one of them.- JIRA for ticket logging and issue tracking.General:- We prefer individuals over teams - We prefer individuals in the United States- These are just preferences, we are open for everybody who fits our requirementsSkills required: Cocoa, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Objective CPlease answer the following questions:1) Send us the links to 3-5 iOS apps that you have developed recently that use one or more of the following features: User Management (Login, Registration, 3rd Party Integration, Geolocation). The more examples you provide, the better chances you are to be picked.2) Are you an individual or are you a team?3) Do you have any design experience? What designs have you done? Examples work best4) When could you start? How much time can you commit per day or per week to this project? 5) What timezone do you work in? What are your hours? 6) What’s your payment schedule? How do you prefer payment? 7) Can you create milestones tied to payments? 8) Have you developed Android apps before? Is yes, please provide their namesContractor Fee and Rates:Provide a lump sum fee to perform the scope of work and expected milestones stated above. Include any exclusions as part of the objectives of this RFP. Please also provide an hourly rate for any additional work that may be asked in the future as part of the app development.If we like your job profile, we will discuss the details during a Skype call.If you have Android development experience and think you can manage to do both iOS and Android development within the same release, please provide a lump sum fee for the cost of work for the development as well.VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write, &quot;IM NOT A ROBOT&quot; as the first line of your submission. We will delete all submissions that do not start with this phrase

  • £421 GBP Today

    This could be either a mobile site or a mobile app (iPhone at first) The idea is to use the Tinder style functionality / user experience. But to link this to your photos on your Phone - so you can easily keep or get rid of them. If pull left - get rid of the photo. (Place in a recycle bin - feature added.)If pull right - keep on the phone. If double tap - send up to Drop Box. The only extra feature we might need later on is a recycle bin area. So at the end of the session - the person can say they definitely want to get rid of those photos. And then a counter for how many photos you have placed into the recycle bin. We are looking for a developer who can use the code bought below. any other Tinder like app. We will buy the code for you to use and need the extra functions coded for. This project is part of a bigger project for me to test an advertising stream so we are on a limited budget and time scale.

  • $5263 USD Today

    I am looking for an entrepreneur/skilled person to invest and start business together in USA (where I am currently living) or worldwide.If you have the capacity to create something big but not the money we can talk and start something. I am open to hear any kind of ideas and I can put the money to make them come true.You will be the working business partner (obviously) so let&quot;s start right now!

  • $21 USD/hr Today

    We are exploring the news market on the mobile phones. The app will be able to summarized the important news that are ranked by SNS buzz words into 140 words, as well as push local news via location-based services on the phone.We are looking for a talented Mobile Application Developer who will be responsible for the development and deployment of our mobile apps.Your responsibilities:- Analyze and perform a technical analysis of requirements - Produce a solid, detailed technical design- Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements- Contribute ideas for making the application(s) better and easier to useYour qualifications: - A work style that is extremely detail oriented - A complete profile- References or an established reputation preferred

  • $1578 USD Today

    I need an app developer that can create an app kind of like a mix of twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It will need to have user generated content where the users can upload their own photos, videos, and status from their device and put it on a feed where their friends can see.

  • €1052 EUR Today

    Hi All,we need to develop the mobile application of our website It must not be a webapp, buat a stand alone aplication, developed for both mobile OS, Android and iOS.Main functionalities of the application:1) Search Offers on our store, by category, location (city)2) User Operation: register - login - buy3) Design : all the design is already realized, including all graphical details that will be gived to the developer. Will be also included sketch of the workflow of the app, icon.4) Pages: Products Page, Product details page, Map view with pins corresponding to offers, company page view, settings, login/logout, register5) For our client must be creater a Merchant page with login and possibility to insert coupon code to be activatedWe need the app to be finished asap, cause the project will be officially launched on September, 7th 2014.Our developer can help with the WS projecting, DB interaction, and all futher information during the developing process.Thanks All, waiting your proposals!

  • $3157 USD Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1052 USD Today

    Need an app designed for concierge service. Must have calendar, gps, and rating system capabilities. Will give more detailed information after bids.

  • $2631 AUD Today

    user front end app developedcustomer front end developedadmin backend app developed

  • $1578 USD Today

    I am looking for a very experienced Freelancer to make me a Add to Cart Service bot. 
How this works: 
At 8am or 10am EST time on a release day, will tweet out a link to buy a shoe and then this bot must automatically click on the link which directly takes you to shoe, choose your size, add to cart by skipping captcha. Also this needs a checkout option but not automatically actually checking out, needs to be an added option. There are other bot programs out there that automatically do this but I need a program that is more advanced. How the Add to Cart Service NEEDS to work:

 What this system will do is when Nike tweets the link, in the back-end this Bot must open the link and add the desired size to each customers cart. 

I will need to have a page where I can insert Accounts, The Size it needs to get, and the buyers Phone Number and email address. 
What the bot will do is it will login to the Account and when the link gets tweeted, You (the freelancer) must make a method where the Bot can login to Accounts (around 100) and add different sizes to cart and then log out once the shoe is placed into the cart. This has to be able to login to MULTIPLE Accounts and also must be able to choose any size I need it to and that I will NEED to be able to do in a section (like an admin page) that only I can access where I can put in orders. 

This admin page also MUST tell me if the bot was successful at adding the shoe to the cart and MUST tell me if it was unsuccessful (for each order). Then here is the important part:

 Now in REAL TIME it MUST TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) the person who placed the order (which I put phone number and email in admin page) saying if they got it in their cart and to go log in to their Nike account. 

The most important part of this is SPEED. This bot needs to fully bypass the human verification system on so it automatically adds the shoe to cart in seconds. 

Freelancer must understand that I will need support if there is a problem, etc. If this Job goes good, there will be a lot more jobs between the freelancer and I like updates every once in a while when needed or when I just want a new feature (Work for another site, etc). 

*******VERY IMPORTANT ********
 this also needs to be compatible with mac. Updates have to be included in the bid will need updates whenever nike makes a change to the way the launch products or just change website. Will also need some updates when I would like new feature. It needs to be a file that I can install on multiple computers, but it needs to be locked on certain computers so that I would be the only person to send it to a friend and they wouldn&quot;t be able to give it away. (Maybe a verification through twitter where I can activate certain accounts to use the bot and those accounts can only be used for 1 bot) I also need to be able to make copies of the bot and be able to limit number of accounts that someone can put in bot.

 If you could do all this, that would be great. Please get back to me soon. 

 Thanks Brief Description:· Needs to fully bypass captcha· Needs to be faster than any human or other bots· Admin account where I can add keywords and accounts· Verification so only 1 person can use a bot and CANNOT give it away – I need to be only person able to give away and limit accounts able to be used on bots when I lend to friend or something· Snipes twitter link via keywords· Multi-threaded· Over the air updates when needed (Nike changes site or just have something to tweak· Mac compatible· Send out notification to Nike accounts I bot saying if ATC was successful or not in real time (immediately after success or failure)

  • $2368 AUD Today

    We have an app idea that we have fleshed out, drawn wireframes and mocked-up screen shots for, but we need someone to do all the back end coding. We are seeking someone who would be willing to work pro-bono with a promise of full payment of work once the app starts making a profit.This is a utility app, the nature of which does not currently exist in the App Store, so it is unique in its value and should be reasonably simple to build as there is no social or messaging elements to it and little if no animation required. If you feel this is something you would be willing to be a part of...drop us a line!Regards,TMac

  • $4210 AUD Today

    A car game..................................................

  • $1578 AUD Today

    I need a hybrid application for any operating system / device designed and coded.

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Developer / Service Provider / Independent Contributor

May 2010 - Aug 2013 (3 years)

Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology Co., Ltd

I had developed many mobile apps for iPhone, Android.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Developer / Team Leader / Team Lead

Feb 2010 - Jan 2013 (2 years)

Newgrand Software Co

Developer / Team Leader



Tsinghua University



Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer [SCMAD : M99DTT085B]

Sun Microsystems

The Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD) certification targets information related to developing Mobile applications, through platform Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). It focuses in specifications like JTWI, CLDC, MIDP, WMA and MMAPI.

Sun Certified Java Programmer [Java SE : G99DTT083D]

Sun Microsystems

2008 Getting certified by Sun Microsystems, Inc., is a great way to invest in your professional development and to help boost your career potential. IT managers know that the skills verified during the certification process are the same skills that can lead to increased productivity and enhanced staff credibility. In addition, you can tap into new and larger markets with Sun certifications.<br /><br />Earning a Sun Java technology certification provides a clear demonstration of your technical skills and professional dedication.



Shenzhen Flying & Interaction Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.

URL :<br /><br />《龙印OL》 is a Chinese martial arts style mobile game, players born in the context of the Yuan Dynasty in the Central Plains, it is Yuan Ting corruption, waged war period. Rebel parties turbulent heated confrontation with Yuan-ting, while "Dragon Seal" of legends -<br />Touches the hearts of all forces. <br />Game four camps are actively looking for the secret dragon and Stamp.<br /><br />Shenzhen Flying & Interaction Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. Web Si