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.NET, Web Design, Development and Testing. Specialized in Microsoft Technologies

Username: codenideas

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Location: Bangalore, India

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  • £200.00 GBP
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    fsbabak [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 11, 2012

    Thie project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:Please see the attached file for detailed project description. Milestones will be set up and payments released only when each milestone is delivered and approved.
  • [Sealed]
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    Feb 2, 2010

    Excellent work

    Project Description:I need a simple and attractive website for a play school for kids. There will be 3-4 static pages with photo gallery and contact page. The site should be simple and childish with a flash header. Should attract both kid and parents...
  • $100.00 USD
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    Oct 29, 2009

    Great work. My second project with them. More to come.

    Project Description:Pvt project for codenideas. Windows desktop application in and sql server.
  • $350.00 USD
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    Aug 25, 2009

    Very talented provider, has lots of passion. Worked many extra hours to make the project exactly the way I wanted. Very happy with work and very professional. Will definitely work again in future.

    Project Description:This project requires very sepcific skill and is only for very experienced .net developers.
  • [Sealed]
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    Jun 26, 2009

    Good professional work.

    Project Description:Need a coporate looking website for a logistic related company. The website consists of 15-20 pages both static and dynamic pages. The design should be simple, attractive and professional with a flash banner...
  • $30.00 USD
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    Nov 17, 2008

    Good work. Good understanding of the requirements and nice communication. Likes to work with them again.

    Project Description:We are looking for some one to design a new jobsite simple and attractive
    codenideas has not completed any projects.
  • £350 GBP In Progress

    I need a DEMO programme created first to demonstrate how it works to my clients. If successful, then I would develop the full blown live programme with you.Thanks,I need a system developed with the ability to upload scanned documents and other such media to a central service, where account users can log in and retrieve data based on the information they require. This may include other functionalities like a powerful search function, FAQs and broad topic highlighting. Add or create administrators’ accounts + license to other institutes. Password and login details change (if and when forgotten) + contact page to my server/administrator for technical support.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    I need something very sweet for an English early age kindergarten. Bid up to 150$!Should be with exotic colors and graphics.Bid and show me mockups. DO NOT SHOW ME FREE TEMPLATES!!!!!!!Regards

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Looking for someone to post in various music forums. You can either start or reply to threads relating to music.- Any genre; hip hop, rock, r&b, gospel, alternative, jazz, indie300 posts per monthWe"ll need a weekly report showing the forums you posted in, your userid, and the url to your posts.No spamming.Include our site link in your signature, no other links allowed. All forums where you"re signed up must allow signature links.Posts must be written in good English relevant to the threads.Minimum post length: 50 words.Manual posting only.Find relevant forums, music or entertainment.All forums where you posts must be search engine indexable with signature link, if they"re not indexable with signature links then they are worthless. (Few forums don"t show link if you"re not logged in or NoFollow enabled)Register in each forums, we will provide you keywords and URLs that you"ll link. The payment is .10 per post x 300 posts = $30 monthly.

  • $600 USD In Progress

    hallo,i"d like to improve my current online radio websitewith an application and additional features.the current static version is available on: first of all i"d like to keep the 3 framesand the folder structure. the features i"d like to have:- a xml based database to generate static html fileswithin the given folder structure, but i"m open for suggestions here - ms sql is also possible. the xml filewill be generated by a program of my own and updates daily/weekly- i need a search function to crawl for radio stations- the users should be able to rate the stations (5 star system),the voting should be stored in a seperated xml or ms sql database,multiple votings for the same station should be restricted for N days,the ratings should be used to generate new sorted index files for the categories each day. - i"d like to show "featured" stations with no or less ratings at the top of the first index page for each category. this stations shouldbe picked randomly ones a day from the database- the application should generate a new google sitemap each timethe static files were updated- i need an advanced cookie system which uses no javascripts to write,read or delete the cookies. the cookies should be used for:1) having a cookie based favorits list, which allows the userto add/remove stations they (don"t) like to/from this list2) a "listing to" history for each category, so the usersare able to see what stations they heard in the past on this category3) possibility to import/export the favorits list4) a methode to remember that the player was turned off- users should be able to place a comment for each station,a captcha is required and i want to generate static files here- a simple form to suggest new stations per category- inside the player frame at the bottom i"d like to have a forwardand backward button to listen to the next/previous station (no javascript) within the same category by using the actual ranking- all user inputs have to be filtered to prevent code injections,i"d like to have a stable, fast and secure application thats all for nowregards

  • $700 USD In Progress

    Hello,We are looking to create a site for a pop music singer. Instead of a traditional website we are looking to make a fan community for the artist which will allow the artist presence to go beyond the music side of things and expand the brand.WE WANT A SIMPLE CONCEPTWe are not trying to make a myspace here..we are trying to create a safe hip cool and fun place for the singer"s fans and anyone to have fun online.We want to have a system similar to visitors register on the site and become a member. The members play games or do other activities such as "write fan fics" to earn points or tokens. These points and tokens then can be cashed in for prizes like posters or CDs or exclusive access to online content...sort of like what miss o does with the vault system it would be great to have users be able to view exclusive photos albums once they have enough points etc.It is important that there is a system where visitors must become members so they can get access to the content only for members like photo albums of the singer etc.WE DO NOT NEED ANY DESIGN OR GRAPHIC WORK DONE..we just need a platform set up..we have graphic artists all ready for this project.I look forward to your responses, please keep in mind the site ideas like and www.mileyworld.comAdditional Info (Added 5/17/2008 at 19:49 EST)...It would be great just to code and set it up, like I said no graphic work is needed so you can just use templates and we can edit the graphics later.WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR:*visitors are able to register and become members of the site.In order to access the content of the site, you must be a member.*There is a point system. Members earn points when they play games or submit content like fan art and fan fics. Members are able to cash out these points for prizes.Basically visit www.missoandfriends.comThe same interface they have for there users.For example members are able to write in a "diary" they can save the content in a section in their control panel called "my things" they have the option to submit these things. If they submit they earn points etc.The best way to understand this is to just visit their site and register for free and see what I am looking to do.I AM NOT LOOKING TO MAKE A SOCIAL myspace or facebook stuff..It is very important that you guys check out just so you can get an idea of the user interface I want to use.Here is the idea of the point system we want to use:members earn Points for playing games, submitting creations, referring friends, voting for daily faves and a few other things. Once they register and begin earning them, you"ll see your total points displayed in the upper right hand corner of your web page.These points represent credits..we are not looking to do 2 separate functions like the miss o site with tokens and points we are just looking to have points/credits that will allow users to:* TO GET ACCESS TO SPECIAL SECTIONS AND WIN STUFF!* enter into contests to win free stuff, like sweepstakes prizes and Secret Vault keys.* The higher the users Points total, the more stuff you have access to! When you reach certain point levels, you can unlock Secret sections of the site.* we do want to incorporate something like the badge system where not only can users win different badges but can use there credits to buy them virtually from the site using the credits.Miss o has a diary feature, we are not going to need that.It is important that some sort of "recent blog or news" section is on the site. Something like cute news where blogs and news can be added easily and externally.what we really need is a programmer who will listen to what we want and provide. What we are looking for is fairly simple and not as technical as it sounds.Please feel free to message me on here with your ideas and especially if you did check out the site and know what we are going for.Additional Info (Added 5/19/2008 at 18:53 EST)...I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A GRAPHIC DESIGNER, CARTOONIST OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO MAKE THE CODE OR SCRIPT..THERE IS NOTHING CREATIVE ABOUT THIS PROJECT THAT YOU WILL BE DOING, IT JUST INVOLVES SETTING IT UP..LIKE CODING AND SCRIPTS AND HOWEVER THAT WORKS.Teen Community ProjectThe project details below is only to make you familiar with the site functionality. You are not responsible for any of the graphic design or page design. Your job is to only do the scripting/coding to allow the site to function how it is intended.Any suggestions or ideas are greatly encouraged. You will be working very closely with the designers.Site™ provides a web community for fans of the entertainer that is hip, yet wholesome and a cool place for teens (8 to 18) online.Raphael York is hip and wholesome with high self-esteem and lots of confidence. He has many interests and always strives to do his best. He provides a positive role model for everyone, especially teens letting them know all things are possible.Site Features• NavigationSimilar to the side bar at this website will have a navigation menu with the following sections:1. My stuff (SHOWS ONLY ONCE USER HAS LOGGED IN)Under the My Stuff section is the following places:Points/tokens (shows how many points/tokens user has earned and what contests they have entered)Locker (this is where content is stored that the user has saved. For example if they were playing a dress up game and clicked the save option in the game it would save the image in the players locker. Anything in the players locker has the option of being emailed, submitted to a contest or being deleted.My Stickers/Badges (Shows badges/stickers members have won or bought. Members can click on a badge or sticker to make it their avatar.)Manage Account (Allows members to change their password and email address as well as change their avatar or “badge/sticker” that represents them and also their public details)tell a friend (Allows users to get points when they refer friends to• Join (SHOWS ONLY IF USER HAS NOT LOGGED IN)Join Club Raphael (This page allows users to become a member of the site. They enter things like name, email and create a screen name and password. The emails are saved to allow newsletters to be sent to emails.)About the Club (this page gives information about the club)NOTE ABOUT LOGIN FEATURE: Users must log in to view the content of the webpages. If the user goes to any other webpage other then the about the club or Join Club Raphael page they will be told that they have to be a member to access that page and will be asked to register. One a user is registered and logged in their screename and current points are displayed where the login panel was.2. RaphaelUnder the Raphael section will be:Raphael"s photo GalleryRaphael"s video LibraryRaphael"s media articlesRaphael"s discography3. GamesUnder the games section it will show the different games and the top players with the most points. These points are the same as the points/tokens system through out the site. It will only list the players avatar, screen name, age and state. Members can click on a users avatar or screen name to view the badges/stickers they have earned and to view their public profile/information. See this page for reference: Create/ShareUnder the create section members have the following options.Submit Fan art (Members are able to upload a picture to submit to site)Submit Story (on this page there is a large box where you are able to copy, paste and enter text. You must also enter a topic from the drop down list and the title of the article/story. The member has the option to save this to their locker, print it, or submit it. See this page for reference: Poll(See this page for reference )5. MagazineThis is the news feature of the site. We do not know what type of content manager to use. We are thinking of using wordpress because we want something that can be easily updatable with different categories and able to archive past articles. Any suggestions are appreciated.6. ContestsThe contest menu will allow users to cash in their tokens/points to enter different contests to win prizes. One the user has entered a contest they can see what contests they have entered by going to the points/tokens menu under the mystuff section.(See this page for reference )7. ShopThis menu will allow users to buy virtual items as well as real ones. We need to come up with a way similar to where one the user purchases this virtual item it gets added to their inventory where their stickers/badges are kept. Like the stickers/badges they can make these virtual items their avatar as well by clicking on them.8. Pop ListThis page displays a list of the users with the highest points/tokens.It displays from the highest to the lowest 25 players. It shows the current amount of points/tokens, the users avatar and screename and where they are from. A user visiting the page can click on a avatar or screename to view the users inventory. (See this page for reference )9. ExtrasThis page just contains things like downloads for the user that are free like wallpapers and icons etc.WHAT ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILTIES FOR THIS JOB:Your responsible in making sure that all desired features are possible and done in the most logical way. We are open to your suggestions on how you think things should work.You are responsible for:• Member registration and login in functions• Point system and inventory functions• Making sure all codes/scripts are polished. Cleaned and easy to edit.• Making sure users are able to register, login, earn points, spend points and make sure their information is stored safely so when they log back into the site their inventory & points and everything else are just the way they left it.We should have some sort of control panel where we are able to view all the registered users and send them out newsletters or ban members if needed etc.• Communicate with the designers and be committed to listening and taking an interest in the site making sure we execute it the best way possible.WHAT YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR:• Graphic designing• Page layout such as the structure and coding. You are not responsible in putting the page together, you just have to go in and add the scripting functions etc.This document was intended to give you an idea of how we want the site to work.The system we are going for is fairly simple. We are not looking to create a type of social network like myspace or facebook so please understand that and realize we are just making a website with some cool user functions. You will be working closely with the designers so communication is the key. Again any ideas, suggestions are greatly encouraged.The web hosting service is by YAHOO. Yahoo allows some of the best features you can use PHP and MySQL to develop a data-driven site, build advanced applications with Perl, and use any of the advanced add-ons (which are based on these scripting tools). Basically Yahoo allows you to do anything.Additional Info (Added 5/25/2008 at 16:40 EST)...AND JUST TO BE CLEAR A LOT OF THE SITE IS DONE AND JUST NEEDS THE SCRIPT OR CODING FUNCTIONS.. See for an example of the look of the site.SITES LIKE MISSBIMBO.COM, MILEYWORLD.COM, NEOPETS.COM, MISSOANDFRIENDS.COM SHOULD ALL BE CHECKED OUT TO GET AN IDEA.I know it sounds like a huge project but it really is not.All it needs is simple registrations and login using mysql.This script the vpet engine has some cool stuff BUT WE ARE IN NO WAY LOOKING TO MAKE A SOCIAL NETWORK OR SOMETHING AS COMPLICATED AS NEOPETS.

  • [Sealed] Jun 8, 2012

    We are looking to create various holiday websites, which will feature properties (lettings etc...) for people to view and enquire about. We are looking for someone to create the website, and will be looking for this to be done on a strict budget.The website should be written in ASP.NET in either or and needs to interface to a SQL Server 2005 database. We would be looking for the solution to provide a method of categorising the locations of the lettings, with a search feature, as well as the ability for a user who manages their own listing to login and specify availability etc...We are looking for this project to start very quickly, and therefore welcome competitive bids.We would require the following functionality:Public Functions:Search propertiesview details and pictures on propertiesenquire about propertiesview availability and pricingRegistered Advertiser functions:register accountCreate new propertiesadd / edit properties and photosdefine availability and pricing

  • €700 EUR Mar 21, 2012

    I need a very good programmer to complete a project for me on hospital management system that i have started and 60% complete. i am so freaking busy with other things and this project has a timeline of 3 weeks max. The interfaces and databases have been developed only the coding remain (some part are done already). please only those who have atleast 8 reviews should bid cos i need to know u have worked for people here and the trust ur competency

  • $250 USD Dec 2, 2011

    Please Read: If You Can"t Satisfy All The Requirements Below, Do Not Bid. ***************Do not bid on this project if you are not creative, self motivated and enjoy software development, if you only looking to develop software as a means to a paycheck then this project is not for you. If your looking for a short term relationship this project is not for you. If you are not willing to try new things and new approaches then this project is not for you. This is a winform application and will require a good sense of graphical user interface design and usability experience combined with a high level of C# and .NET Framework 4.0 skills. I am not looking solely for a developer to place a few controls on a winform and call it a finished app. I am looking for a developer that enjoys making software that stands out from the group.***************C# Winform Application; SQL Server 20008; Visual Studio 2010 Winform Application, details will be provided via Private Message but please do not bid on this project if you do not currently have ratings on, do not bid on this project if you do not have previous web application that you can show as previous work in this area. Do not bid on this project if you are looking to have 100% milestones created prior to starting the project.Experience with Team foundation server is highly recommendedBasis for Award of JobOnce Provide with details the developer should include a summary of an approach to the work with regards to process, methodology, and testing/quality assurance. Developer should sketch which technologies they would probably use to build the site.Bids will be evaluated according to the following criteria:1. Experience (previous work, knowledge of .NET 4.0) – 40%2. Price – 30%3. Proposed process – 20%4. Proposed duration – 10%Payment StructureWe will use milestone-based payments as part of a phased project approach.Please begin communication, bid 30$, send information &proposals, and several of you will be contacted for a private bid based on previous work and previous reviews here at Freelancer.comAfter you have been provided with the information about the project we require a written details showing your understanding of our Project and exactly explaining how you intend on developing it, and what technologies that you intend on using, etc., as well as your concept for the design itself.Although we may be fairly new to, we have been outsourcing projects for nearly 10 years and have noticed a rapid decline in the quality of the developers and designers who are now responding to projects with generic bids.It is important that you understand that if you intend on being awarded jobs with good companies who will pay you consistently and on time, you must be at the top level of professionalism, while displaying exceptional communication skills by way of written, detailed proposals. We will not settle for anything less.If the above does not describe you or your organization, please do not apply. Previous examples of Windows Desktop Applications you have developed will be required; I need to see what you have done to get a gauge of what you can do in relationship to this, a high focus on style.

  • $1000 USD Jul 23, 2011

    Need to create a website that offers clients ability to purchase and log in with an access id and password to a database of information. There should be an ability for clients to have access to only portions of the database, depending on what parts of the database they decide to purchase. There are 2 different database files that have to be accessed while the search is performed. The database is a raw text file, with information written in a known string of characters. A script has to be written to extract information from the database and present the information being searched. Live search (as on Google live) of the database would be a plus. The raw text file will be updated frequently, so it should be easy for the webmaster to simply replace the existing raw text file when the information is updated. The website has to also offer the ability to securely allow purchase of database product, as well as password creation, retrieval, and management.The database is health care provider identification information. There is already another website that exists which can be loosely modeled after.

  • $3000 USD Jul 23, 2011

    I am looking for someone who can develop an online resume database. The database will be accessible via the internet to authorized users and registered candidates. The database will hold a high volume of records (100,000+) and need to work quickly and be secure.The back-end functionality is more critical than front end design, however the site will need to be user-friendly and simple to navigate/use.Authorised Users will need to be able to search the database both via fields and / or via a free-text search of the resume documents. Users Searches and search results will need to be able to be saved and individual records sorted and saved under their unique profile.Candidates will need to be able to login and add or edit their details and receive notifications when their details are being reviewed by an authorised user. From an administration point of view the requirements include monitoring and access / restriction tools for authorised users and automated email generation based on candidate / user actions.

  • [Sealed] Jul 8, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $120 USD Jun 30, 2011

    Hi,I am looking for a freelancer who can design a tours/travel website.I need three pages to be designedHome PageGallery PageBlog PageLooking for someone who has worked with Jquery and with CSS frameworks (Blueprint or details are in the attachment.I need 2 different home page design(jpeg is fine) which I will select one and the subpages has to be designedfor the selected home page design.Note:Should be flexible to do some minor changes from the original scope if required, Once the jpeg is approved there will not be any further change.Please let me know your quote with some sample works.Happy bidding,Dinakaran.

  • $200 USD Mar 15, 2011

    Hi guys is just a little project with a small music database (like 15 files around)the project need to be in C sharp and With a friendly interface that do the following:* Search music files in the database* Search a music file by artist in the database* Search by the lyrics of the song (for eaxmple if i don"t remember the name of the song but i remember the lyric that compare this word to the lyric of the song and show the songs associate to that word)* Search by the first letter of the song (for example if i type A that show me all the songs that start by the letter A)* Rename songs* move songs to another file * Upload a song* show the address where is located all the music Basically is that is have to be simple and easy to handle Regards

  • $200 USD Dec 7, 2010

    We are looking for someone to redesign the UI for an existing website, need to have good design sense, which could provide a clean, professional look to the site.

  • $500 USD Dec 1, 2010

    Multiple programming task to be done on the existing web site.

  • $1200 USD Nov 2, 2010

    I have a Car Pooling website which is about 50% complete. It is written in ASP.NET, AJAX, and uses an Microsoft SQL 2005 Server backend database. I need help into developing the website so that it can be used on the Internet as a public site where people log in and can plan their journey and others can join them. With also may be the function of people logging in using their Facebook account to get their location settings.I would also like to look at developing the product so it could be installed on corporate LAN"s as an out of box solution with an MS SQL Expresss backend database.I am probably more looking for a partner to help develop this product with me. Please contact me if you are interested.Thanks for looking.

  • $1000 USD Oct 29, 2010

    I have a site that is pretty similar to guru.comThis site is built functionalwise: sign up, bid, manage account, open/close bid, e-mail confirmation, find id/pw, post project, bid for project, etc. I need listed above functions to be modified more specifically and i need whole NEW DESIGN for this site plus logo. If you"re design isn"t creative or please DONT BID. PM me with price and time frame. It has to integrate with paypal, escrow, etc. linked to facebook, twitter, youtube, google analystic as well.I prefer to work with who are residing in US or Canada, but if not, the provide must be able to contact on skype 24/7.

  • [Sealed] Sep 14, 2010

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1200 USD Sep 14, 2010

    Need a full featured job portal developed where both employers and job seekers can register, post jobs/resumes, apply for jobs, shortlist jobs/candidates and application process. It should also have ability to accept payments for posting jobs or accessing candidate database.Please provide a proposal with all features that you can innovate and provide along with quotation/milestones for complete project. The quotation must break up the cost per features so that we can choose which features to go for.However, total cost also should be clearly marked. Technology: 3.5 with AJAXComplete documented source code along with SQL Server Express MDF files need to be delivered.The project shall be well designed, optimized for performance.The delivered code must be free of all warnings and errors. When submitting your bid, please provide references, samples/links of previous work/projects completed.

  • $750 USD Jul 28, 2010

    Need something similar to Facebook. Does not need to have all complicated functions, but should have basic functions at least, of adding friends, searching for users, sending messages,etc.We can discuss further about any other ideas after this one has been created.

  • $1000 USD Jul 17, 2010

    Hi there,I need experienced website designer.My Website Outlines(Please See attached excel)This website will serve medical students. During school years, the student has to pass United States Medical License Exam (USMLE) steps 1, 2 and 3. Students will be able to post important facts that are commonly tested. Also he will be able to post a question and his colleagues try to answer it or he will add answer. I will supply all the subjects and the sub titles of the subjects so every fact will be posted in the right place.After graduation they have to go through residency programs to train in a certain specialty ( eg Surgery..). He has to explore hundreds of training programs to see which program will provisionally accept him for training. HE will not apply through our program He will apply through an official website)Applications to programs through the official site will cost the applicant a lot. He has to narrow down his options to good programs which he can meet their criteria.Each program usually set certain requirements to accept the student. Instead of sending emails to programs individually asking if he meets their requirements, he can log to our website and put his scores and preferences and other search criteria. He will get the search results that match his criteria. Then he will be able to check a little number of these programs to start working on them on his work space. This will take applicant to a working page with table with the following columns:Email of the program : Initial approval: Eras Application sent: Reply from the program : Interview scheduled : My Rank of the program: NotesThere will be an email tool to send mass emails from the email templates of cover letters that he added in his working space. I need each email be personalized to specific programs. ( eg Dear Dr. XXX. The name of the program director will be pulled from the database) . He only inserts the body of the email that he choose from pre written templates). The program director will receive the email as if it is coming from the email account of the applicant ( eg ).Applicants will be able to upload the resume and their documents,……………….There will be another tab to get a list of programs that allow observation or externship in their training programs before actual start of the official training. This just a list of programs in a certain specialty without any requirements or matching to certain criteria. He will not work on these lists.Programs will log to their page with a preset password and username. Programs will answer questions about the requirements of training. They post their documents (word or PDF). The can post open slots, deadline….. .They will be able to receive a list of interested applicants and be able to check in front of their names and send MASS email to them to encourage them to apply. They should be able to sort them by score and or where he was graduated from and year of graduation.I have now in excel sheet the program names, ACGME no. (UNIQUE No), City and state, name of the program director and his email, name of the coordinator and his email. I need a tool to upload these to program database. The programs will answer the questions of requirements. Some programs may not be cooperative and may not answer. In this case we upload the requirements as word document after they reply to our email.After training, medical students go to advanced training named fellowship. The page for search for fellowship will be in the same guidelines like search for residency.Points I want to highlight:•Web lay out will be a combination of ( tabs and pages) and ( color and design)•Search the site function•Log out cart and Secure payment•Terms of use before they create account•Put puzzles numbers when create account•Have the applicant confirm his account — a confirmation message will be sent to his email •Exteriorize a link to have statistics when the employers ( programs ) open the resume and how many times it is opened.•Please give option of arranging the data of search results under columns of results by headers and or by flag.) For the year of maintenance1.maintain the site texts and run promotional plans and follow up the web site functions, adding what seemto be needed and not in the original functions.2. Correction of program errors. Also maintain the security of the website/ maintain the update of website.3.Marketing and promotions. EMAIL TOOLDear Dr. XXX(name of program director): Write or Copy and paste your message here. Sender(XXX comes from log on page of the user) ACGME no of the program(comes from data sheet) Email of the program Applicants Criteria1. USMLE step 1 two digit score ; options are passing score 76, ... up to 95 and above2. USMLE step 2 score ; options are passing score 77, ... up to 95 and above3. Time since graduation; recent graduate, 1 years, 2. 3 years ... so on till 10 years, more than 10 years 4. US clinical experience ; YES OR NO5. Foreign Medical Graduates YES OR NO 6. Do you need visa? yes or no if yes what type: options are J1Visa , H1B Visa 7. Today’s date is ; Show programs that accept applications now8. Where are you looking for residency; within ( options are within 50,100,200,300,400 ,500,600 miles from zip code ……. Or anywhere) 9.Search programs that can offer prematch, Yes , No . Search all programs 10. Show programs that participate in ERAS ; participate not participate Any11. Show programs that participate in NRMP ; participate not participate Any12. Show only the programs that have open slots for interview now( give date) for next July ( this will be dynamically changing answer according to date): show programs with open slots Show all programs13. Show programs that offer preliminary positions: show programs with preliminary positions Show all programs14. Show programs that: require prior medical education Does not require prior medical education Show all programs15..Show only programs affiliated with university hospitals, Community hospitals, community hospital university affiliated or militaryRequirements of Programs1. USMLE step 1 two digit minimum score ; options are passing score 76, ... up to 95 and above2. Average score of current first year residents for step 1 : options are passing score 75, 76, ... up to 95 and above or not disclosed3. USMLE step 2 minimum score ; options are passing score 77, ... up to 95 and above4. Average score of current first year residents for step 1 : options are 75, 76, ... up to 95 and above or not disclosed5. Step 2 clinical skills; pass at first attempt, maximum 2 attempts , pass 6. Average score of current first year residents for step 2 : options are 75, 76, ... up to 95 and above or not disclosed7. Time since graduation; recent graduate, years, 3 years ... so on till 10 years, no graduation cut-off8. US clinical experience requirement ; necessary or not necessary If necessary: a. What type, options are observership, clinical experience, or research or any experience b. How long ; options are 1 month, 6 month, 1 year 9. Current Foreign Medical Graduates percentage in the program; options are : 0% 10% , 20% up to 100%10. Do you sponsor visa; yes or no if yes what type: options are J1Visa , H1B Visa or both11. Do you require passing step 3 for FMG applying for visa ; options yes or no or preffered12. Application deadline; options are: September, October,November , December, January13. State; options are from the 54 states of US14. Do you offer an observership or externship to qualified prospective residents ; yes or no 15. Do you offer prematch: yes or no or sometimes 16 Do you participate in ERAS ; participate or not participate17 NRMP: participate or not participate18 . Numbers of first year positions: options: 1 first year position, 2 first year positions, 3-4 first year positions, 5-9 first year positions 19. Currently , do you have open slots for interviews now for next July ( this will be dynamically changing answer according to your season of interview): yes or no20. Additional requirements or comments;21. Offer preliminary positions: yes or no22. Prior graduate medical education: yes, no23. Program setting: university, community, community hospital university affiliated, or military24. How do you describe the type of care the hospital(s) where residents are trained: primary care, secondary care or tertiary care, or mix of primary and secondary care, or mix of secondary and tertiary care25. Other comments ( will not appear in options but appear in the search result.

  • $1000 USD May 17, 2010

    ASP.Net Web Development/MaintenanceIT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU READ THE ENTIRE AD PRIOR TO BIDDING!IMMEDIATE OPENNING-START THIS WEEK!We are looking for an experience Microsoft.Net web developer to maintain and make changes if necessary to a commercial directory and news site. A few changes to mentions are SSL certificate set-up, weekly mass email via our server, new registration approval, and lots of other minor web related work including daily news FTP, daily news emails and etc. Not all works require development. And most important is to be available (during your working hours) immediately in case of a site shut down due to technical difficulties. Daily maintenance may be required. Our site is based on ASP.NET, making use of a MS SQL Server database. All pages have a code behind section in C# that implements the logic of the site. Also the utility applications (newsreader, premium membership checking, etc) are written in C#. Site’s codes documents are available for your review. Work must be done remotely on our server. Dependability is a must. We have a total of four websites that needs improvement. Number of weekly hours may be short but the job is a long term venture. Rate of pay is $11.00 per hour, firm! We’ll provide you with additional technical information via PMB. Serious interested parties are welcome to bid. Please start your bid with the following sentence: We understand that this job is a long term maintenance job.Pat Nagasi, New York City, NY, USA

  • $6000 USD May 14, 2010

    I require 2 sites in ASP.NET (VB)1. 4networking[dot]biz2. like freelancerboth sites will work along side each other and registered members of 1 with also be registered on the other.We are just looking for quotes so please only quote if you have done jobs similar.We would also bee looking for design in with the price.

  • $300 USD May 12, 2010

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4000 USD May 5, 2010

    HiWe are a small company in the UK interested in building an online and mobile taxi booking service.We are seeking an experienced .Net developer with 3-5 years experience for a job requiring a 50/50 split of responsibilities between backend and frontend. The job entails doing continual development on a website and a series of webservices. We expect at least 3 months initial development from 1 developer, but with a very good chance of hiring more developers over the coming months, as there are several work streams.On the front end the primary technologies are: * HTML/CSS/Javascript * ASP.Net * ASP.Net AJAX Toolkit * URL Rewriting * Google Maps * Any JQuery experience may be usefullOn the backend the primary techologies are: * C#.NET * NHibernate (crucial skill) * Unit testing * SQL Server 2005 Other skills required * At least 3-5 years solid .Net experience with proven projects and references * Experience of properly applying OOP principles on large projects * Working on remote projects is usefull * Experience in working in a process driven environment, with proper source control, issue tracking and iterative development cyclesI will send and recieve all instructions remotely via email, msn and skype.We are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic about software development and follow the latest trends etc. The developer will be working on a codebase that has been historically built with great care and pride and we"re interested in meeting individuals who we can work with a long time - this will not be "hacky" project that we want rushed out the door ASAP. Quality is essential in what we do, and we are seeking a candidate who shares the same philosophy. We are using an existing online system called assembla for SVN source control and issue management, and would require the developer to slot into this process. I will want to project manage the developer, and will be keeping a very close eye on checkins. I will want to be in daily communication with the developer.I want to pay a monthly rate per developer, with 1 month break clause form my side.If interested, can you please send me your work terms, rates and CV"s about potential developers who you believe may be a good fit for the job.ThanksWillem

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