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  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller dongzhe


    Sep 9, 2013

    thanks you very much for your work. I am very happy with it.

    Project Description:My projects are very simple link change plugin The ideal candidate: - PHP expert who knows WordPress well. You know how to build WordPress plugin. - You are a clear communicator and reliable...
  • $123 USD
    Profile image for Seller mikk999


    Sep 5, 2013

    Very good and on time freelancer

    Project Description:We have around 1,900 product images to put into the excel file. Please download the sample file and follow the below instructions of how to edit the excel file in order to prepare it for importing. ...
  • $267 USD
    Profile image for Seller mikk999


    Aug 22, 2013

    Thanks you. Great support.

    Project Description:There are 3 sheets attached: Product Sheet, Category Reference and Variations. The main sheet you should be working on is PRODUCT.xls – this is the main sheet that needs to be edited. Return file in Excel 2003 format...
  • $64 USD
    Profile image for Seller webrevs


    Aug 19, 2013

    Awesome work, help us find another bug with quick solution.

    Project Description:The website has been built over a year ago, we want to add a new feature to allow configurable products based on same product with different size, weight and price. The weight also effects the shipping cost...
  • $93 USD
    Profile image for Seller magnusalex

    magnusalex [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 11, 2013

    Failed to complete the project. No lack of effort, he really tried. Sorry it dit not work out. Another freelancer completed the project.

    Project Description:I have a small problem with my checkout process. I have enabled free shipping for all orders over 600 NOK. I use the standard onepage checkout with a few design-related modifications. However, what...
  • $950 USD
    Profile image for Seller johnehuang


    Oct 18, 2012

    100% finished, 100% satisfaction.

    Project Description:1. magento user registration like frontend user regirstration. 2. the user uses network payment to charge the money to the user's account 3. the user uses the money to buy the advertisement service.
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller hpwray


    Aug 21, 2012

    GREAT again! Did everything in the project AND explained what they did AND gave helpful tips! I have hired them a few times! Always very quality work!

    Project Description:Program landing page with login/subscription/FB page. Install Magento extension into website. Miscellaneous programming for website.
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller m9media


    Aug 15, 2012

    All in all I was very pleased with this project. Albert is by far more helpful and friendly than most other freelancers I have worked with, and that alone made this project enjoyable. On top of that, he did a great job. There were a few problems along the way, but he quickly got to the root of the problems and made them right. If practical I'd want him on my team full-time.

    Project Description:Hello! We have a few problems with our Magento installation that need to be fixed. We currently have two store views (English/international & Indonesian/Indonesia) that need to be combined. We need...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller atobab


    Aug 10, 2012

    Very good work! I can recommend this developer to anyone for virtuemart related development!

    Project Description:Hello, I am looking for an experienced virtuemart developer to develop a commercial plugin for me: -- What the plugin should do is adding an option for each product to be only available one time per year or month or week or day or ever for each user...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller hpwray


    Jul 31, 2012

    Absolutely GREAT work! Did everything I asked. Perfectly. So Great!

    Project Description: 1. Remove the cities requirement for the inventory. I don't want to use city feature anywhere. Change the newsletter so it doesn't have the city requirement. 2. Remove other feature in account section...
    coder9 has not completed any projects.
  • $103 USD In Progress

    Web site Problem: The cart is using also an item is added to the cart the shipping cost will not show, but sometimes it does (on refresh). When there is no shipping cost or shipping method (the shipping method and cost should automatically show (this is the job that the shipping rules plugin does) and be shown in cart and added to total price which is not happening also) you cannot progress to payment as a shipping method needs to be chosen but there isn"t one!Also in the checkout at the bottom there is a section where you can pick delivery city, date and time....this is not required and only confuses the shopper. It needs removing.I have installed these two plugins but I may have done it wrong! (possible jsquery issue). I need these two plugins working and configured correctly so the cart and checkout work.There are a list of post codes to be added to the advanced shipping rules once installed and configured.Kindest regards Paul

  • $277 USD 9 days ago

    We want the customer to recieve an email once the order status changes from Processing to Complete (or creation of shipping record) i know magento has a send email button that is used in combination with the tracking information but we are using a 3rd party system to ship the item and update the magento status from "processing" to "complete"Shipment #100005769 | 7 Apr 2014 11:50:33 (the shipment email is not sent)i also understand we can create a transaction email template and use a "trigger" to use the template

  • $111 USD 9 days ago

    I need the following:1. Themeforest (Ultimo) Magento theme installed correctly with demo content and images.2. Search Engine Friendly URLs enabled3. Magento Wordpress Integration setup with the Ultimo Theme"s layoutI have already installed magento on my shared 1and1 server successfully. The theme also looks to have been installed successfully, but the demo content isn"t displaying as it should. Links:1. My website: www.colgren.com2. Theme Demo: Magento Wordpress Integration:***Please apply ONLY if you can show me a magento website with a blog that you"ve setup*****

  • $166 USD Feb 25, 2014

    Website: zoom doesn’t work correctly on “child products” – it loads the main parent’s image. When enabled, the zoom works fine on images when it’s on the main parent’s product. However, it doesn’t work on other options chosen from dropdown.2.Out of stock product should say “out of stock” on the dropdown “child products” optionWe have used this theme: the image selection we use this plugin: we have done currently is hide the zoom by editing these classes in the css*.magnifyarea, .cursorshade, .zoomstatus *They need to use a .LESS compiler to edit the cssFor the out of stock we have applied the following “hack”, which worked – until we installed the image plugin:

  • $720 AUD Sep 5, 2013

    B Seated Global is a supplier and manufacturer of commercial furniture. Our website ( is built on Magento but has been modified so that it is enquiry based. Customers add products to an enquiry list which is then submitted to us by email rather than purchasing the products through the site.We would now like to show prices for all products but only make some products (approximately 30%) to be available for purchase through the site. We would also like this feed of purchasable products to be able to be submitted to Google shopping so that our products can be shown in their Product Listing Ads.Please quote/advise on which of the following options are the best solution to fit our needs.Option 1 - make the site half enquiry/half transactionalOn the top level menu we would have a category of “products” these would be the enquiry based products, customers would add to the enquiry list and submit for a quote via email. Also on the top level menu we would also have a separate category of “short lead time products” these products you would be able to buy through the site.Option 2 - set up a new separate transactional site We could set up another domain e.g. On selected products have a buy button that opens up the transactional site in new tab/window. This website would follow the same design and still be managed through the existing magento CMS.Option 3 - revert the site back to Magento’s default settingsSimilar to option two but the majority of the products would have the buy button disabled and a call to action to make an enquiry.

  • $206 USD Sep 5, 2013

    I have multiple tasks for our Magento website. Please read tasks carefully below to ensure you can fulfill ALL tasks promptly. Need:- Cart Time extended for shoppers- Cart Time extended for Admin- Change URL"s in files from HTTP to HTTPS - I"m told many files on the server have links in the file itself pointing to HTTP when it should be HTTPS. This is causing an issue for some people where it tells them some of the content isn"t secure. I need these corrected and fixed. May take some time to look through the html files to find and correct these.- On pages where we have our email listed I need it to be changed to something where customers have to click to reveal the email. We"ve been targeted by spammers since we put our email directly on our website for customers to contact in case they have questions. So, to avoid the web crawlers from seeing it, I need something done where its not visible right away until a customer clicks an icon of an email or something. Thus avoiding the bots crawling the web looking for plain emails.- Ensure the port the website is using to the public is correct. I"ve been told some larger companies cannot access our webpage. Could be due to other issues, but I"m told a possible issue is the port. Need to ensure its on the correct port and can be viewed by anyone. (unless a super strict firewall I guess)- Ensure there is no spam or malware on the website. I"ve been told that the large companies that cannot access our website say its either a port issue or because the site has malware. I have ran many tests that show nothing, but I"d like an expert to do this as well.- Need our Shopping Cart page edited. Need the buttons for Update Shopping Cart, Clear Shopping Cart, etc to be more visible and spaced apart more. I have another template I would like to model this after. Also make this shopping cart page easier to read.- Would like a floating cart, where when you roll over the cart, it shows you whats in your cart. I have another template to show an example of this.Please make sure you feel comfortable completely these tasks before bidding. Budget $100-$150

  • $33 USD Sep 1, 2013

    Hello,I have magento newsletter template. But when i send the template to my customer it doesnt appear correctly in the Gmail and yahoo mail. The picture doesnt appear.Since i have all the template ready. I think it is a very simple job. so I need someone to fix this asapPlease download my template

  • $25 USD/hr Aug 22, 2013

    we are looking for general developer for long term collaboration.\r\n\r\nthe developer should be familiar with all popular web programming languages such as php, mysql, jquery, javascript, css and so on.\r\ndeveloper with additional skills in the graphic design field are preferred\r\nThe developer should also be familiar with magento because we have some shops in this area.\r\n\r\nWe work with a collaboration-software to manage all tasks and communication for both sides as comfortable and effective as possible.\r\nfast-working and a smooth communication are very important to us, which does not mean that we want to discourage our employees from work.\r\nWe do not negotiate every working hour, but expect an honest accounting

  • $189 USD Aug 20, 2013

    I would like you to create template for Wordpress.The most important thing for me is design. It has to be user friendly and good for seo."Contents"Can change number of columns on each pageCan add social buttons (twitter,facebook,google+)Can use a site mapCan choose nofollow or follow on each pageCan add thumbnail on each article"Tenplate design"Pass the W3C check"CSS"Please use CSS that users can use easily."Required skill"HTMLCSSSEOPHPWordpress"Fee"100$~200$I attached a zip file that you refer to.However, do not copy it.If you have any inquiry, please free to ask.Thank you!

  • $421 USD Aug 18, 2013

    Hello,We have a magento webstore and we need some edits,First is we have a product feed coming in from a distributor, this feed is currently not working it imports price and stock once but does not update there after. this was a custom script that has never worked since day one. we will need this fixing and also an option to add other feeds from multiple distributors.We also want a few other fields implementing please but your first bid down and we can discuss the extras we need installing and configuring for ebay amazon and google shopping.If you can help with the above please bid

  • $515 USD Jul 19, 2013

    We are looking for a highly skilled Magento developer WHO Can help us implement New features and do graphical changes to some existing sites. Both graphical and Technical. Sites are very complex and only highly experienced Magento developers are to be considered for this task.

  • $257 USD Jul 9, 2013

    I need an administrator, initially I have to fix two or 3 aspects of my web and them would be only news letters and some banners in the home page as advertising, I pay 200.00 a month, Once I fix what i need to fix it is not too much work..Please let me know.

  • $515 USD Jul 8, 2013

    I am reposting this project since the last coder used could not accurately complete the project per our instructions. The previous coder started some of the work, however additional work is needed to complete the project. The coder who is awarded this project can decide to work with the previous coders work already done or create their own new design if desired.We are using the popular Ultimo theme in Magento and need a responsive bulk quantity price grid designed and programmed within this custom Ultimo theme. Each product will have different bulk quantities, prices, and labels so all data is unique to each product and therefore must be individually editable. Some products will only have 1 row of pricing, while others may have 3 rows of pricing. Some products will only have 2 quantity columns. Some products will have different labels and text. I also need the main Magento price removed or hidden since we are only going to use this grid pricing on the site. We must also be able to update all of these fields in the price grid shown with the bulk csv import feature in Magento. We have hundreds of products and need to update using the import feature instead of manually changing these details.We plan on using a Magento extension that hides prices for non-registered users such as . This price grid must also be programmed to work with this extension so we can hide this pricing grid to non-registered users.Any programming done must not modify the core Magento files or any core Ultimo theme files. We don’t want problems when updating both Magento or the Ultimo theme in the future.We would also like to know if a simple editor can be created to globally modify/change the price grid size, colors, shading, font, and font size. Please be aware that this grid must be "responsive" and adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions such as smartphones and tablets like the Ultimo theme currently does.I have uploaded a screenshot showing the details and explanation on this custom grid/table needed. Please review the details before bidding. If you have a better way of setting this up (such as a separate custom attribute), then please let me know.Again, here is a summary of details needed in this project:1. All fields shown must be individually editable within the standard Magento product price admin area. The last coder used could not accomplish this and we could not edit each field individually and we could not add additional pricing rows or edit the labels.2. Price grid must be responsive and the format must properly adjust to fit various screens such as smartphones and tablets as well as normal computer screens. The last coder used had formatting issues on all devices including regular computer screens. The attached doc will show these formatting issues that need to be corrected.3. We may use an extension to hide prices to users that are not logged-in. The pricing grid therefore needs to work with such an extension.4. We must be able to update all pricinig, quantities, and labels by using the built-in Magento bulk csv upload feature. We have hundreds of products with different pricing, quantity and label variables and must be able to update them in bulk instead of manually.5. On product search pages, related items pages, or upsell item pages, the "as low as" price must show the lowest price within the price grid for each individual product.We will also need other Magento work done to this site, so if you do good work on this project then we can hire you for additional work.This project needs to be completed in 10 days or less. Again please review the attached file. Thanks.

  • $138 USD Jul 7, 2013

    Hello, I need someone to go into my magento store and fix the attributes/info for google to accept my google base.I have already purchased: it should be easy to create the proper google base file for google to accept it. the shop sells clothing around the world, so i need it to work for that.

  • $555 USD Jul 5, 2013

    We are a franchise, which sends orders to our stores.the thing that we are missing in our Magento shop is a workflow, what we are imagining is this, when a customers orders an item to be delivered to Paris, our shop should automatically finds one/multiple shops in Paris and then creates a list.Shop 1Shop 2Shop 3...The workflow then starts with sending the order to Shop 1, he receives an email, finds out that he cant deliver on that date and time and presses deny, the workflow then sends the order to the next shop in line, until the order has been accepted. when the order has been accepted the customer receives an email confirming the delivery.please let me know if you have any questions regarding this project and any.

  • $550 USD Jan 5, 2013

    I have been working on a online guitar shop using Magento CE 1.7 for several months. I am almost done with it and really need to “stop the bleeding” so to speak however there is one feature that he really wants that I am at my whits end with.Its a custom order form for guitar pickups. He had one on his old site that was don’t in ASP and besides not knowing ASP we are now on a Unix server.His requirements are “the ability for someone to choose a category (ie: 7-string, Strat Replacement, Tele Replacement, etc) , and then have it be able to only show options that are applicable to what that selection. I want customers to be able to see descriptions of each pickup somewhere on this page. I also want people to be able to see what the covers/colors look like when they choose that.”I was able to use the way back machine to at least show you guys what he wants, here is the link is my attempt to create it with a product with lots of options. finally an example from the pickup manufacture;=65_82&products;_id=205&zenid;=39f2ef2b3a4e6d0f882f512ad99d28a6

  • $200 USD Dec 3, 2012

    I need to set a limit for the purchasing amount for a group.The details are as follow:My website has a normal member group and senior member group. Normal members should pay $20 to buy a senior member ship. Now I want to set a limit for purchasing amount (maybe $1450) for each time they pay for the senior membership. When their life time sales over 1450, they get back to normal group automatically except they go on purchase another $20 for senior membership. if they buy 2x$20, then the limit becomes 2900. similiar like 3x$20.Please quote.Thanks.

  • $300 USD Aug 19, 2012

    I am looking for someone to clean up my magento code for email is samuelrutter@yahoo.comI would like to discuss this further with you, I saw a similar project here.

  • $70 USD May 10, 2012

    I have a Joomla website which i need someone to perform a security update. Please only apply if you are a Joomla expert.

  • $150 USD Mar 2, 2012

    Hi,We use VirtueMart VirtueMart 1.1.5 + the latest Klarna VirtueMart module. The integration went well but it doesnt work properly with my One Page checkout and it doesnt work properly on showing prices. It lays ontop of the "price"And i need the form "birth date number / VAT id added to our adress field.And i need the swedish paypal system intergrated to my One page checkout page that dont have any working module for virtumart yet. need this done in short notice. Got a car show soon and the webshop needs to be klarna / klarnayou can contact me on

  • $50 AUD Jan 6, 2012

    Simple project website design joomla menu links not working. i tried to do it myself but have madethings worse. this will be a simple project for someone who knows what they are doing. the menu links in joomla must have a problem please only bid if you can fix this. I need this repaired within 24 hours. Please view the website below and quote for full repair and upload: will need this repaired within the next 2 days so it is quite urgent.small budget on this project only.Please review site and problems before you bid so that you are sure that you can take care of it.Thanks.

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