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CodeX Software

International software engineering company. Skilled PHP/Java/Node.js developers available!

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  • £2000 GBP
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    Feb 10, 2013

    Thanks for your work on getting this project off the ground. I've been very impressed with the quality of your work.

    Project Description:We want to build a CRM system built in HTML using Ajax to communicate with the server. This project will be split into about 5 phases. This project is for phase 1. Phase 1 is to build the framework and account setup / user admin / role admin panels which are similar to Magento screens...
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  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    This is more detailed Statement of work.-designing bulk upload template and interface for virtuemart - we would like to add items into an excel or similar where we can upload many item at once including some way to automate handling pictures.- Update current virtuemart version to current, this should enable a feature we need badly (multi image up-loader)-designing an interface which allows us to integrate our cart on virtuemart with our ebay store - if extra software is required this is acceptable. This would allow real time inventory adjustments.-re-skin website to be more user friendly navigation. right now we have a few issues, we want our catigoriesto be sorted a-z, right now virtue mart messes with our prices, say we enter 2000, it puts 2188 on our website instead. listing on virtue mart is cumbersome.-we want to be able to allow customers to "make offer" on an item, say something is 20,000$, they can offer 15,000$ and we canaccept or make a counter offer (similar to ebay store but we want to do this in virtuemart as well)-set up paypal payments and credit card gateway - this will mostly apply to smaller $$$ items like spare parts, motors, etc.

  • $24 USD/hr Oct 23, 2013

    Android Application for a Danish Company Used as portal / information provider tool for its employes

  • $3421 USD Oct 22, 2013

    Dear Friends! I need help to build web-store for automotive parts selling. It should has a massive graphic interface. So, please take in consideration that it should be project more suitible for person with deep graphics expirience. Best way to conclude decision is glance on your portfolio first. Thank you very much and hope of prompt response in advance. Alexander.

  • $3421 USD Oct 21, 2013

    Dear SirInterested to build an application for Pilgrimage .Please any bidder leave his Skype and email.Your profile and proposal.If needed we can discuss on Skype for more details .Thanks

  • $50 USD/hr Oct 14, 2013

    I"m looking to create a new website and mobile app with the following features and a few more:1. A blog (ticker style)2. Tutor bios with bio videos3. A full service virtual classroom 4. Logins for tutors, parents and admins.5. Similar,,,,, Our current site is want to start this project immediately.

  • £21 GBP/hr Oct 7, 2013

    Hi, I need a website built. I need certain features implemented such as a reverse auction and a silent auction. Similar features to the Freelancer website. It will also need to have paying system. Will discuss other minor features later in detail I want to see samples of your previous work. I will pay you after the website is built and if I am satisfied with what you have done. Cheers

  • $3421 NZD Sep 30, 2013

    I require a HTML website that uses Magento as a platform. It needs to be a custom daily deal website that has 3 deals which run for 24 hours. I also require the website to have the ability to expand over time with more deals as the website grows eg: In 6 months go from 3 deals to 9 deals. It will have a minimum of 5 pages and able to support payment express plug-in for all transactions. Attached you will also find the time of design and layout I am after.The colours layout and "look/feel" is attached.The industry is just different.

  • $3421 AUD Sep 18, 2013

    Hello,I am looking to get my app onto the App Store as soon as possible, it requires simple drag and place features, the ability to send images between users and social media integration; graphic design skills are essential. Having at least one developed app on the market is a must, look forward to discussing the concept in further detail to appropriate applicants.If your work meets the standard and vision we are looking for, there are six future projects which range in technical difficulty that we can look into working on together.Thanks,Michael.

  • $24 USD/hr Sep 14, 2013

    I need a customized smart phone app for iphone, android, ipad. I do not want to give away my app idea. But I can briefly describe what I need.Once the app is opened, the users can search for ads placed by other users. Their location is shown on a map instantly. They can chat or send messages to each other. All app users name, phone number and location is shown at all times. I can give you more information later.

  • $24 USD/hr Sep 6, 2013

    Need a simple scheduling app (and widget) with graphs and timers displayed for each event. Ability to import events from Google calendar eventually desired. Will need to have voice input support from widget. Can provide detailed mockups so designing will be simple.

  • $3631 USD Sep 5, 2013

    I need a custom mobile app made (quickly)I need someone who is very experienced in coding for iOS to create a feature rich, nice looking, mobile app.Description of app here: (keep basic until NDA signed)This job needs to be done quicklyRequirementsSomeone who can not only program but can also do the UI design.At least 300 hours on OdeskFive star ratingSomeone who takes pride in their work and makes polished looking products.Here"s what you need to do next:Please reply with examples of your previous work, including any user interface or design examples. If I like your previous work, I will reply and give you more details.***IMPORTANT*** when you reply start by typing the code word: cycloneThis way I know you took the time to read the complete description instead of just replying to all the submissions like many do!Thanks,T.j.

  • $3105 USD Sep 3, 2013

    I want a website that functions similar to I also want the finished product to have a flash or After Effects video. For example, when the greeting card comes out of the envelope, the first thing you will see is the flash or after effects video with music. Then the card will flip over and the greeting image will appear. The customer will be able to print the greeting card image.The customer will be able to choose which video they want to include in the greeting card. Also the videos will be free to download and send to people, but the video with the greeting card will cost money. I will be continually adding videos and images as I create them so I need someone that I can work with on a continuous basis.

  • £2131 GBP Sep 2, 2013

    Website design guidelinesThe website specification spreadsheet we have produced is our idea of what we think we want. However, before proceeding to have the website built we’d like an opinion from experienced builders if what we are asking for is sensible and practical. The budget is not very big and our company hasn’t even started yet, so we need to be careful with expense.We have also produced a website content document with all the website text and we have all the relevant images prepared.General feel of the siteA clear, sleek, unfussy Germanic type styleDark grey background/surroundMiddle white sectionUser functionalityA user interface to allow update of the “programme schedule” in Fees/scheduleA user interface to allow update of “coming up” and “special offers” on home page side bar.Online payment by credit card/paypalWebsites we like Like how buttons change colour and make noise when cursor is over them.

  • $3289 USD Aug 27, 2013

    This 29 page App will allow multiple online users to be on at once. It will require a Member System, Custom Credits (earning) system, take payments, custom interactive pages, database, referral system, contact page.More details to follow...

  • $25 USD/hr Aug 22, 2013

    we are looking for general developer for long term collaboration.\r\n\r\nthe developer should be familiar with all popular web programming languages such as php, mysql, jquery, javascript, css and so on.\r\ndeveloper with additional skills in the graphic design field are preferred\r\nThe developer should also be familiar with magento because we have some shops in this area.\r\n\r\nWe work with a collaboration-software to manage all tasks and communication for both sides as comfortable and effective as possible.\r\nfast-working and a smooth communication are very important to us, which does not mean that we want to discourage our employees from work.\r\nWe do not negotiate every working hour, but expect an honest accounting

  • $3105 USD Aug 21, 2013

    Hi Bidders,We need a ecommerce site which is similar to, we need all the function which casetagram have and make some enhancementThe Basic function should include: Design, collections. FAQ, Register, Sign in and shopping cart. (challenge should not be needed at this time)100% full function in the "design function" and special export format for us.And special listing method in the "collection" for us to easily show our product in the collection.We would like to use wordpress and all the function should be designed as a plug-in.All of the function can change to different language and easy to set up in different server

  • $3078 USD Aug 14, 2013

    Need someone to create a site that allows users to develop an online store for documents in Wordpress. Functions required: 1) displaying documents on the site using Google docs2) and document information3) Ability for visitors/users to upload documents to the site4) checkout with payment solution such as woocommerce5) Customer service, FAQ, About site, and other administrative pages. Refer to: Scribd store or

  • $6105 USD Aug 8, 2013

    Web PlatformWe are a professional real estate photography company with a high volume. Our core product is still images and virtual tours, which our client demands in less than 24 hours.The process as it is today. Client goes online and creates an order ex. 15 still images for tomorrow Tuesday at 11.00am. On the scene the photographer agrees with the client that 17 images are needed to cover what’s needed to be covered (not 15 images). The next morning we have 17 images ready for our client and we invoice our client for 17 images not 15 images as ordered in the first place.The web platform we are striving after has three main steps. 1. Login and ordering process. 2. Creating virtual tour. 3. Automatic delivering after payment process. We are interested in having all 3 steps made for our new web platform but depending on expenses step 3 is the most important since we already have solutions for step 1 +2Since there’s a difference in what’s being ordered and what’s really being delivered means that we can’t use a regular ecommerce/put in basket setup.1. Login and ordering process.Client log in and make an order they choose the time and date for the photo shoot. All orders will automatically generate a unique order number. This order number will be used for our editing team/supplier and again in the delivering process. Order form must be location based and apply to the landing pages we create. We need to be able to run campaigns/coupons in various locations. We have different deals with different companies/clients meaning that we have special arrangements on pricing for some offices and those agencies must have their own order form.2. Creating virtual tour.Something similar to this Introduction, Photos, Moving pictures, map etc.Our client should be able to choose the order of the images in “Moving pictures”Create a branded tour (including agent name and company) and an unbranded tour (without agent name and company). Upload their profile image and company logo.3. Delivering and payment process.The first part of step 3 doesn’t involve the client but is a process for all orders.Our company receives edit material via ftp from supplier. The material is delivered from supplier in a folder with an order number. That contents will automatically go to the client account via the order number when we drop the contents in the distribution “folder”. Example. We received 10 edit orders from supplier each in an individual folder with a unique order number (same order number that was created when ordering in step 1). Those 10 folders are dragged into the distribution window/folder and then automatically go to the correct client inbox. When the material reach the clients account/inbox, they will get an automated email and text message, that their order is ready to download on our websiteThis next part involves the client.Before the client gets access to the images and the free virtual tour they will need to pay with credit card. When the payment has been accepted the products will down load to the clients desktop.Payment/invoicing needs to be able to integrate with the financial bookkeeping system QuickBooks.Client features.a) Download 3 different sizes of images.b) Create an unbranded virtual tour by choosing the correct order of images, choose different kind of music. An “Unbranded virtual tour” can’t have any agent or Company info, links, advertisement etc. c) Create a branded virtual tour by choosing the correct order of images, choosing different kind of music. Give listing information about price, home size, location etc. Upload their profile image and add personally contact info (This could automatically come from their login info).d) Forward a download link with huge files to third party like magazines etc.e) Any other products we invent in the future.

  • $23 USD/hr Aug 7, 2013

    I would like an online clothing/resale store built. The store must be easy to access, load quickly and appealing to customer.

  • €2947 EUR Aug 6, 2013

    Hi,We need to build B2B application in PHP (with sell module, invoice, store, simple CRM). Time: 6 weekWe can pay you in two etaps (after 1st etap and then afert 2nd), without milestone. We have graphic - you must only code. We"re help you every time.

  • $3000 USD Aug 2, 2013

    Seeking Experienced Mobile Android and IOS/Apple Developer Demonstrated graphic design and GUI experience a must. Basic icon for product will be provided to developer with expectations it will be expanded upon. Desire a nearly identical application on IOS and Android communicating with Bluetooth 4.0 devices. Desire 75% code reuse between mobile platforms. Require the following: Home page with list of Bluetooth 4.0 devices1.Mobile application must communicate with Devices that will be identified over Bluetooth by proprietary header and unique device ID. Format all to be provided. 2.For each device detected, need to make an extendable object entry and save to memory. Entry will have things such as name, list of strings, and other persistent attributes. A list of simple data types to be provided.3.When application is started/resumed the device objects should be recovered from memory. 4.Home page will have two (2) collapsible lists of devices, Active and inactive (collapsed by default) identified with provided icon and name, followed by a status bar for signal strength. 5.Active devices are defined as those having received a signal in the last n seconds. After n seconds of no activity device should be in the inactive list. Active devices will be illuminated. 6.When a device is clicked on the homepage it should bring up the device details screen. Device details screen1.Naming text box for the device, save to memory.2.Three (3) action buttons that send over Bluetooth 4.0 the proprietary header, unique device ID and integer command. Format will be provided. 3.Graphic derived from provided product icon indicating signal strength bands.4.Extendable popup list with 4 clickable entries that represent commands. Currently empty function calls only needed presently. 5.Back arrow to home page. Anticipate follow-on application work to be two to four times the level of effort if the project exceeds expectations; opportunities may include back end server functionality and verification.Please provide information on previously related accomplishments and resume.

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