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Location: Rajkot, India

Member since: May 2010



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My projects:

  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller akaridesign


    4 days ago

    Excellent to work with, fast and extremely knowledgable. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $310.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rydacal


    5 days ago

    Has great patients with the payments. Works incredibly fast with great results. Will recommend to anyone trying to build complicated websites.

    Project Description:Most of this website is finished. What I need is someone who can make java script buttons to perform certain functionality that can briefly flow through to a certain part of the page. It's supposed to...
  • £185.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller angatvw


    8 days ago

    good job! will use again.

    Project Description:I need a website amendment. I have form on my website but now I want to put an extra layer behind it. I have layer in PSD format. It needs to be sliced and put in place with html/php and CSS. The main...
  • $475.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aquathermsolar


    9 days ago

    Work was done as requested and in a timely manner. Good response time as well.

    Project Description:Have an existing client portal, but are replacing it with one created using Wordpress. Existing client portal allows our clients to add/edit their respective customer records, run reports, etc. Clients can only see their own customer data...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller netconnectbvi


    9 days ago

    Thanks for all your help! looking forward to the next job!

    Project Description:Project for IPAK as discussed.
  • $335.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller netconnectbvi


    12 days ago

    Thanks! Good Work! Looking forward to the next project!

    Project Description:Please make the image gallery and 360 image changes we discussed.
  • $947.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller motownnat


    16 days ago

    Very responsive, happy client. Thank you!

    Project Description:I'm looking for an experienced web development company to help pick up a few development projects, starting off with this project as a test. My current web development company is maxed out with my current projects and I need a second team to support the business...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller vw8084154vw


    21 days ago

    The creativewebexpert team was great to work with - they found issues we had and came up with solutions quickly. I'll be using them again in the very near future.

    Project Description:We need a team who can work for the next 8-12 hours to help us clean up 150 templates. Here is the process... 1st - we need someone smart enough to not have to download all 150 templates, but be...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller netconnectbvi


    22 days ago

    Thanks again! Looking forward to the next project!

    Project Description:Create a blog page for Vacationeeze that lists up to 10 blog posts per page in chronological order with all content for each blog.
  • $79.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller netconnectbvi


    Jun 24, 2014

    Thanks for all your hard work! Will definitely use you guys again!

    Project Description:We need a blog page template created asap for our existing website.
    Creative Web Expert has not completed any projects.
  • $29 USD In Progress

    I want to add CAPTCHA for Wordpress Website Contact us page

  • ₹75000 INR In Progress

    attached command for modem ..........Automatic Recharge Software true SMS , USSD & AT Command ......So please urgently reply back

  • $385 SGD In Progress

    Hi Guys, we will need a customisation for this following wordpress theme. is our staging site customisation we need is as follow1) The theme allow listing of item via either "blog" or "portfolio". Both set up have slightly different layout and functionality, and we wish to combine the best of both feature.Currently, we are using the "portfolio" building block, here is a example we wish to work on. want to incorporate the functionality of "blog" building block, here is a example there is 3 set of functionality that we need to have (refer to screen1.1.jpg)a) On rollover the feature picture for Portfolio block (Gallery with only static pictures), there will be a left and right arrow to scroll thru the gallery section. Height of the images will be fixed while scrolling also.b) On rollover for Portfolio (Gallery with video), the 1st video will be use as feature picture, and click to play is possible.c) include the read more button, together with the "like" counts and the "view" counts (NOT number of comment)2) On the portfolio content page, we wish to add in some customisation functionality. (refer to screen2.1.jpg)The is the sample page we wish to work on Add in a button that allow user to request for Quotation.Please refer to the following pdfBridal Services - Quotation flow.pdfb) Slight change to layout to this portion3) Add in another item type for the current portfolio custom post type.Current the theme support the 4 following custom type- Standard, Gallery, Video, AudioWe need to add in 1 more custom type call Advertisement, please see screen3.1.jpg for a referenceThe new custom type will have the following function- Will not show title or abstract- Only Static picture can be use for this type.- Upon click, instead of linking to a blog/portfolio content, it will link to a external URL instead.- If not URL is input in the backend, this post can"t be clicked.Kindly also note that- All modification should not affect other functionality of the website.- The responsive nature of the theme should be taken into consideration also. - Please quote separately for item 1 to 3, as budget is a concern and we might not go forward with all modificationBUDGET : $150 SGDTIMELINE : 3 DAYS.

  • $368 USD In Progress

    Hi,I am programming a web application and I need:1. A Search Page, displaying different records from a database with selection mechanism and a gmap, where record location displays.2. A form where users enter record informationHTML draft is written and can be shared.I am glad to await your offer ...Best regards,Chris

  • $652 USD In Progress

    We have our website created however we would like to add a framework to the CMS We would like to maintain all the customization of snippets and dynamic data displayThere are 60 pages in total Please provide bids

  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project "Locator Application for Website"

  • $315 CAD In Progress

    I have a full website built in Joomla 3. I want to add a Google Maps "Street View" to my Contact forum where customers can Pin the location of their home. I would like their coordinates to be e-mailed to me. They must be able search by address or postal code to find their home. The customer can then move the pin to the exact location of the house. I need it to work with my existing Joomla 3 website and template.

  • $50 USD/hr In Progress

    i want to develop a ecommerce web site. site should be very creative & innovative. send a resume with mock up

  • $49 USD In Progress

    I need someone to change about 40 wordpress posts"s permalinks.the permalinks are somewhat complicated, so they won"t work with the typical custom permalinks plugin. for example: post/results/finals-%11-pifer-%26-thom.htmlonce that is figured out, it should be really simple job to do. i have the desired permalinks written right at the very top of each post, so they are quick and easy to access and assign.

  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    Android-App, displaying paid ads in different categories.

  • $1578 AUD Today

    Hi, I need a quote on a website to be built, Im not sure if it will be e commerce,I own a home inspection company and I inspect Homes and buildings for a living, I want customers to be able to log onto my site and purchase my pdf reports through a shopping cart or simular,I want to be able to load my pdf reports onto site daily, The reports are valid for 30 days so after 30 days I will remove or delete the report.I need the site to look very professional as some of My customers don"t know me and need to be able to look at this site and think WOW!The site will need a home page with reports filed down the bottom of page, if there is 50 reports on there they wont all be on front page they will need street name search bar ect?? There will be 2 types of reports avalible to customers for the property customers can choose to buy 1 or both reports for the propertyLet Me know Your thoughts!

  • $578 SGD Today

    Scope:1. Logo Design2. Hosting on server with the following URL: 3. Webpage layout- Archive (link to previous entries) at the side- Search function - Tag function - able to tag and categorise each entry- Comment form to allow people to post comments for each entry- Integration with Facebook (people can like the entry)- Tab: Home, About, Contact - Set up Google AdSense

  • $242 USD Today

    We need a website built. prefer using a CMS.

  • $263 SGD Today

    We have already designed a portfolio website that requires the programmer to make it into a HTML website with the functionality in place.Here are a list of things that is needed for the website:The website will have a homepage that showcase images of the portfolio in columns of 4. There will be several filter features on the homepage,1. Search function that will filter the images shown on the homepage shown based on keywords for each images.2. Timeline function that will filter the images shown on the homepage based on the time the respective portfolio is finished.3. Category feature that will filter the images shown on the homepage based on the category it belongs.NOTE: All of the filters must work concurrently with one another. Example, if I were to enter a keyword under the search function and set a specific timeline range, the result shown must tally both this filters.4. When user hover across the image of the portfolio, a summary of the its information will appear on the image itself with a slightly faded black background over the image.5. When the user clicked onto the image, a row of information will extend below the image.6. On the extended information, there will be a "more info" button that brings the user to a new page with a more extensive information of the portfolio.7. Top right of the homepage will show the amount of portfolio revealed on the page out of the total number.8. Infinite scrolling with jquery lazy load.I have attached some images for your reference. Please do make sure you have read the requirement before bidding on the project. Type "PortfolioWeb" in the comment if you have read the requirement.

  • $210 USD Today

    Hi,The domain of my website is registered with godaddy, I also have a hosting account with them. The actual wordpress website for this domain is hosted with Yahoo at the moment. You will have to download the complete backup of this website (through my wordpress backup plugin that is installed on the website, restore the backup on the hosting account with godaddy, and change the Cname record on Godaddy so that it points to the godaddy hosting

  • $24 USD Today

    Looking for a reliable developer to help me customize wordpress theme. payment will only be given after completion of task.

  • $131 USD Today

    I am looking for someone who can take a Wordpress template I purchased and customize it for my current website. There will be a total of 7-8 pages, I will supply all the graphics and text. This is a simple job of putting the info into the right places.The template is here to look at. current website that will be changed to tho template is here.

  • [Sealed] Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4210 USD Today

    Advanced collaborative RSS reader able to generate reports. Romanian developer needed.Workflow available at request.

  • $684 AUD Today

    We require a cost estimate and time to build estimate for very simple iPad application.The application will not be loaded to the app store and will only be used on 3-5 devices, so we also need a solution for this.The concept is people will walk around with iPads and get people to take selfies of themselves. They will enter the personal details to enter the competition and take a selfie on the ipad. Once they are happy with the Selfie is should be uploaded to an online database along with their personal information.We have attached a simple diagram that shows the steps.Please can you bid with a cost estimate and correct time frame.

  • $21 USD/hr Today

    We have a website running on Magento. We required a Magento developer to help on customization. The developer should have sound knowledge of Magento in and out. Should have good portfolio (work history). Good communication skill and should have frontend (HTML/CSS, javascript) knowledge.

  • €3157 EUR Today

    Aim of the project: to develop an application that plays IPTV streams on the Android Set-top-Box similar to application should have the following features.1. The application should auto-run on boot and open last watched channel.2. The application should play H.264 and MPEG-2 streams over http.3. During watching a channel you can switch to the next or previous channel in the playlist by pressing left-right buttons.4. During a channel switch there should be an OSD showing channel name, logo and channel number.5. You can switch to a channel by entering a three-digit channel number. The set-top-boxes we are testing write now do not have numbers on the remote but do support keyboards.6. Pressing Return button should bring a watcher to the main application menu. 7. The channel list should be a mosaic of logos 10 x 5 for example, but on the left side of the screen there should be a list of channel categories: All, Enterntainment, Kids, Favorites, etc. Optionally there should be a larger icon view. Categories should be loaded from a playlist.8. Pressing Menu button during watching a channel should bring up a channel menu with four options: Favorite, Skip (or Blacklist), Protected and TV-Guide. In the case of selecting Favorite on the channel it should appear in the Favorites channel category. In the case of selecting Skip (Blacklist) the channel should be excluded from all channel categories but All. It should also be skipped when changing channels by pressing left-right buttons. Therefore, the selection checks for Favorite and Skip should be mutually exclusive. Choice of TV-guide should open a EPG for this particular channel. Unmarking a check on either Favorite, Skip or Protected should reset the program settings to normal. The option Protected should either place a channel to the Protected category, that can be open only when entering an optional password, or a channel itself should have a password/pin number locking the view.9. The should be a possibility to schedule a recording of the channel on the USB flash or on an SD card.10. There should be a EPG access from the main menu. It can be arranged, for example, in the same icon mosaic view with categories.11. The main menu should have a list of Radio channels. For example, there can be a three-option menu on the very top of the screen – TV, Radio, EPG. The listing of all three button should look similar – the same icon mosaic view with categories on the left.12. There should be setting for a local (network) path to the playlist, to the icons of channels and EPG files.13. There should be an option of showing a previously watched channel. It can be on any free button, for example >> or

  • $578 USD Today

    I need to re-design my website, currently it is an online store that has very limited functionality. I would like to add a carousel that I can edit from time to time...very similar to my current setup on I use the standard template they provide. if possible, can it remain hosted by MyBigCommerce?* I have apparel (very limited) toys, prints, gift certificates, and books for sale.* I want to have a page specifically for videos- I post tutorials on how to customize toys. I would like a blog that I can update as well.* Currently I have a carousel on the main page and would like to use it better, if its possible can I play videos directly from the carousel? * I want to be able to re-use the carousel to upload my personal pictures as well as my portfolio. * I would also like to link my social media accounts

  • $54 USD Today

    Looking for a developer to help modify a wordpress theme. Easy job. Fund will only be given after completion of job.

  • $6315 USD Today

    I want someone who can follow a slideshow and make an app I designed. its about 30 screens. I have a budget for $600 for both apps. They are simple apps that require you to integrate GPS, merchant services/paypal, and have users join and log in. There is an invite function as well I would like all this done in the next 7 days or so. I will pay half when the app is in the play store for google and the other half when the app is in the app store.

  • $526 USD Today

    I have a fairly large website that i would like to convert into a mobile website or mobile application not neccearily an iphone app. Would like it to be responsive. Have a look at the site and let me know your thoughts before placing a random bid

  • $221 USD Today

    I have a joomla 3 website which uses standard joomla articles posted in a category to display upcoming events. would like to have the articles also displayed in a module that displays as a calendar.Here is a way it can be done. would like to have the ability to click on the items in the calendar which then opens them up in a standard joomla page as if you clicked on them in the joomla blog layout.

  • $249 USD Today

    The Acy Joomla component "" has a feature that adds Joomla users to a mailing list.I would like to add the ability to add specific groups of joomla users to a mailing list. For example, my Joomla website has specific users group, registered, administrators, etc. I would like the ability to add only registered users to a mailing list and administrators to another mailing list. I actually have additional user groups (members and non-members).The site is running Joomla 2.5 and I can provide all source code required.

  • [Sealed] Today

    I need app mockups of iOS marketing app.I have running site ( ), and am gonna have mobile app for my site.I have the idea how to make app designs and attached raw sketch.You will design based these sketch but please don"t hesitate to add your creative idea.My goal is simple & professional.I need this to be done urgently, and skilled, full time dedicated designers will be preffered.Happy bidding.momo.

  • $1184 USD Today

    I need a WordPress database built that ties in with an online form. After the data is captured in the database I need to develop a report from that database. I"d like to be able to add more reports if possible (optional)I"m attaching the actual document that we"re building the form from.Please let me know if you have any specific questions.

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