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  • £85 GBP
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    9 days ago

    Very professional,and work very well

    Project Description:a business plan about e business,3000 words
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller Mathew2014


    15 days ago

    Did a good job. Highly recommend.

    Project Description:N/A
  • £65 GBP
    Profile image for Seller shkelqim10


    16 days ago

    will use again

    Project Description:maximum 2000 words. how wembley stadium was made, the cost of it, any problems they encountered. you will need to reference
  • $228 SGD
    Profile image for Seller primoHelp


    18 days ago

    Good job, thank you!

    Project Description:2000 words, deadline 3 days, further detail in PM............................................................
  • $90 USD
    Profile image for Seller Rehab8891


    19 days ago

    Great Writer on the time, I will work with him again

    Project Description:I need to make research paper about "Organizational Community Relations Strategic Plan Development" Viewed as a “culminating” project, you must use what they learned from all previous assignments and...
  • £100 GBP
    Profile image for Seller zhangxinyu0505


    26 days ago

    kindly writer and good job! Will hire him again!

    Project Description:Its a business plan of a E-business. You are required to write a business plan for the development of a new-business or for the development of a new e-business for an existing organisation that has no...
  • €20 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Diosoft


    28 days ago

    The best copywriter ever.We are going to work again.

    Project Description:i need a 300 word text in english for an app prezentation. you can find the app here. You can inspire from the Google Play descrpition or even install the app for that. the text will be used bu a spokeperson to promote the app...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller greekalex

    greekalex [ Incomplete Report ]

    29 days ago

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:As you can see this dissertation failed. What I want you to do is to write a new literature review but this means that there will may be some differences in introduction and conclusion, which you have...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller dahoo1983


    Mar 20, 2014

    great writer , i appreaciated the quality of the content and the layout as well. the delivery was timely. will definitely hire again!

    Project Description:10 page report on bancassurance, 100% original in 4 days, budget 120 dollars
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller ayani12009


    Mar 17, 2014

    Excellent piece of research and analysis work done on time. I am highly satisfied with the work delivered.

    Project Description:N/A
    crispwriter has not completed any projects.
  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    I am a nursing student. I am looking for a professional writer to edit?rephrase /rewrite already written essay. Essay is 1200 words.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    write an academic essay that informs an audience about ONE specific skill, quality, or behavior necessary for success in the Paralegal field.Your audience is people currently studying for a degree in this field. You have a choice as to your writing goal. You can choose to either focus on explaining WHY this skill, quality or behavior is valuable to their success in the field OR you can instead choose to explain ways that they can develop this skill, quality or behavior. The one skill, quality or behavior you focus on must be specific (Accounting skills is too broad a topic, for example).Your Final Project essay should meet the following guidelines: It must be an essay of between 750-1000 words. It must be informative, rather than persuasive in nature. It must have a clear introduction and conclusion and should be organized into distinct paragraphs. It must have a clear thesis that limits the topic and establishes the essay’s main point. It must develop the thesis with a combination of original thought and resource material. It must incorporate at least three reliable sources appropriately; source material should be used to develop the writer’s ideas, rather than becoming the focus of the paper. At least one of those sources must be from the Kaplan University Library. It must avoid unreliable sources or sources inappropriate for an academic essay, including but not limited to Wikipedia. Source material, whether it is quoted or paraphrased, must be given appropriate credit, including in text citations and a citation in the References page. It must follow APA format requirements, including an appropriately formatted title page, 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced paragraphs and one inch margins. It should be written with an appropriate level of formality, avoiding first and second person.

  • $200 AUD In Progress

    Project management report 26+ more pages not including appendixes sources etc. I have a ton of information and an example project which can be used as a guide but must be improved different sources written differently etc so all in all not a hard project for an experienced writer.

  • £94 GBP In Progress


  • $400 USD In Progress

    Proofread and Re-write of tutorials with great presentation. Formatting in HTML as well as Word document and finally in PDF document.

  • £300 GBP In Progress

    I need help for my dissertation or it is better to say for the second part of my master dissertation, but in very professional way. I need qualified and experienced person for the job. Topic is related with Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Sources and could either discuss EU and UK politics, or both, but this could be finalised after further discussion. Dissertation itself is 12 000 words, but I"ve already written 5000. I really need some fresh look and professional support to finish it. The deadline for the submission is the end of this month so I will be glad if there is someone that can help me as soon as possible. I will give you the user and pass for the archive for primary academic sources.The budget that I have is around 400 £.

  • $260 USD In Progress

    need a 6000 word literature review on peer reviewed articles about effectiveness of clinical decision support systems with Harvard referencing

  • $80 USD Today

    I have numerous articles that I need rewriting on a variety of different topics. Articles are around 450 words and all you need to do is simply re-write it to make it unique. Non native English speakers are welcome to bid as long as you have a good grasp of the English language.Those who show samples will be preferred. I may ask you to do a sample re-write so I can see how well you write.I have many more of these projects to put up on here as I have thousands of articles to be re-written.Terms:All articles should be completely unique - articles that do not pass Copyscape will not be accepted.Copyrights to each article will revert to me - this means that you agree not to use it anywhere else.I pay $1 per re-write. Please do not bid if you want me to pay you more - my budget only allows this.I will pay only through GAF.This project is for 30 articles so please make your bid for $30

  • $45 USD Yesterday

    I need a professional resume written for a IT senior management role.

  • $110 AUD Yesterday

    Piece: Research EssayDue: Monday 19th May by 6pm.Length: 2000 wordsA critical essay on one topic chosen from the following:1.Discuss and critically assess the narrative function of the presence of women in Matthew’s genealogy (Mt 1:1-17).2.Discuss and critically investigate the significant First Testament motifs present in Luke’s infancy narrative (Lk 1-2).3.Choose one of the following passages (Mt 4:1-11; Mt 8:23-27; Mt 17:1-13) and critically examine the way in which Jesus is presented. Discuss the writer’s possible rationale for this presentation.4.Critically assess Paul’s understanding of God as Creator in the Letter to the Romans and the connection of his ideas with his apostolic mission to the Gentiles.I will provide more detailed requirements upon request. This will include a rubric and an extensive list of references.Thanks and looking forward to working with the person who will complete this job!

  • $255 USD Yesterday

    Hello everyone!i want someone to write an essay of 550 words for me. the writer must have the experience of academic writing. writer must have to meed the deadline. details of essay is attached.3$ for 550 words of essay.Bid Fast, its urgent!

  • £100 GBP Yesterday

    . A conceptualisation of one major problem the new IT programme may face2. a clear research question or hypothesis and research objectives3.a research strategy which includes a description and justification for the proposed data collection, analysis and interpretation methods and commonly used statistical procedures.

  • $300 USD Yesterday

    i need some very good marketing and management writers.should have good knowledge about marketing and management.

  • £142 GBP Yesterday

    i want someone to share my story with and help me write it.

  • $140 USD Yesterday

    This is a small assignment related to general introduction of story telling details will be provided to essay on the importance of opening paragraphs in a short story in preparing the readers to the theme, mood, and conflict of the story. You can choose two of the following “Araby”, “The Scarlet Ibis”, and “The Tell Tale Heart” to show which opening is more effective or successful as an introduction to the story.

  • $92 USD Yesterday

    Choose a Hotel located in the US (in Miami) and include the following information (find the attached):•Title: Project name •Company Overview: brief introduction•Current Marketing Strategy-Identify the Marketing Mix (4ps) and include detailed description of the “Action Plan” for each marketing mix.-Product: core product-Price: pricing strategy-Place: marketing channels-Promotion: mass communication•Environmental Scanning-SWOT Analysis : This part should motivate your strategy choice and connect logically with your business decision.•Segmentation & Targeting-Market description & segmentation-Identify the Target market -Identify the characteristics, motivations of the Target market: what you can ascertain about this market •Positioning-Competitors: who? And what about them?-How the company positioned the product to them: make the differentiation points stand out here!•Developed/Improved Marketing Strategy-Detailed description of the “Action Plan” for each marketing mix (4ps)-Product: core product-Price: pricing strategy, etc.-Place: marketing channels, etc.-Promotion: mass communication, etc.-Explain how you would go about modifying and implementing them.-Make sure your differentiation points stand out here too!•Any adjustments based on feedback•Objective-What is your potential goal?•Challenges-What are your expected challenges?-How will you overcome the challenges?•References

  • $757 USD Yesterday

    I have plenty of good paying writing work for the right people. Work is fairly simple but you need to follow instructions. Pay is $5 for 220-250 words. For the right person, work is endless. Are you ready to partner with me? Details will be provided in chat. KENYAN WRITERS preferred!!!!!

  • $182 USD Yesterday

    I am looking for a professional analyst to complete the ( Equity Analyst Report )the company to be studied is TARGET Corporation (TGT)Questions:Stage 2: This will be about calculating betas and cost of capital and analyzing financing decisions more carefully. (ask me about the excel file). DATA needed for calculating the equity betas:  Monthly Holding Period Returns on the market index (for the last 5 years, minimum). This data is available on CRSP – please use the Holding Period Returns that includes the distributions.  The holding period returns for common stocks of the companies you are analyzing. (for the last 5 years, minimum). Available on CRSP as described above.  The Treasury Note Rates. The data on Treasury Bills are available at: Please use the One‐month Treasury Constant Maturity Rate (Series: GS1M) Stage 3: In this section, I have asked you to look at some announcement effects. Announcement effects are stock price reactions to the first announcement of the news regarding any “event”. To analyze the announcement effect, you need to first figure out the exact date when the announcement was made. You can ascertain this by doing searches for the “event” on Factiva and identifying the date when the event was first publicly announced. You would then look at the abnormal stock returns for a short window [-1 to +1] (days) around the event date.

  • $151 USD Yesterday

    The paper baiscally about a topic in my Government class ( Immigration ). I have already done the annotated bibliography and I have the whole sources. I have done the Literature review as well. All I need for now : 1) Research design based on the paper. I have to conduct a survey or use a secondary date and make analyisi aout of them in the analysis part.2) analysis: make analysis of the outcomes of the survey or secondary data and see what the findings. The total of pages of all parts should be between 15 to 20 pages. ( I have done 5 pages out of it till now )After that, add all the part toegether and make it all one paper. I have guidnace and chicklist to follow.

  • $90 USD Yesterday

    Instructions: Do not write Introduction or Conclusion. Answer each question in 1-3 grammatically correct sentences (unless otherwise instructed), and number your answers. Do not write in bullet-points. Your answers must be according to the text and class discussions. There are 18 questions. Each answer is worth 4 points. Partial credit will be given and a curve will be applied.1)What is the difference in the appearance (not existence, as in the next question) of primary and secondary qualities? Locke2)What is the difference between mind-dependent and mind-independent existence of primary and secondary qualities – and which qualities are mind-dependent and which are mind-independent? Locke3)Illustrate the above difference in 1) by applying it to an example of a chair in our classroom.4)Illustrate the above difference in 2) by applying it to an example of a chair in our classroom.5)What is the reason why Berkeley thinks that there is no difference in the appearance of primary and secondary qualities?6)What is the reason why Berkeley thinks that there is no difference in existence between primary and secondary qualities – and are they both mind-dependent or mind-independent?7)Illustrate the above difference in 5) by examining an example of a chair in our classroom.8)Apply the above difference in 6) to the example of a chair in our classroom.9)What is the reason why Locke would – and Hume does – think that substance does not exist?10)Illustrate the above conclusion in 9) by applying it to an example of a chair in our classroom.11)What is the reason why Hume thinks that cause and effect do not exist? (You must use the notion of ‘necessity’ in your answer)12)Illustrate the above conclusion in 11) by applying it to an example of a causal interaction between a marker and a text written on the board by that marker in our classroom.13)What is the reason why Kant thinks cause and effect does exist? Explain why. (You must use the notions of ‘experience’ and ‘knowledge’ in your answer)14)Illustrate the above conclusion in 13) by applying it to an example of a causal interaction between a marker and a text written by that marker in our classroom.15)Describe what it would mean to say that the marker and the text are not related as cause and effect.16)Describe what it would mean to say that the marker and the text are related as cause and effect – but without necessity.17)Does Kant think that the causal interaction, that we know and experience to exist the marker and the text, takes place in the appearance of the marker and the text, or in the marker and the text as they are in themselves?18)Explain why we must think that all causal interaction and all else that we experience and know cannot take place in _____________ (fill in the blank with the opposite of what you choose as the answer to 15). (You must use the notion of ‘necessity’ in your answer)

  • $100 USD Yesterday

    Case study on the topic of Global Project Management. Some further detail below to provide context for the study (although i will go into further detail with final freelancer).. 1) Using an organization of choice, discuss how the global scope has changed over time.2) Using the same organization, describe one example of a global project that it has been involved in. Critically analyze the global project management framework and approaches used.3) How did the global project outcomes alter the strategic market position of the organization within the industry?Will require analysis and review of the literature and any background materials relevant to the case study. I will provide some literature and select and organisation for the basis of the case study. 2500-3000 wordCheersjames

  • $90 USD Yesterday

    Pick a case study of your choice, identify minimum 3 strategic issues comprising of business or corporate issues. I.e 1 bis issue & 2 Corporate issue or vice versa.(a)Evaluate the nature of the strategic issues discussed in the case study – 20%(b)Explain using published models and frameworks of the issues—that is, what specific conditions enabled or encouraged it – 40%(c)Recommend steps or conclude alternatives based on your evaluation.– 40%Minimum 10 academic references (journals) needed. Use mature business language3500 words.

  • $200 USD 2 days ago

    In Rockford, IL there is a lot government evil going on. I"ve personally witnessed police officers beating up a guy on a wheel chair then arresting him. I want some exposure to make outsiders look at what is going on in Rockford, IL.Here is my plan, I want to target 1 person and his actions. A Judge who has said in open court that he doesn"t know the law then made a ruling. He has also refused to recuse himself at times he is required to.I want news paper articles or other articles written about this judge. I want them placed in newspapers outside or Rockford and in places that don"t take part in the press pool.Goal - get people(outside of Rockford) interested in what is going on and to get people to contact the Rockford Register Star and other news sources to find out what is going on and to force a reply. I want articles already written and already published before we try to force anybody in the press pool to reply, this way if they try to publish anything against what is already written and provable, it would open a door for law suits.Goal 2 - Make it so that anytime somebody looks up incompetent judge they see a picture of this judge. It is already so on facebook. Type in incompetent judge and a page a made dedicated to him will show up. I want it on google, yahoo, wikipedia and so on. :) I like to hit hard.I know many journalists have ways to get paid for writing a news article. If you can get paid another way, I encourage you to do so. Your bid to me, would be what you would want above and beyond what you can get other ways.You keep the rights to your article(s).Please spell out what you will do for me in your bid. Also keep in mind that I am very low on money, so how much you bid will effect weather or not I hire you.Good luck and happy bidding.

  • $526 USD 2 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1184 USD 2 days ago

    We want someone to help us manage SEM in our first few weeks of launch.

  • $221 USD 2 days ago

    I need approximately 4 Essays on the subject of Parent Involvement in Schools, written in APA format with 3 sources cited. Each essay will be approximately 5 pages long (1,200 to 1,500 words). My budget is $40-60 per essay.

  • $147 USD 2 days ago

    we are looking For indigenous motion picture distributors in the top 25 markets. If they have an expertise in children"s programming, or animation that would be a plus. In addition if they have ancillary media such as television, DVD, streaming video etc. also a plus

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